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Great Except for the Graul Family

****( )

I mainly bought this because I needed to flesh out the Graul family for Roll20. I find them to be too hillbilly and not grotesque enough. The other artwork in this is fantastic!

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The Hits Keep On Coming!


The more I read Hollow Mountain, I more I want a superdungeon!

Back to the comic,

Artwork: 10/10 still looks superb.
Writing: 10/10 I love the personality of each character, they feel organic.
Story: 10/10 I am really enjoying the arch of this comic. This piece of the story is great because the 2 parties must work together.
They included a stat block for Damiel the Elven Alchemist Iconic.
The mini encounter is neat. The map is quite basic, square rooms, leading to more square rooms, nothing fancy.

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Great Value


The Pathfinder Comics are a great value:
1. It's Pathfinder and a Comic
2. Maps (They went away from for awhile but are back!)
3. Mini scenarios
4. Awesome art
5. Great stories (Especially the Hollow Mountain)

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pretty enjoyable..way too short

****( )

voice acting was spot on. I liked the voice of the goblin, but wish the actor changed his voice because every goblin was the same.

music, really good. It comes with 2 tracks at the end.

story, for what it was it was good. Totally rushed but I enjoyed what was there.

price, thankfully paizo offered this at a reduced price for the time being. I still think its too much for what is given, but I was curious about it.

story, yeah its a pro and a con. The story could of been fleshed out more. It doesn't do the story justice to just run from one action scene to the next. With that said I still enjoyed what was presented.

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Great concept poor execution

**( )( )( )

I want to love this case but there's not much going for it that makes it worth the $30.

Pockets/storage. It has room to hold 4 pens/pencils/markers , 1 USB thumb drive, papers or a thin book like shown in the stock image and an additional sleeve in the front.

My iPad is not secure. The spacing of the elastic straps are too far apart and my iPad Air easily slips out. Not too mention the straps cover the power button and volume/ lock controls.

Too Big: the case is huge. I know it lists the dimensions but it's hard to really visualize it until you are holding it. It easily the size of a standard 3ring binder.

Pathfinder Online Logo: I'm not sure why it's even on it. It's black just like the case making it so hard to see, it might as well not be there at all.

I certainly would not use this as an everyday case. Overall it's too big to work off your lap, I tried using it during tonight's game session but because it takes up so much room, I just zipped it up and set it aside. Overall I'm pretty disappointed with it.