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Grandmaster Torch

Grandmaster Torch's page

4 posts. Alias of Mark Moreland (Developer).


Paizo Employee **

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Wow. Haters gonna hate.

Paizo Employee **

Diligent Ally,

Dark days are ahead for Varisia. As I am sure you are aware, the cult of Lissala has nearly concluded its millennia-long plans to awaken a runelord. Confronting the cult’s leadership will be extremely dangerous, though not as dangerous as it would be for us to stand idle; in the coming days, bolster our role in the Society by standing alongside your allies, but come back alive.

Some congratulations are in order. Despite the Shadow Lodge’s perception as outsiders, the rank-and-file Pathfinders respect our efforts. Even so, we receive little recognition from the leadership—more disdain than anything—and the threat of slumbering Thassilonian evil has overshadowed that of the Aspis Consortium. How the Decemvirate and the Heidmarchs can so blindly throw well-trained Pathfinders at one task while so blatantly ignoring another is inexplicable and inexcusable!

Still, don’t let this discourage you! We have acquired several excellent allies and a few promising leads that I believe will pan out in the near future. When the time comes—and it shall be soon—be prepared to act as my hand in crushing one of the greatest threats to the society: the very ones who set Pathfinder against Pathfinder several years ago. When we stand before the venture-captains with proof in hand, they shall have no choice but to honor our efforts and listen more intently when we speak.

For now, stay vigilant.

Your strongest advocate,
Grandmaster Torch

Paizo Employee **

Trusted Compatriot,

Your travels will soon take you far from the streets of Absalom where I am most at home, but do not think that being far from me limits how we can help one another. Varisia is an old land with many secrets, and even in the new cities that grow like weeds at the feet of the ancient ruins that dot the land there is a place for those who think like we do. Be ever watchful for tips that could be of use to our network, for even in Absalom there are those who would pay very well for rumors of the goings on in Magnimar, Korvosa, and Riddleport. Be my eyes and ears and help my information network expand, and the favors I’ll owe you will more than make up for your trouble.

Your task will, of course, be easier if your allies—I mean our allies—among the Pathfinder Society trust us, and I believe we’re gaining more and more trust each day. We’ve certainly got everyone seeing us as motivated by the better good, and even if that’s not necessarily always the case, I’m not going to correct them. We have many ways of making sure the Decemvirate does right by us, and the smiling face we show to the Ten is but one avenue of getting our way. Keep up appearances by making sure Pathfinders of all stripes see you fighting the obvious enemies of the Society, especially the Aspis Consortium or holdouts from when our own Shadow Lodge agents turned against the Society. An enemy of my enemy is my friend, after all, and the more Pathfinders who see us as friends and not enemies, the better.

Ever one to present two faces, I need you to use a bit of subtlety when dealing with the Aspis Consortium. I have a suspicion that the schism among our membership a few years ago was the work of someone who had much to gain by setting Pathfinders against Pathfinders in open conflict. Who better than the Aspis Consortium to benefit from our self-destruction? If you have the chance to infiltrate the Aspis Consortium and learn about their leadership, their structures, and their plans, all of this information can be of use to me. If it also benefits the Society, then so be it. But someone in the Consortium played all of us for fools, so now it’s personal.

May the Shadow hide and keep you,
Grandmaster Torch

Paizo Employee **

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Be worry of who listens in these "private" discussion, brother. Be subtle with your words.

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