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Haley Kindel's page

91 posts. Alias of Singer.

Full Name

Haley Kindel




(Sorcerer 1) HP 8/8 AC 13







Special Abilities

Draconic Bloodline, Cantrips, Eschew Materials








Common, Draconic



Strength 8
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 10
Charisma 18

About Haley Kindel

Character Picture

Haley was only 13 when the old temple in Sandpoint was razed in a mysterious fire and she has been struggling with her guilt ever since.

She isn't sure when her fascination with fire began, it was certainly before the magic in her blood manifested and she nearly burnt her own family's home down, but she has always been infatuated with the flame.

When the dark events of the Late Unpleasantness struck Sandpoint, Haley's parents packed up their meager belongings and prepared to move to Magnimar for both protection and a hope at finding a tutor to help their daughter control her power. As their wagon pulled away from the city, Haley could see the flames devour the temple of Desna and she felt both shame and excitement as she watched it burn. While she had nothing to do with the fire- she was elated to see it rise even above the might of a God.

As a sorcerer who has come into her own, and with her 18th birthday just weeks past, Haley has returned to Sandpoint to take part in the Swallowtail festival. While she told her parents that this was just a short journey to visit the land of her childhood, Haley has truly come to see the new Temple revealed and the hope it should bring Sandpoint. Perhaps then she can find balance between the fires of her own passions and ambitions.

Haley is a feisty sorcerer with a lust for fire and a passion for a good time. While still young, she struggles with keeping up with her arcane techniques and relies instead on spontaneous and uncontrolled bouts of flame to handle life's little problems. Besides, she keeps scorching the pages of the books at the academy in Magnimar and has been all but banned from the great libraries there. She now comes to Sandpoint in hopes of finding something more to life.

Mysterious Tattoos:

On her 18th Birthday, a series of beautiful and spiraling tattoos of rich reds, golds and whites appeared on Haley's tanned body in the shapes of arching dragons in flight, streams of stylized flame and birds of fire. When Haley is casting a spell from the evocation school the tattoos fade, lending their power to her magic, but return once the spell has been cast.

Haley has the Draconic Bloodline She doesn't know it, but somewhere down the line an ancient red dragon interbred with an ancestor. The dragon still lives and has become far more powerful and dangerous over the decades.

Magical Lineage (Burning Hands)
Family Ties Trait(Haley has always been attracted to trouble and has befriended some of the local Sczarni who are good at finding it)

0 Level
-Detect Magic
1st Level
-Snapdragon Fireworks
-Burning Hands (ML)

Knowledge (Arcana)
Use Magic Device (Skilled)
Spell Craft (Favored)

Spell Focus (evocation)
Varisian Tattoo (evocation)

-Light Crossbow
-leather kilt
*40 bolts
-Scroll Case
-Explorer's Outfit
-2 x Sunrod
-Chalk 10 pieces, fiery colors
-Paper 10 sheets
8 gold

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