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Harrison's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 778 posts. No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 1 alias.


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A half-orc fighter of mine named his greataxe Blood Wind.

Some lucky crits painted the walls of more than a couple "boss" enemy sanctums.

I'd like to see an actual guide to the Soulknife and not just a thread (one that hadn't been updated in a while, last I checked, though the forum it was on seems to be down right now).

Pairing it up with a guide to the Aegis and the Metaforge prestige class would be even better.

Scythia wrote:
I'm a fan of having a shadowy third party hire them for a job (that either goes wrong, or is a set-up to the over arching plot).

Including the Pathfinder Society (the in-story organization, or any other generic "Adventurer's Guild") is a great way of doing this quickly and easily, especially if one or two players might have reservations about taking random jobs from shady people.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I've always figured it looked something like this.

Somatic components that could reasonably be disrupted due to the wearing of any armor and uniquely visible to identification by someone who actually knows what they're looking at.

Include the withdrawing of any applicable material/focus components as necessary, speak the proper incantation, and boom! You have yourself a spell.

Bigdaddyjug wrote:
masterwork composite longbow = 400g

Does a weapon that is made magical have to be a masterwork weapon already or can you just use a regular non-masterwork weapon and make it magical?

I really want a male Half-Orc iconic.

I also really want him to be hot. We've got a surplus of ugly half-orc guys, give us eye candy.

Short and to the point, but wordy enough that you're paying the proper respects. Think "Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name".

So you could have it go something like: "Dawnflower, Healing Light and great redeemer..." and then the rest of the prayer.

Damon Griffin wrote:
Or you could use a 1st level spell with no material components.

Not a bad idea, but if the GM isn't allowing 3PP, then it's not so helpful.

Skerek wrote:
10,809,000 (GP)

At that point, you might as well make the thing a major artifact.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Why aren't these things statted for being a Familiar?

My dovahkiin was a mage. >:C

2 people marked this as a favorite.

214. The Complete Book of Bedtime Stories

This ornate book is bound in high-quality brown leather and contains roughly 200 vellum pages. The first page of the book is a forward explaining that the book is magical, containing an infinite number of bedtime stories from across the multiverse, the stories present within the book changing each time the book is opened.

If the current owner of the book speaks the phrase "tell me a bedtime story", the book will open itself and a soothing female voice, speaking in the owner's native language and dialect, will read one of the stories in the book aloud.

At the end of the story being read, the owner must succeed a DC 20 Will save or gently slip into a restful sleep. Anyone that falls asleep through this method only needs to sleep half the required time to have a successful restful sleep.

1) Psychic Magic, especially if it allows for a class like the Soulknife and Aegis (my favorite DSP classes).

2) A mystic theurge that doesn't suck until they get somewhat good in late game.

It would be a good way to shut-down a mythic character, no doubt, but that mythic fighter is still a fighter.

Easier would definitely be relative to the main class and how easy it is to kill a regular one under an anti-magic field.

Bracers/Harness of Effortless Armor... Why does something like this not exist yet?

I hate the armor check penalties and movement speed reductions caused by the heavier armors, as I like to take as much of an advantage of a suit of armor as I can, but Mithral and Darkwood only go so far.

A magic item that gave a persistent Effortless Armor effect would remove any issues with movement speed and help reduce your armor check penalty more than special materials do. And according to the Estimating Magic Item GP Value table, it would cost somewhere between 12,000 and 80,000 gp depending on how much of a reduction to your armor check penalty you wanted.

A divine variant of the Dragon Disciple would be pretty neat.

I saw something like that before for 3.5 (not sure if it was homebrew, though), but it was so horridly overpowered.

Zhayne wrote:
1. Classes don't come with baked-in personalities. Free will and all that.

Um... Yeah, they do.

If you meet a Paladin of Iomedae or a Cleric of Cayden Cailean, you have a really damned good idea of how that person is going to act, because by the very nature of their class, that person has wholly devoted their lives and afterlives to the service and ideals of their chosen deity.

A cleric or paladin of Sarenrae should by all rights be burning this guy into the ground for being a servant of the rough beast. That is a FACT.

EDIT: Now, neither the OP nor the cleric cohort follow Sarenrae (so that's beside the point), but as good-aligned divine classes, you would not sit around and do nothing.

Convert/redeem him if he knows what he's doing (even if it's not to your religion; Gorum is a great alternative for barbarians), educate/enlighten him if he doesn't (again point him in the direction of Gorum at the very least), and only show him the door as a last resort.

Sissyl wrote:
The way I see it, your character is far more than your race and class. You have a history, a personality, preferences, uncertainties, secrets, desires, hobbies, religion, views of the world, views of yourself, hopes, fears, and so on and so forth. All these things are, or may be, influenced by your race and class... but it is those things, not your race and class, that define your role and interactions you have. And... none of these absolutely require you to play a particularly weird race.

Those things are all nice and very good to have (I very much attempt to have most if not all of those for all the characters I make), but your role and your interactions can be massively affected by which class and race you play if everyone is role-playing proficiently.

The human Paladin or Wizard is not in the least going to have the same interactions as the half-orc Paladin or Wizard.

You're not going to have that same level of interaction variance if one human Paladin secretly can't swim, while the other human Paladin has a knitting hobby.

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Zhayne wrote:
Rynjin wrote:

You also occasionally run into the issue of "Dwarves are vikings who live underground. All Dwarves have beards. You're doing it wrong if you don't do that." and "Elves are pretty boys who shoot bows. Why aren't you shooting a bow and why does your Elf have low Charisma?".

Oh holy crap yes.

Whenever a GM or a fellow player tells me how to roleplay my character, I instantly want to slap them in such a way that Moe Howard would be in awe of it. No, my dwarf does NOT attack goblins on sight. No, my elf is NOT a snooty arrogant schmuck. No, my halfling does NOT overeat. And so on and so forth.

This is exactly the reason I love playing Half-Orcs. I never play them as the ugly, brainless, roid-raging barbarian that most people shoe-horn them into.

I hate being shoe-horned, especially into a selection of races, which really limits what I can do in terms of interesting characters.

I am very, VERY interested.

An Ioun Torch works, too.

Is the key a magic item?

Rules for making good-aligned lycanthropes of all types, that's all I want.

Yesterday, I was made aware of a Google Chrome extension known as KB SSL Enforcer though one of my cyber security news feeds. This add-on, in short, automatically switches you over to a website's SSL protection side (which makes you very safe while browsing that website) if that website uses it.

KB SSL Enforcer conflicts with the Paizo website. Every attempt to access the Paizo website with this extension activated generates the following error:

"You have made too many requests for the same page too quickly.

Please wait a minute before trying again."

and no amount of waiting will resolve the issue. It's still possible to access the Paizo website, but only when viewing it in Incognito Mode.

Well see now I'm curious how the hell a bunch of adventurers wind up in 1918 Russia...

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Well that kinda sucks, especially if none of the other lodges appealed to you.

Badass. Totally badass.

ratlord wrote:

" - Do you know where Santa is now children?

- In the hearts and minds of every child?
- No, out in space, gathering power! Raise the shields children! Raise the shields!"

and this is what passes through my mind...

It makes me think of Santa Clause Conquers the Martians.

Not much...

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Kalridian wrote:

You could try to tweak the rules for the coup de grace (scroll down to find it). That would involve some houseruling 'though, since a target normally needs to be helpless to receive a coup de grace.

This would be my answer, honestly. Houserules the coup de grace rules to allow for it to work during a surprise round.

Infernal Healing is an evil spell. Not cool.

Da'ath wrote:

Use the monster "Advancement table" in reverse and just scale back her damage, HD, etc. to appropriate levels. With this new "low-level version" you can slap a new name on them or the "lesser" tag, come up with your own flavor, and you're done.

With the scaling back of damage output and so on, nothing on that particular devil is "game-breaking".

I've done similarly with other creatures, though on occasion I had to adjust things on the fly.

I like this advice, and admittedly it's been a while since I've looked over the rules, but if the party knows the devil is there and are preparing to ambush it at the party, could they maybe setup some kind of holy trap they can use to hinder it as well?

Alex Cunningham wrote:
Two levels of Alchemist will get you a bonus limb as a discovery.

I think that would be more like "replacement limb", but the point still applies.

The easiest answer would probably be go with Alchemist and grow an arm back. If your GM allows third party content, the prosthetic magic items from 4 Winds is a great alternative. Lots of fun stuff there.

Not sure if you are willing to do this one, but thought I'd toss it out there anyway:

I'm trying to create the Miraluka race for a possible future Star Wars game using the d20 system created by Wizards of the Coast (with some liberal adjustments that basically amount to the fixing 3.5 got to turn it into the Pathfinder system). I've been trying to approach the race from the perspective of the "Create Your Own Race" section of the Advanced Race Guide, so here's the problem I'm running into:

The Miraluka are more-or-less humans that don't have eyes, as they came from a planet with a sun that doesn't give off visible light. However, they're all Force sensitive, so they "see" using the Force. The best way I can think of describing it would be like "seeing" color-less shapes, like seismic sensing from the AtLA series.

You really don't need to go finding a copy of the Star Wars d20 rules for this, since all I'm really interested in is pricing an ability that basically lets a race "see" in all directions, not subject to gaze or blinding effects, negate Displacement and Blur, possibly cannot be flanked, but cannot distinguish color or visual contrast, and cannot read.

King_Of_The_Crossroads wrote:
Harrison wrote:
Undine Watersingers.

Hmmm, I never noticed that archetype, before. Wow.

Okay, I'll add those those the list of potentials. The Watersinger has a lot of flavor to it, bit out side of it's (really cool) bardic music abilities, can it compare to the full-casters?

No, but that's because the full casters get more spells, ones that are and aren't related to manipulating water and more spell slots to cast with. If you're looking just at manipulating water, the Undine Watersinger probably does it best, but if you're looking for who has the best selection of water-based spells... probably the Wizard or Sorcerer.

Undine Watersingers.

I'm trying to figure out how to create the Miraluka race for a Star Wars d20 game that will be heavily adapted to make it more friendly with the Pathfinder rule set that everyone in my gaming group is already very familiar with (Star Wars d20 looks pretty damned close to D&D 3.5, so a lot of stuff can just be done with the Pathfinder rules because it's easier).

However, creating the Miraluka race has got me stumped right now. The whole Miraluka race adapted to a world without visible light, so they don't have eyes, but they're all Force sensitive and "see" the world through the Force.

I have no idea how to quantify something like this from a "ARG race builder" perspective, since it's basically Blindsight at a range of normal vision.

Is there an easier way to do this?

Yeah, I'd like to ask why you're attempting to kill an ally as well.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Pathfinder really doesn't have any "aggro" mechanic, so a tank isn't a very viable party role.

Sure, you could crank up your AC to really high amounts, but without any way of constantly holding a creature's attention, sooner or later it's gonna realize it's not hurting you or can't hit you and go off to chomp on an easier target.

Goblin Squad Member

Zanathos wrote:
But, that would be the point. You wouldn't have the same guy in town randomly giving out quests. It would be a random event, like it is in the fiction. Random doesn't have to mean uncommon. It just means that when you see an NPC in the wilder parts of hexes(or just wilder hexes) you should consider talking to them. It gives another interesting reason for people to actually spend time in taverns and inns.

In a way, this kinda reminds me of the radiant events in Skyrim. Just wondering around you'll run into various and different events based solely on the radiant system that puts things into the game at random, like Spriggans attacking Hags or bandits attacking a merchant or a roaming pack of wolves. They wouldn't really be quests, but just events out in the wild that people can randomly stumble upon at any time (perhaps some more often than others, like maybe Goblins attacking a random NPC more often if there's a growing goblin presence within the hex).

Goblin Squad Member

Hardin Steele wrote:

Even some of the Pathfinder deities seek to convert other deities from one relogion to another. For example, see this quote from the Pathfinder Wikia:

Pathfinder Wikia wrote:
"Sarenrae counts all non-evil gods as companions, and even communicates with evil deities in the hopes of converting them from their dark ways."

If you think Sarenrae is being "dickish" in her attempts to convert, please feel free to tell her so.

(Proselytizing is common, but is unlikely in an MMO. For the sake of roleplaying, it shouldbe as accepted as any other action including combat, exploration, or shopping. It is a game, after all.)

In hindsight, when I wrote my post I should have mentioned that I was coming from the perspective of interactions between the good-aligned, let's use Torag and Sarenrae for this example.

Of course most of the time good would try and redeem the evil and evil would try and corrupt the good (and even other evil), that's just the way things go. That's not what I was aiming at.

Sarenrae isn't a dick for wanting to convert and redeem evil. That's just who she is and what she does, and that's fine. What wouldn't as fine was if she had so little respect for Torag that she figured his followers were better off worshiping her than him. That's what I'm aiming at.

Imbicatus wrote:
There is an entire nation in pathfinder that has outlawed the worship of any god. Just because the gods are real, doesn't mean that the same kind of religious proselytizing that we have in the real world isn't present.

That's a very valid situation. For people who really haven't had the exposure to religion like most other places in the world, it'd be totally realistic that you'd have clerics teaching the word of their deity and trying to bring them into the fold. That's not what I was going for, though.

However, the people who you will be interacting with do have that exposure, be it from a metagaming perspective (chances are, nearly all PFO players will be Pathfinder players and already know what most deities are like and which they prefer for their characters) or from an actual in-character perspective.

Again, hindsight is 20/20.

But to be clearer, my perspective is I don't know how viable evangelizing will be when nearly every person you meet already knows pretty much everything there is to know about your deity* but chose otherwise for ideological reasons and I'm hoping you have enough respect for them, their decisions, and the deity they worship to refrain from going "no, you're wrong, worship my deity instead". Except when trying to convert and redeem the evil. Go nuts with that.

*: I'm guessing it's gonna be really damned unlikely that someone playing Pathfinder Online wouldn't be a fan of the tabletop game and not know about the various deities and what they stand for.

Goblin Squad Member

I can't remember if it was SWTOR that did this or if I'm just imagining it, but I remember some game where party members within a certain range could be seen through visible obstructions, just letting you know where they were at a glance instead of needing to constantly open up the in-game map.

Dunno if that can be done in PFO, but it might be interesting if you're exploring a dungeon or something.

Goblin Squad Member

Dario wrote:
Harrison wrote:
That, or make the Test of the Starstone so unfathomably hard it's unwinnable by design.
The Sleeper would like to have a word with you.

I'd rather have another Sleeper event than a deity named xXxLegolasxXx or some s*~# plaguing Pathfinder.

Goblin Squad Member

Hardin Steele wrote:
Performing missionary work – Converting non-believers into believers is one of the primary missions or clerics, and clerics of Torag should seek out non-believers to increase the flock whenever and wherever possible.

I have to question how viable "converting non-believers" would be.

A) It's impossible to not believe the deities exist in the first place, since they fairly often influence the world through their clerics and people can more-or-less casually summon angels.

B) If the divine are a known quantity and information on them seems pretty readily available even without listening to someone preach about them, it seems really dickish to try and convert people from one religion to another, since both are completely and perfectly valid, and the one they were in first was probably one they chose consciously based on their own opinions and beliefs.

Goblin Squad Member

KarlBob wrote:
Harrison wrote:

An interesting read, but now I'm wondering how something like a Magus or a combat-oriented Cleric will work.

Can something like this work at all, considering the gear and feat requirement to be good at spell casting?

Based on the blog, a magus sounds like a "jack of all trades, master of none" compromise, rather than a stand-alone class. Clerics will apparently have different mechanics, so their spell-casting may not take up as many slots.

Hopefully Magi are more "Jack of all Trades" and less "Master of None".

Goblin Squad Member

An interesting read, but now I'm wondering how something like a Magus or a combat-oriented Cleric will work.

Can something like this work at all, considering the gear and feat requirement to be good at spell casting?

Goblin Squad Member

Imbicatus wrote:
Dario wrote:
Dieties, now with Write-In Ballot. =P
It's actually in lore. :) All you need to do is pass the Test of the Starstone.

As awesome as it would be, I heavily doubt Pathfinder Online will ever allow players to actually pass the Test of the Starstone.

Unless it's some big event where the one player that passes actually gets a deity created after that character for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game... which is just all kinds of wrong because of the sheer number of s#*+ty character ideas that could potentially win...

That, or make the Test of the Starstone so unfathomably hard it's unwinnable by design.

Goblin Squad Member

Greedalox wrote:
1. There will be no raids. Unless by raid you mean a raid on enemy holdings in open PvP.

I don't think I'd be bold enough to say there won't be ANY raids.

If dungeons exist in Pathfinder Online (and I'd be surprised if there weren't), it's actually a pretty smart idea to take a very large number of people, a "raid", to delve into it and have the best chance of killing whatever's inside for whatever reason. There's also really nothing stopping you from doing the same thing with gathering enemies (or whatever they called monsters moving into an area) in those designated hexes. If you want to protect your hex from goblin incursions, you better believe people are gonna form a "raid" and attack those goblin settlements before they get too big.

Goblin Squad Member

Kobold Cleaver wrote:
Harrison wrote:


I don't fully remember the list of deities that were going to be available at launch that GW posted a while back, but I remember that it was kinda pathetic; it only had one deity for each of the alignments, skipping over some of the hugely big deities (like Sarenrae and Cayden Cailean and Pharasma).

If that's the plan, they'd better give a "none of the above" option--sort of like worshiping a cause. I want to be able to wait until the god I have in mind is released, and I don't want to be forced to just worship a "placeholder" deity--that'd really break immersion.

It was really damned silly. The only True Neutral deity that would have been available at launch was Gozreh. Pharasma, the deity that's responsible for every player character's ability to die and come back to life and I think for the whole "Threads of Fate" mechanic, was NOT their first pick for what True Neutral deity would get added.

If they do have only a very small handful of faiths available at launch, they'd better add an option to allow us to NOT take a faith until they do add the one we want.

KarlBob wrote:
Bluddwolf wrote:


Loot for the most part will be crafting materials, salvage (animal parts) and coin. For the most part you will not get magic items or even much better than rusty daggers from killing mobs.

Most, or nearly all (I won't set a percentage to it) of the magic gear in PFO will be player crafted. I believe this is the best way to go. Phat loot drops from Boss Mobs is so..... Theme Park MMO..... And that leads to worse community behavior than any griefing I've ever seen.


I understand that most NPC loot won't be items in useable condition, and I support that decision, but "mostly" player created items still leaves room for "a few" phat lootz (maybe from dungeons or incursions that have escalated). If there is a chance that an NPC may be carrying something special, I'd just like the game to factor that special item into the fight, rather than consulting a loot table afterwards.

If an enemy did indeed "drop" a piece of equipment upon death, it should only ever happen with intelligent humanoids or undead. The intelligent humanoid would be able to identify that the equipment in question was well made or magical and willing to use it themselves in a combat situation, while the undead creature was no-doubt just buried with the equipment worn on the corpse.

On the other hand, monsters dropping just crafting equipment is just as bad, if not worse, than monsters dropping whole pieces of equipment. If a creature just spontaneously drops gear upon death for the player to use, players will no-doubt fight over who gets to own it. However, if the creature "drops" crafting material for special gear, that no-doubt has a chance of FAILING to create the gear in question, people might fight even MORE for it, because now they're also competing against random chance in crafting to get the item they want.

Lazurin Arborlon wrote:

I did this with a 3.5 Warlock and a wand of Flame Blade. Felt like a Jedi...pretty fun. You get the whole push button - get sword- Lightsaber coolness.

The build was based around the fact they got massive bumps to UMD though. So Maybe go Arcane Duelist Bard in Pathfinder. UMD your wand and go to town on the bad guy? The nice thing about it is that you dont bog down your spell list just to cast Flame Blade 8 times a day.

A Soulknife does it better, honestly.

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