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Grand Moff Vixen's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,496 posts (3,620 including aliases). No reviews. 10 lists. 10 wishlists. 53 aliases.


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My vote is for the 1290 BBY timeline.

DM Morvius wrote:
Tharasiph wrote:
Howabout a synthesist that isn't busted... ;o)
I won't tell you no outright, but any character of a class I find inappropriate mechanically or thematically is extremely unlikely to be chosen. If you feel that your character is so compelling that it will wow me in spite of the class you are welcome to submit, but you'll be fighting quite the uphill battle.

I'm just curious here, in what way do you feel that the Synthesist Summoner is broken or unplayable? I've not played the class, though I have seen many say they hate it due to some intangible concept I've not been able to grasp.

You forgot to indicate the starting level. As this is during the dark times, may I take this to mean we won't be just 1st level? I feel it makes more sense to be a bit experienced.

Ryuko, would you give a more definite time period that this will be taking place? It would help in my coming up with a concept.

I've been wanting to break into the Fate Core game. Plus with a love of Star Wars you can count me interested. Let me dig in to the book and come up with a concept that appeals and I'll get back to you.

Will there be Hero Lab support for this? Urban settings are one of my weaknesses!

After doing a quick search I found that Katja does not have anything to prevent any divination effects.

DM Fnord wrote:
Is Katja using anything to hide herself from divination effects?

Apologies, but I don't recall offhand what would block such a spell. What sort of protection would I have to use to accomplish this?

nate lange wrote:
Hope the interview went well. I've been there before too and know how stressful a situation like that is.

I felt it did. :-)

Validk Ghujod wrote:

GMV has posted in other threads as recently as yesterday.

Not sure if just not getting into the game, tired of the game's pace, or what.

I recently lost my job which left me scrambling to make sure my rent was paid. As of now things are taken care of, with me getting back into my games. I hadn't made any gameplay posts yet as I want to do so in a better state of mind. I have a job interview in a bit, but when I get back I will get something going. Sorry for the delay.

I have joined the Campaign as Tarc Novar. Sometime tomorrow I will begin setting up my macros for the game.

Alright. stormcrow, I have finished my character. I sent you a PM with the Google Drive link. Of note, you need to click the button to download the file to your computer. If you view it in Drive it will show as a bunch of HTML code. Once you download it, open the file. Whatever your default HTML viewer is (normally Internet Explorer) will load it and you can see the sheet properly.

Here is the background in a spoiler for you to read.

Berg is from a tribe of Stone Giants from beyond the watch wall. They live in the nearby mountains, and would come to trade on a regluar basis with those of the city. Berg the son of Thorgeir was brought along on these trips to increase his exposure to the world around him. In reality, his father kept him close as he was frequently getting into too much trouble.

Berg grew up as most other Stone Giants did with the exception that his father held a prominent position in the tribe. Berg quickly became known for being a hothead who did not want to follow the rules. Too good for him. He wanted to make his own way and set his own rules, not these limitations that were enacted without his consent.

During this time he learned about stonemasonry which was passed down from father to son as their ancestors had done. He found he liked this, crafting and shaping the things he made. Finally, something he could shape for himself.

They continued to make regular trips to trade with the city, and Berg continued to grow bolder with each visit. He would often visit the seedier side to partake in activitied that were frowned on, but because nothing serious took place the authorities frequently looked the other way. Berg was quite fond of the fights that took place, he even took part in them from time to time.

It was on one such trip that he found himself in the Thirsty Dog in the slums as he liked the ale and atmosphere there. As he did so, he overheard a man loudly talking down about the the giant tribe that came to trade. He would have let the simpleton be except he was calling for them to be kicked out and slain. "Shouldn't be allowed to live let alone breed! Wipe them evil things out, every single one!" he was saying.

This was too much to take. He sprang to his feet and challenged the man to a duel. If Berg won, the man would shut his mouth. If the man won, Berg would not frequent that area again.

A fight was set up, a match declared. They stepped into the ring and readied to fight. Berg immediately drew looks and comments on his physique. The man he faced looked tough all right, but he would see soon enough.

The call was sounded and they began. At first it seemed to be an even match, but after a short time it became apparent the man did not have the strength or constitution that Berg had. Berg settled the match when the man fell to the floor from a wicked haymaker to his face. Leaning down, Berg picked up the man like a sack of potatoes.

"Had enough?" Not content to let it be, the man continued to taunt him. "I've got friends. We'll get a party together and hunt your tribe off the face of the world! No more of yer kind to ever bother us again!"

Berg's blood boiled, so with one hand grabbed the man's shirt, lifted him off the ground, and beat him senseless. The referee called a victory but Berg would not be stopped. When he was done he dropped the man on the floor.

"He won't talk like that anymore. Take him home to be nursed back to health. Nobody will take him seriously again."

Someone came up and checked the man. "He's dead." he said, looking up. You killed him."

The guards arrived and arrested Berg. He appeared before the Magistrate and was sentenced. When asked if he had anything to say regarding his deeds, Berg responded:

The world is better off with the man dead. He advocated killing me, so I killed him for it. The feel of his bones breaking with each hit was exiliarating. I will kill again and enjoy every minute of it, mark my words." He noted the looks and gasps of shock that this declaration drew.

With that, he was taken to Branderscar to await his death.

stormcrow27 wrote:
Just allowing what you can take. The jotun paragons' special abilities are their elemental powers, natural armor, size, and physical prowess. Colossal rock throwing will get stupid wicked high damage, since it is double your slam damage plus 1 and 1/2 times your strength mod. So that's a base of 8d6 + 150% your strength bonus, and you should be able to throw 3 rocks at that point. Plus there is a feat that allows you to use your strength bonus for attack rolls on thrown weapons as well.

Nice indeed! As soon as I have a sheet I will link it to you. Background is still coming together. I have Hero Lab and found a source for Way of the Wicked so I can account for campaign traits.

Once I have things in a somewhat cohesive format I will get you my character sheet.

stormcrow27 wrote:
@Grand Moff Vixen, I also will allow you take a feat to get an extra elemental power, since it's the same thing as extra spell or judgement, etc for your class.

Am I understanding that you are giving me an extra feat? Or just allowing what I can take?

stormcrow27 wrote:

Works for me. Mitran celestials mingle with the population all the time.

Sweet! A Jotun! That will make for some nice brute force down the line! You will probably want some feats or magic items that will allow you to shift size down the road, but a giant can go most places in this AP pretty well. All giants come from beyond the Watch Wall, and you have most of the normal tribes in that location.

There is a feat that I can get which allows for shifting more than one size category, though I won't need that till I hit huge size at 10th level. A Jotun can already shift one category without an extra feat.

I have decided on Stone Giant lineage. Of note, I rolled his height and he is 7' tall. Dang!

For one of my skills I took Craft: Stonemasonry if that might factor in the game. If there is no use for that I will take something else.

As for the campaign trait, I will be taking Dueling unto Death as it seems to fit the most. Honor is important to a Jotun.

I have decided on the Jotun Racial Paragon. I will begin crafting a story for them.

I am still in. I haven't come up with a story yet, though if it came down to it I can get a working one up to get going with. That is if this is ok with everyone else. If not we can wait till next week.

To anyone who has interest, please see the Google Docs regarding Character Generation and General Conduct.

Please read these in detail before getting too far with your character development. This is important due to the type and level this game is at.

Any questions? Let us know!

I'm still poking around with what I want. It's just a matter of solidifying what race to play. So many options!

One of my biggest issues is that the posting count explodes when I am not around. I don't have the time to dedicate to this game like a face-to-face game. It's the reason I chose PbP as a gaming medium.

Maybe I'm going about it the wrong way, I don't know.

I'm sorry I haven't posted anything. Atlas has the gist of it, I'm just not feeling the game, though I like the character build a lot. Maybe next time.

I should note that there is a book that allows for lycanthrope player races. Bite Me! Wereblooded.

It details them in a way that makes them playable. If you like I can post further info about them so you can make a decision regarding it.

For some reason I have a hankering to play a lycanthrope. Are you planning on allowing this? If so, which books are on the table to use?

1: 4d6 ⇒ (3, 2, 4, 3) = 12
2: 4d6 ⇒ (4, 3, 2, 1) = 10
3: 4d6 ⇒ (3, 6, 2, 3) = 14
4: 4d6 ⇒ (3, 2, 2, 3) = 10
5: 4d6 ⇒ (6, 6, 6, 4) = 22
6: 4d6 ⇒ (3, 5, 2, 4) = 14

1: 1 reroll: 1d6 ⇒ 1 1: 1 reroll: 1d6 ⇒ 5

2: 2 rerolls: 2d6 ⇒ (1, 2) = 3 2: 2 rerolls: 2d6 ⇒ (6, 5) = 11

3: 1 reroll: 1d6 ⇒ 4

4: 2 rerolls: 2d6 ⇒ (3, 4) = 7

6: 1 reroll: 1d6 ⇒ 2 6: 1 reroll: 1d6 ⇒ 6

12, 15, 13, 10, 18, 15

I'll figure out what I would like to do with these.

stormcrow, how do you feel about the half-Dragon template?

I vote Way of the Wicked, with Jade Regeant as my secondary vote.

I can write in an interim post dealing with during the day while I wait. I'm very tired today so it will likely be up tomorrow at the earliest.

I played a Reign of Winter game a couple years ago. I enjoyed what little I was able to play. I would probably be interested in that AP as a virtual game.

Another AP that I have had interest in for a couple years is the Jade Regent. I think that has an appeal to me as well.

Alright then, which AP shall we consider? If it is decided to run an entirely different campaign and the book/s are needed, I am more than willing to invest in getting the book for you stormcrow.

Of note, I do like sandbox games a lot.

Stormcrow, I sent you a PM.

Dain GM, PM has been sent.

Just a bit of trivia regarding my surname, I originally intended to have it Wildman. When I made the alias I was quite tired and misspelled it as Willdman. It sounded interesting, so I took it. My line of thought was that being a ranger he was often called a wild man, so he took a variation of that for a name since his parents did not have one. It was a way to set himself apart while not seeming too crazy.

Just a bit of info on that. What does everyone think?

Dain GM wrote:
Grand Moff Vixen wrote:
This is, there are various conversations happening. Since my character can't be in all of them I have taken to focusing on a few if this is ok. It is hard to build rapport when you talk to someone for a couple minutes and then leave. It takes time.
It's totally cool if you'd like to keep conversations with only a few players; what I didn't want to see is that - as the game progresses - players not working together as a group, that's all; so long as a functional group dynamic can progress I can tolerate a large amount of players without too much issue.

Thanks for the clarification! I find I like interacting with everyone. Much fun!

Dain GM wrote:
Grand Moff Vixen wrote:

How frequent is acceptable? I haven't been posting as much as some of the others because I don't like the feeling that I am trying to dominate everything. I want to have fun, plus real life calls too.

I have the weekends off, but I also have errands to do.

Regarding frequency -

I'm looking for at least two basic dynamics in terms of frequency:

The first is that players feel that they're included into the group. So, for example, posting and not talking to others in the group is nice to read over, but not very helpful. Eventually it becomes complicated when the group is working as a team and company and some players ignore their companions as a whole in lieu of only one or two key players.

The second element is linked to the first, but basically if the group is meant to function as a team I want to make sure the players are there to support each other - especially in things like combat.

I have played some games with other players in the past where the company has leaped from their ship onto an enemy vessel, only to see one player who refused to jump across, or aid in combat, or to even do anything useful to help the group at all. The same player had tried making bare handed attacks on Dire Wolves even though they were carrying weapons, and most of the posts ignored various players in lieu of long speeches addressed to no one.

This becomes complicated later on when I try to create challenge ratings and I assume that the party is functioning as a team.

A short rule of thumb is at least once a day during the week (hopefully around twice) and weekend schedule varies based on availability of the players (though I tend to be around).

This is, there are various conversations happening. Since my character can't be in all of them I have taken to focusing on a few if this is ok. It is hard to build rapport when you talk to someone for a couple minutes and then leave. It takes time.

Unearthly Serpent wrote:

We are 8... Arkhäd, Dag, Galador, Ithiliel, Melui, Nemireth, Rogar, Vardamir...

Just one more and GM Dain wouldn't have the heart to break our fellowship...

Hear hear!

Dain GM wrote:

Hello all!

Just remember, we're dealing with a pretty big bunch of characters, I think that the two main variables to pay attention to at this point are good social RP with the rest of the crew, and frequent RP, too.

That may not work for everyone, but the more it's used, the likelier you are to be picked :)

Final decision to be made tomorrow, and I know I'm the last to have told YOU guys, but (of course) but today is Tolkien's Birthday :)

How frequent is acceptable? I haven't been posting as much as some of the others because I don't like the feeling that I am trying to dominate everything. I want to have fun, plus real life calls too.

I have the weekends off, but I also have errands to do.

stormcrow27 wrote:
I PMed Meeko, and he is going to send out PMs to each of you that expressed interest in a game. Tuesday at 6 PM EST works fine for me. The first question is what game do people wish me to run, since I am getting set up as the DM/GM/PM. Way of the Wicked, Kingmaker, another AP? I have all of the APs for Paizo up to Wrath of the Righteous, and I can get the other ones if need be.
stormcrow27 wrote:

Character creation rules

Unlike a lot of GMs, I don't use point buy. I find that a lot of people will make one or two stats a dump stat and maximize their main class dependent stats so their character performs well in their niche, but doesn't do well in other situations. PCs are meant to be heroes or villains of note above the common man, so here are my character creation rules.

I like this a lot better than point buy, though if a point buy is used I like a minimum of 20 with 25 being my favorite.

stormcrow27 wrote:

Max HP at level 1 as normal

Normal starting gold
2 Traits as normal.
Use of Ultimate Campaign background rolls if you want. It's not required.
Stat rolling roll 4d6, take the best three, reroll 1s and 2s. This will generate stats 9 or above, which is fine. I've been running games for 30+ years via this method, and no PC ever dominated another because of stats.

I like this as well. Approved! :-P

stormcrow27 wrote:

I would also like character backgrounds. A good background can earn you bonus equipment, money, etc.

Available material
All Paizo books, including the technology guide if you can create a good background why you have tech.

Do you use the Ultimate Campaign rules on downtime for contacts and the like?

stormcrow27 wrote:
Dreamscarred Press's psionics rules. I haven't read through their conversion of incarnum or the Book of Nine Swords as of yet, so I would prefer not to use those at present.

I don't have any of the Dreamscarred Press' psionics books. I will look at other options, though others may want to use these.

stormcrow27 wrote:
Rite Publishing's in the Company of Dragons, in the Company of Giants, and in the Company of Fey. Each of these supplements allows you to play a racial paragon class or a base race that can turn into a dragon, a giant or a fey of any type. The classes are balanced quite well in comparison to stock Pathfinder classes. Should you wish to play one of theses, PM me and I will provide the appropriate rules for you to use.

What did you say? In the Company of Giants? I am all over that one! I purchased the book some time ago but have never found a game that allowed for such a race. I will be looking at making a character with this for sure!

stormcrow27 wrote:

Super Genius/Rogue Genius games Character Classes. These run the gamut from godlings to themed mage casters.

Noble Wild-If you ever wanted to play Aslan, or another talking animal, these rules allow you to do so. I have had an intelligent snake rogue, a mabari war dog fighter from Dragon Age, and a feytouched house cat rogue(think cat with opposable thumbs, which is a terrifying thought if you own or have been around cats). Essentially the rules boil down to picking an animal, and then picking a class. You can create magic items that enhance your natural attacks, use normal animals as digestable potions, or even have a small group of normal animals that follow you around and provide the form of magical rods and staffs. Lots of fun and a different approach to the traditional elf ranger or human wizard...

All of the psionic and Rogue Genius game classes are on the pfsrd20 website. I have no issue with Leadership and cohorts, or building strongholds/that type of thing. If we play Way of the Wicked, PCs have to be lawful evil, neutral evil, or lawful neutral. You end up all being servants of Asmodeus at some point, so those are the closest alignments to his worship. Antipaladins can be lawful evil or neutral evil with Way of the Wicked. If we do Kingmaker or another AP, I would like neutral and good alignments, but no insano disruptive CN characters that randomly kill people because it felt good.

If I had any of the books I would consider them. For now, I will look at what I have available from my collection.

Grand Moff Vixen wrote:
My vote is WotW with Kingmaker second.

My sentiments on which game to play.

The Lord of the Rings (combined single book).

magnuskn wrote:
Kalphazor wrote:
TriOmegaZero wrote:
After the PaizoCon banquet, I think the answer is "Paizo's own VTT". :)
Hey i know this thread is long dead but i have been trying to find a way to get into that game so that me and my friends can all start playing dnd again, i was hoping you might have some information about it or somthing?
At this point, it's pretty much vaporware.

At this point, your speculation is just that, unsubstantiated rumors.

Have evidence to the contrary? Feel free to share.

And I have a post up.

Deiros wrote:

Was used as a call to arms by King Théoden using Eomers sword once released by Saaruman's influence.

In response his guards, draw their swords and lay them at his feet, a sign of fealty and love. In return, Théoden immediately promises to fight in the upcoming war, whether it mean glory and victory, or defeat and death:

“I myself will go to war, to fall in the front of the battle, if it must be. Thus shall I sleep better.”

Thew Two Towers.

The placement of the scene is correct, though that line never occurs in the movie. In the book Théoden was never possessed by Saruman. Grima Wormtongue had his ear and poisoned his thoughts, but that's it.

Sad was the day when I first saw The Two Towers and learned that this scene was not as the book portrayed. I remain sad to this day because of the change.

I'll get another gameplay post up later today.

Areniel wrote:

sorry i've been slow to keep our conversation rolling... i was kind of hoping that Katja would chime in with what exactly she's told me about those events (and whether she's free for dinner in Cassomir), but i'm sure she's been busy with the holiday and whatnot... i'll post something later today either way.

happy 2015 everyone.

Holidays will do that to you. I will be resuming posting by Saturday and begin crafting a post for Katja. Hope to have it done by this weekend.

Would any profession skills be useful to take? How about crafting?

Also, how does my character look? Is everything in order? Let me know if any changes are needed and I will make them. I've tried to keep a theme with the feats and skills I took, while making it plausible that he would be capable of such things.

I have an alias up and everything completed. If selected I will do final tweaks and go from there.

Rogar Willdman.

I will begin posting in the gameplay thread tomorrow. It is late here as I just finished the extended edition of The Fellowship of the Ring. I think this is the best way to get me in the proper mindset, as well as the combined trilogy book.

Night everyone!

Dain GM, I sent you a PM.

Daniel Stewart wrote:
I took mine from the combat and social categories.

I sent you another PM.

Dain GM wrote:
3. I haven't decided on Traits because the Regional Racial abilities are pretty powerful - I'm not sure about them, yet.

If it helps any, I am choosing traits from the Social and Equipment categories.

Daniel Stewart wrote:
@GMV..No problem, just let me know and we can work something out...maybe we can join our backgrounds in some way as well...

I sent you a PM.

Daniel Stewart wrote:

I am planning to play a fighter with the archer archetype. Living in Dale, on the edge of the Golden Wood, the boy always hoped to see an elf, and decided at a young age to take up the bow, like Bard and the elves.

@Grand Moff Vixen: Were you planning to go archer ranger, or melee? If you are going archer, then I will rethink my fighter to a more melee-based character. Dont want to have too many ranged warriors, and no upfront fighters :-)

I am debating if I want to go archery or two-handed fighting style. I've not played a melee ranger before so it does have an appeal. Let me look more into the viability of a sword ranger and I'll get back to you.

I plan on being a human from the Vale of Orthanc. What is the predominant terrain there?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Detailed information about Tolkien's world can be found at the The Encyclopedia of Arda.

A friend of mine told me about this years ago and I still use it today. It is an incredible resource. Of note, I prefer the books over the movies due to what Peter Jackson changed, though the movies are still awesome. There are several articles detailing the differences between the movies and the books, so I will not cover that here.

Dain GM wrote:
Grand Moff Vixen wrote:

Dain GM, how do you feel about the Ranger shapeshifter archetype from the APG?

In lieu of that, what about the spell-less ranger from Kobold press? I quite enjoy that variant a lot.

I'm not entirely sure about the Shapeshifter type; they did have Shapeshifters in the Lord of the Rings; but I deliberately didn't include the Beornings as a Region.

I had a chance to look over the base "Spell-less" Ranger; it's awesome!

I think I'll allow it; but with the caveat that you can't add the "Ranger Trick" bonus animal companion because the party may end up a bit too cluttered.

It looks pretty cool, though; so far I don't see any problems with it.

Link to Spell-less Ranger

Cool. I like the spell-less variant better anyway. I'll get a concept up as soon as I absorb everything from the campaign tab.

How do you want us to do HP after 1st level?

Dain GM, how do you feel about the Ranger shapeshifter archetype from the APG?

In lieu of that, what about the spell-less ranger from Kobold press? I quite enjoy that variant a lot.

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