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Granite McCusker's page

2 posts. Pathfinder Society character for Odea.

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

Background: I'm playing in an online AP, and my witch uses Infernal Healing. I'm casting it DURING a combat, so we cannot simply hand-wave the timing.

I began casting the spell last round without using a move action, so like other 1-round cast spells (e.g. Sleep, Summon Monster) it will take effect "immediately before the beginning of [this] turn." (See {1} below.)

The fighter (on whom I want to cast the infernal healing) moved next to me on his action (which is right after mine), so I can touch him without moving.

The Question: I touch the fighter in the 2nd round to deliver the infernal healing spell. Do I still get a full (move and standard) turn this round? Or do I only get my move action (no question that I still have that).

Normally the rules say the touch attack for a regular standard action touch spell is a "free action" on the round you cast the spell (See {2} below), but that happens "in the same round that you cast the spell."

Concurrent question: If I were to move, start casting using my standard action, and then in the 2nd round use the "finish full-round action" action (see {3} below) would I in the second round get the normal free touch attack to deliver the touch spell as part of that standard action (i.e. could I then move and deliver the Infernal healing without using a 3rd round)?

Reference Links:
{1}LINK: 1 Round spell: "A spell that takes one round to cast is a full-round action. It comes into effect just before the beginning of your turn in the round after you began casting the spell. You then act normally after the spell is completed."

{2}LINK: Free touch attack in round you cast a touch spell: "Many spells have a range of touch. To use these spells, you cast the spell and then touch the subject. In the same round that you cast the spell, you may also touch (or attempt to touch) as a free action. You may take your move before casting the spell, after touching the target, or between casting the spell and touching the target. You can automatically touch one friend or use the spell on yourself, but to touch an opponent, you must succeed on an attack roll."

{3}LINK: Start/complete standard action: The “start full-round action” standard action lets you start undertaking a full-round action, which you can complete in the following round by using another standard action.


My fiance and I played

The Fabric of Reality
and got the boon; she chose Jalmeray (a large island off the coast of Nex) as her special place, and is interested in playing the character in any scenarios/modules/sanctioned AP's etc. that take place there.

If you want information about Jalmeray (say to remind yourself where and what it is) I'd suggest looking at THIS LINK. Thank you to anyone contributing suggestions for what to play here.


1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

Relevant rules text:
Revelations link

PRD wrote:
Revelation: At 1st level, 3rd level, and every four levels thereafter (7th, 11th, and so on), an oracle uncovers a new secret about her mystery that grants her powers and abilities. The oracle must select a revelation from the list of revelations available to her mystery. If a revelation is chosen at a later level, the oracle gains all of the abilities and bonuses granted by that revelation based on her current level. Unless otherwise noted, activating the power of a revelation is a standard action.

Raise the Dead link

PRD wrote:
Raise the Dead (Su): As a standard action, you can summon a single skeleton or zombie to serve you. The undead creature has a number of Hit Dice equal to your oracle level. It remains for a number of rounds equal to your Charisma modifier. At 7th level, you can summon a bloody skeleton or fast zombie. At 15th level, you can summon an advanced skeleton or zombie. You can use this ability once per day plus one additional time per day at 10th level.

I have been running this ability as having the same range as the Summon Monster/Summon Nature's Ally spells (that is, Close = 25'+5'/2 levels); is there anything to suggest a RAW/RAI range for this ability and/or that I'm doing it wrong?

Note that this is for a PFS character so RAW takes precedence for that, but as I don't know of any relevant text, I've been playing it based on intuition.

I'm moving east soon, and will be in one of these two places; specifically New York City or Storrs, CT (sort-of near Hartsburg, kinda?) and am investigating PFS opportunities in those areas.

Anyone know places to play in and around those two places? And/or who the current VC's are for those areas so I can e-mail them directly?

Thanks in advance for any information!

EDIT: Deleted huge post 'cause it was me overlooking the simple possibility.

Jiggy wrote:
**stuff** I also have a build I could share that I've been avoiding playing for quite some time because I don't want to have to play it according to different sets of rules at different tables just because it makes some GMs go red in the face and drop their monocles.)
The "Complicated Character Builds and Legality" thread has sparked my interest as to what people think are particularly complicated builds, and as Andrew Christian put it:
Andrew Christian wrote:
**stuff** We have yet to have any build posted that shows a complexity of the level being described.

So put on your thinking caps, loosen your belts ('cause tomorrow is Thanksgiving for us U.S.ians (that's Us-ians)) and post your favorite played or unplayed complicated build!*

*Bait for mousetraps = cheese if you didn't get the joke.

As you settle in for a night in this forest, you recall your journey’s beginning in a strange, dry ‘bathhouse’:

The burn-scarred form of Grandmaster Torch sits in the single tub before you, one of his two half-orc bodyguards stands nearby, his Kukri at the ready. A servant occasionally scoops some of the water from the tub to pour over one of Torch's many scars.
“One of our own went missing on his way to Kaer Maga. As usual, the ten only care that his mission gets completed; but since I’m in charge of making that happen, you will have another priority: Find—and if possible, rescue—Jerome Keliks.”
“We’re sending you through Wartle, a tiny settlement in a bog there where Jerome passed through. Travel overland from there through the Sanos Forest; he was instructed to travel via unused paths to avoid attention from the Aspis Consortium. His mission was to bring an artifact to Nicholas Fuberro in Kaer Maga; if you find the artifact, bring it to Nicholas’ residence in the Ankar-te district.”

Giving you all an opportunity to talk to Torch as part of the flashback and introduce yourselves as you please to each other, when that's done we'll return to the "present" time which is: You're setting up camp at night in the Sanos Forest and hoping to find some trace of Jerome Keliks.

Hoping this one will not break; not going to try to auto-connect it to a gameplay post (as that appears to be the break-factor).

Here's the discussion thread; at present I'm expecting the following players (and have sent PMs accordingly):

.....Half-Elf Rogue 4

.....Any pregen (lvl 4)

Daron Woodson/Abandoned Arts
.....Any pregen (lvl 4)

GM Razor/Ravagwen Darksbane
.....Druid 4


Just responded to a thread, and went to look up whether Master Craftsman from the CRB is PFS legal (I'm pretty sure it isn't). Well, it appears that (at present) there is no Additional Resources listing for the CRB. (Maybe I just fail at ctrl-F though). Anyway, if I am correct, you might want to look into remedying the issue!

Thanks for your efforts--I know you guys do a TON for us players.

I was reading this ability while thinking about creating a character, and realized that (at least to me) its function is quite unclear:

PRD Fascinate wrote:

Fascinate(Su): At 1st level, a bard can use his performance to cause one or more creatures to become fascinated with him. Each creature to be fascinated must be within 90 feet, able to see and hear the bard, and capable of paying attention to him. The bard must also be able to see the creatures affected. The distraction of a nearby combat or other dangers prevents this ability from working. For every three levels the bard has attained beyond 1st, he can target one additional creature with this ability.

Each creature within range receives a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 the bard's level + the bard's Cha modifier) to negate the effect. If a creature's saving throw succeeds, the bard cannot attempt to fascinate that creature again for 24 hours. If its saving throw fails, the creature sits quietly and observes the performance for as long as the bard continues to maintain it. While fascinated, a target takes a –4 penalty on all skill checks made as reactions, such as Perception checks. Any potential threat to the target allows the target to make a new saving throw against the effect. Any obvious threat, such as someone drawing a weapon, casting a spell, or aiming a weapon at the target, automatically breaks the effect.

Fascinate is an enchantment (compulsion), mind-affecting ability. Fascinate relies on audible and visual components in order to function.

The number of targets affected by level has been discussed elsewhere, and I believe it to be 1 at level 1, 2 at level 4, 3 at 7 and so on (i.e. 1+(1 more per 3 additional levels of bard)).

The range on fascinate is "90 feet, able to see and hear the bard, and capable of paying attention to him."

The biggest question in my mind is: if the bard uses Fascinate in an area with more targets than he can affect, how are the targets chosen, and in what order? I believe, depending on the answer to this question, this ability is either ridiculously underpowered, or quite overpowered.

Possibilities I see for how this works:
1) Similar to a Sleep spell (medium overpowered: Bard starts performing and creatures make saves until there are no creatures left to save, or the bard has hit the maximum number of fascinated creatures (possibly going by closest-to-bard to farthest from him like Sleep).

2) Bard picks "n" targets (underpowered: the target(s) save or not, if they all (all 1 of them for levels 1-3) save, then you wasted the ability)

3) Some combination: The bard picks the order in which things make the saves.

4) Some other intent entirely? (See the Celebrity and Demagogue archetypes for why I think it (probably?) works like sleep--what's the point of drawing together a crowd if you can only fascinate 1 guy and he fails his will save? Perhaps fascinate lets the bard fascinate (number of targets allowed for his level) PER ROUND (like at level 5 you get 2 members of the crowd in round 1, 2 MORE in round 2 and so on).

I'm wondering specifically how this works in PFS so I can decide whether to try a fascinate specialty bard or not.

I'm looking to make an Ifrit bard for a home game and specialize in Fascinating creatures:

The Hypnotic alternate racial trait give me +1 to the DC of my fascinate effects (i.e. the bardic performance, and if I cast it the spell Hypnotism)

Ifrit bards favored class bonus: "Bard: Add +1/6 to the number of people the bard can affect with the fascinate bardic performance."

(I've looked around on the boards and as far as I can tell you fascinate 1 person at level 1, 2 at 4, 3 at 7 etc. without this bonus).

SO: Advice I'm seeking:
What else can I do to improve my fascinate (feats/traits/whatever)?

I'm considering the Demagogue or Celebrity archetypes, (demagogue seems to be able to control the entire crowd gathered using its Incite Violence ability); should I consider any other archetypes?

Any cool ideas about what I can DO with fascinate/fascinated creatures (aside from incite violence)? And what feats/whatever do I need in order to do that cool thing?

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I've written up a short adventure and am looking to playtest it with a couple of groups of players. I would like (but do not require) feedback at the end (even if it's just "That was cool!" or "You suck." I want to run the following groups:

1) Official Pathfinder pre-gens level 1 (group of 4-6)
2) Official Pathfinder pre-gens level 4 (group of 4-6)
3) PFS legal player-made characters level 1 (group of 4-6)* °
4) PFS legal player-made characters level 4 (group of 4-6)** °
*brand-spanking-new, so 150g and no wands!
**Wealth-by-level ~6000g, I'll make it 7500, but no single item with a price greater than 5000g.
°If you have a PFS character at this level (or who was at some point at this level) feel free to use that character (as they are/were at that level).

The pregens are available on Paizo's GM Resources site on the right side under "Free Downloads;" Core rulebook and Ultimate Combat pregens are allowed.

PFS character creation rules (generally) are in the Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play (a free download, currently v4.2) and on the Additional Resources page.

If you're interested in playing please post/PM me:
a) Days/times you are available and timezone (e.g. "Thursday evenings Eastern Time" or "Saturday 10/20 from 9:15:22am PST to 10:47:16am PST")

b) Whether you want to run a pregen or your own character (remember, this is just for fun/testing, it's not going to be a campaign)

c) The level you want to play at (i.e. 1 or 4)

d) If you're making your own character, a link to your stats/etc.

e) Whether you are willing/able to play using Roll20 ( or insist on PBP.

And of course, if you have any questions/comments you're free to post those as well.

I will try to form a couple of groups (depending on interest, the times people are available, and whether people want PBP or Roll20).

Last notes:
I'm new to GMing via PBP (and to some extent via Roll20), so there may be some bumps. If playing over Roll20, I'd expect this adventure to run around an hour (but this is testing, so don't quote me on that! =p).

For PBP I really haven't done enough to estimate how long it will run. I ask players to be ready to post once per day (as that seems to be somewhat standard). I think I'm going to try using maps (I'll just make a Roll20 game and screenshot it or something) rather than combat-by-description.


Question for PFS: Can multi-classed arcane casters learn from themselves? For instance, if someone was a Wizard 1, Witch 1 could they teach their familiar spells (for witch purposes) from their own spellbook?

What about a sorcerer/wizard? Can he write down how to cast that sorcerer spell he knows?

Other combinations and their effects? (I've never played an arcane caster in PFS, so I have no idea how this would work, and I've read many threads regarding the significant cost of learning new spells by buying scrolls)


Core PRD wrote:
Upon reaching 4th level, and at every even-numbered sorcerer level after that (6th, 8th, and so on), a sorcerer can choose to learn a new spell in place of one she already knows. In effect, the sorcerer loses the old spell in exchange for the new one. The new spell's level must be the same as that of the spell being exchanged. A sorcerer may swap only a single spell at any given level, and must choose whether or not to swap the spell at the same time that she gains new spells known for the level.
Core PRD wrote:
At 3rd level, and every two levels thereafter, a sorcerer learns an additional spell, derived from her bloodline. These spells are in addition to the number of spells given on Table: Sorcerer Spells Known. These spells cannot be exchanged for different spells at higher levels.

I think this is fairly clear for a straight sorcerer--you cannot swap your bloodline spells (and that makes sense)... but what about a Crossblooded sorcerer (see below)?

Ultimate Magic PRD wrote:

Bonus Spells: A crossblooded sorcerer may select her bonus spells from either of her bloodlines. The sorcerer also has the choice to learn a lower-level bonus spell she did not choose in place of the higher-level bonus spell she would normally gain. Lower-level bonus spells learned this way always use the spell level that they would be if the sorcerer had learned them with the appropriate bonus spell.

Example: A 3rd-level aberrant/abyssal crossblooded sorcerer has the choice of learning cause fear or enlarge person as her bloodline bonus spell. If she selected cause fear as her 3rd-level bonus spell, at 5th level she could use her new bonus spell to learn enlarge person instead of bull's strength or see invisibility, and she would add it to her list of 1st-level spells known (just as if she had learned it as her 3rd-level bonus spell).

Emphasis mine.

Clearly in a home game one can ask the DM "Will you let me swap (at an even level) one of my bloodline spells for the same level spell of the other bloodline?" I want to know if this is something that was intended with Crossblooded, because RAW, it doesn't seem legal (and thus isn't legal for PFS).

PRD wrote:
NPC Gear Adjustments: You can significantly increase or decrease the power level of an NPC with class levels by adjusting the NPC's gear. The combined value of an NPC's gear is given in Creating NPCs on Table: NPC Gear. A classed NPC encountered with no gear should have his CR reduced by 1 (provided that loss of gear actually hampers the NPC), while a classed NPC that instead has gear equivalent to that of a PC (as listed on Table: Character Wealth by Level) has a CR of 1 higher than his actual CR. Be careful awarding NPCs this extra gear, though—especially at high levels, where you can blow out your entire adventure's treasure budget in one fell swoop!

Does this apply in the same way for classless NPCs? As in, if you give a goblin (CR 1/3) a masterwork short-sword, does it stay CR 1/3 or become CR 1 (or 2 or 3?)

(Before anyone comments, yes I realize these are guidelines, not exact values, but nonetheless:)
The table lists level 1 (and thus CR 1) NPCs as having 260g in total gear, 50 of which is their weapon. A Masterwork Short sword is worth 310g; assuming no other changes to the goblin's gear, he is now ~around~ the _total_ gold level for a level 2 (thus CR 2) NPC, but his weapon is worth as much as is budgeted for a level 3 NPC's weapon.

So, is this "uber" goblin CR 1, 2, or 3, or something else entirely? And does his XP value bump up to 400 xp (per Table: Experience Point Awards) or what? (Also, the Table: CR Equivalencies for multiple monsters confuses me quite a bit, or at least it falls apart at large groups of creatures.)

(I know as GM I can pretty much do whatever, but I want to make sure I'm doing proper challenges etc.)

Thanks for any advice/help with this one.

I'm thinking of making a gnomish Lone Ranger using 4 levels of Cavalier and the Horse Master feat, then the rest of the levels as a gunslinger.

Thus far, I'm looking at the Luring Cavalier archetype for the cavalier levels to give me the ranged challenge ability and using touch AC up to 2 range increments away.

For gunslinger I'm torn between Mysterious Stranger, either Pistolero or Pistolero with Gun Tank (I'll be in medium armor so losing nimble is fine). (Those are being considered for RP purposes as I really don't know the mechanics of gunslingers well; I've started reading through this guide but was hoping I might get some good advice here about how to build the character properly.)

I'm primarily asking for advice on 1-6:
1) Suggested stats; this is PFS so 20 point buy, but I'm a gnome, for better or worse.
2) Feats I need as a gunslinger to be effective
3) Gear selection to be useful as a gunslinger for a given archetype (i.e. what gun/guns, ammo, etc.)
4) Are there any cavalier orders that would be especially good or bad for this build? (mechanics-wise, as opposed to RP)
5) Are there any teamwork feats that would be particularly good with this build (since I get 1 free one at my first Cavalier level with Tactician, and my mount _might_ be able to take it at some point so it would always be up with an adjacent ally)?
6) Should I take either/any of the gunslinger archetypes? (I specifically want to use pistols for RP; is this awesome/good/bad/the worst ever, and how can I maximize my effectiveness given that it is awesome/good/bad/the worst ever?

7) Would a 1-level dip in druid (or Sable Company Marine ranger) be worthwhile to get a Roc/Hippogriff mount (loss of 1 BAB; lower HP; etc.)

8) Any other advice/suggestions/"this build will never work for the following reasons" (if so I may play it anyway, but at least I'll know in advance).


Wanted to ask a rules question. I noticed here that the Sable Company Marine (which is soon to be released in the Player Companion: Varisia, Birthplace of Legends) is legal for PFS play.

If a player takes 1 level in Sable Company Marine, does that change their companion list (i.e. the regular ranger companion list is badger, bird, camel, cat (small), dire rat, dog, horse, pony, snake (viper or constrictor), or wolf; Sable Company Marines must choose Hippogriff). How might this interact with the Cavalier class--can a Ranger (Sable Company Marine) 1/Cavalier 1 choose and ride a Hippogriff (which would seem to be on their list of available companions and is clearly a viable mount)?

d20pfsrd rules text:
Hippogriff Companion

You can gain a hippogriff as a companion. This ability works identically to hunter's bond when used to gain an animal companion, but can only be used to gain a hippogriff companion. You gain a +2 bonus on Ride checks made when riding your hippogriff companion, and whenever you are within 20 feet of your hippogriff, it gains a +2 morale bonus on all saving throws made against fear effects.

This ability replaces favored terrain 1 and hunter's bond.
emphasis mine

This post is in the Pathfinder Society section because I want to use the idea for a PFS character; so please do not respond with "ask your DM," as that is exactly what I am doing.


The Robes of Arcane Heritage

PRD wrote:
treats her sorcerer level as 4 higher than normal for the purpose of determining what bloodline powers she can use and their effects.

1) cause sorcerers' abilities to gain four levels, and 2) cause sorcerers to GAIN abilities 4 levels sooner.

I know in PFS there are generally rules against "take the item off, put it back on, get a different bonus" (i.e. Headband of Vast Intellect and the like). But how does this robe interact with the Arcane Bloodline 9th level power:

PRD wrote:
New Arcana (Ex): At 9th level, you can add any one spell from the sorcerer/wizard spell list to your list of spells known. This spell must be of a level that you are capable of casting.

Seems to me that forcing a player who wears their robe at level 6 (when they can first buy it using fame for instance) to choose a new spell to learn (up to 3rd level spells possible) really makes for an unfair (and unintended) situation. If the same sorcerer waits until 9th level (or even 8th level) they can instead gain a 4th level spell known.

Even the ability to swap spells at even levels does not remedy this problem, as

PRD wrote:
The new spell's level must be the same as that of the spell being exchanged.

Thanks in advance for any responses addressing this issue.

Pathfinder PRD wrote:
Backpack, Masterwork: This backpack has numerous pockets for storing various items that might be needed while adventuring. Hooks are included for attaching items such as canteens, pouches, or even a rolled-up blanket. It has padded bands that strap across the chest and the waist to distribute its weight more evenly... When wearing a masterwork backpack, treat your Strength score as +1 higher than normal when calculating your carrying capacity.

Yes, I searched this issue; there are discussions about wearing both, they don't answer the following:

In Pathfinder Society play can a Bag of Holding/Handy Haversack be "upgraded" to have "Masterwork Backpack (linked, you have to scroll)" as their base form (i.e. pay the extra 50g, your bag of holding/haversack will have "Hooks ... for attaching items ... padded bands that strap across the chest and the waist to distribute its weight more evenly..." and (importantly) "When wearing a masterwork backpack, treat your Strength score as +1 higher than normal when calculating your carrying capacity.")

It seems to me that this should be the case, as there is no reason that a masterwork backpack cannot be used for crafting a bag of holding/haversack instead of a "regular" backpack.

(At the very least, the Haversack, which has multiple pockets like the Masterwork Backpack would seem to be subject to this upgrade).

Question regarding the (monster) elemental abilities whirlwind and vortex: PRD says whirlwind(and thus vortex, which references whirlwind) should be formatted as "whirlwind (3/day, 10–30 ft. high, 1d6+6 damage, DC 15);" however those abilities for (e.g small) elementals are written: "Special Attacks whirlwind (DC 12)."

1) Can the elementals use this ability at will? (no restriction on uses per day?
(Of note: High level elemental Genies (e.g Djinn) get "whirlwind (1/10 minutes, 10–50 ft. tall, 1d8+4 damage, DC 17)"

2) What is the size category of an elemental in whirlwind form? -- A small air elemental on the size chart is:
Elemental....Height....Weight.....Whirlwind Sv DC.....Whirlwind Height
Small.............4 ft...........1 lb..................12.....................10–20 ft.

However "The whirlwind is always 5 feet wide at its base ... A whirlwind's width at its peak is always equal to half of its height." So a small elemental's whirlwind is 5' at its base (same as a Huge one) but at the top it can be 10' to 20' in the air and 5' to 10' wide--which would seem to make it large (i.e. able to pick up medium creatures).

3) "The whirlwind can eject any carried creatures whenever it wishes as a free action, depositing them in its space" and "Another creature might be caught in the whirlwind if it touches or enters the whirlwind, or if the whirlwind moves into or through a creature's space." How do these two statements interact--if the whirlwind drops a creature in its own space, does the creature have to save again (or be picked up) on its turn? What about when the elemental turns back? (i.e. small air elementals can only maintain whirlwind for 1 turn, do creatures they pick up all stay in the same space piled on top of each other? Roll 1d8 to see which square they are ejected into like the Throw Splash Weapon rules?)

Thanks in advance for any advice on how this works.

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