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GreatKhanArtist's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 288 posts. 28 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.

Please note this is NOT for gaming! It is a flat piece meant for hanging on the wall or otherwise displaying.

Today I told my librarian that I would be interested in starting a chapter in my village of Beiseker. Apparently there is quite a D&D following in our library system.

I have decided to break out the beginner box and run a few games before gaging interest. We will likely buy a PDF eventually, but for now I will laminate the hard copies I own.

I thought that Society play would be the best way to go. The older kids can go to events in the big city of Calgary with their characters on the weekends. We will be limiting ages to 13 or 14+. Another bonus with Society play is that we can do drop-ins. I own some of the older Society adventures, so that is not a problem. I also like the idea of the 4 hr block. We can start after school and have a supper break and still finish at a decent time during the week.

I am actually a rather inexperienced DM myself, so I thought the BB would be the best place for me to start, too.

So... I have some questions for the community at large:

How do I determine average party level to scale encounters for fluxuating party size?

Where/What is the best place/way to start a new chapter? How do I get my players started smoothly? How do we "graduate" from the beginner box?

Any recommendations on scenarios that are fun for young, new players?

Aside from several sets of cheap dice, whiteboard markers, cheap minis/tokens and graph paper what would you recommend we purchase?

Thanks in advance.

I, for one, am actually very excited for this book! Although I feel that PF has definitely developed class bloat, I kind of feel that this is a bit of an alternate options/classes book (at least under first impression).

What I am interested in is the stuff that hasn't been released for us yet: séances, eastern spirituality, etc. I'm wondering how this book will expand on the Mythos in Golarion and beyond. Will the Great Old Ones answer my call? Will the space beyond stars be elaborated upon?

I guess my greatest hope is that this book will unite the savory bits of Mythos that have thus far been baiting fans while bringing original classes into them. In our world, psychics and the occult are not considered in the true definition as "unknown", but as evil, mysterious and damning. (Yeah, it's biased, I know. Please just ignore that and move on.) I would really love to see this end developed.

Reading "The Half-Dead City" article on Wati, there is mention in the history section of the plague loosed by the followers of Lamashtu. This plague killed much of the population of the city and really set about its origins.

Is there more information on the plague? Who exactly the major players were and how Lamashtu managed to engineer this anyway? Did she have help from other demon lords? And how was it finally stopped?

I'd like to try and work her Osiriani cults into my "Necropolis" campaign.

I was reading some back issues of Dungeon and came across the "Challenge of Champions". For anyone who doesn't know, this was an any level guild challenge of solving riddles and puzzles with Dungeons and Dragons specific items. I thought this would be a cool idea for PFS, especially with multiple tables playing against each other for a money pool. Could the PFS guildmasters look into doing something like this again? Faction neutral might be the way to go, or specific themed puzzles solved might be how to get your rewards?

Canada Post, or maybe USPS keeps trashing my parcels. They are never bent, but the edges are always dinged, so my stuff is always equivalent to the non-mint products by the time it gets to me. I would like to keep my subscriptions because I appreciate the .pdfs, but this is a monthly occurance. Suggestions?


You know how everyone has those little people stuck on the back of their minivan to represent their families? I think we should have a goblin set made. We could have goblin child bawling his eyes out, goblin child picking his nose, goblin father with dogslicer, goblin dog... I'd buy these.

In November of every year is our annual brick-and-mortar store charity drive. (This coinsides with FoodMachine, the Warmachine food drive.) Since I can't grow a moustache (at least until age 50), I wanted to do a gamer's garage sale, whereby we can sell books and other gaming paraphenelia at low, low prices and give the money to charity.

However, I have never organized anything like this before. What needs to be done?

We need to sort any games with pieces and make sure all the parts are there. We need a place, either the back of the store or a convention. I was thinking the con would be more acceptable and draw more crowds. Obviously, there is the usual garage sale work of displaying and pricing.

Has anyone done this before? What else do I need to do? Help please!

Hey, folks, it's me again...

*Warning spoilers!*

So what the heck is up with Erdikhaan? I looked up Skeletal Champion in the Bestiary and the statted example has too many feats from what I can tell. I know skeletons get improved initive free. Although the stats for skeleton say that feats are lost, it looks like skeletal champions keep their class feats. That said, why three feats? One for 1st lvl, one for being formerly human, one mysterious feat.

Furthermore, should Erdikhaan be altered to have WF: ranseur as his mysterious 4th feat? I do intend to run this module sanctioned, so is this allowed?

Other than that, I wrote claw attacks on a sticky just in case Erdikhaan loses it in battle and will adjust his stats for having increased AC from the non-standard armour. I think he'll be ready for battle after the feat kink is worked out.

Thanks again everyone!


First of all, do the PCs get to find and take to other chronicles the goodies not listed on the chronicle sheet with the sanctioned conversion? Do all PCs get a copy of the item, or just the lucky ones?


One of the items the PCs get early on in the campaign is the feather token: whip. While I like this item in a normal campaign, it seems complicated and maybe too powerful for a sanctioned adventure. As a new DM, there is a lot of thought about using this item before it is unleashed on the populace.

After a lot of research into what this item does and does not do, I've come up with:

"Like a dancing weapon, the token fights for 4 rounds when loosed at a +10 BAB. It does 1d6+1 pts non-lethal dmg. It has a +1 bonus to ATK and DMG rolls and makes a free grapple attack it it hits at +15. It may deal lethal damage at -4 to ATK. It does no damage to any creature of +1 armour bonus or +3 natural armour. As it is considered held for the purpose of attacks and effects against it, it may be sundred, provoking an AoO from the whip. DMG exceeding hardness is subtracted from the whip's HP. Hardness and HP are both 5. For simplicity, the whip makes FORT, REF and WILL saves using its owner's bonuses. The whip is otherwise considered unattended and may not trip, as it is too small."

I used the HP and hardness for a melee one handed weapon. This is however a magic weapon for all intents as it is treated like a dancing weapon, isn't it? If it is, what kind of saving throws does it get; we have no idea what the caster lvl was for its creator? Does it fight for 4 rounds and need to be reactivated like the sword it's modelled after? If yes, how do the PCs reactivate it?

I'm looking for the old RPGA "Xen'drik Expeditions" adventures. They don't appear to be anywhere on the WoTC site or floating around on the internet. If anyone knows where to find them, please let me know.


I'm currently in the process of reading both volumes of "Kobold Guide to Game Design" in between several back issues of Dungeon and other modules. This has got me thinking.

Several of the modules seem to require the PCs to do certain things or find certain clues in order to move on. For example "Blood of Malar" requires the PCs to succeed on a spot check to follow the villains and their quarry into the sewers. Granted this check is quite low and also allows the PCs to use track search and survival to follow it seems forced. What happens if the PCs don't follow the fighting out back?

It seems several adventures need the PCs to succeed at critical skill checks or they lose out on the chase or important clues to solving a mystery. While this is fine in home games where you know the PCs and know what they have a reasonable chance of getting for skill checks and a back-up plan if things go astray--how is this dealt with in commercial adventures?

I hate the idea of forcing the PCs to succeed on something or else the adventure is derailed especially if you have no idea what the group will consist of. It feels like dumb design to force these checks to me and yet leaving skill checks out is too "Break down the Door" for me. There must be a way around this as many published adventures have this dilemma...


Hello Paizionians! Having recently read the premise for 4e's "Prince of Undeath" [don't hate me!] where

Orcus plans to kill the death god for whatever reason
I decided that Asmodeus or his princes wouldn't be beyond such a plan. In fact seizing said portfolio would syphon all souls to Hell. Quite diabolical.

The questions are: How to kill a god and what happens to then when they die? In Forgotten Realms gods die all the time. But since I'm not a FR fanatic what happens to their bodies and souls when they die? Does simply doing the deed grant you the portfolio and followers of the deceased? How do you kill the divine? Obviously you'd need special tools but what would these be? Do you have to bind the ex-deity to something to prevent his wrath or regeneration? How do you keep the transferance of power from the knowledge of the pantheon and beyond? In FR how do other gods respond to deicide?

I'm also extremely interested in the fall of Aroden from the PFRPG CS if someone would paraphrase it I'd be ever so thankful.

Bear in mind I'm using a homebrew so any advice goes. It's just that FR has the most murder of gods.

Thank you all!

This question is primarly aimed at F. Wesley Schneider, but feel free to contribute.

Having this awesome idea for a sorceror PC who's father sold his son (the PC)'s soul in exchange for his own doomed freedom, I decided the PC would take the Infernal bloodline.

Hellfire, as quoted from Pathfinder Chronicles Book of the Damned Vol. 1: Princes of Darkness page 5 sidebar is as follows:

"Hellfire is treated as normal fire, but deals half fire damage and half damage from unholy energy. Damage dealt by hellfire is known as hellfire damage. Evil-aligned creatures and creatures with the evil subtype take no damage from the unholy energy, but good-aligned beings and those with the good subtype take double the normal damage from it."

The infernal bloodline power Hellfire [ Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook , page 77] is as follows: "At 9th level, you can call down a burst of hellfire. This 10-foot-radius does 1d6 points of damage per sorceror level."

My question is then: Should by character deal 1d3 fire damage and 1d3 unholy energy damage per sorceror level, or does he call down a "different" sort of hellfire column?

Everytime we play Kill Doctor Lucky, my sister and I have an argument over whether you can jump over the balcony into the Dining Room. So far we have found no errata stating whether you can or can't. She won't allow it. I totally want to. Someone help me deliver death from on high.

Thanks in advance.

With great anticipation and an unperceivable amount of glee I left the library with my shiny new laminated card. This card was to be my ticket to all kinds of free wonders. Immediately after arriving at home, I searched the library webpages for all things D&D. Then, a thought, a pause, a shudder. Did I leave the car lights on? I had, in fact, and went out to remedy that...

Illuminated before me like the page of some holy text were the library listings for D&D. After a moment, I realized many items were listed as 0 of 1 avaliable. Then it dawned upon me. The materials were not traveling around the real world to be enjoyed by countless others. They, in truth, had been stolen!

<pause for dramatic effect.>

Now this makes me really sad. Who is such a douche that he has to steal books from the library? Honestly, I thought we gamer were above that, that we were a community as a whole that shared free RPG goodness. I have never had a problem with my things going missing, in fact, they often reappear in the hands of friends, saying "I think you left your book on the table last session (no one around here likes Eberron other than you anyway)". So this change in behaviour both saddens me and disappoints. I was planning to donate materials to my library for the enjoyment of others, but now I'm not so sure. Help a gal out and speak up for the goodness in the (gamer) world.

Just wanted to thank everyone who has taken time to write reviews. I really appreciate them, especially since a lot highlight products I never even knew about! I don't always agree with every review, but they are instrumental in my purchases.

Thanks again everyone and keep up the good work. :-)

I am interested in DMing a scenario, either written by someone else or self-created at next year's PaizoCon. But I have never done anything like this before, so I have a lot of questions.

What do I need to know? What kind of experience do I need? Should I go take the RPGA DM test? What do I need to provide my potential players?

How do I know how long to write my scenario? How do I playtest?

I am also interested in volunteering for other parts of con, set-up, take-down, etc. I don't know what the facility does, but I'd be interested in helping out where I could. Staff comment on this would be appreciated.

I'm asking so I have lots of time to prepare for next year! Thanks in advance for all the good advice.

I like to wear my geekiness, so: can we please have iron-on transfer patches for garments of the faction symbols and the Pathfinder Society logo? Just a consideration for the shop.

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