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Human on Flying Carpet

Harley Quinn X's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Maps Subscriber. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Venture-Captain, Massachusetts—Boston. 551 posts (553 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 24 Pathfinder Society characters.


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***** Venture-Captain, Massachusetts—Boston aka Harley Quinn X

Summoner with undead eidolon is one way to go about it. Then you could take Spell Focus(Necromancy) and Skeleton Summoner to add undead to your Summon Monster lists. If you're a human, you could pull it off at first level as a Summoner or Sorceror. You could do it as level 1 as a wizard, getting Spell Focus for free as part of PFS's trade-offs.

***** Venture-Captain, Massachusetts—Boston aka Harley Quinn X

KrimblKrum wrote:

I've created a new character as a small character (a halfling). I've purchased a normal backpack for my size (1/2 lb. weight, and 1/2 cubic ft. capacity). How do I know what I can fit into it? I'm sure 50 feet of rope wouldn't fit, but how many flasks, vials, or other relatively small items could I fit in it?

I plan to pack my character with as many relatively useful things as he can carry... to always be prepared. Until I can afford a Handy Haversack, I'm simply trying to maximize my normal container space and light load encumbrance.

Also remember that not everything you own has to go inside the backpack. You could have your rope looped around your neck, or through your belt. The Explorer's outfit, which is a popular choice for starting outfit, can have small pouches for little things too.

***** Venture-Captain, Massachusetts—Boston aka Harley Quinn X

LazarX wrote:
Portella wrote:

Just wondering if it would be ok to provide the pre-gens grouped by level in addition of one file per class. It gets pretty tiresome printing one of each for a specific level. Still get them as we do but with an additional 3 files with each level grouped it would make it a damn side easier to print.

Anyway great job keep it up loving the game.

Use Print to PDF for the page you want. Instant one page PDF file.

I think Portella wants one PDF with all characters, but all at the same level.

***** Venture-Captain, Massachusetts—Boston aka Harley Quinn X

It is located in Inner Sea World Guide. (Also, Gods and Magic, but it was updated in the Inner Sea World Guide.)

***** Venture-Captain, Massachusetts—Boston aka Harley Quinn X

James McTeague wrote:
Another trick for necromancers - get a spell-storing haramaki, then put a vampiric touch in it. It really ups your survivability, especially at the levels where animate dead, lesser isn't really helpful to you anymore.

Did they clarify the action to use Spell Storing armor? As written you could only use that if you were provoking an AoO since activating the spell is a swift action, but you can only take swift actions on your own turn.

Spell Storing wrote:

This armor allows a spellcaster to store a single touch spell of

up to 3rd level in it. Anytime a creature hits the wearer with
a melee attack or melee touch attack, the armor can cast the
spell on that creature as a swift action if the wearer desires.

Once the spell has been cast from the armor, a spellcaster
can cast any other targeted touch spell of up to 3rd level into
it. The armor magically imparts to the wielder the name of
the spell currently stored within it. A randomly rolled suit of
spell storing armor has a 50% chance to have a spell stored
in it already. Spell storing armor emits a strong aura of the
evocation school, plus the aura of the stored spell.

***** Venture-Captain, Massachusetts—Boston aka Harley Quinn X

There's an unnecessary space in there.

Linkified for your enoyment

***** Venture-Captain, Massachusetts—Boston aka Harley Quinn X

Hi snickersimba,

There is no VC specifically for RI (though I hope that will change in the future) so currently all of RI is covered in the Boston Lodge. I'm the VC that will be heading up the revitalization of PFS in RI. What part of RI are you in, if you don't mind me asking?

Just last weekend, we had a great time at TempleCon in Warwick, RI, and I'm hoping to ride that momentum to getting a big group going again.

Weather permitting, I'm hoping to have a game going at Die Hard Games in Lincoln, RI on Thursday, March 13 at about 6:30. If you have any questions about getting started, feel free to e-mail me at CambridgePFS[at] and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Now with that said, your bunny may be a bit of a problem. PFS doesn't allow reskinning of animals in a "it's immortal" sort of way. The core tenets of PFS play are "Explore, Report, Cooperate" and if the safety of your bunny comes over the other agents that are working towards your mission, it may cause a bit of friction with other teammates.

Pathfinder Maps Subscriber

Or if you are not too pressed for actions (i.e. trying to combine this spell with another Metamagic feat), you could try the Elemental Spell metamagic or get a lesser Elemental rod (3000gp).

***** Venture-Captain, Massachusetts—Boston aka Harley Quinn X

The potential problem with this idea is that Thornkeep does not have a "Campaign Mode" where you can relax restrictions like the Adventure Path does. Hence, at the start of the Thornkeep, the characters would have to be fully PFS compliant, not only in build (races, alignment, attributes, etc) but in experience and Chronicle Sheets. Just keep that in mind.

***** Venture-Captain, Massachusetts—Boston aka Harley Quinn X


***** Venture-Captain, Massachusetts—Boston aka Harley Quinn X

To expound on what Pirate Rob said, there are ways that characters can actually get to 16th-18th level (what you'd need to play Witchwar Legacy for PFS credit) but those players may be pretty rare. Since the pregens cap out at level 7, you'd need a whole table of real players for that.

***** Venture-Captain, Massachusetts—Boston aka Harley Quinn X

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FLite wrote:
I don't believe you can upgrade an unnamed magic item to a named magic item.

Yes, you can. See this FAQ.


Can I Upgrade a Named Magic Item?

Named magic items—including specific armor and specific weapons—are not upgradeable. Non-magic specific armor and specific weapons may be upgraded normally. Magic armor and weapons may be upgraded to named versions if they are the same basic material and shape as, and meet but do not exceed the enhancement bonuses of the named versions. Wondrous items whose names include a +X value (such as bracers of armor, headband of vast intelligence, amulet of might fists, etc.) may also be upgraded following the rules for upgrading magical items on page 19 of the Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play.

Upgraded versions of named magic items may appear on Chronicle sheets.

Intelligent magic items are not available for purchase unless they appear on a Chronicle sheet or are provided as part of a class or archetype (such as the black blade magus archetype).

***** Venture-Captain, Massachusetts—Boston aka Harley Quinn X

While you've got the jist of upgrading items (with the exception of some price errors as pointed out above), you can't upgrade into the ten-ring sword as far as PFS goes.


Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Equipment


All specific magic weapons on pages 150–163, except bastard's sting, blade of the rising sun, blade of the sword-saint, cutthroat's apprentice, dagger of doubling, dragoncatch guisarme, earthenflail, hellscourge, lash of the howler, nine lives stealer, pistol of the infinite sky, polarity hammer, spider's fang, and ten-ring sword, are legal

***** Venture-Captain, Massachusetts—Boston aka Harley Quinn X

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Chris Mortika wrote:

Hey, David, super job.

I was wondering:as you've seen 150 tables come and go, have you noticed any trends? Are players acting differently now than they did a couple three years ago? Are they bringing a different type of character to the table? (And yes, there are more gunslingers now than there were 4 years ago. That's not what I mean!!)

Actually, we don't have that many gunslingers running around Boston. And if we do, they're usually not full Gunslingers. I would say, if anything, there's been a growing trend in the Cleric dip, so players can be more proactive in taking care of their own healing, as well as being able to use some protective wands like Protection from evil.

Chris Mortika wrote:

What's the best thing that the Boston PFS Lodge can teach / model for the rest of us?

Um... How to pawk ouwah caws in da Hawvuhd Yawd? Joking aside, I think a lot of our players, definitely not all, like to build there characters with levels of power built in. We can sit back and not super-wipe the older easier scenarios, and still turn it up to full-on cheese monster when the going gets tough.

Also, from what I hear, we have a very strong GM pool compared to some other places, so come visit us in Boston!

***** Venture-Captain, Massachusetts—Boston aka Harley Quinn X

Scott Young wrote:
Congrats, David! You slaughtered my table in Bonekeep Part 1 at PaizoCon this year, but it was a great game in spite of being the sole survivor. Well earned!

Thanks, Scott.

I think there was one other survivor (The aasimar that couldn't take much cold damage.)

***** Venture-Captain, Massachusetts—Boston aka Harley Quinn X

Doug Miles wrote:
Welcome to the Island!


*installs shock fence, and puts sharks in the waters*

Everyone else, keep out. 5-star Island is closed.

Pathfinder Maps Subscriber

Purity of Faith is a religion trait limited to those who worship Iomedae.

***** Venture-Captain, Massachusetts—Boston aka Harley Quinn X

While not a "great" arc, it was one I certainly enjoyed keeping up on. The arc would need some Chelaxian flavored scenarios added in before tackling the 3-7's though. Hydra's Fang Incident and/or Infernal Vault could work.

The Lovers and Haters of Zarta Dralneen
First Steps, Part 1 (Level 1)
Goblinblood Dead (1-5)
Storming the Diamond Gate (3-7)
The Blakros Matrimony (3-7)
The Disappeared (1-5)
Fortress of the Nail (5-9)
The Immortal Conundrum (5-9)

***** Venture-Captain, Massachusetts—Boston aka Harley Quinn X

Hello, and welcome to PFS. One great page around here is the Additional Resources Page which gives information about what's legal and what's not from books outside the Core assumption.

Additional Resources Page wrote:

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Advanced Class Guide Playtest

All ten classes (Arcanist, Bloodrager, Brawler, Hunter, Investigator, Shaman, Skald, Slayer, Swashbuckler, and Warpriest), as they are released, are legal for play so long as you have a print or PDF version of the playtest document. We reserve the right to change, alter, modify, or outright disallow various functions of these classes, especially during the playtest, and players using these playtest options are expected to frequently monitor the Pathfinder Society messageboards for changes while playing these classes during the playtest. You will be forced to update your character—adjusting only the features that have changed, not rebuilding entirely—once the Pathfinder RPG Advanced Class Guide is released. We strongly encourage you to use your play experience to report on what works and doesn’t work with the playtest classes on their specific messageboards on

Arcanist: An arcanist does not receive the Scribe Scroll feat at 3rd level.

Investigator: An investigator is treated as an alchemist for the purpose of creating alchemical items and poisons.

Skald: A Skald does not receive the Scribe Scroll feat at 1st level.

So, for example, if you were going to make your first PFS character an Arcanist, you'd be expected to use the "revised" Arcanist presented on the boards, as opposed to the one in the first PDF.

Pathfinder Maps Subscriber

Do you mean the Trample ability, or the Trample feat? They're two different things technically. I know it's odd that they'd call it the same word. If it's the trample feat, then yes. If not, no, because of what Andrew said above.

Charge Through wrote:

When making a charge, you can attempt to overrun one creature in the path of the charge as a free action.

Trample feat wrote:

Trample (Combat)

While mounted, you can ride down opponents and trample them under your mount.

Prerequisites: Ride 1 rank, Mounted Combat.

Benefit: When you attempt to overrun an opponent while mounted, your target may not choose to avoid you. Your mount may make one hoof attack against any target you knock down, gaining the standard +4 bonus on attack rolls against prone targets.

You're attempting to Charge Through, you're attempting to overrun.

***** Venture-Captain, Massachusetts—Boston aka Harley Quinn X

Cleric of Dispater. I wasn't the Witch. That was a typo.

***** Venture-Captain, Massachusetts—Boston aka Harley Quinn X

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Michael Brock wrote:
WinterwolfNW wrote:

I have seen 5 PFS regulation characters DIE in the last 3 months... They just POP right up after spending some 5000 Gold and 8 Prestige. There is no RISK OF DEATH (at least not permanent) in PFS scenarios! Those of you who believe there is, are living in a world of Illusion..!

Mention that to the 11.2 rogue that was disintegrated in a scenario I ran a year or so ago.

I personally got run over by a giant stone hamster ball that my witch animated out of a Wall of Stone to get through a Cloudkill cast by an enemy.


***** Venture-Captain, Massachusetts—Boston aka Harley Quinn X

That's a bit of a quandry.

The problem with Sanctified Rings is that they break when the other ring isn't worn, and by PFS rules, items go back to their original owner at the end of the scenario. So, your spouse's wedding ring pops off their hand, and winds up back in your inventory, thus breaking it. Rings of Friend Shield have no penalty for being removed.

Also, since there's no price to get a cleric to channel energy, you'd have to do it in game since you couldn't "buy" the service. Safest bet would be to get a friendly PC cleric to do it for you guys.

EDIT: You could always get matching ring tattoos! Even the animated tattoos could work.

***** Venture-Captain, Massachusetts—Boston aka Harley Quinn X

Just shoot me a mail, Josh, and I'll talk with you and Ralph about options! While Race boons come from Paizo, there's nothing wrong with giving away boons you've gotten from conventions.

I don't have a ton of boons, and very few of them are race boons, but I have a few that you guys may be able to give away as part of a raffle or something.

What we can do though, is try to organize an event that would qualify for support and get boons! We'll talk in e-mail!

***** Venture-Captain, Massachusetts—Boston aka Harley Quinn X

Hello. I think I may have run for your son at Council of Five Nations. He was the halfling monk that had to leave a little early on Sunday, correct? As Dan said, the paper is what counts. If you want, send me a PM and I can help answer your questions directly.

***** Venture-Captain, Massachusetts—Boston aka Harley Quinn X

Price of Friendship:
PLOOG! Two out of three times I've run it, everyone loved him so much that they didn't want to smack him over the head.

They just waved off his antagonistic antics with an "Aww, you conniving scamp."

***** Venture-Captain, Massachusetts—Boston aka Harley Quinn X

Perhaps Bodyguard, from Advanced Player's guide?


Bodyguard (Combat)

Your swift strikes ward off enemies attacking nearby allies.

Prerequisite: Combat Reflexes.

Benefit: When an adjacent ally is attacked, you may use an attack of opportunity to attempt the aid another action to improve your ally's AC. You may not use the aid another action to improve your ally's attack roll with this attack.

Normal: Aid another is a standard action.

***** Venture-Captain, Massachusetts—Boston aka Harley Quinn X

The secondary mission is pretty much given to you in the mission briefing.


Venture-Captain Hestia Themis, a woman of small

stature, but great importance within Cassomir, sweeps
locks of thick, raven hair away from her face. As she starts
to speak, shrill horns bellow an alarm. Hestia pauses for
the signal to quiet, and as the trumpeting ring fades, her
booming voice continues.
“Colleagues, the city of Cassomir declared a state of
emergency this morning. Late last night, a swarm of rats
poured into Cassomir’s streets, spilling from every sewer
grate within the Old Cassomir district. As the city guards
dealt with this infestation, a large assault force of derros
penetrated Swift Prison. Within a few hours, the derros
emptied the Swift, and marched their new slaves into the
Darklands. Normally we defer incidents like this to the
authorities, but I offered our assistance. There’s an item of
interest, a church bell called the bell of obedience, that may
reside in Swift Prison’s chapel. We want to catalogue it and
may never have another opportunity to explore the Swift
unsupervised. While investigating the derro invasion, head
to the chapel and inspect the bell. If possible, I want you to
determine whether the Chapel’s bell is in fact the legendary
bell of obedience without taking it from the prison.
constabulary is as of this moment fighting Cult of Nature’s
Cataclysm devotees at the south entrance to the prison. The
constabulary agreed to distract the cultists there so that you
might approach the Swift from its north side and enter the
prison from the south gate behind the cultists.”
At that moment, a teenage boy enters through the Cassomir
Lodge’s front door and Themis gestures him over. “This is
Nefti—I believe some of you may know him already. Though
he works with the Aspis Consortium, he helped us rescue a
fellow Pathfinder when this derro business began. It seems
Nefti happened to be serving a debtor’s term inside the Swift
when the abductions took place. For his testimony to last
night’s events we secured his release. He agreed to escort
you to a spot north of the Swift where he will tell you all he
knows. Any questions?”

Quite a few of the secondary success conditions are given in the mission briefing, and some groups will just gloss over them. I would probably have the Venture Captain in game make a big deal about how special achieving that goal is.

***** Venture-Captain, Massachusetts—Boston aka Harley Quinn X

This is in the PFS forums. As Name violation said, please look at the Additional Resources page to see what is legal.

***** Venture-Captain, Massachusetts—Boston aka Harley Quinn X

The Morphling wrote:

Is there a new embodiment of the Juju oracle that is legal?

Yes, there is, in Faiths and Philosophies. Their powers vary drastically from the previous version, though.

***** Venture-Captain, Massachusetts—Boston aka Harley Quinn X

Please see the additional resources page to see if such things are legal. As far as I know, it is still legal. He may have been referring to the first embodiment of the Juju oracle, which was not legal.

***** Venture-Captain, Massachusetts—Boston aka Harley Quinn X

You can still change names; just not PFS numbers.

Guide to Organized Play wrote:

At the start of a Pathfinder’s career, you are allowed to

adjust your character before settling in for the long haul.
Before you level up a character for the first time, you
may change any aspect of it except its Pathfinder Society
Changes may only be made between adventures
and before playing as a character above 1st level. Any
exceptions will be noted in the Pathfinder Society FAQ.
You are able to keep all treasure, Prestige Points, special
boons, and XP that you have earned and apply them to the
character once you retrain as long as the character meets
the criteria above.

***** Venture-Captain, Massachusetts—Boston aka Harley Quinn X

Chris Mortika wrote:
Chris Mortika wrote:
Well, we're in a fantasy environment. How about a spell that summons an adjacent weapon to the caster's free hand on a command word? (Casting the spell is a standard action; triggering the effect is a swift action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity.) It should be 3rd level or below, to allow non-casters to anoit their weapons with it as an oil.
pH unbalanced wrote:
So something like the 1st level spell Call Weapon.
Except for the target (unattended weapon vs. ally's weapon), range (weapon touched vs. short range), that bonus to attack for call weapon and the trigger being a swift action ... pretty much.

There's the Called weapon enchantment, which weapon cords essentially remove the need for. Even if they do remove Weapon Cords, Gunslingers can still do what they were doing for about 6000 gold pieces, assuming they got it right after their initial +1 bonus. At high levels that won't matter too much but would limit the low level "slingery".

Called weapon enchantment wrote:


AURA moderate conjuration CL 9th WEIGHT —
A called weapon can be teleported to the wielder’s hand as
a swift action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity,
even if the weapon is in the possession of another creature.
This ability has a maximum range of 100 feet, and effects that
block teleportation prevent the return of a called weapon. A
called weapon must be in a creature’s possession for at least
24 hours for this ability to function.
Craft Magic Arms and Armor, teleport

***** Venture-Captain, Massachusetts—Boston aka Harley Quinn X

You don't have to be a certain race to cast the spell. The racial spells are just hidden secrets of their respective racial community.

Advanced Race Guide, Page 9 wrote:

Spells: The spells in this section are common to spellcasting members of the race. Sometimes they only

target members of the race, but often they are just the
race’s well guarded secrets; members of other races can
learn to cast them with GM permission.

Nothing there says that you need to be that race to ever use that spell. So unless the spell specifically indicates that you need to be of that race, I can't see anything that says you have to be.

***** Venture-Captain, Massachusetts—Boston aka Harley Quinn X

RainyDayNinja wrote:
Even if it's on your spell list, I think you'd have to use UMD to emulate the race to activate it.

You don't have to be that race to activate the item, just to purchase it. UMD to emulate race wouldn't be necessary here.

***** Venture-Captain, Massachusetts—Boston aka Harley Quinn X

You can play any season. Some places skip around a bit. You're fine in any legal scenario.

***** Venture-Captain, Massachusetts—Boston aka Harley Quinn X

For the longest time, we've had the occasional person looking for PFS in Maine and I've had no idea where to send them. On Saturday, September 28th, the Game Lair ran their first public PFS game in the Lewiston Public Library in Lewiston, Maine. Led by Joshua Goudreau and Ralph Morgan, they ran two tables of Master of the Fallen Fortress. I've been talking with them, and they'll be joining us on the gaming calendar due to lack of a lodge out there yet!

The Game Lair is currently hosting in libraries, but are looking to move to a store location! If you look now at the forums, they have their own forum where there can announce their events, so if you're interested in the goings-on up in Maine, give them a look-see!

I don't believe they have another concrete date set just yet, but stay tuned to the Calendar!

If you'd like to get in touch with them, you can send them an e-mail at gamelair [at] yahoo [dot] com.

Welcome the Game Lair to PFS!

***** Venture-Captain, Massachusetts—Boston aka Harley Quinn X

Andrei Buters wrote:

Just remember that all Faction Heads gain the You're Fired! extraordinary ability.

You're Fired! (ex) With a free action, the Faction Head verbally informs Pathfinder Society agents that they are fired. They can combine multiple agent targets within this effect. It does not matter if the Agent cannot hear or see the Faction Head when the action occurs. Any agents targeted by the You're Fired! action is removed from Pathfinder Society organised play forever. This takes place immediately, ending the game session for targets selected. In the next round, the Agent must make the Charlie Brown Sad Walk at their full speed away from the Faction Head.

Since it's an ability, they need to act before they can use it. So if they get jumped in a surprise round and die, they can't use it. Also if they are attacked by agents under Greater Invisibility, they can't use it because they have to be targeted. Loopholes such as this is why we don't stat VCs. :P

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Pathfinder Maps Subscriber

The cost to upgrade a weapon is the difference between the cost of the item now, and the cost that it would be if you bought the item fully enchanted.

If dealing with just enhancement bonuses (or enchantments with '+X bonus' equivalents), the total cost of a weapon is (Bonus Squared * 2000) + <base cost> + 300 <Masterwork>. Armor is less expensive at (Bonus Squared * 1000) + <base cost> + 150 <Masterwork>.

For example, a +1 shortsword costs 2310 gold. (1 * 2000) + 300 + 10.
A +2 shortsword costs 8310. (4 [2 squared] * 2000) + 300 + 10.
A +3 shortsword costs 18310. (9 [3 squared] * 2000) + 300 + 10.

So if you have an enchantment with a +1 bonus and you add it while your sword is +1, it will cost 6000 gold to upgrade. If you add it while your shortswort is +2, then it will cose 10,000 gold to upgrade.

Armor/shields work similarly, with slightly lower cost.

So a +1 light steel shield (not including all the silver cost adjustments) is 1159. (1 * 1000) + 150 + 9
A +2 equivalent shield (like your bashing shield) would cost 4159. (4 [2 squared] * 1000) + 150 + 9.

Hopefully that helps.

Pathfinder Maps Subscriber
Andrew Christian wrote:
You cannot make Rhino Hide into barding, since it is a named magic item.

EDIT: BAH! Everyone beat me to it by a few seconds.

HERE is the appropriate ruling from Mike Brock.

Pathfinder Maps Subscriber

From a cursory glance, it's looking like a no.

Bestiary, page 301 wrote:

An incorporeal creature’s attacks pass through (ignore)

natural armor, armor, and shields, although def lection
bonuses and force effects (such as mage armor) work
normally against it. Incorporeal creatures pass through
and operate in water as easily as they do in air. Incorporeal
creatures cannot fall or take falling damage. Incorporeal
creatures cannot make trip or grapple attacks, nor can
they be tripped or grappled.
In fact, they cannot take
any physical action that would move or manipulate an
opponent or its equipment, nor are they subject to such
actions. Incorporeal creatures have no weight and do not
set off traps that are triggered by weight.

Nothing in the ghost touch property states that they can now be grappled, from what can see. However that is only from a 3-minute skim of the rules. Someone may correct me if I'm wrong.

***** Venture-Captain, Massachusetts—Boston aka Harley Quinn X

Avatar-1 wrote:

A 2nd level scroll is a solid choice, but I wouldn't recommend lesser restoration - it's a 3 round casting time. Potions are better for lesser restoration (but not here; that's 300gp).

I still prefer scrolls. I'm pretty sure that with potions, you have to make any relevant choices about the effect when brew it, so you have to buy it with the choices already made.

CRB, Potions section of Magic Items chapter wrote:
Potions are like spells cast upon the imbiber. The character taking the potion doesn't get to make any decisions about the effect—the caster who brewed the potion has already done so.

Meaning for spells like Resist Energy or Lesser Restoration, you have to choose which element to resist or type of ability damage you are healing when you buy the potion.

***** Venture-Captain, Massachusetts—Boston aka Harley Quinn X

Hi, and welcome to PFS!

You don't need a Regional Coordinator to get started. First thing you'll want to do is get the Guide to Organized Play and read that over for the rules to PFS, and what you're responsibilities as a Game Master. Be sure to get the players PFS numbers.

Next, you can create an event (You can do this from the 'My Pathfinder Society' page) and run! If this is going to be for your home group and you don't want to publicly advertise, be sure to choose the option that says that the event is not public.

After you play, be sure to report! That shows the campaign staff that there are players in your area, so they may start looking harder at getting a PFS Coordinator to work in your area.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with any Venture Officer, no matter the country, to get started or ask on the boards.

***** Venture-Captain, Massachusetts—Boston aka Harley Quinn X

Hrm. The guide is very harsh on this if you read it pretty strictly.


Free RPG Day Modules

The 16-page, Free RPG Day modules are shorter than
a normal 32-page module and are more in line with a
normal Pathfinder Society Scenario. Currently, these
include Master of the Fallen Fortress, We Be Goblins!, Dawn
of the Scarlet Sun, and We Be Goblins Too! To bring the Free
RPG Day modules more in line with the rest of Pathfinder
Society Organized Play, all current and future sanctioned
Free RPG Day modules will award 1 XP, 1 PP and the gp
amount listed on the Chronicle sheet if using the medium
advancement track.
If using the slow advancement
track, they award 1/2 XP, 1/2 PP and half the gp listed
on the Chronicle sheet. These apply only on successful
completion of the adventure.
If you have played any of the
Free RPG Day modules listed above and been awarded
Chronicle sheets for them, the XP, Prestige Points, and
gp you received remain unchanged. All other rules for
sanctioned module play, found in Chapter 6 of the Guide to
Pathfinder Society Organized Play, should be followed.

If he didn't complete the adventure, then it looks like he doesn't get anything. But that second part could be referring only to the clause about slow track.

I think there was a previous thread a while back about a similar situation that had a ruling made on it. I'll see if I can dig it up.

***** Venture-Captain, Massachusetts—Boston aka Harley Quinn X

Are you looking specifically for Pathfinder Society, which is the organized play campaign? If you're open to other things like full campaigns, you may want to try posting in the Gamer Connection forums.

***** Venture-Captain, Massachusetts—Boston aka Harley Quinn X

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There's always We Be Goblins!

***** Venture-Captain, Massachusetts—Boston aka Harley Quinn X

We've got a lot of big things planned in Boston. Help me welcome the two newest VLs to the Boston Lodge, Mark Seifter and Linda Zayas-Palmer! They've both worked to make PFS around Massachusetts a huge success.

I met them about a year and a half ago at my very first game of PFS. Welcome to the team, both of you!

***** Venture-Captain, Massachusetts—Boston aka Harley Quinn X

Congratulations to all involved!

***** Venture-Captain, Massachusetts—Boston aka Harley Quinn X

There is a "True Name" arcane discovery that is disallowed for PFS, so my thoughts would be towards no. It seems like the way you want to know a true name is different than the discovery, so some mileage may vary. Knowing a true name is a very strong bargaining chip, and for PFS it's even stronger, due to the 4-hour time slot of a scenario. There's no repercussions to knowing an outsider's true name in PFS like there would be in a full campaign.

Discoveries: arcane builder arcane discovery, golem constructor arcane discovery, true name arcane discovery, staff-like wand arcane discovery are not legal for play.

***** Venture-Captain, Massachusetts—Boston aka Harley Quinn X

Yes, and remember you can rebuild until you PLAY (as a player, as opposed to GM) your first game after earning 3XP. So if you're running this game, and still need more time to think it over, GM credit is a good way to go.

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