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Harakani's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 616 posts (11,466 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 89 aliases.


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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Vidmaster7 wrote:
Angels V Angels that has got to suck. I mean even the movie they made based on that sucked.

You're saying The Prophecy sucked? Just want to check what you're saying there, as I think it was one of Stoltz, Walken AND Mortensen's best performances.

I've been thinking a lot about the Tippyverse aspects - Shadows with exponential proliferation, the very good point about LOS teleport (letting them move 47km/min, or 2820 km/hr) and the various rorts of conjurations and at will powers.

If we assume Pathfinder represents reality X in the same way modern roleplaying games with similar granularity represent our reality, then there'd be long term implications they don't bother to stat out as they are irrelevant for a combat.

Shadows can walk around in daylight. In theory any shadow in Golarion can cause the shadowpocalypse at noon. On the other hand they are pretty much always portrayed as avoiding bright light - especially sunlight. This might be pyschological - in which case, no rules, but likely still a limiting factor. This would make the fact most modern rooms are at a bright illumination most of the time a serious impediment.

If demons truly could teleport continuously, why would so many of them have alternate means of movement? On the other hand they are taking a momentary shortcut through the astral, and there are predators there. Might be a case of too much activity calls in the predators, and eventually you jump out but not jump in.

Similarly the 'infinfite loop' spells might not be violating Entropy - which is a sentient creature in Golarion - but instead moving things around. Drawing matter from the sun to create water, for instance. For all practical purposes this would be infinite, but when that infinity was truly put to the test (Decanter of endless water-fuelled interstellar rockets, for instance) could fail in interesting ways.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
prd wrote:
...but in that case you must have at least a reliable description of the place to which you are teleporting...

There's every chance the worldwound doesn't know the planet gets better than the Antarctica.

They're also going to have to travel the long way.
Shadow Demon is pretty fast at 40ft. Antarctica is HUGE. AT that speed, 24 hours/day, it would take 3 days to get from the middle to the coastline. Best case it'd take another day and a half to hit anything but water. It'd probably take more like 4-8 days, and could result in missing everything until it hits the arctic.
17km.h is terrifyingly fast in the medieval era. Not so impressive now.

That buys humanity time - and, of course, satellite surveillance means there's a decent chance that we'll know about them before they know about us. It's going to look like an alien invasion.

Someone sends a squad in, and a lone marine manages to call in a strike - even non-nuclear this would be game ending. Unlike Golarion Earth can pretty much hit the worldwound with a nuke. The world can hit that area with a nuclear weapon every minute of every day for ten days. Stretched out to every half hour (at random) we could do almost a year - long enough to buy time. Also, the demons might give up "it oscillates between a desolate ice-waste and utter destruction" doesn't sound like a great place, and they need not even have seen their first human.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

While it would probably be a disaster, depending on exactly how it rolled out it could actually be great.
Historically humans have done quite well when they can unite against a demonised enemy. Not much effort to demonise demons - and a lot of monsters would be similarly easy.
If there is a Worldwound in Antarctica... a genuine gate through which alien demons were trying to conquer the earth... humanity would unite so fast your head would spin.
That might buy the time and good will to have all these new religious leaders to put aside their differences - a lot of religions have 'demons', so there's some common ground there.

In terms of magic, remember that Pathfinder is still stuck at the 85% of people are farmers, and education is expensive. That means there is a very small proportion of people able to learn unusual skills like smithing and spellcasting.
Conversely in our world something like 1% of people are farmers. Imagine Open Source Spellbooks!

The material component conversion cost is an interesting question. The modern would has economies of scale the ancient world does not. On the other hand certain things are inherently rare. Then again If panda bear ears turned out to be critical, expect us to start farming and/or cloning them. The spell Blood Money would be a game changer.

A lot of our tech is inherently immune to mind control (having no mind) and could be put to horrendous use. The reason we don't have fully autonomous HMG UAVs to drop into a "no blue forces" zone like the Worldwound is NOT a technical issue. LET ALONE trying to stop a nuclear weapon!
A lot of mind control can be avoided by simply having people monitored - and it is pretty obvious who the targets would be. "Some guy just walked into the White House and mind controlled the president. CODE OMEGA!"

A game changer would be Detect Evil. "Sorry Bob, you detect as evil now." Either Bob will have a crisis of conscience, or you know Bob is dangerous in a way that most governments would kill to know.

Hang on,
Alchemist is a martial + fighter class.
My plan was to go heavy on bombs and stabbing.

Just as regards the new spells. Alchemist
Actually, given the martial training, maybe the Grenadier archetype works better.

Oh, the site you posted a link to had an entry for Alchemist.
I think it works well :)

Actually thinking Alchemist, of some sort.
Decent combat abilities, discoveries work well for "altered form". 6th can get Promethean Alchemist, which grants Craft Construct.
Bombs suggest he was 'artillery', but Alchemists are decent in a fight (especially with Mutagens).
I will pick up Craft Alchemy and Craft Armour and (if I can get the trait to be a int based doctor) Heal - flavoured as "Craft Flesh".
If necessary Alchemists can get some discoveries that make them healers as well. Not a great answer if Kirsdrake is interested in a Cleric.
Tempted by Artificer, but it's a very close mechanical effect as far as I can tell, in a converted version of a class I don't really understand.

I'm fine with two warforged! Though in that case I think I would take the yin to Kirsdrake's Yang.

* Convinced not actually alive => deserately pretending to be more 'human'
* Worships creator as god => The gods exist, but don't care about me
* Philosophical => Pragmatic
* Q: What does outliving my creator make me? => Q: What can I become?
* Simple tool of war => Highly complex tool of peace
* Doesn't like to worry about the complexity of life => Fascinated by complexity, easily bored.

From guides: Need a goal
Look for larger conflicts and define these in terms of a war
"During the last war most warforged were discouraged from taking any interest in magic or their own creation"

From description
"An internal network of tubes run through the warforged's body, these tubes are filled with a blood like fluid that is designed to lubricate and nourish their systems"

"Warforged don't have souls. I will build one."
Squeak was built with a defect. It wasn't detected until the second day after his creation, when he started to squeak while moving.
The lubricant produced within his body was defective. His joints started to freeze up, and he was taken out of training for repair.
The alchemist specialist took a while to get round to squeak. Weeks passed as he stood, immobile, in the workshop. Occasional discussions about whether his defect meant he should just be recycled - discussions in which he was a mute observer.
This gave him an elementary understanding of his own creation, and a fear of immobility - and helplessness.

Fabian Benavente wrote:
Harakani wrote:
Fabian Benavente wrote:
I had a PC once from Karrnath who had a skeletal hand grafted on to him when he lost his limb in combat.
This morning I would not have known what this meant :)
The undead troops were Karrnath's answer to the warforged so they usually fought each other.

Yeah - I saw that.

Honestly, it is also a good concept. I'm sort of stuck on the warforged now. I did see the Bone...something prestige class, and the idea of nonevil undead & necromancers is pretty interesting.

so, one of the things I thought of when I thought of warforged in my innocent days of yesterday was Carl from Automata. I'm very interested in the themes there, and they do seem to match with the warforged themes in Eberron. Except, of course, that now that's mixed up with returned WW1 soldiers.

I can see a warforged life is crazy. Basically you wake up, are shoved straight into basic training, then sent out to learn and/or die in the war. The people you interact with all the time are dying continually. New guys keep coming in and not making it. Most of your officers don't think you're alive. There are no breaks. War is life.

Then it stops.

What now?

Fabian Benavente wrote:
I had a PC once from Karrnath who had a skeletal hand grafted on to him when he lost his limb in combat.

This morning I would not have known what this meant :)

So maybe...
Dragonmarked wizard?
Changeling Rogue?
Warforged something?
Warforged something else?

Kirsdrake, if we're both playing warforged we could well have been from the same unit? Even if at different times? Did they mix warforged with non-warforged?

Shari, Dragonmarked is a bit of a noble thing, right? What sort of wizard were you thinking of? Would you have been a war-wizard, or a crafter, or safe back home in X (or something else)?

Okay, I think I've got it now.

I'd like to ask what people did during the war. Warforged are a great enough concept I'm spoilt for choice about where to go, but I do know I'd like to have ties that go back to when Warforged were property, which means the war.

Kirsdrake: are you still thinking of playing a warforged as well?

Question: how does the Manifest Zone of Sharn actually work. I was vaguely thinking about trying to get some sort of levitation thing, but the rules are a bit vague.

Okay, up to p9.
given the influence of the Last War, if we're participants in that war, it seems like we might be higher than 1st (assuming standard 3.5 level distribution)

All warforged! You know you want it!
Have got the book and a day looking after kids, now hoping I can quickly read through it.
I'm normally against starting at 1, but I'd do it with you, Fabian, given your track record.
Might be nice to start at 4 though.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

As Amnesia means he does not remember his name, I present The Oldest One. Everything should be in the profile.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Interested in a Psychic (Amnesiac) with the Abomination Discipline. Grab the setting Premise with both hands! Not sure how combat effective it'll be, but should be fun to play. I want to go reread some Lovecraft before I write up a response though.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Well, Kalindlara has the right of it.
(A) The Player's Guide is hoping to enthuse people to play, so I think is trying to spark imagination rather than often proscriptive advice. Reading a hundred and fifty "not this either" or "your character should be like this..." ins't going to encourage people. That said I think that this is exactly what it SHOULD be doing. If I'm trying to run a game for my tabletop group, I need them enthused!
(B) the Player's guide doesn't get updated as people discover new and terrible combinations.
(C) I've just seen a fair few concepts made for a PbP that my careful reading of the PG suggests might not be optimal. Possibly people just aren't getting it. It wasn't until I actually started thinking about my character as a GM might that I went "hell no!".
(D) Horror is an incredibly difficult genre to run, I have found. Cosmic horror even more so. People may need all the help they can get.

Totally not worth Paizo spending time on this, but it seemed something the community might want to think about.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I submitted a Winter Witch concept to three different play by posts for Reign of Winter before a GM finally took pity on me and explained it was actually a terrible concept for the game.

Is it possible to find out what cool-sounding concepts are actually terrible for Strange Aeons? The Player's Guide gives some clues, but I'm wondering about something much more blatant but still spoiler free.

Like "Don't play a summoner who summons tentacle monsters" or "don't worship any of the evil Great Old Ones, except X". (Note: I'm guessing here.)

I don't want to just read the modules to work it out, because, y'know, Spoilers.

Sort of hoping GMs who have character concepts in their campaigns that prove disastrous can post hints for their successors.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

The posting requirements worry me as well. I nearly posted on day #1, but I've been looking at the timings pretty carefully.
My trouble is that I am in Australia, and on AEST. I can post something twice a day, but I'm not sure how well it would sync up with the other players.
For the record I was hoping to double-down on the memory loss and go with a Psychic with the Amnesia archetype and the Abomination Discipline.

@DM Grey - how spread out over the day do you think people's posts will be? Are you looking for people in similar time zones?

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I think so. I've played before, but games always fold.

So we're good? I not Caleb is still on the stairs - will he need to use another move action to come down and attack?

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Sounds like a really interesting game. Stronghold Builder's Guide was my favourite 3rd ed book! I kept trying to convince GMs to let me take landlord.
Would really like to see your document.
That said, I'm currently adapting to a new schedule that has left me with very little head-space, so I probably shouldn't sign up for another game no matter how much I want to.


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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I see that either (A) the player really hates traps and has invested like crazy so they'll never have to face them or (B) they want to play the trap expert.
If (A) then handwave traps from now on. They've paid for it. Just give the occasional "and there's a trap, which you find and disarm."
If (B) there's your plot hook. Play it up. Once word gets around, have people come to them "only you could get through X." "Everyone who goes in dies." "I need you to tell me if my security is good enough." Let them choose whether they face 'normal' traps or 'one-of-a-kind, elite' traps. If the latter, make them special.

Thank you for the PM.
I've been falling behind in my PbPs recently. No idea why. I'm trying to catch up tonight with games that I'm failing to post in.
Given that's that case, I really can't pick up another game :(
It's a pity - you've got good players here, and I like the way you roll.
Best of luck.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Not a choice I would want to have had to make - congratulations to those chosen.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Canberra Australia

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
The Indescribable wrote:
No 20 people showing interest. That way there's a lot of concepts and goals hopefully some of which will mesh up for the game. But no no. I'm sticking to 4 as my initial recruitment. My way of the wicked shows me that even six players can get pretty bogged down.

Oh, right... I was going to say...

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I think it is a variant on the summoning monster.
The Homunculus is your combatant, and the Alchemist is the healer, buffer & face.
You can prep CLW extracts that work on the homunculus.
You can build animated objects at level 1 (this class is a gold hog).
You can totally get Brew Potion again.

This class'd work best in a campaign with low point buy. 20 is bad. 15 is good. 10 is great. 5 is perfect.

Remember you still get poison, and the homunculus will be immune.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Wait, you're looking to run a 20 player game?

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

If you make death too bad, and new characters too much worse, then people will play strategically and tactically. "We fought one monster, let's rest, get our spells back, cast every buff and then try the next" level tactics. If you're playing ultra-gritty realism this is great. If you're playing heroic or swashbuckler it's terrible.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
KNHaw wrote:
TL;DR: There is a simple workaround that can greatly improve your chances of getting your files, but you will will have to download the free Firefox browser if you are using Chrome or IE.

Used this and got Hell's Vengeance PG first try. THANK YOU!

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

In the home stretch now...
@Nilihist: Assuming no last minute entries, how long do you think it will take you to decide on a group? Not trying to push, just looking forward to this.
For the record I am okay with either version of the Smith character. I'm planning to play the dwarven culture as non-norse, basically because people often default the dwarven culture to norse and that'll steal the fun of playing through a culture clash.

Okay, incoming....

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Good luck :)

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Okay, now the dwarven option - finally worked it out.

Dwarven Forgemaster. I'd be interested in exploring the northmen culture through the eyes of a foreigner. I'd prefer the dwarves to be a little more like the svartalfar than Tolkien's dwarves.

Dvalar was the daughter of an important dwarf. Like most such daughters she was forced into a loveless political marriage. She stalled as long as she could, with the result that she had to be taken by sea to her fiance. On the way her ship was raided by a young Olaf Henrikson.
Henrikson offered to let her live in exhcange for becoming a Thrall. Dvalar countered by offering not to sink the ship, her dowry, and all in it. Eventually a compromise was reached - Dvalar agreed to forge Henrikson a sword "fit for a dwarf lord", and in exchange would be a 'guest' of Henrikson. In large part this was because Henriskson admired her bravery, and Dvalar really didn't want to die. Dvalar's ineptitude with norsk actually helped her cause in this situation.
Dvalar was intrigued by the Shield Maidens. The concept was alien to a dwarven woman, but she took to it immediately, using her guest status to train and eventually join the shield maidens.
Henrikson had no idea what he demanded when he asked for a sword fit for a dwarf lord, as such weapons are the pinnacle creations of a race that all but worships smithing. Dvalar was prepared to put in the necessary decades of work to learn to forge one, not remembering how long humans lived. When she learned how much better life was as a Shield Maiden she saw no reason to hurry.
When Olaf conquered Halfstead Dvalar was one of his shieldmaidens (he had realised the sword might never come, but figured the addition of a competent fighter and gifted smith to his retinue made up for that). In reward for her service she was granted Land. She did a survey and then took a scrubby, barren little hardhold in the upland hills a day away from the port. The humans thought her mad for picking such land, but it was the bounty under the ground that had called to her. Veins of iron, silver and even a hint of adamantium sung to her when she slept on the cold ground.
Helja, One of the Shield Maidens that had been her friend since the start, had fallen unexpectedly pregnant, and used her grant to found a farm near Dvalar. Helja, now fifty, is a grandmother. Her son runs her farm now. Dvalar and Helja's friendship suffered over the years - as Helja grew older and frail, Dvalar with her dwarven lifespan remained the same.
Dvalar's 'household' was a mine and a smithy, and she traded metal and goods for food. In the end it just became easier to buy some Thralls to work the land. Those thralls became Freemen in time, and Dvalar is a "Hirdman". A woman in such a position is unconventional to the humans, but unprecedented to dwarves.
Her father sent men to take her home, but her Oath is her protection. If her father orders her to leave, she must, but then her entire clan would be Oathbroken, and have to pay a human for forgiveness - typically three times the price she owes. Thus, while her father ground his teeth he was forced to let Dvalar stay.
Like many shield maidens, Dvalar has learned to become 'one of the guys'. She doesn't truly understand the Northmen mindset, and emphasises her Dwarven nature while also desperately over-embracing northmen behaviour (for example, she will try to drink much larger northmen under the table).
She abstains from romantic relationships, as becoming pregnant would ruin the situation she has been so fortunate in finding.
if these are okay: One aspect of human behaviour she has never been able to grasp is Pride. Dwarves regard pride as hubris, and hubris as a sin. Dvalar was raised to rubbish any item as ugly and poorly made, and skill as bare competence. A dwarf who says "I suppose it will do" has paid a great compliment. This does not apply to absent parties, so a dwarf can say "Ulfric is one of the greatest swordsmen who ever lived" when Ulfric is not around, but would say "Ulfric is not incompetent" when he was. This habit is highly ingrained in Dvalar, and does not make her many friends among the Northmen.
Dvalar's religion has many powers and dominions, and also worships the ancestors. Words call power into an item or a person. As Dvalar is a person of power, she is careful to avoid using names - especially full names - unintentionally.

I left off the about me section this time

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Gunnerveig Wanderer.


Gunnerveig is an outsider. He's a smith, sure, but a wandering one. He's a wizard - though he'd punch you in the face for calling him one, as he works in runes on steel and stone. He's giantblooded, but was raised human and desperate to reclaim the sense of belonging he remembers from his childhood.
Exact build path depends on the exact rule configuration used, but I'm confident it'll work with any. Likely to end up as an Abjurer specialist Wizard.
Background talks about disguise. It's going to be terrible. It's more about desperately trying to be taken as human than actually passing.
Primary Spells are going to be Endure Elements and Crafter's Fortune.
I really thought about dwarf for a long time, but in the end the outcast duality of the giant-blooded and the wizard really spoke to me.


Gunnerveig was the only survivor of his settlement. The Jarl had set up up north, started mining and was turning out amazing goods. Food was scarce and they traded for grains after harvest. One day a trading vessel docked at the burned pier and found the whole settlement just gone. Buildings smashed, then burned. Bodies missing. They looked for survivors and found one - Gunnerveig.
Gunnerveig was a kid. Slow for his age. Gunnerveig doesn't really remember much from then, but his rescuers worked out he'd hidden in the well when the settlement was attacked, then come out later. He was half-starved, with a twisted leg.
Gunnerveig was a broad lad, but he worked without complaint, and worked hard. He didn't mind fire, and he ended up apprenticed to the local Smith.
He worked hard, learning what he could. When his magic started to manifest he treated it like iron and beat it into shape. He alloyed it into the metal he worked with, and hammered it into the runes he carved. His master praised his work, and he bought his way back to being a freeman.
He had a temper, and an appetite. He grew broad, and tall - but so did many blacksmiths. His voice never broke, but sometimes that happens. His never grew stubble either, even when he was as tall as his Master.
Eventually it became obvious he'd grown too broad. Too tall. Too fast. He wasn't a slow teenager becoming a man, he was a giant child becoming a teenager. His friends abandoned him. The girl he'd been courting found another. One by one everyone left him and he found himself alone.
Now the anger he'd held down all his life came more and more often. He got in a fight - a fair one, though he towered over his opponent - and the Jarl turned him out.
Now he wanders through the north, through the cold that doesn't bother his jotun blood. If he slumps, wears just the right clothes, stays far enough away, new people treat him like a man. A smith with his talent has usually settled down. A smith with his talent is welcome in any village - till they work out what he really is.
Gunnerveig picked up a lot of tricks on his years of wandering, and has a good eye for good metal. He came here to exchange some techniques with Graf - whose ability with copper inlay is envied by smiths two weeks travel away - and desperately parlayed a few weeks of mutual tutoring into an agreement to work on a new suit of armour for the Jarl using techniques from the Southlands. That job lasted just long enough that it would have been a breach of hospitality for the Jarl not to invite the young man to stay for the winter. He's been here nearly nine months now, first as colleague, then as co-worker and finally as guest. Gunnerveig knows his time is ending, and all his talent wasn't enough to get him a position here. He's about to be lose his hope of a new home again, lost by people who can't see past his height.

about me:

I've been roleplaying about thirty years now. I dabbled in PbP in the 2000s, but really got involved right here on Paizo back in 2012 after my son was born.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

In retrospect, I realise that criticism might not have looked constructive. Let me try to rephrase.

It's a *great* idea, that could lead to some truly epic roleplaying and worldbuilding.

If you are going to run it PbP, and at this scale, then I suggest you concentrate on getting a responsive group.

You could always run it with an 'evolving' player roster, but I think that would lose some of the unique appeal with this setting.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

"You are profient in all weapons: rock and stick".
If this is the caveman era, you might also want to give a bunch of animal traits at the beginning that get bought off (like "low light vision", for instance.
I like the idea. But if you are starting that far back, and only advancing that slowly this is going to be a VERY long campaign. They tend not to be great for PbP. I mean, this could take DECADES as a PbP. With a good tabletop group this would be awesome (Do you live in Canberra by any chance?). At a minimum you're going to need to have short "chapters" and a very fast and responsive group.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Game Master wrote:
No buying of soldiers or combat animals. If you want minions, get 'em from a class feature of some kind. You can own a slave if you want, but I'm going to limit it to one at the beginning of the campaign, and they won't participate in combat.

Sort of critical to the concept, but I knew it was potentially problematic in a low level campaign. Consider the concept withdrawn.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Okay, given Deko has backed out, I figure the Thrune idea is back up for grabs.
@Games Master: Before I get my hopes up, can I check if the following is okay please .

spoiled for brevity:

Basic concept is a manipulative mastermind working through cutouts, mind control and minions.
He's the grandson of a Thrune family head, but his mother was married off to the other end of the EarthGolarion (ostensibly for political reasons, but really because she tried to kill her father).
Grandson has done well for himself, but things got a bit hot back home. Has now come to Cheliax and been told he needs to 'prove himself' before being able to use the Thrune name/get any backing. Thus he's stuck in some backwater without the ability to use the name properly.
It is my hope that if it turns out Thrune is okay, it's something he can work at getting. If not, then the whole thing was just his grandfather using him.
I'm nervous about conflicting too much with Justimar. I figure he's looking at someone pretending to be nobility. I'm looking at someone who is nobility.
Basic concept is a Pyschic with the Abomination Discipline, and Cunning Caster (so he can cast without revealing himself). Uses psychic powers to manipulate people.
Because of this I'd like to take the Rich Parents trait and use that to buy Soldiers (or undead, or slaves... something to have minions, even if they're not very good or can only be used in limited circumstances).
Openly 'ends justify the means ruler'. Under that is 'machiavellian mastermind'. Under that is 'selfishness'. Under that is 'secret sadist'. At the bottom is the Abomination that lurks in his soul courtesy of the Abomination Discipline. I'm flexible on this one, but with a preference to something even Abrogail would find distasteful.
Basically so he doesn't seem so bad on the top, but the more you delve the worse you find he is.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I'm interested in a Smith, probably based on Wayland, tentatively a Giant Blooded Wizard/Arcanist/Witch/Magus. Still thinking it through. Dwarven Forgemaster makes a lot more sense, but means Dwarven, which if I read correctly does not fit the setting.
I'm inspired mostly by the "winter of the world", by Michael Scott Rohan.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Hey - that's a lot of alchemists. I'll look at something else...

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I'm very interested in an Ardoc. Is there any chance of playing one as a Promethean Alchemist?

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Congratulations to the chosen! Have fun :)

GM Barrister wrote:
Alrighty, so consensus is Vorrs, Ricean, Cainbar, Sverlisk, and Harakani's character are here with me.


I'll tentatively have the Gameplay started tomorrow, but I'll definitely make the first post no later than Thursday. Is that enough time Harakani?

Should be! I've PM'd Sverlisk and Cainbar with my background suggestions. I would like to talk about the build here.

Big thing: I've played in groups that go from "min-maxing is the devil" through to "don't be a drag on the party." How do you like to go? I've got a number of branching paths to mechanise the concept, and some are definitely more effective than others.

Speaking of background, I figure I'd make a draft background for Reuben Garess and put it in the avatar, then link here. I can also do a google doc. Is there a preference?

Likewise, I'll go over the UC vs Kingmaker kingdom-building rules. Anyone have a preference? I'll also get a Google doc set up where we can handle that better than on here, as well as a place for me to post the maps.

I think UC is better. It's a second draft, and they had a chance to polish it a little.

Is anyone interested, while we wait, of some pre-game RP? I can set up the generic tavern before you all set off, and the two groups can get a feel for each other, plus Harakani.

Sure :)

It's a long trip from Brevoy to the Stolen Lands. Could be the "last pub" (and last chance to turn back).

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I'm interested in playing the bookish younger half-brother of Yolann Garess if I can link in with Sverlisk and Cainbar. Wizard, Arcanist or Alchemist.
Not sure how the groups are going to split, and if there's room for an extra, so I'll certainly understand if that's not possible.

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I'm interested in playing the bookish younger half-brother of Yolann Garess if I can link in with Sverlisk and Cainbar. Wizard, Arcanist or Alchemist.
Not sure how the groups are going to split, and if there's room for an extra, so I'll certainly understand if that's not possible.

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@GraveScratches: Okay, I've been tossing up whether to even apply with this concept. It might well be too wierd. Let me run it past you before I stat it out and get all hopefull.


* Amnesiac Psychic 5 VMC Gunslinger with the Past Lives Discipline.
* (ex)Saraten Inquisitor
* child of a Calivasti Psychic, who was part of a line preserving scraps of knowledge (via share memory) from the 'old days'.
* Mother was executed by Southern Saraphytes at the start of the Rising, just after giving birth. He was then raised by the fanatics.
* Worked as a Saraten Inquisitor for years. A dark spirit followed him since he was a child, and grew into a crowd as he killed witches.
* Recently discovered the truth about how his mother died, and the nature of his 'family'. Turning/turned on Saraten religion.
* Cunning Caster Feat (hides spellcasting). Even HE doesn't know he's casting, putting it down to luck, intuition etc. This caused by being a highly talented psychic raised by fanatics who beat any hint of witchcraft out of him. All that survived was incredibly subtle.
* Past Lives Disciple represents the memories laid down in his mind by his mother before he was even born, combined with a powerful subconcious control of magic.
* Amnesiac is to represent the serious lack of understanding and control of his own powers.
* Gunslinger is part of making him a 'perfect' Alvanen, emphasis on knowledge and crafting.
* Spirit is the vengeful dead (relatively innocent) witches he's killed, held in check by the spirit of his dead mother who has watched over him since she died.

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There's a tree mentioned in one of the books that grows in winter and has edible bark.

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