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Haldrick's page

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Just a few starters

Before Devil ruled Cheliax
When Hermea was a barren rock
Before the world knew of guns
When the god Razmiran was just a twinkle in his ancestors eye

I am running Jade Regent and the party are a few books ahead of you.
Enjoying the read. Kali has a distinctive voice which brings the story to life.

We are looking at Cavalier for our melee specialist. We figured giant lairs will be big enough to handle a large mount, so the ideal AP to try one.

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Byzantium did not see themselves as the successor to Rome. The were the part of the Roman Empire which did not fall. They were Romans and Latins. The difference is a more modern consideration

The identification of Taldor with Byzantium rather then Rome is interesting because it is something done less often in RPGs, while Rome comparisons are quite common.

Personally I think the issue of slaves is a minor detail, with more interesting things to consider first.

Wish I had found this tread some time ago.

I have not run any

Played in Tomb of the Iron Medusa and Academe of Secrets. Both were OK but not exceptional
Playing through Dragons Demand which we are enjoying.

Feast of Ravenmoor and Murder's Mark which both appear very good.

Tears at Bitter Manor, appeared to be too ambitious for the size. Tried to pack too much stuff (and level progression) in, so I cannot see how it will work

That's what you get for posting and relying on your memory.
Thanks for the correction.

It's still cheap at 1,800, particularly if you are flexible with what can go into it.

As written I think this is unclear, so is a GM's call. The group I play with started being fairly relaxed about this. We have started limiting it weapon very similar to those described. The quiver only costs 1,000gp and we felt we were allowing it to be too good.

Just our opinion.

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Just wanted to disagree with one thing from Sir Longears

"Taldor and Magic: I think their view of magic are pretty standard... they are neither fanatic about it nor dismissive. It is simply a tool to achieve something. If you take in consideration the usual picture of a Duke, who probably had devoted much of his life in the military career, he'd probably not be a wizard... on the other hand he would acknowledge the value of having a wizard on his court as an advisor."

A Duke has probably never had a career. Most would not serve in the military. They may get to lead an army due to position/political clout.

He would be raised to further the interests of the family in the great game of politics.

The Royal family may not be absolute monarchs, but if they were just first among equals I would expect there to have been more changes of royal family then we have been told of.

Personally I have always seen Taldor as similar to Byzantium. Clinging on with a politic system that is half the ptoblem and not any help with a solution.

Personally I think it is more helpful to think of the inquistor as being from the church rather than the god. Churches are imperfect and often stray from a gods intentions (Cult of the dawnflower etc)

With this in mind inquisitors of some "difficult" gods become easier to rationalise.

You might also want to consider what level this will run to. The group I play with are running 3 AP's. Two have Inquisitors, both are thinking of multiclassing out (at different level, to different things)
They appear to run out of momentum after a while.

Martial- Rogue I love skills, Have always enjoyed playing rogues, even if they are not the most powerful.
Arcane Witch, Again very flexible with skills
Divine- Inquisitor, flexible, good in combat, lots of skills
Nature- Love druids
Occult Occultist

I will be following this with interest, as I often have same problem. I find most metamagic (apart from extend spell) good with spontanious casters, but struggle with prepared casters.
Improved Initiate is a good idea.

A Aberrant Bloodline Sorcerer after 3rd level get an extra 5ft reach. So this can help keep you out of combat and deliver SG.

Personally I would look at a full arcane caster, or follow avr's advice and go bard/inquisitor.
If I went wizard/sorcerer/arcanist i would invest in some stealth as the opportunity to have a whole party capable of stealthy movement does not come up often

Cavall wrote:
I'd actually not dump dex, go a little lighter on armour and try a dex stealth build. You've got a ranger and rogue. Why not try a scouting party group? Could be a blast.

This is an intesting idea. It is seldom you get a chance to have a stealthy party.

Warpriest idea also works for this

Personally I would dump a physical stat. Probably dex. I like skill points too much to dump int (which is a personal thing)

Dex will affect your:
* missile fire (not a massive loss)
* AC -Just ware good armour
* Ref save- least important save and already sucks
* Initiative- This is the real loss
* Some skill which aren't important to you

Name: Jarl
Race: Dwarf
Classes/lean Ranger 11th (Archery)
Adventure: 4th Book
Location: Wilderness West of the Hooktounge Slouth
Catalyst: Nasty Wandering Monsters

Name: Sven
Race: Half Orc
Classes/lean Rogue
Adventure: 4th Book
Location: Wilderness West of the Hooktounge Slouth
Catalyst: Nasty Wandering Monsters

The Gory Details:
We bumped into a lair of two golden gourgers. Once these two were grappled, their damage output went down substantial. The are the Paladins worse nightmare (not evil, but can't be diplomasised)
Wizard could not save them either.

Original D&D. The 3 books in a white box (1976)
14 years old

Alternatively, if you are frequently in the front line, quick draw. lets you draw your 2 handed weapon. Otherwise Power Attack as suggested.

My group use blooded from 4e. About the only thing we did take from 4e.
We are looking at taking the stuff from Unchained. We will try it in a one short first.

I would definitely go witch.

Hobgoblin- Archer Inquisitor? Adds some divine spell power and ranged ability (Archer Cleric would also work)

Elf- I would go swashbuckler, but ranger or rogue look right

Certainly I would look at something with a good amount of skill points.
If you do not want to go with the NPC classes, I would use a rogue. You have to work hard to make them match other classes, so making one a non combatant should be easy

" In Varnhold Vanishing
Abigale now Paladin/cleric of Erastil 7/1. Baroness. Main healer and Tank
Sven Rogue 8th Glass cannon. Uses Falchion to deal large amounts of damage, but falls over a lot. Last level took an increase in con which might increase his ability to stay on his feet.

Kelso. Item creating Wizard 8th. The only subtle one in the party

Jarl: Archery focussed ranger 8th, favoured enemies humans and fey. Really beginning to see this character shine. Was a bit over shadowed by Sven and Abigale (except against the human bandits) But all the archery feats are now meshing for serious damage."

We are now deep in to book 4 and have been having problems. At least 4 deaths in this book so far.

Abigale Paladin/Cleric 9th/2nd
Sven Rogue 11th
Kelso Wiz 11th
Jarl has been replace by Fighter 11th using two weapon fighting

It depends a bit on how high it will go, but to my mind. there are enough variety within the core book for the class to work. However this is just an opinion, not bassed on any experience.

"Do you think a Ninja should have Evasion as a trait".

"I think Evasion as a Ninja Trick option is a reasonable houserule."

I think the ninja already has too much over the rogue. If a ninja want evasion he/she should get a ring like everyone else.

Well in my opinion



I had read that thread, and it does raise some other problems and I was planning on taking some of the advice on there.


The manor looks good, it just the execution of some of the book doesn't appear to hang right, which is why the opinions of people who have played/run it is so welcome.

I may just not run this one, or start at 6th and strengthen the beginning encounters.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Has anyone run this module and if so what was you experience?

I am particularly looking at the story awarded experience and the speed of advancement.The module need the party to be 8th before they face the Big Badie at the end. Therefore they need to be 7th when the enter the Manor. The problem appears to be starting at 5th.

The gap between 5th and 7th is too big for the module to fill, hence the story awards of Experience.

My problem is that the PC's will be shooting through levels every 2 sessions. It may just be easier to start at 6th.

However reading a module is different to playing it. Has anyone played this, and what have they found?

Just for variety, for sandboxy you can also try Skull and Shackles is OK if you like the piratey thing.

If cleric is not to your liking, maybe an inquisitor. They can do nearly anything depending on the build.

Inquisitors make interesting combatants. Likewise Magus and Warpriests.

No matter what you have written/created, weave the characters into the campaign. Use something about each characters background into the campaign. it does not have to be the central theme, just an NPC or some detail.

I believe you have spotted a printing error. To take any approach other then your third option would set the occultist at odds with every other class. it isn't like the class has a dazzling array of class abilities to offset such a disadvantage.

We never use it. Against a single spellcasting enemy it could possibly be effective, but we have never tried, and almost certainly never will.

Your problem appears to be the oracle.

A divine spell caster normally acts as a back up melee character/archer
A life oracle is an excellent healer but must contribute more than just healing and summoning.

Thistletop boss is a tough fight, but from what you say you struggle with many of the fights.

Your group needs to sit down and talk about what is working and what is not. No point playing if it isn't fun.

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The "healing in combat is a waste/inefficient" mantra like most perceived wisdom on the web has to be taken with caution.

What is said on a forum may have no relevance to your game. These perceived wisdom's are always based on assumptions which might not apply to your game. If you are all enjoying yourselves you are doing nothing wrong.

To repeat some previous posts

SLOW. If the party is hasted then that is countered. If not they can only do a single action, no full attacks etc. It really ruins the day of anyone who fails the save, but does not take them out of the fight. Players have to adapt.

"I was talking about real life. Nothing in real life is objectively evil. Obviously torture is Evil in Pathfinder."

Not wanting to be rude or anything, but this is a pathfinder site. Your views on the morality of torture in the real world are better expressed on different sites in my opinion.

Skull & Shackles has lots of potential. A ship full of crew. Lots of potential allies (including a wedding) politic of the council. lots of stuff.

I am no expert on good builds, so will not comment on that.

But you appear to have left off Point blank shot from To hit and damage. I realise that it is only good up to 30 foot. But really how often are you going to throw at over that?

To my mind it is not the monsters being close to Sandpoint but how the farms on the other side of the Devils Platter survive. The Platter on one side and Whisper Wood on the other.

Shalelu is one answer, But really you need some form of 1) secret protector 2) Some form of deterrent threat to keep the monsters in line or 3) Evil force/person powerful enough to keep the rest in line

Jade Regent has artefact which are story props, they can all be omitted or re-classified as powerful items.

It really depends on which areas you want advice on.

1. Certainly go through the RoTRL part of these boards. There is loads of advice, stuff people have created and other stuff.

2. Really play up how mad the goblins are
3. Try and get the party involved in Sandpoint

Basically I agree with NPC Dave, here are my thoughts in more detail:

1. The campaign has to end with the world saved. So they need to find evidence/correspondence that shows The Shadow Pearls cannot be made anywhere else and that the ones already delivered have been used or accidentally broken.

2 The climax has to be special. Look at your party and enhance Khala or add helpers to make the fight really epic.

I stopped my ST campaign at a similar point.

Just to agree with Corvino, Blistering Invective is great fun. Not the most optimised spell, but great fun. What is better then intimidating your enemies until they catch fire!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Occult could bring up stuff which claims to get around normal prophecy,
Séances, Spirits, ancient lore.

The Knights of the Ioun Star know a lot about him. Aboleths (good luck to the party getting them to talk). Thassilonian ruins/records or Azlanti ruins themselves. The Mordant Spire Elves

These spring to mind

While not essential there are all kinds of stuff which could be useful (you can run it with just the Book itself)

1. Player companion to Varsia (cannot remember it name)
2. A Campaign guide to Magnimar called "Magnimar City of Secrets
3. Goblins of Golandra

These spring to mind.

I would echo the call to look at the forums. Some people do some amassing stuff and then share.

The Caryatid Columns have DR 5/- so the chances are good. The primary weapon will be broken. Yes they all have back up weapons, but facing a big boss CR 3 above party level with back up weapons looks like trouble.

I had not considered Suishen (The party had decided to present it to Ameiko, but are still carry it). You are right it does help with the initial fight and evens up the big boss fight a lot.

Has anyone had trouble with the Advanced Caryatid Columns

Anytime anyone hits them with a weapon, the weapon takes 3D6 Damage.
I have a Barbarian with a +1 Earthbreaker and an Inquisitor with a +1 Great Axe. Both have Hardness 7 and 20 HP.

I can see them going in to face the Big Boss with broken weapons!!

My brother is playing this kind of character in my Jade regent Campaign. He is not multi-classing, and is doing fine. In a party with a summoner, inquisitor and Warpriest, the character is more than holding her own.

The Ranger dip does not do much harm but is not necessary (swap the con and dex as you suggested or lower str to 17. The dip does also give you some different class skill and track. These are ok but hardly earth shattering. That decision I think comes down to flavour and personal preference

I do not see that you need to change much.

Sea Wyverns Wake
Most of this will do as written (obviously converted to 5E). The stowaway would need to be changed.

Here There be Monsters
Likewise, you can ship wreaked the party. They journey to safety.

Tides of Dread
The politics of Farshore will have to change and the way the party deals with the challenges from the locals can change. But the basics can stay the same.

The whole bad people fighting worse people can be great fun

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