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Hans Urian's page

15 posts. Alias of Tim Bürgers.

Full Name

Hans Urian




Sorcerer (Fire-Elementalist) 1










The Silver Flame




Common, Abyssal, Riedran



Strength 8
Dexterity 11
Constitution 18
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 10
Charisma 18

About Hans Urian

Background (DM-only):
Hans was born to a prestigious tiefling-noble and his wife far away on the continent of Sarlona. His parents were the ultimative paragons of the Tiefling-race: They were full of arcane might, had a silver tongue, were filthy rich and of course utterly evil and depraved.
Hans got the best education that evil money can buy. He was taught to use every single opportunity to gather power, especially of the arcane kind. Already as a young apprentice he was forced by his eldritch masters to commit unspeakable acts to further his magic. Torture, black magic and other villanies were on his schedule every day - not only actice but also as a victim.
Hans was so talented, that one of his teachers even passed the tongue-better-left-unspoken to him - the Dark Speech.
The boy was intelligent, charismatic and eloquent. The whole thing had only one catch: Hans' heart was by far not as black as his parents and teachers assumed.
The whole education left Hans scarred and cynical. In the end, he stole money from his family and fled to Khorvaire to start a life far away from all this evil. He even started praying to the Silver Flame as a sign of separation from his roots.
Sadly, the mighty arm of House Urian might even reach as far as Khorvaire. Because of that, Hans is a fugitive until he somehow deals with his family.

Hans is a red-skinned tiefling with eyes the color of molten gold. He wears an accuratly shaved beard and always a hooded cloak. The curved ritual-dagger in his belt is a strong contrast to the holy symbol of the Silver Flame on his breast. Hans is not a muscular man. He even has a slight tummy. He has black, sharpened fingernails, which he often conceals in the pockets of his clothes.

Male Tiefling Sorcerer Elementalist (Fire)
Background: Arcane Student who saw too much
Theme: Vile Scholar
Defenses: AC 14 Fort 14 Ref 11 Will 16
+1 saves vs. stun, immobilize, daze, restrain; Resist fire 5
HP: 30 Bloodied: 15: Healing Surges per day: 10 Healing Surge Value: 7
Ini +0 Speed 6
Passive Insight: 10 Passive Perception: 10
Trained Skills: Arcana +6; Bluff +11; Endurance +9, Intimidate +9
Feats: Arcane Initiate
Powers: At-Will - Elemental Bolt (+4; 1d12+1d6+8); Ignition (+4; 1d10+8)
Encounter - Magic Missile (3 damage); Elemental Escalation (Fire); Infernal Wrath (1d6+4)
Equipment: Basic Clothing, Dagger, Adventurer's Kit
XP: 100

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