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Pathfinder Society Member. 100 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character.


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There probably is a compromise. For example, you could probably say that what an armorist can summon or bind to themselves is limited by the cost of the item they would otherwise be able to bind. Thus for example a:

Level 1 Armorist: Can only bind or summon equipment which is worth 800gp or less (most masterwork equipment fall into this category)

Level 3 Armorist: Can only bind or summon equipment which is worth 2,800gp or less (most +1 equipment fall into this category)

Level 5 Armorist: Can only bind equipment which is worth 8,800gp or less (most +2 equipment fall into this category). At 6th level, the armorist may also summon equipment of this same worth.

Obviously, arsenal tricks that allow for other special materials or add an additional +1 may either increase the allowed worth, or be granted for free.

Using this compromise, a player wouldn't be able to have a laser torch bound till level 5, or summoned till level 6.

I just wanted to say that regarding the new Troubador:

1st, I appreciate the increased number of available personas (although, I would still love to see an "innocent" persona based around children and how full of hope and aspirations, while also ignorant and naive as to the cruelty of the world. The innocent also builds or creates our views of life, safety, nurture, loyalty, and family. The innocent in it's ignorance gains a wanderlust, and eventually loses it's innocence to the cruelty of the world as it matures and learns these cold facts. While innocent however, they have wild imaginations, and elaborate dreams; All of this together can make for an entire persona and can be labeled as 'The Child', 'The Innocent', or 'The Virgin'.

2nd, While I will miss all the personalization of the new Troubadour, I appreciate that the class overload has been removed. I also realize that 'something' had to give in-order to resolve this issue.

In short, I am overall happy with how Spheres of Might is progressing with this class; While the old Troubador's power level was not over-the-top before, it was overloaded with class abilities (which made it time consuming to build even low-level characters).

Wraithguard wrote:
I checked up on those examples. I didn't see anything in the Charlatan tradition...

The Charlatan tradition can gain rogue talents with secrets. There is a rogue talent in the Diviner's Handbook called Prescient Dodger.

Again, I personally would prefer if there was an Equipment talent (instead of 3+ classes gaining a class feature w/ get +X to AC). As to whether it was limited to unarmored or allows for light armor, I have the following thoughts:

If only works while unamored and unencumbered, the bonus should scale with level. The AC bonus should not be capped by HD.

If the talent works while unarmored or in light armor, and while unencumbered, the bonus should not scale. The bonus could probably be capped by HD.

Wraithguard wrote:
Ah. I hadn't checked out either of those very much. One level dip is definitely a small investment for something that might be a +4-+5 and likely scaling higher quickly.

Also note that in the instance of the Hedgewitch, the class is VERY dip friendly. In-fact, some people dip into Hedgewitch for nothing more than the Channel Spirit Allies power of the Spiritualism Tradition.

Wraithguard wrote:

Really? What talents/feats/abilities do that?

I must have missed something really awesome.

Dipping a single level into one of the following classes can get you your CAM to AC w/out much sacrifice (because CL is like BAB):

- Hedgewitch (either via Entropic Sage archetype or Charlatan tradition)
- Symbiat

Arachnofiend wrote:
Grovestrider wrote:
Wraithguard wrote:

I was thinking of a Knack for the Scholar that allowed you to add Int modifier to AC and CMD, a sort of Cunning Defender, but limit it to the Scholar's level (like the Kensai Magus) or a level requirement to push off level dipping for it.

Too powerful?

I believe the Dev's have been discussing the prospect of making an Equipment talent that allows you to add your Practioner Ability Modifier (PAB) to AC and CMD; Which I completely support BTW.

So do I think it is too powerful? Not in the slightest.

This ability needs to be worded so that casters cannot steal it; should Swashbucklers be getting charisma to AC? Absolutely. Should Sorcerers? Absolutely not. I wouldn't be bothered if having 6th or 9th level casting (or the equivalent of spells for SoP) barred you from using the talent entirely.

Thing is, Spheres of Power offers a number of ways for spellcasters to gain their Casting Ability Modifier to AC with almost no investment at-all.

Wraithguard wrote:

I was thinking of a Knack for the Scholar that allowed you to add Int modifier to AC and CMD, a sort of Cunning Defender, but limit it to the Scholar's level (like the Kensai Magus) or a level requirement to push off level dipping for it.

Too powerful?

I believe the Dev's have been discussing the prospect of making an Equipment talent that allows you to add your Practioner Ability Modifier (PAB) to AC and CMD; Which I completely support BTW.

So do I think it is too powerful? Not in the slightest.

There was a thread on the Drop Dead Studios Website where it was mentioned that the Dev's were discussing the prospect of doing a complete overhaul on all the spheres, particularly in regard to martial focus and dedication.

I am about to begin a new game where 3+ players will be using Spheres of Might (A scholar, A sentinel, and a troubadour; possibly also including a technician and an investigator archetype using spheres of power or might). Mostly I am curious, should this overhaul take place how long will it take for the changes to be made public, and should will we be expecting a 'Preview: Round 4'?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

There are also Legendary Talents that are currently in Playtesting.

Wraithguard wrote:

Having fun putting my Armiger together for the Commander level pledge. Gotta love the Martial Traditions enabling you to make some truly different starting characters.

I didn't see it in the message, but is there some specifics you wanted for the characters?

I have mine at:

Level 7 (seems like a good level to make it at, between low and mid levels of gameplay, useful for both)

20 Point Buy (seems fairly standard)

Equipment follows WBL table (obviously)

I also a Commander level pledge, was unsure of the specifics of character creation.

The character I wrote up was an 8th level Sage, so I made sure to make the best of Spheres of Power so to complement the Gish aspect of the character.

I know that none of the Spheres of Might gish archetypes for the Spheres of Power classes are complete, but I was wondering if there is a list of Spheres of Power classes that WILL for sure gain a SoM archetype.

SilvercatMoonpaw wrote:
N. Jolly wrote:
Gish Classes
That's not very many. Is that because these are going to be in the core book, or is this the playtest for the eventual gish book and you're just starting out?

I believe the main focus of the Gish Book will be archetypes for casting classes (I presume and hope to see to see archetypes for the Armorist, Elementalist, Hedgewitch, Mageknight and Shifter).

Ssalarn wrote:
I pulled Bleed Air out of the base sphere and added it to the Legendary Talents with a BAB +10 prereq, and added a bit of text that allows additional uses of Bleed Air against an opponent who has already failed their save to reduce their time before suffocation by 1 round. That should protect the player from wasting their turn, and move the ability to a point in the game where it should be more consistent with similar spell effects.
THUNDER_Jeffro wrote:
I have to say, I'm happy Bleed Air is staying in, even if it's as an Advanced Talent. I agree with the idea that moving it puts it at a power level more in line with other abilities in the game.

I am unsure if requiring BAB +10 is necessary though, while Bleed the Air is a Save or Lose/Die effect, it requires some setup and usually isn't immediate. Also, while BAB is a nice round number, if it is meant to mimic level 5 spell effects, wouldn't it be BAB +9 (Because Clerics, Druids, Wizards, etc gain access to level 5 spells at level 9 not 10).

On a separate note, if Legendary Talents are purely at the purview of GM's to decide if they are allowed or not, why do they even have a BAB prerequisites to begin with? I was under the impression that Legendary Talents were different from Advanced Talents in that they wouldn't going to have 'level' prerequisites. So why the change?

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Something else that I would like to see in Ultimate Wilderness is a new spell descriptor such as 'Plant' or 'Wood', including a list of previously published spells that would have such a descriptor including: blight, entangle, spike growth, and warp wood.

There are a number of reasons why I want a 'Plant' or 'Wood' spell descriptor including: Simplifies the 'Resist Nature's Lure' class feature to simply state that it grants the save bonus against anything with such and such spell descriptor. It simplifies the creation of feats or traits for individuals who specialize in Plant-magic. With Phytokinesis as a new Element for Kineticists, I think it is about due.

I am hoping that content from Player Companion's 'Alchemy Manual' & 'Heroes of the Wild' are both incorporated into Ultimate Wilderness.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I curious to see how Ultimate Wilderness's Shifter class compares to Sphere of Power's Shifter class.

Have you taken a look at the spheres of power magic system? You get at-will abilities that you can further augment as needed throughout the day.

Lirya wrote:
I am really looking forward to seeing the Conscript.

I am also excited to see the conscript as I would like to compare it to the Hedgewitch from Spheres of Power.

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miscdebris wrote:
Air0r wrote:
sadie wrote:

mekka2000 wrote:
What would be PERFECT should be a sheet for Spheres of power things. Not a new character sheet for each classe, but at least 1 sheet where you can put your spheres, your talents, caster level, spell pool, ...
Vote for Spheres of Power has been noted. I do actually keep a big list of all the stuff people ask for most often, even if I only work my way through the list slowly.
you can go ahead and put in a vote from me as well then.
And me, as well.

I also would like to see a Spheres of Power character sheet. I imagine it could be styled after the Neceros sheet with additional columns in the 'CLASS' section for CL, Spell Pool, etc.

N. Jolly wrote:
Reviewman wrote:

I just want to drop in and say that the Legendary Talents should not be locked behind level 10. Instead each talent should have a BAB associated with it as appropriate.

I understand Scout Sphere will make a character very stealthy and that's cool, but at level 5 a Wizard can cast Invisibility sphere up to three times in one day. For a Sphere caster they could get their entire party to have a +6 on Stealth as well as Hide in Plain Sight by 5th level. For a Castle Infiltration which would you think is more valuable? I would say the entire party being able to participate instead of one guy going Splinter Cell.

Options competitive with that may be considered Legendary Talent material, but a character shouldn't need to wait till level 10 to compete with stuff another class in the same niche did at level 5

As far as I'm aware, that's how we're doing them, so you don't need to worry there.

Honestly, I dont think that Legendary Talents should have any requirements besides Sphere and Talent Prerequisites. My reasoning is that for the most part the requirements on Advanced Talents were made due to 'world shattering' ability, 'potential abuse', or 'sheer power' but that is not the case Legendary Talents if I understand correctly.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Baval wrote:

Putting this one seperate as ive been editing my last comment a lot

Casters do NOT have more taxes, they have more options. A tax is an ability you dont want but have to get because its required for something they do want. Every single ability a sphere caster chooses is an ability he wants. A martial character has to choose abilities he doesnt want to get ones he wants, especially with armor proficiency. Another example is the fact that the boxing sphere is restricted to only light weapons, and also includes a talent to stop people from lying. If i want that talent, i need to take boxing, even though if i never plan on using a light weapon the sphere is useless to me.

I know that wearing heavy armor is technically something i dont NEED (it is btw, if thats the character im playing. thats like saying if you want to play a necromancer you dont need to raise the dead at level 1, which was Vancian castings method which was changed for SoP). However I neither NEED nor WANT medium armor proficiency if I want to wear heavy armor, so why am i forced to take it?

I agree, if the writers of SoM want to keep 'Proficiency' talents, atleast make them less taxy. This can be done by making the Armor Proficiency talent grant Light, Medium, and Heavy Armor proficiency by taking it once; making the Shield Proficiency talent grant Light, Heavy, and Tower shield proficiency by taking it once, etc.

By forcing someone to take a talent multiple times to gain other proficiency, you are inforcing a tax. If someone is intending to use Heavy Armor, than taking the talent twice or three times means that they were taxed one or two talents for proficiency they dont intend to use.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Ssalarn wrote:
I disagree with you. In fact, you seem to disagree with you, given that you note that the armor system is internally balanced. Heavier armor proficiencies are add-ons, not necessities, and every practitioner class can do their job exceedingly well with the proficiencies they have. A blacksmith who wants to wear a breastplate and fight with whip fiend is looking at three talents (which he gets), and he'll be doing stuff core martials can't for several levels. Most of the proficiency packages also offer multiple exotic weapons now, meaning that each one package opens up a plethora of combat options, articularly when combined with the new Equipment dedications. He's also going to continue to accumulate talents and feats every level thereafter, meaning his combat proficiency and functionality are going to continue to grow outward faster than core martials, until classes like barbarian, paladin, and ranger start playing catch up with their spells, companions, and Su options. If the martial classes were buffed up much more, they'd be better at low levels than some of the strongest...

I have to agree that by making 'proficiency taxes' you are still encouraging martial/caster disparity. I also see no problem with having the SoM classes being more "powerful" than core martial classes, they suck anyways.

Take a look at the level 1 blacksmith. If he spends all his talents just to get the armor, weapon, and shield proficiency he wants. What can he 'do' at 1st level?
- Grant +2 damage for 24 hours
- Sunder/Mend equipment.

Compare that to a level 1 armorist. He does not need to spend talents to get proficiency, although he could if he wanted. Instead he can spend his talents to cover the same bases of the Blacksmith, and still coming out on-top.
What can he 'do' at 1st level?
- War sphere: Totem of War (granting +2 bonus to damage)
- Creation sphere: Destroy/Repair object (pretty much sunder/mend equpment)
- Summon Any Weapon
- Bonded weapon of his choice.

I am not ofcourse mentioning feat use, because they both have feats. But as you can see, just giving the blacksmith a couple more proficiencies (shield + medium armor) would allow the Blacksmith to be more on-par with the Armorist.

And you know what is sad? The armorist is arguably the WEAKEST of all SoP casters, which would mean that at 1st level, the Blacksmith is actually weaker than the weakest of SoP casters.

I would also like to know if anyone in the party utilized sphere handbook expansions?

jedi8187 wrote:
I would like to see a version that makes as much sense for evil or chaotic neutral characters as the current version does for good and lawful. Maybe changing the restriction to good and providing archetypes for evil, lawful, and chaotic options. Although that would likely be a lot of work.

I just wanted to say that if they make the Paragon class restricted to good alignment and then included archetypes for evil, lawful, chaotic, and maybe even true neutral options, then they can each be written to make sense.

For Example, if written and fluffed for the Skybourne setting:

The base Paragon could be focused in protecting the weak (or Destroying the Oppressive).
The Evil Paragon could be focused in destroying the weak (or Protecting the Strong)
The Chaotic Paragon could be focused in the expansion of the Cryptwood.
The Lawful Paragon could be focused in destroying the Cryptwood.
The True Neutral Paragon could be focused in Protecting themselves (be it family, organization, etc).

SilvercatMoonpaw wrote:
Grovestrider wrote:
SilvercatMoonpaw wrote:

In other news it appears that some people have adopted "spheremighter" as the fan term for those that use this system.

I'd like to informally vote against that name as I think it sounds clunky.

Instead I'd propose "spherefighter": I find the "f" flows better.

I personally prefer "spheremartial"
That's not too bad. Still doesn't roll off the tongue quite like "spherefighter".

My issue with spherefighter is that I am quite certain that there will eventually be a Sphere of Might archetype for the Fighter class, and would like to avoid future confusion when someone refers to the Sphere Fighter (fighter archetype) vs a Spherefighter (SoM system user).

SilvercatMoonpaw wrote:

In other news it appears that some people have adopted "spheremighter" as the fan term for those that use this system.

I'd like to informally vote against that name as I think it sounds clunky.

Instead I'd propose "spherefighter": I find the "f" flows better.

I personally prefer "spheremartial"

In regards to Spheres of Power, I would recommend the Teleport Beacon talent.

Backer #6 at Commander. While I don't use Hero Lab, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to have a character immortalized as an NPC.

I would like to see Kickstarter Add-Ons including additional Hardcover copies of Spheres of Power and/or Spheres of Might.

It might help to have a voting poll made and placed on the Kickstarter page for all the suggested names, that way a more accurate counting for votes and popularity of names could be made.

Will Spheres of Combat be utilizing Path of War's Knowledge (Martial) skill? Because I think it would be awesome if it did, perhaps allowing those who invest in the skill to determine what combat spheres the target has.

Ssalarn wrote:
I don't think we have any spheres covering Linguistics though, and most of the Diplomacy options are class-specific instead of sphere associated.

I could definitely see an April Fools expansion for Linguistics that is a "Word-Play sphere" Something similar to OotS "Dashing Swordsman" where making a successful Linguistic's check allows adding Charisma to various rolls such as attack, damage, saves, etc.

Luthorne wrote:
...kind of have an admittedly zany mental image of someone surfing down a mountainside on a giant greatsword or tower shield, possibly with other members of the party trying to balance on it...

I also want to second the idea of shield surfing, not just the LotR shield surfing that Legolas does, but also the kind that is done in DreamWorks Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas

I think my question was skipped over.

Is there currently any support for those who dual-wield two tower shields?

I am curious if there will be dual-wielding shield support (including tower shields).

Taperat wrote:
The way I would go about that would be to make a ritual that mimics the effects of the restoration spell. It would result in a 1-hour ritual that costs 1050 gp in materials. It avoids stepping on the toes of the advanced talent, as that only requires a single standard action to use making it viable in combat or other stressful situations.

I would also suggest using rituals for the same reasons.

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Ectar wrote:
Spheres of power by Drop Dead Studios is really good if you want a different flavor of magic.

I just wanted to second this.

Dotraj wrote:
I was looking at the fortified casting boon and saw that it doesn't affect spell points.

While it doesnt say it explicitly, it in-fact does affect your spell pool. Spheres of Power, pg 9 states the following:

Spell Points wrote:
...Each caster gains a pool of spell points equal to their class level plus their casting ability modifier.

Because Fortified Casting lets you use your Constitution modifier as your Casting Ability Modifier, you infact can use it to determine spell points.

Arythain wrote:
DM-Salsa wrote:

I believe you can pick what attribute you use with any of the Spheres of Power classes.

Scratch that, Tenro has the right idea.
Eh, that only allows it for the spheres, not for the attributes of the class like spell points.

Actually the trait explicitly includes spell points (emphasis mine)

Choose any one mental ability score, you use that score as your casting ability score for any sphere casting classes you have, thus affecting the use of spheres, talents, spell points, etc.

thelizardwizard wrote:

so, if I went encanter, I can literally pick and choose spheres/talents as I wish? is that correct? If so this is gonna be cool. ALL DA MAGICS.

Every spherecasting class may pick and choose whatever spheres/talents they want (not just the incanter).

rungok wrote:
....could I make someone that can do shouts like in skyrim?

Someone on the playground forums posted this which you might find helpful to emulate specific shouts.

SilvercatMoonpaw wrote:
Just to be clear this is just monster stat blocks and there's no advice for converting other monster SLAs and spellcasting to Spheres?

Yes, it is just stat-blocks.


1) How did people balance alteration? It seems that I can give 3-4 traits at 6 level (with the advanced talent) traits. I can also spent an extra spell point to give all an equal amount of traits to 1 ally for every 2 levels I posses. So at 6th level I can spent 2 spell points and give to my three melee 3-4 traits which include pounce (1 trait), 4 claw attacks each (2 traits), an extra pair of arms (1 trait) and later give them even more hands and fly speed, more natural attacks etc.

So they can fullattack every round due to pounce and get a terrible amount of offensive power.
Add couple of buffs from one or two other classes, and godforbid if one of those is a bard and you just created unstoppable killing machines.

Am I doing something wrong here? Am I understanding something wrong? even without the advanced talent you still can spread around 3 traits to 3 people at 6th level.

Some very minor things to note:

1st, you may be able to grant 3-4 traits at CASTER LEVEL 6 (with the Advanced Talent). But being caster level 6 does not mean the same thing for everyone. For example:
- an Armorist is 12th level when she has a Caster Level of 6. Eight talents to spend on spheres/talents. BAB of +12/+7/+2.
- a Hedgewitch is 8th level when she has a Caster Level of 6. Eight talents to spend on spheres/talents. BAB of +6/+1.
- a Shifter is 6th level when she has a Caster Level of 6. Six talents (with Alteration being free) to spend on spheres/talents. BAB of +4
- a Soul Weaver is 6th level when she has a Caster Level of 6. Eight talents to spend on spheres/talents. BAB of +3.

So, even assuming that the character in question is not only CL 6, but level 6 aswell, that sort of limits us to High-Casters and the Shifter (neither of which benefit from their own pounce ability at that level). In addition, in order to give all the abilities you listed, you would need the following talents (not including the Alteration sphere:
- Additional Limbs
- Avian Transformation
- Bestial Reflexes
- Greater Transformation
- Mass Alteration
- Extreme Transformation

A shifter would have to spend ALL his talents on acquiring these to do all this. A soul weaver would have only 1 talent remaining to either spend on the Alteration talents or to acquire a new sphere.

In other words, it would be a heavy investment, as opposed to a single spell slot (with Vancian spellcasting).


2) Similarly, how do you deal with multiattackers? either via the twf style or natural attacks, when someone stacks number of attacks, shocking weapon quality, has a bard in the party which enhances every single attack with inspire courage, throw couple of buffs and your average unarmed strikes/twf/Natural attacks jester becomes monstrous?

I know DR is a thing... but it seems every single creature will have to be modified as such to have a chance of staying alive.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but multiattackers at level 6 aren't exactly something new (Animal Companions, Beast Form, Eidolons, etc). The Alteration sphere doesn't change that. But unless the targets of the shapeshift also invest in feats such as Multiattack, they may find their secondary attacks missing more often than not.

Just a heads up, Wizard's Academy has been released which is an Adventure module for Spheres of Power and includes a small Bestiary including 100 monsters.

Aramil Wellys wrote:
How does it compare with the standard magic system, in particular will it make those using the standard magic system feel either underpowered or even useless?

Spheres of Power is considered generally weaker than the standard magic system. It however allows for thematic character concepts otherwise impossible to accomplish at low levels (such as a space/time wizard who is able to teleport aswell as freeze time at level 1, or shapeshifter who can turn into a dragon at level 1, etc etc). While these concepts may sound 'overpowered' they are actually very well balanced. However, because Spheres of Power encourages characters built around themes, it is difficult if not impossible to be a 'batman wizard' or 'god-wizard' caster who has solutions to 'all the problems'. Instead, you will be able to do One or Two things REALLY WELL or alot of things poorly (depending on how much you invest in each sphere).

An Alteration sphere specialist is in my opinion the most versatile (especially with the release of the Shapeshifter's Handbook).

As for most restrictive, I think a Life sphere specialist will be the most restrictive. They are capable of only one thing, heal (unless you are against undead).

All the other spheres have several utilitarian abilities. Luckily in the case with the Life sphere, a Hedgewitch with the spiritualism tradition only needs a couple Life sphere talents and can simply grab 'restore X' or 'restore Y' talents whenever it becomes necessary.

Aolis Greenborn wrote:
Is the base creation sphere redundant with protection sense I can create barriers in place of things like walls?

If you were only going to use creation to create walls, than sure. But just for completeness sake, lets look at each more closely. (Assuming CL 7)

Barriers w/ Creation sphere: Hardness 5; HP 10; four 10-ft x 10-ft x 1-in wall (becomes eight at CL 8); Duration Concentration (or 7 hours w/ Lengthened Creation)

Barriers w/ Protection sphere: Hardness 0: HP 11; Break DC 18, 45 radius surrounding caster (or seven 10-ft cube barriers w/ Greater Barrier); Duration 7 rounds.

However Creation has several other uses besides creating walls, infact there is alot of versatility in that sphere. Infact many challenges may be able to be simplified just by creating a mundane item.

Aolis Greenborn wrote:
Would a staff of conjuration be worth it or is something like a staff of destruction way more useful?

That depends, what would the enhancement bonus of the staff be? If it will only be a +1 Staff, than it will do the following:

Conjuration - Wont affect summon's Stats, but will grant an additional +1 on attack rolls and skill checks.
Creation - Increases/Doubles the size/number of objects created.
Destruction - +1 die (when spending a SP), and +1 Save DC.
Divination - Sense duration last +1 hour.
Protection - Aegis duration last +1 hour, slightly larger barriers.
Time - +1 Save DC, duration +1 round.
Warp - teleport slightly further away.

Honestly with your spheres, the "best choices" would probably be Creation, Destruction, or Protection. Everything else (at this level) only be slightly buffed with +1 CL.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

@Aolis Greenborn: Remember that with the Divination sphere, you gain FREE alternate divinations each time you acquire a new sphere. Thus, you gain the following alternate divinations for free:

Divine Unnaturals (Conjuration) - Divine the presence of outsiders and aberrations.
Divine Components (Creation) - Divine materials which you can create, or Divine what the product of presented components may create.
Divine Hostility (Destruction) - Divine when creatures take damage, type of damage they took, and from what direction the damage originated.
Divine Protection (Protection) - Divine what creatures have the lowest AC, or Divine the highest and lowest save of each creature within range.
Divine Time (Time) - Divine what size of creatures were in the area in the immediate past and what objects were moved into or out of the area.
Divine Warp (Warp) - Divine the presence of rifts, portals, teleportation circles, etc.

UnArcaneElection wrote:
@Gobo Horde: Seems that some of the things like Material Casting and Magical Signs ought to have options to be specific to certain spells (yes, I see where it talks about General Drawbacks and Sphere-Specific Drawbacks, but a little more customizability could be helpful (even within one spell, how about something like you can cast the basic version with no Material components, but if you want the really good version, you have to shell out for it . . . .

Ever hear of alchemical power components? Most of them can be adapted to work with Spheres of Power with little effort (especially with the Destruction sphere, since the Destroyer's Handbook added descriptors to each energy type).

I haven't checked anywhere near the whole wiki -- in fact this is the first time I have seen it (although I have heard Spheres of Power mentioned before), but I did notice after some searching through it that number of spell points, etc. that you get seems to be covered in individual class descriptions, while expenditure of spell points seems to be covered in Sphere descriptions. Neither bit of information is in the home page, so you will just have to explore A LOT to learn what you need.

The last line in the paragraph entitled 'Spheres of Power' says the following: "...For more information about the mechanics, see 'Using Spheres of Power' below."

Just below that there is a blue link entitled "Using Spheres of Power". Clicking on said link will bring you here which explains how spheres of power actually works.

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