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GreatKhanArtist's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 223 posts. 12 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.


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Canada Post, or maybe USPS keeps trashing my parcels. They are never bent, but the edges are always dinged, so my stuff is always equivalent to the non-mint products by the time it gets to me. I would like to keep my subscriptions because I appreciate the .pdfs, but this is a monthly occurance. Suggestions?


Leo_Negri wrote:
or with 30 or 40 mixed with similar numbers of owls and falcons, you could put your players through an homage to The Birds. Of course in this homage there is an explanation, an evil Tengu Druid is manipulating them all in honor of the Demon Lord Pazuzu.

Actually, there is a module for this. It's called "Wings over Freeport".

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"Now let's say you've finished your first draft. Congratulations! Good Job! Have a glass of champagne, send out for pizza, do whatever it is you do when you've got something to celebrate. If you have someone who has been waiting impatiently to read your novel--a spouse, let's say, someone who has perhaps been working the nine to five and helping to pay the bills while you chase your dream--then this is the time to give up the goods..."

-From Stephen King's "On Writing", pg 210.

Someone is going to ask this, it may as well be me: is this a subscriber module or add-on?

I'm not sure how I feel about this. I liked the environs part of Thornkeep, and some of the dungeons seemed neat. But many, many people did not like the Thornkeep dungeons. It really seemed like too much was going on in too little print space, and that's a lot of the feeling I'm getting here.

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The universe. So many cool worlds with really neat backstories--its like having a campaign setting within a campaign setting. I feel like the planes are tried and traditional, but the planets--more please!

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Seeking position as raptor handler/wrangler. Extensive experience with beef cattle. Will provide own stock prod. Contact if interested.

And they were never seen nor heard from again...

We were never allowed jewelry period when I worked in food service. No rings, no watches, nothing. They also wouldn't let you wear piercings because they were worried they would fall in the food.

Too late. They already came to my city in 1988.

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Dear Santa Golem,

I'd really like this one for Christmas... Please ask the elves to hit the mid Dec. target date.


Why the interest in Harrow all of a sudden?

There is an old Dragon article from the "astrological" and portents issue telling how to use Three Dragon Ante deck in character gen, including making stats. I loved this article. More like this, please.

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What happens to Gods when they die? Do they travel through the Boneyard? How does Pharasma deal with their souls, assuming they even have them? What about psychopomp harriers? And the deity who doesn't want to stay dead, or the followers bent on resurrection?

I played a non-combatant in NWoD. I was a Frenchman who was a kind of mummy (we were using the new rules). I didn't have any crazy powers and totally enjoyed roleplaying this character. Everyone else was totally into hack 'n slash, so my poor Henri Ptolemaigne never lived up to his potential. Except for the bad accent. I totally overdid that.

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I think Golarion is a bad Forgotten Realms rip-off. (And a few other settings too.)

Will these be back in stock or are they discontinued?

As a farmer, I have heard of charities like Heifer International. In fact, this is the charity our truckers supported last year. I can tell you just how much farmers worldwide love and respect our animals.

As a gamer, I was going to buy Streets anyway, so now's the perfect chance!

You know how everyone has those little people stuck on the back of their minivan to represent their families? I think we should have a goblin set made. We could have goblin child bawling his eyes out, goblin child picking his nose, goblin father with dogslicer, goblin dog... I'd buy these.

Did the original Sinister Adventures PDFs get revised and updated in any of the books?

Honestly, I'd like to buy more from my FLGS, I really would. They just have a serious problem with actually stocking anything. When a new release comes out they have it, but after those sell, they never reorder. Additionally, they have a serious problem with custom orders--they never get ordered. The service is driving me away from my FLGS, not to it.

For my FLGS, as well the game/hobby shop I was invited to work for in another city, the APs don't do too well. I think it's because of the price point ($30 CAD) and that they are a series, you can't really just buy one. That said, there is the endless railroad debate--a really long adventure that plays out like a movie, that players and DMs only have minimal control over.

I think the expanded modules will be quite popular, as they can be treated like mini-campaigns and DMs will want to modify them for their players. Hopefully these will be more like the Darkmoon Vale module series and have the flexability players are looking for. The item cards are also not popular, however the condition cards and critical hit/miss decks are quite popular.

In Canada, shipping hardcovers is very expensive, and so I have the incentive to drive to my FLGS and buy it. Since I'm there and just drove an hour to be there, I might as well buy some other books that catch my eye. Although I do subscribe, it's mostly to ensure I get what I want and don't have to deal with the lousy service.

The massive game store downtown buys and sells used books, which is actually an incentive for me to buy new books. I can sell the ones I don't like, allowing me to buy books I probably otherwise wouldn't. I get maybe a 1/4 of what they're worth, but to me it's a library with the option to keep. Also, open the sealed books and give us a store copy to thumb through where possible. The computer/game store has the staff paint the started boxed sets of Games Workshop minis and puts them out to be seen and touched. This garners interest in people who would otherwise not ever see this as a hobby for them.

Additionally, our computer/game store sells puzzles and board games and does very good business on these, especially at christmas. Unfortunatly this store no longer hosts a gaming room due to lack of space, however I feel this is vital in hobby stores. Gaming is a social hobby, unlike model railroading; the train store doesn't have any room for networking or workshops. Players who are interested may not want to invest because they don't have anyone to play with. This will help immensely. My FLGS also hosts meetup groups twice a month to play board games--this group has exploded recently and gets nosy regulars meeting potential new players.

Some food for thought anyway. Take it as you will, I work in safety and not business.

We are a very straightforward, stoic people. Therefore, our homes are simple, yet highly functional. I believe we would be similar to Quaker/Shaker humans. Our architecture is built to be functional, and in that function, there is beauty. Our laneways and thouroughfares are straight, bisecting at angles. Our city centre probably looks something like the schematics for Versailles, another human city in France. Our major laneways are designed for troop movement.

Our buildings are likewise designed for functionality. Large, cavernous halls likely have walls that can be moved, rotated, or slid into position, something like cubicals, but of course much more stylish. As we are highly community orientated, this building is our community centre, and so it can be mildly morphic with stone shape or mechanical design. Gilding is a dwarven technology (don't let those elves tell you any different) and much of our buildings are designed with leaf that glints in dim lighting, creating a warm, glowing feeling in what topworlders consider cold, hard surroundings.

Back to the Shakers. The round barn is something we would consider ingenious. It's simple and designed so each animal has its own space and can be brought out to the middle to be milked. A round forge would be an excellent idea...

This will make a great gift for the guy who lets us game at his house, whilst eating him out of house and home and forgetting to pull the handle up on the toilet.

How is this going to differ from the "Faiths of" series? Essentially, it seems to me that we already have much of this information in other sources, especially the fluff.

I'm disappointed there were no spoiler tags. I wanted a surprize as to when the dragon was going to pop up and kick butt.

I also so want a poster of this one.

In November of every year is our annual brick-and-mortar store charity drive. (This coinsides with FoodMachine, the Warmachine food drive.) Since I can't grow a moustache (at least until age 50), I wanted to do a gamer's garage sale, whereby we can sell books and other gaming paraphenelia at low, low prices and give the money to charity.

However, I have never organized anything like this before. What needs to be done?

We need to sort any games with pieces and make sure all the parts are there. We need a place, either the back of the store or a convention. I was thinking the con would be more acceptable and draw more crowds. Obviously, there is the usual garage sale work of displaying and pricing.

Has anyone done this before? What else do I need to do? Help please!

Dear James: Today I was watching the news and the bicyclers were talking about how rumble strips installed on our national highways were ruining the "beautiful cycle paths" and I thought he said "beautiful psychopaths". Do people with hearing imparements have more fun?

Oh, there are PF books in all kinds of creative places at my house. In the bathroom magazine rack, the coffee table, the flap in the back seat of the car, the mail pile, the bottom of the tv stand I use as a footrest, in boxes under the bed...oh and on the shelves.

I like political intrigue and factions v. factions like in Elaine Cunninghm's drow novels. I also like Ustalav, Nidal, Kaer Maga and Mediogalti.

Shouldn't this be under the "Another year, another sanity point lost" blog?

I would definately say to check out the Carrion Crown AP. The first volume has mostly "boss" fights and the second has a huge investigative bend, but the second half is more hack and slash.

Actually, I would start with the Darkmoon Vale series. You will have to update it from 3.0, however 1/2 of it is free. The adventures are a little shorter than AP adventures. They don't have weird new templates and don't require a ton of DM prep. I recently reviewed "The Haunting at Harrowstone" and found it to be very prep heavy. Darkmoon Vale is in a big forest, so it's easy to add encounters. Likewise, from what I remember, many of the encounters are easily scaleable, especially in "Hungry Are the Dead".

Technically, Darkmoon Vale is its own place in Golarion, but I would add "Realm of the Fellnight Queen" and "Feast at Ravenmoor" to the forest without feeling bad.

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Oh boy, I hope Logue brings his tower shield...

He made some mistakes and coming out to PaizoCon to face up to many still grieving fans is very brave of him. I really hope that the community at PaizoCon can come together as a whole and say:

"I forgive you."

Let's show that we are a gaming community and come together as one.

(I wouldn't mess with him anyway, he's some kind of martial arts master and swordsman.)

You say yeth hound, I say goblin dog!

Tales of the Old Margreve is a must-read for this campaign. It technically has nothing to do with Darkmoon Vale, but it is *the* awesome creepy forest sourcebook. Go read the reviews!

I'm not much of a DM, what about set-up and take-down or other sorts of non gaming volunteering?

Kobold Quarterly #13 has a good article on the topic of sex and romance in gaming. You may like to check it out.

I thought this was about the "I hate Asian theme, so stop making Tian products" whine.

I got into gaming from video games too. My mom brought home "Computer Gaming World" from the office when I was in high school and it rated "Baldur's Gate 2" really highly. So I asked for it for Christmas. I *loved* it. It's still my favorite game of all time. And that's what brought me to D&D.

I played this game on the school computers when I was in grade 2. It was all text and you were exploring a haunted house. I loved it. I think it was one of the very first computer games. Does anyone else remember playing this?

Lost Cities has lots of places that are off the beaten trail all over the world, and since they are lost they are also unexplored.

I also don't know much about the underdark, but you could always go there, and there are whole continents that are unexplored!

I just finished "Lost Cities" at work tonight. I really liked the layout for each chapter and the low-med-high campaign ideas. I think this is a major selling point and should stay! However, I was annoyed at the lack of place art. I wanted to see the flaming lens thing on the Sun Temple Colony island pursuing terrified rebels just ahead of its burning swath, maybe even immolating an unlucky someone. As it is, I have no idea what the unique architecture of the lost cities looked like. The maps are exquisite, by the way and I would buy a map folio of this book.

I'm writing a series of comic books in screen format. I would be extremely interested in corresponding with KestlerGunner, if he's reading.

I'm very happy to see the qallupilluk made it in. This is my favoite Inuit monster, and one I remember from my childhood. For those of you who want more on this fantastic monster, check out "A Promise is a Promise" by Robert Munsch, a Canadian children's author. This is a cautionary tale warning children to stay off thin ice, as the monster lures them to their deaths. The qallupilluk is a female with fishbones in her hair, as I recall, and I prefer the artwork to a fishheaded version. When you are done, read "Something Good", because "A Promise is a Promise" is actually a horror story for children. "Something Good" is a lot lighter and quite funny.

For those of you who would like to hear the Inuit language, Inuktitut, Susan Algukark is a well-known Canadian Inuit artist who has produced many albums. For a different take on something many of you know, she sings "Amazing Grace" in this language. Also, the film "Atanarjuat" or "The Fast Runner" is in Inuktitut and subtitled in English. It may be a little difficult to find, as it would be considered a foreign film. This film does have nudity and mature themes, so consider yourselves warned.

Be careful on the rotten ice, lest the qallupilluk drag you under!

The Everflame Trilogy has been sanctioned! Yay!

Is this the collected version of the 101 spell @x lvl series or brand new material?

REgardless, I want to see a collected version of the above, at a reduced cost.


And I know a dire fiendish t-rex would warm a certain editor's heart...

Who is Tork Shaw?

What I really like about this product is its pricing. I do really like the fact that it is the same price as TCG packs. So, for those non Magic months, I could buy a brick or save my dough to buy a case once every 4 months. Now I just have to decide if I want minis or Magic more!

2 people marked this as a favorite.

To me, Golarion really is a little bit of everything for everyone, both for good and for ill. Someone out there is going to want Khemri (Egypt) in their world, so we have Osirion. Someone else misses Ravenloft, so we have a place and AP of vampires and gothic horrors.

The vastness of the world really seems overwhelming to me. So many worlds are giant human-centric places. Greyhawk, and the REalms come to mind. Myself, I love Eberron. Eberron has clearly defined cultures and continents, and doesn't mirror everything every other major campaign setting or real world culture has to offer.

I agree with Pentagast. My players and I would rather gear manage treasures! If you and your players enjoy it, go for it. I once had a gnome who tried to take anything under the sun, because he was the consumate boy scout. He also had the barbarian convinced that every piece of junk was needed on every adventure, just in case.

Actually, I had a roomie with bipolar back in the day. She was considered handicapped by the government and would not be able to play RPGs because she had difficulty telling reality from fantasy. (She was also unable to watch certain films--the Matrix would have really blown her mind.) The opinion of the therapist may be substantiated. However, you may want to pose the question to your MD or psychiatrist; they tend to be more knowledgable.

Futhermore, therapists quite often encourage roleplaying. My therapist used to laugh at me for playing D&D until I told her that it was a form of therapy. She had to eat her hat.

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