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Gregg Reece's page

203 posts. Alias of slicertool.


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It hates my payment method on this order. Absolutely hates it. I have tried changing it to things that I know that are perfectly fine and have no problems, but it just will not let anything work.

I've tried changing payment methods, re-creating payment methods, and all sorts of things. I can use those payment methods to order other things, but I just can't use them to fix this order.

It is borken (yes, I spelled it borken).

Goblin Squad Member

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On a serious note (since I am Virgil Firecask):

The whole concept of this group was to intentionally be the loveable misfits. At the time it was created, there were a bunch of people creating LG, LN, LE groups with the occasional NE and CE groups popping up. They were all very serious concepts about honor, glory, trade, assassination, PvP, etc. No one had created anything that was "for fun" nor had anyone created anything CG.

So, I threw together the persona Virgil Firecask and his group The Golden Flask to be a safe haven for people who just wanted to have fun without worrying about being part of a big military power that was flooded with rules and bylaws. There's plenty of space in a world like this for a bunch of drunken heroes for hire who are playing this because they enjoy the game with people they can call friends.

All that being said, we'll take about anyone as long as you follow the one real rule we have, "Don't be a jerk***." If you can follow that, then we can probably get along. We're just here to have fun.

-Gregg Reece aka Virgil Firecask

PS: Yes, it's true... I don't really even drink.

*** Paraphrased, since I'm not sure I should say it on the Paizo Boards.

I grew up going to that store! Unfortunately, I'm now in the Nashville, TN area.

Epic Meepo wrote:

Assuming no spontaneous half-casters, no heavily-armored medium-BAB classes, and no casters with a monk AC bonus, I count exactly ten unused class progressions:

1) no spells, good BAB, monk AC bonus
2) no spells, good BAB, light armor only (slayer)
3) 4th-level prepared spells, witch-like spell list
4) 4th-level prepared spells, wizard-like spell list
5) 6th-level prepared spells, druid-like spell list
6) 6th-level prepared spells, witch-like spell list
7) 6th-level spontaneous spells, druid-like spell list (hunter)
8) 6th-level spontaneous spells, witch-like spell list
9) 9th-level spontaneous spells, druid spell list
10) 9th-level spontaneous spells, witch spell list (shaman)

I would expect most, if not all, of the class progressions listed above to be covered in this book.

11) 6th-level prepared spells, medium/heavy armor, cleric-like spell list (war priest)

Game Space Beta Tester

I'd love to test it out a bit this weekend if anyone is not at GenCon and is running something.

It's a little belated, but...

Thank you! You guys are wonderful. Thanks for having awesome customer support.

I've had an item in my sidecart since 2011... could you guys just remove it? It's been backordered that whole time and I gave up and just threw a different color (that is in stock) in my cart.

Item to be removed: Set of 10 Hybrid Pearl Dice Red

Goblin Squad Member

Possible Loot Methods...

5-Finger Discount - Pocket something when no one is looking. Sleight of Hand check vs an opposed perception check. Each pocketed item makes to easier to be detected next time.

Contract - Player X is interested in crafting mats. Player Y is interested in gear. Player Z just wants a larger cut of the cash.

Need/Greed/Pass - Old, tried, true, hated by a lot of people. You've got the jerks that just 'need' everything instead of using it appropriately.

Round Robin - Each person is assigned an item that they get. Lots of strange loopholes and usually doesn't come out fair. Often combined with the need/greed/pass system to better deal with rare items.

Open Loot - Free For All. Again, often combined with Need/Greed/Pass to deal with rare items.

Loot Table - A big list of all of the loot. Players can choose a variety of methods to distribute items including some of the methods listed above. Also, a switchback draft system could be used in combination (example order: A, B, C, D, D, C, B, A, A , B, C, D ...) which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Goblin Squad Member

Well, getting "That one rare drop" I don't believe will be an issue. The reason I don't think it will be an issue is that there won't be regular raids to go kill the same big boss every week.

Instead, you'll have to search for strongholds to break into every time you want to go "raid". These will be a new one with a different group of baddies running it each time. Loot will probably be randomly generated from a couple tables grabbing an item type, subtype, and lob a series of keywords onto it and then randomly generate a cool name for it based on those keywords. That's if the looting is setup like a traditional theme-park MMO.

What I'm guessing (based on some random comments from the Goblinworks guys) is that you'll kill the boss and he'll have whatever he was using on him. Otherwise, you'll raid his treasure trove and find a bunch of gold, crafting materials, wondrous items, potions, and a few randomly created weapons/armor in the method I listed above. You'll probably also find more general quality items as well that could be sold.

Really, don't expect to see things laid out at all like a traditional MMO.

I agree with Xaer that a contract system would probably be negotiated, but even that gets sketchy when you start listing out items that have to be compared against regional trading posts in order to figure out their value.

You'll probably be doing this in well defined groups from your chartered company, settlement, or kingdom as there will be no "Random Dungeon Finder" nor "Random Raid Finder". There will likely be an internal organizational structure about how you distribute loot (DKP, Suicide Kings, Loot Council, etc) specific to the group you run with that figures out how to split things out and keeps a cut for the overarching organization itself.

So, only run with people you trust. Ninja-looters will be thrown out of their respective organizations, have bounties put on them, and will have people hunt them down in game to exact just punishment for their crimes.

Goblin Squad Member

Okay, I remember a discussion on this from Ryan, but can't find the actual reference for it.

Essentially, there will be something like 4 to 8 game days per real life day. This gives people the opportunity who can't play 24/7 to participate in events that happen at "night" or "day" that they normally wouldn't be online to participate in. This includes access to particular resources, bad guys, and rituals.

However, months are still going to line up with the real world months. This means that in the PFO game, months are just 4 to 8 times longer than they should be.

This is all paraphrasing from what I can remember, but I think that's how it went.

Goblin Squad Member

I'm just waiting for them to hire Nihimon as an official Goblinworks Community Manager.

Goblin Squad Member

Nihimon wrote:
Gregg Reece wrote:
Keep up the great work man.

I only stand upon the shoulders of the giants who have come before me :)

But what if that giant's shoulders are on fire.... *glances at avatar*

Goblin Squad Member

Keep up the great work man.

Goblin Squad Member

Thanks for taking this over.

Goblin Squad Member

Thanks for taking this over. I've been crazily busy for the past month and don't check in as much as I used to.

Goblin Squad Member

2 people marked this as a favorite.

As an aside: Yay for the Dr Strangelove reference.

Goblin Squad Member

By the way, I'm pretty busy at the moment. So, if I happen to miss someone, feel free to message me about it. You don't even have to be part of that group, I just want to stay on top of keeping the list current.

Goblin Squad Member

Added "The Kingdom of Aeternum (Pax Gaming)" and removed their filler thread link.

Goblin Squad Member

Added you to "the list" of Chartered Companies/Groups/etc.

Goblin Squad Member

If this were in another industry, it would be called a "soft launch". It's something that's kinda-sorta open, but still has some gate to prevent things from getting out of hand. A dress-rehearsal of sorts.

I really like the idea of it being labeled as "Kickstarter Launch" or something similar to let people know that it's launched, but only for the people that helped it get off the ground in the first place.


Sorry, the following also popped into my head based on other comments.
Pilgrim Era
Colonization Launch
Exploration Launch

and similar.

Goblin Squad Member

Added Sword of the Sepulcher.

Goblin Squad Member

Added The Black Company

Goblin Squad Member

I'm playing either an Alchemist or some custom built thing that will essentially be an Alchemist ;)

Goblin Squad Member

Hey, someone's gotta do it. Plus it makes it really easy with the list features on the boards here.

Goblin Squad Member

You're welcome ;)

Goblin Squad Member

So, Ryan, how is xScape Platform from Icarus Studios working out as the MMO engine thus far? (if it isn't the engine, then the resume of the lead designer was a great distraction)

Goblin Squad Member

Necrocracy - Lich and undead based government.

Goblin Squad Member

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Forencith wrote:
Or you just bring your wizard friend because he is your friend you guys enjoy adventuring matter what spells he has prepared. Just saying...

Ah, the effects of a charm person spell working as intended...

Goblin Squad Member

Yeah, I had an initial gut reaction it would be that... and I looked anyway.

The hat was a great touch.

Goblin Squad Member

Chartered Company: The First File [TFF] - LN - Unrivaled, unsurpassed military-for-hire

Goblin Squad Member

Generally, the best place for skirmishers is in your opponent's back field. This is sometimes called a Rabbit group. The general idea is that while the main forces are formed up against each other, the skirmishers sneak in the back and start to foul up the lines of communication as well as stabbing people in the back. If you hear the order to charge or fall back coming from behind, your instinct is to believe that it's your own officers giving that order. It could be the skirmishers instead.

The reason this is successful is that the formations aren't able to face two opponents at once and if they have to break off a couple fighters to deal with that group of skirmishers, then the line itself has been weakened.

In essence, skirmishers mess up the ability of the enemy formations to function properly.

The other good place for a skirmisher group is in your own back field to kill any skirmishers your opponents send against you.

The other advantage of these groups is that if the line is starting to fall, the skirmisher group can be cannibalized to reinforce the line.

Goblin Squad Member

That and it's very hard to flourish with an illegal system that has little to no advantage over a completely legitimate system.

The people providing the illegal service will generally give up in that scenario as it won't be profitable enough to pursue as most people will generally prefer to take a legitimate route if one is available.

See iTunes.

Goblin Squad Member

Tynor wrote:

To contribute a bit to this thread I would like some "ground breaking" spells that would require a ritual, require a group of spell casters (arcane for arcane and divine for divine) for example if you are attacking a fort/castle in a fantasy setting, you ofcourse have siege ramps, catapults and what not of siege weaponry but with every siege weapon, you require loads of person to handle it, why not have something simmilar for the spell system, ofcourse they would be in a safe disstand so some long casting time would be fair.

I found this by reading Undeath/Unholy/Unclean series from forgotten realms and I've liked that and been wanting to see it in some mmo.

Having rituals for certain spells to be cast isn't "ground breaking" in MMOs, they've actually been done before. Warlocks in World of Warcraft used to need to do a very long quest chain in order to gain the ritual to summon a certain powerful demon as a slave.

When they did this ritual, everyone in their party had to help summon the demon and it would randomly sacrifice one of the party members upon summoning at which point the Warlock could enslave the demon. The problem with this is that there was a 20% chance that the Warlock would be the person sacrificed and then you'd have an unrestrained demon running around killing your party.

This wasn't a one time thing. This was the ritual that happened any time you wanted to summon this demon to fight for you (and he was pretty powerful, so you really did want him).

Now, would it be cool to have some "teamwork feats" for casting show up in the game? Sure. Probably something similar to the group tactics talked about in today's blog, but altered to match casting instead of soldiering.

Goblin Squad Member

Kryzbyn wrote:

Very impressed with this week's offering. We will be our own raid content! Very, very nice.

Dunno that I like the DDR example, but I suppose that to mean we'll need to coordinate actions, not mash buttons, right?

Your guess is as good as mine.

It sounds like there will probably be a series of commands for the officer to be able to give in order to move the unit around, put it into a defensive posture, engage enemy, charge, hold, flank, turn, and a variety of other small unit tactics. Those commands will have a corresponding button on a special group tactics toolbar that the grunts in the unit have to hit within a window of time with being either early or late being bad.

For example: The officer yelling "Advance!" means that on a certain beat (generic term designating a period of time and in now way related to DDR) you need to press the button labeled 'advance'. "Wheel left" means you need to hit the one that turns the unit left and so on.

I'd also guess that generals will be given a slightly modified version of that command list that would allow them to command the officers under them to go various places or to perform various tasks which get repeated down the line.

Goblin Squad Member

Nihimon wrote:
Gregg Reece wrote:
I'm predicting that it will be a system based on cards and you have to 'tap' certain cards in order to play others. These eldrich spells will be aligned with certain colors and you'll want to build decks of them in order to be a powerful magic user.
Is that your prediction for PFO? If so, is it just on a lark, or do you have a reason for believing this is what they'll actually do?

It's a lark playing on Magic the Gathering.

However, I think they'll end up with a system that is very similar to other systems currently used in video games, but with a more Pathfinder spin on it. Also, while I think it will be influenced by the vancian system, it won't necessarily hold directly to it in a lot of cases and may diverge completely from it.

For example, how do you show the difference in a Sorcerer and a Wizard in an online video game? They have the same spells after all. I think it comes down to resource systems and adaptability.

Sorcerers would have a finite spell list available to them that could be changed under very special circumstances, but within that finite spell list, they'd have a distinct amount of power. They'll likely have a casting resource of some sort (think mana as a reference) and higher level spells consume larger portions of that resource and lower level spells consume less of that resource. But, the resource would regenerate slowly over time in combat and possibly faster out of combat (or at least have some way of being made to do so).

Wizards, on the other hand, have a seemingly infinite amount of ways that they can prepare spells based on the spells available in their spell book, but once they are chosen, that list is fairly fixed until they re-prep their spells. So, we'll say that our Wizard prepared fireball 3 times today and as such can easily cast the spell 3 times in succession. The problem is that he must then wait for that spell slot to recharge (any amount of time based on gameplay and balance) before it can be used again. This would allow for the customizations and feeling of a prepared caster without being limited to _ONLY_ having that spell 3 times for a 6 hour period (remember, they've sped up time 4x in PFO so that you get 4 'days' per 24 hour period). There will be some mechanism to add spells to your spell book either by merit badges or by just purchasing scrolls and scribing them in (with a chance to botch it).

Other than the customization of spells available, we're talking about resource systems which are fairly standard across the video game markets and each have their own issues balancing. You can have more in depth resource systems or simple ones such as the ones I described. There is something to be said about a more complex resource system to manage in that it forces players to use more skill to play. A lot of games have started using hybrid resource systems involving multiple types of resources that you must manage in order to use your abilities.

It still comes down to how Goblinworks wants to do their combat system. If they really wanted to, it could be turn-based and have an interface like old school Final Fantasy games. Until they figure out their combat model, any guesses at the magic system are rather moot, because they won't have a proper context in which to be framed.

All in all, I'll still bet it's going to be similar to most modern video game magic systems in some fashion with a little flare thrown on to make it their own.

TLDR: No idea and neither do you.

Goblin Squad Member

It follows with the idea that the decisions the players make will have persistent effects on the zone.

Goblin Squad Member

It will likely be fairly similar to other magic systems in MMO or single-player RPG video games. It could be anything from the Diablo III style to SW:TOR to Skyrim. We don't know until they announce it and they will likely announce something that aligns with their overall concept of how their combat system will work in the game. Until they figure out their combat system, they can't really figure out their magic system and for the most part, vice-versa.

Until then, I'm predicting that it will be a system based on cards and you have to 'tap' certain cards in order to play others. These eldrich spells will be aligned with certain colors and you'll want to build decks of them in order to be a powerful magic user.

Goblin Squad Member

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Nihimon wrote:
da_asmodai wrote:
... give the characters at least the possibility of advancing without having to pay...
You will be able to advance your character without having to pay real-world money. You'll just have to earn enough in-game coin to buy a Skill Training Package (or whatever they call it) from another player.

Manual of Gainful Employment +1 ?

Goblin Squad Member

Kryzbyn wrote:
SWTOR will probably go F2P alot sooner than that...

SWTOR will be F2P this fall. Their F2P FAQ.

Goblin Squad Member

Buri wrote:

Unity has full networking support built in. How that translates to the MMO space I don't know but its not "just a graphical front end." It has a built in physics engine, content pipeline and authoring tools etc.

I don't see how billing has to tie into an engine to be considered MMO quality though. No engine I've ever seen claims to support a certain payment infrastructure. Its much more likely there's another 3rd party tool to do that for you.

Those are three of the big ones.

Goblin Squad Member

Buri wrote:

Unity 4 has native Linux support. I don't know exactly when it comes out but they're heavily marketing it so I'd guess within the next couple months.

Even so, I see zero reason why you couldn't import a unity 3 project into 4. If you couldn't it'd be pretty useless.

Of course, Ryan said that they're using an engine that supports a full MMO back-end and not just the graphical front-end. As such, Unity falls into the same box as Unreal Engine and is unlikely to be the client, because it lacks the billing and support infrastructure on the server side.

Goblin Squad Member

Even those usually involved with such evil cults believe that they'll be given special spots or consideration in the horrible world/afterlife that they're striving toward.

Goblin Squad Member

Buri wrote:
Forencith wrote:
Buri wrote:
Also, I don't give a damn what...
Wow dude, you win...sorry for disagreeing.
Emo much? I didn't attack you so whatever. I simply said I don't care about something and why. The don't give a damn is simply to let you know it's not an argument with me. I don't buy it, period, so don't try to come up with some witty argument that unsupported material on a 3rd party site is supposed to have weight as I'll simply disregard it.


Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Reference Document on wrote:

Neutral: A neutral character does what seems to be a good idea. She doesn't feel strongly one way or the other when it comes to good vs. evil or law vs. chaos (and thus neutral is sometimes called “true neutral”). Most neutral characters exhibit a lack of conviction or bias rather than a commitment to neutrality. Such a character probably thinks of good as better than evil—after all, she would rather have good neighbors and rulers than evil ones. Still, she's not personally committed to upholding good in any abstract or universal way.

Some neutral characters, on the other hand, commit themselves philosophically to neutrality. They see good, evil, law, and chaos as prejudices and dangerous extremes. They advocate the middle way of neutrality as the best, most balanced road in the long run.

Neutral means you act naturally in any situation, without prejudice or compulsion.

Emphasis mine. Source Paizo's [link].

And I'm done with this thread.

I would love to have a book of the AP deity articles with the player companion stuff to flesh them out.

Goblin Squad Member

BigWorld engine has been fairly successful. There's a couple fantasy MMOs using it as well as some really popular off-the-wall concepts (World of Tanks!).

HeroEngine is what I thought BioWare was using for SWTOR, but I can't remember.

Icarus Studios makes an MMO engine, but I don't know anything about any games made on it.

Multiverse died and went open source. Being as Ryan said that they'd negotiated a contract, I highly, highly doubt that this is their engine.

Monumental Dev Suite disappeared off the face of the planet never to be seen again.


BigWorld is the most likely candidate, but if that fell through then I'd guess HeroEngine.

I don't know enough about Icarus to even start to predict them as using it.

Goblin Squad Member

Hobbun wrote:

Was kind of hoping you could actually craft the components, but as long as there is some recognition you are the responsible party having ‘the inn’ erected, and a fun mini-game associated with it, then I am ok with this.

This sounds a little too much like Puzzle Pirates for my liking.

I was thinking more of having collected all of the materials from harvesting, monster killing, and dungeon delving, you give the stuff to the foreman and he clicks 'Build Inn'. X amount of time passes and the building appears.

Goblin Squad Member

Hudax wrote:
Nihimon wrote:
When you cast Teleport, you're presented with a list of Destinations.
Sure, but technically that would be any point to fixed point.

Well, you'd want to pick someplace you know... and you know should be 'safe'.

There is, after all, a chance of mishap and all that. If you're trying to go someplace that is owned by another group and the little forest glade you've chosen to arrive in has been cut down or there's a watch tower sitting there now, then you're much more likely to screw it up in some way.

Goblin Squad Member

Buri wrote:
Ah, I see. That would make sense if you weren't in my head, which you weren't. :) As I demonstrated, I was talking about expecting a single product to "steal the market." There is no magic bullet so don't even look. If you look at wildly popular consumer products such as the iPhone you'll see that the product itself doesn't really do much besides enabling other functionality so it gets to be an extension of consumer expression instead of being the end-result of that expression. Outside of these types of products, you get into niche markets where product diversification is the way to go.

Wildly popular products also have the concept of "Network Externalities" working for them. Essentially, their functionality gets them some users and then at a certain point they reach critical mass and the fact they have sufficiently large community of users is what starts attracting other users.

I'm likely flubbing the explanation, but I originally came across that concept in an interview I read on some gaming site quite a long time ago. You might take a look at it and see if you can find if that guy has done anything since.

Bad rule info on "Animal Companion/Cohort/Eidolon" page. Under offense it lists the CMB formula as "10+...".

Not sure if that's been caught by anyone else yet.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

So, I've been tracking down and downloading all of the nice, long deity articles from the APs.

I've got ones for:
Abadar (#8)
Asmodeus (#29)
Besmara (#55)
Calistria (#17)
Cayden Cailean (#14)
Desna (#2)
Erastil (#32)
Gorum (#35)
Gozreh (#38)
Iomedae (#26)
Irori (#53)
Lamastshu (#5)
Nethys (#41)
Norgorber (#59)
Pharasma (#44)
Rovagug (#23)
Saranrae (#20)
Shelyn (#50)
Urgathoa (#47)
Ydersius (#42)
Zon-Kuthon (#11)

Have I missed any?

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