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Mute hag

Green Left Eye's page

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I've Come Around

****( )

I was not originally a fan of this mini. I acknowledged that it was a nicely detailed sculpt, but I prefer my iron golems to look a bit more like animate suits of giant armor, not bodybuilders who happen to be made of metal.

What brought me around was when it dawned on me that I don't have to use this mini as an iron golem at all. He makes a great shadow giant, and with a very easy repaint he works as a number of other types of giant as well.

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****( )

This mini is great. He's got a commanding pose and lots of interesting details on his outfit. I've probably got more "dude with a staff looking wizardly" minis than I'll ever have occasion to use at this point, but Xin makes a fine addition anyway.

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*( )( )( )( )

Ok, so...

1.) A grub swarm was never going to be the best looking miniature anyway, just by nature of being a grub swarm.
2.) If one was to make a grub swarm mini, perhaps it would have been a good idea to make it flat, so that it can use the swarm mechanics.
3.) Last I checked, a grub swarm takes up a 10'x10' area, which makes me wonder why this mini is on a small base.

Ugly mini, mechanically useless, and doesn't accurately reflect the creature portrayed. Shattered Star is overall a great set, but this mini is poop from a butt.

Our Price: $3.50



This is one of my favorites of the set. Great action pose; it looks ready to maul someone. I have a fair number of other wolf minis from DDM, but this big bad wolf will be pack alpha for sure.

Our Price: $2.75


****( )

I was initially skeptical about this guy, because I already have my fair share of DDM zombies and because he just doesn't have many features that jump out at you, but the more I consider this figure, the more I like it. Zombies are shuffling hordes, and there's no good reason why one of the faceless multitudes needs all of the bells and whistles that a centerpiece figure would require, nor the zing that one would want from a monster with more personality. Looking at my various zombie miniatures, I have to say that I think that this one is the most useful.

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