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Harakani's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 575 posts (9,775 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 84 aliases.


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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I'm interested in a Smith, probably based on Wayland, tentatively a Giant Blooded Wizard/Arcanist/Witch/Magus. Still thinking it through. Dwarven Forgemaster makes a lot more sense, but means Dwarven, which if I read correctly does not fit the setting.
I'm inspired mostly by the "winter of the world", by Michael Scott Rohan.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Hey - that's a lot of alchemists. I'll look at something else...

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I'm very interested in an Ardoc. Is there any chance of playing one as a Promethean Alchemist?

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Congratulations to the chosen! Have fun :)

GM Barrister wrote:
Alrighty, so consensus is Vorrs, Ricean, Cainbar, Sverlisk, and Harakani's character are here with me.


I'll tentatively have the Gameplay started tomorrow, but I'll definitely make the first post no later than Thursday. Is that enough time Harakani?

Should be! I've PM'd Sverlisk and Cainbar with my background suggestions. I would like to talk about the build here.

Big thing: I've played in groups that go from "min-maxing is the devil" through to "don't be a drag on the party." How do you like to go? I've got a number of branching paths to mechanise the concept, and some are definitely more effective than others.

Speaking of background, I figure I'd make a draft background for Reuben Garess and put it in the avatar, then link here. I can also do a google doc. Is there a preference?

Likewise, I'll go over the UC vs Kingmaker kingdom-building rules. Anyone have a preference? I'll also get a Google doc set up where we can handle that better than on here, as well as a place for me to post the maps.

I think UC is better. It's a second draft, and they had a chance to polish it a little.

Is anyone interested, while we wait, of some pre-game RP? I can set up the generic tavern before you all set off, and the two groups can get a feel for each other, plus Harakani.

Sure :)

It's a long trip from Brevoy to the Stolen Lands. Could be the "last pub" (and last chance to turn back).

cross posted. Sorry - wasn't sure where to post
I'm interested in playing the bookish younger half-brother of Yolann Garess if I can link in with Sverlisk and Cainbar. Wizard, Arcanist or Alchemist.
Not sure how the groups are going to split, and if there's room for an extra, so I'll certainly understand if that's not possible.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I'm interested in playing the bookish younger half-brother of Yolann Garess if I can link in with Sverlisk and Cainbar. Wizard, Arcanist or Alchemist.
Not sure how the groups are going to split, and if there's room for an extra, so I'll certainly understand if that's not possible.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

@GraveScratches: Okay, I've been tossing up whether to even apply with this concept. It might well be too wierd. Let me run it past you before I stat it out and get all hopefull.


* Amnesiac Psychic 5 VMC Gunslinger with the Past Lives Discipline.
* (ex)Saraten Inquisitor
* child of a Calivasti Psychic, who was part of a line preserving scraps of knowledge (via share memory) from the 'old days'.
* Mother was executed by Southern Saraphytes at the start of the Rising, just after giving birth. He was then raised by the fanatics.
* Worked as a Saraten Inquisitor for years. A dark spirit followed him since he was a child, and grew into a crowd as he killed witches.
* Recently discovered the truth about how his mother died, and the nature of his 'family'. Turning/turned on Saraten religion.
* Cunning Caster Feat (hides spellcasting). Even HE doesn't know he's casting, putting it down to luck, intuition etc. This caused by being a highly talented psychic raised by fanatics who beat any hint of witchcraft out of him. All that survived was incredibly subtle.
* Past Lives Disciple represents the memories laid down in his mind by his mother before he was even born, combined with a powerful subconcious control of magic.
* Amnesiac is to represent the serious lack of understanding and control of his own powers.
* Gunslinger is part of making him a 'perfect' Alvanen, emphasis on knowledge and crafting.
* Spirit is the vengeful dead (relatively innocent) witches he's killed, held in check by the spirit of his dead mother who has watched over him since she died.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

There's a tree mentioned in one of the books that grows in winter and has edible bark.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Normal Firearm rules? Can characters with proficiency start with a gun?
Sorry for all the questions - about three concepts duking it out in my head.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Ah - I see. For some reason I was getting a Victorian feel from Calavesti. Now, the fall of Calavesti was before the rising, right? How long ago was it?

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
most of the dead returned to their repose leaving humanity to reclaim what little they could of the old world.

This sounds a little like Victorian Fallout, rather than Victorian Walking Dead. Have I got my apocalypses right?

Ah - if Caleb was hit before he cast, his spell will have dropped in effectiveness from 3d6 to 1d6. In that situation, I think he'd run.

Seems like Imix should either be in some sort of guest house / inn, or staying with Texikuk.

Rigel Quicklingfay wrote:
Harakani - revised action economy does away with move/standard actions; you might have to check with the DM how your casting boon will work.

Good point. I suppose concentration is normally 2 actions, and with this boon is 1.

I'm thinking the material components will be symbolic items - probably most fetishes and figurines. I might take craft: sculpture, actually.

Drawbacks (5 net)
- Prepared Caster (You must prepare your magic beforehand to use it. After resting to regain spell points, you must assign each of your spell points to a sphere you possess. You cannot spend more spell points in a given sphere in a day than you have assigned to that sphere.

- Extended Casting (Your magic takes longer to use than normal. When using an ability gained from a sphere or talent, increase the caster time by one step: 1 action becomes 2, 2 actions become 3, 3 actions become 4, and 4 actions become a full minute. This drawback counts as 2 drawbacks when determining the number of spell points gained.

-Painful Magic: Your magic consumes you the more you rely on it. You must pass a Fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 the ability’s Caster Level) whenever you use magic, or be sickened for 1 round. If you use magic while sickened, you must pass a Fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 the ability’s Caster Level) or be nauseated for 1 round.
- Draining Casting: Using magic saps your lifeforce. Using any sphere ability deals you 1 point of nonlethal damage which cannot be healed through any means except rest. This increases to 2 points at 5th caster level, 3 points at 10th caster level, 4 points at 15th caster level, and 5 points at 20th caster level. Creatures immune to nonlethal damage cannot gain this drawback.

- Magical Signs: Your magic is accompanied by a tell-tale sign; for example, your body glows brightly, the sound of tortured souls shriek as you cast, feelings of a deep chill affect all creatures within 30 ft. All nearby creatures know when you are using magic, as well as the nature of the magic used.

- Wild Magic: Your magic is not entirely stable and can result in a variety of unwanted effects. Whenever you spend a spell point, there is a 10% chance an unexpected event happens alongside your magic. Roll as if you had activated a rod of wonder. Add that effect to those you produce with your magic. At the GM’s discretion, wild magic tables, or even tables of his own creation, may be added to the possible effects your magic can create.

- Material Casting: Your magic requires the expenditure of specific materials: precious metals, rare components, etc. The exact nature of this material should be worked out with the GM, but as a rule of thumb, this should cost a silver piece worth of materials per caster level per ability used.

- Focus Casting (Your magic requires you to use an item such as a wand, holy symbol, ring, or staff to create magic. Using magic without your focus requires you to make a concentration check (DC 20 + 1/2 the caster level) to produce the desired effect. Failure means time (and any spell points) are spent, but no effect happens. If a focus is lost, stolen, or broken, the caster must create a new focus by securing the necessary item and spending 8 hours bonding with it. At the GM's discretion, however, another caster's focus may be used instead.

- Easy Focus: When maintaining a sphere ability through concentration, you only need to spend a move action to maintain
concentration instead of a standard action. This does not decrease the sphere ability’s casting time, only the action used to maintain concentration.

- Empowered Abilities: Your magic grows in strength the more you use it. If your current number of spell points is
half your total spell points or less, you gain a temporary +1 bonus to your caster level. If your current number
of spell points is 0, the temporary bonus to your caster level becomes +2.

Yeah, sorry to hear that :(
Take all the time you need.

GM Belicose Poultry wrote:
Cantrips is fine.


The crunch looks good. I'm going to have to digest how your casting tradition will work in practice. I really dig what you're doing, but there's a lot of moving parts there. Pretty ballsy to take extended casting and material focus.

If you want something a little simpler, I'm happy to oblige. I was trying to put together something pretty different, and went for something a little like Cabal.

Also, note that in everything but XP and PC class abilities, you will be 7th level characters before going epic, meaning that you'll get the +2 enhancement bonus from AA to both a mental and physical stat. I wish I could say I planned that...


My class ability....
Ah well.

RE Rich Parents: I think you see what I meant now? That's some el-Primo gear.
Hey, if 'wooden scale mail' is lower max dex bonus, any chance of lowering the ACP for swimming like the light wooden armour as well?

Okay, I think the sheet is fixed up. Would you like to take another look before I post it?


I ended up buy his wis down, so I don't think he gets Scare anyway now. Could you confirm? I'd also ban Scare as the normal limitation (<=6HD) isn't really a limitation in P6.
Hmmm - any chance of trading it for Cantrips?

GM Belicose Poultry wrote:

An atheist magic-user with little emotion who can cast "divine" magic and isn't divine? Interesting. This is exactly the type of concept I'm hoping to if see SoP can execute well. There seems to be design space for lots of things Vancian magic won't allow.

]Yeah, I figured if I was just going to replicate standard magic I was wasting the system.

You've got both warrior and aristocrat written down on your sheet - I assume you were going aristocrat and changed your idea?

Still tossing it up, but I think so. My image of Imix changed while I was writing his personality - I don't see him having much in the way of social skills, but I see fighting being important to him.

-Chukix: So, my question is, when you say he is "seriously skilled" what do you envision him level-wise in that framework? I'm inclined to make him a level 2 PC class, or an expert 1 / PC class 1, but I'd prefer to not have any NPCs* be of significantly more skill than the PCs, as there will be times when they will be with you all. I don't want them to outshine the main cast.

Good point. The reason the government has Chukix with Imix is because Chukix needs to take down Imix if Imix goes rogue. Something with favoured enemy and poison would be ideal. I'd suggest maybe Ranger/Alchemist(Vivisectionist)? He should be someone the government is confident could do it. He needs at least one sphere.

Two things that might help stop overshadowing:
* He could well be quite old now. If he started the job at 45, he'd be 55 now. A hard life might have aged him prematurely.
* Imix doesn't know Chukix is there to stop him. Part of Chukix's job is NOT to look like a threat. This is higher priority than saving either Imix or Chukix's life. If Imix works out Chukix is his - I want to say sword of damocles, but there's no swords - then Chukix OR HIS REPLACEMENT just became an unreliable control mechanism. It's the sort of cold hearted pragmatism I think a previous Suriname should have thought up.
I'm figuring the day will eventually come when Imix and Chukix face off. At that point I'd like it to be a tough but fair fight. Maybe level him along with Imix?


As regards Utzi. When Imix first turned up he introduced himself to the authority figures, then dressed up as a normal traveller and when to the pub to get a feel for how people were when they didn't think a Suriname was there. His disguise was... not convincing. When Utzi attacked him, Utzi didn't realise he was Suriname. Imix realises the fact he didn't know was Imix's fault for wearing a disguise. Attacking a Suriname might be a serious crime, but arguably Imix entrapped him into it.
It was originally just a bar brawl, but Imix drew a knife.
Utzi didn't discover who his victim was until afterwards.

I think I'm for the Wound System, so long as it leads to a grittier system. If, in play, it makes everything too gritty, then look at removing it or just toning it back (like only two states: wounded and unwounded).
The penalty was designed for games where people could hit level 20, after all. -3 means only a 4th level caster can cast AT ALL. 4th level casters are so rare that is basically a "casters can't cast when critically wounded". Halves the power of the most powerful caster you can have. A 13th level caster would laugh at -3. Same goes for combatants with BAB.

That said, I'm looking at taking channel and/or life and/or heal. That'll go a long way to alleviate the problems so long as I still have charges left.

GM Belicose Poultry wrote:

There will be healing available if the party is deficient in that area. So I guess what I'm saying is if you're thinking of picking up the Life Sphere just so that the party has healing, rather than wanting to pick it up, don't pick it up. We'll figure something out.

I was planning to take Healing through channel energy and a dash of the sphere.

@GM Do you want to get rid of racial SLAs? Rough workings currently online at KWUg/edit?usp=sharing

@GM: I guess I can go either way. I'm in two games at the moment that use them. I feel they make fights rougher, and we're certainly reacting by making sure we have healing magic when we can. On the other hand, they do encourage a grittier style of play. In the real world if someone takes an arrow through the knee, while they might finish the fight they're probably going to want to sit it all out. Are you looking for gritty, or heroic?

@GM: is the trait "Rich Family" okay? I'd like Imix to have ceremonial gear that "costs more than your house". Do the nobles have that sort of difference in wealth?

@GM: does the extra NPC level count as a character level for things like Magical Knack? Does it raise max skill ranks? I've got a feeling it did.

RE Spheres:
Would be good to learn what people are getting. Even more than in standard magic I'd like to make sure we don't overlap too much. The standard "divine gets healing, arcane gets fireballs" isn't there in this one - we could all spec in healing and have an Inquisitor, Incanter and Sorceror healer.
I'd been looking at Nature, Healing, War and Enhancement... but very happy to switch things around.
Is Inquisitor as per the Expanded Options book?

RE Wound Thresholds
Happy to experiment but I have a feeling what you'll see is instead that people are extra keen on healing all wounds, and back off when they're at half HP than continue and take the risk.
How does this affect the Magic Tradition where the more wounded you are the better you magic is? Is your magic actually better, or does it just offset the standard penalty?

If Drazan is a priest I might push more into the Engineer/Administrator space.



One thing that jumps out - There is a winter in the Baunti Valley, that can be quite cold actually. As the game begins, the valley is just coming out of winter. The snows are melting, ground, still hard, is beginning to be tilled for crops. A real-world analog for the valley would be in the west the valleys of the West Virginia mountains, with the eastern part of the Baunti resembling more a traditional Mississippi River floodplain.

As such, our real-world crocs probably wouldn't live there. But, this being fantasy, the Baunti crocs are much more resilient. They hibernate during the winter, in special sacred river pools designed and maintained by the nation's engineers, that stay a bit warmer than the surrounding winterlands. Over the years, Baunti crocs have become a bit more docile and domesticated - as much as a large reptile can be at any rate, which is to say that they are docile until they aren't. And then that pretty much sucks for anyone around.

Hibernation makes sense - Crocodiles have one of the most efficient, slowest metabolisms systems of any animal. They could well simply not eat for those months. The catch would be if the cold actually kills them. Persistent Cold below 80F is problematic, and too low compromises their immune system.

Hmm - I'd actually like them to be a good model for the culture. They're already quite social (despite their image). How is this?
Baunti crocodiles have an unusual symbiotic relationship with a particular species of bacteria.
In fall crocodiles will seek out warm dry areas, communally dig shallow "mines", and fill them with fallen leaves, sticks, branches and their own excrement, forming a mound. At the onset of winter the crocodiles will cover the resulting mound with larger sticks and mud. They then dig "doors" into these mounds, and hide inside with only their nostrils exposed.
These mounds form perfect compost piles for a species of bacteria that creates significant heat while decomposing the wood. The crocodiles within the mound go into a state of hibernation, the heat from the decaying matter, and occasional movements, keeping them alive. The bacteria gives off a distinctive smell which keeps the crocodiles placid. People smothered in this bacteria are often able to avoid crocodile attacks during much of the year. Freezing hunters have been known to crawl into crocodile mounds during winter nights to stay warm, and are not attacked by crocodiles. The bacteria is not especially toxic to humans, but does cause hair bleaching, hair loss, psoriasis and (if in the eyes) vision problems.
These mounts resemble huts - especially from a distance. The tendency of crocodiles to stack stones in heaps, clear the area of vegetation, topple trees and the occasional wisps of 'smoke' (steam) led to a mythology that crocodiles "build houses for the winter". The fact that areas with geothermal activity tend to attract crocodiles year after year mean there are actually crocodile "villages" and even "towns".
There is a legends that says that crocodiles and people used to share houses, but an argument over humans living in houses all year, while crocodiles only did it in winter, led to crocodiles storming off to build their own houses.

Might be going too far with this. Was figuring it was an interesting way to give crocodiles a way to survive the winter.

Alright, I've got an idea I'd like to run past you @GM Fighting Fowl
It'd involve a dash of world change. I understand if it's not what you are looking for.


Given the geography - especially the seasonal flooding - seems to me that crocodilians are perfectly suited for the environment. That does depend to some degree on what the temperature is, but you haven't mentioned furs.
Seems like crocodiles might well be one of the peak predators in the area. Channels would have to be secured against them. Crocodiles are a threat, but a relatively safe threat if one knows how they operate.
Seems to be there would be a mythology associated with the crocodiles.

behind the scenes:

There was a Scaleheart in the early days of the kingdom - quite possibly their intrinsic ruthlessness helped them to take power.
Over the years the noble lines frequently threw Scalehearts (nobility interbreeding). These were always patient, always driven, always ruthless. At some point rules were formed to channel them into the service of the kingdom, rather than simply seeking power.
The Scaleheart lineages have all but bred themselves out now, but the occasional throwback is still thrown.
Scalehearts tend to be associated with poor swamp dwellers in modern times. I like the idea they're associated with nobility - Sobek was the god of military prowess, fertility and kingly power after all.

The Suriname:
note - change the name if you like. I like the Suriname crocodile legend I found.
Damballah is the Father of Waters, and the Crocodile is the undisputed king of those Waters. The mound on which the King's house sits is that of a crocodile for this reason.
While those with strong animal totems are born to all peoples, only the noble lines ever throw the Suriname, or Scalehearts as they are sometimes called behind their backs - and only ever behind their backs.
The Suriname are distinguished when children only by the way they display five of the seven kingly virtues. They are fierce, cunning, patient, creative and dutiful. They are also distinguished by their almost complete lack of the last two virtues: empathy and kindness.
At the age of seven all noble children are taken to see an execution. It is considered a good omen when there are no executions to see and the child must wait.
Executions: The preferred victim is a murderer. The victim is thrown, bound, into a pit containing the royal crocodiles. If the victim frees themselves and escapes they are considered innocent.
If the child is one of the Suriname they will, almost always, change when the crocodiles attack. They are subdued, taken from their families - regardless of rank - and raised as Suriname.
Suriname are given great tutors, and enormous freedom in what they learn and do. They are considered Gifts of Damballah to the People, given to accomplish a particular Purpose. Their is a core curriculum they must master - one which brutally emphasises Duty to the people in the person of the King.
Suriname are taught to channel their divine connection to the Water of Life. Many are taught secrets left by past scholars forbidden to all but the rarest of mystics.
There are two things forbidden the Suriname - they may not Rule, and they may not learn the arts of Shapeshifting. The first is because of a Suriname who turned traitor and sought power - her name has been scratched from the records, literally carved out of the monoliths she raised. The second because it is known all Suriname seek to take on divine crocodile form, and live forever in that form once they achieve it - so it is important to stop them achieving it early.
All Suriname are students until they find their Purpose. Once declared this is permanent and terminal as it will be the last thing the Suriname does. Once their purpose is finished they are taught the rites of transmutation and become crocodiles, joining the royal crocodiles forever.
Previous Suriname have declared purposes such as conquering an enemy people, designing a better channel, building infrastructure, or brutally crushing a rebellion. Their lack of empathy or kindness allows them to ruthlessly pursue their Purpose for the better of all people.
A Suriname who feels they have finished learning but not found their Purpose often become restless. They tend to put themselves in new situations, or take up new jobs, in the hopes they will have the moment of divine inspiration that tells them what their purpose is.
Suriname are surprisingly welcome when they wander. While their reputation is terrifying, they are often extremely competent healers due to their connection to the waters of life. channel energy
While a Suriname has no special power to achieve their purpose, many are highly educated, well connected, ruthless and prepared to murder those in their way. Most nobles and almost all commoners will tend to give way. Only the king can easily overrule them. Though history has no examples of a king overruling a Suriname, there have been occasions where the two consult and the Suriname takes a slower or less ambitious approach to their purpose.
When the kingdom was first forming the Suriname were relatively common. In these peaceful times they are all but unknown with perhaps one born a century.
The Suriname claim Hainu was the first Suriname. There is spirited - if polite - theological debate as to whether this is a metaphorical, allegorical or physical state.

gp: 2d10 ⇒ (7, 5) = 12
I'm pretty excited about this :)
Oh, did I get back to you? I think you are right about getting rid of Adepts. Under the sphere system, it's just a pair of Feats.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Seems like maybe Mythic needs an errata.
The FAQ has been mentioning one coming out for years.
Have I missed it?
I love Mythic. Played responsibly it gives great flavour... it does have some broken things in it though.
I love the idea of being able to spend Mythic surge points in defence to stop the 'one turn kills'.

Yeah, you're right Fabian. It's a good idea.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I posted in the wrong thread last night (because I am an idiot). Didn't notice it until I woke up this morning.
I wondered if I should flag it, but none of the options really fit.
Is it possible to get someone to delete it?
If so, who do I ask?
Post is here

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Interestingly the character could have become a mesmerist looking for a way to control, restrain, or remove the urges. That gives a more 'positive' reason for an otherwise terrible choice (given the temptations).

I'm a bit vague on the bleaching - is that going to be a threat if the character locks itself down too much?

I reckon unchained rogue is a good move. Maybe a switch hitter. I don't think we have a scout, and they're always useful. Rogue used to be a terrible choice, but Unchained Rogue now gets the skill unlocks when you hit level 5.

If you want to play bard, that's cool. Cunning Caster is pretty much a requirement for most bards. That pretty much means face, though. Just tell me if you want it.

Oh, I'm more than happy to keep the face role!

Sounds like I'm just switching out equipment. Zahir is building a rogue without a face ;P

I need to do a little additional switching to tone out the anti-cavalry stance I'd somehow ended up with in my head.

Can I assume we don't need to pay for horse, saddle, barding etc?

If you do still have reservations about summoning, then I can switch to a more traditional cleric. I am interested in pursuing a stronger summoning focus as we go on. I'm especially interested in Evolved Summon Monster

I do still have a question about what out ground movement is likely to be. Is anyone thinking about being 20ft?

Zahir ibn Mahmoud ibn Jothan wrote:
Fabian Benavente wrote:
Zahir ibn Mahmoud ibn Jothan wrote:
Arodric has that covered already!
I think he means that he can rebuild his PC and let you take the 'face' role.
Ahh, sure I can do that.

If you want - don't feel pressured, but I get is a traditional rogue role.

However, I'm sure you could probably build an uber siege mage. :)

I'm not sure I could. Goodness knows I've tried. Best chance I've ever seen was a naval campaign, where it was only useless 70% of the time.

Zahir: if you're doing that, do you want to pick up the Face role? I noticed no-one had it, but it is something Rogues excel at.

Are we all going to have a 30ft speed?

Is the summoning a problem, Fabian? I could go 'straight' cleric.

If rebuilding isn't an issue for Arodric and Shaeda, then I'm fin with that. Remember that I love roleplaying so if you always wanted to pick some 'non-optimized' feature, this is the game for it.

There are a couple of concepts I like that I've never used because I felt they could hold their own - a knife-wielder and a Spellslinger. The Spellslinger especially is an archetype widely ridiculed as badly built. Only the Siege Mage seems to attract more hated.

Incidentally, I'm assuming Siege Mage is banned.

Yeah - didn't seem broken to me. I'm hoping we do some more roguey type stuff.

It lets you cast a spell, make a bluff check and have onlookers unaware you cast anything.

I'd like to have at least one of my spells with the V & S equivalent of looking up at the sky and saying "A little help, maybe?"

Have sent the details.

Can switch out for a stronger summoning focus if you like (which I should probably have done, but it seemed cool)

Alright, thought about it for a day. I'm okay with the restriction - I can see where you're coming from. I normally play summoners only in PbP because the delays are ameliorated by the format, and can accept that in this modified format that is not true.
I would like to suggest the 8th level ability get switched out at some point - probably just for another summoning feat (there are enough of them).

Are you okay with the Cunning Caster Feat route? Not sure how often it'll be useful, but I like the idea of a cleric whose faith is not completely obvious.

I couldn't make the summoner jell properly, and an elven archer will overlap badly with Mardok, I think.

Okay, how's this:
Arodric Wieland-Foundlast (Arodric of family Wieland of clan Foundlast)


In 4433 AR Aroden came to Sarkoris and drove the Deskari scum into the lake. Sarkoris was a land that saw gods in everything - it was inevitable that when a true god walked among them at least some would recognise his power and worship him.

One tribe in particular worshipped Aroden. They migrated through Sarkoris over the ages, moving closer and closer to Ustalav.

In 4606 AR the worldwound opened. Tribe member after tribe member grew to adulthood and sought to stop the rift. When the scale of the threat became known most of the elderly and children in the tribe fled across the river to Ustalav. They were slaughtered.

The remnant of the tribe - mostly only those men and women who went off to fight and returned when the first crusade ended - were heartbroken. Inasmuch as they could they remarried and set up within the structure of the endless defence of the crusades. Tribe members grew up, married young, had children then went off to serve. Those who returned raised the children of those who didn’t. Iomedae simply became another of their tribal gods.

Arodric was born 32 years ago. He was a handsome, cheerful young man, renowned for a quick wit, a quick smile and a quicker tongue. He never knew life outside the barracks-town he grew up in, and had three children by different local girls by the age of eighteen. At that age, trained as an infantryman, he went off to fight the worldwound. He distinguished himself and managed to rise to the rank of corporal.

When he was twenty he was trapped, with his squad, in the Worldwound. A simple expedition had turned tragically wrong and the cavalry and logistics abandoned them. The infantry were left to buy time for the others to escape, then scattered and ran.

Would like to work Mardok into this

Arodric’s squad was intercepted by demons. Arodric called upon Aroden, Iomedae and his tribal gods, and his faith was answered. Celestial beings fought off the demons, holy energy healed his squad, and they managed to make it across the wardstone barrier.

Arodric was taken into the clergy of Iomedae. He was a terrible fit - he was more interested in survival than ‘honour’. Still, they taught him how to use a sword, forge a prayer, and identify the enemy. He was made into a cleric and an officer. After all his training he was sent out into the world.

He initially went back to the infantry - knowing all too well how much they needed the help - but when word came of a special squad, he volunteered.


I’m old. I’ve seen damn near everything, it seems. My kids will be fighting in the war now, and I should head back to train the next generation…
But the gods have chosen me for a reason. I am an avatar of Iomedae. A caller of the Divine Heralds of the Herald of Aroden. I don’t think I was gifted this power to train others.
I’m good, damn good, at infiltration and diplomacy.
I’ve heard of fighting fair. I don’t hold with it.
I don’t care what race you are - unless you’re demon tainted or Ustalavic. I’ve seen good Orcs and bad Elves. Tieflings have an urge - they usually fight it, but you can never really trust them. Ustals are arrogant bastards, claim to be obsessed with honour, but they’ll cut you down to distract a demon when they’re running away.


Human Cleric (Herald Caller) 4
Str 10
Dex 14
Con 11
Int 12
Wis 14
Cha 18
HP 23
BAB +3
CMB +3
CMD +5
Init +2
AC 16 (+4 armour, +2 dex)
Fort (+1 base)
Ref (+1 base +2 dex)
Will (+4 base + 2 wis)
Feats: Deceitful, Alignment Channel (Evil), Cunning Caster
Traits: Demonbane Summoner, Fast Talker
Bluff +16 (+4 ranks, +3 class, +2 feat, +1 trait, +2 racial, +4 cha)
Diplomacy +13 (4 ranks, +3 class, +2 racial, +4 cha)
Profession: Soldier +9 (4 rank, +3 class, +2 wis)
Perception +6 (4 rank, +2 wis)
Know: Planes +5 (1 rank, +3 class, +1 int)
Know: Religion +5 (1 rank, +3 class, +1 int)
Know: Arcana +5 (1 rank, +3 class, +1 int)
Survival +3 (1 rank, +2 wis)
Heal +6 (1 rank, +3 class, +2 wis)
Spellcraft +5 (1 rank, +3 class, +1 int)
Sense Motive +6 (1 rank, +3 class, +2 wis)
Linguistics +6 (1 rank, +3 class, +2 int)
Disguise +6 (+2 feat, +4 cha)
Languages: Hallit, Taldane, Abyssal
Racial Abilities: Silver Tongue, Bonus Feat, favoured class = +4 to penetrate outsider SR
Class Abilities: Channel 2d6 DC 16 7/day, Dedicated Summoner, Call Heralds +1(burn for summon spell), Divine Heralds, Mighty Heralds
1: 4+1
Domain: War (Tactics) spells = magic weapon, aid. 5/day when roll init allow an ally to reroll
Rod of Giant Summoning (3000)
Mithril Chain Shirt (1100)
M/W Heavy X Box (400)
100 Cold Iron Bolts (20)
Cold Iron longspear (10)
Masterwork Backpack (50)
Cleric Kit (16)
Cold Iron Caltrops x3 (6)
Holy Water x 3 (75)
Summoner’s Idol x3 (150)
Cold Iron Longsword (30)
Muleback Cords(1000)
Remaining: 143gp

An old infantryman become herald caller for Aroden's successor.
Not 100% convinced on the domain.
I was trying to put together someone a but like Hannibal from the A-team. I also wanted it to be someone who was genuinely good, but now stupid about it.
Seemed like we didn't have a full caster or a face.
Demonbane means his summons count as cold iron, which should help with fighting demons.

@Shaeda: Sorry, couldn't work out how to justify a Halfling Sarokrian.

So, taking some guesses from the sheets
Name. Race & class. Motivation. Roles.
Hedda. Human Bloodrager. Making up for her first rage. Melee Combatant , Minor spell & Wilderness Survivalist.
Mardok. Human Fighter. Crazy & hates cultists? Ranged Combatant & Actor.
Shaeda. Halfling Warpriest. Religious Conviction. Healing, minor spell & defensive melee combatant.

Am I right?

And, Eirik was looking at a Dwarf Paladin (Stonelord)?

I like the idea of a Sarkorian - possibly a God Caller. Bit worried it overlaps a bit too much with Hedda though.

I'm also interested (calling back to one of the suggested adventures) in an Elven Magus Demonslayer from the treerazor wars. He'd be an elven trickster who claims to be "just one of the guys from the front", and that Treerazor is by far harder than Deskari. That overlaps with Mardok a but much, but if Mardo suddenly became a Summoner I'd be very interested.

Interested (for some reason) in someone from Aroden's original war who returned to help out. Possibly he didn't get on that well with the new boss when Iomedae took over, and returned in Angel (Aasimir) form. I think that would be a Divine Herald.

Incidentally, that Cold Iron Warden archetype is crazy good against demons. My min-maxy instincts are biting me.

It was a cleric. I don't want to overlap too badly with the warpriest and paladin. More than mechanical overlap worrying me is conceptual overlap.

I was looking at Fabian's initial quote

I also don't want you all to be psycho demon killers. I think there's room here for other character concepts. Like the reluctant bookworm (caster?) who needs to come along for his knowledge. Or the lofty paladin out to redeem these demons. Or the gal who's out there hoping to find something really valuable. Is there a crazy bookworm who's out there just for knowledge? A historian of sorts? However, I am really hoping that at least one of you will put forth the psycho demon killer. They are just fun.

I need to read through the PCs and see what concepts people have - unless people can volunteer the answers :)

Er, it wasn't a swashbuckler.
I hope I am through this speed-bump in my life. I should know by the end of the weekend.
The game looks very interesting and I would like to play.
Totally understand if you want to replace me, though

Possibly this weekend will be better, but life is a bit hectic at the moment. I like the idea of the game, and I really would like to play, but I'm not sure of my capacity right now.

I thought that attunement only had to play for the actual enhancement bonus.

So a holy, vorpal, flaming sword could be used as a +1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 depending on level.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Optimisation isn't what kills games, IMHO. You can always crank up the difficulty. Mismatched optimisation is what kills games. If one PC is a cutting-edge DPS monster and the other is not optimised at all, then it is going to be very hard to balance a game to appeal to both.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I'd buy modules that 'ended' existing Adventure Paths. I'd also buy 7 volume APs. I'm not a fanatic about it though, and each one would be of less utility (the first one would be the first non-mythic AP that could do 1-20. Every one after that is just another choice.)

On a completely different note, I've looked at starting games above 1st level, but not wanted to have to adjust every combat in the next few books.
Including in a later book an optional "how to start from here" page (or two) in line of the "where to go from here" in the last book would be useful to me. For some APs this is easy (Kingmaker comes to mind) and for some it seems very hard.
I'm envisioning something that would still require people to have and have read the previous books: something that summarises what parts of the previous books need to be done.
e.g. if the Strange Aeons AP absolutely requires PCs to have freed Crazy McLovecraft so they have an incentive to hunt him down, mention that bit needs to happen.
I also realise that it's going to be difficult to write for the exact same reason I find it difficult to do myself.

Alright. Still need to get some of the minor equipment (like torches) but otherwise done.
Google Doc

And a Link!

Fabian Benavente wrote:
Harakani wrote:

The Psychic is a bit like the Sorceror.

One of the 'bloodlines' is Abomination - there is a dark something inside that powers your magic. You can 'go darkside', if you will, for a few rounds per day and do more damage and be immune to fear.
Amnesiac is a Archetype. It represents someone who doesn't have an understanding of their powers - their spells known changes every day, and at semi-random.
Mutation Mind takes on a horrific (like a mutagen) form for a few minutes per day. While it sounds like it would work well, it's basically the antithesis of Abomination as the powers work at complete cross purposes.

Like I said before, unless it's 'really, really' important to your PC concept, I would rather not have to learn something new at this time.

Can you make this work with a 'plain sorceror'?

I haven't looked but there must be some bloodline that is similar.

Huh - I had another look at Occult Adventures, and there is a bloodline that comes pretty close there - the Psychic Bloodline. It gets some hoopy stuff at 9th level, but at lower levels the weirdness is limited to:

* Thought and Emotion components rather than V and S.
* Access to a single spell (Mind Thrust I) that does 1d6/CL (max 5d6) at short range with psychic damage (will save halved).
Is this maybe close enough to look at?
In which case I'll go a Ranged Divination Psychic Blaster Sorceror!

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