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Grolloc's page

RPG Superstar 6 Season Star Voter, 7 Season Dedicated Voter, 8 Season Dedicated Voter, 9 Season Dedicated Voter. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Venture-Captain, Alabama—Birmingham. 186 posts. 1 review. 1 list. No wishlists. 30 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Alabama—Birmingham aka Grolloc

Soon (TM)

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Alabama—Birmingham aka Grolloc

groverevorg wrote:
Not to hijack, but I was wondering how character creation is handled? Can I sign up for a level 1-5 event and roll my character there, or do I need to create a character beforehand?

Not 100% sure it will be available again this year, but there is usually a herolab station set up for making and printing characters, staffed with people who can help make it happen very quickly. If you can get there early or between slots and already have an idea what you want to make you can probably get it done.

Be careful to only chose options for books you own and have with you, the herolab stations have every book unlocked. Just because herolab has it available that doesn't make it legal for you without the books/pdfs to back it up.

And remember you can always play a pregen to try out new classes and apply the credit to your own level 1 character later. Even in between slots, during gencon is not the time to figure out how occultists or vigilantes work (love `em but they're complicated)

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Alabama—Birmingham aka Grolloc

Forgot about it completely until almost midnight. #1 in line still took almost 5 minutes to process. Still got both pregen specials and the last 3-4 ticket in 8-00.

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Alabama—Birmingham aka Grolloc

Contact your local venture officer or your GM if it was very recent, either can reprint your chronicle for you. Write down as much info as you can remember about the session to help that person track down your info: your PFS number, the scenario name and number, the date and location you played at, the GM and a few other player/character names at your table, and any specific boon or loot weirdness you can remember.

Most of this would be for an existing character, but for a perma-dead one you could really just write a note on the last chronicle you do have for him. Mostly you just need a reminder that he's unplayable in the future.

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Alabama—Birmingham aka Grolloc

Conga rats!

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Alabama—Birmingham aka Grolloc

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Conga Rats to Alabama's newest 5 Star GM, Zachary Hall​!

Thanks for running 150+ tables, spearheading the very successful Core campaign, running our only group of Seekers through retirement and beyond, and generally being an awesome PFS representative all over. Everywhere I go to cons, people recognize Birmingham as "that's where Zach Hall lives! That guy is awesome!"

Thanks for continuing to be the best GM I never have time to play with!

Liberty's Edge

Eric Clingenpeel wrote:
Any player/character in common with all the switched dates? Could it be possible someone reported a character as being core that they had credit on before core was a thing so it switched the tables that character was in to core?

Just checked that, no players in common among all of the affected sessions.

BTW tracking this info is MUCH harder now that sessions don't list players outside of going in to edit and big events are paged. I love that those big events will load faster, but it makes any attempt to find player and session errors a nightmare.

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Alabama—Birmingham aka Grolloc

#2-21 The Dalsine Affair, and really play up the first two acts.

Get the store owner to portray VC Muesello for the briefing and first act and some store regulars to play the Dawnflower cultists in the second.

Magic players vs pathfinders as the guards outside the manor

#5-99 The Paths We Choose, with specific chapters.

chapter selection:
run the Exchange, Silver Crusade, and Osiris chapters. Let the store owner play guaril, the autioneer,or the peddler respectively. Let the store employees play the slaves in the silver crusade chapter.

#14 Many Fortunes of Grandmaster Torch: The LARP

really play up acts 2 and 5. Grab character sheets and dice and walk around the store for different acts. Stash the maps at each location before you get to each encounter and again, cast your employees and owners as the NPCs. Act 2 at an actual checkout counter would be epic.

Liberty's Edge

I still have 3 sessions that I have yet to manually correct listed as core on dates before core went live. They are all from the same event 11194, sessions 294 on Jan 24 2014, 361 on June 20 2014, and 388 on Sept 5 2014.

Looking at the entire history of the event, I see it has happened to several other gms as well, the oldest session being session 50 on Aug 17 2012, and sporadically ever since until we stopped using that event. All of the affected games are season 0 scenarios.

I am absolutely sure I was the only reporter for that event at the time. I suppose someone could have manually edited these sessions later, but I don't know who or why they would have, especially for these random sessions long before core was live.

Liberty's Edge

Several of my older (dated 2013 or older) GM'd games have turned into core (PFC) in reporting. I have noticed they are all older scenarios, season 0's for sure possibly season 1's.

I can manually edit the session to correct the game to the standard version which seems to stick so far. I checked one other GM and it has not happened to his account, so appears to be sporadic, or possible just affecting Venture Officers?

Just letting someone know

Mike Seales
VC Alabama-Birmingham

Liberty's Edge

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It sounds like you posted in the wrong forum. This forum is for Pathfinder Society Organized Play discussion, and what you described sounds more like home game issues. That said, many of us have hundreds of hours of GM experience both in organized and home play.

For keeping creepy creepy try some RL ambiance: dim the lights a bit, ban phones and laptops, get a creepy soundtrack as background music, and try to cut down out of character table talk. Throw in some completely non-combat encounters just to mess with them. Something hideously over their CR that is just feeding off their fears, stalking them but no intention of killing them. Take your time with combats, really get into the descriptions of the creepy. Even lowly ghouls can be terrifying if you set the scene. Everything in horror should be run slow until you get to the straight-up combat stuff. If the party is tracking something through the haunted forest make sure those tracks aren't just footprints, but leftover body parts. Make that cleric really regret too many ranks in heal when he starts to add up how many fingers he's found on the trail.

Most of your issues will work themselves out with good old fashioned play time. Being able to merge different genres in one game is an art form that just takes practice. You might look to some of the season 5-7 PFS scenarios that have both RP and combat instructions in the encounters as a guide. I won't spoil any of those specifically, but reading how an encounter can start and resolve diplomatically, but still have combat stats and tactics for when things go wrong might help you out. You'll notice in most modules and scenarios the antagonists usually have an awful lot of backstory, tactics, and motivations that the PCs will rarely have the opportunity to discover. Most of that is for the GMs benefit to make your baddies feel like more than just combat #6 of 12.

Likewise, if you are writing your own adventures, make sure your badguys have established motivations and goals rather than just MUAHAHAHAH world domination let's roll initiative. Even the lowliest thug #3 might have a reason for joining the evil cult and could turn a mindless combat encounter into a RP hook with some interrogation rolls or even a boxed-text soliloquy with his dying breath. Even if your PCs are just slaughtering everyone, a journal handout in the thug's gear can provide the same info, and possibly nudge the players into a little more investigating and less hack-n-slash.

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Alabama—Birmingham aka Grolloc

Conga Rats!

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Alabama—Birmingham aka Grolloc

Conga Rats Walter!

Liberty's Edge Star Voter Season 6, Dedicated Voter Season 7, Dedicated Voter Season 8, Dedicated Voter Season 9

Thanks to everyone providing feedback, and those providing enough votes to get through the culls. I am just getting over Superstar funk, because while I really liked my item, I love my half finished map.

I know I forgot to properly reference Opening Volley, and missed the encoding of italics for the construction spells (darn you open office and your one-button ease of formatting!) There may be a few other minor edit differences between this last open office paste and the final submission, but I think it's very close to what was submitted.

Blood Volley Blade
Aura moderate transmutation; CL 10th
Slot none; Price 22,320 gp; Weight 1 lb.
This twisted triple edged +1 Returning Dagger always glistens as blood continually trickles down the grooves between the blades. This thin stream of blood pools near the tip but never drips off. While wielding this weapon a creature is considered to have the Opening Volley feat. On a successful thrown hit a blood volley blade does not return, but lodges in the body of its target and deals 1d4 points of bleed damage. If the bleed condition is removed by a successful heal check or magical healing effect applied before the thrower's next turn the dagger returns to the owners square as normal. While the bleed condition from a blood volley blade is in effect an attacker can retrieve the dagger from the victim's body with a successful steal combat maneuver that does not provoke an attack of opportunity. Removing a blood volley blade in this way deals 1d4+1 damage and transforms the dagger into a +1 throwing rapier for 10 rounds. If the blood volley blade hits while thrown in its rapier form, it deals its damage and then transforms back into its dagger form.
Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armors, bleed, major creation, telekinesis ; Cost 11,106 gp

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Alabama—Birmingham aka Grolloc

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Conga Rats!

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Alabama—Birmingham aka Grolloc

If you run from a laptop or tablet, combat manager is game changing. It has initiative and hp tracking, dice roller, monster stats, quick templates, and prd references. It's not perfect but it is awesome, and created and maintained by a pfs player. The windows version is free (please donate) but the tablet versions are paid apps from apple or Google stores.

That said, learn to run your game completely analog with real dice, books, and initiative trackers. Your home game cave/local store might be digital-friendly but cons rarely are.

Don't take things personally. Whether it's your screw up and players gripe or go over your head to a vo/organizer, or their overpowered munchkins roll over your carefully prepped encounter in the surprise round, remember it's just a game and many people enjoy it differently than you.

Your #1 job as a gm is to make sure everyone, including yourself, has a good time. If that means talking to a guard about his life choices or yelling out really big numbers really loud, your job is to make sure both of those guys are having a good time for a few hours.

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Alabama—Birmingham aka Grolloc

Conga rats!

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Alabama—Birmingham aka Grolloc

Conga rats!

Liberty's Edge

You are imagining potions way too big. Potions are less than a standard shot glass.

prd wrote:

Physical Description: A typical potion or oil consists of 1 ounce of liquid held in a ceramic or glass vial fitted with a tight stopper. The stoppered container is usually no more than 1 inch wide and 2 inches high. The vial has AC 13, 1 hit point, hardness 1, and a break DC of 12.

Pixies are small creatures at 2 feet tall, so they should have no more problems than a minimum height gnome or halfling. Even a sprite at diminutive 9 inches tall and 1 to 2 lbs isn't going to have a problem drinking 1oz, although the vial might be 2-handed. Anything that small should also have a super high metabolism.

I usually describe giants as eating potion vials and wine bottles whole. 1oz potions are just magic gelcaps to them.

Liberty's Edge

Oh war is the common cry, Pick up your swords and fly.
The sky is filled with good and bad that mortals never know.

Liberty's Edge

Yep. But +6 attack isn't terribly accurate at that level. As a ranged attack roll you need to adjust for cover and being in melee, all those ugly modifiers that make sure wizards don't actually hurt anyone with a crossbow. Also, as an instantaneous spell all of the attacks are simultaneous, so your tanglefoot bag won't help the other attacks hit.

Flagged to be moved. This is a rules or advice, but not a pfs issue.

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Alabama—Birmingham aka Grolloc

Conga rats!

Liberty's Edge

I was also a little bit stunned at the difficulty of The Elven Entanglement. After our first failed attempt I hit the forums to make sure we weren't doing something wrong. I'm not calling this encounter a design flaw though. As a longtime board gamer I prefer co-op games to be punishing, but I was a little surprised to see full throttle difficulty in the second adventure. We finished it after four tries with no deaths on any attempt, but it was close a few times. Some people have declared it can only be completed by luck, but I feel our group tightened up our tactics to make it possible.

All of our players are PFS vets, and we were a little upset that we didn't get the opportunity to face "Stompy" from the first encounter of the PFS scenario.

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Alabama—Birmingham aka Grolloc

My favorite items for frustrating identifies are Feather Tokens. Strong conjuration aura, cl12 (DC 27).... and mostly useless.

Experienced agents either make the tough roll or just throw them into a bag and consider it the Pathfinder quartermaster's problem. Newbies freak out and think they have found the BBEG kryptonite.

Liberty's Edge

I can see it both ways:
Agile gives us a precedent for a similar but not identical ability, but was not designed by the PDT.

RAW says DEX instead of STR and calls out if an effect would deny STR then you can't use DEX either, possibly inferring just a numerical swap of the two modifiers, using all the CRB rules for how STR interacts with hands on a melee weapon.

-- or --

The assumed incomplete rule very well might be intentional. Add DEX to damage (period no penalty for off-hand) could be the deliberate new status quo for rogues. The much more common dual-wielding rogues get a bonus by eliminating a feat tax (Double Slice) and the rarer 2-handing finesse rogues pay for their more frequent crits and big dice with lower modifiers.

and isn't the whole point of unchained rogue more awesome with less hurdles to jump, but without the power creep of a whole new class?

FAQ requested either way.

Liberty's Edge

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The smitter wrote:
You can only have shield a bonus from one source. So you can fight with two shifts but only one of them is going to improve you AC. I am not sure if fight with two shields is allowed but I would not allow that in my game.

There is another long thread about dual-shield fighting where James Jacobs also thought it was silly until someone found two historical precedents for it: A Maori warrior style and an oriental martial arts style. The Maori style looked a little more traditional shield-bashy, while the martial artist used the edges of the shield like a large blade, but it looked to me like they were still blunt.

To the OP: you can also use the Weapon and Shield style Ranger, and just make your weapon another shield. That gets you Shield Mastery at 6th level instead of fighter at 11. The ranger is a little more offensive than the Fighter. I played the (non-dual)Shielded Fighter as a high AC tank for PFS and loved pushing things around the battlefield, but I didn't do any real damage with him until about 7th level. The new size stacking FAQ is also going to reduce his damage, as Shield Spikes and Bashing enchantment will no longer stack officially.

Liberty's Edge

The kineticist coming soon in occult adventures is mechanically very similar to the 3.5 warlock. Unlimited zaps that scale up as you level and can be modified by discoveries. The Kineticist is tied to elemental forces and less to muahahaha dark mystic powers of the warlock, which I think makes them integrate into the world better.

Also, PFS is the wrong forum for this discussion. Flagged to be moved.

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Alabama—Birmingham aka Grolloc

Sebastian Hirsch wrote:
John Francis wrote:
Sebastian Hirsch wrote:
I bought the biggest one, it is about one or two inches smaller than two flip mats together

That's not the biggest one - there's one over three times the size of that.

Two flip-mats (24" x 30") put together cover a 48" x 30" area, which is a bit smaller than the 48" x 34.5" of the Chessex Megamat (but a bit larger than the printed portion of that mat).

It would take more than six flip-mats to cover just the printed area of the biggest Chessex mat.

That seems excessive, but the idea to hold an entire Game Day at one giant table seems like a nice idea, once a slot is over just rotate the players and GMs clockwise^^


I was looking for a way to justify buying a mondo-mat!

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Alabama—Birmingham aka Grolloc

My name is Mike Seales, the Pathfinder Society Venture-Captain for Alabama-Birmingham. I am contacting you to ask for help with GMing opportunities at Play On Con 8 on July 9-12, 2015. Play On Con (POC) is a family-friendly four day fantasy and science fiction fandom convention held each year in Birmingham, Alabama--the Magic City!

Last year at POC we ran 42 of 60 offered tables, including one special, and an unsanctioned LARP. We had zero player or vehicle casualties this year, but did lose a rather untimely battle with venue staff during the last slot on Sunday. Those responsible have been sacked.

This year we will offer 71 tables of PFS, including:
Two Specials: Legacy of the Stonelords and Race for the Runecarved Key. Both will have standard and Core tables available.
All three parts of The Ruins of Bonekeep.
Seeker level play options: The Ruby Phoenix Tournament & Shattered Star 4: Beyond the Doomsday Door.
2 tables of Core each slot, one dedicated 1-5 table and one alternating either 3-7 or 5-9 each slot.
Two Core modules, The Godsmouth Heresy and Crypt of the Everflame.

We will also have several tables of the Adventure Card Game running as well. Currently I have chapter 3 of Skulls and Shackles (unlock role cards), and chapter 1 of Wrath of the Righteous planned, but we should have enough full sets present to run any scenario available.

We should have Convention Boons as well as physical prize support provided by Paizo again this year. Just to keep everyone on their toes, I am changing the way prizes and boons are handled yet again this year. The Harrow deck will be coming back, and silly red tickets are gone. Race for the Runecarved Key's competitive nature will be represented in prizes.
If you would like to GM, please register on Warhorn and sign up as GM for the tables you would like to run. After you have selected your tables, please email me a list of those scenarios, including your real name and the email address used as your Paizo. com account, so that scenarios you run can be placed directly in your downloads. If you don't have a particular preference of tables or times, go ahead and register to attend on the Warhorn and email me your info and I can assign tables for you. My email is

POC 8 Warhorn

A few notes about the schedule:
I have a few specific tables in mind for certain GMs, those assignments should be listed in the scenario descriptions until I get those GMs signed up officially.

On Thursday the 4pm slot overlaps the 7pm slot, which in turn overlaps the 10pm slot. This is to accommodate late arrivals and work schedules.

On Sunday the slots also overlap with one starting at 10am and the other starting at 11am. The con officially ends at 4pm, although hotel checkout is much earlier.

If you sign up to run 4 or more slots, you will receive a free Play On Con weekend membership badge, free PDFs of the scenarios you are scheduled to run, and a full set of the available prize boons.

If you run 3 or less tables, you will receive a special GM only boon, plus one prize boon per slot run, and free PDFs of the scenarios you are scheduled to run.

All GMs are also eligible to win extra copies of boons and other prizes as if playing the slot they run. Full length modules count as 2 slots each, mini-modules (thornkeep, Emerald Spire, and free-rpg day mods) count as 1 slot.

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Alabama—Birmingham aka Grolloc

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Not counting APs or Modules as extras, just raw entries. I run 2 weekly and one monthly gamedays, taking off for Magic Prerelease events, Snowmageddons, or Icepocalypses.

Year play/gm
2011 26/5
2012 19/96 Appointed VC in Sept, just weeks before I would have had 4 stars anyways.
2013 23/113
2014 26/90

I haven't used a star replay yet. I welcome the 5 star exclusive wholeheartedly and look forward to scheduling some special events. I usually try to pass on the exclusives and specials to give other people chances to get those credits towards 5 Star, but would really appreciate one that's just mine.... or at least mine for a few weeks til Zandari gets his last few tables in.

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Alabama—Birmingham aka Grolloc

I won't say I had problems, but we did have some complications, and a blast last night.

The group was 2 fighters, a hunter, a paladin/monk, and a bloodrager. No one spoke Sylvan, no one had linguistics, and no comp languages. Luckily, they were very patient and well behaved with the fisherfey, and enlisted them as translators. The negotiations with Mistress Koi was a reverse of Dory and the whale from Finding Nemo, and I almost killed one of the fighter players (not character) after the 13th reminder "theeeeeeeeeey arrrrrrrrre calllllllllllled paththththtththfinderrrrrrrrrrrrsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss, donnnnnnnn't eeeeeeeeeeat meeeeeeeeeee"

No detect magic, but luckily lots of perception and appraise to find the loot, but couldn't identify or use much of it.

The few fights were good, my dice were streaky in all the right places and thiers were cold in really bad spots. The bird hit hard but the worm was taunting him through the party splitting the hits. I only nabbed 2/5 for the song but got 4 teeth. The boss got 4/6 for the confusion and one of the last two in a hideous laughter, which was an approriate audience for the last 4 rounds of the confusion lock battle: fighter hits wolf, wolf hits fighter, hunter hits wolf, wolf crits and trips hunter, fighter brains self. All while the pallymonk solos the boss and pet, and the bloodrager laughs at the confusion.

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Alabama—Birmingham aka Grolloc

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While you may have discovered evidence, contrary evidence is completely different and should be filed separately in subsection 43J of the evidentiary discovery briefing. If you believe you have found improperly filed contradictory evidence, you should report your findings directly to the custodial filing clerk of the day for inclusion into the triennial covert filing correction report. After a brief committee conference, a representative of the aforementioned panel will file a grievance requesting a correction of the status of the complainants inquiry.


If, of course, you discovered a misfilling of evidence while in the midst of an illegal search of governmental secrets, you should probably just giggle very quietly, give thanks to whatever chaotic heathen deity you worship, and make sure no one ever discovers you were ever there.

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Alabama—Birmingham aka Grolloc

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1) I have an Abadaran paladin/summoner even split with an awesome back story but mechanically terrible. Due to past sins he became bound to a demon. While it is summoned, he is fully in control of its actions except its speech, but while it is away it is randomly teleported to another city and wreaks havoc. The paladin dreams what horrors the demon is doing, and has become addicted to allnight to keep it under control and the cities safe. He was created with mostly gm credit, but I discovered he was horrible after playing him once at 6th level, so I'm stuck with him.

2) My dual-shield wielding Mwangi Ranger was built with all Thornkeep credit. He has plenty of cash, but not enough fame to buy the shields he needs to make Shield Mastery work. Also built on gm credit, but yet unplayed so this one is salvageable, but the crippled fame is hanging over whatever rebuild ideas come up.

3) Burnie McBurnerson, gm credit dump before I realized I didn't have to take credits if I didn't want to. If he ever hits 5, he will instantly retire having his entire history in slow progression, and I will still have a few wasted chronicles on him. He will retire as a (1 level each) Barbarian, Sun Wukong cleric, bard, evoker wizard, rogue, urban ranger, urban druid, fighter, witch, magus, haunted oracle, cavalier.

Liberty's Edge

jump, probably not. It would be a very difficult standing high-jump check to get over your target.

potion of fly, absolutely. The ground is definitely an other surface they can't move through.

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Alabama—Birmingham aka Grolloc

Season storylines often play out by interweaving through all of the level ranges, so playing them in strict numerical order probably won't work unless all of your players have characters at all level ranges.

here is a play order that takes a single character through the year and kind of makes sense with plot and some attempt to make travel less ping-pongish. Some spoilers for scenario connections and locations


Siege of the Diamond City special needs 5 tables to run, but is the main kick off for the season. If you can get that in as early as possible, especially before The Traitors Lodge. You can probably replace any scenario in this list without damaging the plot too badly, except parts of Destiny of Sands which absolutely needs all 3 parts.

CL 1
5-08 confirmation 1-2 (non-season intro) start in absalom
4-11 The Disappeared 1-5 absalom, npc intro
5-04 stolen heir 1-5 travel NW to Andoran

CL 2
5-11 Library of the Lion 1-5 travel E to Taldor
5-19 horn of aroden 1-5 more taldor
5-21 the merchants wake 1-5 (non-season) travel S to Qadira

CL 3
Osirion Lampoon's Desert Vacation! (non-season, but awesome set!)
5-12 destiny of sands 1 1-5 travel E to Osirion
5-15 destiny of sands 2 1-5
5-16 destiny of sands 3 3-7

CL 4
5-01 glass river rescue 1-5 on the way N to mendev
5-22 scars of the 3rd crusade 1-5 mendev
5-02 wardstone patrol 3-7 mendev

CL 5
Optional Flashback: Why the #$%^ are we here?!?! (skips assault on the wound*)
4-22 Glories of the past 1 5-9
4-24 glories of the past 2 5-9
4-25 glories of the past 3 5-9

CL 6
5-09 The Traitors Lodge 3-7 mendev, follows Siege of the Diamond City special
5-06 you have what you hold 3-7 Travel S to Tymon fallout from glass river trip
5-23 cairn of shadows 5-9 (non-season) travel S to Nidal

CL 7
5-14 day of the demon 3-7 travel S to Cheliax bad guy plot
5-07 port godless 5-9 travel S to Rahadoum
5-18 the stranger within 5-9 (non-season) travel NW to Kaer Maga

CL 8
5-03 hellknights feast 5-9 probably tapestry to Absalom
5-05 elven entanglement 7-11 Tapestry to Kyonin
5-17 fate of the fiend 7-11 boat to extreme west Cheliax (also thematic sequel to 0-22 fingerprints of the fiend and 2-10 fury of the fiend, you could insert those before fate to boost level a bit.)

CL 9
5-10 where mammoths dare not tread 7-11 teleport to Mammoth Lords
5-13 weapon in the rift 5-9 travel S to Mendev/Worldwound
5-20 the sealed gate 7-11 back to Mammoths, fallout from dare not tread

CL 10
5-25 vengeance at sundered Crag 7-11 into the Worldwound
6-00 Legacy of the Stonelords GOAAAAAAAAAAAAL (also needs 5 tables)

* 5-24 assault on the wound 3-7 is the culmination of the "collect an army" portion of the season, but it is also pretty widely hated for reasons I wont rehash here. Skipping it makes the whole rest of the season work, and you can play it later on a different character to use the boons if you just have to see how it works.

I have not actually run this order, but will likely save it for a few years and run a core set of characters through this way.

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Alabama—Birmingham aka Grolloc

My alt scenarios have never happened, but I have always planned single map scenarios (Icebound Outpost, Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment) and a heavy RP favorite I can run almost from memory (The Disappeared, Severing Ties) that use minis I already carry for the planned events.

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Alabama—Birmingham aka Grolloc

You, are correct, sir!
Sorry. Too many Saturday Night Live reruns this week.

Just because it's mentioned in the guide doesn't make it legal. If all of the rules or game text is there, then it is legal. Faction traits and wayfinders, would be examples of what the guide makes legal.

Most of the guide is there to support the standard campaign. Just because the guide has some specific rules for alchemists doesn't make alchemist legal for core.

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Alabama—Birmingham aka Grolloc

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Zak Glade wrote:
Rei wrote:
But Osprey is a Seeker, not a Venture-Captain.
Frak, you're right. I was thrown off by how flippantly he sends pcs to certain death. That's a real VC quality there, he should get a promotion.

But he's as free as a bird now

And this bird you cannot chain

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Alabama—Birmingham aka Grolloc

Conga rats!

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Alabama—Birmingham aka Grolloc

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The worst part of running cold is that you are about 3-5 hours of prep behind as the game starts. Time is your enemy more than anything in the scenario.

0) tell your players you are running cold, and ask them for understanding and patience. Most players are forgiving under circumstances like these, and if they aren't they need the chance to walk from the table before they get really upset later. Don't take it personally if they do.

1) read the summary.
2) grab your (or whoever's is handy) smartphone and look for threads on the forums. If there is something tricksy, someone will have griped about it.
3) while you've got the interwebs up, look at for that scenario. If you can print the pages great, if not, at least skim them and jot down any notes you need. If you can get the organizer to do this step for you, even better!
4) skim through for maps. Hit your organizer first, then walk around the pfs room begging for flip mats or map packs. If the maps aren't giant spoilers or have secret doors, have one of the players start drawing them for you. Drawing maps eats time you could be reading ahead!
5) read the scenario. It takes time but you need the heads up that the summary often doesn't provide.
6) reread act 1 and then begin the game.
7) Do everything possible to speed up the game, short of ruining the experience. Optional encounters are right out, period.
8) Take breaks between acts to read the next section.
9) don't forget to have fun! Running cold is stressful, but its still a game, not just for players but GMs too!

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Alabama—Birmingham aka Grolloc

Please give a warm welcome to the newest officer of the Alabama PFS Lodge, Tavis Turner!

Tavis moved to Alabama from Memphis a little over 6 months ago, immediately jumping in to help the community by GMing. Since then he has been instrumental in organizing game days in one store, and assisting in our flagship venue, Excelsior Comics and Games, which I currently organize with Tavis' help.

I became aware of his leadership potential when he stepped up to organize multiple stores while the original leaders were incapacitated due to illness over the holidays. Visiting VC Nick Greene asked me why I hadn't already promoted him, and after coughing up most of a lung (in the aforementioned illness) I agreed it was well overdue.

Thanks, Tavis for everything you've already done for PFS in the area, and congratulations on the promotion!

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Alabama—Birmingham aka Grolloc

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"Shut up and put the monsters on the table" does unfortunately happen. I have had a few of these players from time to time. I usually introduce them to the local organizers for d&d encounters or 40k. They seem happier over there and I am definitely happier they aren't screwing up my groups.

Players that disinterested in plot are never going to be happy with PFS, and can only damage your group, especially if you have whole tables full of them. Remember, you are not just running for the players, you are running to have a good time yourself. Wringing just the combat out of a scenario "just to roll dice" robs you of your one opportunity to play/run it as it was written and intended, and violates the "don't be a jerk" rule.

If they just want to roll dice, you will save a lot on gas and printing by just buying them a copy of zombie dice.

I am not saying those players are having badwrongfun, but that style of play is inappropriate for a PFS setting, especially at a public venue.

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Alabama—Birmingham aka Grolloc

grandpoobah wrote:

(the other half is the scenario, I can't remove a Magus villain in core mode, but I can at least choose not to run certain scenarios).

I am by no means a killer or ever terribly adversarial GM, but I have to admit to looking forward to some payback after 100+ scenarios of players roflstomping my 2nd level warriors with magi, gunslingers, pouncing barbarians, and summoners.

Much like one of my favorite scenarios

Veterans Vault, with a create pit sorcerer. Forget tactics! You get a pit! She gets a pit! Everyone gets a pit!

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Alabama—Birmingham aka Grolloc

Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play wrote:

• If you spoil the plot for the table, the GM has the right to ask you to leave the table. Be very careful about character knowledge versus player knowledge. If you’re concerned about possibly spoiling something during the course of play, take the GM aside and ask how she would like it handled. Remember: the goal of replay is to make sure fun gaming happens, not to remove the fun from gaming.

and most importantly, violates "don't be a jerk."

Core or not, if you spoil the plot of a scenario, even if everyone at the table has played it, you spoiled it for ME as a gm. My time and prep work is no less important than any other player at the table.

This is the largest danger of allowing any amount of replay. I have already given warnings for replays of First Steps, Confirmation, and Wounded Wisp, and will continue to do so in Core. So far I haven't had to repeat a warning, but replay is still new to us. I'm not looking forward to uninviting people to play core, but I'm not afraid of it either. I am really looking forward to core being a major asset to PFS and I'm not going to let immature people screw it up for the rest of us.

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Alabama—Birmingham aka Grolloc

The Hydra's Fang incident and No Plunder, No Pay, but the latter is a 7-11.

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Alabama—Birmingham aka Grolloc

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Nope, you're absolutely correct. Breath of life is a totally useless spell. You should never memorize nor waste money on scrolls of it. Ever.
Especially you Pharasmins.


---Jaspar Kandemarus, Priest of Groetus

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Alabama—Birmingham aka Grolloc

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If you have to make a change to make an encounter work, make the smallest change possible. In this situation you have 3 options highlighted above. The least obtrusive is changing the chains to guisames. That change doesn't require that you stop the game and have a rules discussion, and maintains the game balance of the encounter. Most players won't know the difference, and GMs who have read/run it before know the situation you are in.

The point of "run as written" is to make sure we're not making insane choices like turning those guys into ogres or making the sewer filled with lava to make it "more fun/challenging/kill-count raising." It is a guideline not a straightjacket. Don't use "run as written" as an excuse to bash organized play (not saying you are, but has come up often before) or as an excuse to not do what is necessary to make the game run and fun. GMs, even under "run as written" are not mindless automatons slave to a script. Be careful about your choices, but don't think you don't have to make choices if you are going to be a PFS GM.

Liberty's Edge Star Voter Season 6, Dedicated Voter Season 7, Dedicated Voter Season 8, Dedicated Voter Season 9

No dog in this fight, other than being an avid voter this year (life....ugh.)

Really looking forward to this. I think we will all learn much about the design process from the judge critiques for this round of entries.

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Alabama—Birmingham aka Grolloc

Silent Tide
The Disappeared
Severing Ties
Library of the Lion
The Hellknight's Feast
Way of the Kirin

In no particular order

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Alabama—Birmingham aka Grolloc

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Thurston Hillman wrote:

You got it Paul! I wanted to leave it just vague enough so GMs could have fun with it.

Now, if only I could continue that thread about the Onyx Alliance...

7-10 The Onyx Beggar

Venture captain Drandle Dreng goes missing during an extended undercover mission. After a rather exuberant party of relieved pathfinders who expect never to be awakened in the dead of night again, Master of Spells Aram Zey drags you out of bed in the dead of morning. Painfully interrupting your hangover, he orders you on a mission to find the missing Venture-Captain.

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