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Grand Moff Vixen's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,163 posts (2,409 including aliases). No reviews. 10 lists. 9 wishlists. 43 aliases.


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I suppose I should. I have seen some games that didn't get off the ground (and that annoyed me greatly) so I have developed a habit of not posting on the alias till the game started. It makes me able to delete it if I don't want it anymore. Just an old habit that I never broke. I will start posting as Amara. :)

Gotcha. I use Pinterest to look for varying pics that interest me, including for role-playing. I like what you have set up so far.

GM Dust wrote:
I also like to make my games a bit multimedia, to enhance the experience. I'll link to songs and label them soundtrack if they're for in game. I have also set up the dreaded Pinterest board, which I will link in the campaign thread.

Dreaded Pinterest? Why that label?

GM Dust wrote:

Well, it looks like we're off to a friendly start at least.

@Eleanor: You can do that now or wait until you are in Oldenburg. I was hoping to leave it for your arrival but it'd be just taking up time with something trivial. Though if you do wait, it can add an interesting roleplaying scenario.

Since you offer additional RP, I will start with no gear (even though it is on my alias) and obtain it in Oldenburg. I like RP.

Alton Goodbarrel wrote:

Hi everyone since everyone kind of knows each other and I'm the odd man out I'll give a brief history of my gaming history.

I've been been playing for about 3 years now Gming the entire time as well. My first system was D&D 4e and was my primary system until about year and half ago when my friend Noble converted me to Pathfinder. I write on RP forum for Megatokyo so I'm used to non d20 roleplaying and combat. Otherwise I'm happy to be here and hope that Alton can live to see all the stories that happen here.

Touching story. You put a lot of thought into it and it shows. I like it.

Rosalina Luri wrote:
Hey, sorry I didn't say anything earlier...but, I loved your story Amara. Things have been a little crazy and I only just had time to look at it. It was very good as well. Nice job portraying her yearning for freedom. In that way she has a lot in common with Rose. :o)

Thanks! It fit with her having predator instincts. That side of her wants to be free, very much so. That is why I chose Chaotic Good for an alignment. I would have done Neutral Good if not for that.

I'm here. I will post again later as I am getting ready for work. Plus breakfast.

Dylos wrote:
I'm fond of dutch names anyway, and some of these aliases need to be recycled.

I hear you. I love to peruse baby name sites for names I can use, regardless of ethnic origin. That and I have aliases to use too.

Seems the submissions are scattered through the thread. Does anyone have a count? I'm looking through to see what I can find as well.

Xentik wrote:

The player's guide is free, see the link I provided earlier.

Edit: Even better, here's the link again.

Zeitgeist Player's Guide (Extended and Totally and Legitimately Free)

I know, I was just making a point how having to pay for one can put some people off. Again, I do realize that this is free. I was perusing it earlier.

True that. Having to pay for such a small item tends to put people off.

I think I am going to sit this one out. I have quite a few games that I have either gotten into or am making characters to submit. It's starting to become taxing. I will watch this game as it unfolds to learn more about it.

As far as I have seen, one factor is not having a players guide. That can turn many people off. Also not being familiar is another big one.

I'd like to see as well. Always willing to help out.

I still am working on making a submission, it's just lagging behind as I take care of other things first.

Dr. Gideon Renselaer wrote:
Hopefully third concept is the charm. Please accept Jubal's submission: Dr. Gideon Renselaer - Alchemist (Chirurcheon & Crypt Breaker). He is very intelligent and disarmingly charming. His excellence in alchemy and healing almost matches his bedside manner.
Jubal Breakbottle wrote:
GM Dust wrote:
@Dr. Gideon: You plagiarized my intro for your backstory and even failed to make changes at the end. I think that speaks volumes.

Yes, it was my draft that I'm continuing to rewrite. With such a specific background, I put it as the skeleton to start individualizing.

However, you're reaction and club-like environment here make me believe that there is no point in my submission.

So have fun in your game.

And you missed GM Dust's point entirely. In your post you never mentioned anything at all about it being a draft. Your post is quoted for clarity here. You submitted a complete character. So the fault is your own. May you have better luck making future characters of higher quality.

Yup. I tend to forget that about endurance. I chose it to represent the racial hardiness actually.

Raubtier sounds cool. I'll take 3.

The character was simple to choose gear for, she uses her claws and bite for the most part.

And I have finished. I present Amara Nacht, a Raubtier Slayer.

If I missed anything I will rectify it as soon as I can. Tired today and it was hot too. Like almost 100 degrees fahrenheit.

I have the background done. I am beginning to select equipment at this stage.

Also, I don't know what to name the race. I am trying to avoid over-the-top and cheesy names, while choosing something that is descriptive yet cool. Basically trying to balance it between cool and realistic.

Ideas anyone?

Aneirin Hahle wrote:

Added a little to include the Lohnen lore you posted GM Dust.

Good luck to everyone.

@GMV - Sharn awaits for Tarragon and Glaive.

That it does. I will finish up some things and be right over.

GM Dust wrote:
Well, you certainly got popular, GMV :)

True that. I think it has to do with so many GMs not allowing custom races. I saw this game and leaped at the chance. I have been wanting to make a race based on that picture so much. And here we are!

Uncle Taco wrote:
@GMV: Me too!

Oh alright! Just this once. :P


Del Azast wrote:
@Gmv could I see that race build I'm interested in seeing what it can do

Sure! Sent you a PM.

GM Dust wrote:

Thanks, Flashohol, I just offer details when asked.

@GMV: I'd probably use the ages listed for vishkanya here.

Thanks! Sent you a PM GM Dust.

Flashohol wrote:

Not to speak for the DM but tor those wondering about the learning center ...

Dust wrote:
"I prefer the players being more in charge of their world than I am. I'm not going to stop somebody from being inspired because of the setting. I'm flexible. I just provide the backdrop, additional actors and good dose of storytelling."
This^ implies that you can take a bit of liberty with your background so long as it fits the theme of the game and the intro provided in the 1st post.

Thanks! Much appreciated. I had specific reasons in mind for asking since I am making an experiment. This is factoring in to the backstory a lot. It was the way my creativity took me. :)

What age category would you like me to use for this custom race?

Excellent. I am crafting a story with the info you gave. I should have something in short order. Probably an hour or so. I will post it for you to mull over when I have gotten it to a reasonable state.

Do you have any objection to my character being small size?

More questions for GM Dust:

What else is known about this center? Anything and everything that is available to us players so I can round out my character.

GM Dust, what else is known about this learning center? Is it a large complex? Is there any wildlife and outdoor areas with more than just desert in said center? Things like trees, grass, shrubbery, and the like. I am looking to incorporate more into the backstory that is emerging and this will help me to integrate the character better.

Cueta Guiding Star wrote:

Interest/submitted list:

Interest shown

Grand Moff Vixen – skilled character

I am seriously considering making a Wildblooded Sage. I noticed this archetype recently and it has an appeal that I want to do something with.

I am going to work with this concept and build it from here. The ideas are beginning to take shape and it feels like something I would have much fun with. I will post more when I am further along in the process. Hero Lab for the win!

About the feat Scent of Fear, would you allow this? It is from the Classic Monsters Revisited. I realize that it is for Bugbears, however, being an experiment this can be explained by taking the traits from a variety of races that they used in their dna manipulation.

I'll post more in the morning. Heading to bed now.

Flashohol wrote:

I actually forgot about those ones but yea.

Technically it is still a Ranger alternate. ;)

True, though the slayer has a different enough progression to cause me to consider it.

GM Dust wrote:

I still forget those are out there...

As for the Racial Score Modifier, since you are an "experiment", I'd lean towards either Standard or Specialized. Something didn't happen quite right there or it can reflect a more bestial nature within.

I just thought of this as I was looking at the build in Hero Lab. For a subtype, how do you feel about my adding Human? Or would it be too much? I feel it would fit the theme for the race, though it is up to you if it is allowed.

Flashohol wrote:

Seems like a pretty good tracker. With Stealth, Alt. Movement and Scent.

Ranger or Barbarian still look like the best fit.

I agree, though I am going to look at the Advanced Class Guide for the Slayer and see if that would be a good fit. So far it seems like it would be.

GM Dust, may I use the ACG if I desire said class? Or is it off limits?

I am debating which Ability Score Modifier Quality to pick. I can easily select one, but the theme is what I am attempting to stay within. The one I am leaning toward is Flexible.

For other racial abilities, I am looking at the following:

  • Claws
  • Climb
  • Darkvision 120'
  • Jumper
  • Light Blindness
  • Scent
  • Stalker

These abilities are not set, just what I am currently looking at. The final draft may be quite different.

Feedback anyone?

Once I have settled on some racial traits and abilities, I am going to want a class that represents how they would develop. I am open to ideas as I peruse the selections.

I intend to have predator-like abilities, and part of the process of being who they are is finding out why they feel the way they do, and how to balance one side with the other.

I will try to make it blend in a way that does not create inter-party conflict, except maybe internally. Trying to balance a rational, reasoning mind with the instinct of a predator. Should be most challenging from an in-character perspective.

GM Dust wrote:
Yeah, an experiment might work. Something to survive out in the wasteland.

I think I like this idea. An experiment to see what would happen when they melded human genes into a reptile. The mother had been altered, but in the end she died from complications when they changed too much too soon, though she had a child, and they survived. They grew up in the Learning Center, and when they hit the equivalent of puberty they began to develop some other abilities that had not been present before. The human side needed to mature before the reptilian side came out.

What do you think?

In breaking down the race, I think I would like to make this something of an experiment. In that I mean I would like to have this character be something of a creation. Maybe cloned, or a reptile that had humanoid genes mixed in to see what the outcome would be. They would be the final result in a long process.

That's what I have come up with so far. Thoughts, anyone?

I made some tweaks to Malthu's backstory. Changed some words to flow better, grammar, spelling, and the like.

Ok, I have a picture I found while perusing Deviant Art. It is reptilian, small or medium depending on how one chooses to look at it. Here is the image link. I have some basic ideas on what they might have for racial abilities, but have little experience building a race. Any feedback and insight from anyone who wishes to contribute is most welcome.

Or I could make something that looks like this.

I would like to build a custom race using the ARG. I am not at my computer just now, so I will post more details once I am able to give more. I will be online again in a couple of hours.

Thanks! I have seen some games that were first come first serve and it was never stated as such. I am most relieved!

I will being the process of a concept as soon as I finish lunch with the girlfriend.

GM Dust wrote:
Flashohol, Mark Thomas 66 and Phaedra Rose are the three pre-selected for the game. Only Phaedra has a character concept, which would be a dhampir gunslinger. So either concept would be fine.

What do you mean when you say "pre-selected"?

This opens up character concepts I would not normally make for fantasy. Let me see if I can come up with something.

I might look at making something. I do like campaigns that see greater use of skills that fall by the wayside in other games. I will toy with what the races and classes and see what leaps out at me.

Free is excellent! I am downloading the players guide and will know more on a concept soon.

Edit: Turns out this was in my Paizo downloads already. Cool!

Alas, I do not have interest in a gladiator style game. I am bowing out. Good luck everyone!

Chyrone wrote:
I'm guessing poor Salty will be spending over an hour going through the list of applicants.

I think it will be longer. They have to pour over a bunch of quality submissions.

I am interested. I have been waiting for an opportunity to play an evil character, and it seems that this should fit the bill! I will begin a concept.

Numbers 2 and 4 have caught my eye, in order of which I would like to see the most. I have a fondness for sea-faring games, but have not had the opportunity to play an underseas campaign. A merfolk is something I would be most interested in playing.

GM Wolf wrote:

Rules and guidelines (transcribed)

Ability score creation is roll 5d6 seven times. Taking the highest three die and adding them together. Toss out the lowest of the rolls.

Races/Monsters is pretty open, especially since your 'monster' can be on the road to redemption. It could be just one step down that road, but trying.

No monster should be above a CR 5, all others will get character levels to get up to 6th. If they are above CR 5, we can de level the monster some. Also I am open to redefining a monster's abilities/reconstructing it. Total hit die would normally be 6 but with beasties sometimes you have less HD.

If a template adds 2 to the CR, then you get 4 character levels in addition.

Lets see what you can whip up in 24 hours or less.

I'm going to need more than 24 hours. At this point I should probably bow out rather than hold up everyone else. Good luck all!

I thought I was tapped out until I saw this game. I will wait till the vital information spoke of is posted and get a concept going.

Gotcha. I am am still trying to make something but have yet for the build to turn out. I will keep working on it.

That and I only have access to Hero Lab at home for putting all the crunch together.

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