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Gunvaldr Gislasson's page

7 posts. Alias of TetsujinOni.


Dark Archive *****

A dark-complected man in beautifully worked spiked mithral shaped into the unholy symbol of dread Asmodeus, his silvery polearm catching the light as it leans from where his right leg should be, to the corner behind him. A plate of boiled chicken and glass of thin tea sit on the table, and his fingers continue to shred the meat from bone and mix it with a pinch of salt at an amazingly uniform rate as he speaks, interspersing sentences with morsels of food.

"I can teach several martial pursuits - the security of caravans, the needs of customs inspection, the profession of the sword at sea, or the profession of campaign and raid. I am also considered... adept... with Gentle Repose and other blades of her kind. I am Gunvaldr, Gislasson. My loyalties are... apparent."

"And my hunt for the snakes nears its end."

While Gunvaldr looks like an human Asmodean battle cleric, he is a pure polearm master, +15 profession: soldier and profession: sailor.

Dark Archive *****

Rogue Eidolon wrote:
I later ran that Special myself, and even with prep it was very complicated. I got cut off for time more than you did, and I was equally frustrated at losing the end of that awesome part with the costumes. If I ever play under you in more normal circumstances, perhaps I can refine my judgment. I look forward to it!

Yeah, as one of your players on that table at TotalCon, it was frustrating to get the setup for a very cool set of encounters, then not get to interact with them at all. Still, we got to do a hell of a lot of fun roleplaying-with-combat in the earlier parts of the scenario!

"I look around for more Aspis Consortium thugs."

Dark Archive *****

Oh, Rogue, you're soooo goblin.

No love (in the public eye)

The Paracountess' Stick-swinger

Dark Archive *****

How about profession masterwork tools for Sailor and Soldier: Cheliax Navy Boarding Harness and Cheliax Drill Instructor's Swagger Stick.

(Yes, my Aspis-hunting polearm fighter has two masterwork profession tools and two within-one-of-max-rank professions to go with his Ship vanity.)

Send the Chelish Marine trained gnolls. It'll be fun.

Dark Archive *****

I refused the faction mission in a year three. It was actually detrimental to the core mission and therefore violated the only three real rules of the Society.

Dark Archive *****

Fromper wrote:
WalterGM wrote:
hogarth wrote:
Clint Blome wrote:
Or when people bluntly ask for assistance on their faction missions; I prefer to trick people into helping me.
You mean kabuki-dance-secret-pretend-tricking the PC, or actually tricking the player? (If you actually accomplished the latter, I'd be surprised.)

I've seen a great example of this,

** spoiler omitted **

Re: Your spoiler for Slave Pits of Absalom.

** spoiler omitted **

That is my favorite Cheliax faction mission, ever.

Dark Archive *****

Scott Young wrote:
zrinka znidarcic wrote:
If you use it for recurring game days, there is only one login neccesary.

Ths is how we have used it up to now - and the character classes for PF are all in there now, so it's not as 4E-centric. However, now that we're adding different venues, we need different sites for each venue. I just spoke to Brian Mosely about this and he said they'd love to add multi-venue support but it's not a quick fix. I suppose one *could* re-jig the scenario description to include the venue as well, but that means inputting all the scenario data multiple times.

I *highly* recommend Warhorn, especially if you're not currently advance-scheduling your games. Free, simple, and lets you start scheduling games (and GMs!) well in advance.

I also advocate the use of Warhorn for recurring or multiple slot events. However, I am not so sure about the thought that classes are better than roles for table composition planning...

Is a magus an arcane caster or light infantry? Depends on the build, right?

Is that sorc a blaster, a buffer, a necro or enchanter, or some other exotic build? 'Sorcerer 6' doesn't tell you much at all.

Is that fighter a 2H Trip Whirlwind, a sword and board max-AC tank, or something even more exotic? The two make for very different tables and it can affect your choice of characters to bring or events to attend, and you can't tell from 'fighter'.

Is that cleric a melee combatant, a save-or-suck offensive caster, or a pacifist healer? Can't tell from 'cleric'. If your only cleric on a table is a frontliner...

The old role-based descriptors from the LG/LA days were far more viable as a table building tool. Knowing what you had coming to the con lets you plan to avoid disappointment, too (I'm looking at the question of whether any of the games that accommodate 7s will go off at MepaCon and can't tell from the signups in Warhorn... making me nervous about my travel dollars being wasted).

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