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Harark's page

122 posts (184 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 3 aliases.


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I confess that the favorite character I ever played was a Kender Wizard that's sole purpose was to annoy other players after a previous character got killed as the result of PVP.

I'll also confess that I've never played a character higher then 5th level. My group's home campaigns always broke up before hitting anything higher. Due to this I always build my characters to be as fun to play at first level as possible with little to no thought on higher level.

Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
Goblin13 wrote:

Uhm in a way There is a Chain of Command !

Necromancer Creates Wights, Wights create Spawns under their control. Necromancer tell Alpha Wights to order the Spawns to Not Attack him or his allies.

In short :

Necromancer -> Alpha Wights -> Wights Spawn !

P.S. Alpha Wights have a HD Total of controllable Spawn, wich is separated from the Controlling Bucket of the Necro !

This. Though if your Alpha breaks lose the necromancer is going to have a really bad day.

That's the risk of intelligent undead. They're great until they get loose, then boy is your day gonna be bad. Until then If the spawn are ordered not to harm the necro the hierarchy works.

It's one of those risk/reward necromancy situations in my opinion. So go for it, but when they're chewing your legs off...

I'd recommend something that could be useful on both land and water. There will be times you'll be on land, and your shark won't do much. I'll agree with Cavall and say a Croc is probably a good pick.

I think you need to investigate further, just because the baron is undead doesn't mean he's evil. Although there is magic to disguise alignments. If this vampire is the legitimate legal authority then as a paladin you need to respect that, that doesn't mean you need to trust him though.

If you know the bandits are evil they should probably be the first priority as they are the most obvious threat to the village's safety. Afterwards you can figure out what, if anything, the baron is hiding.

I think Zero just got competition.

Young characters in Ultimate Campaign, if you click the Campaign systems hyperlink on the top of the page it links you to a dead link. Specifically it tries to link you to Campaign Systems under Ultimate Equipment.

I like the Jailers Rings, those can make some interesting occurrences and roleplay(Who's the first to cut their finger off out of paranoia). To play a DMPC, good advice is to be a useful and interesting character but don't hog the spotlight. The focus should be the players, it's alright if the DMPC does some cool things some times but don't make them them the biggest badass around(Something I've had DMs do in the past). You also don't want the DMPC to just blend in the background.

Now how big of a prison is this they're going to? Is it the Alcatraz of the area? If so the boat is probably gonna have at least 50-60 prisoners. Although probably only about half the guards. Does the prison deal with magic users often? There should be some stuff to contain mages, sure shackles help some but don't stop everything. In the long run, give them a chance to steal the ship, maybe convince some prisoners to help, but make it difficult. It is a prison break after all, and don't afraid to actually send them to prison I could see that being really fun if run right. I would really give the players a chance to think about how to escape, or even if they're going to.

Anyways, I would definitely get some solid ideas about the prison, make a map of the boat(Even a quick paper and pencil sketch) and think of a few important inmates, both on the boat and in the prison and just see where the game goes.

The best way to counter combat monsters is either to get 1. A monster Slayer or 2. Out of Combat Encounters. The second is my favorite. Also, that golem the OP talked about is a bad example, the party had a golembane scarab, it helped them kill it.

Well if a soul recognizes itself as a specific quality whatever forms it takes would probably be something it can recognize itself as. So I assume that, unless an outside force acts, that a female soul would have a female form in it's next incarnation.

My group has only four standard bans: Drow, Druegar, Svirfneblin, and Strix. Mainly since undercommon races are a bit overpowered by our perspective, and they really don't fit in most above world campaigns. Strix are banned simply because people like to play humans in our group and we had a person play a strix once, that ended badly. The Strix character attempted pvp after the group broke a Kitsune member, no less out, of jail. Ended up killing the campaign right there.

I always thought it was, "Have fun and game on".

He appears dead and most people will assume that unless they are a highly skilled doctor. If someone knows this trick they can still hurt him in this state. Although at that time I believe an attack can qualify for a cou de grace.

Don't forget lots of dice of various shapes and colors.

I thought there were other older gods that died in the battles that chained Rovagug in Golarion, or is that such old history that it doesn't count? Although I may be entirely wrong about that and I may only be imagining reading that.

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Until they escape.

James Jacobs wrote:

The way a god's death certificate looks in Golarion is all of his clerics suddenly and forevermore losing the ability to cast spells or be clerics until they shift religions.

I know this is a bit late, but I have a question on this. Is it possible that a god could choose not give his clerics powers anymore? You know to make it seem like he died. Then get the Death Goddess to claim he died so he can go off a do something secretly. It's a classic fake out(with a bit of a twist) in numerous different stories.

My initial thoughts? "Either this will be great, or a hilarious flop... Made by a team from CCP? Okay it will be great."

Have any of you played Wizardry Online? That's the kind of PVP consequences I think PF Online should have. What they have is A hard-edge(Possibly perma-death, although that is rare) and stealing people's items, but not what they have equipped.

But what I expect is something similar to EVE where you lose basically everything yo had with you, but with that the market becomes so bloated with replacement goods that death loses it meaning except on a massive scale. That isn't by design but really people playing the needs of the market which is fair.

In my mind to keep a PVP experience that is fun you need to keep some consequences that bite behind it. Making you actually want to inflict those consequences on the other guy and avoid them yourself. That's why I like the possible sting of perma-death, although others may not share my ideas.

I hadn't seen anything around about prestige classes(Although I don't follow that closely), has there been any word about them? I know that PFO is planned to be more skill oriented like EVE but is there going to be anything like Prestige classes? I still love my Shadowdancer and such, I was wondering how feasible it would be to build a character like that.

And to a further extent would it be possible to build say an Arcane Trickster with just base skills in PFO, such as take a few Rogue skills and some Wizard skills?

I see no rules problems. Mind if I steal this? This just seems too awesome to pass up. I may be able to scare the crap out of my players with this.

rat_ bastard wrote:

Um, how does the vampire see?

Sorry, missed this until now. I seem to remember a pair of magic "sunglasses" out of ARG in the Drow section. Use those. Or just some really freaking thick smoked goggles.

I've always been a fan of the full body suit and mask style. Can also add an extra level of creepy if done right. Since none of the vampire's body is exposed to the light then sunlight won't burn them up. It would suck if someone decided to start tearing chunks of the clothing off though.

It is possible to play one but you need to know your group first. Last time I played a necro, a base CN Plague patron Witch, my group of CN and LN adventuring buds decided to murder me in cold-blood after I killed a few enemies that had taken me captive. Afterwards, I animated them into Skeletons, the first and last Undead this character ever made, to give me some guys to cover my escape. When they found that out, they greeted me with a sword to the gut.

The subject of necromancy makes some people's trigger fingers very itchy.

Also if have a copy of Inner Sea Magic, you could read up on the rules for joining a magic school. I believe the Academe gives special bonuses to make golem crafting easier.

Also, you can craft something even if you don't have the spells required by increasing the craft DC. Although I forget the exact amount. And also if you get a construct that can be affected bymagic iI'd definitely make sure you have mending prepared, that can help a TON with repair costs.

I actually played a goblin barbarian in ROTR, on a play by post on these forums. I made him come from a separate tribe, that was opposed to the Thistletop Goblins. Most of the other tribes are jealous of their base and I imagine that goblin don't share a good relation with each other. Plus i figured that after my goblin "helped save the town" the townspeople might have be accepting enough to let him stay if he didn't cause trouble.

Hope that idea helps some.

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Well you could always just take your clothes off before going hybrid form. But where's the dramatic flair in that?

I remember a section in ROTR including pornography::
While inside the Foxglove Manor the party(can possibly find) in one room pornography of a female party member that Aldern is obsessed with. Of course it had been drawn by hand.

And furthermore, no doubt there is an industry for it. I mean prostitution is the one of the oldest professions. I'd say it probably just be novels or possibly paintings and drawings(Some of the classic Renaissance works, for example, could have been considered pornographic.)
Although, as for the "Pornstar" archetype... well I believe Paizo is a bit too clean to publish that.

*sigh* Why did everyone have to post my ideas before I got on the thread. XD Well everything posted up so far looks really good, and Papa Chango I totally second that idea. It makes me think of the Bardic Masterpieces.

I'll mark this thread and see if I can't come up with some more ideas, I guess great minds think alike.

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They are proficient in it. Meaning anyway to use it. They can use it two-handed or with only one.

As far as I know the race for RAW PF that has the highest DEX boost is Goblin.

Interesting. I'd say probably not, I wouldn't allow it. But I hit the FAQ for yah.

Alright, so my gaming group is planning on using the Hollow's Last Hope 3.5 module as a start to our next PF campaign. The thing we were wondering is whether by lore Falcon's Hollow, and furthermore Darkmoon Vale, were actually on Golarion. Of course we can house rule it if the town isn't but I'd like to know. Thanks.

I'd totally go for the mystic theurge. You're missing both Arcane and Divine, so the Theurge fills both those roles. Plus they have a ton of spells per day, and are able to fill nearly any caster role with ease.

I'll have an alias posted by 3pm. I'm currently working on the background, and fixing typos in my stat block. For characters I'm a bit of a perfectionist, which is strange since my characters are all oddballs.

After much hard work I present you with:

Raorloud, Goblin Barbarian:

Male Goblin BARBARIAN(True Primitive) 1
CN Small monsterous-humanoid
Init +3; Senses Darkvision 60ft; Perception +4;

AC 18, touch 13, flat-footed 14(+4 Armor, +3 Dex, +1 Size);
hp 16 (1d12+3)
Fort +5, Ref +3, Will +0;

Speed: 30 ft. 20ft with armor.
Melee: Greataxe +5 (1d10+4) X3, Greataxe with Power Attack +4 (1d10+7) X3;
Ranged: I don't know. Rocks maybe...
Str 15, Dex 16, Con 15, Int 8, Wis 10, Cha 8; (13+2+7-2=20)
Base Atk +1; CMB +3; CMD 16;
Traits: Dog-Sniff Hate, Killer
Feats: Power Attack
Skills: Perception +4, Survival +4, Climb +7, Stealth +11;
Languages: Goblin
Special Abilities: RAGE(8 per day), Favored Terrain +1(Forest);
Equipment: Combat Gear plus 2 days of Trail Rations,2 jars of Pickles, Backpack, Tossglove, Fire Carrier, Dead Squirrel, Belt pouch(Full of ground glass), Belt Pouch(Full of "Shinies");
Combat Gear: Dog-Hide Armor, Greataxe, Dagger, 1 Bag Vicious Caltrops;
GP: 20gp 8sp

I'll post a full background up later. Along with possibly an alias. I just want to know how this looks so far.

Are we using Pathfinder standard gods or different ones. I'm thinking of making a cleric, perhaps make him into a mystic theurge later...

This may sound like a dumb question, it was probably stated earlier, but are their still spots open for PCs?

This may sound like an odd question, but would playing a goblin be possible? I had thought about it a while back, perhaps a goblin of a tribe that opposes the goblins of Thistletop. If not I could think of something else.

Perhaps look at the Rage Prophet prestige class in APG. That sounds like what she wants to do with her character.

Someone busts the local thieve's guild operating out of the basement of the church. Or perhaps people who spoke out against the church are mysteriously found dead with the religon's symbol carved into them, by the hand of an extremly zealous LE priest.

Just the first things off the top of my head.


Might be kind of helpful if you end of using judgement on a monk. Maybe...

Irnk, Dead-Eye's Prodigal wrote:
Nope. Scientists did in fact recently unearth evidence of a 'hobbit'-like subspecies of humanity. It has been independently confirmed & everything.

Unearthed evidence...? You mean like that hundreds of them still alive today?

Blade of Mercy only removes the penalty for doing non-lethal damage. It doesn't make the weapon a nonlethal weapon, which is required to do nonlethal damage with sneak attack.

So by RAW I believe it would be lethal damage.

Master Spy prestige class. Along with rogue or possibly Bard.

Bearded Ben wrote:
lucky7 wrote:
Have a crapload of barbarians smack the crap out of them with saps.
Large saps, so they can two-hand them.

Aren't those just called Greatclubs?

I believe if all the targets are flat-footed then they would all take the SA damage. That's how sneak attack works with weapons, why wouldn't it work that way with spells?

You cover every inch of your skin. Wear long-sleeved shirts, gloves and then sew the two together. Have a hood and mask, and then sunglasses. Long pants and boots.

Come and get me now Sun... I'm not afraid of you!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

ARG. Look it up on the PRD in the ages table.

So am I the only one who has players that constantly try and kill off their characters?
My players always seem to want to do stupid things just asking for death. (Had a 2nd Fighter once charge a Devilfish barehanded and unarmored. He then ripped off one of its tentacles and then force feed it the tentacle... Got majorly lucky, but not a good idea...) And then people kill of their characters to play a new one. I think my group's games are too filled with PC death...

Cleric of Asmodeus into Divine Scion with Good Opposite Alginment?

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