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HarbinNick's page

731 posts (1,380 including aliases). No reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 10 aliases.


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See low magic means the bad guys are low magic too...If the bad guys have magic items, and you don't, that isn't going to end well, or fairly....That's not low magic, that's like RP'ing the Opium Wars.

Another vote for E6...
...Hey I have trouble getting a party to go from lv. 1 to 2 let alone 2 to 3...

China, where I live, is dying for war, but it has to be one they can they need to find which ally will the US throw under the bus, India, Vietnam, Philipines, Japan, Taiwan or the South Koreans...Notice each country gets tested in turn...
...China has a several MILLION extra men they need to kill off, for social stability. They don't even need a victory.

I just read GUPRS basic combat for 4e (free set) and gave way in hell will I run this...

Run D6 that level 1 warrior is still a person, but his +4 perception is crushed by your +8 stealth.
(Warrior WIS 10+1 rank+3 class skill)
(Rogue +1 Rankr+3 class skill+3 DEX+ 1 low light or other situational mods)

Hatecrime cause they hate RPGs?...Seriously who steals books these days? I mean unless they are bound in leather or something...That's quite a story.

I'm the DM, but I did play with a guy who argued that cleave allowed him to take a single step, attack, step, attack, step attack, etc...
not in 3.5, not great cleave, the pathfinder cleave...

I've allowed them on a necklace, and also painted on the shield...and one player used to have a longsword that he'd flip over and hold as a cross...

I see 20 to 25 point buys being floated at Roll20...

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Not the real stone need....DINOSAURS...and bone weapons...

Would I play it...hell yeah...but I'd hardly consider optimal, or even normal power levels bu most modern gamer standards...
...I've played 3d6 game (with a single reroll for one array) ouch!

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-Since the End Boss of Carrion Crown is a Life hating Lich, I don't think he'd take kindly to a role-played ending...more like "stop breathing...worms..."
-I actually think RP breaks down as levels go up...I'm a die hard e6-e8 kind of guy, for that reason...

Um...sorry...I thought this was a campaign setting...not a Points of Light Mirobrazivanya...
Anyway...Here is what I suggest you think about for a campaign setting (I've written two one 59,000 words, the other 20,000 words)
-A concept is a GREAT place to start but thing about what you want...
There are two examples
Kitchen Sink-A world where our world is re-created, or a narrow part of our world. The two Kitchen sink settings would be Forgotten Realms and Golarin. Almost anything happens in those settings...
Small World-Eberron is a good example of small world, as is DarkSun or Ravenloft, a much smaller world. You don't try to create our reality, but only a place where everybody does indeed speak common.
-Moving on from the gross-concept, what makes your world special. In your world it seems the Demon Concept is well known. As I see it you'd have both a very religious society, (LG-CG) at odds with the cultists who wish to side with the Devil powers. You have left a traditional pantheon out of your description? Was that intentional? Or simply an oversight...?
-Next this is a small world...all humans look the same, speak human, worship human, and eat human food? Or are humans the major race, with the many races and cultures that are common to us? Or something else?
-Other races...describe other races and their relations to both cosmology and their race-relations? Do elves hate dwarves? Why?
-History...did devils have temples of evil built to them? Why? When? Still used for worship?
-Monsters-Are monsters mindless target fodder? Or do they have civilizations of their own? Are the Devil/Demon worshippers? Why?

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Cyperpunk Vampires in Space ( I tried...then 10 years later dead space came out, which is cyber-punk zombies in space)

-Um haven't delt with the reality, namely that this is a world with a potential APOCALYTPIC end of the world time cycle. Please compare Dark age europe (Black Death, Decline of Trade, Cultural collapse) with say 1400's North Italy (Venic and Friends)
-Also as described there isn't a strong Demonic Influence (What does that even mean? Art? Cusine? Literautre? Music? The Pan-Succubi waltz?)
-Where is the geography? The languages? The religion? The climate? The level of trade? How good are the roads? These are the things that matter in world building...

It's a video game cliche... other words monster come up kill things, heroes have to kill them, repeat, rinse, DC al capo...
Which makes for great high fantasy conflict (I need to close the gates of HELL!) very Diablo
...But what would suffer is civilization...survival doesn't create great art, peace and civilization create great art. Look at the difference between hundred years war Germany, and the Germanies in the Wiemar republic.

4d6 drop lowest would still average to 9 right?

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I'm going to have to agree with the other posters...
...I love and RUN RP heavy games if I can. I'm usually sad my players don't like heavy RP. That said, I don't think you can ever, ever expect a published adventure to have the support for heavy RP because it is a chaotic situation, that can't be prepared for in advance.
Let's make an example, the Dwarf Vampire Female Cleric Mini-boss
...What if the party is all Dwarves?
...What if the party is all neutral or evil?
...What if the party is all good divine casters?
...What if the party is all motivated 100% by money?
...What if the party thinks she is hot? (yes sex is a motivator, or I wouldn't still be in Asia!)
The party would react, and she would react, in so many different ways, that thinking any published product would cover this is just too hopeful. It seems, from reading PBP threads, that the AP's over plenty of roleplay opportunities...

Is it dangerous to go alone?

What's your DM like?
I run low level games, and therefore a Core Dwarf fighter is going to be quite good, cause there is nothing to compare him to. If you play with a high level crowd, or a 3PP crowd, or even a PFS crowd things change...

When ever you start thinking about anthropology and cultural interaction, Golarin, FR, and Middle Earth are impossible. That's why it is called fantasy...So please don't argue if Iron Gods is realistic...

-Honestly, nuclear weapons (tactical and otherwise) is hardly a thread for RPG advice. As for your opinions/facts I think we could derail this thread faster than Crisco on a frog....
-That said, I dislike the idea that certain divine classes are immune to isn't fallout.

Oh Sweet Mother of God, somebody wants to fight...
...on a serious note, the ability to play low level, low magic games is why I like the game. As a friend told me, you want to kill a god, play exalted...

Torbyne wrote:
All kinds of military vehicles have chemical, biological and radiological defenses (CBR) and continue to be built with them. It's not like the potential for exposure to these things has lessened since the cold war.

Not to be a jerk, but I'd argue the chance for nuclear war has lessened since 1950, or 1980. Is it still real? Yeah, but I think mad men did a good job of showing the sheer insanity of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

radiation is simple exposure, so the blood thing isn't really an issue...
...I remember reading there were anti-nuclear T-72's that were designed to operate in a radioactive area, but the crew couldn't leave the vehicle. Man it's good that cold war ended.

Unless the lasers create a black hole and turn the planet inside out...
...Next AP theoretical physics: the attack of the atom smasher!

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Realistic fire arms, will be followed by realistic dragons, and finally realistic clerics, who don't cast spells, have funny haircuts, and have ranks in speak dead language.

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Knowledge is a must, since gnosticism is obsessed with secret knowledge

Aren't centaurs actually smaller than that they usually look humans in the eye, while a horse towers over most humans...I remember looking a small horse (quarter horse) almost in the eye, and the farmer commented that I was a big dude...6'4".
-Also since centaurs are always chasing human women, how big can they be, really?

An interesting fact about Khmer, it is a non-tonal language in an area where tonal languages are the norm...Stuck between Thai and Vietnamese.

You know as I DM almost 100% of the time, I both agree and disagree with Hama.
-I have had far, far too many players who are uterly into the kill monsters, buy sword, level up, kill monster style of play
-I would prefer to run mature, complex, dark gothic fantasy.
-BUT at the end of the day, I enjoy making my players happy. If the players are happy, I'm usually happy.
-On another note, how often do you get to play? Why not demand a rotation, where the players DM so that they can see how hard it is, and they will appreciate you more. If they refuse, yeah, get another group.

For English teachers and military deployed!
I'm going to be running a game on roll20, which I have done before with some good success.
The link to the game is below...Times are slightly flexible.

link to game

-And this is why I run p6 worlds...I will happily play higher levels, but the reality warping spells of 8th and 9th level in particular make a logical argument difficult. One 18th level mage would be more powerful by a factor of a thousand, than any person who has ever lived on earth, or ever will live. I mean let's face it, Alexander the Great and Napoleon could be easily built as high CHA Fighter Experts of level 5-6.
-99%of humanity would worship a level 18th magic user as a god. He has power over life and death, and can make food out of thin air...

1 person marked this as a favorite.

-I'd sugest you do some research on Language families. Your classification by 'sound' isn't really how languages work...for example you argue Druidic is Gaelic,and Dwarven is "Irish", but both languages are Celtic Languages and thus related, and why the hell would Giants speak Hebrew? Giants and Dwarves are generally considered to have overlapping cultures and shared vocabulary...
-Also Fantasy languages don't always have exact earth versions. Elvish is a mixture of Welsh, Finnish, and Old English, meaning you have Germanic, Uralic, and Celtic mixed together.

I blame protestants. No really, as the USA is a protestant country, and not a Catholic country, the concept of the 'gospel of prosperity' and the Weber thesis are both widely accepted as true. Throw in the anti-intellectualism "if you are so smart why aren't you rich" and you have a contempt for the poor as a group
-Let's face it, even if some crack-head is spending food stamps on cheese puffs, I wouldn't want to be him anyway. His life sucks as I see it, and if buying his kid a candy bar is the only nice thing he is going to do all week, do I really want to be the guy stopping him?
-This is one of the issues with socialism vs Catholic Charity, namely "The poor will always be with us". It is more important to provide such services as food and education so that at least a minority can improve their life. Of course the vast majority of poor people will be stuck in poverty, but this is human nature and not society.
-In fact it takes technological revolutions, as well sharp rise in demand coupled with low population to create wealth. That's why the US did so well after WW2.
-Also let's look at China, it is certainly true that the dramatic standard in living has raised 600,000,000 people out of poverty. But the pollution, horrible inequality, and forced abortions aren't really something I'd consider a role model for another country...

From personal experience...a half litre of vodka with a full meal will give me a bad headache and sour stomach 12 hours later...but I forgot to drink water...

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I take a -10 on CHA skills myself...

There will be blood II
even less blood...

google and dropbox are bad...they hurt the feelings of glorious chinese leader...
...And have ruined many an attempt to use roll20 on my part.

Spiritual weapon is a great spell for a are a healer with a vicious little magic holy sword.

Torture...hmmm...I could hurt you and maybe know if you are lying...or use detect evil, detect thoughts, charm, or one of a hundred under skill/spells that are more likely to work...

Here in China the games are on at midnight, 3 am and 6 am...Which is pretty horrible for any normal person.

Well...they did it...
of course they all had potions of protection from evil, which saved them from the mind control elements.

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My brother is mildly mentally retarded or delayed how ever people want to say it. So he'd be in this range
-Learned to read, but though 14, reads at a second grade level. Think Little Critter books etc.
-Difficulty following two step directions
-Small vocabulary.
-Easily amused by repetitive acts, like watching a monkey climb a ladder and jump off
-Normal, or even above normal physical ability, played gold and baseball to an average, or above average level.
-No difficulty in normal activities, dressing, eating, etc
-Poor self awareness, "I'm upset but I don't know why"
-Will believe anything he sees on TV.
-(Personally I hate this term delayed, since it implies he will be there someday, like a delayed won't)

He could make really good art forgery.

I don't have a dishwasher, just a live in girlfriend...
...sexistbut I used to rinse them in America if the meal was sticky like spaghetti. Dry food, like french fries and a burger, no.

-So the campaign is over, after several months. I will be moving to another city and was planning this all along.
-So the party will go against the temple of the Cult of Nod, and fight through the three guardians to reach the final boss.
They are the Shadow Guardian (a Derro Vampire Rogue)
The flame guardian ( A burning skeleton Red Dragon skeleton)
and the Door Keeper ( a hill giant armed with a scythe and full plate armor)
-After this they will go against an advanced Aboleth with 150 hp.
-They are three level 5 characters all armed with both +1 weapons and +1 armor, and will have potions to help them against the enemies (resist fire). In addition a NPC oracle of life with a CMW wand and channel 3d6 healing is part of the party. There is Paladin and the smite evil will be deadly on the undead.
-My question is how to end on a good note. Secondly, how can I make them feel like they have saved the day...lastly, I expect a character to die on the final boss. Aboleths are tough and clever foes, and this is his home turf.

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I'm sorry I used your dice
They were so shinny and clean
I know you were saving them for Mummy's Mask
They were so tempting I just couldn't help myself

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Mark Thomas 66 wrote:
shallowsoul wrote:

Cure Light Wounds.

I could then claim to be the second coming from the Lord Almighty and basically rule the planet.

The End.

You'd become a cult leader, whether you wanted to or not, who was either assassinated, or more likely, purportedly assassinated while dropped in a hole at some black government facility and studied for the source of your healing abilities while being tortured and continually wounded to test their limits.

oh look the plot of another x-men movie.

I prefer half-orcs, Dwarves, and Gnomes...which I'm not in real life.

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