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Haskul's page

158 posts. Alias of Priamon.


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I'm a fan of Warrior of the Holy Light archtype if you aren't interested in spell casting. Allows you to sorta bard for the party in combat, also has some nice benefits at higher levels. I prefer 3 Musketmaster Gunslinger/ X Warrior of the Holy Light, The oath that gives more smites, divine hunter Paladin. Poor D12 is so lonely. In the game I ran this build, i was pretty much the only healer in the group, and extra lay on hands came in handy for pinches when I needed to heal at range with distant mercy in emergencies.

Right. I totally understand what you guys are saying, what I'm saying is what does "prove yourselves" actually entail? Did she actually swear to baba yaga "I won't help anyone until they kill An as yet unamed centaur that is going to invade"? I don't think so, and from that i think that killing the centaur is not the way to prove themselves, that's specifically what the mantle of the black rider is supposed to be for. I really just feel like all of the interactions within this module are completely wonky and not very well thought out. I like the encounters, the theme, the NPC's and overall goals and challenges placed in front of the PC's, it's the background, reasoning and motivations that i don't like.

Jadrenka not evil? "Hi, what are you guys doing here?"
"We're here to help Baba Yaga."
"Sweet. See ya later, here's a key to a random room!"
Gorgon attacks.
Yeah, i don't see her as lawful evil either....
More like chaotic evil.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I really have to say, I feel like the ball was dropped, and possibly rolled over a few state lines in the process, on this one. It's pretty much a giant dungeon crawl with several wierd encounters. It is interesting to me that the entire dungeon they are talking to this warden, possibly resulting in friendly communications, and then they get attacked on multiple occasions as soon as she leaves. If I was a player in this dungeon, pretty sure I'd take a "kill first, ask questions later" stance about twenty steps into the dungeon. This dungeon would make tons more sense if the warden had lost to the coven, her power usurped, and the guardians of the dungeon turned to the covens will, with the warden, being connected to it inherently, using her abilities from her prison to communicate to the players through a series of triggered programmed images that activate when one of the riders enters certain locations. Just my thoughts.

Imo opinion you and your group should go into overtime, play like two or three times a week! Bwahaha. But thats cause i just want more of this deliciousness. ;)

Adam Daigle wrote:

Just to add something here...

It's completely okay if this particular part of the Adventure Path doesn't appeal to everyone.

It is? Oh! Oh, I mean, It is! ;)

Dash Jones wrote:
Stereofm wrote:

I get you :)

I just don't like the very idea of the D&D verse spilling into the real world at all.


Nothing says they have to use a completely cannon earth. In fact, most fantasy fiction that utilizes earth has something about it that violates the history, science, or facts of earth in some way shape or form. That is whhy it's fiction instead of non-fiction.

Your maps, printed out and used over a gaming map, were a massive hit at my table when we started Snows of Summer last night. Thankyou sir, for your efforts.

Purchased it. Spent 3 hours inputting data. Went back to print it the next morning and all the fields were missing. Saw the fix on here, (clicking the fields again) but still, now I have to remember which fields have data? On one hand I really don't feel like this product was at the "sell" stage. On the other I can see needing a group of people finding the bugs to make it better. Overall I like the idea, but I don't like not having any functionality to remove fields. And I don't like having to bring fields back. I believe this PDF has promise, but could use some more work for sure.

Where is the next daughter to be put on the throne? Do these daughters already reside in Irrisen, and no one knows who they really are? Or does Baba Yaga keep giving birth to bebbies while she's away for 100 years and bring one back with her?
What happens if the party wants to help every one that wants to, migrate to Heldren through the portal? Just a few questions I've been pondering while prepping to run this.

Rage chymist is a prestige class not an archtype.

Yeah, my intent is more along the lines of having a "Skill Defense" stat for perception and sense motive, the skills themselves seem to lend more to a "passive" dc that is opposed by the active roll of slieght of hand, stealth and bluff.

Recently I've been thinking about changing the way my gaming table handles this, to try and cut down on some of the extraneous rolls that happen at the table and make things a little smoother.
My thought is to have Perception and Sense Motive have static DC's, like 10+1/2 Ch. Lvl. + whatever your bonus from putting skill points in to these skills is. Then make the Sleight of Hand, Stealth, Bluff skills the active rolls that try to beat these DC's.
Just wanted to get some feed back from the boards and see what folks thought of this and if they had any better ways to approach it.



Whoa- i thought this thread would have a few builds in it... Aparently not.

One of my favorite characters I've seen on the boards here is Ravingdork's "Robilar Smithe," who is an alchemist that uses guns. You might find some inspiration there.
P.S. Sorry RD if I violate some etiqutte rules on linking to your character this way, i couldn't figure out how to link to the direct post.

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Pendagast wrote:
Orthos wrote:
Pendagast wrote:
It is a necromancy spell, personally I don't allow good alignment necromancers either, and use of necromancy spells over a long time, indiscriminately, will shift alignment at my table.



Please someone else explain to this guy why Necromancy and Negative Energy are not intrinsically evil, because I'm going to blow a gasket if I try.

because good clerics can make zombies and channel negative energy, right?

So when Aaragorn sent an army of undead at his enemies in "Return of the King" his alignment automatically shifted to evil? K.

Yeah i was thinking of offering up a new revelation to the dm similar to battlecry from the battle domain or evangelist cleric.

Bumping since it got lost in the wee hours of forum traffic.

So I have this character idea for a campaign that I'm going to be joining soon. The characters are around 8th or 9th level so I'm considering a level 9 character.
The party currently consists of:
Wolf Shaman Druid
Pistolero Gunslinger.

I want to play the lead singer of the band "The Metatrons." He also happens to be the only living member of the band. He's an Aasimar Oracle of Life with the Haunted curse. I'd like to find a way to get the Bard's Inspire Courage ability- I've got a whole list of songs I plan on using for my bardic music, like Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus," Philip Philip's "Home" etc etc. I was hoping to find a Revelation that allowed me to Inspire Courage as per the Bard ability (The DM is pretty lenient towards allowing things for themed characters) Failing that I was thinking of taking 1 level in bard just to pick it up. I want the Positive Elemental revelation to use for his "concert" signature move, where at the end he bursts into a white burning positive elemental. I plan on using a Greataxe (and playing the guitar for my instrument) for my weapon and wearing full plate, or the best medium armor if I don't have the feats for the armor proficiency.

So here's what I've got so far in a nutshell:
Oracle of Life
Bard dip, possibly something else, I was considering Cavalier with the banner archtype to get the heavy armor proficiency and reskinning or just singing along while using the ability.
Greataxe weapon.
15 point buy.
I'd like to take the Aasamir feats Angel Blood, Angel Skin (steel) and Angel Wings at 10th level.

I'm open to suggestions for character portraits, songs, ideas on making the build better/achieving what I want in a more optimized fasion or any other thoughts people have on the build.


Depends on your players are the vetrans? Optimized? If your players are also newish i wouldn't send them against an ice troll. Maybe just a few goblins with a level 3 goblin with or something.

Ender730 wrote:
gutnedawg wrote:
I mean come on a bard is much less scary than a dude with scars all over him and a creepy mask, don't ya think?
A super creepy character would actually require a high charisma in gameplay mechanics. Charisma isn't just all about how someone looks, but how much their personality and magnetism affects those around them.

Disagree. That's why skill points and feats like skill focus exist. You can have a 3 charaisma and still be plenty scary if you put skill points and feats into it.

Azaelas Fayth wrote:
Tels wrote:
Methinks Helegur should be at least an NPC in Reign of Winter for anyone who reads this thread and plans on running it.
I am thinking of running a Reign of Winter inspired Campaign and using her as a major NPC.


Ravingdork wrote:
Haskul wrote:
...write some fan fiction...
Opening Post Excerpt wrote:
Please feel free to use the following characters in your home games in whatever manner you wish (but please don't use them elsewhere, such as in your personal novel).

Oh i wouldn't ever do that. That would require talent and time which i just don't have. I was just trying to come off overly dramatic and comedic about Helgur. I guess that doesn't translate well in text. ;)

Yeah... I never thought oh, Helgur needs to be level 20 because I thought Hama was that awesome. I think Helgur should be level 20 because I like Helgur! I'd level her up myself but i'd just feel dirty doing that, much better to have RD do it... Then print it off and frame it... Use it for musing and such....write some fan fiction... Torture a party of PC's with a level 20 sorcress and an army of level 10 simulacrums bombarding them from Helch Barad.

Speaking of Helgur, any chance on a level 20 version of her? :D she's my favorite of them all... Would love to see a level 20 mythic version!

True strike, Expeditious retreat, icicle dagger, Feather fall, Chill touch, liberating command, Grease. All are descent options. Sorta depends on what you expect to happen in the campaign, fighting style etc.

blackbloodtroll wrote:

Nice Android Pirate!

Offer is still out for Breadcrumbs the Kobold Cook.

I'd really like to see this one.

This is easy, Arnold from Terminator 2 totally fits the bill for an android paladin.

So I'm working on an adventure/campaign set in Land of the Linorm Kings, for my first adventure arc I wanted to have some raiders from another village raid the PC's hamlet and kidnap some of the people. I'm drawing a blank on how to make the raiders able to pick up folk and get away from the PC's. I'm sorta think some 1st or 2nd level warriors, maybe 6 or so that do subdual damage? or grapple? Not sure what I should do, do they use a wagon or horses? What do you guys think? I need like 2-3 people to get kidnapped, I want the PC's to have to negotiate for the return of thier people, or plan their own raid or maybe even go to another village and recruit help. Thanks!

Start with the question of "who is this guy?" instead of "what class, feat, build am I using today?"

Wizard traveling merchant with a donkey familiar. Casts protection feom elements on his donkey and goes to "check the back" then boom, necklace of fireballs goes off in your face.

Adam Daigle wrote:
Trust me, I'm just as eager for February as y'all!

Lies! If this were true you would overthrow the tyrrany of your company and release the AP early!

Whole college degrees could be earned from the topics on these threads. Someone should look into that.

I'm a huge fan of Designating, lesser throwing knives myself and a blink back belt :)

What about healing all your allies and pulling/ pushing?

Vicon wrote:
(Joke) On Ustalavians being hard-bitten: "So an Elf from Meiriani Wood, a Halfling from the River-Kingdoms, and a warrior from Ustalav have all been captured by orcs while traveling beyond the Lastwall. The orcs tell them that for their trespass on the ancestral lands of the orcs, they are to be bound to a rack in the morning, and their skin will be flayed from them to make an orcish war-canoe. However, as the orcs are not wholly uncivilized, they would allow a final request to each of them. The elf says: "Give to me some poison." and he drinks it, so that he might not be skinned while alive. The Halfling asks for a rope, so that he may hang himself and he too, will not be skinned while he yet lives. The Ustalavian thinks for a moment, and asks for a fork. The orcs are befuddled by this, but comply to his odd request -- with which he begins stabbing himself all over and shouting "Good luck with your Canoe!!"

This one seriously cracked me up, thank you.

I really like Robilar/Duneharrow. He's awesome.

Cheapy wrote:
Halflings :D

this reminds me of a an adventure many years ago when my Dm threw a crew of halflings in full plate at us at 1st level. It was utterly terrifying.

Pugwampis! With class levels, terrifying.

This is easily solved. Two words: shock collar.

+1 to giving the dragon minions. You could add quite a bit and jump the cr up to like 17-18.

Gah. I still can't believe you don't have Death or Glory in that feat list.

If he's going to be a giant killer he musts have "Death or Glory" feat!

Download pdfs to a computer. E-mail yourself the pdfs. Open e-mail with your ipad and open the downloads in ibooks.

Drummer should dual wield clubs/light maces instead of the falchion.

Rudy2 wrote:

Fighter 4+/Rogue (Scout) 8 works reasonably well; since you're going for one hit anyway, and Scout 8 lets you add your sneak attack damage if you move 10 feet before attacking... Before then, Scout 4 lets you do it on a charge, and you can always move to flank before your single attack.

It loses you 2 BAB, true, but the sneak damage more than makes up for that, plus you get goodies besides. You only lose one combat feat, as you can put two of your four rogue talents to feats via the ninja trick, and one of them to Weapon Focus. This leaves you with one rogue talent to do whatever with (several decent options, nothing amazing)

You'll want to max acrobatics to avoid AoO for this build, naturally. If you're not going the Dodge>Mobility route, consider Skill Focus (Acrobatics) at level 9 or 11, to make it a breeze.

Add in the half orc rogue archtype from ARG, Skulking Slayer and you get D8's for sneak attack damage instead of D6's when using a two-handed weapon.

Half-orc paladin with Catch Off Gaurd and Throw anything. Some grappling feats etc. I really want to use a dead goblin as a weapon and make it holy with Divine bond. Throwing holy beer mugs would be fun too. I wanted to make him have a very "grey render" attitude. Would be good with a lot of good aligned party members.

Another thought i had would be to have the mansion just take off and fly away while Cirro hosted some kind of ball. "They didn't just kidnap the princess... They stole the whole gods' forsaken crime scene!"

Been working the whole geneie angle, came up with Cirro has a 3 wish Vizier djinn.
Wish 1: floating mansion.
Wish 2: djinn to act as butler until third wish is made.
Wish 3: after pc's catch up to Cirro, "I wish for you to deal with them good butler."

Hey all. Returning to the threads for some more brain storming. My turn at DMing will be coming in about 8-12 weeks and I thought I'd start working on my newest idea.

So the party will be level 10ish when they start this adventure. My current idea is that there is a noblewoman that gets kidnapped by a dragon, currently I've chosen cloud dragon, that may change. This particular dragon has been masquerading as a noble in Daggermark for a few months prior to kidnapping the damsel. He keeps a unique treasure horde. For instance he prides himself on his griffin kennel that he's been breeding for 50-100 years, flying all over the world and taking the eggs of the best specimens he can find and then breeding them with the rest of his stock. He's decided to add a "princess" to be his consort and new addition to his treasure trove.

I'm thinking that he will keep the damsel in a Mage's Magnificent Mansion that he's made permanent, I recently purchased a couple of boxes of "Buildings of Malifaux" from world works games and I want to stretch the limits of my new toys into creating one big mansion the PC's can wander through in the search for the Damsel. My initial thought is that there will be a mansion in Daggermark that has an entrance to this extra dimensional mansion, with another entrance in the actual cloud dragon's lair.

So some things that I need to iron out. What exactly does he take aside from the damsel. I'm thinking he might also either hire or kidnap the damsel's seamstress, maybe some ladies to attend to her. He doesn't want to be cruel, he just wants his own princess. I also think he might steal the "crown jewels" or something to accessorize his princess.

Additionally, I'm not sure what kind of minions he's going to have. His tastes are going to run to the exotic, he prides talent and quality over quantity, so a tribe of kobolds aren't exactly his schtick. I was thinking maybe a Genie butler/assistant. And that he might actually just hire out well known thieves for other things like stealing the jewelry etc. But I want to have more things in his "employ." and currently I've only got ideas for the griffins and genie. What else might he have?

Any thoughts?

I'd research the classic cons and see what you can do with them. They should give you plenty of direction to work with, once you have ideas about how your character is going to approach a situation, the roleplay should fall in right behind it.

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