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Half-elf Aerys's page

2 posts. Alias of BinkyBo.


Aerys gives Tol an irate look .. "Don't point at me dwarf .. I had nothing to do with this. The captain brought us our dinner .. Ieana and me.. Oh Ieana" She looks around "hmm."


go ahead and roll sense motive if you care to


No clue where you are, but while looking around you do spot what appears to be the Jenivere on the horizon, listed to one side, partially obscured by a high rocky jetty (as you face out to sea, where the jetty and the beach meet is to the right maybe 300-400 yards away.)


When you return to your perch, Aerys is in your spot. She notices you and gets up .. she says coldly "pardon me .. I was just leaving .. " and brushes past you..

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