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GreatKhanArtist's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 288 posts. 28 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.

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"In the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, there are eleven "monsters" (enemy creatures) which are considered "Product Identity" by publisher Wizards Of The Coast, and are not covered under the Open Gaming License, nor are they present in any non-proprietary System Reference Document (i.e. This list includes the beholder, gauth (beholder-kin), carrion crawler, displacer beast, githyanki, githzerai, kuo-toa, mind flayer, slaad, umber hulk, and the yuan-ti."

I'd like to know what the Paizo version of these monsters is. I know what some of them are, but what are they all?

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The fiction really is gone, folks. This was stated in a developer post in one of the Strange Aeons topics. It stayed for Strange Aeons only because the developers really wanted to pay homage to the Mythos with some good fiction. Debatable, since Chaosium offers this as well, and some of it's pretty good.

The Side Treks do actually still exist. What happened was they got rolled into the general adventure, since everyone ran them anyway, they weren't really considered optional.

I really want to see hobgoblins and bugbears come into their own in this one. Classic Monsters Revisited and some revolutionary art really makes them look creepy. I also think this would be a great opportunity for some hex crawl. Then we can have some "side quests" and random encounter tables in the new section. History, rumours, environmental descriptions, some minor but atmospheric items, a new magic item or two... I'd love to see something like Raging Swan does in their weblog or "so what's it like" series for the new section.

What I'd really like to see gone is the editorial. While fun at the time, so much of it becomes dated when you pull back issues to read. If you want to do current affairs, use the weblog. Keep the section, but do "designer's notes" like in the first adventures, little behind the scenes notes or real-world background that inspired the adventure or whatever.

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I really liked the Egyptian Gods write-up in Mummy's Mask, so I'll be glad to see another column like that.

I'm also sad about Crystal not developing or writing in this one. Adventures like "The Harrowing" took traditional ideas and made them zany and fun, I would've loved to see her take on theatrics and the King in Yellow. I'm also sad that Nick Logue isn't writing for this AP. His ogrekin are legendary. If anyone knows what he's up to these days, I'd love to know.

I'm really hoping that Orv gets some presence. The last underground AP we had was way back in Second Darkness, and Golarion was still being developed. To me the underdark represents a sinister parallel world that has so much potential. It's also right under your feet, no advanced magic needed to get there.

In media res can be difficult to pull off. It isn't an often used storytelling tactic, so I'm interested in seeing how the resident demonologist pulls this one off. I'm really looking forward to the King in Yellow's theatrical debut, ever since the great Freeport campaign featuring His Highness, I've been hooked. Oh yes, for those of you who can't wait, check out Freeport's ode to the Mythos.

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Am I the only one more excited about the possibilities of a product subline than the potential content of the dragon book? I suspect like most offerings, it will have things I like and things I don't, but you can't please everyone and that's Ok.

Seriously though, "Legacy of Undead" ? I miss the early days when the Whispering Tyrant had more to do in the world. So many possibilities here, from the Necropolis of Osirion to diseases cures and prevention to other wonderful things beyond my creative comprehension...

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Yay! This is what I've been requesting for a few years now. I was hoping Occult Adventures would have more Lovecraft in it, but James shut that down early on. I kind of feel bad for OA though, the other major rules books got AP love, but OA seems lost in the Cheliax wash. I did really like OA though, at least what I've got to explore so far. Poor OA, at least it will get some love in my War of the Burning Sky. Creatures from the realm of dreams throughout the campaign just lends itself to psychic effects.

I really like the idea of dreamscapes and some of the ideas presented on dream magic so far and would be happy to see it expanded. I also like the King in Yellow, especially his role in theatre and am happy to see his minions in this AP. I'd like to see Tharazidun get a re-hash as well, I really liked him from Dungeon Mag. I'd also like to see something like the dreamtime explored in this AP or Horror Adventures. I know it's not Lovecraft, but it would be really cool with the dream theme. Serpent's Skull did explore this idea briefly with totem animals in the second volume, but I want something better!

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Oh please more Dark tapestry, Vault Builders, Great old ones and the like. And a really good follow up mini Bestiary.

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Why do I have a feeling this will directly tie in with this year's free RPG day or other promos?

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We have a serious mouse problem in my trailer. It's not as bad as when I moved in, and during that time I'd set mousetraps around the house in spots where I don't want Milo to go, or where I really don't want to pull out the furniture. I'd put one in the ensuite bathroom closet. The door gap is close to 2 inches on this door. Sometimes the mousetraps catch the mice in awkward positions and they don't die right away. One morning I woke up and Milo was doing the "Look at me! Look at me! Look what I caught!" dance. I went over to see what he was so proud of. There was a mouse in a mousetrap in the middle of my floor. I was like, "Good job special needs cat!"

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Way of the Wicked was the original PFRPG evil campaign. I played in it and it was fun.

I also like the 0one Games urban adventures. Both the original Great City serial and the new Sinking serial have some seriously fun potential and lots to build off of. Dirt cheap also. Check out my "Tatterdemalion" review!

Frog God games offerings have that old school feel. They are dungeon crawls with an emphasis on deadly. But that is what they pride themselves on.

Raging Swan is my new favorite. They are on sale this week and have tons to pick from. For delicious free samples, go to their website. I also reviewed their Fane of the Undying Sleeper.

Legendary Games has several modules on par with Paizo's APs. They are designed as plug-ins for the existing APs, but could be used on their own. Beautiful art and layout adds to the appeal. I liked "Cold Mountain".

Kobold Press has a few offerings that look pretty good. I really like their take on civilized Kobolds and their undead empire looks to have a lot going for it as well.

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While I personally favour justice over mercy, I don't think any of the above responses would be fun to play. There is an old Dungeon adventure from 3.5 that involved bringing a fellow guild adventurer's body back from a dungeon where he was felled. That could be fun.

Of course, said character's ghost could always plague the party, or a villain could turn his undead corpse into another BBEG.

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I absolutely love Eberron. My favorite things are the dragonmarked houses, which I totally see as mafia-esque and the planes leeching into the material plane. I love intrigue and politicking, both of which the Houses have strong potential for.

I was disappointed the planes and moons got very little attention, as both could potentially play a major role in defining the cultures and history of the setting. My yuan-ti are also yearning for more development, other than the tidbits in "Stormreach" and "Xen'drik".

Eberron's gods suck. The book devoted to them sucks. Use the PF or FR gods and blend and knead until happy. The cults and Silver Flame are cool, though.

I like to steal bits from other settings and mix them into Eberron, including the "Iron Kingdoms" campaign setting. Think: much more varied warforged everywhere! Also, taking APs and putting them into Eberron gives me so many more ideas to explore. When Stormreach became Riddleport in "Second Darkness", some cool ideas were born.

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This is totally one for the fans. Just proof that they really do listen to us.

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The plague of Deskari has fallen upon the Inner Sea Gods reviews.

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"Now let's say you've finished your first draft. Congratulations! Good Job! Have a glass of champagne, send out for pizza, do whatever it is you do when you've got something to celebrate. If you have someone who has been waiting impatiently to read your novel--a spouse, let's say, someone who has perhaps been working the nine to five and helping to pay the bills while you chase your dream--then this is the time to give up the goods..."

-From Stephen King's "On Writing", pg 210.

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The universe. So many cool worlds with really neat backstories--its like having a campaign setting within a campaign setting. I feel like the planes are tried and traditional, but the planets--more please!

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Seeking position as raptor handler/wrangler. Extensive experience with beef cattle. Will provide own stock prod. Contact if interested.

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Dear Santa Golem,

I'd really like this one for Christmas... Please ask the elves to hit the mid Dec. target date.


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What happens to Gods when they die? Do they travel through the Boneyard? How does Pharasma deal with their souls, assuming they even have them? What about psychopomp harriers? And the deity who doesn't want to stay dead, or the followers bent on resurrection?

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I think Golarion is a bad Forgotten Realms rip-off. (And a few other settings too.)

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Oh boy, I hope Logue brings his tower shield...

He made some mistakes and coming out to PaizoCon to face up to many still grieving fans is very brave of him. I really hope that the community at PaizoCon can come together as a whole and say:

"I forgive you."

Let's show that we are a gaming community and come together as one.

(I wouldn't mess with him anyway, he's some kind of martial arts master and swordsman.)

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To me, Golarion really is a little bit of everything for everyone, both for good and for ill. Someone out there is going to want Khemri (Egypt) in their world, so we have Osirion. Someone else misses Ravenloft, so we have a place and AP of vampires and gothic horrors.

The vastness of the world really seems overwhelming to me. So many worlds are giant human-centric places. Greyhawk, and the REalms come to mind. Myself, I love Eberron. Eberron has clearly defined cultures and continents, and doesn't mirror everything every other major campaign setting or real world culture has to offer.

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