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Grey Lensman's page

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Pillbug Toenibbler wrote:
thejeff wrote:
Scott Betts wrote:
GM_Beernorg wrote:

Giant douche or turd sandwich, you gotta pick one Stan!

I used to find this funny, now, I find it terrifying.

Watch the speeches from the RNC, then watch the speeches from the DNC. And come back here and tell me you don't see a meaningful difference between the two parties and the two candidates. You're buying into a cynical, fashionable view that the two are interchangeable that has zero basis in reality. It's reductionist, and harmful to discourse and democracy.
Yeah, the contrast is as extreme as I've ever seen it. Sure you can say it's all just talk, but the difference between the hate and fear the Republicans are trying to drum up and the emphasis the Democrats bring is just worlds apart.
It's funny that the Repubs claim to worship at the altar of St. Ronnie, but this DNC so far is full-on hope and brightness channeling "It's morning again in America."

Ronnie wouldn't recognize this Republican Party - the nominee admires someone who claims the breakup of the USSR is the greatest disaster of the 20th century, owes a large part of his fortune to the same guy (and his lackeys), and might even be getting help from them. The rest of the party is passing bathroom bills, voter ID laws, and other nonsense that can best be summed up as 'solutions in search of problems', or as I like to call them, 'exactly the big government Reagan warned about'.

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Irontruth wrote:
Turin the Mad wrote:
137ben wrote:

Just saw Booker's speech, I was blown away by how positive he was about everything.

I'm from Virginia, and Kaine is my senator, but I would have preferred Booker for VP over Kaine.
Now it's a Drumpf "university" victim speaking.
Booker wasn't even in consideration, was he? I loved the optimism ... but good grief the jackhammering to drive the points home ... eesh.

I'm glad Booker didn't take it. I really, really like him, but the VP is where careers go to die.

I also really like Warren, but I'd rather have her occupy a senate seat.

When she ran for the senate, the first thought through my mind was how the Republicans had screwed up. If they had let her run the CFPB, they could have de-clawed the agency even more, then summoned her to hearing after hearing where they could ask questions and try to embarrass her. Instead, they put her on a stage and martyred her nomination, allowing her to run for the senate and now she sits next to them and they have to give her equal time during those same hearings.

You don't put your enemies out in the cold. You give them a job, then you make it suck.

Anyways, I'm glad Booker didn't take/get offered the job. He's on a good arc already, he doesn't need the VP. I'd love to see him serve another term, then move on to a governorship or cabinet position. Then run for the democratic nomination whenever all that works out. I would really like to see some executive experience on his resume.

Booker also comes from a state with a Republican governor - if Hilary wins, she needs Booker where he is.

thejeff wrote:
Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
The drama is getting better. Apparantly the material provided to Wikkileaks was obtained from Vladimir Putin's homegrown cyberhackers.
Yeah, there's a lot of scary speculation going on about that. Most of currently running at the conspiracy theory level.

3 separate cyber-security firms and the FBI all named Russia as the number one suspect - and at least one firm is claiming it can't find any evidence that the confessed hacker actually even exists.

Quark Blast wrote:
Kobold Cleaver wrote:
What actions would those be?
Krensky wrote:

The lying, the cheating, the defrauding of his business partners, customers, contractors and the tax payers. The inventing of multiple false identities to talk to the press while pretending to be someone else. The sexual harassment and alleged rape. The creepy lusting after his own daughter. The racism, the misogyny, the abelism, the casual cruelty and general douchbaggery. Let's not forget the temper tantrums, physical outbursts, and pathological need to be the biggest, most important person in the room.

I probably missed a few things.

Trump isn't a meritocrat. He's never had any cosideration for mertiocracy. He's a spoiled rich brat who's squandered the fortune his grandfather the pimp and father the racist landlord left him. He's an exploiter and con artisit.

If he was as bad as all that he would have announced himself as the deserving winner of every episode of The Apprentice.

I agree that he suffers from NPD. He's like the type specimen for that. And as such I won't be voting for him.

Though, oddly, if he were to win he could in theory assign a cabinet that is actually competent. As opposed to filling it with people to whom are owed favors, like Mrs. Clinton will do.

I expect a Trump cabinet to be filled with sycophantic yes men. Competence optional.

Irontruth wrote:
Quark Blast wrote:
Irontruth wrote:
Quark Blast wrote:

Another take on why climate modeling is a failed enterprise.


Or for the more quantitatively minded, LINK

Or this one, LINK, and note especially the fifth reason of concern over trying to model natural processes, and the authors' summary concern as follows

Crutchfield and Feldman wrote:
Of course, most natural phenomena involve, to one degree or another, almost all of these separate sources of "noise". Moreover, the different mechanisms interact with each other. It is no surprise, therefore, that describing and quantifying the degree of a process's apparent randomness is a difficult yet essential endeavor that cuts across many disciplines.

On the other hand, like a I said in my last post, the Global Climate Change experiment is actually underway.

Even if we, as a species, stopped using coal this instant, the "worst-case scenario" CO2 load is already in the atmosphere and we have another 100 wait to see what unfolds.
So, if the modeling is pointless, how do we even know Global Climate Change is happening?

Here let me help.

Obviously I'm saying that if you believe the climate experts and their models, we are living under the worst case scenario already.

I'm just asking you to pick a side. Do you believe the modeling and that climate change is actually a problem, or do you think it's all bunk and modeling proves nothing?

I'm tired of this "modeling is 100% useless, but we should act on it anyways."

You don't have to say that the modeling is perfect. But if you're going to talk about the consequences reflected in the modeling, you should at least admit that they might be useful.

Do not allow perfect to become the enemy of good.

Hitdice wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:
MMCJawa wrote:
I actually favored Hillary over Bernie. While I would prefer Hillary to be a bit more progressive on some issues, I think she can actually get a lot of what she promised done. I feel that if somehow Bernie did get the nom and then won the election, Bernie would have a much greater difficulty working with congress and wouldn't be able to follow through with a lot of his campaign platforms.
I don't think that working with congress is a thing that happens anymore with a democratic president.
I'm not saying you're wrong BNW, but given the reaction to Merrick Garland's nomination, I think that's more on congress than the democratic president.

This is one of the big reasons I think Kaine is the Veep pick and not anyone else. His qualification of 'will not have successor chosen by a Republican governor' puts him above most of the more left-wing options even before one considers that he is closer to her views than the others.

Jaçinto wrote:
Ok let me try it this way. Is this a Star Trek movie for someone that actually enjoys Star Trek, rather than someone that just enjoys dumb movies with explosions?

I have no idea how it will appeal to grognards.

Jaçinto wrote:
I am debating seeing this. Okay, I thought the first Abrams Trek movie was just okay, but at least better than Nemesis. I absolutely hated Into Darkness as it was a big dumb flashy action movie where the characters kept contradicting themselves, they ignored the timeline prior to the temporal incursion in the previous movie, and nothing really made sense when you actually pay attention to things like character development and story. I am more about the substance, not the flashiness. Big fight scenes have no purpose if they feel tacked on and don't fit the characters. So tell me, does this movie deserve my money or is it just another summer schlock big dumb action movie, or is it more cerebral like the series and older movies, where they actually cared about making sure the plot works and the characters make sense?

Reviews have been good - don't know about fan reaction though.

I enjoyed the first, and didn't bother with the second once I heard they were trying to redo Khan. Wrath of Khan is as close to a perfect Star Trek film as one is going to get, any attempt to delve into that theme was doomed from the start, and that's before you add in the magical blood.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Freehold DM wrote:
Lord Fyre wrote:
Freehold DM wrote:
Freehold cannot wait for this film.
We need Joss Whedon to take over Star Trek, just for your benefit.
Don't even joke.

Or even......Star Wars, in a film that's a long love letter to the Y-Wing.

I bet this will be the result.

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Alzrius wrote:
Krensky wrote:
Lemmy wrote:
I got curious about Susei no Gargantia... But I'm not a fan of series about giant robots... So I lost interest. :/
Whigh is funny, because it's not a show about giant robots. It has them, but that's not what it's about.
Krensky is correct; Gargantia isn't a giant robot anime as that genre is usually defined.

It does, however, start off looking like one in the intro. Someone who isn't overly aware of the series as a whole can easily mistake it for one.

That said, I recommend the series highly. The giant robots serve the plot rather than being the plot.

Alzrius wrote:
Greylurker wrote:
Dragon78 wrote:
So, is the Gargantia anime any good?
Yes it is and it doesn't quite go the way you originally expect it to
Very much so.

We all missed our chance to make a 'sanctified excrement' joke here. What are the messageboards coming to?

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Dragon78 wrote:
So, is the Gargantia anime any good?

It is most excellent. It's on Netflix if you have that.

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quibblemuch wrote:
UnArcaneElection wrote:

It's probably a temporary thing. After suitable time for development and foreshadowing, we will encounter the Star Elves: Highly logical, long-lived, and prosperous.

"Och man, di ye wanna get sued?!"

If elves can survive the Tolkien lawyers the Paramount ones should be pushovers. Even the unholy combination of Trump and Palpatine wasn't willing to take on the Tolkien lawyers...(yes, that IS a Sith Apprentice reference)

Hama wrote:
Aranna wrote:

I don't know much about Thrawn... But he sure is scary.

I can't wait.
Go and rectify that. Read the Thrawn trilogy by Timothy Zahn.

Seconded. If you read nothing else from the expanded universe at all, read those three. (Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising, The Last Command) Not only is it the series that introduced Thrawn, it also gave the readers Mara Jade.

Ragadolf wrote:

Holy Cow THRAWN!!!!

(Old wizard just pee'd as little) ;P

Sorry, I liked the Expanded Universe. I can't believe that they kept something from it! :)

There are several ideas from expanded universe that made it into The Force Awakens - but with all the good to great stuff in the EU, there was also a lot of garbage. Putting the good stuff back in while (hopefully) leaving the bad stuff should be a good thing.

archmagi1 wrote:
On the inquisitors, the entire franchise, while harping the rule of 2 over and over again since they came up with Bane, has had a ton of non Sith evil force users. They may have had limited access to the greater secrets of the dark side (ventress and inquisitors) or may have been secret apprentices (maul and starkiller), but they are there just like non Jedi good force users.

Plus, villains and rules don't exactly get along - a complete disregard for rules is practically a requirement for villainy. The rules they care about are the ones they made up themselves, and even then, the rules are for the minions, not the master.

Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
The coup seems to have failed, and now the President [of Turkey] is vowing retribution.

I'm afraid it will be against anyone in the opposition rather than just those behind the coup.

On one side we have someone who was elected, but has no devotion to the things that make democracy work.

On the other we have people trying to seize power through the threat of force, but who might be more willing to support the foundations democracy are built upon despite getting there by gunpoint.

Things look bad either way.

Lemmy wrote:
Ah... I see. Who does Kokonotsu end up with?

He leaves with Hotaru on a dagashi tour after pretty much zero development that way other than they both like dagashi and that he is impressed with her breasts. And absolutely zero development from her direction.

If you want to know how NOT to handle a romantic plot, I recommend it.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
It sounds like at the end of Dagashi Kashi, after pushing one romantic couple for the entire series, they reversed course into the official couple from the manga ending without it making any sense.

It was even worse when I talked to someone who had actually read the manga. Saya (aka: crack ship) appeared in less than 1/2 of the chapters, and important Hotaru scenes were left out entirely.

The big difference between the starting levels in 5E and D20 Modern is (for me, at least) pretty vast. In 5E I might not be able to play a multiclass type right away (or one of the hybrid archetypes), and have to wait until level 2 or 3, but in D20 modern it can be level 5 or 6 before your spellcaster can even learn the first spell. Horrid, horrid idea.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

It may very well make you lose some respect for Testament of Sister New Devil as well. There are waaaaay too many rehashes from the older to the newer.

Norman Osborne wrote:

Just what this show needs, another speedster. :P

Better a protege than another 'evil speedster mentor'. I see another one of those I'm done with this show.

Aesthetics? The hair should at least go out past the fabric of the costume. What I see is slightly better than a hairless cowl on someone who is actually hairless, but only slightly. It could be that the hairless cowl is something that doesn't translate well off the 4 color page entirely, though.

Hairless cowls need to be on someone with longer hair in order to look good.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Lemmy wrote:
Bjørn Røyrvik wrote:
They're just lacking in the brains department (apart from Rachnera).

They aren't stupid so much as they are young, impulsive, naive and/or inexperienced.

It is a comedy, after all... Someone gotta have a low Wis score! XD

Well, Papi IS pretty dumb. But then, bird stuff, including being bird brained, is kinda her thing.

I just hope that if the anime ever continues towards a conclusion, they don't pull a Dagashi Kashi on it and push the director's crack ship so hard that the manga wrap up seems like it's out of left field.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

And, in other news, the new Arslan series has finally, after 27 episodes, caught up to where the old OVA's left off. I want to see the rest of the story dammit!

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Dragon78 wrote:
Speaking of boobs, there is still no word about a second season for Monster Musume, but at least there will be a OVA later this year.

My wife greatly enjoyed Monster Musume, as the fanservice in that show serves the comedy/plot, as opposed to driving the plot.

I live about 90 minutes from Las Vegas myself. Although I haven't been here long enough to truly know the place - but if you ever reach Mesquite I do know that one!

The Testament of Sister New Devil shouldn't have been a surprise - it's by the same manga writer as Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero, which was another anime with gratuitous fanservice shots. Also featuring a 'daughter of overlord' magical boom powered girl with twin tailed hair.

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Scoundrel the Tiefling wrote:
Reminded me of the Muppet show segment with Pigs in Space. But with orcs instead. I'm thinking they would probably wreck the ship every adventure. :-p

My group threatened this in a Star Wars game, just with Gammoreans instead.

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SmiloDan wrote:

I really like how 5th Edition does the rogue:

1. Ranged Sneak Attack has no range limits.
2. Replace flanking Sneak Attack with just team-up-with-ally-also-adjacent-to-foe sneak attack.
3. Cunning Action: Use swift action to Hide, Double Move, or avoid AoOs when moving. Maybe add Feint as an option to make Sneak Attacking easier.
4. Sneak Attacks double on critical hits.

Another thing I would do is add "Rogue Points." You get 1 Rogue Point at 1st level, and 1 more at levels 5, 10, 15, and 20.

You can allocate Rogue Points at the beginning of each day. You can add one (or more) Rogue Point(s) to Attack Rolls and CMB, AC and CMD, Saving Throws, DR 1/-, Skill Checks, Initiative (x2), +5 feet of speed.

In 5th there are also fewer ways for casters to take the rogue's stuff. Magic helps, but doesn't replace skill use. The Find Traps spell is instantaneous in 5th, meaning you can't extend it and replace trapfinding as whole - and most spells that truly help with skills do it by providing advantage, meaning that being proficient (or being an expert with double the proficiency bonus) stills means a great deal.

Diffan wrote:

Well the first problem is attempting to use crappy d20 modern system. Plainly, it sucks. The "classes" are almost entirely useless and there's a reason why a lot of people simply just start with the Advanced Classes as base classes, like Soldier for instance. The premise was, if I remember correctly, to take an ordinary guy/gal from our modern world who most likely isn't trained in anything and then level them up to a point where they're now a Somebody. It's dumb but not entirely unlike 5e's "beginners" stage of 1st and 2nd level.

Want to be a Colonial space marine? Start at 5th level (I'd suggest Strong hero 2/ fast 1/ soldier X).

At least in 5E it only takes a couple of sessions to get out of those levels. The XP for them is tiny.

Summoning expendable monsters to spring the trap from a safe distance isn't 100% effective, it depends on what the trap does. Mostly effective, but not 100%. It also depends on whether or not the GM is even willing to tell you what the trap does - not all of them do.

Thomas Seitz wrote:
You all are forgetting this fact: We dig giant robots

Not all of us.

Synergy bonuses for skills.

I played D20 Modern a few times and my opinion of it is very, very low. From the over simplification of handgun damage (a 9mm and a .45 do the same exact damage and have the same features, making the 9mm far superior due to carrying far more ammo - somehow), to the idiotic requirement to have several levels in something else before you can even begin playing your concept (I tried to make a psychic, and 5 levels of combat scenarios as an unpowered smart hero type was the opposite of fun).

D20 modern is now one of the few games where if it comes up I return to the group when it's over.

Greylurker wrote:

Yeah for all their claims of "No Mind Control, Clones or alternate reality Caps" it turns out to be Mind Control.

I'm guessing the backlash requiered a very quick response to clear the air.

Well, by a mere technicality it isn't mind control - it's a mental history re-write. Mere semantics, but that's enough for the hype machine I guess.

It's even worse when the paladin gets the 'group smite' feature. I played in a game where a scenario turned from a probable TPK into a curbstomp once that power was used.

baron arem heshvaun wrote:
The Once and Future Dark Lord

As long as he is used sparingly (VERY sparingly). An antagonist with invincible plot armor can be a major drag.

Adjule wrote:
Hopefully with the influx of all this Ravenloft stuff people have made, it will convince Wizards of the Coast that their other settings are loved, and not just the damned Forgotten Realms.

I think they DO know that, but the reality is that publishing multiple campaign worlds ends up as competing with yourself (not the smartest business decision) most of the time. If you are going to use just one world, go with the one that sells the most. If you want to add more, add in ones that are obviously different in theme from the first.

Of course, seeing the first foray outside of FR take off so well might tell them exactly what you are saying. (It helps, in my mind, that Ravenloft IS pretty different in feel from FR, yet close enough you can easily port a module in without too much trouble).

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Hopefully those highest levels will have more (much, much more) playtesting than the original 3rd edition had.

What was the joke I heard once..."If Taylor Swift breaks up and doesn't write a song about it, did the relationship ever happen?"

More time shenanigans than Dr. Who!

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Sarcasm Dragon wrote:
Will this game be TOO ANIME?!?

I want to be a Knight of Sidonia!

Or maybe a Knight of Cydonia instead?

UnArcaneElection wrote:

Need 1:4:9? No problem -- just turn it sideways.

It's magic - it might not just need those dimensions, but in exactly a specific order. Or maybe the portal was designed originally to let something REEEAALLLY tall through, and since no one knows how to research one of their own, they are stuck following the existing design. But most likely rule of cool - it looks more awesome and imposing that way, at least according to the director or special effects crew.

I have some least favorite archetypes, but not so much as far as least favorite classes. Even things with pets and summons tend to earn my ire mostly because the people least prepared to play them insist upon wasting valuable game time by having nothing written down in advance.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

How is it the loner seems to have such a giant supporting cast?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

And for a little bit of trivia - yes, that is Marty Friedman (former Megadeth lead guitarist) playing guitar in the Bodacious Space Pirates opening theme.

Kalshane wrote:
shadowkras wrote:

But what if there are many opponents?

Yes, the GM realized that and started to drop a dozen of opponents at once, which regularly was overboard or dragged the session for too long without necessarily improving the game.

Even when we were outnumbered, it was a better option to attempt to go 2 on 1 (sometimes 3 on 1) than each one handle an enemy.
Even if we were outnumbered in those situations, its better to declare "full defense" while the others are finishing off their enemy so you avoid their flanking advantage.

This is pretty much the same as every other version of D&D/PF. Focus-fire is far more effective than spreading out your attacks because of the way HPs work. It's hardly unique to 5E.

Focus fire has been a part of how my group played D&D as far back as 1st edition, and it's how we play pretty much every game that doesn't take enemies from full to down in one hit - no matter the system. "Dead Men Make No To-Hit Rolls" has long been a maxim.

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