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Gotrek22's page

FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 113 posts. No reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 12 Pathfinder Society characters.

Trouble in Numeria
Game Room

Friday 08:00 AM – 01:00 PM
RPG (Pathfinder RPG). Maximum 6 attendees. Current total: 6.
Game Master: Kelly Gragg

Please use the following guidelines for making your characters:
Level: 20th level
Class: Single Base class from the Core rulebook or Advanced Players guide, - no multiclassing and no prestige classes. Archetypes from any Pathfinder source are allowed
Race: Base races from the Core rulebook
Attributes: 20 build points
Equipment: 15,000 gp - mundane equipment (from any pathfinder resource) and spell components only (no magic items)
Companions: No companions, ie animal or cohorts/followers with the leadership feat (Familiars are OK)
Feats: Any except leadership

Please post any questions/clarifications you may have.

Please post any character ideas as well, so the group can build a balanced party.


I was curious who had signed up for my slave pens of flamestone fortress game. I will be posting pregens later this week so that people can be familiar with them. Alternatively you can make your character to bring and play.


I would like to run a 20th level Pathfinder game after Paizocon from 2-7pm on Sunday.

Description: Magic is being drained from the lands of Golarion. Items of power once infused with great magic have reverted to pale mundane shadows of their former power. Clerics continue to draw the power from their gods though the divine connections have become strained. Arcane casters have begun to feel a lessening in their control over words of power.
They can still wield mighty magics but no one knows for how long. Otherworldly storms raging with multicolored lightning are sweeping across Avistan and Garund, stirring the already growing fear. Can the cause of this calamity be discovered and reversed before all magic is drained from the world?

# of players - up to 6

Materials Use a 20 point build, single class – 20th level, with 10,000 gp in non-magical equipment and spell components.

I will have pregens but it would be best for players to come with a character already made up so they are familiar with the abundant feats and abilities of a 20th level character.

If you would like to join in or have any questions please post them here.


There are two open slots for the PFRPG game - The Lost Caravans of Katapesh for Friday from 12:00 to 5:00. I plan on setting up 15 to 30 min early.

Feel free to post here if you would like to play.

Check out the thread for game information nsOfKatapeshAdventureInformation


Hello all, this is a thread to provide information on the The Lost Caravans of Katapesh adventure at Paizoncon. The game will be held on Fri, Jun 18, 2010, 12:00 PM – 05:00 PM in Ballroom 4.

The Lost Caravans of Katapesh is a wilderness desert adventure for 5th level characters. Pregenerated character will be provided. I will post the characters in the next week so that people can have an idea of which they want to play. I will also provide painted figures for each character that you can take away with you.

Adventure Summary:
The last three caravans bound for the iron rich mines of Thelor have been lost without a trace in the depths of the Katapesh desert. The Pactmasters of Katapesh demand that trade resume at all costs. Your mercenary group has been hired to track down the lost caravans, bring the bandits to justice, and recover the stolen goods. Will you locate the caravans and defeat the bandits or succumb to the denizens of the Katapesh desert.

The pregens include:

Dalgath Goldvein – Male Dwarven Cleric of Abadar 5th level

Yibins Thotolstelmin – Male Gnome Alchemist 5th level

Elythnea Yelyth Syl – Female Elf Ranger 5th level

Talya Bluebonnet – Female Halfling Fighter 5th level

Thorak Firetongue – Male Half Orc Druid- 3rd/Barbarian 2nd

Yos – Male Human Wizard (Necromancer) 5th level


Any news on when we get to vote on the paizo costume from gencon. I am looking forward to seeing the competition.


I am going to be playing a druid and I was trying to figure out what animals the Sylvan language allowed you to communicate with. The language description in the Linguistics skill states that you can talk to centaurs, fey creatures, plant creatures, unicorns), while in the druid description is says it is the language of woodland creatures.

Does sylvan allow you to communicate with animals or just fey and such?


When the open event signup comes online in a few hours will we be able to deselect an event we are currently signed up for. I accidently got signed up for a Tier 7 PFS game for which I dont have a high enough level character to play in.


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