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Grimmy's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 2,694 posts (8,843 including aliases). 2 reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 14 aliases.


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Magda Luckbender wrote:

Here's the working link to OOTS episode 216, the Attacks of Opportunity joke.

** spoiler omitted **...

Thank you! (for the link and the info)

ShroudedInLight wrote:

I do love Order of the Stick, and your normal link seems to be working again. I never got that joke till I started playing my reach build.

Weird, no clue why it wasn't linking properly earlier.

I'm still getting 403?

3 people marked this as a favorite.

I think it's great that we are now debating if this guy can kill a dire crocodile!!

So awesome.

Welcome to pathfinder.

If you could only afford Netflix or Hulu subscription and had to choose, which would you choose for anime?

Do you guys prefers subs or dubs for anime?

I greatly prefer subs unless I'm so tired I can barely read.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I've only seen like three episodes but flutter shy was my favorite. Because she was afraid of everything the whole episode but when the dragon messed with her friends she was like "THATS IT!!"

That's awesome ^^

The episodes I watched with them she didn't seem that cool, Fluttershy had way better moments.

Mines blank too. I'd say PC's might stumble in here as early as 3rd and will still find it challenging as high as 5th. Higher even due to the puzzley aspect.

It does have me wondering how my nieces are effected by media they watch, like disney heroines ... They seem to be a little less 1-dimensional than when I was a kid I guess... I still have yet to see one that doesn't adhere to pretty much that same overblown concept of what is feminine.

Yeah Mulan is an empowering story but I wonder what mulan really looked like if she did live. It kind of robs the story of some of it's power to give her the usual disney heroine look.

I've been playing Super Smash Bros with them on WII. The younger niece definitely gravitates towards the "princess" characters like peach, zelda, rosalina... The older of the two plays female warrior characters, lucina, sheik, samas. I think across the board they are the usual kind of girly depictions, not overly sexualized except for Samas but all kind of samey in that idealized "perfect" "pretty" way.

I did notice when they watch my little pony and they talk about which one's their favorite they both mention the one that does hair and make-up or whatever, you know the white one with purple hair? Even when another pony has done something really heroic or brave in the episode and charity or vanity or whatever her name is has just acted kind of shallow really.

Anyway way off topic, sorry guys. Back to anime.

Well I am also considering it as an art issue not just a female issue. For example the wayne reynolds/pathfinder art style has the same effect of disconnecting me from the world and characters depicted by making them appear sort of like action figures and arsenals of abilities.

The 2e art had it's chain mail bikinis and perfect hairdo's in the middle of a swamp but it still made the scenes come alive in my mind in a way the PF action shots don't... It's probably different for each individual I guess. Interesting to me though.

I don't mind it at all, it's visually cool and I appreciate it as an aesthetic.

I just noticed something like Moribito is drawing me in more deeply to have an emotional connection with the characters.

I don't even really know what fan-service means exactly or if Blood C is an example but after seeing that discussion on here I'm wondering if it could be a barrier to really believing in the character and feeling like they're real people. For some people at least.

You bet. It makes it more fun that way because they got the info in game. And they have to consider if the source is reliable, etc. Way better IMO.

What I do is have an NPC or two in Zelkor's Ferry give them some idea. Like Old Russ.

"Now that this Maw of Doom has been discovered every greenhorn would-be-hero that comes along has a chance to go dungeoneering. I saw a mere hedge-wizard who only just learned the Melf's Acid Arrow incantation delve that place and live to tell about it. Mouth of Doom. Ha! Doesn't deserve to be called a dungeon, if you ask me. Not that it hasn't claimed plenty of lives of those who were unlucky or ill-prepared."

Stuff like that. Gives them a reasonable idea.

I love the idea of this girl playing basketball at school by day and then facing down these awesome demons with a sword by night.

But, as much as I regret mentioning this after the big fan-service derail just let up a bit... the "sexy" kind of art style makes this feel sort of 2-dimensional in a way. Coming from Moribito and 12 Kingdoms all week, those are drawing me in much deeper.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I inserted Hollow from Margreve into my Lost Lands campaign because I couldn't wait for the Blight to unleash Richard Pett madness on these PC's.

Blood C was it thanks!

Edit:Yeah I think this is it I see her running on water in the opening credits that might be what I remembered as a lake. Anyway, doesn't look as great as I remembered but at least it's not bugging me anymore not being able to remember.

Ugh. I'm trying to find this one I liked but I can't remember even close to enough to give any one any hope of recognizing what I'm talking to.

There's like a normal high school student maybe, and at night she walks down to this creepy lake and a super creepy monster comes out and she kills it with a sword maybe? And there's maybe some creepy trees near the creepy lake...

Something about blood in the title maybe?

Nevermind I don't know.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Whoa easy it's just an opinion, not necessarily an elitist thing... I love Hero Lab and could care less about system mastery but when my game group got access to hero lab I saw a marked increase in players showing up with characters and not knowing how the mechanics worked... needing to look things up constantly. Not a slight increase, I mean night and day.

It's kind of like back in the day when most people knew some friends and families phone numbers by heart, but now with cellphones most of us have very few phone numbers memorized.

Doesn't mean we should all throw out our cellphones, it's just a consequence.

Has anyone considered an actual "run away" mechanic for adjudicating retreats from battles?

Even with all the disclaimers in the front of FGG adventures advising PC's to run when in over there heads, seasoned 3.x players are so conditioned to believe that running away is not viable, so they will rarely attempt it.

BretI wrote:

No need for rumors when you've got one in the group.

So awesome!

I wish I could time travel forward a couple years to when this stuff is out.

Reebo Kesh wrote:

Are there any players out there who do not plan out their characters level progression?

I've grown tired of players who have every skill and feat planned to 20th level. It leaves no scope for the character to grow and develop because of the encounters and experiences they face.

A common example is the "I must wield one type of weapon and commit all my feats to it!" then a nice piece of gear is found and they PCs just sell it.

I'd love a game system where you don't know what you get at the next level, of course this would only work once per player per class.

Maybe a more gestalt approach would work. You build a base character who can fight and as she progresses in levels she seeks out things she'd like to do - become a mage, a rogue, join a church etc


In my group there is one guy who plans a rough outline like when he is going to pick up a level of a PrC, another guy who plans more detailed but just through 6th or 7th, and the rest do not plan at all whatsoever.

I am interested in non-combat encounters with opportunities to trade goods or intel, get clues about lairs and dungeon locations, or especially link back to NPC's in Bard's Gate for example. I know there is stuff on the tables that can serve this purpose but I want to get more specific with it.


That frog stuff above is especially good Aux.

My players please don't look, seriously:
I was thinking of a sub-plot of abductions from zelkor's ferry, with abductees returning from the cloister with some kind of tsathar seed planted in them.. or under frog priest mind control to advance a froggy plot or do some clandestine evangelizing.

It opened for me right in google docs Aux. Love it.

Sick backstory damn

Well you gotta tellem the tracks are huge, come on now!

But hey it sounds like you have 2 players who are going to do well at least!

Know when to fold em!

I am planning to get it. I saw it just got announced here on paizo.

auxmalous I would like those tables too. PM sent.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I always figured only big caravans use the coast road,

I figure lowish level PC's spawning in Zelkor's Ferry usually arrive on the Keel Boats, not cross country.

I never noticed that connection. Crazy.


DrDeth wrote:
Grimmy wrote:

God I feel like such a red headed step child.

I am one of those DM's that like low magic. I promise it's because I'm trying to offer the kind of game I would want as a player, not because I'm a bully.

Yes, Grimmy but is it the kind of game your players want?

Mixed group, most would rather play 5e or OSR at this point. A little less than half still really like the build game aspect of 3.x. When they ask me to DM it means they feel like playing pathfinder on gritty mode, for the most part.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Anzyr wrote:
Grimmy wrote:

God I feel like such a red headed step child.

I am one of those DM's that like low magic. I promise it's because I'm trying to offer the kind of game I would want as a player, not because I'm a bully.

The question is... "What do you mean by 'low magic' Grimmy?" Since that's what we're trying to figure out here, and as you can see from the OP those words can mean a lot of things.

A lot of the stuff people are talking about here are the same things we've tried. Always tweaking but the consistent thing I can think of is no shopping and crafting except consumables.


Well earlier he had a solo and we all told him it needed mooks so this is his new draft.

I think this CR 2 caster with 2 mooks is a more dynamic encounter then a CR 3 solo caster.

Maverick898 wrote:

So after thinking it over, I've decided to make the boss a: Fungal Creature Human adept 2/warrior 1, with a scroll of web.

this change has allowed me to use armor to achieve the same AC instead of magic, and give him 2 yellow musk zombies to aid him in combat.

Now for the first 3 rounds of combat here's what I was thinking.

Round 1: Scroll of web
Round 2: Poison Spore Cloud
Round 3: Burning Hands on the web. That would be 2d4 fire damage, plus an addition 2d4 for those (if any) trapped within the web.

thoughts or should I tone it down some?

I like it.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

God I feel like such a red headed step child.

I am one of those DM's that like low magic. I promise it's because I'm trying to offer the kind of game I would want as a player, not because I'm a bully.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'll take perverts over book burners too, easy. Shaming sexuality seems like a troublesome way to go. But I still find it constructive to talk about the kind of impact content has, how it can effect people positively and negatively and so forth.

Well I've been totally engrossed in 12 Kingdoms, binge watching it. But I feel like it's hitting a little lull around episode 14-15. Losing some of the mystery.

I'm gonna take a break and try Moribito.

Yeah I think there was one more big try as well but it gets blurry because we were experimenting with things like two parties at once in the same sandbox campaign, and revolving roster of players and characters.

I remember another party that got really involved with Drusilla, running around doing her bidding. They ended up somehow clearing those spiders she wanted out of her grove by convincing the spiders to follow them in an exodus to go live in the mouth of doom dungeon of all places. They made it out to be a promised land with a plentiful supply of rats to eat. This way they had a backdoor they could always use in and out of Rappan Athuk without worrying about it getting repopulated too much with hostiles. They could keep their treasure there and everything because it was totally crawling with giant spiders that only let them come and go freely. That was awesome.

Then there was a party that got Aragnak to spare them by promising to work for him doing delves into Rappan Athuk since he was too big to go down there. So every time they came up they pretty much got auto sacked for all the loot, unless they stashed some before they saw him or convinced him they needed to keep some things in order to keep doing their job. The whole time they were plotting to get powerful enough to kill him and get back all their stuff though. That was really cool too.

There was a revolving pool of players doing these things playing in different configurations with different characters. Like it was all one big campaign but it was different campaigns? They kind of ended up with an unofficial guild of adventures, with information and resources being stockpiled and exchanged and bequeathed to and between each other and even to replacement characters. Kind of a big web. Hard to explain but really cool.

But yeah that intrigue-y Bard's Gate based adventure arch was one of the times it felt like we were getting it right. It's important you don't expect RA to provide all the impetus for plot like an AP does, as someone pointed out up-thread. It doesn't have inciting incidents and signposts saying "go here next". The group has to make the story. The city adventuring helped develop reasons for the characters to want to delve, but you can do some of that with backstory too.

Once I figured that out it got really good, that's why I decided to try it as a PbP. But that medium turned out to bring it's own challenges too. It's a learning curve.

I don't know.

Nice post Tequila, really nailed it IMO.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I agree with Lemmy/Rynjin/Pandora's as to the plain english interpratation based on the language alone... but I also do put stock in 3.x legacy when dealing with stuff that is copy/pasted straight from 3.x into PF. I think if PF devs want something to work differently in PF they ought to change the wording to make that clear.

GM Tribute wrote:

But running through a dungeon crawl with Gary Gygax or Tracy Hickman as DM was the ultimate roleplay experience.

Hopefully someone finds a way to capture the Dungeon Crawl in PbP and make it work. I try my best, but PbP requires a different set of tools.

And, need to learn maptools! The good DM maps make me feel intimidated.

I think my Java version didn't support maptools, but I probably need to try again.

And let us hope Pathfinder Virtual Tabletop make it all good!!

I liked your simple spreadsheet maps, leaves more to the imagination.

Ok Moribito added to my list.

As for the fan service/erotic stuff, it doesn't offend me but it doesn't seem to add much either.

If a story has powerful thought provoking messages about life like this 12 Kingdoms series seems to have, I am just glad it doesn't seem to have too much content that would make it inappropriate for young people.

Nice one.

I like that.

Maverick898 wrote:
Rynjin wrote:

Just a quick note if he's casting Web, he's a CR 4 (3rd level Wizard +1 Template).

Let's do a quick test run of how this fight goes:

[dice=Reflex saves vs Web]4d20

Fighter passes save. Cleric fails. Archer and "support" pass.

Fighter moves in an smashes Necromancer.


But misses.

Archer arches.



Support...supports. I assume he's a Bard, so Inspire Courage.

Wizard releases spore cloud.

[dice=Fighter Fort]1d20+4

Fighter takes 1d2 Con damage.

Fighter smashes again.


He has bad luck.



Support fires a crossbow.



Wizard 5 ft. steps back and Magic Missiles the Fighter. 1d4+1

Fighter saves.


Fighter smashes.


Poor Fighter.

Archer arches. 1d20+6


Bad die rolls extended this fight a good bit. Necromancer is now dead (he should have only had about 18 HP). Nobody dies unless Fighter continues to roll like s+&& against a DC 13 or so poison.

But you get the idea. If the Fighter had hit even once for about 2d6+6, he'd be long dead.

Used This Necromancer as a template and added the Fungal Creature Template to make it a CR 3 and changed some spells to get the fluff i wanted.

Yeah I think you got the CR right, maybe Rynjin forgot NPC's are calculated at CR = Level -1 (when they have PC classes and what is that, heroic stat array I guess?).

Anyway I honestly think you could keep him as is and still throw in 2 zombies or 2 vegepygmies and it not be too much, but... if a couple players are just learning, maybe drop him to level 2, have him cast the web off a scroll, and make it 3 minions?

Incidentally then those bracers of armor would be a little expensive for him at that level but not too over the top I guess. Definitely a nice drop for the party!

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