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Jhofre Vascari

Gwaihir Scout's page

FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 228 posts (231 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 10 Pathfinder Society characters.


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1 person marked this as a favorite.

It's a derro weapon, and derro are very silly people.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Get Smart would be perfect.

"If only he'd used his power for niceness instead of evil."

After failing to damage somebody - "Listen, fella, I hope I wasn't out of line with that crack about [previous insult]."

"Ah, it's the old [unusual thing that just happened] trick."

If you want to go full out with this, insist that someone cast silence every time the group discusses their plans.

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I fell victim to one of the classic blunders. I mispronounced "brazier." Not I mistake I normally make, which made it really annoying.

I've got it working in TeamSpeak. It doesn't sound nearly as cool through that as it does normally, but it's still pretty nifty.

The EASY way to do it is to use two devices connected to TeamSpeak. One you talk through, the other one plays Syrinscape. You'll have to set the Syrinscape device's default Recording Device under Sound Settings to Stereo Mix. This takes what comes out of your speakers and dumps it into your microphone. If your sound card doesn't support Stereo Mix, try using a program like Virtual Audio Cable or VB Cable. Check out the link in the hard section for help setting that up.

The HARD way is if you only have one device that can use TeamSpeak.
1. Download a program that adds a virtual audio channel. Virtual Audio Cable is supposed to be good; I use VB Cable since it's free and works for this.
2. Open the properties of your TeamSpeak shortcut and add "-nosingleinstance" after the Target path (no quotations).
3. Follow these directions starting at Step 2 to set up a profile for Syrinscape on TeamSpeak. Syrinscape doesn't have an option for Step 5, so read on.

These steps need to be performed each time you use the program.
4. Right-click on your speaker icon in the System Tray and select Playback Devices. Select Line 1 or CABLE Output or whatever the program you used added and make it the default device.
5. Launch Syrinscape. Make any audio settings changes you want to. I set it to Mono since TeamSpeak is mono output.
6. Return your default playback device to what is normally is. You will now not be able to hear Syrinscape except through TeamSpeak.
7. Launch TeamSpeak twice and use your bookmarks from the tutorial to log in as yourself and as Syrinscape.
8. Everyone should right click on the Syrinscape profile and adjust the volume to a comfortable level. -15dB or so is usually good.

That should do it.

Cool, missed that.

Still think it looks stupid, though.

If invisibility made real-world sense then you wouldn't be able to see anything while you were invisible. It's better that you limit visibility in water to the agitation you cause to it, depending on how fast you're moving. That could let an attacker pinpoint your location briefly (you still have total concealment), but wouldn't outline you like a glitterdust or faerie fire spell.

Sweet, you've caught up with my campaign. Temporarily.

I suggest using the Strain/Injury HP variant rule (found here). This will cause a very small change in how damage works, but it will mean your druid will need to use fewer cure spells.

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As someone who has taught archery to Cub Scouts, my first reaction was to wince at the damage he must be doing to his fletchings by nocking the arrow any which way.

The rest looks fancy (sometimes silly), but the main thing I was interested in was that thing about holding arrows in the draw hand. I'd like to give that a shot myself (pun entirely unintentional) if I get to a range this summer. Not sure how well it'll work for me, since I shoot left-handed because I'm left-eye dominant.

Doesn't sound like you have third level spells, but if you do, fireball the area, then set up a campfire wall.

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123. They will stand around wondering how to get across a chasm or up a cliff, when suddenly one of them will turn to another who has wings and say "Wait a minute, can't you fly?" And the winged one will say "Oh, right. Forgot about that."

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128. They assume that anything slightly interesting in a room is either a trap or relevant to their quest.

Spellscar oracles can get resistance to acid, cold, fire, electricity, AND sonic. Cast death ward and get a ring of forcefangs and you're as set as you can be, I think.

Normally I'd agree with you, but in this particular case of a progressively increasing DC, I would ABSOLUTELY let the character somehow know that it's getting harder to ignore the suggestion. It's much more dramatic to watch the character try to decide if the risk is too great than to just suddenly go too far. In fiction, the character's friends are often the ones to notice the change, and can bring that to attention, so you might want to give them a sense motive check rather than just say the fighter senses her sword's getting stronger.

Start having the sword not be satisfied with just one kill per draw, too.

Yes and yes. Grease requires careful placement if you want more use out of it than a single chance to make enemies fall prone. Of course, if you make an enemy have to move through a greased square to get to your party, you usually also have to worry about your allies having to get through the grease to get to the enemy. I like to use it to disrupt an enemy in the middle of a charge or to slow down enemies that are trying to flank my party.

You know your GM is out to get you when, after your group has a bag of holding, pit traps start leading to portable holes.

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No plan survives contact with other people.

I'm actually doing this with a single player who has only a little experience, playing Second Darkness. This might be helpful to you, but we did most of it so I could avoid work on the GM side, as I explain later.

We went with gestalt classes, and decided one should be paladin for the save boosts, immunities to a lot of SoDs, and Lay on Hands. The player picked evoker/admixture wizard for the other because he likes gishes and we thought the utility would be important. Divination would probably have been more optimized for one player, but eh.

Final result: Angel-kin aasimar, 25 point buy and cheated on the variant ability table to get an extra +2 INT in exchange for alter self. Gestalt paladin/evoker, relying on the Arcane Armor feats to avoid spell failure. Max HP, and all healing is maximized. To make up for the action deficit, we eventually also had to throw in the old version of haste, where you get an extra standard action each turn. I still limited him to one non-swift spell per round. Medium XP track when it should be Fast for the 3.5 rules tends to keep the PC less than two levels ahead of the where the game expects.

As for the GM side, I changed almost nothing. This is not my only campaign, just a side game we started when our normal group couldn't meet regularly. So I didn't even bother giving out favorable loot, and didn't convert the 3.5 stat blocks to PF, except for upgrading some drow to nobles to maintain the CR of boss fights.

The hardest part was a dungeon at the end of book one where the PC was only level 4 or 5 and had run out of spells, only making it through the dungeon by using a wand of CLW every round. I had a NPC ranger tag along as backup in book two, but he probably wasn't necessary. A fight with a dragon in book three was desperately close. Once the PC had enough gold to get a really high AC to became untouchable to most enemies, with no squishier party member to protect... you get the idea. We're in book 5, so not sure how the end will turn out yet.

This has been fun, but if we do it again, I'd rather the player played three or four PCs instead of just one super-PC to make things less swingy.

I'd actually go with Oratory as a real answer. Or a straight INT check.

6 people marked this as a favorite.

Sorry, but with that title, this needed to be done.

Sing along!

Oh, I've never fought a dragon,
And I've never killed a ruler,
And I've never found more treasure than the BSF* can haul,
And I've never cast a fireball,
And I've never split the party,
And I've never been to Sandpoint in the fall!

*Big Stupid Fighter

I just want to say that Runelords is a great AP for an arcane trickster. You'll reach high enough level to actually get the capstone ability, someone with thief's tools is always useful, and it's great being a wizard in this AP later. But you definitely don't need Trapfinding for this one. Trap Sense is still very useful, though.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

85. "Missed it by THAT much!" Fail an important roll by 1.

86. "Would you believe..." Fail an attempt to bluff an opponent into surrendering.

87. "Sorry about that, Chief." Decrease an authority figure's attitude towards you.

88. "And LOVING it!" Accept a suicide mission.

89. "If only he'd used his powers for niceness." Defeat a main villain.

90. "Second-biggest" Defeat a Colossal creature.

91. "Cone of Silence" Affect an allied spellcaster with silence.

92. "Agent 13" Successfully disguise yourself as an inanimate object.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Give out hero points instead.

Now I want to make an item that casts banishment on anyone that says "Mxyzptlk" backwards.

Step Up is great for arcane duelists, who get Disruptive for free. I almost completely shut down a lich with it. If I had only been a level higher, I could have gotten free AoOs on all those fumbled concentration checks.

And there is a published teleportation wizard in the PFS scenario

Port Godless.

Color Spray tastes like Skittles.


Sorry for the short notice. I've got two slots open for Risen from the Sands (the Free RPG Day 2014 module) tonight on Fantasy Grounds. No software purchase is necessary for this game; you can just get the demo from the Fantasy Grounds website or Steam.

For complete information and sign-ups, go here. I have pregenerated characters available, or you can get me your character (levels 2-4, but please don't bring a level 2 on this one) early and I'll convert it. Better yet, if you have Hero Labs, go to File -> Save Custom Output and choose the Fantasy Grounds option.

I have a Kindle Fire HD (7"), and PDFs display just fine, although zooming in is needed. Page loading is fast enough. I run my PFS games off it.

The Seifter wrote:
The bounty hunter is your Boba Fett, bringing back criminals and debtors alive with combat maneuvers and an incapacitating death attack.

No disintegrations?

So if I'm reading this right, you study your enemy to start with, then get bonuses to attack and damage until you run out of time or use a studied strike as a finishing move? And you can burn your inspiration pool to repeat it for tougher enemies? Sounds interesting.

Another reason not to allow drawing scrolls as part of a move action is because it's one of the options for the Cyphermage prestige class.

Cypher Lore wrote:
Swift Scroll (Ex): The cyphermage does not provoke attacks of opportunity when retrieving a stored scroll. If the cyphermage moves at least 10 feet, he may retrieve a scroll as a free action as part of his move.

I believe there's also a wizard archetype that uses scrolls as weapons.

The character wearing the robe of runes has ranks in Arcana, Engineering, and Geography, making Engineering and Geography the most likely knowledge skills. Most likely languages are Aklo and Thassilonian.

Not that that actually helps for PFS, but it's a place to work from.

Forgot about this. What I ended up doing was giving the blade the ability to absorb harmful transmutations as a passive, like a normal runeforged weapon, and then the +2 to saves and the bane would be activated by spending the arcane pool.

I scale everything. 25% more monsters, 25% more loot (I've added some cool items from later books this way). If it's a unique enemy, I give it max HP and another class level or the advanced template, plus 25% more gear if it has any. If it's the only enemy in the encounter, I add a couple of half-its-CR minions. We don't use XP, instead going by the level-up guidelines at the start of each section.

Yeah, it's work. Worked well, so far (halfway through book 6). Mostly-melee-oriented party, with the biggest threat being the paladin's +7 charisma and aura of justice.


Way to go, Mat!

Pan wrote:


This game is easy to learn tough to master. Its got a great strategy element and plays fast. The biggest win for this game is its great with 2-7 players. Good for die hard and casual types. This game is just pure win.

This board game is great for 4 player. The game is themed really well to the series. One knock I have is the game is a bit too do your own thing and players do not engage each other at all. For people who like competitive but not direct PVP games they will love it.

These are my two favorite games at the moment. Both look intimidating with all the card types (especially Firefly—there's 13 decks of cards!) but go very smoothly once you get used to turn flow.

One I just got for Christmas that's likely to join the top is Forbidden Island. It's the same game as Pandemic, with all players having different roles and every player's turn triggering new threats, except the players are teaming up to collect treasures and escape before the island sinks out from under you. It's simpler and faster than Pandemic (designed for a younger audience), but also much more dynamic as you are constantly losing parts of the island to flooding. You can also go to and get new tile layouts, some of which are brutally hard.

I really like Race for the Galaxy, too. You build up your civilization by settling planets, developing tech or institutions, or producing or selling goods. You have to choose which action you're going to take each round, but you also get to do the actions the other players choose that same round, so reading the other players is important.

There's also San Juan, which the same game except simpler and players choose actions in order instead of at the same time.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I suggest you read Monster Hunter International. The elves are

trailer trash!


The first encounter is weird. There are two orcs that are very far forward, next to or before the banner. I don't see how they're supposed to stay "hidden" as the text briefly mentions. Best way I can see to get them there is to have them move there if the party decides to try the challenge.

1. No, creatures must be summoned on a surface if they cannot fly. The key phrase is "Creatures cannot be summoned into an environment that cannot support them." This to avoid dropping whales on a monster's head. Summon an eagle instead. EDIT: OK, Beopere's quote is better.

2. Getting damaged doesn't make you lose your air, but fighting does. Full rules here.

3. I think you are correct about explosive runes. That's why they're nasty. A bit extreme for your PCs' level, isn't it?

4. I'm not touching this one except to say you may need to have a discussion about threat assessment before you start worrying about alignment.

I suggest you have the core of the swarm become a rat king dominating the other rats. Good way to add legend-y depth to the encounter.

The ideas above are great but I'd also add a way for the swarm to gain mobility, even up to flying or teleporting if the PCs can do that. Only thing scarier than a swarm is a swarm that you can't escape. (Protip: don't actually keep the PCs from escaping.)

EDIT: Hey, the rat king actually got stats in Bestiary 4!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

How about bizarre white spheres that inerrantly chase down people who get too close to the perimeter?

Seriously, The Prisoner probably has a lot of stuff you can steal adapt.

What the creature with the flexible anatomy said. Pearls (and runestones) of power interact with your actual spell slots, not the theoretical standard. Magical Lineage means you need less "power" to prepare the spell with metamagic, so a 1st-level pearl of power will be all you need to re-prepare the spell.

And spellstrike gloves can be pretty nice when you're facing only one opponent, since you get the extra attack from Spellstrike and can still deliver a spell you normally couldn't. Worth the 8,000 gp at higher levels.

Pillage, THEN burn! It's Maxim 1 for a reason.

Assuming you don't do the thing with having the rangers in a root cellar, they're in a fix. They won't know about the secret passage into the fort, so they'll have to fight or sneak past a lot of ogres. Hope they can come up with a good distraction. They also may not realize that there's more ogres up on Hook Mountain that need dealing with.

Yeah, the books are really written assuming they have information. If you don't want to do a lot of work, your best bet is to give them more rangers to rescue, making the dead ones random spear-carriers. It's not clear if they've already investigated the wreckage. If they have, then you should make another encounter, maybe move Myriana's grove into the Kreegwood and have the rangers trapped there. Then Yap can come early looking for help.

Killer Power wrote:
Gwaihir Scout wrote:
I don't quite understand the question. If you're asking if there's a way to drop class levels on a character the same way you add items or spells to them, then no, you've got to add all that manually to each character. You'd be better off asking this question on the FG forums; there's people more familiar with how things work there.

Sorry, what I meant was the following: FG calculates all character specific rules and active spells into combat roll's (as you wrote yourself in the example with the wizard and the ranger).

That means, it has to have the rules for e.g. favourite enemy and the spells the wizard casts.

So, I wondered if FG also has the rules for character classes like the witch (with her Hexes) or the Magus (with his Arcane Pool and the Spellstrike ability) or if you have to design them yourself (if this is possible).

But maybe you are right. I will go over to the FG forums and the question there. Nevertheless: Thanks for the help!
Also to all the others which gave me tips for tools. I will look into a couple of them before I finally decide which one I will try.

There is a spell library that parses out simple damage/debuff spells for you, but hexes, pools, bardic performance, rage, favored enemy, etc. you do yourself. Players can create a library of effects or "spells" they use themselves. A witch can make a "spell" for the evil eye hex that triggers an opponents save, then click on the effect she wants to add to her target. A ranger can add the effect "ATK: 2; DMG: 2" to himself every time he attacks a favored enemy. A bard can set up bardic performance like it's a sorcerer's spell he can use so many times per day and select which effect he wants to use, and so on.

You can do just about anything by making a "spell" for any ability, but you do have to do it yourself. The only things the system doesn't handle easily off the top of my head are temporary adjustments to Max HP, mirror images, fortification, and size changes. I don't know if version 3.0 will change that.

I don't quite understand the question. If you're asking if there's a way to drop class levels on a character the same way you add items or spells to them, then no, you've got to add all that manually to each character. You'd be better off asking this question on the FG forums; there's people more familiar with how things work there.

If I let the black blade get a free upgrade via #0, then I have to allow the other players to ignore the enchantment when upgrading their weapons, including pricing, in order to be fair. Would anyone who has actually gotten this far and done this care to comment? Does this work, or is the +10 limit there for a reason?

I actually didn't even think of #0 until I was typing this and rejected it out of hand, which is why I made it #0. But now I think I'll see what the other players' weapons look like when we get there before I finalize that decision. So thanks for that.

That's easy enough. In games that use Hero Poins, Heroism is a Thing, like it is in Disney's version of Hercules. These spells suppress or twist a hero's metaphysical connection with Destiny.

In this case, yeah, commune or contact other plane would be a good way to tell if someone is a Destined Hero hero hero...

A similar excuse could be made for a PC minding out in an enemy NPC had hero points, if you wanted to go that way.

Or you could just cut the spells and magic items out of the hero point system. Whatever works for your group.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Normally, you can't modify the black blade of a bladebound magus beyond what it naturally grows into. However, the whole point of Sins of the Saviors is to get runeforged weapons. At the time of forging, the black blade will be at +4 with the ability to add +4 of enchantments more via the arcane pool. I'm looking for some advice on how to handle it. Here are the options I could use:

0) The magus may permanently enchant his black blade in the runeforge pool as if it were a normal magic weapon and it also follows normal black blade progression, becoming a +12 equivalent weapon when fully activated. Hahaha—no.

1) "Sorry magus, you're out of luck. Your sword's cool enough already." Don't like this either.

2) The magus may permanently enchant his black blade in the runeforge pool as if it were a normal magic weapon, but since it's already at +4/+4, this +2 bonus will make it +10 and cap the sword where it is. It will not increase to +5/+5 at level 17. This hurts a bit, but the game's ending at 17 anyway. He can still use arcane pool points to get the sword to a +5 enhancement if he likes.

2.5) As #2, but the blade advances to +5 at level 17. This leaves only +3 worth of enchantments that can be added with the arcane pool. Least favorite of the three reasonable choices.

3) Enchanting the black blade in the runeforge pool adds the runeforged ability to the list of weapon properties the magus can add to his blade with his arcane pool. The blade advances as normal. This seems a bit too flexible at first, but that is the point of the arcane pool, plus he won't get the passive bonuses of having a runeforged weapon unless that property is active at the time. My current favorite option.

What do you think about these? Any other suggestions?

Seems to me that these spells should be used by major BBEGs, who should be scrying on the PCs and learning what would be effective against them anyway.

More directly, I'd limit the knowledge to divination spells that allow asking questions of extraplanar sources.

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