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Complete Disappoinment

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After being completely thrilled with the Condition Cards, I was totally appalled by this deck.

1) Single sided with no duplicate copies for group spells. So I need 3-5 copies of the deck every time I cast a haste/bless/aid/mass anything, but I have cards for instant actions like charge, total defense, and fighting defensively, which are done by the time I can find the cards in the deck. I could live with single copies if they could be read from across the table, or at least the player next to you but....

2) Small Fonts due to wasted space and layout. The type of bonus, probably the most important info when stacking buffs, is the smallest font on the card. Do we really need a miniaturized picture of the source book wasting space that could be used to flesh out the spells? How hard would it have been to make the reference CRB p. 316 at the top near the name of the effect? 1/3 of each card is the stacking bonuses summary, an over-sized stat box for att/dmg, range, AC and 3 saves meant to let you tally up all of your bonuses for easy math, but....

3) The Stacking feature is broken. Duration is at the top of the cards instead of with the bonuses. If you are stacking them to line up your bonuses/penalties you can't see when each one fades, but you can see the page reference. But you can't really use the layout for stacking anyways, because of.....

4) Inconsistent/broken mechanics. Rage cards calculate your bonuses to hit/dmg but Mutagen does not. Protection from Evil lists its save bonuses vs evil, but Inspire courage doesn't list its bonus on saves vs fear at all. Bonus types are listed incorrectly such as Bull's Strength listed as an Enhancement bonus to Attack and damage, and you can't see the main text which might clarify that while stacking. So you still have to full-spread layout the cards to read the whole effect anyways, to get your whole buff info, right? WRONG, because of....

5) Gross oversights and errors. Common buffs are just missing or have incomplete info and you have to look them up anyways. Where are the Resist and Protection from Energy cards? Why does the Invisibility card make no mention of ending when you attack, and the bonuses you get on that attack? I know they can't put everything on every card, but Mage Armor doesn't mention it works on incorporeal attacks, and the card is almost totally empty!

So to sum up: You can't use it for stacking, you can't use it to let your group know what's on them, the effects on the cards are misleading, and you are missing info and common buffs.

Useful only as an expensive bookmark set with cartoony Kyra and Seoni reminding me of a terrible purchase.