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Cancel my Pathfinder Adventure Path subscription please.

I have to bring this back up... I really like this show! and I don't ever watch the syfy channel. I really like it!

Read what that links you too...

I just dont understand why people write crap like this.

I just typed DnD in google cause I was bored and I found this...


bunch of BS me thinks, what about you???

BERSERK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Everything else is Sub-par after this)

(Oh if you do watch it whatever you do not! do not! do not! Skip to the end!)


Did I not post enough info or clearly enough?

Maybe this is the wrong area?


Well my DM and I are working on a one shot that’s a bit on a grand scale. My DM asked me to email him a complete list of the things I want to do for the next few years because were running things kinda fast so we can catch him up to some 25th levels.

He is working on gathering up power, money, and if you can believe it tricking Mournblade (Elric book stuff) to come back to Sword Form. He is going to hell to get his fathers soul back, and is creating a newer better body for his father. Just crazy stuff!

And its all for his father!

So can I ask you to help me with my plan, maybe how to write it better. Anything! I know its long but any help would be greatly appreciated

By the way this Character is cut throat and full evil there is really nothing good about him at all think Dexter in his brutality!

So I have a huge Castle now and just bought my self 20 workers a few engineers and a Blacksmith. They can have anything they need to build there lodging at that where we stopped.

The kingdom this my castle is located in has tribes people who toll the roads as highwaymen and are generally hated.

I have money!

Heres the Plan!


Von Moon has his 20 Worker men start to work on building a lodge that will sleep 50 workers in bunk beds. He would like the Engineer to help design it. Then they will build a building to hold all the smiths equipment, basically a Smithy. Then they will build a stable, and a large cafeteria area. Finally they’ll build a large common room.

Von Moon would like to find a highwayman. Capture him and ask him these questions; are they all one tribe or three separate tribes? How many of them are there? Do they like each other? Why? Why not? Do they like the Orcs? Do they like the Drow? Are they aligned with any of the Cites and or Towns? What are the tribe or tribe’s goals? What is the Tribes god? Why do you toll the roads? Are you looking for money, weapons, virgins, women, men, horses, maybe they want their own city? Who are the tribe’s leaders or leader? How do he or she lead and or govern the people? Who are tribe’s enemies? What do you not like (magic? or walls around a city. Basically anything that would be odd to someone out side the tribe.)?

What is the land surrounding the castle like? Is it farmable? Why or why not? If not, Von Moon would like to find a druid to fix that problem. Where, how and how much? If Von Moon can find a druid who will do it, he wants the druid to make the land fertile and began making it habitable by farm animals and able to grow large amounts of produce two things or more for opposite seasons so that there is always food to be bought and sold.

The Reason its all Happening

With the Answers to the questions above Von Moon plans to get s%*~ loads of money and a huge resource of people both alive and dead.

He wants to somehow make a deal with the tribes of the Highwaymen. He wants to know how much they make a month tolling the roads. (He will offer that price and then half again as much Ex. If they make 10 gold he’ll offer 15) (If he can) He will also offer both women, virgins, children, horses or any item they want. He will also offer them a city if they want one. All they have to do is work for him. He can even guarantee fewer deaths a month.

He wants them to attack towns and cities from small to big, starting with Timmy’s parent’s village. Month-by-Month they will strike. The plan of attack will always be around the same and always planed by Von Moon. The norm will go like this:

The highlanders will attack while Von Moon and Timmy and Razac steal thier food and horses along with blacksmith tools and other tradesmen tools, anything valuable, etc. Then set fire from the inside to the buildings. Creating chaos! Then Von Moon under the Guise Sir Logan Grey will come riding in on his white horse! The Highwaymen knowing this is to happen will act scared and run of saying things about the wonderful Logan Grey. The people will have no more home and some deaths and Logan will offer them a place to stay outside his castle and farms and land. His men will then help build there houses with them. He’ll even lend them protection from the highwaymen. (MUHAHAHAHAHAHA)

The people will love him! He gave them land, saved them, and gave them a new chance at life! After a year when the farms are starting to rock out great stuff again and trade is up he will begin to tax. The people wont complain, because he gave them everything! Hes fair and just! He cares, and he gave them both land, and Hope. So they will gladly give him both tax money and a share of food for his castle, along with pure trust and loyalty.

Now Von Moon has Power and Money with no one even knowing he exists!

Unfortunately I cant go on anymore guys. I need to stop I am getting to busy. I would like to come back in the summer if your all cool with it, but I cant post hardly at all anymore and its just gotten so that I feel bad and stress out when I cant post on time... so I have to cut it out. So this is it! I loved playing Brock Brightmore He was super fun! you all were great thanks so much! and Thanks BT you kick butt at DMing! Anyway thats all folks see you later hopefully!


Haun... (And Brock!)

Dude... I love it!

Thanks bro! Really man its perfect!

Thanks!!! My first one Wooohooo!!! Thanks again BT, having a good time.

uhh I mean Clark wouldnt like try to fight me over it? eh?

Sorry Zark just saw all your posts right now... How fun at the Concert!

Hey would anyone be okay with me chopping the halflings leg off I dont care which one just would anyone think that a little extreme?

Brock has 17 of 28 hit points.

Thanks for the complements on Brock, you guys are all doing so well, this game is a heck of alot of fun. I love playin the big dummy!

Cool with me bro and you two are making a nice little drama I like it, Brock would have step in and said something mildly useless and then laughed as is the way Brock does things but he's to busy fighting the air in my rage at the moment

Thats actually really freaking cool BT! Nice!

I dont want anything more then then the breastplate

WELCOME! Your going to have fun man! Good to have you on the Team!

Yeah Brock will just give him his old armor no problems man he would be insulted if you offered to pay.

I'm still in..

So I waited sorry did know you wanted me to go before her.... but is this game over it kinda feels like it died..?

Thanks Tom, and thanks guys for playing me while I was out! Looks good to me what Brock just did, SO I guess I'll wait for my next turn

Sorry Just got back into town looks like I missed a little... am I still welcome?

I'm cool with Quick, and the two new guys I am down with whatever. Which leads me to Brock... I dont know if anyone has noticed but I am playing Brock a little easy to control. He is overly trusting, and just wants to do what's good. If I need to be more articulate about what he wants just say the word, but I'm having fun just playing the Dumb/Buff older brother type.

Yes it does thanks, yep were at 2nd now Dude!

yeah we were at 1,960 and we just got 40 which takes us to the next level. Right?

Angela Wakes up and we are at the end of season one. She looks into the camera and says "Looks like I got my work cut out for me".


...? Whats goin on?

lol yeah it was super long!

Wait is Sylar bad again? or maybe next week he finds out Hiro is really his adopted brother and be Good again?

So other then Hiro actually doing something this last episode, were back to were we started at the beginning of the season... I'm a little ticked off...

Its all good! I'm having fun and that meeting was good times!

If I count right I think me and Juliare have 1,960 Dang! almost!

Oh sorry BT I didn't mean it to sound as if I was bored with the game, I had some free time (oddly enough) and couldn't figure out what to do, so I was bored... And shouldn't we have enough to level seeing as its only 1,000 to first? If its 1,500 then I still think we make it with all the xp before.

Cant wait to see how these two groups get to mixing together!

I was bored so whenever we level this is my hit point roll 1d12=11

YAY go ME!

WElcome Guys!

And yeah I cant wait till the two groups meet haha it will be interesting!

Brocks Will: (1d20=13) sorry I forgot to add the bonus to his will for rage again so it equals 15

Brock clenches his teeth as the magic washes over him, he knows he cant keep this rage up for much longer before his body gives out.

Brock again follows the Ugly Evil Witch Hag and makes for another swing of his mighty Axe!

Attack: (1d20+6=21)

Damage (1d12+10=18)

Lets kill this Ugly Evil Witch Hag guys lol, and nice hit Juliare!

Hey Mr. Shiny I'm sorry I didn't see your post of Black till now! I posted here so for sure you saw my post man.

its freaking sick man! I love the way you draw Orcs! Thanks so much man and sorry it took so long to check and see if ya had done it but I have been major swamped between college, rugby, work, girlfriend, and so on and so on.

But dude thanks again man really!

Sorry for the late post crazy long day

Brocks will save: 1d20=14

Brock lets out a mighty roar of anger when the evil witch hag heals herself, and lunches forward axe pulled back over his head for a mighty over hand chop!

Attack: (1d20+6=15)

Damage: (1d12+10=11)

Will save :1d20=13 with a+2 from Rage that ends up being a 15.

If Brock can still act, he runs up to the lady throwing spells around in the center and uses a charge attack.

Attack: 1d20+6=25


Brocks WILL SAVE: 1d20=17

Brock Fights off the vile magic as it tries to trap his mind and when the man slices for his neck, and he hears the sound of battle around him, he lets himself go... his vision turns red as he goes into a berserk Rage! Then Brock brings his Axe up once again, Rage boiling from every pore of his body!

Attack: 1d20+6=24

Damage: 1d12+10=22

DIEEEE!!!!! Brock roars, spit flying from his mouth, face contorted in the same fashion as a snarling bear!

Well I cant wait to see Black man! Sick!

Okay so I'm Kinda new at this but I thought I could charge, the round before I dropped someone then after that I had to spend a whole round running to get to the other guy, so why couldn't I have just made that a charge? I guess not, but I dont understand.

I also am down with staying at the Temple but as far as posting goes I cant post as much as Quick and Juliare I'm a college student with a full time job and I'm on a rugby team not to mention I have a girl friend, and we all know how much time those take... lol so I can only post one to two times a day, if thats not enough and you three would like to move faster then I can leave? anyway I guess I'll try to be more observant with the other posts before mine.

I thought I had to wait my intuitive was 2, so I was waiting to see what happened, but whats going on is this game dead? I think I would post way more if the other posters other then quick and robin posted because I mean my character was made to be kinda dumb even though hes not I guess I could change that and be a leader type guy but whats going on?

I'm here, I really am but, whats going on because its hard to post everyday during my busy days when there's nothing to post, I hope this made sense

I know I very well may have doomed Brock maybe the group to death, but if it speeds the posting up so our game doesn't die I think its worth the life of I hope only Brock.

Hey Hugo I know you’re swamped, but I thought I would throw you out another Item!

It’s a National Flag for the NPC King he is kind of a big deal. The flag is an all black flag but in white has the Japanese circle that kind of looks like a sun and then in the middle of the circle it has an Owl in it. In the owls chest it has a Japanese symbol.

Thought I’d see if you’d be interested, and here are some reference photos for ya if you decided you can do it.

Basic Shape of the Flag bloodyhandofkhaine.jpg

Reference for the Symbol: it means Night.

Reference for Japanese Flag: perial_Japanese_Army.svg/800px-War_flag_of_the_Imperial_Japanese_Army.svg.p ng

If you can do it Thanks!

really sorry guys I have tried posting the last three days!!!!

So sorry I can post once a day maybe more!!!

Brocks Base Attack Bonus is +1 my strength is +3 = +4 to hit, +6 to hit while raging, and because of my Overhead Chop feat I get double strength bonus added to my damage making my +3 damage normal to +6 and my +5 damage while ranging into a +10

Sorry for the confusion. My bad I got all confused with the beta and I made it in a hurry and I made some mistakes.

Dark Arioch I wish I would have looked at your barbarian before I created mine we kinda are the same build (same feats, around the same ability scores), I'll see if I can switch that up as I go up in level so were not exactly the same.

Again sorry guys I'm going to college and working full time and I kinda rushed while making him, my bad!

Thanks for putting up with me!


Shiny, Hugo you both are amazing, Damn those are so dang good!

Dude Hugo just wanted to tell you that everyone at the gaming table thought that the staff was of the hook!

Thanks again man!

Cant wait to see what someone does with Black!

Well I cant wait to see how you create him Mr Shiny!!

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