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Set wrote:
Bjørn Røyrvik wrote:
It has a sharp edge when they need it to cut but is dull as a rubber ball when they need it to be. Quite useful.

Yeah, that shield's always been selectively useful, bouncing or absorbing force as necessary for the cool stunt of the moment.

When it gets hit by Thor's hammer, it absorbs all impact, so that the dude holding it isn't smashed into jelly by the shield getting rammed halfway into the core of the earth.

When he flings it at a wall, it magically no longer absorbs impact, and instead bounces around like a superball (maybe the front of the shield is vibranium and the edges are made out of Tigger-hide, for extra bouncy, flouncy, trouncy funfunfun?).

When an annoyed Peggy Carter shoots it multiple times in a sealed underground bunker, the bullets lose all velocity and drop harmlessly to the ground (as they would if it absorbed all impact), instead of ricocheting around and killing everyone.

When Iron Man shoots it with a repulsor, it reflects around and shoots people, and when Thor smacks it with his hammer, a massive shockwave flies out from it's surface (or, if he hits it edge on, it flies around and smashes a bunch of robots).

Eh. It's the same in the comics. Remender had Havok shoot it with a plasma blast to boost Cap up into the air a few years back, which would have looked kind of hilarious if the shield actually absorbed impact (as it usually does) since Cap would have just plotzed on the ground, and then said, 'Uh, Havok? Just shoot the bad-guy and he'll fall down to me, 'kay? Don't try anything clever, we all know that's your brother's job.'

That's even funnier if you remember that for the longest time, there wasn't really much impact to Havok's blasts - they were plasma bolts. It was the other brother who did kinetic stuff.

You got the OP of your quote a bit wrong, BNW. But the link is appreciated.

Val'Ross the explorer wrote:

I have to stick to more basic books. This is for PFS. some games are Core.

I always play Human for the 2 feats at the start. My Human fighter was able to have Mounted Combat,ride by,Spirited charge.

I will have to start with a Dog. Then Wolf. A lizard or something that flies would be nice. Anything is basic books are available in PFS.
I wanted good climb and Acrobatics skills. Good Dex.
(Perception is always the main focus of all my characters.)

A small person starts with 1 Feat. A lance does 1d6. Most of them take a neg on Str. Weapon Finesse won't work with a lance. Does he have to take mounted Combat feat to fight riding his mount?
I always felt that the Cavalier should have Mounted Combat free.
I like the charger arc but Teamwork was one of the boon of the class.
Beast lord? getting strong creatures and fighting flank with them.
Thanks for the input.

If you are willing to stick with medium armor there is the Emissary archetype - they get bonus mounted combat feats, and can use some light armor only feats in medium armor. However, I think they lose the teamwork stuff in order to get it.

Krensky wrote:

I'm also wondering if there might have actually been something to the rumors that Disney's price for the X-Men TV rights included the Fantastic Four rights since Fox just quietly dropped FF2 off their production schedule.

I think that would be a good move on Fox's part if true. Leverage something Marvel wants (and Fox can't make good money on) for something they want, and have proven they can make money on.

Although one of the rumors I have heard about the Disney/Fox feud is that it really escalated after the Star Wars purchase (Fox used to be the distributor, and I think they have the Ep IV rights pretty much forever).

1 person marked this as a favorite.
BigNorseWolf wrote:
Unklbuck wrote:

Let's see:

1) The Russian aircrew was bombing Turkmen anti Assad rebels
2} They strayed over the border and were shot down by Turkish pro Turkmen F-16's

This is what happens when you draw lines on a map from your bathtub...

Sadly I can't find the clip from the Daily Show when John Oliver redraws the Middle East maps again.

"There's nothing these primitive peoples love more than a strong, White hand, drawing arbitrary lines......"

"Are you calling me a racist? To call me a racist is to imply that I care enough to hate them!"

Sadly, the comedy might not be far from the truth of how those maps were drawn in the first place.....

Avoron wrote:
Grey Lensman wrote:
Avoron wrote:
Argus The Slayer wrote:
Fauchard is hands down the best reach weapon in the game.
I love fauchards, but the elven branched spear is probably better.
I'd say that depends on the build of the character. A Str based character would most likely insist upon the fauchard.

Yes, although a strength based character typically isn't getting as much use out of a reach weapon.

And it's hard to overlook a +2 bonus on attacks of opportunity from movement, or the potential for racial access (which I know doesn't factor into this thread).
Anyway, fauchard is definitely not the best "hands down."

I'd say the use a str based character gets depends on the campaign. Not all of them are going to make dexterity a dump stat. How many attacks of opportunity does one make in a round under most conditions? And how easy is it to boost dex as a secondary stat via items in the campaign?

And personally, I'd never discount free access to an exotic weapon. Not having to pay a price for something (especially if the race is already in your concept) beats having to pay a price most of the time.

Turin the Mad wrote:
Greylurker wrote:
Considering the Fish-oil is a major source of the superpowers right now, there is a distinct absence of old ladies with super powers.
The old biddies that don't develop some degree of 'regeneration' probably kick the bucket. ;)

That's actually my take, the transformation is traumatic - most people past a certain age probably just don't survive the process even if they are among the few with inhuman DNA.

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BigDTBone wrote:
So Russia is promising a drastic response. Depending on what that means Turkey is likely to invoke NATO article 5. Then the poo will pretty much hit the jet impeller.

They might just turn off the pipelines. Russia has used turning off the gas lines as a political weapon before.

Avoron wrote:
Argus The Slayer wrote:
Fauchard is hands down the best reach weapon in the game.
I love fauchards, but the elven branched spear is probably better.

I'd say that depends on the build of the character. A Str based character would most likely insist upon the fauchard.

Imbicatus wrote:
Are we sure that was Nien Nunb or was it another Sullustan?

I checked IMDB and they don't have Nien Numb listed as a character, but the cast list is far from complete. So I am leaning towards 'to early to say.'

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Nutcase Entertainment wrote:
Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
John Kretzer wrote:
Well the last couple of the Blood of X have been...lacking I hope this one is better.
This is my first "Blood of.." book as developer, so I am totally open to ideas on how to make them better, and would love to hear why you felt the last few were lacking. :)

Blood of Night: People were expecting a lot of things about/for Dhampir, but most of it ended up about/for Vampire (and that wasn't anounced early enough), not much use for Players.

Blood of the Moon: many hoped for rules to play Lycanthropes, option for them, etc... Skinwalker were a last minute anoucement, which didn't help to them being liked be some, and disliked by others.

Blood Of the Elements: For starter, 5 races thinned the content, people were expecting options à la Blood of Angel/Blood of Fiend, and it had a bit too much fluff.

But Player Companion have been suffering from a strange illness for a while, it seems some people forgot it is meant for players way more than for DM/GM... Maybe it need to go back to being bi monthly, maybe the Campaign Setting line need an increased page count, or be splitted (Campaign Setting becomes for both Players and DM/GM, and DM/GM get their own "companion" line), etc...

The disparity between the focus from Blood of Angel/Fiends and Blood of Night can't be stressed enough. After the first two, I was thinking the 'Blood of' Line was a must buy, but Blood of Night put it into a 'why bother to buy?' category.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

This one looks like a buy - I have been wanting to see a decent shapeshifter that isn't built on dozens of shifting parts (Sadly, Rite's Taskshaper didn't end up what I was looking for). Then we'll see if I can play one during the next campaign.

There is also a barbarian totem that provides concealment - which is always nice against heavy hitting melee critters.

SmiloDan wrote:

Yeah, low level blasts are REALLY powerful.

I wanted to run an encounter with a coven of low-level witches, and had to make up a bunch of new magical powers for them because even one first level spell can kill a 1st or 2nd PC even if they make their saving throw. Even a single lucky cantrip can kill a non-d10 PC--or an even slightly wounded d10 or d12 PC.

But spellcasters do get a lot fewer spells per day, which is a real good balancing factor. And most primary casters (Circle of the Land druids, sorcerers, warlocks, and wizards) have ways to "recharge" and gain additional spell slots per day, if not per encounter.

So it's a delicate balancing act, but it IS balanced.

On the player side I liked it. Magic feels powerful right away, but by having fewer spells it doesn't make non-magic using characters feel redundant.

I only played at levels one and two due to the GM coming down with a case of 'next new game' syndrome. The guy who runs it gets that a LOT, and the other person in the group who does most of the GM work wasn't going willing to purchase anything for 5E after the bad taste he still has from 4th (Why should I trust Hasbro ever again? were his exact words).

That said, I enjoyed what little we did do, and I'll chime in that at those low levels magic can really tilt an encounter (blasting magic is actually powerful again), but the casters have to be careful with their non-cantrip spells because there are fewer of them than in Pathfinder. However, when those spells are used, you know power has been applied.

However, we only played up to level 3, and had no actual sessions at that level beyond boosting the characters, so YMMV.

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Lord Snow wrote:
Laurefindel wrote:

Obi Wan does die in ANH. I'm pretty sure that if ANH had been filmed after the prequel trilogy people would have screamed for his death...

Similarly, Qui Gon kicks the bucket in Phantom Menace. I wouldn't be surprised if one of the main characters is killed in Force Awakens.

I don't think anyone is saying main characters don't die in Star Wars - just that these beloved characters have been around for dozens of years and killing one off would have to be extremely justified within the movie and the entire thing will have to be perfectly executed or people would feel really really bad about it. Nobody wants to see Han Solo get killed now after he's been such a part of our childhoods and sometimes even adult life. That's just not what people would look for in the new movie.

I thought Harrison Ford did?

Turin the Mad wrote:
Goldmyr wrote:
I think Shield is working out of one of Nick Fury's secret bunkers after the Triskelion was compromised. And they can't be working out of their original base because they are no longer a legitimate organization and Talbot would have dismantled that area by now.

Set's the same, or very nearly so. Guessing Fury used 1 interior decorator. ;)

There've been enough bad guys in and out of the new place ...

It also saves on the TV budget....

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captain yesterday wrote:
I doubt the Broncos will beat the Pats, Peyton, sadly is done for good I suspect, by that I mean, even if he plays, he's still not the same Manning we all know and loved watching.

The Annual Brady/Manning Game was always one of the top highlights of the season, and always (for me, anyways) the most anticipated game of the year unless the Pats went to the Superbowl. Largely because I knew it was always a good game, featuring two of the all time best with something important on the line. Now that it seems to be over, I'm a bit sad. There has never been a QB rivalry as good as what he just lost, no other pair of future hall of famers have faced each other as often as these two.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Currently my wife and I are watching Shiki. Because vampires should be creepy and dark, not sparkly and angsty.

Comrade Anklebiter wrote:

Anyway, I have no opinion one way or the other about using or banning GMOs. I do have doubts about the claims that golden rice or any other GMO is going to help wipe out global hunger or malnutrition when, according to some, this planet already produces enough food to feed the world. If that's the case, I'm not exactly sure what difference GMOs are going to make.

Wipe out malnutrition? Unlikely, since even a best case scenario for Golden Rice wouldn't help anything other than Vitamin A issues. Still, I think it's something that would be a big help and would certainly make things easier.

Or maybe Jesse won't be a second generation superhero in the show.

I have to see the episode but...

comic stuff:
Jesse Quick wasn't a villain in the comics, but the daughter of the Golden Age hero Johnny Quick - whose name was re-used as a villain for the evil flash counterpart on an opposite-alignment Earth. Jesse Quick appeared as a heroine in several Flash stories and in the JSA run just before Flashpoint rebooted the DC universe. If done the same way as in the comics, Jesse might actually be the slowest speedster on the show, but she also has super strength as well to compensate.

Krensky wrote:

I'll just leave this here...

Golden Rice

I consider this the litmus test on how reactionary one's GMO stance is.

thejeff wrote:
Paladin of Baha-who? wrote:
I don't give a flying f$~~ about Greenpeace and discussion about one environmental group and what their various misdeeds may or may not be is a complete derail of the conversation.

Which is the whole point of course.

If we spend our time arguing over whether Greenpeace is bad, no one has to think about ExxonMobil's 3 decade organized attempt to publicly deny what they secretly knew all along. And we can ignore the position that puts all the climate skeptics in. You know the ones who totally weren't influenced by any propaganda, but just were fighting the government & environmentalist driven party line.

Even if Greenpeace is a more extreme version of ALF and ELF, it still doesn't matter. Just because someone terrible takes a specific point of view doesn't invalidate the point - otherwise any viewpoint can be rendered invalid merely by finding someone bad enough that also supports it.

Purple Dragon Knight wrote:
I saw him crack the earth in two when he fought Galactus in the future. Or was it the Sun? Anyways i don't think a nuke can dent him much.

Comics Thor is not Movie Thor, however. Comics Hulk wouldn't be phased at all by the fall he took in Avengers, for one example.

Caineach wrote:
Kain Darkwind wrote:

Having seen the series before I so much as read a single book, I can say that the Dresden Files TV show was fun and very enjoyable, even if it didn't really follow the books at all. In fact, the episodes that were closest to the books were the poorest, because they had this odd dynamic that didn't exist in the show previously.

And I can also say without a doubt that's due to Blackthorne. He manages to turn any role into gold, even if it's just one-shot villain on Burn Notice. If you weren't "tainted" by love of the admittedly fantastic book series, you would likely enjoy Dresden Files more. Too bad it got canceled.

Everyone I knew who had read Dresden Files disliked the series, but every fantasy fan I know who had not read the series liked it.

Sounds like they made a decent show that was inspired by, but not certainly about - The Dresden Files.

John Benbo wrote:
Rented Mobile Suit Gundam Origins II this weekend. It was pretty good but I liked 1 better. This one focused on Artesia/Sayla primarily, so less action- felt more like a filler episode between 1 and and 3 (which I'm guessing based on the the timeline, will definitely have more action). Lots of little cameos in this 2, though. I also hope we get a lower priced State side DVD or Bluray instead of the $100 "collectible" one.

Pricing on some anime is insane - I want to watch Neon Genesis Evangelion sometime, but it isn't available to stream on the services I have, only seems to exist in abridged form on Youtube, and is hard to find for less than a few hundred dollars to purchase anywhere I have checked.

Laurefindel wrote:
Star Shadow wrote:
In the 1980's, "rollplayer" was applied to someone who treated a roleplaying game like a board game (...)

wait, that's not the definition of rollplaying anymore?

I think most of those terms now mean 'playing in a manner I don't like.' BADWRONGFUN!!!!

Piccolo wrote:
Sorry, but that doesn't cut the proverbial mustard. What happens when someone takes ability damage or ability drain?

That depends on how often it comes up. In this AP, it might almost never be seen, unlike others where you will want multiple characters capable of casting restoration because every second monster causes ability damage.

Sissyl wrote:
Didn't you know Paris, London and most of Europe was deep underwater during the medieval period? Fun fact! It was damn inconvenient for the people who lived there, but hey, what could you do? There were a few attempts to evolve gills, but nothing much came of it. There is some discussion on whether the Piltdown man was an example of this.


Is this supposed to be 'truthiness'?

Much gets lost over the internet.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

And having just looked it up, Antarctica was in pretty much the same place 15 million years ago as it is now - over the South Pole.

Tangent101 wrote:
Go with Investigator. Molari was constantly drinking, after all. ;)

" brevari. You understand brevari, yes? No, I see that you do not. You have that look in your eyes. That look that says 'hold my head up to your ears AND YOU SHALL HEAR THE SEA!'"

ElyasRavenwood wrote:

I would be thinking in terms of a PC for a Hells Rebels game perhaps a Crimson Throne game, or maybe a council of thieves game.

I guess I'm not overly worried about magic or no magic....I just enjoy the personality of the character and i think it would make a good inspiration for the personality Pathfinder character.

again thank you

I'd definitely stick to something with a 'roguish' feel to it. Class can vary, obviously, but Londo isn't an upstanding guy. Even when he does noble things he resorts to very underhanded methods.

Scary that the name Greenland is in danger of being an apt description and not just the most famous case of false advertising ever.

I remember several scientists coming out and saying the only thing that can produce enough energy fast enough is nuclear power. Of course, there are better ways we can do it that the way we are now.

Even trying to put myself into a right wing point of view I still end up thinking we need something other than fossil fuels. Oil and natural gas are where Russia gets much of the leverage it has - you want to truly cripple Putin? Destroy oil prices. Besides, paying money (even indirectly by adding to demand) to people who oppose US interests (no matter your opinion of them) is what I call bad foreign policy. Oil is a large part of our interest in the Middle East, and I don't think that has worked out well for the US either.

And no matter what you think, the truth is that oil, natural gas, even coal are all finite resources - one day they will run out. Best to start preparing for that certainty before they day gets too close.

There are plenty of reasons to support alternative energy even if you buy into the lies about global warming being bunk.

We need to ask, PC or NPC? Because if the OP means a PC, all NPC class suggestions should be chucked out the window.

GM Niles wrote:

This is why I come to this thread after watching my episodes on DVR! Thanks Aberzombie/Goldmyr!

I agree that the "falling in love" stuff was a bit cliche and it annoyed me. But Fitz gotta Fitz...I mean did we all think he would "actually" get the girl this time?

I agree that Will is probably not exactly who/what he says he is...

Of course not - I mentioned to my wife before the episode that Simmons secondary purpose is as a dollar-on-a-string for Fitz. Every time he thinks something will happen - YOINK! It's reaching the point where I want him to move on and realize it's never going to happen.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

My wife unfortunately has a serious astigmatism coupled with a mild crosseye - so if it's 3D, I don't watch it. Plus I hate wearing glasses over glasses.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Aranna wrote:
I think it's pretty clear who won the "how to save theaters" argument between Sielberg and Cameron. Clearly Spielberg was right. What was this argument? Back not long ago theaters were failing and every year fewer people saw movies as home entertainment was king. Cameron said the way to save theaters was to move to a format people couldn't watch at home... 3d. Spielberg disagreed and said the way forward was to make each movie into a big event that you HAD to be there for to enjoy it best.

They tried the 'format the public can't enjoy at home' before. It's where widescreen comes from. Some of the stuff that came out for a while even made deliberate use of the space to ensure any translation to standard TV format would miss out on important details.

Texas Snyper wrote:
I think there should be some middle ground allowance. Yes there should be more than just a simple "I roll for diplomacy." Some direction or description should be given. But you shouldn't also require the players to be as loquacious as they are proficient with their weapon in combat.

That's one thing I have noticed a lot over my years - players who do have the force of personality (or volume) to dominate roleplay often make characters with charisma scores in the low single digits, no social skills to speak of, yet insist on acting like they do. No other ability score (and related skill sets) seems to get this treatment. I've never seen a GM force a player to lift something heavy, run any distance, or explain things in detail when his character (but not him) has that knowledge.

My Self wrote:
TarkXT wrote:
Lemmy wrote:

I don't know... Magi have some pretty awesome spells... They use vancian prepared casting, which adds to versatility and are Int based, so they usually have good skill points.

Not to mention they have access to Wizard spells and Witch Hexes...

Their spell list and abilities are more focused on certain area though and there's much less build variety than you would find in a warpriest or bard. The option to get wizard spells is really limited and not often desirable.

They're very good, don't get me wrong, but if we're talking about sheer versatility within the scope of the 3/4 bab, 3/4 caster line I'd put them near the bottom.

Which still puts them miles above the non casting martials.

So which 3/4 BAB 2/3 casters get skill boosts?

Bard: Yes- All knowledges and some other skills
Investigator: Yes- All knowledges and some other skills
Skald: Yes- All knowledges and some other skills
Inquisitor: Yes- All knowledges, used offensively, and some other skills
Hunter: Yes- one skill, and has Animal Companion
Alchemist: Yes- one skill
Summoner: No- but has Eidolon
Warpriest: No
Magus: No

Don't forget that the magus is an Int based caster and should have a higher number of skills by virtue of his or her casting stat.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Azten wrote:
Magister, Spellweaver, and Artisan are all amazing and well worth playing. I'm in the same boat as Orthos, though as a player. The GMs don't want to even try third party stuff. :(

Thankfully when we started really getting into Pathfinder one of the GM's was big into 3rd party classes. Nearly anything from the Genius (other than the Godlings - and that's due to all the moving parts) is allowed so long as the GM has access to the class.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The Fusilier from Rogue Genius Games (an alternate gunslinger that is a very good swashbuckler).

Sadly, that's really the only one I have had a chance to play, and even that is more of an alternate class/enhanced archetype like the ninja and samurai than a completely new class.

Although in a different campaign another player is using an archer version of the Soulknife.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Imbicatus wrote:
I always though it was pronounced "mənCHkin".

The popular alternative is 'fanBOY'

Although to be honest, my gaming group has never had a Drizzt clone even when we had the occasional drow character (A priestess - not counting an attempt to run Throne of Night on the evil side)

Nothing about the seals breaking, Free? :P

In other news, it looks like Fullmetal Panic! will return!

Freehold DM wrote:
Grey Lensman wrote:
TheAntiElite wrote:
Freehold DM wrote:
TheAntiElite wrote:
Grey Lensman wrote:
Well, if part of your problem with Dubbing is low quality voice acting, then you might say you are doing your part to improve things. Consider it an anime lover's duty and privilege.

That and horrible interpretation of idioms. But overall I just kept seeing series where it was like no one even tried. I want to fix that, though there's been progress since the bad old days.

Though I will note that my standard a of good were mostly Panasonic dubs of original Tenchi Muyo, Cowboy Benop, Trigun, and Hellsing. I will take lumps where due.

fires lump cannon
Hey I liked them all better subbed but those were the ones I didn't hate!
Don't take his 'all dubz are ze devil!' stance too seriously. He hates them even when the Japanese themselves are blown away by the dub work. I'm pretty sure that if an anime-styled series was produced in the U.S., Freehold would insist that the version dubbed into Japanese and subtitled back into English was the far superior version....
fortunately, such a thing has never happened. If it did, the seals on the apocalypse would break.

This post seems relevant since RWBY has come up again........

thejeff wrote:
The Uncanny Valley wrote:
Yep. The Bengazi hearings are backfiring on their perpetrators. Not only are we discovering tidbits embarrassing to various GOP politicians from the previous administration, we are also seeing Hillary stand strong in the face of her accusers. A better political campaign would be difficult to come by.

Yeah, it's all part of a secret GOP plan.

They're going to accuse her of illegally using government resources to campaign.

The sad part is this doesn't seem absurd at all.

OK, ONE of the sad parts...

Well, it did take Fitz quite a while to rehab. He was hallucinating for a while because of his trauma. I say let's see what happens to Simmons in her spotlight episode before judging too harshly.

Cold hams it up amazingly whenever he is on screen. I'm not sure if I could call it great acting, but it IS enjoyable. The guy seems to have embraced the absurdity.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Avoron wrote:
gustavo iglesias wrote:
Of course he can, wish can do anything.
Oh, really? It can? Are you sure about that?

How could you have not listed this reference in all that?

I mean, seriously? :P

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