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Grizzly the Archer's page

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I was thinking of doing the dimensional dervish feats with the HW. If melee synergies better, what would the breakdown be?

I can't believe they fixed it. Maybe I can still get it approved by the GM. If not, I was thinking it might be best to got the Horizon Walker D. Door route and create a teleport type with all those dimensional feats.

@Draco: I wasn't 100% on HW for all 10 levels, but I didn't see a reason not to with that particular build.

@Bob: That new one sounds interesting as a consolation prize for the original build, but nothing great.

@Darigaaz: I thought what made the original crazy HW build work so well was also due to its use of the Instant Enemy spell.

I'm thinking more and more, that I either go archery style, and use HW for the dimensional abilities. In which case, where do I start for the base class? Many have mentioned slayer. Any good builds for it?

First off, I haven't been on the boards or Pathfinder in over 2 years, so any new FAQ and newer tricks/ builds are beyond me right now. So if you recommend something please explain it if possible.

I always liked the Horizon Walker class, so I was honking of going Ranger 6/ HW 3/Rogue2/HW 7/ ? 2

There was a really nice build about using the favored terrain bumps from the rogue talent that increases favored terrain. If that is still viable I was going to go with that. If not, what do you suggest.

If not that idea, then anything really that lets me do archery. I had a crazy idea for a barbarian/ Horizon Walker that did archery and spell sundering while using the Terrain Dominance Astral to D. Door all around, and take those Dimensional feat line. Is this doable?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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For a couple of years I've always known the best choice for small and medium were the Charau-ka and the Sasquatch respectively. Glad this list is out there for others to better find good combinations.

Where is this iron shirt for Ac from Ki found?

I'm really loving the crafting of Mr. Fu-- I mean Mr. Maulsons. Especially the leprosy arrows, nicely done. My archer has some opium arrows, and shiver, but I forgot about virieum arrows. Need to make those next.

How is he getting 1/8 th the price for crafting magic items. My character, a non p-crafter focused character has Master Craftsman for a feat. How did Mr. Maulsons get 1/8th?

I just go for the highest cmd for each cr, or close to it, and if I can't hit that 30-50% of the time, in my mind, it's not worth it.

Besides the "big 6"
-a few ioun stones : dark blue (alertness), 2 versions of the rosy (+1 AC and +1 initiative).
-quick runners shirt
-cap of the free thinker
-jingasa of the fortunate soldier
-boots of striding and springing/ boots of speed
-cloak of displacement lesser
-reconnaissance gloves

There have been very few characters I have played that don't have these items, especially the cloak of displacement.

2 barbarians, 2 archers, and a cleric thatminhave all played in the last 4-5 years, have all had the cloak. Barbarian's get hit a lot, archers tend to take a lot of DM punishment due to ease of killing enemies from a distance most of the time, or getting a full attack off 90% of the time. so having a cloak for some miss chance, however how low, has helped me every time.

Past those somewhat staple items, it depends on build or character concept.

I have a character with some similar flavor for how you want yours to be, very perceptive and knowing.

Clustered shots help with DR so your golden on that major issue.

As for Alertness at 7th, I'd drop it. Get the blue rhomboid ioun stone, does the exact same thing. Use that feat for perhaps, another feat of your liking. I personally like a master Craftsman, bec it now makes my bow maing craft check capable of maing magic arrows/bows. Or master alchemist to help lessen the cost of your alchemical arrows, there are quite a few.

Snake style seems good, but not on a zen archer. You use up your swift action, merely to negate a singl attack, when yu have better uses for the swift action.

Zen acher swift action can be used for : +20 speed, +20 jump, +4 AC, ki arrow damage, extra attack (my personal favorite), or making the arrows ignore concealment/ cover. That is a hell of a lot better than possibly negating an attack to you, especially with your high saves and high-ish AC.

Feats 10-12 I'd drop. If you expect to get into close combat a lot, which any archer shouldn't, then I would keep the comapbat reflexes, if your dex is good enough. Otherwise drop it. Zen archer monks already get a pseudo snapshot ability out to their unarmed strike range; which is 5'. No need to overlap that ability using 2 more feats simply for the offhand your enemies do get closer. If they do, your built in ability is more than enough, coupled with point blank master and you have nothing to fear. I'd replace them with other feats such as master craftsman, toughness, dimensional agility, etc.

Toughness should be in your feats, because even though you won't be hurting on AC, saves, or even HP with a D8 HD, more HP is better than less. Also, you have no magical defenses, or buffs past Barkskin from qinggong or items. You also have no DR like your barbarian ally does, so slowing down your rate of death is always best. Best way to do this is higher AC, high HP, some sort of displacement and/or cover, and distance. An archers best weapon is his distance.

As for stats, you could afford to lower your int, not too many skills are needed for amino, especially when they have so many points to float. Acrobatics, perception, sense motive, stealth are your key 4 max rank skills. All others can have some points here or there as you please.

As for being human, I did the same thing for reasons you yourself chose. The 3 skill focus feats instead of 1 any feat for a human, is very helpful especially for this kind of build/concept. However, dwarves get the con and wis bump, and drop charisma which monks don't care about. That with the steel soul feat will increase the dwarves saves vs. magical abilities, etc, makes it a nice choice. Darkvision for icing on the cake.

Hope this helps you out a bit. If you need more assistance, let us know.

Ice troll phlegm : the winter AP
Ghast retch flask: ultimate equipment
Spell scorch: duergar poison: found in Advance race guide

Jingasa of the fortunate soldier: +1 luck bonus to AC.

Ice troll phlegm
Spell scorch
Ghast retch flask

All very interesting and lovely poisons. Personal favorite is the ghast retch. They're screwed if they don't save, and screwed if they do.

I can see why you think that.

It's either: terrain bond allows the surrounding terrain to act as your terrain (making the mountains turn into your +6 forest), or having your terrain bonus transfer to the terrain (now you have +6 mountains since your in mountain).

If its the first way, then your correct, it wouldn't change the terrain and thus terrain dominance doesn't work for that new terrain for your benefit.

However, if it is the later, than terrain dominance does work with that new terrain, md you get the benefit of terrain dominance.

It's strictly based ff the wording off terrain bond which states:

"You call upon the spirits of nature to help you adapt to your environment. You treat the terrain you are in as your most favored terrain until this spell ends.

If you do not have the favored terrain class feature, you gain no benefit from this spell."

The issue here is, TREAT. Which way? The former or the later of which I wrote above?

Needs an FAQ.

Terrain bond allows the land your in to be your territory. That allows you to transfer your extremely high (example. Mountains +18) to lets say forest, when in the forest. And since it lasts hours, it works great for terrain dominance. It's very useful for combat, large scale.

Instant enemy is a swift, but you won't have 3rd level spells with only 8 levels ranger.

So, get a wand of instant enemy, but as a wand it's now a standard action.

I'm also playing a Horizon Walker/ranger/rogue. Some insight:

Your probably better off getting to ranger 6 for the Imp. Precise shot and qualifying for HW. from there, 3 levels horizon walker to get the Terrain Dominance you want first. From there you have a decision to make. Delay 2 levels of rogue for morem HW, or take them now to boost your terrain, and take HW later.

I'm personally going ranger 6/HW 3/ rogue 2/HW 7/ranger 2

For nice benefits, take the player companion ranger ability instead of the animal companion version.myhis way, as a move action, you give your allies a bonus of your terrain (which is FE for all purposes) 1/2 your terrain bonus to atk/Dmg.

Also, the item, Horn of the Huntmaster, allows you to give your full FE bonus to allies for a short duration. S you can choose what to do.

Instant enemy spell, and terrain Bind spell are amazing. Better one is terrain bond, since it will allow you to not waste your first round casting instant enemy.

I just can't see why, outside of PFS, you can't just house rule this. Why try to nerf it globally, and have other people deal with the downside of the decision, versus just house ruling it how you like.

Cevah wrote:
Grizzly the Archer wrote:
I don't think the mini guide to paragon surge should truly be here. It was a thinly veiled attempt at nerfing the spell, through a guide like style. The guide might have some purpose, but based alone the honesty of it, I wouldn't include it with other guides that were honest in their principles.

That guide was made Sep 2012. The author's post indicating a desire for a nerf was made Tuesday, over a year and a half later, after extensive use of it. An opinion can change in that amount of time.

As it still functions as a mini-guide, I think it should be considered.


Just noticed that it was necro'd from way back then. In that case, yes, opinions change all the time, especially with such a long difference in time. My previous statement retracted.

Still I don't think it should be nerfed.

I don't think the mini guide to paragon surge should truly be here. It was a thinly veiled attempt at nerfing the spell, through a guide like style. The guide might have some purpose, but based alone the honesty of it, I wouldn't include it with other guides that were honest in their principles. al

Comes out next month.

I hope you do reviews, and find other gem items/ combos using the Alchemy Manual that came out.

Look for some of the alchemy arrows in elves of Golarion, as well as other specialty arrows. One allows you to make a grapple attempt, and another a trip attempt. Otherwise, the fighter archer archetype allows combat manuevers out to 30'.

For me, I view gravity bow as a never truly needed spell, for any archer character. If I have rounds to spare for buffing, I'll g o"might as well cast it." Otherwise, I don't even bother.

Delaying zen archer, unless using it for a 3 level dip is most of the time never a good option. At 9th, your Barkskin goes up, your speed goes up, and you get the pseudo- snap shot ability, plus an additional +1 flurry BAB.

Dipping might seem nice, but now your abundant step kicks in at 13th, your trickshot ability is at 12th, and your additional flurry kicks in at 16th. You lose so much more than to just gain a +2 to AC, atk, damage, will save.

Trick shot from Zen Archer:

At 11th level, a zen archer may hit targets that he might otherwise miss. By spending 1 point from his ki pool as a swift action, the zen archer can ignore concealment. By spending 2 points, he can ignore total concealment or cover. By spending 3 points, he can ignore total cover, even firing arrows around corners. The arrow must still be able to reach the target; a target inside a closed building with no open doors or windows cannot be attacked. These effects last for 1 round.

I see no reason why the zen archer couldn't shoot around the fickle winds or wind wall.

I seem to recall a paladin with a dip into some other class that allowed it to have Charisma twice to his saves, and his charisma to AC, damage, attack, and initiative I believe.

Can't seem to find it, but it was a nice beefy build.

Both take reactionary, so those cancel out.
Barbarian dex probably no higher than 16 (for CAGM)
One dex no higher than 16
Both get belt of dex +6
Both get the ioun stone for +1

Main difference is that One gets improved initiative whereas ambarbarian doesn't. Unless he somehow gets it from somewhere else.

Final: One beats ambarbarians initiative by +4 when they get down to it. Unless somehow this changes, one should win out for the initiative roll roughly 20% of the time. Or something to that effect.

However, zen archers at 9th level get a pseudo- snap shot ability, out to 5' with their bow. To spend 2 feats to overlap this and to make it 15', just in case your in melee to do the AoO doesn't seem worth it.

An item not seen much on a monk: hand wraps of blinding ki

Allows the extra use of stunning fist in he round for an extra ki point. Special: if you have a monk ability that replaces stunning fiat, you may use that feat again in the same round.

Zen archer monks replace stunning fist with perfect strike. So, 2 perfect strikes in the same round, nice.

Also, ring of ki mastery is practically a must for any and all monks.

Rod of balance: not new, but a nice item for monks who just have to get over the 100' gorge in one jump.

I'm currently in the process of writing an archery guide actually. First ever guide. Wasn't sure where to post it, don't have a google account.

It's the order of when you gain stuff for the level. If I recall, class abilities, feats and such come before choosing your feats and skills based on the level itself. So being human gives the feat, then the fighter class, than your actual level 1 feat. Make rapid shot your fighter class feat and you should be ok.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

If going for the archer archetype for the fighter, which I have played before and is interesting, due to the combat manuever trick shots, I'd suggest this:

H. Point blank
1. Precise shot
1b. rapidshot
2. Weapon focus
3. Deadly aim
4. Weapon specialization
5. Combat reflexes
6. Manyshot
7. Clustered shots
8. Greater weapon focus
9. Snapshot
10. Improved snapshot
11. Improved precise shot
12. Greater weapon specialization
+ later levels give you more freedom, but at 14th I'd pick up Pin Down as my feat, so that if an enemy is next to me, I prevent him from moving away from me while I plug him full of arrows.

Get bracers of falcons aim for the extra crit range of 19-20, the +1 competence range attack bonus, and the +3 per emotion bonus.

You now can threaten out to 15' and make AoO attacks on enemies from there. With combat reflexes,myoull have plenty of AoO to utilize. Don't move a lot, get heavy armor, or medium Mithral, crank your AC high as well as your attack and damage, and your a walking ballista practically.

Gloves of dueling are a needed item and anything to help your saves is a huge help.
As a fighter you'll want a decent will save to help you out. Buffering cap, cap of the free thinker, jingasa of the fortunate soldier, and other items will really help you out in the long run.

Since your picking up the fighter archetype the choices you have for the trick shot ability should go as follows in my opinion:
- disarm
-trip (at 11)

At lower levels you'll be fighting humanoids more often than not, so disarm their weapons from 30' if you can, and if it makes more sense then damage, then do so. Sunder is not too bad to use on wizard/spell caster types on their spell components/focus/divine focus.
At later levels, trip even though it's mid level still has uses, so it's not too bad. It's certainly the bat bet compared to grapple.

There are tons of items to boost CMB.

Defensive strategist is awesome. I'd also get a trait that either allowed perception as a class skill, or something comparable.

As for point blank master, if you want you can take it instead of combat reflexes.
Reason is Gus, if you decide to get melee close with the enemy you'll need it. But you'll also probably need the combat reflexes to deal with all the AoO you will get.

Also, my archer was the archer fighter archetype, it got PBM for free. I'm a fan of it, it just needs room in the build.

As for skills, your human, they get an extra skill point anyway, so now your getting 3 per level.

Perception- always max
Climb- 1 rank
Swim-1 rank
Ride- 1 rank
Craft bows- as many ranks as you deem necessary. If to just do some trick arrows, but nothing too fancy you'll need around a DC 12-15 to do it. So a skill bonus of +14 will always get you progress on a bow, even on a 1 for the roll.
Survival- 1 rank if you want. Will help you find and get the raw archery materials for your craft bows/arrows.

Ive done a fighter archer before, they are true damage beasts. Save deadly aim for 3rd level. The penalties for it will hurt more the sooner you get it.

I'd do:

H. Point blank
1. Precise shot
B. rapidshot
2. Weapon focus
3. Deadly aim
4. Weapon specialization
5. Combat reflexes
6. Manyshot
7. Clustered shots
8. Greater weapon focus
9. Snapshot
10. Improved snapshot
11. Improved precise shot
12. Greater weapon specialization

Get bracers of falcons aim for the extra crit range of 19-20, the +1 competence range attack bonus, and the +3 per emotion bonus.

You now can threaten out to 15' and make AoO attacks on enemies from there. With combat reflexes,myoull have plenty of AoO to utilize. Don't move a lot, get heavy armor, or medium Mithral, crank your AC high as well as your attack and damage, and your a walking ballista practically.

Gloves of dueling are a needed item and anything to help your saves is a huge help.

Edit: forgot rapidshot, it's a 1st level feat you'll take.

Flurry uses the monk level for its BAB, minus 2 for its calculations. The monk level is what allows you to get the extra flurry attacks.

DR, regeneration, fast healing, high AC, swarms, incorporeal, displacement spell, mirror image spell, simulacrums, flying enemies, constructs (with regeneratom, like inevitables)- they can't die from over damage if they have regeneration.

Dusty rose prism ioun stone- +1 insight bonus
jingasa of the fortunate soldier- +1 luck bonus

When I was in middle school our P.E./ home room/ history teacher was big on computer games and rpg's. There was a club he had going for a few years after school called 'A Step Back in History'. It was D&D (late 2nd edition).

Being a small group of 4 or 5 we slowly learned over the coming weeks:

Risk assessment- never separate from the group, analyze enemy weaknesses/strengths to see if it was worth the consequences.
Applicable mathematics- adding up all the bonuses, penalties a character will deal with
Public/group speaking- we might have had a face for the party, but we all chipped in here
Critical thinking- using what you know, and what you didn't know to figure out a possible solution.
Group dynamics- learning each person had certain strengths we needed to utilize which wold cover other characters weaknesses, defining leadership and trust within the group.
Problem solving- using our imagination to solve out of the box issues.
Socialization- being at the table with 5 other people who enjoyed doing what I enjoyed made the entire experience that much more real and entertaining. Also helped those who were more introverted to ease out of their 'shell'.
And others.

Rat folk plague bringer alchemist that creates diseases just as easily as breathing.

Ravingdork has a build somewhere in his character emporium of a character just like this.

N. jolly: besides ghats retch flask, fungal stun vial, certain drugs from pathfinder (opium, shiver), tangleburn bags and other great save or suck items; do you know of any other ones? Burst jar is awesome because it always works, and eats up one of their actions to remove it if they wish to.

Poison doesn't really work too well since they need a save to take the effects. Anything for knocking opponents unconscious, automatically, or very difficult to resist?

Thank you so much for this guide Tark!

To add:

I have created in the past few years 2 different sunder specialists, both barbarians. One being more focalized than the other, but even still sunder is an amazing combat manuever.

Sunder their spell pouches, magic focuses, special items, weapons, armor. However, sunder and it's CMB is required for the barbarian rage power Spell Sunder. This is where I believe sunder should get a better score/rating/critique, due to its power and use.

Spell sunder magical darkness, remove a curse, break apart a geas effect, sunder buffs off e enemy. It's so very versatile and still requires a CMB sunder check. So for that alone, I ws able to get my CMB up to ~+100 and go crazy fun with it.

I think spell sunder helps raise sunder up a bit for its use. Just my $.02.

CAGM superstitious human invulnerable rager barbarian.

Using a nodachi wih combat reflexes, watch as you get more attacks then a zen archer and for hitting harder too. Crazy amount of damage, especially with raging brutality later at 13th level for more damage.

Huge to hit
Huge damage
Enormous saves when raging, which is almost always.
Multiple AoO attacks generated from CAGM.
Increased maneuverability

Imbicatus wrote:
Marthkus wrote:


Monk 1/Druid 19

Best monk!

That one is pretty good, but I think Half-Elf Monk 1/Empyreal Sorc 19 with Paragon Surge is better.

Can you explain this?

Same thing has come up for my archers in the past. So far, there is no clear solution. My zen archer rig now has a perception +25 base. Even on a 20, that's only 450' to the target I can see.

Skill focus: perception, skill focus: stealth are great feats for boosting a scouts abilities, same with alertness (though the ioun stone for it is better).

I'm currently playing a battle scout ranger with spellcasting. You can just as easily stack one of the other archetypes that remove spellcasting with it to make a better scout. It's not so much as feats but an overall build that makes a great scout.

Feats like the ones listed, certain spells, skills: acrobatics, perception, stealth, certain knowledges, survival are all needed/helpful (ranger gets all of these but acrobatics), magic items: eagle eye goggles, elven kind cloak/boots, spyglass (mundane, still helpful), boots of striding and springing.

Typically your looking for things to make it hard for you to be seen, easier formyoumtodcoy see, ways to figure out where to go, analyze situation, get there and back quick from increased speed.

Ghast retch flask alchemical creation, poison, has a nauseated for 3 rounds effect, and if they fail a DC fort 12 save, they are sickened for 1 round.

Too many to list. Many for the concepts or builds themselves, others for background and plot. So many choices I have as a favorite, but I think Bumi is my current favorite.

A:TLA reference #1 reason I love him.
Ranged character
Unconventional weapon/technique
Concept not only melds well overall but reflects the source so perfectly.

Other favorites are Deacon, Dayer, Sela Kurn, Helgur, Taur Thelyn, Blind Ganji.

Penalties for a double weapon is same for two weapon fighting. So probably another -6 additional.

I'm thinking: -12/-12/-12/-12 not quite sure.

Wand of instant enemy would work in conjunction with his normal favored enemy, typically a race with terrain ANY. Thus allowing to treat the new creature as his type which is covered from terrain dominance ability. There have been many discussions on this.

I'm also doing a HW build, ranger 6/ horizon walker 10/rogue 2.

However, for the ranger I went with the battle scout archetype for its first 2 abilities. The animal companion is great, but giving your allies a bonus to their attack and damage, as well as some skill bonus is just too much goodness to pass up. Also, the "advantageous terrain" ability they get let's me make a 60' radius of terrain 'my land' to work off of.

Tremor sense is ok, but at higher levels, it'll make for less use versus fliers and other enemies. Fly and dim. Door abilities are great.

I'm going: ranger 6/ horizon walker 3/ rogue 2/ horizon walker 8/xxx2.

There is a trait to give trap finding like a rogue now, so if you choose 3 levels of rogue, you can change the rogue type to whatever else you like, such as thug, or even poisoner for poison greatness.

Boots of favored terrain are a just, as is the horn of the hunt master, now and then. Has a nice FE bump for allies.

So it seems the only good monk is a zen archer apparently based on all these posts.

For a moment I thought this thread was about the Fairy Tale manga. :)

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