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GreatKhanArtist's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 251 posts. 16 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.


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I had that problem too. I just feel icky playing an evil character. DMing them is fun for me, since I don't feel personally invested. You do have to play a LE character. Book 2 is a lot less railroady and that's where my group ran into trouble. Basically you have 30 days to "endear" yourself to the village. A giant sandbox where no one could agree on the best approach.

Way of the Wicked was the original PFRPG evil campaign. I played in it and it was fun.

I also like the 0one Games urban adventures. Both the original Great City serial and the new Sinking serial have some seriously fun potential and lots to build off of. Dirt cheap also. Check out my "Tatterdemalion" review!

Frog God games offerings have that old school feel. They are dungeon crawls with an emphasis on deadly. But that is what they pride themselves on.

Raging Swan is my new favorite. They are on sale this week and have tons to pick from. For delicious free samples, go to their website. I also reviewed their Fane of the Undying Sleeper.

Legendary Games has several modules on par with Paizo's APs. They are designed as plug-ins for the existing APs, but could be used on their own. Beautiful art and layout adds to the appeal. I liked "Cold Mountain".

Kobold Press has a few offerings that look pretty good. I really like their take on civilized Kobolds and their undead empire looks to have a lot going for it as well.

Me too! My suggestion is to go to the Sentry Box on a Sunday and ask around upstairs. My ex-boyfriend was in that group a few years ago. You can also post an ad there. Myth Games has the Pirates of the Plains who run PFS games a few times a month. They are in the NE, but you can check out their website. I recommend taking the C-train to Sentry Box, as parking can be sketchy, especially during Magic event days. Just get off at the Sunalta station and walk a block west. It's at the stop sign.

I got to go see Carmina Burana at the philharmonic a month ago. It was pretty cool. I also like Adiemus by Carl Jenkins.

Raging Swan Press has a Demiplane: Shadow Demense that might work. Kobold Press also delves into the dark fey with several of their offerings. These are adventures but also have settings in them. Read the reviews for more info.

Save the cheerleader, to hell with the world.

This could be a really fun LARP for a college group--just use your own campus after hours.

Today I told my librarian that I would be interested in starting a chapter in my village of Beiseker. Apparently there is quite a D&D following in our library system.

I have decided to break out the beginner box and run a few games before gaging interest. We will likely buy a PDF eventually, but for now I will laminate the hard copies I own.

I thought that Society play would be the best way to go. The older kids can go to events in the big city of Calgary with their characters on the weekends. We will be limiting ages to 13 or 14+. Another bonus with Society play is that we can do drop-ins. I own some of the older Society adventures, so that is not a problem. I also like the idea of the 4 hr block. We can start after school and have a supper break and still finish at a decent time during the week.

I am actually a rather inexperienced DM myself, so I thought the BB would be the best place for me to start, too.

So... I have some questions for the community at large:

How do I determine average party level to scale encounters for fluxuating party size?

Where/What is the best place/way to start a new chapter? How do I get my players started smoothly? How do we "graduate" from the beginner box?

Any recommendations on scenarios that are fun for young, new players?

Aside from several sets of cheap dice, whiteboard markers, cheap minis/tokens and graph paper what would you recommend we purchase?

Thanks in advance.

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While I personally favour justice over mercy, I don't think any of the above responses would be fun to play. There is an old Dungeon adventure from 3.5 that involved bringing a fellow guild adventurer's body back from a dungeon where he was felled. That could be fun.

Of course, said character's ghost could always plague the party, or a villain could turn his undead corpse into another BBEG.

Yellow is my favorite cult colour. Will "Shades of Yellow" deal with Hastur?

Um, well, as for the accident...In Edmonton someone put a grenade in the goodwill hamper with some clothes. Police believe that it was an accident and the grenade was leftover from a military training exercise. The grenade was live, as was the WWII shell dug up in Stanley Park, Vancouver last week, discovered by a metal detecting hobbyist.

Police believe it was in a box that someone didn't look in before donating the entire box. The grenade still had the pin in it.

The confusing maps thing is actually kind of funny. In Xen'drik, maps aren't always accurate and teleportation doesn't work. One way to deal with it, I suppose.

I didn't care for most of the 4E changes. I really didn't like any race, any dragonmark. It made them not special. However, Tarkhaan, the abhorrent marked house did get the love it deserved. 2 pages in "Dragonmarked" was just sad. Also, the half-dragon/dragonblooded race in Eberron bugs me. The dragons despise any humanoid mixing in their blood and will take great pains to eliminate them. The fae race was pretty cool, though.

Hamunaptra does have a really good fluff section, especially on the gods and creation. I love the City of Stormreach for Eberron and have been looking through Elder Evils by WotC. Villain Design Handbook is a must-read.

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I absolutely love Eberron. My favorite things are the dragonmarked houses, which I totally see as mafia-esque and the planes leeching into the material plane. I love intrigue and politicking, both of which the Houses have strong potential for.

I was disappointed the planes and moons got very little attention, as both could potentially play a major role in defining the cultures and history of the setting. My yuan-ti are also yearning for more development, other than the tidbits in "Stormreach" and "Xen'drik".

Eberron's gods suck. The book devoted to them sucks. Use the PF or FR gods and blend and knead until happy. The cults and Silver Flame are cool, though.

I like to steal bits from other settings and mix them into Eberron, including the "Iron Kingdoms" campaign setting. Think: much more varied warforged everywhere! Also, taking APs and putting them into Eberron gives me so many more ideas to explore. When Stormreach became Riddleport in "Second Darkness", some cool ideas were born.

I absolutely adore that cover image. Any way I can use it for a desktop wallpaper?

I, for one, am actually very excited for this book! Although I feel that PF has definitely developed class bloat, I kind of feel that this is a bit of an alternate options/classes book (at least under first impression).

What I am interested in is the stuff that hasn't been released for us yet: séances, eastern spirituality, etc. I'm wondering how this book will expand on the Mythos in Golarion and beyond. Will the Great Old Ones answer my call? Will the space beyond stars be elaborated upon?

I guess my greatest hope is that this book will unite the savory bits of Mythos that have thus far been baiting fans while bringing original classes into them. In our world, psychics and the occult are not considered in the true definition as "unknown", but as evil, mysterious and damning. (Yeah, it's biased, I know. Please just ignore that and move on.) I would really love to see this end developed.

It's interesting--we talked about sexuality at my HF autism group of females and most of us are not too, um, horny. Many are borderline asexuals. I think it's because so many aspies associate themselves with more the masculine than the feminine. However, when questioned further by the facilitator, aspie women of all adult ages stated that their sexuality was like a slider. Sometimes they felt more feminine and sometimes more masculine.

I attest to this. In church, I totally exercise my feminine side. Lots of skirts and little children and talk of families and such. I love it, it's one of my favorite reasons for going. On the other hand, I don't like NT women, I find them fickle and concerned about ridiculous things, especially outside of church women. Many aspies also tend to express more "masculine" emotions. For example, we don't all cry when presented with frustration, many just get mad. A reason proposed for the increased masculinity of the group was that so many aspie women were bullied and automatically fell into a script of aggression towards others. Of course, most of us find womanly pursuits uninteresting and tend towards other special interests, so that helps define our sexuality as well.

The entire first three or four original Freeport adventures dealt with the King in Yellow. They centred around the serpentfolk and a lighthouse, but maybe you'll find some inspiration there.

Dire doesn't mean infected. It refers to the real-world prehistoric animals that were bigger than their modern versions. Giant elk, cave bears, mammoths, that sort of thing.

This would be a neat player's companion, but I think dragons got covered in Dragonslayer's Handbook.

Baldur's Gate 2 had some drow items that could only last underground. I think substances made of shadow or other temporary material gleaned from beasties, esp. elementals would be really neat.

I think we'll see PCs making and leading an army against the hordes...

Supersize me!

So I am completely out to lunch on thinking the 2015 AP has anything to do at all with the ancient empires? I really was leaning towards Azlant.

Iobarian Viking would be pretty cool. One of the developer is expanding this chunk of the world in his homegame.

Aroden is also a very talked-about subject and I would love to see his death and resurrection explored, or alternatively an AP in the past, concerning the original empires--time travel or not.

We also haven't done the dragon AP yet.

Blood of Shadows. There have been some very interesting tidbits having to do with the Shadow Plane in the setting and I always liked the shadar-kai in 3.5. The Shadow and Astral planes seem woefully underdetailed in this setting.

Blood of the Created: Many races were created by older beings for nefarious purposes or enslaved by beings like the aboleths, etc. I also enjoy the warforged from Eberron, so something similar to them might be cool.

Reading "The Half-Dead City" article on Wati, there is mention in the history section of the plague loosed by the followers of Lamashtu. This plague killed much of the population of the city and really set about its origins.

Is there more information on the plague? Who exactly the major players were and how Lamashtu managed to engineer this anyway? Did she have help from other demon lords? And how was it finally stopped?

I'd like to try and work her Osiriani cults into my "Necropolis" campaign.

I was reading some back issues of Dungeon and came across the "Challenge of Champions". For anyone who doesn't know, this was an any level guild challenge of solving riddles and puzzles with Dungeons and Dragons specific items. I thought this would be a cool idea for PFS, especially with multiple tables playing against each other for a money pool. Could the PFS guildmasters look into doing something like this again? Faction neutral might be the way to go, or specific themed puzzles solved might be how to get your rewards?

Captain, I'm givin' 'er all she's got!

We do need a better system, Guruji is spitting one of these out every 15 seconds tonight...

Can we please make this work with the ships' decks maps?

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This is totally one for the fans. Just proof that they really do listen to us.

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The plague of Deskari has fallen upon the Inner Sea Gods reviews.

Canada Post, or maybe USPS keeps trashing my parcels. They are never bent, but the edges are always dinged, so my stuff is always equivalent to the non-mint products by the time it gets to me. I would like to keep my subscriptions because I appreciate the .pdfs, but this is a monthly occurance. Suggestions?


Leo_Negri wrote:
or with 30 or 40 mixed with similar numbers of owls and falcons, you could put your players through an homage to The Birds. Of course in this homage there is an explanation, an evil Tengu Druid is manipulating them all in honor of the Demon Lord Pazuzu.

Actually, there is a module for this. It's called "Wings over Freeport".

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"Now let's say you've finished your first draft. Congratulations! Good Job! Have a glass of champagne, send out for pizza, do whatever it is you do when you've got something to celebrate. If you have someone who has been waiting impatiently to read your novel--a spouse, let's say, someone who has perhaps been working the nine to five and helping to pay the bills while you chase your dream--then this is the time to give up the goods..."

-From Stephen King's "On Writing", pg 210.

Someone is going to ask this, it may as well be me: is this a subscriber module or add-on?

I'm not sure how I feel about this. I liked the environs part of Thornkeep, and some of the dungeons seemed neat. But many, many people did not like the Thornkeep dungeons. It really seemed like too much was going on in too little print space, and that's a lot of the feeling I'm getting here.

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The universe. So many cool worlds with really neat backstories--its like having a campaign setting within a campaign setting. I feel like the planes are tried and traditional, but the planets--more please!

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Seeking position as raptor handler/wrangler. Extensive experience with beef cattle. Will provide own stock prod. Contact if interested.

And they were never seen nor heard from again...

We were never allowed jewelry period when I worked in food service. No rings, no watches, nothing. They also wouldn't let you wear piercings because they were worried they would fall in the food.

Too late. They already came to my city in 1988.

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Dear Santa Golem,

I'd really like this one for Christmas... Please ask the elves to hit the mid Dec. target date.


Why the interest in Harrow all of a sudden?

There is an old Dragon article from the "astrological" and portents issue telling how to use Three Dragon Ante deck in character gen, including making stats. I loved this article. More like this, please.

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What happens to Gods when they die? Do they travel through the Boneyard? How does Pharasma deal with their souls, assuming they even have them? What about psychopomp harriers? And the deity who doesn't want to stay dead, or the followers bent on resurrection?

I played a non-combatant in NWoD. I was a Frenchman who was a kind of mummy (we were using the new rules). I didn't have any crazy powers and totally enjoyed roleplaying this character. Everyone else was totally into hack 'n slash, so my poor Henri Ptolemaigne never lived up to his potential. Except for the bad accent. I totally overdid that.

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I think Golarion is a bad Forgotten Realms rip-off. (And a few other settings too.)

Will these be back in stock or are they discontinued?

As a farmer, I have heard of charities like Heifer International. In fact, this is the charity our truckers supported last year. I can tell you just how much farmers worldwide love and respect our animals.

As a gamer, I was going to buy Streets anyway, so now's the perfect chance!

You know how everyone has those little people stuck on the back of their minivan to represent their families? I think we should have a goblin set made. We could have goblin child bawling his eyes out, goblin child picking his nose, goblin father with dogslicer, goblin dog... I'd buy these.

Did the original Sinister Adventures PDFs get revised and updated in any of the books?

Honestly, I'd like to buy more from my FLGS, I really would. They just have a serious problem with actually stocking anything. When a new release comes out they have it, but after those sell, they never reorder. Additionally, they have a serious problem with custom orders--they never get ordered. The service is driving me away from my FLGS, not to it.

For my FLGS, as well the game/hobby shop I was invited to work for in another city, the APs don't do too well. I think it's because of the price point ($30 CAD) and that they are a series, you can't really just buy one. That said, there is the endless railroad debate--a really long adventure that plays out like a movie, that players and DMs only have minimal control over.

I think the expanded modules will be quite popular, as they can be treated like mini-campaigns and DMs will want to modify them for their players. Hopefully these will be more like the Darkmoon Vale module series and have the flexability players are looking for. The item cards are also not popular, however the condition cards and critical hit/miss decks are quite popular.

In Canada, shipping hardcovers is very expensive, and so I have the incentive to drive to my FLGS and buy it. Since I'm there and just drove an hour to be there, I might as well buy some other books that catch my eye. Although I do subscribe, it's mostly to ensure I get what I want and don't have to deal with the lousy service.

The massive game store downtown buys and sells used books, which is actually an incentive for me to buy new books. I can sell the ones I don't like, allowing me to buy books I probably otherwise wouldn't. I get maybe a 1/4 of what they're worth, but to me it's a library with the option to keep. Also, open the sealed books and give us a store copy to thumb through where possible. The computer/game store has the staff paint the started boxed sets of Games Workshop minis and puts them out to be seen and touched. This garners interest in people who would otherwise not ever see this as a hobby for them.

Additionally, our computer/game store sells puzzles and board games and does very good business on these, especially at christmas. Unfortunatly this store no longer hosts a gaming room due to lack of space, however I feel this is vital in hobby stores. Gaming is a social hobby, unlike model railroading; the train store doesn't have any room for networking or workshops. Players who are interested may not want to invest because they don't have anyone to play with. This will help immensely. My FLGS also hosts meetup groups twice a month to play board games--this group has exploded recently and gets nosy regulars meeting potential new players.

Some food for thought anyway. Take it as you will, I work in safety and not business.

We are a very straightforward, stoic people. Therefore, our homes are simple, yet highly functional. I believe we would be similar to Quaker/Shaker humans. Our architecture is built to be functional, and in that function, there is beauty. Our laneways and thouroughfares are straight, bisecting at angles. Our city centre probably looks something like the schematics for Versailles, another human city in France. Our major laneways are designed for troop movement.

Our buildings are likewise designed for functionality. Large, cavernous halls likely have walls that can be moved, rotated, or slid into position, something like cubicals, but of course much more stylish. As we are highly community orientated, this building is our community centre, and so it can be mildly morphic with stone shape or mechanical design. Gilding is a dwarven technology (don't let those elves tell you any different) and much of our buildings are designed with leaf that glints in dim lighting, creating a warm, glowing feeling in what topworlders consider cold, hard surroundings.

Back to the Shakers. The round barn is something we would consider ingenious. It's simple and designed so each animal has its own space and can be brought out to the middle to be milked. A round forge would be an excellent idea...

This will make a great gift for the guy who lets us game at his house, whilst eating him out of house and home and forgetting to pull the handle up on the toilet.

How is this going to differ from the "Faiths of" series? Essentially, it seems to me that we already have much of this information in other sources, especially the fluff.

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