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Mute hag

Green Left Eye's page

105 posts. 67 reviews. 2 lists. No wishlists.


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Weather is indeed very nice, but it can get ungodly hot in the summer.

Game Empire in Pasadena is a great game store, with plenty of tables for gaming. It's cleaner than most other game stores that I've been to (all over, not just in San Diego), and it has a very wide selection of new product. I find that it's not a great place if you're looking for older, out-of-print stuff, but nobody's perfect.

They've put names on the cards for the last five sets, so I imagine they'll probably include them in this set, as well.

Does anyone know what percentage (roughly) of these cards use art that wasn't in a previous set? I know that at least one of the characters on the new cover was in a previous set.

Hello James! It's super-remarkable that you're still doing this thread; thanks for that.

In your opinion, what happens when a creature specified to be of a particular sex (for example: harpy, medusa, satyr, etc.) undergoes (willingly or otherwise) magical sex re-assignation (via girdle of opposite gender, elixer of sex shifting, or the like)? Is it even possible for a mono-sexed species to be effected by this sort of magic? Does it have any impact on their abilities? Is this something that a Paizo product has ever addressed in an official capacity?

Thanks in advance for any insights you could provide.

Aram and Ambrus were both included in the Urban NPCs set, with the same artwork that's shown on the cover image above. There was a Sheila Heidmarch card included with the Shattered Star set, but it was with different artwork. I have every set of Face Cards that has been released so far, and I don't believe that the image of Sheila (if that is indeed who is on the cover image above) that is shown here has been released on a card before.

So 2/3 of the characters on the cover have already been released in previous card sets. Can anyone tell me how many of the cards in this set will be of characters who haven't been put in card form before?

I was looking at Absalom for an upcoming campaign, and it suddenly hit me...

Lord Gyr of House Gixx is Lord Gary of House Gygax.
His less successful rival and childhood friend Lord Arnson is Lord (Dave) Arneson.

Mind blown. Are there any other little tributes like this hidden in Golarion?

Could someone who has had a look at this module please explain to me how they fit a seven-level adventure into 64 pages? That just doesn't seem feasible to me, but I'm sure that Paizo has something up their sleeve.

Jail House Rock wrote:

Adolf Hitler, never a good student of history, decided to exactly what Napoleon did, only more evil. In a plan called Operation Barbarossa, Hitler betrayed his former ally, Stalin, and invaded with 4.5 million troops.

Hitler and Stalin were never allies. The Soviets and Germans had a non-aggression pact for a little bit under two years, but promising not to shiv each other (while mutually sharpening knives in preparation for the inevitable shivapalooza) is hardly the same thing as an alliance.

This preview... Wow! Three for three!

Although I already have some PPM sea devils, they're a race that attacks in large numbers, so being able to add some variety is nice. I love these. Love, love, love them.

How would Paizo feel about a free fanzine (something Wayfinderesque) publishing Level 17-20 "AP Cap" adventures for the existing Adventure Paths? Would that be cool, or is Paizo opposed to the idea. If permission were granted, I could see it potentially being a fun community project.

master_marshmallow wrote:
Cavaliers ate far from broken, though they don't gain AC during their challenge.

They also don't do extra damage to dragons, outsiders and undead. They also don't get their CHA as an attack bonus. They also don't bypass DR.

Smiting is significantly more powerful than the cavaliers' challenge.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

This forum has pictures disabled because the last time I talked about my fighting skills which you cannot be taught because I made them myself and they come from my personal power someone asked me to prove it so I posted a picture of the time I punched through three ninjas who were also robots and the picture was so awesome that a bunch of the users went blind from looking at it so you're all really very lucky that they disabled pictures because otherwise you would be reading this with your blind eyes.

That aside, HOT DIGGITY DAMN is that sea cat something that I want!

I love the cyclops, and the sea cat. The naga looks good, and I like naga a lot, but I'm not sure that I agree that we need three naga out of four miniatures sets. Given that naga minis aren't hard to find (Hell, you gave us one in the LAST set, as well as another one in THIS set), I'm not sure what the justification for the decision was, other than "naga are REALLY EASY to sculpt".

3 people marked this as a favorite.
F. Wesley Schneider wrote:
Evil Midnight Lurker wrote:
I'm seeing two nosferatu. (Nosferati? Nosferatodes?)
We just ran into this for the first time yesterday... We hate irregular plurals, so you might be seeing "nosferatus," but we've got kaiju in here as well, and "kaijus" doesn't seem right at all. Ooof. Well, we'll got a few weeks before the editing starts to figure it all out!

As an old-school V:tM player, I vote that the plural of "Nosferatu" is "Nosferatu". Ex: "There are a half-dozen nosferatu about to stomp your sorry butt into next week."

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Fiendship is Magic.

Make the ranger a deal. Find someone who can cast Know Alignment on the little buggers. If they're already evil, put them down. If they're not already evil, find someone who can raise them in a way that helps them not become evil. Just take the whole nature/nurture thing out of the equation entirely.

I decided that my NPCs have learned in-character the same thing that I learned out-of-character: In a world where dudes are walking around with Area of Effect spells, gathering all of your mooks into a constricted area is often a very poor idea.

Not according to the rules or common sense, but hey, it's your campaign.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Meh. LucasArts hasn't been making much in the way of decent gaming output in a while; most of the best SW games of late have been by BioWare. While I would love to see a resurrection of Grim Fandango or Maniac Mansion, it wasn't as though LucasArts was doing anything with those franchises before the Disney acquisition.

Maybe know Disney can contract out those properties to companies that are actually interested in making quality games. I don't see this as a loss (although I do hope that the displaced LucasArts staff members find new jobs quickly).

Any chance of getting that image series put out as a poster? Because I would be very interested in getting my hands on something like that.

I'm back and forth on whether I'll be supporting this KS. On the one hand, I've been wanting a decent kraken mini for a long time, and I think that your sculpt is pretty sweet. On the other hand, I've never (in 20+ years of gaming) successfully run a game to a level where a kraken would be a level-appropriate challenge, and while I'd like to do so, I doubt that I'll manage to do it more than once or twice. $60 is a not-insignificant cost for a single mini, so I'd want to get a lot of use out of it, but assuming that I do manage to run a few games at that level, I don't want to get pegged as the guy who uses a kraken as the BBEG for every single campaign that he runs.

But, once again, I'm drawn to what a sweet sculpt you've got there. I'll probably check in on this KS as it approaches the deadline and see if any of the expanded options tickle my fancy.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'm iffy on the naga (pointing out a concern before it is raised does not invalidate that concern); I'll need to check out the stats for that particular character before making up my mind whether or not a Young Naga is a worthwhile addition to my collection.

I'm intrigued by the Shimerae, although that multitude of snakey protrusions only reinforces my concerns about packaging. It's a nice looking mini, but man do those things look like they could snap right off.

I'm excited about Endymion; he's a good looking pirate, but I think that he could also make a good stand-in for an Andoran in uniform.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Oh. Oh my.

I'll be in my bunk.

In the 3.X campaign that I ran for about three years, I initially made the party's opponents attempt to flee when the combat began to turn against them. The problem that I encountered was that the rules make it really hard for most combatants to flee, and so most of the retreating foes wound up with a back full of arrows or chased down and AoO-locked by the more mobile members of the party.

This left me with a problem: Making sure that your opponent doesn't get away is practical from a tactical point of view, but shooting a man in the back or cutting him down as he attempts to flee wasn't feeling very heroic or exciting to my players. It's like machine-gunning the lifeboats after you sink an enemy's ship; only a raging man-bone would brag about doing something like that.

So these days my villains only run if they have a reasonable expectation that they'll get away (and in a game that features both magic and ranged superiority, that's not an expectation that they have very often). They're living in a world where very often the only way out is through, and they respond accordingly.

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  • The feasibility of crossbreeding owls and bears.
  • Ribald Poetry of the Age of Fallen Kings.
  • The Circles of Hell: Concise Traveller's Edition
  • The Joy of Cooking Potions
  • How to Animate Friends and Influence Zombies
  • Fifty Shades of the Gray Wastes of Hades

Is there some reason why the horse couldn't just be fed a potion of the spell in question?

I think it quite likely that Aroden had more racial hit dice than Animate Dead would allow.

Several years ago when I was starting a campaign I had a player present me with the following stat string: 18, 18, 17, 16, 16, 15. It struck me as improbable. I went online and asked the odds of rolling that string here, and people confirmed my belief that those rolls were on the very outside chance of probability. So I had him roll again, using my dice, in front of me.

That lucky so-and-so rolled a string that totaled one point HIGHER than what he'd previously given me. He completely dominated that campaign.

I use point-buy now.

brock, no the other one... wrote:
Green Left Eye wrote:
Shattered Star WAS a remarkably good set, with a few minor exceptions (grub swarm, I'm looking in your direction here).

I have to say that, as a grub swarm, it was really well done. Probably won't get a lot of use (generic creepy-crawly swarm) but it really did look like a pile of maggots!

The problem with the grub swarm was twofold:

1.) The swarm mechanics operate by having the swarm share the same space as the individual(s) that the swarm is attacking. The sloped nature of the grub swarm mini makes this tricky at best.

2.) Swarms take up a 10'by 10' area. The grub swarm mini is on a Small base. This means that the mini is two size categories smaller than the swarms in the bestiaries.

So, yes, it does really look like a pile of maggots, but sadly it looks like a pile of maggots for a game that isn't using the Pathfinder system.

Having said that, Shattered Star is still a strong contender for my favorite set of pre-paints ever, so a couple of minis that fail to impress are hardly enough to sour me on what WizKids is putting out.

Shattered Star WAS a remarkably good set, with a few minor exceptions (grub swarm, I'm looking in your direction here). Reign of Winter is a fair guess for the next set, but I wonder if Paizo might hold off on it because some of the potential minis are way too specific to that particular adventure path (machine-gun toting dudes and the Dancing Hut being reasonable choices for this path, but probably useless in most other games).

I'll probably end up buying this, but are these likely to be replacing dedicated Face Card decks? I love face cards, but I have no use for item cards and I probably won't be using the quest cards, either. I'll be pretty disappointed if we don't get any more dedicated Face Card decks.

I'd say that chaotic is still the best alignment choice. The River Freedoms are more of a declaration of the right be be chaotic than they are a series of laws; mostly they boil down to "so long as I don't try to tell anyone else what to do, no one gets to tell me what to do".

I'm a big fan (BIG FAN) of the Gamemastery Face Cards series. I'm curious, though, about which characters are featured on the cards. The Rise of the Runelords set has all of the characters' names on the back, so that's pretty obvious, but has anyone compiled a list of which characters are featured in the Friends any Foes, Enemies and Urban NPCs decks? Perhaps with the corresponding card numbers, so that a novice like myself can match them up?

I've seen people on this board mention that they know who all of the NPCs featured are, but I've never seen the list compiled. Any help that people could give would be appreciated.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I assume that it's because the comic book Amazons were, unlike the creators of the myths referenced, smart enough to realize that having breasts does not prevent a person from shooting a bow or throwing a spear.

I wonder: If ancient Greek society had been dominated by women, would they have come up with an equally laughable story about a society of warrior men that castrated themselves so that they could ride horses?

Including these in the Shattered Star Face Cards set means that we'll have two different Karzoug cards (the other one being from the Rise of the Runelords Face Cards set). As much as I prefer not to get overlapping cards (because of the reduction in utility this creates), I have to say that I don't mind in this particular case.

No. Mage armor provides an armor bonus; armor bonuses do not stack with others of the same type. Mage armor does stack with shield bonuses, morale bonuses and the like, but not with other armor bonuses.

3 people marked this as a favorite.
Scott Betts wrote:
You have got to be kidding me.

If only. I'm getting tired of living in a society that has gone so far off the rails that I need to check the banner of every news site that I visit, because headlines for actual news and The Onion have become indistinguishable from one another.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

If people are going to request that we wait a "respectful period of time" after a tragedy before discussing gun control, I'm going to request that gun owners stop stacking tragedies so close together.

It's been a long few weeks waiting for an update, so I'm glad that you came back so strong. That is a VERY nice-looking mini.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Saw it Friday night at the El Capitan in Hollywood. Absolutely fantastic. If you're wondering if you should see it, I'm telling you that you should see it.

I intentionally went to the last showing of the night, in order to get a movie theater full of excited adults rather than kid/parent combos. That was a good move on my part, I think.

On Golarian, at least, most goblins worship Lamashtu. Since she's the goddess of deformity and madness, the end results of generations of close inbreeding would probably be seen as a BLESSING, rather than a problem.

I don't know if this works for your campaign, but I figured that I'd throw it out there.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Also, while I'm on the topic of Face Cards, will you be releasing sets for your back catalogue of APs, as well? Rise of the Runelords is already out, but I would love to get my hands on the sets for Curse of the Crimson Throne and Carrion Crown, specifically.


I have not the words to express how excited I am about the prospect of Face Cards for every AP. Face Cards are absolutely one of the most useful products for me that ANY game company has ever put out, and the wait between sets drives me nuts. The notion that we'll be getting two sets a year, minimum, is the best news that I've heard all week (and I've had a pretty good week).

danielc wrote:
I wanted one of these and my local store said they can't get them. I try to support the FLGS when I can. Are they exclusive to the Paizo site?

I have definitely seen them in stores, and on both coasts (Aero Hobbies in Los Angeles, and Compleat Strategist in New York). Why your store can't get them (if that is in fact the case), I have no idea.

Azaelas Fayth wrote:
True, but a small village with a temple might have a Paladin leading the city guard. (i.e. a town sheriff)

But that's true of any class. A paladin is no more likely to be the town sheriff than a fighter is, or a cavalier or ranger or even a monk. That alone isn't justification for these classes to have Knowledge (Local) as a class skill.

Besides, if someone wants to run a paladin as though they did have Knowledge (Local) as a class skill, that's the reason why feats like Skill Focus and various traits exist.

Personally, I think that the best sheriffs are bards, but since bards DO get Knowledge (Local), they're not really relevant to the point that I was trying to make.

9 people marked this as a favorite.

Paladins are not champions of good and law. They are lawful champions of good. Paladins do not get Smite Chaos, they cannot Detect Chaos at will, and they are allowed to freely associate with chaotic characters. They tend to support law because they are lawful characters, but they are not law's champions the way that they are good's.

I was looking over the chase rules in the SRD, and I came across the following suggestion:

Assign each obstacle a DC to successfully navigate or overcome. A trivial obstacle is DC 10, a simple obstacle is DC 15, a standard obstacle is DC 20, a difficult obstacle is DC 25, and a very difficult obstacle is DC 30. For high-level chases, feel free to assign correspondingly high-level DCs. When assigning obstacles, it's best to have the DCs of both obstacles on a card be within 5 points of each other, but never identical—this forces participants to make tactical choices.

Which makes sense to me, but then I noticed that in the sample chase, it seems that not one of the five contested rolls had DCs within 5 points of each other.

So I was wondering, am I reading this incorrectly? If not, and the suggested rule and the sample chase really do contradict one another, which method is the one that Paizo actually thinks is better?

I'm not in PFS and my gaming schedule is all full up, but I want to encourage anyone who is on the fence about this to join up. Aero Hobbies is the store that I frequent, and they are a great group of people.

1.) It is my understanding that in Golarion driders breed true. In your view, does this mean live birth or eggs?

2.) Have you watched the H.P Lovecraft Historical Society productions of Call of Cthulhu and Whisperer in Darkness? If so, how did you like each of them?

Also, I just wanted to thank you for all of the work that you've put into this community, both for the fantastic products that you've worked on and the great interaction here on the board.

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