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GreatKhanArtist's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 288 posts. 28 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.


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We already got my wish: elder evils and things from beyond the stars.

I love steampunk, but there is some seriously good stuff in this realm from 3pp. Kobold Publishing's Free City of Zobeck will whet your appetite and someone is doing a whole steampunk AP that promises to be excellent. The first installment is free. Plus, with Starfinder, I don't think this is a route Paizo will be taking for quite some time.

I second the return to Tian Xia AP. There seems to be enough fan love that this might just go, especially if you can find a Paizo designer who will support that fan base.

And I'm really not a Galt fan. Sorry, but Vive La Revolution just doesn't justify a whole AP to me. A good single adventure I'd agree with, and it would make a lot of people happy.

We're also getting the underwater AP and we got pirates, which are some of my other favorite things, so I'm pretty much satisfied.

I'm curious where you read that. It's an interesting concept, that's for sure.

The upcoming Ironfang Invasion would work well with Droaam. There are tonnes of remnants of the hobgoblin empire kicking around Khorvaire and Breland is due for a beat down from the Lhesh Haruuk. Maybe the new female villain replaces him and unites the warring tribes, like Genghis Khan? I'm super excited for this AP.

I don't recall the warforged ever having Quori in them. The warforged are a unique species, given sentience when they are formed. The Inspired have a Quori spirit in them, they are Vessels.

Iron Gods Eberron sounds awesome. I might have to take a look.

I have a personal love for Second Darkness. The other great thing about a re-write is that the set pieces will end up rolled into the mix where they belong.

How come no one mentioned Legacy of Fire? No love, or already perfect?

Serpent's skull really is made for Eberron, and it's also supposed to be the pulp AP. I spent a lot of work on converting Second Darkness to work in Stormreach, Xen'drik. There are intelligent drow on Eberron, they're the Umbragen and they have an official write up in "Dungeon". I'll send you my notes for Serpent's skull and Second Darkness if you're interested.

I recently found War of the Burning Sky, it's a 3.5 rules other publisher campaign, but it really struck me as perfect for an alternate Last War. The parts I read so far were 1 & 2, but it sounds so fun to play and DM.

I've also heard of the old Shackled City being used in Eberron. The DM who did it put the city in the Demon Wastes, but I thought Sharn would work well. Of course, the city is under a volcano and is destroyed in the end, but wasting Sharn under a manifest zone is also super fun. Sharn is supposed to have forges, etc. under it.

WotR would work well in the Demon Wastes and Kingmaker in Q'barra or in Eldeen in the past, when Breland was trying to tame the wilds. The upcoming Ironfang Invasion would also translate over well in Eldeen and areas.

As for Mummy's Mask and Iron Gods, I'm not super familiar with those. Xen'drik does have a large desert that is mostly undetailed. I really like your idea with Mummy's Mask and I'd love to see where you go with it. I'd put IG in the Mournlands too. Having the Lord of Blades involved is just too good to pass up. Who knows what caused the Day of Mourning after all?

That sounds like a really great idea. I'm glad it's working out so well for you.

How many different Civs are there? Please tell me you get to play more than just the advertised two.

And plenty of opportunity to blow them up and burn them down before Ironfang Invasion hits shelves!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

"In the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, there are eleven "monsters" (enemy creatures) which are considered "Product Identity" by publisher Wizards Of The Coast, and are not covered under the Open Gaming License, nor are they present in any non-proprietary System Reference Document (i.e. This list includes the beholder, gauth (beholder-kin), carrion crawler, displacer beast, githyanki, githzerai, kuo-toa, mind flayer, slaad, umber hulk, and the yuan-ti."

I'd like to know what the Paizo version of these monsters is. I know what some of them are, but what are they all?

I second the underground AP. So much good stuff here unexplored. And we just keep getting more little tidbits, like the munavri. I'm also excited to finally go under da sea. Fantastic underwater ships for everyone!

Actually, I would love a sidebar on incorporating Fangwood Keep module into the AP as a side quest. Reign of Winter had this for the Frostfell module. Maybe something to dump in the new section?

And is it too late to ask for this AP to be hex crawl kingdom builder 2.0? 'Cause if it is, I'm not afraid to make some modifications under the hood. A little N02 if you will...

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The fiction really is gone, folks. This was stated in a developer post in one of the Strange Aeons topics. It stayed for Strange Aeons only because the developers really wanted to pay homage to the Mythos with some good fiction. Debatable, since Chaosium offers this as well, and some of it's pretty good.

The Side Treks do actually still exist. What happened was they got rolled into the general adventure, since everyone ran them anyway, they weren't really considered optional.

I really want to see hobgoblins and bugbears come into their own in this one. Classic Monsters Revisited and some revolutionary art really makes them look creepy. I also think this would be a great opportunity for some hex crawl. Then we can have some "side quests" and random encounter tables in the new section. History, rumours, environmental descriptions, some minor but atmospheric items, a new magic item or two... I'd love to see something like Raging Swan does in their weblog or "so what's it like" series for the new section.

What I'd really like to see gone is the editorial. While fun at the time, so much of it becomes dated when you pull back issues to read. If you want to do current affairs, use the weblog. Keep the section, but do "designer's notes" like in the first adventures, little behind the scenes notes or real-world background that inspired the adventure or whatever.

I'm increasing my levels in cleric too! I start nursing college at the end of the month.

I really don't want to go to Galt. I just don't think there's enough meat in Galt to be entertaining for very long. A single adventure or a PF module, sure, but not an entire campaign.

I would really like to see mythic ancient Greece, but I think the boat sailed on mythic a while ago and unless it got a revamp, there is likely another rule set that Paizo will be trying to push.

I did want to go to ancient Azlant for a while now and would love to see some time travelling here.

The last time we had time travel was way back in Second Darkness. There are so many interesting things in ancient Azlant that haven't been fleshed out yet.

I'm kind of leery for this one. The last travel all around AP volume was in Serpent's Skull and I thought it was weak. Might have to wait for the review of this one. "Ecologies of" also turns me off. I haven't read an inspiring one yet.

My vote is for the Spice Movie and for Christmas with the Kranks. Yes, there was a Spice Girls movie, and it carried on the fine plot pacing and acting skills that the Elvis movies had. Christmas with the Kranks was based on a book by John Grisham that surprisingly did not ruin his career. The Santa Clause movies with Tim Allen are similarly awful. I also hate All Dogs Go to Heaven. I hated it when I was 7 and I hate it now. Some things never change.

I have the opposite problem: I can't give my cats away fast enough. They keep making more. And if that's not bad enough, people from town drop cats off at my house because it's just off the highway and farm people always love and want your unwanted pets, don't ya know?

Please note the Female Elf Ranger is NOT for gaming! It is a flat piece meant for hanging on the wall or otherwise displaying.

Please note this is NOT for gaming! It is a flat piece meant for hanging on the wall or otherwise displaying.

I think it's fair to assume the beast is a spawn of Rovagug. There are a few of them stated out and illustrated in various books.

111: One for the Team: The DM allows you to "boot scene" or otherwise not role play the religious aspects of your character. This only works if you are a member of a real-world faith that makes you uncomfortable with role playing these elements and only if *no one else will* play the cleric again.

110: Friends with Benefits: You are the girl/boyfriend of the DM. You gain a bonus to Sense Motive against the DM equal to the number of months you have been a couple. Your character sheet somehow always misses editing and you are given leeway regarding the rules that other players are not. Additionally, one time per session you may plead, whine or beg or otherwise make such gestures suggesting your displeasure to reroll one failed roll. This trait for all intent and purposes otherwise acts as a "Get Out of Jail Free" card, which you also seem to always have available when playing "That Other Game"

How do the rest of you feel about the costumes of some of the Iconics? It seems the most scantily clad (Oracle, sorcerer) seem to get a disproportionate amount of art. Some of my sentiment stems from my religious upbringing, but I also feel that the art objectifies women. It makes me sad that products are still sold on this appeal.

I like the idea of cheap unpainted minis. They will be appropriate for my young adult games, where they can lose the pieces with no real effect. They can also personalize their character.

Well, this is exciting, but I was hoping for Second Darkness. There has been talk by one of the developers about redoing parts of that book and re-releasing it.

Maybe he doesn't. Maybe the worm is just a savage beast to be pitied, for the bad guy is keeping it managed through cruel methods. When he opens the cage door, the worm explodes out in a rage-driven attempt to end the suffering. As long as he doesn't stand in its path, he's safe. How will PCs feel about ending its life to end its suffering?

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I really liked the Egyptian Gods write-up in Mummy's Mask, so I'll be glad to see another column like that.

I'm also sad about Crystal not developing or writing in this one. Adventures like "The Harrowing" took traditional ideas and made them zany and fun, I would've loved to see her take on theatrics and the King in Yellow. I'm also sad that Nick Logue isn't writing for this AP. His ogrekin are legendary. If anyone knows what he's up to these days, I'd love to know.

I'm really hoping that Orv gets some presence. The last underground AP we had was way back in Second Darkness, and Golarion was still being developed. To me the underdark represents a sinister parallel world that has so much potential. It's also right under your feet, no advanced magic needed to get there.

In media res can be difficult to pull off. It isn't an often used storytelling tactic, so I'm interested in seeing how the resident demonologist pulls this one off. I'm really looking forward to the King in Yellow's theatrical debut, ever since the great Freeport campaign featuring His Highness, I've been hooked. Oh yes, for those of you who can't wait, check out Freeport's ode to the Mythos.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Am I the only one more excited about the possibilities of a product subline than the potential content of the dragon book? I suspect like most offerings, it will have things I like and things I don't, but you can't please everyone and that's Ok.

Seriously though, "Legacy of Undead" ? I miss the early days when the Whispering Tyrant had more to do in the world. So many possibilities here, from the Necropolis of Osirion to diseases cures and prevention to other wonderful things beyond my creative comprehension...

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Yay! This is what I've been requesting for a few years now. I was hoping Occult Adventures would have more Lovecraft in it, but James shut that down early on. I kind of feel bad for OA though, the other major rules books got AP love, but OA seems lost in the Cheliax wash. I did really like OA though, at least what I've got to explore so far. Poor OA, at least it will get some love in my War of the Burning Sky. Creatures from the realm of dreams throughout the campaign just lends itself to psychic effects.

I really like the idea of dreamscapes and some of the ideas presented on dream magic so far and would be happy to see it expanded. I also like the King in Yellow, especially his role in theatre and am happy to see his minions in this AP. I'd like to see Tharazidun get a re-hash as well, I really liked him from Dungeon Mag. I'd also like to see something like the dreamtime explored in this AP or Horror Adventures. I know it's not Lovecraft, but it would be really cool with the dream theme. Serpent's Skull did explore this idea briefly with totem animals in the second volume, but I want something better!

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Oh please more Dark tapestry, Vault Builders, Great old ones and the like. And a really good follow up mini Bestiary.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Why do I have a feeling this will directly tie in with this year's free RPG day or other promos?

Darn. I think that would be an excellent cover.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

We have a serious mouse problem in my trailer. It's not as bad as when I moved in, and during that time I'd set mousetraps around the house in spots where I don't want Milo to go, or where I really don't want to pull out the furniture. I'd put one in the ensuite bathroom closet. The door gap is close to 2 inches on this door. Sometimes the mousetraps catch the mice in awkward positions and they don't die right away. One morning I woke up and Milo was doing the "Look at me! Look at me! Look what I caught!" dance. I went over to see what he was so proud of. There was a mouse in a mousetrap in the middle of my floor. I was like, "Good job special needs cat!"

It's Christmas! Just in time for the Messiah! When I first went, my cousin says: "You'll love the Hallilujah Chorus, it always gets a standing ovation." Yeah, you're supposed to sing it standing up.

One of my favorite Christian bands came to town and preformed with the philharmonic earlier this month. I couldn't get tickets. So sad. We did have the annual church Christmas presentation today. There is a man in our bishopric who can really sing; I had to pick my jaw up off the floor.

I might get the hymnal thrown at me, but did anyone else see "Boychoir"? I liked it, but the plot was kind of weak. I did really like Josh Groban's song in the credits. I liked him before he was big, having discovered him playing on the stereo in a little tourist shop in a mountain resort town.

Seriously, a homeless guy ran my first real campaign. (He lived in a shelter nearby and had a locker at the store for his books.) It was Battletech. We played ourselves and got to experience the end of the world. I went crazy. It was really fun though, because we were put in so many cool situations. The other players got to drive tanks and mechs, I got a pet Roomba who saved a character by alerting me to him during a disaster. So many cool stories made me crave this game. I even bought some scrubs at the secondhand store and came in character one night. (I was a scientist studying robot intelligence.)

I find myself forced to wait for sales. The exchange rate up here is brutal. 70 cents to the USD. Ouch.

When I did partake of the non-mint sale in October, I did not buy everything I wanted because of the shipping cost. I can get things from the UK via air mail for the same price I get them from the US, and they arrive sooner.

Furthermore, the courier was nothing but trouble. They destroyed my package. If I'd bought any minis, they would've been lost to the ages through the hole that went from edge to edge vertically. My one mint book was very non-mint by the time it got here. They couldn't deliver to my rural address, so I sent it to my grandma's. When it got there, my poor GG was forced to pay 20$ in duties, which I'd already paid. Trying to get restitution from the courier was like pulling teeth. They wanted me to call them back in 10 days after the visa charge had cleared so they could reverse it. I called visa, who were very kind about the whole matter and reversed the charges immediately. They wanted to take the package back to examine it, which after all the bull I'd already endured, I flat out refused. I told them I'd send pictures of the packaging and damaged articles. They never contacted me with an address to send my pictures. Very disappointed. I used to subscribe and Canada Post delivered to my address and did not destroy anything.

Aw... I'm a "someone". ;-) I read all Endzeitgeist's reviews. Never had a rotter from something I bought on his recommendation. I don't think I've ever seen him review official Paizo documents, however.

I've been re-reading Tales of the Old Margreve. A lovely Slavic dark fae setting, it really set the bar for 3rd party fae content, and it set it very high. It's a unique mix of plot hooks, mechanic hooks, statted adventures and campaign setting. It can be dropped into Andoran/Taldor very easily and can replace the Arthfell, as it is similar in ideas.

Sinister Adventures is the precursor to Razor Coast. It was supposed to evolve into Razor Coast, but that is a long story best left to another post. I liked the adventures in this setting, and they do mix nicely in Razor Coast, which assumes you already have a campaign in place to fill some level holes and dead time.

I had that problem too. I just feel icky playing an evil character. DMing them is fun for me, since I don't feel personally invested. You do have to play a LE character. Book 2 is a lot less railroady and that's where my group ran into trouble. Basically you have 30 days to "endear" yourself to the village. A giant sandbox where no one could agree on the best approach.

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Way of the Wicked was the original PFRPG evil campaign. I played in it and it was fun.

I also like the 0one Games urban adventures. Both the original Great City serial and the new Sinking serial have some seriously fun potential and lots to build off of. Dirt cheap also. Check out my "Tatterdemalion" review!

Frog God games offerings have that old school feel. They are dungeon crawls with an emphasis on deadly. But that is what they pride themselves on.

Raging Swan is my new favorite. They are on sale this week and have tons to pick from. For delicious free samples, go to their website. I also reviewed their Fane of the Undying Sleeper.

Legendary Games has several modules on par with Paizo's APs. They are designed as plug-ins for the existing APs, but could be used on their own. Beautiful art and layout adds to the appeal. I liked "Cold Mountain".

Kobold Press has a few offerings that look pretty good. I really like their take on civilized Kobolds and their undead empire looks to have a lot going for it as well.

Me too! My suggestion is to go to the Sentry Box on a Sunday and ask around upstairs. My ex-boyfriend was in that group a few years ago. You can also post an ad there. Myth Games has the Pirates of the Plains who run PFS games a few times a month. They are in the NE, but you can check out their website. I recommend taking the C-train to Sentry Box, as parking can be sketchy, especially during Magic event days. Just get off at the Sunalta station and walk a block west. It's at the stop sign.

I got to go see Carmina Burana at the philharmonic a month ago. It was pretty cool. I also like Adiemus by Carl Jenkins.

Raging Swan Press has a Demiplane: Shadow Demense that might work. Kobold Press also delves into the dark fey with several of their offerings. These are adventures but also have settings in them. Read the reviews for more info.

Save the cheerleader, to hell with the world.

This could be a really fun LARP for a college group--just use your own campus after hours.

Today I told my librarian that I would be interested in starting a chapter in my village of Beiseker. Apparently there is quite a D&D following in our library system.

I have decided to break out the beginner box and run a few games before gaging interest. We will likely buy a PDF eventually, but for now I will laminate the hard copies I own.

I thought that Society play would be the best way to go. The older kids can go to events in the big city of Calgary with their characters on the weekends. We will be limiting ages to 13 or 14+. Another bonus with Society play is that we can do drop-ins. I own some of the older Society adventures, so that is not a problem. I also like the idea of the 4 hr block. We can start after school and have a supper break and still finish at a decent time during the week.

I am actually a rather inexperienced DM myself, so I thought the BB would be the best place for me to start, too.

So... I have some questions for the community at large:

How do I determine average party level to scale encounters for fluxuating party size?

Where/What is the best place/way to start a new chapter? How do I get my players started smoothly? How do we "graduate" from the beginner box?

Any recommendations on scenarios that are fun for young, new players?

Aside from several sets of cheap dice, whiteboard markers, cheap minis/tokens and graph paper what would you recommend we purchase?

Thanks in advance.

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While I personally favour justice over mercy, I don't think any of the above responses would be fun to play. There is an old Dungeon adventure from 3.5 that involved bringing a fellow guild adventurer's body back from a dungeon where he was felled. That could be fun.

Of course, said character's ghost could always plague the party, or a villain could turn his undead corpse into another BBEG.

Yellow is my favorite cult colour. Will "Shades of Yellow" deal with Hastur?

Um, well, as for the accident...In Edmonton someone put a grenade in the goodwill hamper with some clothes. Police believe that it was an accident and the grenade was leftover from a military training exercise. The grenade was live, as was the WWII shell dug up in Stanley Park, Vancouver last week, discovered by a metal detecting hobbyist.

Police believe it was in a box that someone didn't look in before donating the entire box. The grenade still had the pin in it.

The confusing maps thing is actually kind of funny. In Xen'drik, maps aren't always accurate and teleportation doesn't work. One way to deal with it, I suppose.

I didn't care for most of the 4E changes. I really didn't like any race, any dragonmark. It made them not special. However, Tarkhaan, the abhorrent marked house did get the love it deserved. 2 pages in "Dragonmarked" was just sad. Also, the half-dragon/dragonblooded race in Eberron bugs me. The dragons despise any humanoid mixing in their blood and will take great pains to eliminate them. The fae race was pretty cool, though.

Hamunaptra does have a really good fluff section, especially on the gods and creation. I love the City of Stormreach for Eberron and have been looking through Elder Evils by WotC. Villain Design Handbook is a must-read.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I absolutely love Eberron. My favorite things are the dragonmarked houses, which I totally see as mafia-esque and the planes leeching into the material plane. I love intrigue and politicking, both of which the Houses have strong potential for.

I was disappointed the planes and moons got very little attention, as both could potentially play a major role in defining the cultures and history of the setting. My yuan-ti are also yearning for more development, other than the tidbits in "Stormreach" and "Xen'drik".

Eberron's gods suck. The book devoted to them sucks. Use the PF or FR gods and blend and knead until happy. The cults and Silver Flame are cool, though.

I like to steal bits from other settings and mix them into Eberron, including the "Iron Kingdoms" campaign setting. Think: much more varied warforged everywhere! Also, taking APs and putting them into Eberron gives me so many more ideas to explore. When Stormreach became Riddleport in "Second Darkness", some cool ideas were born.

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