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Grimm Hrafn's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 3 posts. 5 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 18 Organized Play characters.

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Star-ship comabt, again...

**( )( )( )

For the most part the adventure is good. The exception comes to star-ship combat, not once but twice in the scenario.

The star-ship mechanics in the game is clunky, slow and off putting. Giving a 1st level group a ship that is way too advance for them is bad.

Considering making a litmus test for if I play a scenario. Is there star-ship combat?, Yes, then just say no.

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Well laid out


Just ran this one over the weekend for my local venture officers, who thoroughly enjoyed themselves with all the name drops in the plot development.

Most of the time Investigation laid outs can be hard to follow, this one is done pretty well. Gives some pretty good guidance of alternate information paths.

The plot twist brought a drop jaw effect as the group did not see it coming in that way. The group returned the favor by coming up with a creative solution of a non-violent means to solving the final fight and were able to use their profession skills to pull it off.

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Player only view point review.

****( )

Only played and not read through afterwards, from a high tier (APL 3.4) play through aspect only. I was the only one playing one of the new races in this and we had no real casters, good thing we had some wands.

Using enough skills we were able to gather enough information to get a good idea of what was going on at this location, for right or wrong but enough that it worked out. Spouse played at another table and they did not have the skills needed so they were really clueless when they needed to make a decision.

Not going into make details but two of the fights were hard pressed on us, teamwork and wand use got us all through it and we had fun. I caused us as a group of veteran players to get creative and think of different approaches so was nice it was not straight forward on parts of it.

I am disappointed to hear from other reviews that there is no reporting on the party's choice. That is a huge missed opportunity for PFS to grant the society some way have an effect. Hopefully it does give a chance in the other parts for that.

I am looking forward to playing through the series. I also would encourage people to have play some of the new races during this season.

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Getting better

****( )

One of my favor things in this quest is the Appendix with all the stat blocks. My biggest pet peeve is having to reference multiple books while a GM. It's been about twenty years since I GM'd, yes previous games, but having all materials easier to locate in the Scenario makes for a better prepared GM. Especially since creatures have to be as presented in the scenario. The party at my table happen to chose the three easier of the five scenario's.

Grove - GM's remember that it does not give a tactic as to where all three are when things go badly. One placement markers on the map, so it is possible that the bear would come into the fight on a subsequent round. Did not run this encounter yet.

Blade - happened to be the first chosen by the party. No problems, they even found antitoxin before the fight.

Homestead - the "eagle knights" were liked by all, the party even felt bad for the last one, subdued him, healed him up and convinced him to go convert more to his cause.

Breakdown - The construct fight, very difficult when players chose not to take that weapons from the Hall.

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Lack of Tactic Details

*( )( )( )( )

There is a lack tactic detail, which for one boss fight resulted in a TPK. For a first level quest, this leaves a bad feeling for the entire table. Especially when it was the first quest done within 30 min at the table.

University: Greenhouse, MindSlaver Mold does have that if it hears the PC it will prepare with a seed pod attack. Our GM chose to have it use Dominate as the first attack, it had initiative and hit my PC( second in Initiative)with the orders to kill the entire party. Result was a TPK with the exception of one PC that was ruled to be far enough out of range and out of sight they could run away, My PC was then ordered to kill it self. Both of these I would say are self destructive acts which in Dominate Person says would not be followed. In a first level encounter such a powerful and controversial spell effect is not well suited without full detail of when or if it is to be used or setting limits as to what it would desire in a dominating command if used.

If this had been a high tier scenario (closer in level to where a PC could have Dominate) then no hand cuffing of the Dominate power would be needed in the tactic.

(I would highly URGE PFS to add a GM 301 and explain balancing combat tactics with level of Scenario and how desperate (injured)a NPC is before they hit with the largest gun in their bag instead of a opening salvo. Further take on the Dominate Command issue and educate GM's as to what is meant by, Obviously a self destructive command will not be followed)

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