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HarbinNick's page

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Contraception is an example of natural law...but in a world with WALKING BRAIN EATING MONSTERS!!! natural law seems like a moot issue.

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I still don't understand WHY there are holocaust deniers...
I mean you have places, pictures, trials, witnesses, books, records, and pretty much everything you need to say "yup, this happened."
-It's like denying gravity...

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I played with a guy who once said in game "Can you tell us which NPC's have a giant floating yellow question mark over their head?"
-that didn't go well...

int+5 is Initiative not INT...
A +1 Rapier is a weapon
a rapier +1 is an attack...

rabid bats aren't real?
Rabies in humans is rare in the United States. There are usually only one or two human cases per year. But the most common source of human rabies in the United States is from bats. For example, among the 19 naturally acquired cases of rabies in humans in the United States from 1997-2006, 17 were associated with bats. Among these, 14 patients had known encounters with bats. Four people awoke because a bat landed on them and one person awoke because a bat bit him. In these cases, the bat was inside the home.

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Oh dear....the above sounds like a paranoia game....

The knife fight QTE in FarCry annoyed me..

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Honestly I think that book in question deals fairly with the French concept of the exotic Levant rather well, especially as portrayed before 1918. Going on to apply it to modern times is silly...
...after all 9/11 and the PLO have done far more to create a new version of Arabs(and an unpopular one) than all the bad translations of the arabian nights ever did...

Are your GMPC going to fight too?

This is why I use an array....Nothing below 6...16,15,13,12,10,8

I disagree. Game and real world morality are the same, and there is only one objective morality for all people every where for all time, though we don't always agree on the details.
...I am aware that this puts me on the far side of modern thought however....

various faiths have been trying to ban atomic bombs, landmines, and cluster bombs for years...

As always, post modern ethical egoists and atheists can't play paladins right...
How to play a paladin
by their fruits ye shall know them

Why is there no essence?
Why can't it be agreed upon?
I mean the essence of NASCAR is hoping a car crash happens. Nobody really watches cars go in circles over and over
The essence of American Italian cooking is Basil, Tomato, and Cheese
The essence of Russian Literature is a dark brooding over moral questions, or at least serious ideas
The essence of Chinese Painting was a taoist belief system, where humans were little and mountains were big

This is how I run
1st. level
local nobody with a class
local hero (local meaning hometown)
first among equals (there are other NPC's with these levels, but in positions of great power or authority)
Heroic Characters are the most powerful individuals around, as important as kings, would likely have titles and estates at this point
End Game Characters must fight against literal world ending events, gods, dragons, and ancient magic.

-So I have the party level as needed. When they transition from one area to another they level up, as does the world around them. There are no 12th level bandits, but there are 12th level liches for example.

Do you think we need a thread called "The Essence of oldskool feel?"

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Marthkus wrote:
HarbinNick wrote:
I live in CHINA!

Working...Changchun. English-ee Teacher

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Inquisitor....what ever it takes to defeat evil
Paladin...what ever it takes to preserve good.

Not the same thing...

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I live in CHINA!

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-The truth is always somewhere in the middle-
A tabletop RPG will always have the advantage in that a DM can adjust rules to fit almost any tactical situation...DM's are not supposed to ever say "no you can't do that".
-The fact that there are indeed rules to describe what Brian the Black is doing is not, by itself, a bad thing.
-The role of the DM is to know the rules well. Very well. If a player wants to know how to do something, say hit more than one enemy at low levels, (cleave) explain it to him, ideally at character creation.
-but the fact that we have rules, and MORE rules means a DM can give a valid explanation to his rulings (which might even be open to interpretation after the session) rather than appearing to be operating on simple capriciousness.
-As others have pointed out, a fair DM could run an exciting rule-less story game. In reality, I've seen the opposite happen (non d&d) when the DM did operate on caprice, giving magic abilities to his friends, and shafting the people he looked down on.
-In other words, when a DM tells you "no you can't sneak attack" but "yes my friend's elf can shoot his bow 1000m with no range penalties", you know you are playing with a power tripping idiot, and not a mature adult. Rules help.

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It's April 1st guys...

Again...I can say I roll an acrobatics check to flank the ogre avoid the AOO and sneak attack...or I can say The halfling rogue dives through the ogre's legs, springs into the air,and plunges his daggers into the giant's kidney, and still roll the dice and follow the same rules...
...on the other hand I DO think that many players especially those who are videogamers have seen so much and read so little that their descriptive powers are weak at best...such is the I swing, I hit, I do 6 points of damage

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I'm running with a new group, almost nobody has pathfinder exp. one is is RPG noobie, one hasn't played tabletop in 10 years...and so without a NPC healer, they'd all die. Throw in the fact they have two sorcerers, one halfling rogue, and a paladin who wants to use her crossbow, and it gets ugly...
...Killing them all doesn't seem like such a good idea, so the oracle of life keeps them alive. Which is fine for now. They are having fun.

I imagine dinosaurs being rare...also how much food do they eat?

Don't expect you own rule in another monastery.

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I'd suggest that somebody with your prejudices stay away from divine casters, in the same way I suggest people who are sociopaths avoid playing "the face."

Less disease with clerics casting purify food and drink/ create water.

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Seems nobody can exactly agree on what "old school feel is"
I've never played oldskool so I have no experience but reading this I've read the following
*unclear rules*
*less rules*
*more RP*
*less RP*
*more unique magic weapons*
*traps that kill rogues 75% of the time*
*elf was a level, so that is good*
*every elf was EXACTLY the same, so bad*
*game was more fun*
*DMs had more power oldskool*
*DM's had less power oldskool*
I have yet to see a single OBJECTIVE TRUE statement other than things like Elf was a class and isn't now...I have also learned from this thread
*Dungeon World is old school*
*Dungeon world is a narrative game, and you might as well play a diceless game or just flip coins*
*Pathfinder isn't old school because you have to optimize*
Oh and my favorite....
*old school characters died less*
*old school characters had lives measured in hours*

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I don't see fronts (like Civil War, WWI or WWII) since the attrition rates and supply would be problems, especially inland seeing the lack of railroads.
-I see powerful characters functioning as near armies by themselves, a lv. 12 wizard could kill an entire cavalry division by himself.

Bertha Bodensdaughter
Female Dwarven Cleric of Bolka (CG)


Strength 14 (+2)
Dexterity 10 (+0)
Constitution 12 (+1)
Intelligence 10 (+0)
Wisdom 16 (+3)
Charisma 14 (+2)

HP 10

Initiative modifier: + 0 = + 0 [dexterity]
Fortitude save: + 3 = 2 [base] + 1 [constitution]
Reflex save: + 0 = 0 [base]
Will save: + 5 = 2 [base] + 3 [wisdom]
Attack (handheld): + 2 = 0 [base] + 2 [strength]
Attack (missile): + 0 = 0 [base]
Combat Maneuver Bonus: + 2 = 0 [base] + 2 [strength]
Combat Maneuver Defense: + 12 = 10 + 0 [base] + 2 [strength]

Armor : Scale Mail, Light steel shield
Weapon : Heavy mace

Diplomacy +6
Knowledge Religion +4

Feats: Selective Channel (choose who to heal)
Traits: Charming +1 to Diplomacy to those who are sexually attracted to you
Dependent: You are dependent upon the acceptance of others. Whenever you fail a Diplomacy check, you become shaken for 1 hour.

Bertha is a young dwarf woman, of very attractive appearance, dedicated to the cult of Bolka, goddess of love, marriage, and healing. She is a matchmaker, a romantic, and trusts in the triumph of good over evil. She is revolted by all tyrants and injustices, cruelty and oppression, and her idealism trumps her Dwarven pragmatism.

Bertha is a native of Janderhoff but has moved to Korvosa to serve the small Dwarven merchant community there. She has been in the city only a short time, and is a natural fit to an adventuring company needing a healer, and can serve as face due to her high CHA and diplomacy skill.

Bertha wears her blonde hair in a neck length french braid, and wears tight scale mail armor, which clings to her slightly voluptuous figure. She wears a holy symbol on a cord around her neck, which takes the form of a small silver mace. In addition, she wears a small holy text at her side, and is thus easily identified as a cleric. Her eyes are black, and she stands about four feet tall. Over her armor she wears a red cloak with a hood.

King of the Galts?

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If animals were reduced to that small a gene pool they'd all die out from massive inbreeding...

random character generators have three uses
1. I want to play a trope character, but need details in a hurry. In other words I want to play a Dwarf Fighter. I don't really care about his biography.
2. I have played so many characters I have writer's block and want some ideas to get me started
3. I am a DM.
4. I am a hack-and slash player in a heavy RP game, and the GM wants back story, and I don't care, but thought it would be fun to try.

The rogue sucks because most GM's do not have low level sentries who can be killed or knocked out in a single stealthy attack. The rogue sucks because it is depending on skills, which as has been pointed out, tend to become less important by level 7, and almost useless at level 12+.
-Case in point, a 3rd level rogue does 2d6 sneak attack plus weapon damage. He can quickly kill off an entire fort of lv.1 warriors if it is dusk or dawn, especially if they are human (no low light or dark vision). Average Sentry has 9hp.
-DM's often have too many, too tough, ESP sentries for stealth to work well. Granted, I usually have a guard dog, but scent means the dog barks, not that he knows where you are exactly...
-On a max damage roll the 3rd level halfling rogue does 9 points of damage. On a minimum he does 2. Not any different from the magic missile.

-Does he get angry if you drink the milk?

-Frankly, the fact is it better to be a part of an energy exporting super-power or a democracy that has rewritten its constitution and jailed one president, and exiled another?
-stability or chaos? the LE Putin may be a better leader than the CG democrats (and calling anybody GOOD is a bit of a stretch.)

Oh...I see Putin annexing the whole Ukraine...or half of it. Just a little at a time.

Why is anybody shocked that the majority ethnic russian crimea voted in favor of russian annexation? Their heating bills are about to go way down! Heck my family in the NE USA would vote to join Russia after this winter's heating bills.

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-I have a deaf mute life oracle which works well, as the only thing he understands is what the party writes down for him. This keep it easy to tell when they are talking to the DM and when they are talking to me.
-Otherwise I'd have a party of three with no an undead heavy campaign...

-I am going to add, that how often do limbs get cut off in game? One of the reasons there is that the game is an abstraction. If you cut off a man's legs, he might be screaming on the ground but he isn't going to jump up and keep fighting you...and undead don't really have wounds like normal people anyway.
-CGD is not a good act however, I can see a Paladin never using it.

Neanderthal was the race.

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Remember that the majority of the crimean tartars were deported to central asia by Stalin, and Russians moved in to replace them. The number of 'natives' is small.

Frankly, monotheism and all powerful gods are less interesting than the conflict you get with a pantheon.
-Only a few people are going to go into outright devil pacts like Faust, most people are going to avoid that.
-I think polytheism is a huge help to the game world, and concepts almost require it.

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An example of a game I ran (one shot but still fun)
10 million years BC
Classes allowed were
-And yes, there was only one race too

China is viewing this as a test run for taiwan.

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I guess what I mean is the DM should set the rules for what is allowed. If he wants everybody to be from the same village or country fine. But he needs to make these rules clear at the beginning. I once knew a DM who had issues...
I want to be a bard...
...bards are terrible. You can't.
I want to be a druid, who is a bear worshiper
...that's stupid...
I want to be a half-orc fighter half-orcs.
I quit.

Better yet, the city worships it as a god...

And a whole cult of half-skum slaves too

China, Russia, and other unpopular countries have repeatedly compared American action abroad as violation of international law. Not my opinion, but theirs. This is not to say I support their spin, but they are two of the big 5.

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thejeff wrote:
HarbinNick wrote:
Exactly. Class is still not the whole character...race, gender, equipment, skills, description, backstory, clothing, character, are all part that the DM doesn't ban.

Though honestly, I'd say all of those are things I might shoot down under some circumstances. Some even more rarely than others, of course.

Usually, I'm looking for characters as a whole that will fit the campaign I've got in mind. That could require changing pretty much anything about a character. Most often that'll be a discussion, explaining what doesn't work and is that fundamental to the player's concept or can it change to something else.

Gender's probably the exception, though I know one player I wouldn't let play a woman in any kind of serious game. I've seen him do it and it just doesn't work.

I disagree, I prefer character driven games, unless you are trying for a specific setting, like all pirates, all oriental classes, or all gun users, I think getting too involved in a character creation process is a bad idea. Granted if a person has a clearly disruptive, chaotic stupid character you should ban it...but other wise I say anything goes.

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