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GreatKhanArtist's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 252 posts. 16 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.

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Rated PG

****( )

...For Pretty Good and Player's Guide suggested.

There were some really good ideas in this module, but a lot of the content was confusing or lost to me because I don't own the Great City Player's Guide. Yes, the guttermage is statted up, but his motives are sort of lost on me. Is he some kind of urban druid? Why is this shrine so important to him? It was also not mentioned who Burlstaff was until the encounter, although he is alluded to in other areas earlier in the text. I also had no really clue what the dandymen do. I guess they're bodyguards for the nobles?

That said, this really is a good adventure. It doesn't have much of anything to do with the actual sinking, however. The location is just an abandoned bathhouse and can easily be used in any campaign. (Positive and negative for me.) I really liked all the hooks, all were plausible and appropriate. There is lots of opportunity for roleplaying with the nobles, with the potential for even more depending on the hook you used to get them there. These can be solved with diplomacy checks, if that's your style. The villain is not what it seems, which is a nice twist, and the "treasure" in the idol follows suit. Both pretty cool. There is a nice balance of combat as well.

The bathhouse is not the most interesting locale, as there is no more steam or water to complicate matters, but based on the price of the module, that's okay. Enterprising DMs can certainly add these features to be reactivated to aid heroes or enemies in combat.

All in all, recommended. The price is amazing and there are some neat twists and an excellent balance of social and swordplay.

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Sale Price: $2.99

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Woe Be-Tide Thee


Like all RS products, this one has amazingly flavourful descriptions. These are on a chart that you can roll for, or cherry pick your favorites. Much of the history can be obtained by perception checks, and, as mentioned by other reviewers, much of it is in abyssal. This adventure is scalable and instructions are included. Like the other DM offerings, this one has many tantalizing hooks for DMs to develop into a campaign. It even has a mini "continuing the adventure" section with future adversaries statted out. Section 6 [no spoilers!] is really the best part, upping the ante on the flood factor for PCs. I absolutely love the simple and effective manner the flooding works in this product. It allows a DM to scale ahead and back the flooding at his discretion for parties, but also gives tables affecting water levels. A great mechanism to be reused for other dungeons. There is also an emergency escape route built in, but it has its own challenges.

What makes this adventure really great is not only that the adventure itself looks like lots of fun, but that there is so much that can be re-used elsewhere for your money. The descriptions tables can be reused for all kinds of seashores, The spell fragment puzzle can be reworked with the details given in the side box by a clever DM, there are the statted cultists and acolyte for later adventures and a new template. The pre-gens can be reused for PCs or NPCs and I love the ammo check boxes.

This is also extremely new DM-friendly. All the templates are included, as are the rules for drowning and how to use the adventure for very fresh DMs.

For 5$, a perfect offering.

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Case Unavailable

Pretty Disappointed

**( )( )( )

These are uninspiring and with bad paint jobs. PF minis are often washed and drybrushed, but only one of the four was washed. The sculpts are humanoids standing in place. The minis look about the same as the heroes collection. I was also disappointed that there were only 4 minis. Go buy some Pathfinder minis instead.

Our Price: $29.99

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Brass Beauty

****( )

Actually, pretty cool. The dragon looks even better outside the box and sits on a transparent flying base. It is quite detailed and the only qualm I have is the gaps in the limbs that are attached later, some of these are 0.5-1cm! I would definitely recommend for a fan of pre-painted minis.

List Price: $39.99

Our Price: $35.99

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Only you can save humanity

****( )

My sister and I love this game! The only game she loves more is Settlers. We bought this game for the cooperative factor, since our family likes to gang up in competitive games, which inevitably leaves someone whining that it is unfair.

We like that the board is very similar to Risk and is easy to read and that the tokens are clearly visible and obvious colours and fit in the countries well. We like the role cards and the challenge that having so many varied roles makes sure that you never have the same team or same strategy twice. We like the option of adding or removing pandemic cards to the virus deck to change the difficulty. The time it takes is 45-60 min, and this is perfect. It is also a very beautiful game and the art inside is as nice as on the box.

Mechanically, the game does have a bit of a learning curve and some of the rules are a bit unclear. Some of our family just can't grasp the major concepts. The "explosion" of a disease when a city is already at full capacity is confusing, especially when nearby cities have alot of tokens on them already. We still haven't figured out what happens when all the tokens of a given tile are on the board--we assume that we have lost. However, the rulebook is nicely laid out and if you follow along, you can figure out most of the concepts with in a couple of turns.

Pandemic is a very cooperative game and without everyone knowing and playing their roles to maximum efficiancy, your team won't stand a chance. The game frequently wins.

I would say it is akin to Risk, but cooperative instead of competitive. If you like a good challenge and want to work together, pick this one. I'd also reccomend it for your board game group. 4.5 stars, simply because of the confusing mechanics listed above. Go out and support this awesome Canadian company!

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