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Grand Moff Vixen's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,428 posts (3,442 including aliases). No reviews. 10 lists. 10 wishlists. 51 aliases.


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DM Goldstool wrote:
No worries, plan is to have it start in early to mid January (want to take into account the Holidays and New Years), so we have the time. To match up with the timing, the first session will be at a small New Year's Eve Party, and will serve as the introduction to the world and a brand new year. Glory to Durendal, the game is in sight!

Well, in light of that I will pour over my gear selections to ensure that I have what I want. I will post again once I have everything finalized.

Goldstool, I sent you a PM regarding a magic item.

Thank you for the invite. I am in the process of selecting gear. I am looking to be done tomorrow night. Today was busy at work and I am exhausted. I will have it done by then (around 9pm CST).

DM Goldstool wrote:

Alright, the cutoff is in effect. Thank you everyone! I will now start reviewing players and information, I'd live to give a big thank you to everyone who showed interest, sent me a PM, asked clarifying questions, and even just read the design document. I was really surprised and happy that this got this kind of response.

Feel free to continue to ask questions about anything about the campaign. If someone here doesn't get in the game but wants to use the campaign design doc for their own purposes, send me a PM and I can give you more things.

Is there an etiquette for this? Should I just send PMs, and then make a statement here afterwards?

Most GMs I have seen make a post in the recruitment thread to announce who they selected. It seems reasonable to me.

I have the crunch done but with no gear. I will do that tonight when I get home. Last night I was working on the background and bedtime happened. I still have to select an item that will be suitable for her as well.


Alas, we closed this a few weeks ago. Sorry.

DM Goldstool wrote:
EDIT: Langauges.

How do you feel about the Sylvan language? Could it be considered the Kitsune racial language?

I'm a little fuzzy here, is that last post intended for Katja? Or are you just wanting to see what Katja does with the boggards?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

My background is in final draft. Just waiting to further coordinate with Lord Foul II on any additional details that we may want. Once we have completed everything a PM will be sent to you DM Goldstool. You should still have the link I sent you with the alias. It has been updated. I have not done the crunch as I am still looking at other classes and/or archetypes. A couple are looking appealing and I may choose one of them.

Lord Foul II wrote:

Guards get 10% off on drinks!

@vixen, If you have any questions to help us corpdinate backgrounds PM me and I'll answer what your character would know.

Sent you a PM with some details.

DM Goldstool wrote:
Lord Foul II wrote:
@vixen, If you have any questions to help us corpdinate backgrounds PM me and I'll answer what your character would know.
I want to be in the loop... Send me a summary of what you decide on.

Will do.

Halcyon d'Orsay wrote:
Grand Moff Vixen wrote:
I am making a Kitsune Rogue Trickster that will specialize in infiltration/espionage and social skills. Her primary focus is gathering information for a patron. Either that or she sells to the highest bidder. I'm not certain which one I want yet. Still have a ways to go with her background.
If Halcyon is in the game, she might easily have hired your character to find out information for her. She sometimes augments her readings with information if she can gather it ahead of doing a reading for a client, as a way to further impress the client with her oracular powers.

While that is entirely plausible, I have decided to go with the patron route. I like the feel of it better than just selling to whomever wants information/valuable items. The background just came together that way.

Although, she is not above selling additional services as long as it doesn't jeopardize the relationship with her patron.


HP Roll: 1d8 ⇒ 8
HP Roll: 1d8 ⇒ 1

High and low, I'll take it.

DM Goldstool, I sent you another PM with additional background details.

Lord Foul II wrote:
Grand Moff Vixen wrote:

Ok, since my idea is looking good, I am putting my concept out for everyone to see.

I am making a Kitsune Rogue Trickster that will specialize in infiltration/espionage and social skills. Her primary focus is gathering information for a patron. Either that or she sells to the highest bidder. I'm not certain which one I want yet. Still have a ways to go with her background.

hey sis :)

Hi! :-)

GM: I'm at work now, so I'm not sure how much I will get done on my background till I get home as I have Hero Lab on my computer there. I do have access to my Google Drive folder here so as I gain ideas I will add to them to my file.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Ok, since my idea is looking good, I am putting my concept out for everyone to see.

I am making a Kitsune Rogue Trickster that will specialize in infiltration/espionage and social skills. Her primary focus is gathering information for a patron. Either that or she sells to the highest bidder. I'm not certain which one I want yet. Still have a ways to go with her background.

Goldstool, I have an idea for a character that I need approval for. I am sending you a PM with more details.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Goldstool, I looked over your initial post and it intrigued me to the point of wanting to know more. I read the Google document provided, and I must say that I like the feel of things so far.

I do enjoy homebrew over an AP, and the character creation options are varied yet nice.

As for a character, I am not sure what I want yet. Once I decide what kind of character I want then the class will solidify. I'll let you know.

Applicants: if anyone wants to coordinate backgrounds I am in favor of this. I feel the resulting efforts create a story that is more fun than otherwise could have been achieved.

For some reason I am drawing a blank on making a background. Alas, I must withdraw. Good luck to everyone!

GM Faelyn wrote:
Looking forward to your submission, Vixen. If you're interested in Druid, you might check out the Menhir Savant archetype. That would be a good fit with the area of Darkmoon Vale I think.

I've not played that archetype before. Heck, I've not played a druid yet in Pathfinder, though I have wanted to for some time. It looks like something I can get into. Researching is one of my favorite parts of character creation.

As I do not have access to Hero Lab at work, I will think about what kind of background I want in the meantime. I like the story to come first and base the crunch on what I come up with.

This intrigues me. My initial idea is to make a druid, though I am not finalized on that yet. I will keep looking over what would fit for the campaign and narrow it down.

I am withdrawing since I don't like cluttered recruitment threads.

Lessah wrote:

Hello again!

As you probably noticed, my submission has been advancing at a glacial pace for far too long now. This even with a lul in some other games. To add to it, it would appear as if one game that was previously dead is now on its way back - a kingmaker game which (in the past, and almost certainly in the future too) takes plenty of time. In addition, the holly-days are coming up.

So it doesn't look like I'll be able to quicken my pace anytime within a foreseeable timetable, sadly.

Setting myself up with an Order and entwined in the politics of Cheliax and the Worldwound is what is eating up most of the time, so I was thinking of ways of divorcing myself from that. But to my current concept, those lay at the core ...

So I've been thinking, would you mind if I changed concept to something less fiddly ?

I'm considering a Lampad protector of the Darklands?

It is a less touched area of Golarion that gives me a bit more breathing room. And I got something for the Drow ... : P

I'm fine with that.

Seeing as we have a timeline doc in the drive folder, I am going to begin making a more cohesive history of Katja in a chronological order. This will help to streamline it as well as give me the opportunity to add in more detail to her story. I will also be adding details on how she met the others based on what we have already spoken about.


I'll get a post up sometime this evening once I get home.

-Posted with Wayfinder

Helio, do you have a rough estimate of how much combat versus role-play there will be? I find I like more RP than combat, and want to make sure that if I take any profession that it will be used. I like skills that are not always used, but not all games have opportunities for them.

I'm interested, though I have no concept as of yet. I'll start digging around and see what I can come up with.

And for the inspiration of anyone who is making a character, here is Drunken Sailor by the Storm Weather Shanty Choir.

Video gaming is actually quite fun. :P

If it wasn't so late in the recruitment I would see what I could come up with. Hope everyone has fun!

Cosmic Dream Lord wrote:
Would anyone mind if my character finally stabilized Galt? That seems worthy of a Level 25 character. I have a build, but I need a backstory to apply to her, and I only recently thought of something promising.

I admit, I know nothing of Galt, though I am not opposed to what you have in mind.

This payday (Wednesday) I am going to get an additional book or two so I can work on more background details. My plan is to fill in some of the blank areas.

I'm not sure which book/s I want to get as of yet, but I will peruse my wishlists to see what can be of use.

Also, I have swapped out Resurrection and taken Greater Teleport instead. I have scrolls with True Resurrection as it is.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Greetings programs! I am one of the founders of a Google + community, The Idiosyncratic Gamers. We are looking for members to hang out with and have fun. The primary things we do are role-playing and video games. If you are looking for a laid back group, look no further.

There is really only one rule: no grumpy allowed. We are all about fun. Part of our objective in recruiting is to have a solid group of people to play video games with.

Here is a partial list of some that have been played recently:

*Terraria (PC)
*Hammerwatch (PC)
*Risk of Rain (PC)
*Alien Swarm (PC)
*How to Survive (PC)
*Castle Crashers (PC)
*100% Orange Juice (PC)
*Wanderlust: Rebirth (PC)

And any others that are fun and have co-op play. The primary feature of games like these is that they have co-op multiplayer so we can game together.

If this sounds like something you would like to try, come over to our community and take a look. We don't have many members just yet, but by bringing people in our hope is to build just a fun place to hang out at. No complicated politics or people on a power trip. We don't want drama and will actively discourage anyone from such behavior.

We can be found on our Google + page, The Idiosyncratic RPGers.

I go by the moniker Tarc Novar.

We look forward to seeing you there!

PS: posting responses here is cool as you must be a member of our Google+ community to post there.

Areniel wrote:


** spoiler omitted **
I look forward to hearing from you on Saturday.

I like the idea of being more than just merely lovers. Something like we are very close in many ways with the intimacy being one of said ways.

We probably don't always live together since powerful beings such as us have responsibilities which require constant travel. If you have read my background on where Katja lives, I can easily write you in a room there as I have not fully fleshed out the manor.

As for how our characters interact with each other, your proposal is fine.

Areniel wrote:
and, here's a repost (since that will probably be simpler for you) for Katja/Vixen: How do you feel about Areniel and Katja possibly having a 'history'? I thought it might be an interesting way to connect backgrounds, there's a bunch of different ways it could flavor roleplaying, and for some reason I'm totally in love with the idea of having twins one of whom is a half-celestial silver dragon and the other is a half-dragon trumpet archon (both with the potential to one day exceed us in power). If you're into the idea I might even take leadership just to have one of the kids as a cohort. I'm open to a lot of different flavors for the nature of that relationship... Lovers with no interest in human constructs like marriage, kindred spirits with deep mutual affection and respect who periodically express that physically, near deific beings who meet each other's physical desires as no mortal could (booty call), former cohabitators who stopped that arrangements due to some dispute, a somewhat unrequited love (one in love but the other more concerned with their 'mission'), whatever seems interesting to you... Or, if you're not interested at all that's cool too- just let me know.

Thanks! I'll look over that in detail and let you know on Saturday. Is there one that you are particularly fond of?

-Posted with Wayfinder

What time of year is it? I am thinking of doing a post and the time of year factors in.

Is there anything in particular I should be posting in the game play thread just now? Or are you setting up the plot?

-Posted with Wayfinder

GM Arkwright wrote:
Is this game still recruiting?

Alas, we closed recruiting a few days ago.

I think I need to withdraw at this time. I like the concept of the game a lot, I just don't have anything else to give just now.

Good luck everyone!

nate lange wrote:

Again, concerns that perhaps could have been shared before I had 20 or 30 hours into the character...

But ultimately it's up to the actual GM (and previous players) whether they trust me to be a role playing asset or think I'll be disruptive, so I guess I'll just wait for them to decide.

nate lange wrote:
I just looked over Katja's sheet, and a handful of Areniel's numbers are noticeably higher than hers, currently, though as Lessah pointed out she's got no items helpin with any of that, so she could very quickly/easily boost those quite a bit...

Actually, I do have items that are enhancing her attributes. A belt of physical perfection +6 for example.

nate lange wrote:

Like I said, if you guys don't think its workable I'll bow out, I just wish we could have figured that out days ago (when I posted his AC and saves and whatnot) or even a week or so ago when said what I was planning on building, before I put so many hours into building this character and working on his background.

If you decide you're willing to give him a chance let me know and I'll make the changes we've talked about (and others as needed), but until then I'm not gonna out any more energy into him.

I have been following along with the process, and until now I have been content with the answers given. Now I'm going to quote something for you since you are starting to come across as somewhat snarky.

General Conduct wrote:
Anyone who wishes to make a character needs to keep calm during this process. It will be long and drawn out. If you find yourself getting upset, just take a break. This is a forum which facilitates being able to think things through a lot more than a tabletop game. It is advantageous to work on this when in a refreshed state so as to have the mindset needed to understand everything that is being done.

You knew going in what kind of game this is. We alerted you to what is involved and you are starting to balk at it. Please consider that we are all just people. I have refrained from posting much as I have been exhausted lately which doesn't lend itself to well-thought out posts.

I ask you now to please reign it in. We are all in this together, please work with us on this. If changes are needed to your character, make them. You have a blank canvas to work with in making the character you always wanted. Have fun! We are not here to keep you down, but to create a place for an atmosphere of fun.

Just some things I felt you should know.

Lord Manticore wrote:
For me it was too productive; my wife and I had to do a fundraiser for her organization yesterday, and we didn't get home until late. Despite that, I've created a basic character sheet that is set to open sharing and comments (I don't have anyone's email address, and Google Drive functions are more limited on the iPad), that I will be working on over the next couple of days.

Tell you what, make the file you need using onedrive in word and save it to the Google drive folder. OpenOffice can view them easily, and you can make your character easier. You should have the permission to upload. Sound like a fair trade?

-Posted with Wayfinder

Lord Manticore wrote:
Quick technical question: I've noticed that most of the original group's character sheets are on Google docs. I do the majority of my gaming 'work' on an iPad mini, and I typically use a combination of Office 365 (OneNote and Word) and post my stuff to my OneDrive account. Is that going to cause an issue with anyone, or would it be easier to use Google docs for the group?

We would rather you use the Google docs as it keeps everything all in one place. You may add files in as you need.

I sent you a PM with a question.

GM Warhawk wrote:
Grand Moff Vixen wrote:
I'm going to make a skill-monkey focused on being a diplomat. Once I have more details on the background I will move into the crunch.

The Freeport Companion has a Noble class that has diplomat as a 'specialization.' It is probably considered THE best PC noble class out of all attempts.

A diplomat type character would be an excellent addition to a crew.

Excellent! A politician is always needed. Someone has to know the ins and outs of intergalactic law! :-)

I'm going to make a skill-monkey focused on being a diplomat. Once I have more details on the background I will move into the crunch.

Since I do not recall, what is the current year?

I am interested in the Space Opera. As for the character, I am inclined towards either a diplomat or a techie. I really like the idea of a traveling ambassador/diplomat. Failing that, I would go with the tech character.

aceDiamond wrote:

I guess that'd be a consensus decision, but I don't see what's wrong with picking wild-blooded options for Eldritch Heritage.

As for who's in the game so far, we've got
Me playing Wayland,
Grand Moff Vixen playing Katja
Cosmic Dream Lord, with the new oracle we've yet to see,
And Fnord with Valdik.

Fixed the link to Katja. You just had just linked to a picture that I used in describing her appearance.

nate lange wrote:
Grand Moff Vixen wrote: I'm just curious, how was it a negative mark? I much prefer quality stories with a solid build over min/maxing with a token reason to adventure. You are in a minority (in my experience). I wouldn't say its ever been held against me, but I like to have well developed background that explains how I got to where I am, where my powers/abilities came from, and some of the major factors that shaped his personality/outlook and often times even the GM doesn't really even bother reading it... they may give it quick once over, maybe even pick out 1 or 2 potential hooks, and then promptly forget it. There are obviously exceptions but it seems like a lot of the time people only care about what's coming up with no consideration for the background. Personally I don't know how you could really roleplay a character well without some sense of what led them to where they are now.

This is why I am most selective about the games I submit to. I look for campaigns that are of high quality so that my story efforts are not wasted. Many games look promising but end up devolving into chaos rather quickly. Usually it is a combination of both GM and applicants that contribute versus one side or the other. I must say that I enjoy this game a lot. I have always wanted to play a true dragon but never had the chance till this game came about.

-Posted with Wayfinder

Work update: I will be traveling this evening for my employer. I will try to post tomorrow evening as I am able.

Peter Stewart wrote:
Couple other notes. I'm big on back story, which has been a mark against me before. Looks unlikely to be an issue (I see 22 page character sheet for someone), but thought I'd mention it.

I'm just curious, how was it a negative mark? I much prefer quality stories with a solid build over min/maxing with a token reason to adventure.

-Posted with Wayfinder

DM Fnord wrote:

Thoughts on firearms?

I'd like to leave them out of the game. I think there are too many issues with them, especially with whether or not you can free action reload.

I've not looked at firearms at 25th level so I couldn't say definitively on it. At first glance I am inclined to say no for the time being.

Hey everyone, I'm following along as all the ideas are put out. I haven't done much research as to the builds put forth. As for race, I play a gargantuan dragon who has change shape. She looks like whatever she feels like, including elf. It really doesn't matter to me what is chosen as long as it is what you want to play. We'll let you know if any changes are needed.

I have adjusted the Google Drive folder to allow anyone with the link to view any documents placed there. The three of you have editing permissions no matter what.

Cosmic Dream Lord, would you be so kind as to PM me your email you wish to use with Google Drive? Once I receive it I will add you to the list of those who can edit. I will send an email from Drive letting you know it is active.

As for myself, I will be adding the reason Katja chose to go to Manaket as soon as I get myself rested as I am working off little sleep. In the next day or so I should be close to where I need to be.

I should have sent a PM. I have been overloaded with a mother-in-law in the hospital these last couple days or I might have thought of it. This is about the only posting I have been able to manage since it does not require much brain power at the moment.

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