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Grand Moff Vixen's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,334 posts (2,935 including aliases). No reviews. 10 lists. 9 wishlists. 51 aliases.


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I need to ask, is this being run in 3.5 or Pathfinder? I looked but didn't see anything regarding this.

I'm interested in making a character. I'll take a look at the players guide and see what strikes my fancy.

Mazra wrote:

As I mentioned in my offering, I am new to this format. So I was bound to make mistakes.

I wanted to be accommodating, but to be fair to all, since I do not own the Advanced Race Guide, I must ask that you do not include elements from it in your character build.

My apologies up front for this.

No worries. I have removed the offending unapproved archetype. I may or may not keep Warrior of the Holy Light, though I have not fully decided. I will leave that one until I find what I am looking for.

Mazra, since you don't have the Advanced Race Guide, I just realized that I should probably post the details on the Redeemer archetype. Look over it and let me know if this is acceptable for me to take.

Redeemer (Paladin) wrote:

As most half-orcs are outcasts, a half-orc paladin recognizes that often those who are monstrous are not necessarily evil and that sometimes even those who are evil became that way because of circumstances and misfortune. Some half-orc paladins take up these misunderstood creatures as their cause, standing up for the monstrous creatures and, when possible, leading them to the light. These paladins are called redeemers. A redeemer has the following class features.

Merciful Smite (Su): At 1st level, when a redeemer chooses to smite a creature, she can have all of her attacks against the target deal nonlethal damage. She does not take the normal –4 attack roll penalty for using a lethal weapon to deal nonlethal damage. She cannot use this ability to deal nonlethal damage to outsiders with the evil subtype, evil-aligned dragons, or undead creatures (these creatures take lethal damage from her smite). This otherwise works like and replaces the standard paladin's smite evil.

Monstrous Rapport (Ex): At 1st level, redeemers gain a +2 bonus on Diplomacy checks to influence creatures who are commonly considered monstrous. This includes but is not limited to "monstrous" races such as goblins and orcs, monstrous humanoids, and other intelligent non-humanoid monsters. This ability replaces detect evil.

Pact of Peace (Sp): At 8th level, a redeemer can force a defeated creature to accept a binding pact of peace as a condition of its surrender, as if using lesser geas. Her caster level for this ability is equal to her paladin level. Rather than assigning a mission or task, the redeemer gives the creature a simple set of prohibitions to protect others. Example geas include "Leave this city and do not return" or "Do not attack caravans." The prohibition must be against an area no larger than 300 square miles or one specific group of people (such as a tribe or citizens of a particular city). This ability lasts 1 month per paladin level. This replaces aura of resolve.

Aura of Mercy (Su): At 11th level, a redeemer can expend two uses of her merciful smite ability to grant the merciful smite ability to all allies within 10 feet, using her bonuses. Allies must use this merciful smite ability by the start of the paladin's next turn and the bonuses last for 1 minute. Using this ability is a free action. Evil creatures gain no benefit from this ability. This replaces aura of justice.

Associates: A redeemer may ally with an evil creature as long as she feels the creature is capable of redemption. A redeemer may accept henchmen, followers, or cohorts who are not lawful good provided they demonstrate they are willing to follow her and seek betterment under her tutelage.

The game I really wanted to get into was a Zeitgeist game. I like the looks of that a lot. I made a character for a game, and ultimately wasn't chosen. Thing I dislike, though, is when someone doesn't respond to my PM for feedback. I like to know why I was chosen or not. Ah well.

Anyway, Zeitgeist looks pretty sweet. Check it out.


The first adventure is free, as is all the player material needed to learn about the setting. It gives a detailed yet broad enough picture that players get a good idea on the setting to get into the world. There is even an extended players guide (70 pages!) to help you know all you really need about how to integrate a character.

I digress. Cyberpunk 2020 does look like a lot of fun. Once I have the book I will let you know.

Mazra, I have made the needed changes. I added an appearance and personality spoiler. I will probably go through the background and see what tweaks I can make. My writing continues to improve, and I desire to bring his story to a higher quality than it was before. I made the background for the paladin about 1 1/2 years ago, so it has been a while since I really looked it over.

Other than that, the alias is complete. I present Xogar, a Half-Orc Paladin (Warrior of the Holy Light, Redeemer)

Limnen_euron wrote:
GM Jammin' wrote:
@Limnen_euron: When you get a chance (no hurry), could you try to find an avatar for Yanistah. I've noticed that posts without avatars (especially if it's a small one) tend to get lost sometimes.
On it. Actually, truth be told I've already been looking for an avatar, though I didn't find anything even remotely resembling the description I wrote for her. I'll just settle for something thematically close.

I wish that Paizo would allow us to use our own. Even if they do not allow uploading, I still would like the ability to link to one. That would keep the hosting of avatars down for them and is a win for us.

Mazra wrote:
Grand Moff Vixen wrote:

Unless you prefer us to use the average gold, here is my roll.

[dice=Starting Gold]5d6 190 gold then.

Average starting gold please. When I said Standard, I meant average. Sorry for the confusion.

Thanks for the clarification. I should have the character posted shortly. Since the background is already in place all I need to do is adjust the build in Hero Lab.

Unless you prefer us to use the average gold, here is my roll.

Starting Gold: 5d6 ⇒ (3, 6, 3, 1, 6) = 19 190 gold then.

Warrior of the Holy light and the half-orc Redeemer. I like their synergy a lot.

Mazra, how do you feel about more than one archetype? I made a paladin for RotRL long ago that I would like reuse here. I would update him to your rules and post him as soon as I had made the changes.

Hmm, $15 eh? I just might have to shell out the dough for that one. Let us know when you get closer to running said game and I will buy it. I probably will get it next payday at the very least (September 10th).

While I am not intending to submit to this game I am going to follow it to see how it turns out. This is most fascinating.

DM Cuc wrote:
Grand Moff Vixen, I am having second thoughts, I will take Lawful or neutral Evil on a case by case basis. So go ahead and submit and I will let you know.

I don't have the crunch finished or posted yet, but I do have a full background and alias up.

I give you Nessa Maltaneth Linthdel, an elven rogue pirate.

I will finish the build tonight or tomorrow afternoon. For now, I have placed what crunch I have done so you can see where I am going with this.

I look forward to your thoughts on Nessa.

GM Dust wrote:
Do you have access to the core book, at least, GMV?

As of now I do not own the core book. I will poke around and see what the pricing on it is. Drive Thru Rpg here I come!

Is this it?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Um, could we save any in-character stuff for spoilers? I find that role-playing in the recruitment thread clogs it up.

Aaaand gameplay post is up!

Limnen_euron wrote:

Corrected some typos and added a "Description" tag in Yani's profile. Should be good to go now.

Grand Moff Vixen wrote:

I don't think it's that much of a stretch for Malthu to have joined as part of the crew versus being just a passenger.

Would it be alright to be a crew member to start?

If you opt for it and GM Jammin' allows it, he and Yani might have stricken up some unlikely friendship both being the "newcomers" among the crew.

Being used to standing the tallest among her companions, she would certainly have been very intrigued by the tiefling's sheer massiveness. If she discovered Malthu's holy calling closely mirroring her own, she is also more than likely to have developed a deep sense of respect for the guy.

I completely forgot about what you had posted. Long night and tired morning. I am fine with them having been acquianted by this point. He also would have been converstaional enough to tell her what he does and whom he worships.

Limnen_euron wrote:
Grand Moff Vixen wrote:

I'm trying to finalize Malthu's build. I am leaning towards the athletic feat, though I am only putting a point just now into climb. Swim will be 0 ranks till I can get to next level. Alertness was dropped in favor of the new feat.

Yeah, I like this better. I will update the alias and have a gameplay post up soon.

For what is worth, I'm a fan of the direction Malthu's going - this way he and Yani can become the unofficial party scouts (since we lack a ranger or a druid), being both proficient in skills such as perception, survival, climb etc. etc.

By the way, as I mentioned before I would like to incorporate in my first post something about the two of them having become acquaintances as the "newcomers" among the crew (but I wouldn't overstep my boundaries by forcing such a thing on another PC unless he's explicitly OK with that). Since Yani lacks any points in profession (sailor) though, feel free to have her on the receiving end of Malthu's prompt intervention.

I planned on a drunken NPC being an issue for Malthu to intervene, so it would probably wouldn't fit Yani's character if I put you in place instead of said NPC.

That said, I prefer to let the players control their PCs at all times, no exceptions on my part. Too much of a chance for doing something when I don't fully understand the mindset needed to play the PC. I want everyone to be able RP their character and not have any action seem arbitrary.

Basically, less potential of stepping on the toes of other players. Thanks for the offer, though, I appreciate it. :-)

Tarondor wrote:

I wonder why there appears to have been so few new PBP PFS games on these Forums lately?

I used to run several, but I've become too busy. But I keep hoping to see some Season 5&6 PBP PFS games here.

Because not everyone likes PFS and the mentality that comes with many of the players.

I'm trying to finalize Malthu's build. I am leaning towards the athletic feat, though I am only putting a point just now into climb. Swim will be 0 ranks till I can get to next level. Alertness was dropped in favor of the new feat.

Yeah, I like this better. I will update the alias and have a gameplay post up soon.

Jammin', I hope you don't mind my taking a couple liberties with my posting style. In that I mean I will show minor NPC actions in my posts to make the game a bit livelier. Case in point, my first post is going to be about a rigger who isn't quite up to the task and Malthu steps in to take over in a situation that was about to become deadly.

If you don't want this I will change it. I don't do this with all NPCs, just the very minor ones that don't really make a difference one way or the other. It's my way of making the game more thematic and cinematic.

GM Jammin' wrote:
Grand Moff Vixen wrote:

I don't think it's that much of a stretch for Malthu to have joined as part of the crew versus being just a passenger.

Would it be alright to be a crew member to start?

I should have gear finalized for sure in the morning. Bedtime for me. Work comes early enough at 8am.

If you would like to be part of the crew, that's fine. But it is not necessary. Would you still be escorting the artifact if you join the crew?

Yes. He is still escorting said artifact and joined the crew as a better way to keep busy. He wants to remain productive and not sit around for the voyage. I envision him being the kind of person who doesn't want to sit around when he could be doing something that furthers his goals. Since he still has a lot to experience in life, this was but one way for him to learn more about what he seeks.

Most assuredly! I am glad you are feeling better. A cyberpunk 2020 game sounds fun! I would be most interested in it. :-)

Of note, if anyone wants to dot the gameplay thread without leaving a dot post, just delete it immediately after you're done. I have already attached Malthu to the game and no post remains. Little things I love to impart. It keeps the gameplay thread neat and clean. :-)

I don't think it's that much of a stretch for Malthu to have joined as part of the crew versus being just a passenger.

Would it be alright to be a crew member to start?

I should have gear finalized for sure in the morning. Bedtime for me. Work comes early enough at 8am.

DM Cuc wrote:
Grand Moff Vixen, I am having second thoughts, I will take Lawful or neutral Evil on a case by case basis. So go ahead and submit and I will let you know.

Thanks! I will make a character and see where it takes me. I should have a partial background by tomorrow evening.

Me'mori wrote:
You're one of the more noticeable players on these boards along with SDF, Deathquaker, Kilcoyne, and such. There's always something to be learned, and I'm looking forward to learning. :)

I see my reputation precedes me. :-) I didn't know I had a reputation! I do like fun games, so I look for the ones that have a good base to start from. I tend to be discriminating in what I decide to make submissions for as I like the highest quality game I can play in.

Of note, if anyone would like any tips on playing in a PbP game I am more than happy to share the things I have learned to make gaming as seamless as possible. If such is the case, I will make up a bullet point list and show all the resources I use for gaming (PbP and virtual/face to face). I am an I.T professional, and I get all sorts of ideas on things to use for this gaming medium. You'd be surprised how little things cost (or are free!) for things like this.

Me'mori wrote:
and I have to admit, I'm a little excited to be in a game with you, GMV. *slight bow*

Likewise. Tell me, why are you excited? :-)

Hey everyone! I will be playing Malthu, a tiefling Inquisitor. Jammin', I sent you a PM.

Should anyone want to critique my build I am all ears. I like having feedback on everything before we start. I will nitpick over final gear and anything else that may seem appropriate for the game.

Awesome! I will make my way over.

DM Cuc wrote:
Thank you Kelarith for putting that list together, I am seeing a lot of really good submissions, but not too many skill monkeys, but overall this is going to be tough, just with these submissions.

Alright, I'll bite. I am going to throw together an Elven rogue with the pirate archetype. I plan on being Neutral Evil. Of note, I did play once in a S&S game that I played a character who was NE, and it was most fun. I didn't play in any chaotic way either. They knew the value of having real friendships and were not always out for just themselves. They protect their friends too.

The game didn't last long but it was fun while I was in it.

R D wrote:

Sounds like you'll run this in "campaign mode." Will you award chronicle sheets for the Pathfinder Society sanctioned portions of this AP? If so, I'm very interested! I am happy to fill in for any party role needed: melee, ranged, divine, arcane, skill (though it sounds like somebody has already claimed melee and skill-monkey).

That said, I prefer to play the stereotypically "good guy" classes: clerics and paladins. I also have a lot of fun right with other classes, though.

Or a wizard with the conjuration/teleportation school.

He's a super-nerd who wanted to adventure because he has a bad case of hero worship. Despite being very weak, he wants to prove himself "out in the world" and live out his adventure fantasies. He is a fanboi seeking approval from anyone and everyone. The problem is that he's smarter than most others, so he comes across as super annoying. He studied magic, not so much to plumb arcane secrets, but because he wants to be Gandalf or Merlin or even Penn & Teller!

With his indefatigable fanboi fervor, he only presents a one-dimensional front. It will be cool to have him anguish over moral choices that come in shades of gray. :-)

In Golarion, no such persons exist by the name of Gandalf, Merlin, or Penn & Teller.

I see. At this point I have to withdraw interest. I do not like PvP in my RPGs.

Good luck to you!

I wouldn't be able to look at the class just yet. I do not have the ACG. It does sound good so far.

The concept I have in mind is a monstrous race slave to one of the PCs. I envision the slave being given greater latitude than a slave in a similar position. Think more along the lines of personal bodyguard/messenger/head of security type than a menial servant. Does this sound like it would work? Or do you have any modifications that would make this fit better?

aceDiamond wrote:
Nothing says you can't learn it as a sorcerer spell and gain the mythic version, however. I know with Jacob, I had looked primarily into a blaster caster, grabbing things like Chain Lightning and Horrid Wilting, at least the former of which has a significantly pleasant mythic version. In my experience, Mythic Haste is a wonderful thing to bring to the table, especially when there are martials around.

Thing is, Katja already has the SLA at will. I wouldn't make much sense to use one of her few spell slots to gain the regular version just to get the mythic one. I only get 2 slots which are taken up by resurrection and greater restoration. I think those will come in most handy.

I have been narrowing down the list of spells being considered for mythic. Either fireball or haste. With fireball, I can use the magical lineage trait, and then apply the intensify spell feat. I then use the greater maximize rod on it and BOOM! 150 guaranteed points of damage on a 3rd level spell slot. I will make the final spell selection when we have the new players selected and they have their classes chosen. More martial means haste is awesome, with fireball becoming less useful due to being in melee combat. We'll see.

Mythic Fireball wrote:

The damage dealt increases to 1d10 points of fire damage per caster level (maximum 10d10). Any creature that fails its Reflex saving throw catches on fire (Core Rulebook 444), taking 2d6 points of fire damage each round until the fire is extinguished. Attempts to extinguish this fire use the spell’s save DC.

Augmented (6th): If you expend two uses of mythic power, the maximum damage increases to 20d10, the area increases to a 40-foot radius spread, and any fire damage dealt by the spell bypasses fire resistance and fire immunity.

Monkeygod wrote:
Definitely interested! I love, love, love me some Drow and I this sounds like it has a ton of potential. Seems like a perfect game to make use of Ultimate Campaign as well.

Haven't seen you in a bit! How are things? Glad to know you are still around. :)

Grand Moff Vixen wrote:
Would I be be able to take the mythic version of control weather? Katja has the regular version of it as an at-will SLA. Can I upgrade it? I never thought of this before!

I just found out that this is not doable since an SLA is not considered a spell. It was a fun thought while it lasted.

I am going to redo a bit of Katja's mythic tier. I am going to take mythic spellcasting. What are some considerations on the spell I could take? I was wondering about disintegrate. It would do a boatload of damage dice. Although, fireball might be nice as well. Maximized plus mythic? Ouchies!

Haste might be one to consider. Mythic haste gives an additional move action. Plus movement bonus increases to 50'. Very nice.

Would I be be able to take the mythic version of control weather? Katja has the regular version of it as an at-will SLA. Can I upgrade it? I never thought of this before!

aceDiamond wrote:
Grand Moff Vixen wrote:

Since you posted this idea last night I have been thinking about this a lot. The more I think about character sheets, the more I realize how much work it will be for the GM. Even with spoilers it isn't quite the same as a full sheet.

I am in favor of a very detailed Google Docs character sheet as you have put forth. This makes it easier to critique the build of a character for viability in a game like this.

I'd just like to ask if there's a template someone has in mind for the sheets. I was under the impression that the statblocks in our earlier characters were fine when we were setting this up before. However, I'm up to greater detail if everyone else is.

I checked and couldn't find a template for the documents. The spreadsheets are a different matter. There are about 3 that look nice, though they do not allow hyperlinking.

One problem with the pathfinder spreadsheet templates, they do not have the mythic tiers programmed in. Even when manually typing the name it reverted it to what it was before. I will probably have to make a base document to start from and make a copy for my own use.

I would say follow the general format of the statblock for now, but with expanded detail.

For the total money to start, I have reviewed the starting wealth and I feel that it is fine where it is at.

Does anyone else desire any changes to what is currently written?

Sounds good to me.

I am interested in playing. I will confess though, I have little knowledge of this setting. When you say you want to run this, what sort of level are you potentially looking to start us at? Even with my fondness for making characters I still find myself wanting higher level play. As of now, the only active PC I have over 4th level is my ancient silver dragon.

I would be interested in about 7th-9th level play. Thoughts?

Validk Ghujod wrote:

I did notice one missing item with leadership/cohorts/followers.

Here's my suggestion:
Companions, followers, and any other retainers use the basic NPC attributes as outlined in creating NPCs on d20pfsrd. Equipment owned by these is their personal equipment and requires typical negotiation and is subject to DM ruling on availability to the player. Players may provide, from their own funds, specific equipment they may call on. Generally this will be available, but is still subject to DM ruling. i.e. providing a temple with a few scrolls to be held for your character.

A cohort/mount gained through leadership uses the heroic attributes.
I'd like to consider changing cohort gear to the NPC heroic list instead of from player wealth. This is in line with how the cohort is supposed to be equipped.

A caveat would be that said equipment should generally be for the use of the cohort. The cohort is not a mobile bag of holding/ buff bot for the player character. Specific equipment to be held by the cohort for the primary purpose of the player character should come from the player character's wealth. I.e. a fighter that carries a pearl of power for their master would be counted from the player character's wealth.

I like your proposed changes. Now we need ace and CDL to weigh with their opinions.

And of those documents I posted, anyone is free to edit them. Ace and Cosmic, PM me your email addresses and I will add both of you to the list of those who can edit.

Validk Ghujod wrote:

What do you think of requiring an extensive google doc character sheet (or something similar)?

Spoilers only go so far when it comes to easily finding information.

A couple of pro's:

Player can easily hyperlink just about everything on their sheet.
Player can also bookmark their character sheet to quickly locate data.
Character sheet has more formatting and space to detail development information (like crafting cost, attack bonus, AC)
Player has room for keeping notes of important people/events rather than digging through old posts.

Feel free to look at my sheet and you can see how I have quite a bit bookmarked and hyperlinked. (you can also copy the hyperlinks from my sheet, they all go to d20pfsrd).

Since you posted this idea last night I have been thinking about this a lot. The more I think about character sheets, the more I realize how much work it will be for the GM. Even with spoilers it isn't quite the same as a full sheet.

I am in favor of a very detailed Google Docs character sheet as you have put forth. This makes it easier to critique the build of a character for viability in a game like this.

While I am thinking of it, how do we want do HP? Roll or some other method?

Validk Ghujod wrote:

I like those addendum.

I'd like us to think of a way to weed out those that don't get or understand play at a level like this.

I had a situation where I described a phenomena that was taking place in the sky from one horizon to the other. Player said they were casting fly and going up to meet it.

Same player then said they were casting prismatic sphere to protect an entire temple... Obviously hadn't bothered to check the spell and note that it only covered 10', not hundreds.

Check out the second document I have made regarding General Conduct. I think I will make the character generation and conduct files read only when it comes time to open the game to recruitment. This way nobody can alter the files and say their point was in the rules. I will make sure that those who need to access them have permissions set. Just send me your email address in a PM and then request access to the file. This way I will know that it is one of you.

The files are not complete by any means. These are just starting points. Plus it helps to put things in writing. Solidifies it more than just thinking about it. The only thing I would like to see is that when anyone makes changes that they post a summary here in the discussion thread so we know what has been modified.

I have been looking over the current list that we used for building our current characters. I am going through in greater detail to see if anything should be considered to change or stay the way it is. I'm going to make a bullet point list to detail what I am thinking on each point.

Warning: each spoiler is a long read.

Character Generation:

  • 25 point buy. I'm fine with this.

  • 2 Traits plus 1 drawback if desired for a 3rd trait. I'm fine with this.

  • Most Paizo material allowed provided it is referenced online.

  • No 3rd Party material allowed. I'm fine with this.

  • Any paizo race. No custom races. I'm fine with this.

  • 25th level. I'm fine with this.

  • Monster race progression. Do we want to make any changes to this? Or should we use it as it stands?

  • Class progression above 20th level as detailed on I'm fine with this.

  • Wealth: 1,505,000. No item may exceed 250,000 gold. Anything that gives a game mechanical benefit must be accounted for. I.e. having followers that manage a chain of taverns does not require you to spend gold, unless you want to use the followers as a spy network, free food/lodging, etc. Downtime rules may be used for pricing buildings and employees. Use the gold cost. Magic item crafting is available. However, you must have the feats and do the casting. Your followers/cohorts may not craft your gear. Does anyone feel that we should have more money than this? If so, how much should the limit be raised to? I am undecided on if I want to change the wealth at this point.

  • Additional spells written to a spellbook, tomes consumed, and other such items must be accounted for from beginning wealth. I'm fine with this.

  • Leadership feat: cohort is capped per the table. Followers should be designated as your church, townfolk, tavern workers, etc. All equipment for cohorts or followers comes from the player's starting gold. I'm fine with this.

  • I'm fine with this. I'm fine with this. :P

  • Mythic: Rank 1. I'm fine with this.

  • Background: Extensive. What did your character do in its life that got it to where it is now? How does your character know the existing characters? What role does your character take in Golarion currently? I'm fine with this.

  • Character sheets should include breakdown's to easily allow verification of math. This includes crafted gear, stats, saves, skills, etc. Narrow interpretations of vague rules will likely not be accepted. I'm fine with this.

  • Please note that your character sheet will be reviewed by other players, and GMs. You will be asked to explain unusual capabilities. I'm fine with this.

  • This game is about more than just having the highest possible attack or damage. Characters that are narrowly focused will likely not be considered. You must be willing to accept a detailed critique of your build along with suggestions on how to merge your character with the existing characters. I'm fine with this.

  • This game uses cooperative rule enforcement from players and the DM. The characters are too complicated to leave all of this to a DM. I'm fine with this.

The following details player conduct (for the new players, not us. I feel that we are already on this level). I know it shouldn't have to be said, but for some people it needs to be stated explicity in the rules or bad things start happening.

General Conduct:

  • General Conduct. I propose adding the following to the list of rules: Anyone who wishes to make a character needs to keep calm during this process. It will be long and drawn out. If you find yourself getting upset, just take a break. This is a forum which facilitates being able to think things through a lot more than a tabletop game. It is advantageous to work on this when in a refreshed state so as to have the mindset needed to understand everything that is being done.

  • Posting rate and quality. Being that this is high-level play, it is expected that the players post 2-3 times a week on average. As for quality, there needs to be more than "I move here and attack". In a game like this, there needs to be a lot of thought in many of the posts. Players need to link URLs in their posts to ensure the info is easily found and understood. Not doing this means it unnecessarily drags down an already slow gaming medium.

  • That being said, this is just a game. No need to treat it like it is serious business! I have see enough of people acting like real life shouldn't barge in on just about any level. I imagine that everyone has seen enough of that to last a lifetime. It is not welcome here.

Thoughts on all of this?

Also, any changes we agree upon should be entered in the document located here. I am fine with this being linked in the campaign tab.

aceDiamond wrote:
As much as I enjoyed Jacob, I've got an idea from a game with my college buddies I'd like to flesh out here. The only thing I was concerned with is that the guy I have in mind is a bit young for this and I'm trying to weigh between Invulnerable Rager barbarian and Primalist bloodrager. The concept would be an Ulfen boy who lost his brother at the Worldwound and takes up his brother's sword in a rage.

I would like to hear more about this concept. Sounds cool.

It seems that everyone is in agreement. A reboot would be a good thing. The main question on my mind is, how many more players would we like to recruit? Before we open it up to getting more players we should hammer out our characters and any rebuilds/adjustments we want to make.

I have to recreate Katja in Hero Lab as I do not have access to my desktop. I have everything else needed, it's just a matter of getting the build done. I do want to look at her spells and reevaluate a bit. That should cover what I want to do on my end.

As for the rebuild rules, Fnord seems to have a good list of how we want to handle the character generation. Does anyone have anything they would like to see for rules? Anything they are not fond of?

I have a folder set up on Google Drive for the creation rules and any other files we wish to put there. I have 70GB of space remaining so feel free to put stuff there as you need.

Linky to the folder. The folder has permissions set to allow anyone to add and/or modify the files there. Enjoy!

PS: I still like playing a silver dragon. I think I will stick with her.

GM Jammin' wrote:
Grand Moff Vixen wrote:

Ok, I have made the necessary changes. Here is Malthu, a tiefling Inquisitor. I rolled for gold in a previous post and have accounted for this.

Please let me know what you think GM Jammin'.

Looks good. Solid background and build. Once Malthu's current task is done, does he need to report to somebody? How would he feel if he couldn't complete the task? Or if he couldn't report?

As far as Profession (Sailor), it can still be useful, especially at first. Just don't plan to continue investing in it.

He would plan on reporting to those he delivered the goods to. If no further work is available, he is interested in taking employment when in-between jobs as part of discovering who he is.

As for the task, he would do the best he could to get it to its destination. If this was prevented by something out of his control, he would feel that he did failed, though he views failing more as an opportunity to improve for the next time.

If he couldn't report, he would continue trying to get to the person if it was possible. Should this prove impossible he would further his way in the world while serving Sarenrae as best he is able.

Rysky wrote:
Always been interested in S&S but was always slightly confused on whether it was a nautical, jungle, or dungeon delve style adventure. Or is it a mix of all three?

As far as I know the ship crashes and the PCs are stranded on an island to start.

Serpent's Skull players guide wrote:
While many of the background hooks described below involve seafaring and nautical adventuring, the Serpent’s Skull Adventure Path takes place on land, amid treacherous jungles, ruined cities, and vast underground vaults. Players who create PCs optimized for adventures at sea will be disappointed; use these suggestions to get PCs on the Jenivere, but don’t expect them to stay there. If you want to play a “fish-out-of-water” character, thrown into adventures where his sea legs won’t help him, consider making your PC a member of the Jenivere’s crew, but keep in mind that aquatic animal companions or skills such as Profession (sailor) won’t benefit him for most of the Adventure Path.

Speaking of which, I need to change the profession I took for my character now. Sailor doesn't do much good here.

PMs have been sent. One week it is!

thegreenteagamer wrote:
Um...kinda new to PbP here. How do you roll dice on the forums?

DH's guide to play by post gaming.

This will give you valuable info on everything you need to know about PbP gaming.

For dice, use the following:


Except use brackets instead of parenthesis.

If you add an equal sign you can name the dice type.

(dice=Perception)1d20+20(/dice) will come out like this:

Perception: 1d20 + 20 ⇒ (16) + 20 = 36

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