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Guang's page

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It seems to me that it makes sense that there are 2 first world languages. The good, or "Seelee" would speak Sylvan, and the bad, or "Unseelee" would speak Aklo. Not exactly what the books say, but I think I like it that way. Maybe you will too.

opinion poll: What is the height and weight range of Nymphs, Lampads, and Dryads?
(without the poll). How do you picture them? Somewhere between 4 and 8 feet (definition of size medium) somehow isn't all that helpful. Thanks.

Golarion has many human ethnicities inspired by, well, our human ethnicities. When a player wants to play someone based on a real world ethnicity, there's usually a good suggestion, or two, of a Golarion ethnicity that might be a good fit for their character concept, at least in the parts of the world that have already been detailed.

So, my question: If a player wants to play the Golarion equivalent equivalent of Jewish people, what ethnicity might work? Keleshite? Adding to the conundrum (at least in my mind) is that there is a crater of an ocean right where Israel would be on the Inner Sea map.

Vic Wertz wrote:
Guang wrote:
...they sound like people whose ancestors might have come from other places, but who are now acculturated.
That's what we were shooting for! We provided Big Finish with descriptions of the accents we wanted for each of the characters, based on where they're from and how well they are likely to have assimilated accents from living in other places. Take the three members of the Kaijitsu family: Ameiko, her brother Tsuto, and their father Lonjiku. Each has an accent appropriate for their Tian heritage, with Ameiko having adapted more readily to her current surroundings than her more traditional father.

That's......pretty impressive. Any chance of being able to see some of those descriptions?

Bob790 wrote:
Guang wrote:
They all sound like they live in the US to me, plus a couple vaguely british. (except the goblin of course.) Ah, well, I guess hiring people that actually live in different countries would be hard to do.
All the actors live in the UK. As do the production company.

My bad. Haven't lived in the western hemisphere for a very long time. My point was, they don't sound like people I meet all the time from all over the world, they sound like people whose ancestors might have come from other places, but who are now acculturated.

You find yourself tied up in front of a camera, reading a confession of your crimes as heavily armed masked men watch.

I wish nothing would go wrong ever again.

Not sure if I've responded to this post or not. Here are the entries I would most like to see in Bestiary 5:

Why should they be excluded just because they are core races? I realize that there are some human pirates and whatnot, but no basic, general, entry has been done yet.

They all sound like they live in the US to me, plus a couple vaguely british. (except the goblin of course.) Ah, well, I guess hiring people that actually live in different countries would be hard to do.

Touc wrote:
So, what to do about it? I'm certainly not going back to AD&D; I like the Pathfinder core classes, the fixes. Nor am I buying the beginner box. My thoughts: simplify the game again as much as possible.

Re-write the DM screen, changing what you like, borrowing from other sources. Warning: lots of math involved (took me forever, but I'm glad I did).

James Jacobs wrote:
Joseph Davis wrote:
Seriously hoping this one is Mythic, cuz you know, it feels appropriate.
A few of the NPCs will probably utilize some Mythic rules, but the AP is for non-mythic PCs.

I am so glad to hear this! I was afraid that everything was going to be mythic from here on out.


Awhile back, somebody put up a downloadable list of all the languages mentioned in bestiary entries. I think there were 81 of them. I'm having trouble finding them again....can someone please point me in the right direction?

Basically I'm looking at a multi-racial city, and considering whether letting players play a character with a bit of giant blood would be appropriate.

Shadowborn wrote:

Also, rickety bridges, tight tunnels, mounts, beds at inns, and various other in-game situations modeled for Medium characters can be inconvenient to downright dangerous.

Could you tell me more about rickety bridges and tight tunnels?

Matthew Downie wrote:
Because Pathfinder has squeezing rules that allow large PCs to go through doors?

The posts I found (talking about 3.5, and 4e) were concerned more about the unbalancing effect of extra reach, use of large size weapons, and bursts centered on the character affecting more enemies.

In real life? Nope. I've had power, and I don't like who it makes me become. The only tempting part for me would be the chance to watch what really happened way back in history.

In character, any character, though.....absolutely yes. Sign me up for 20 levels plus mythic plus whatever else I could weasel out of it.

Ok, so the advanced race guide is fine with Large PCs.....but why? It seems like in every other version of rpgs people see it as a really really bad idea.

zerzix wrote:

Hey James,

My home campaign revolves around the Inner Sea and Isle of Kortos mainly. (Sorry if this has been asked before or maybe covered in a product already out?) Any idea of the more frequent underwater sea life near the Isle?

Is there a larger population of one creature versus another and/or is the area warm enough to see certain water creatures like sharks, orcas, giant octopuss, sea drakes, grindylows, devilfish, aquatic elves, cecaelias, gillmen, locathahs, merfolk, sahuagin?

Have you checked out Cerulean Seas 3rd party supplements?

Sorry, not my thread. James' thread.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'm interested in how he'll be able to pull it off.

"Sir! We just received word! The Epsilon colony was overrun by an unknown alien attacker - 300 years ago!"

Hi James

I have travelled extensively and have met and gotten to know people from a variety of different backgrounds and cultures. One thing I really like about Golarion is how you guys try to include everyone in a non-racist way. So, question: What are the inspirations for the Mauxi people? Ethiopian, or someone else? And what does it mean that they have ash-grey skin - I don't think I've ever come across someone with ash-grey skin?

Adam Daigle wrote:
Infinite universes tend to have extra space just laying around.

True, but that infinity has, so far, been divided up in a specific way. I realize that squeezing new stuff in is done easily enough, but a new official pantheon needs to fit in the established cosmology somehow, or that cosmology needs to be scrapped, or at least tweaked to account for the new arrivals. The only unassigned "empty space", cosmologically speaking, might be the space beyond the Abyss in the outer sphere....and that doesn't quite fit. So......which sub-infinities are the new gods going to be officially assigned to? Outer planes are now double-booked? A new outer plane (or several) just for them? Or they just live out in the Osirion desert somewhere?

How does the addition of these gods affect the standard golarion cosmology? Each of the Ancient Osirions get their own fiefdom on the appropriate outer plane or what?

Thanks. Sounds like a year and a half would be a good estimate for completion of the whole path.

Does this replace and make obsolete Osirion, Land of Pharaohs?

Whatever happened to Throne of Night from Fire Mountain Games? Weren't they supposed to come out with a half-a-dozen part adventure path, one a month or so?

When can we see a picture of an Akiton human?

When will products for the second half of 2014 and beyond be announced?

Very ready for another continent, Arcadia or Sarusan ideally. Especially interested in the Arcanian humans and Sarusan humans, ideally broken down like the Tian and the Mwangi ethnicities were.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Studio Ghibli's Castle in the Sky crashed into Golarion. At least that's what the Gearsman always reminded me of.

Using common sense, what's the difference between a Ref save and CMD? In one, you are dodging area of effect or such like, and in the other you are dodging trips and shoves and such like. Aren't you doing the same thing then? From a common sense viewpoint, not neccessarily from a rules perspective, why are there two separate things for ref saves and CMD?

Thanks much. This is really helpful.

Makhno wrote:
Yes, that is the creature's Base Attack Bonus, which has the same meaning as a PC's BAB. It affects several things, most of which are irrelevant if you're just using the monster as written. (For example, what feats it qualifies for.) it only really matters if you are trying to make it into a specific, memorable NPC, or beef it up? Are there other parts of the bestiary entries that are only relevant if you're doing something special with it rather than using it as written?

Under statistics in Bestiary entries, there is something called Base atk. Is that BAB or something else? How is it used? Thanks

Thanks everybody.

Anyone else have advice on how to do what I'm trying to do?

if your going to be changing some of them how much of the epicrpg is left ?

I think it's doable with a minimum of tweaking on the epicrpg side.

I know that I'm going to have to find something to replace BAB in order for them to have a strong enough attack to take on pathfinder monsters. What else would I have to pay particular attention to, especially things that make, as stated by Pupsocket:
monster stats are based on an insane degree of character advancement.

note: started with pathfinder, dissatisfied with some of the mechanics, hence the borrowing from another system. I love the variety and beauty of PF monsters. I'd rather tweak a rule or three in epic system, than lose the beasts, as close to as written as possible, from PF.

d&d monster stats are based on an insane degree of character advancement. If you use them in other systems, you're honestly better off porting the concepts and reinventing the stats.

Thinking of doing it the other way around. Reinventing the stats on PC attack and damage to match Pathfinder beasties. I'm finding it's tougher than it looks, so looking to see what kind of warnings about specific things that must be addressed you all might have.

Looking at Epic RPG characters.
2d10 based. Skill points awarded that can go towards attacks, magic, anything. Classless and level-less.

I'm kinda looking for general advice first - I don't want to throw people off that might have some insights by mentioning a system they might not personally enjoy.

Is there any general advice people can give me on using characters from a level-less system fighting the monsters of pathfinder? I've been puzzled about this for quite awhile now. Thanks.

I think the Marilith and Lamia Matriarchs were what I was remembering. I had thought there was a natural creature that looked similar, but I guess not. Thanks

I seem to remember something like the Salamander, a snake with arms, no legs. Haven't been able to find it though. Anyone have an idea of where I might have seen it published? Or am I misremembering again?

Curious about the ramifications of this event, is all, and the worry (or excitement) it might cause in certain quarters. Basically having fun with the idea.

If we were to do this to a demon as well, would this make it weaker somehow? Easier to kill?

We already have the reason in place - wondering more how its future life will be different now that it is the same as it always was in many ways, except for now being a natural creature - a non-outsider Azata, if you will

This situation came up in our game - an outsider, a Yamah Azata to be precise, is supposed to stop being an outsider, and start being a natural creature of some sort. How would this work?


So the problems are all in background and story, rather than in game mechanics?

Starglim wrote:

Material Plane replacing the Boneyard - Where on your Material Plane is Pharasma's audience hall? I'd expect this to have pretty significant effects on raise dead, etc. spells and incorporeal undead, since the souls or spirits involved are now travelling a certain distance (and maybe passing through some described locations) rather than plane-shifting.

What would happen if I just got rid of Pharasma's audience hall altogether, and the rivers of souls in the Astral naturally flowed towards the proper planes by themselves? Psychopomps don't actually need her hall, I would guess. Fighting might be a bit increased over questionable souls, since there would be no fight-free zone to advocate for them.

I'm thinking of combining a few of the planes in my game. At least First world combined with Elysium, and the Material plane replacing the Boneyard as the neutral plane.

What parts of the rules is this going to affect? Am I messing everything up by doing this?

combining a few planes. Not games. Sorry for the typo.

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