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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 53 posts (54 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 2 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Touch attacks and dex damage!

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber


I was wondering if/where it says that increasing the stats of an NPC (say giving it a stat array that's better then Heroic) and giving it a lot more wealth then what it would normally has, increases the CR of the npc.

NPC with stats as good or better increases the CR
NPC with equipment that's over what NPC wealth chart says increases CR

*said npc's would be baddies players fight against

I'm pretty sure it does, I'm just wondering where in the book it says it does (assuming that it does).

Or is it just a GM thing?

Thanks in advance!

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Also if anyone has any build ideas to be a very defensive character that'll be fine too.
>High saves
>High AC
>Big Health

I know being purely defensive generally isn't a good idea. But for this it doesn't matter too much.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

An update

Apparently, a lot of things also has DR and SR

How are barbarians with breaking through DR?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber


There's a good chance I'll be playing in a game, and I need help deciding on what kind of character to play. I don't know what the party make up is, but I know it wont matter much (no one really works together in the group I'll be playing in)

It's a homebrew game, but I know some things about it.
1) It's based off of castlevania
2) there's lots of traps
3) The DM loves using spell casters with very high DC's
4) There's probably going to be undead. At least vampires for sure.
5) DM also enjoys using incorporeals
6) The less reliance on spells I need, the better. DM enjoys blanketing areas in anti-magic fields and having the baddies enjoy high saves
7) There's tons of homebrew stuff the DM uses, along with lots of odd callings, so the tighter my build is the better

So, what to play?
I kind of want to play a Paladin, but a Barbarian could be fun too.

The stats I have to work with are: 18, 15, 17, 12, 14, 16
We start at level 8

Core rule book, advanced race guide, ultimate equipment, advanced players guide, ultimate magic, ultimate combat is allowed.

Any multi-class builds as a bad idea. Can only multiclass two times (for a total of three different classes) and then boom xp penalty.

Oh, and thanks in advance!

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Oh my god.

I need a new change of pants.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Oh. My. God.

I want this. like, now.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Also, then it looks like I'll just switch felling smash and greater trip around. Trade out lunge of improved bull rush too. Well, probably something more like:

7: Greater Trip
8: Improved Bullrush
9: Felling Smash

Future feats are for sure improved Ki throw, greater disarm, and greater bull rush. Then probably pick up improved initiative.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber


I took a look at your character.Looks pretty good, and I'm checking what I can glean off of it. I was thinking about taking fast learner, but I couldn't find somewhere to put it into my build.

Is re-position working well for you? Like, is it good use?

And wow, that's a lot of skills.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
TheSideKick wrote:

a character ive been playing with in my head uses bull rush and aoo's to trip and knock the target out of my threatened space.

basically on there turn:
*they move into my reach (10 foot)
*trip them on the aoo
my turn:
*improved bull rush them through friendlies space, for the AOO, and keep the party out of there reach. with flurry of maneuvers, that would make him crazy powerful.

Hmm... so lunge wouldn't really be needed for the extra reach on an unarmed attack. Simply bull rushing them when they come close could work too. That puts them in range of the weapon again.

Also, since Ki throw simply states "you may throw the target in prone in any square you threaten rather than it's own square... does that mean then since I'm holding a reach weapon, I could throw them into that threat range too anyways?

And with flurry of maneuvers, that could work well with the bull rush like you pointed up. Bull rush someone right next to me into reach of my weapon, then trip/disarm them.
Alternatively, I could make an unarmed trip, get two free AoOs,activate ki throw, and then make a disarm attempt. So that's three maneuvers in one full attack. (flurry of maneuvers being to make a trip and disarm, but with ki throw a trip gives me a bull rush as well).

Alright, yea, I'm going to sack lunge for improved bull rush

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Oops, I did mean maneuver master. Thanks for pointing it out. Darn those archetypes!

Overlooking lunge, I realized that it doesn't stack with combat patrol. Now that I think about it, since I'm not taking whirlwind attack, it really isn't all the great for what I'm trying to build. Thanks for point it out. In a way. lol.

I wasn't planning on staying in monk long enough to get the speed bonus, so the dangerously curiously idea is interesting. The monk levels were just to quickly grab the two improved maneuver feats, while snagging more skills, evasion, and other goodies.

Although I could get spring attack/whirlwind attack in a few levels. Would that be worth the two feats? Spring attack could replace lunge, and then I could snag whirlwind attack at level 10. Don't know how often I'll be able to do a lunge-whirlwind attack of trips/disarms though.

Or take improved bullrush in place of lunge, and then improved ki throw at 10. Or even replace greater trip with improved Ki throw.

How does dangerously curious let me cast spells? Or is it I get an item and the UMD it from the trait?

Thanks for the thoughts so far. The game is supposed to go up to 20 though, so there is plenty of room for more fighter feats.
Also, any ideas on weapons? Is it important to grab a weapon with the trip/disarm quality? (trip to drop the weapon, disarm to get an extra +2). I do want to pick up a reach weapon, since I can always use unarmed attacks for people that get close (or really just trip+throw them).

But then wouldn't lunge be more usefull for that. Since ki throw has to be in my threaten area, and i assume it has to be my unarmed threatened area (so not the extra from my weapon). Then I could lunge at the start, then throw them in the increased area, which then puts them back at range for my reach weapon.


Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Darn, if I would have known a similar thing was already posted I would have just posted there.

Didn't think about the stunning fist. I could drop the monk of the four winds archetype and get stunning fist back.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Alright, so I'm thinking up of a character in a home game in case my current one dies. I always liked the Lore Warden fighter, and so I thought maybe trying it out. It'd probably end up coming in at level 9 to, although 10 isn't that far out of the question (it's always 1 level lower then what when we died).

I wanted a fighter that was able to do a little bit more then just smash faces. Such as use combat maneuvers, maybe have a few more skills, etc.

So the following build is an attempt at making a fighter (with a two-level dip in monk) that can do just that. Trip/disarm people, have a few extra skills, and still do decent damage. In the home game, we fight lots of humanoids (it's probably bout 80% of what we fight...).


Race: Human
Stats: Not figured out yet, but we can choose between a 25 point buy OR stat rolling (4d6 drop lowest 1).
Master of Many Styles Monk of the Four Winds 2/ Lore Warden Fighter 7
Feats by level:
1: Improved Unarmed Strike, Improved Trip, Elemental Fist, Combat Reflexes, Dodge
2: Improved Disarm
3: Power Attack, Vicious Stomp
4: Combat Expertise, Mobility
5: Ki Throw
6: Combat Patrol
7: Lunge
8: Felling Smash
9: Greater Trip

Human class favored bonus would go toward an extra skill point for the fighter. So for skills I'll be able to keep stealth, acrobatics, and perception maxed through all 9 levels. I'll be able to have 2 intelligence-based skills at a respectable level. Plus then wherever I shove the extra monk skills (maybe swim/climb/ride... just in case). This isn't even accounting for any intelligence bonus.

For weapons I'm not to sure. I'd like something with reach so that I can get some really nice reach using lunge+combat patrol. But maybe just go with a say a greatsword or even a weapon with the disarm quality to get another +2 on disarms. Between lunge and combat patrol that's already 10ft of reach, and I know the party wizard would be happy to enlarge person me.


To me, this lets me plenty of trips/disarms/attacks at distance before enemies even approach. Power attacking gets me a free trip attempt, and if I trip someone using my regular attack I can get a Ki Throw off. With the combat patrol and lunge I can throw them a good distance... right into range of my reach weapon (if I'm using one).
Vicious stomp for all those free attacks on tripped people (and with greater trip, that's two AoOs).
I like it, but if there's any advice on how I can make this better or improve it, or even where to take it from here, I'd appreciate it. Also on what weapon to use too.

Thanks in advance!

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Archery is probably one of the better martial forms of doing damage.

1) Lots of Full Attacks
2) Range
3) Able to deal with flying enemies
4) DR is easier to overcome

Sure,maybe it's only a 1d8, but that 1d8 is easily a 4d8+8 when you full attack at level 6 (provided all three attacks hit. Rapid/manyshot).

With clustered shots, DR is laughable easy. Even then, it's cheap to carry around a few different types of arrows. Blunt, regular, holy, flaming, admantium, cold iron, mithril, etc.

Snap shot chain gets you AoO's with your bow. That's pretty damn nice. There's some really nice spells to buff up with (gravity bow, reduce person)and some pretty neat ranged-weapon only weapon enhancements.

Items? Well there's the Bracers of Falcon's Aim.

You still have 5 ft steps in case enemies do come close, but even then, there's feats so that you can still fire you bow and not provoke AoO's.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Potions of Gaseous Form, Invisibility, and Fly come in handy if you ever need to make a quick getaway.

A +1 Ghosttouch Net.

And a bunch of alchemical tools/remedies/weapons! Seriously, just grab a handy haversack and fill that baby up.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Would you be able to use a Ki Focus weapon to do this too? ities/ki-focus

Because then you can grab a shield, take Felling Smash, Shield Slam, and Power attack and have even more lulz with this. (Trips and Bullrushes everywhere!)

Would be a fun build to play, imo.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Maybe something like this?

Backpack Pocket Trap CR 5
Type magic; Perception DC 25; Disable Device DC 20
Trigger touch; Reset automatic
Effect spell effect (Corrosive Touch, +15 touch attack; 3d4 acid)

Cost: 1650gp, Craft DC 20

How I built it. Followed the trap information in the book, hope everything's right.


DC 25 to notice (cr 1)
Disable device DC 20
Effect: +15 touch attack (cr1)
damage: corrosive touch (3d4 acid) (cr1 dmg, +1 for spell)
Automatic reset (1500gp, cr1)
cost (spell) 150gp

CR 5, craft dc: 20

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Here's a thought:
Does casting infernal healing on a paladin remove all of their abilities?

The spell says that the target detects as an evil creature, and they can sense the evil in the magic, but has no affect on alignment.

And since paladins can't be associating with evil...

I think at the most though, the paladin would just get pretty upset.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Thank you for the responses!

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Does the cohort gained from leadership affect the party's total level?


You have four level 8 party members. So party level is 8.
One of them took leadership and has a level 6 cohort. Is the party level now 7~? (8+8+8+8+6 is 38, which divided by 5 is 7.6)

Or does the cohort gained from leadership not factor into the overall party level. (Meaning the party of 4 level 8 characters with a level 6 cohort will still be a party level of 8)

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Strength 8
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 12
Charisma 16 (bump up to 18 with human's +2 bonus)

Human Sorcerer
initiative +10
HP: 8
AC: 12
Base attack: 0
CMB: -1
CMD: 11
Skills: Intimidate +8, Spell craft +4, Use Magic Device +8
feats: Improved Initiative, Combat Casting, eschew materials (sorcerers get this for free)
saves: fort +2, ref +2, will +3

spells: Level 0: 5 of your choice
level 1: Grease, Color Spray

bloodline: Arcane
familiar ( green sting scorpion)

note: Take the human's favored class bonus, which gives you an extra spell known of your lowest level. More spells! At the first two level's you're getting an extra 0 level spell, so if you instead want to take the skill point or health, go ahead.Traits are your choice.

There's a basic level 1 human sorcerer build.
Going first = getting spells out faster = combat goes smoother. A well placed color spray and end a lot.
Grease is a helpful debuff, buff, and battlefield control spell.
Alternatively you can swap our grease for magic missile, if you really want some kind of damaging spell. But there's probably going to be someone else in your group that's focusing on damage, so might as well take grease.

you get the familiar from your arcane bloodline

intimidate will help out with some social things. Feel free to invest your skill points into other skills you have though as well.

Spend your gold as you see fit.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Just as an idea, incase you want to try something else some time:

Be shield focused. Use a shield as your main weapon, go with bull rush, and make sure to pick up improved tripping and felling smash.

When you smash someone with your shield (in a power attack), you get a trip and bull rush attempt on them. Lore warden can get you more bonuses on the maneuver bonus.

Not the greatest for damage, but hilarious. Just imagine some person running around hitting people with a shield, knocking them on their arse and into walls.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Thanks for all the input. Now I just need to decide...

The DM keeps shoving cure potions at us so healing isn't to bad. I keep urging everyone to pool together for a wand, but the response "Well I give lots of healing potions" keeps popping around.

The Magus combo seems pretty interesting. And I do like paladins. Although I'd prefer to stay at range (Might as well take advantage of all the space, plus the DM really likes grappling/tripping stuff). Plus fighting other spell casters (mainly sorcerers, it's his favorite class) makes running up to melee a little hazardous.

A lot of times we only do a few fights each day (one fight a day happens a good amount). Although having multiple (count: 12+) fights every so often isn't unheard of. Especially when we just so happened to end up in a dungeon/tower holding lots of baddies and a couple bosses.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Alright, so I play in a homebrew game that's at the 'epic' level. 25 point buy, or roll stats (4d6, ditch the lowest).

The party consists of a half elf sorcerer/rogue, kitsune rogue, dwarf fighter/monk, and a human black mage (custom class). Optimization level in our group is low.

I'm making a back-up character for when my current one dies, and I'm looking for something that doesn't need a lot of wealth. Character level will be 6. We're far off from the wealth chart (allowed 3k gold for buying stuff at level 6), so I'm trying to make sure I can be effective with small amounts of gold.

Fights usually always taken place in large open areas (even if it's in a room), outnumbered, or facing big bad strong guy.

So, I'm leaning towards a half-elf or human master summoner. The idea being I can just summon stuff to fight for us.

Ultimate magic, ultimate combat, advance players guide, core rule book, advanced race guide, and ultimate equipment are all allowed.

So, advice? Feats, tips, items, stuff to summon, etc.

Level 6, 3k gold to buy stuff, 25 point buy; character to survive 'epic' level game with very low wealth. Game is supposed to go up to (or even past) level 20

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Alright, this is something that constantly keeps coming up in my group.

Do you need to have a clear shot at your target in order to hit them? Say there's a bunch of allies in front of you, can I still hit a target through them? Positioning example below:


or some version of that, where there's a living body between me and what I want to shoot. Do I have to move and have a clear shot of no people in between me and my target, or can I still make the shot?

I know that if you fire at someone in melee, you take the -4 penalty unless you have precise shot. So what if the position is

{me][ally][enemy] standing exactly like that. Can I take the shot, or do I have to move?

What's the rules for being able to shoot a target. I'm small sized, so does this make it harder?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

So like...

the 8 levels of the scout knife master rogue
5 of the skirmisher ranger for that swift action 5ft, 5ft step combo

then whatever else, making sure for two-weapon fighting, clustered shots, quick draw, close-quarters thrower

then at higher levels combat would be more moving around in 10ft increments making full attacks with thrown starknives (or daggers, while picking up the trait for extra damage).

critical items needed would be a blink back belt and magic daggers of different materials for sure.

Or doing all the above, but being mounted and just moving any distance to get the sneak attack damage.

So what would the build(s) look like then? Order of class levels and feats to take.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

the scout knife master rogue with mobile fighter would make a nice gestalt character. (all the extra feats, and by level 11 could easily two-weapon fight rapid shot the knives after a little bit of movement. Could probably have gotten the other two-weapon fighting feats to get even more attacks)

would have to keep that in mind if I ever play a gestalt character, since I don't think I'll ever really be in a game that goes to level 20 for a scout knife master rogue 9/ mobile fighter 11

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

haven't looked at skirmisher ranger. Thanks for bringing it up.

Could replace fighter 1, rearrange the feats abit, and then pick it back up at level 10 to move onto being able to move and make full attacks.

That'll bring it all up to 13 character levels.
Pretty reasonable, I don't expect to play that far into the teens (this character would be for either society or a home game, and the home game i go to hardly ever makes it to even 10)

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I just got a samsung tablet.

I was wondering if anyone knew any usefull apps that could help during a game? Dice rollers, random [insertthinghere] generators, intiative tracking...

Currently I'm trying to get pdfs of the books on it.

Also this could be like a list for other people to look for pathfinder-usefull apps for their samsung tablets.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

10: Your tavern bill is due... gotta go make some cash!

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Sometimes it doesn't make much sense.

I once ran a martial-only game for 3.5 - no magic users.

If I'm doing some cave-man or low low tech game, why would there be gunslingers? It even says that the guns don't have to be added in a game.

I hardly see ninja or samurai in games anyways, so yea.

I don't mind the whole banning, especially if there's reasons with it

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

So it'll be 2 points from arcane pool to make it a +1 shield and a +1 weapon?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

So just to check that I'm getting this right....

Assuming that my DM does allow spike/bashing and stuff to stack (He lets alot of stuff go by)...

A +1 bashing spiked shield that I can also use as a +1 weapon costs abit like this:

+1 shield bashing spiked shield
4,000gp (plus the price of a spiked masterwork heavy shield)

Plus another 2300 gp for it to function as a +1 weapon

So that'll be about 6600xp plus the price of a spiked heavy shield, which would allow me to get a +3 shield bonus to my ac, and use it as a +1 weapon that deals 2d6 points of piercing damage.

am i right?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Thanks for some of the clarification. Using another weapon besides my shield didn't even register in my head!

Can't wait to just look at your class guide when it pops out.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

For clarity: The TWF is so I can bash with a shield in one hand, and then cast a spell in my other right?

Also I'm going with the STR bit.
I'll make a note to boost up my int.
And I'll have to look at my spells abit more.

Can I still bash with a quickdraw?

Thanks for info already.
And wow, it can get pretty pricey enchanting the shield! But could I make the spike admantite and the shield itself mithril? Since I have to enchant them separately, can the two be made out of different materials?

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I made a shield magus (can't remember the archetype name off hand) for a home game that my friend is starting.

Any feats I should make sure I take? What are some things I can do to improve the damage of my shield? How does enchanting the shield work (enchant as a weapon vs enchanting as a shield)?

As of right now I'm using a spiked heavy steel shield.

OH and another question, throwing shields? Should I get one of those? How would a throwing spiked heavy steel shield end up working? (And how would that get enchanted)?

As of right now (lvl 1, human) my feats are:
Improved Shield Bash
Weapon Focus (Heavy Shield)

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Should have mentioned it, the game we're in is a 22 point buy.

Thanks for all the input.

I"ll try to use all this to help my argument for why the character should be reworked.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

About how pistolero changes gun training,

it doesn't actually say that it does though.

So that would mean if you're just a pistolero, then you're getting gun training AND the pistol bit from pistolero at level 5.

Unless there's some errate/raw/whatever its called anywhere?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Mysterous stranger changes the grit to be based on cha

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

lvl 1 halfling gunslinger (Mysterious stranger, pistolero)
str 5
dex 20
con 10
int 7
wis 7
cha 20

Studded leather armor, heavy shield, +1 size, underfoot racial all gives him 22 ac.
Fleet of foot racial for 30ft movement

Alchemical cartridges, reload free action.

Just shoot pistol.

Is this build optimized? Or is it just junk? Are the benefits ofset by the weakness?

I'm trying to prove to a fellow player that his character is crap and useless. Even knowing he kills everything in like, 1 hit.

His argument: "Guns are the best. It's against touch ac! And I add my cha to damage!!!!"

Also, any other points I can maybe use to argue to him about gunslingers? All they really all that? Or are they just being over-hyped.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

So how 'good' would a ranged focused Lore Warden be compared to one focusing on maneuvers? is one better then the other?

The Campaign I play alot in is mainly Humanoids. Also large numbers of enemies in giant open spaces.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

With that dwarf bit in the second post, add in an internal alchemist and now you breathe twice a day.

Maybe some paladin dips too

3 people marked this as a favorite.
Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I'm wondering if anyone has any good builds for a lore warden fighter?
Point buy doesn't matter, I'm just curious to see what people come up with.

Also any other fighter builds for something that's aibt different then the standard "Run up and smash until dead"?

Or if there's any links to threads already like this.

Thanks in advance!

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

My dm is the same with rules.
He has no idea what's going on. He just makes it up. Always sets stuff against us.

Every fight starts "We're surrounded" or "We're ambushed!"

He forces us to stop travel. "Rain is to heavy" "The mud is magic, and your cart can't go through" "boulder kills all your horses, your cart can't move" "Orcs attacked your cart - your cart can't move"

The orcs part, there probably wasn't even any hardness or anything. it was like, 2 hits and it died.

Now he's on a grappling spree. Everything is large sized, and he adds like +8 to their grapple (even knowing their size is already in their cmb and stuff on stat blocks...)

Everyone has guns.

He just does whatever we build as characters. Player brought in gunslinger, now half the npcs use guns. They hide everywhere too.

NPC's know the exact duration of our spells.

and more...

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Frying Pan of Perfect Eggs

This ordinary frying pan has a picture of an egg on the handle. When an egg is cracked into the pan, the egg begins to cook automatically. The pan can cook the egg any way (said as a command word, such as "Scrambled") and takes 2 minuets to cook. The egg is cooked perfectly, smells wonderful, never over cooks. The pan generates no heat while before, during, or after the cooking.
The egg that's cooked gains magic properities. It fills up whoever eats it so that they don't need to eat for the rest of the day, and it cures 1d4 points of health when eaten.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Advanced Half-fiend fast zombie cats? Their tiny sized, and the CR doesn't change.

First its an advanced cat, then a half-fiend cat. Then you slap zombie on it, and because zombie's CR are based on HD (which is still just 1) the CR drops back down to 1/4

I think the dex was 20-something. Also had 2 slams, 2 claws, and a bite on a full attack. Sure, the chance to hit is only a +3, and the damage is low, BUT the AC was 20-something (+2 size, +3 nat, then all the dex). You could throw them en-mass at your players. Some of those attacks will eventually hit, some may even crit!


Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Mystic_Snowfang wrote:
Bag of conceament should work, only you can access it.

Wow, thanks. Didn't even know that existed, and it's ALOT simpler and cheaper.

Thank you!!!

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

So in a homebrew campaign I'm playing in i've managed to convert alot of my gold into gems. I want to keep them safe, but I'm having problems thinking of safe ways.

I don't want to just throw them in a bag of holding, and then have that stolen. (We deal with thieves alot)

So I'm wondering if anyone has ideas on 'super safe' storage for valuable items. I want to be able to carry it with on my person though, that's a must.

So I was wondering what about...

A small adamantite lock box with a superior lock built it (DC 40 disable). The lock box has a permanent arcane lock on it (increases DC to 50) and a fire trap on it. Inside of the lock box is a bag of holding (can that be arcane locked and fire trapped? if so then that goes on it too!) holding all the loot. Also i'm thinking the lock box has a permanent shrink object on it (which would bring it down to 1/16th of it size and be paper like). Then I fold it up and fit it into a ring (or amulet). Thoughts?

Also any ideas of super safe storage for keeping your shinnies away from anything and everything?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

cr 5-7
a sort of snake like thing that has two arms that end in a scythe-like blade. I'm thinking more like how yaun-ti look (

But I want it to mainly be a ranged thing, shooting needle-like spines. Maybe with some kind of acid/venom thing on them?

And a bite too, since I'm thinking more of a mandible-styled mouth with lots of sharp teeth. Aberration type most likely.

And if it's possible I'd like for it to be able to burrow under ground :3

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

So the dm for the group i'm in just showed us this template he made for any 'boss' baddies. "To model after the boss's like in rpg's that you can't avoid and are tougher then everything else". So I'm putting it here to see what you all think.... I don't really know what to think; I would never want to fight this, and I wouldn't want to force any players to fight something that has such cheap moves. I'll stick to my advanced/half-fiend/giant templates (or just use a higher cr monster). "Meant to be tough" as the dm says.


Ever get those enemies in any game that no matter what you do, or how high your stats are, you still no matter what have to fight them? I'm sure everyone at some point at another have fought those guys before. This template will have DMs create one of these kind of monsters.

For anyone who chooses to use this, be sure only one monster has this template; and that is used in scripted sequences (such as dungeons or areas where the PCs cant run from). This template is not meant for more than one monster; as all this contains is boosts and buffs; with no weaknesses.

Challenge Rating: A boss retains the same CR as the original monster +3.

Hit die: Racial hit die is changed to d10s. Monster has an additional 3d10 HP at the start.

Type: Type and size of monster remains the same.

Armor class: A Boss has a natural armor class of +3.

Defensive abilities: A boss gains DR 5, and has spell resistance 10.

Spells: If the boss is a spell caster, it has +3 spells per day on all level spells.

Base attack: Bosses base attack increases by +2.

Speed: A boss retains its base land speed, +15.

Saving throws: All saving throws increase by +4.

CMD/CMB: CMD and CMB gain +4.
Bonus feats: Diehard

Skills: All class skills gain +4 misc modifer.

Special abilities: Arena, Special Senses, Death Armor, Special XP yield, Slam

Arena: The Boss has been well prepared for this encounter, and has made all nessecary preparations. Once the PCs have entered an the area that the boss has designated for the battle arena, the evironment itself was corral the PCs in. PCs cannot use spells such as teleport or items to escape the area, and all DCs for using skills to escape are deemed "Impossible." The only way for escape is to defeat the boss. Once the boss is defeated, the area will return to normal.

If the PCs attempt to teleport around the area, they will simply teleport into the designated area. Assume that all other areas carry an anti magic field.

Special Senses: PCs cannot use spells or stealth actions to escape the boss. If the PCs attempt to do so, they automatically fail.

Death armor: Bosses cannot be affected by spells that cause death, or cause them to disappear in anyway shape or form. If the PC decides to use this spell anyway, and it succeeds, the boss takes 6d6 damage in its place (plus modifers based on class).

Special XP yield: Destroying a boss takes more planning than the average fight. Once the boss is destroyed, the party gains twice the amount of XP earned than usual.

Slam: Boss gains the Slam attack as a special ability.

Ability scores: STR +4, DEX +4, CON +2, INT +2, WIS +4, CHA, +2

That's the exact copy of what was posted on our little facebook group page. I know every dm can do they're own thing but....

Ah well, maybe this will give someone ideas, or even have it used for your own games.

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