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Goth Guru's page

5,595 posts (5,622 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 2 wishlists. 2 aliases.


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I'm just going to post the item first.

20. Gold Bricker's Lament
A gold brick worth 500 gold and weighing as much as that many coins. It's sitting right there on the floor. (It's also sitting on 2 electrical contacts so anyone who touches it takes 6D6 electrical damage. Good luck moving it off the contacts. If you take damage, you flinch involuntarily back.)

Here's the link if you want to see the other traps.
Cleaves Traps.

So how many pounds is that gold brick again?

Padded armor made entirely out of bar sized pockets would be much more defensive when filled with gold bars. Probably more like studded.

Alchemist's Grenade Launcher
Blackstaffing Spell
Corby of Ill Omen familiar

Black Staffing: Replaces inept hirelings with usually better African American employees.

Only chaotic holy fighters can use humor as a weapon.

Ted Cruise chose the paladin as his running mate when he ran 3rd party for president.

71. Corby of Ill Omen: Related to both ravens and crows, this bird has a distinctive cry. It can say "Doom!" and nothing else. The expression, "Kill two birds with one stone" may be inspired by this bird. They say that Dire Corbies are sent by nature gods to punish humans for killing Corbies, but that doesn't stop the hunt at all. Recently, goths and vampires have started keeping them as pets. Parties of murder hobos like the bird to announce them. If there was any doubt that Doom has arrived...

An idol like Damien Dark in Arrow had. It corrupts anyone who uses it's death knell power. It has to be at a lei line nexus. If the gem is pried out it stops providing power.

It has no listed monetary value, but good and evil beings want it at any cost. The pathfinder society will gladly give the character boons so they can bury both parts in cement, 1000 miles apart.

"What is a Q-bert dungeon?" for the bonus points. :)

It's finally come together. The entrance to the dungeon is a baller. It is identical to the squisinators in "Odd Squad". It brings the two halves of the clear metal ball from above and below to turn each adventurer into a pinball. Roll the reflex save to steer into the high value targets.

4 characters (in a 5 member party)get to be pinballs while the last member runs the flippers to keep the characters in the game. DC20 to keep characters in the game. DC 10 for a character to stay straight, 15 to swerve left or right, 20 for a right angle. Pinballs always bounce off bumpers, walls, and barriers at the opposite angles, knock outs they go through and the knock out won't reset till the next ball.

The two alleys are called, "Run, it's the Terrask!" and "Haste Potion" because they are lined with excellerators that take you to the top of the game where the dire litch is a knock out worth 1000 points. There are lots of high value bumpers and barriers up there. The lower level hole in the middle of the game leads the character to the launching que which counts as a free game. If the party only has 4 members you will appreciate the 4th pinball all the more. Hitting the treasure chest is worth 50 and treasure pours out the slot at the flipper jockey's feet. There should be a will save to keep from being distracted.

Boozy Nights
By: The Barron Knights

Boozy nights oh-oh-oh
Boozy nights oh-oh-oh

Boozy nights
Boozy nights
Boozy nights

Ain't no doubt, we are here for drinking
Come on up, lots of pints for sinking
Dance with a lager tonight
Boozy nights are always the best in town

Got to keep on boozin', keep on boozin'
Got to keep on boozin', keep on boozin'

Boozy nights
Startin' up, line up with the top off
Bag of crisps 'cause the beer is so rough
I'll pull the barmaid tonight
Ruby White has two of the best in town

Got to keep on boozin', keep on boozin'
Got to keep on boozin', keep on boozin'

Friday night
Playing darts double chuck up
To throw it, threw it, threw it
Thought I'd won, what a bum
Well I blew it, blew it, blew it

Had some fun, bought a bird a snowball
Took her home, ended up with - nothin'
Dance in a drunken stupor
The beer I drank couldn't reach past the other beer's reach

Got to keep on boozin', keep on boozin'
Got to keep on boozin', keep on boozin'

Boozy nights
Boozy nights
Boozy nights
Boozy nights

Dance with a lager tonight
Boozy nights are always the best in town

Got to keep on boozin', keep on boozin'
Got to keep on boozin', keep on boozin'
(boozy nights, oh-oh-oh)
Got to keep on boozin', keep on boozin'
Got to keep on boozin', keep on boozin'
(boozy nights, oh-oh-oh)
Got to keep on boozin', keep on boozin'
Got to keep on boozin', keep on boozin' (Backwoods)

335.) A bard of 19th level or higher can open a gate to the lawful evil alignment planes by signing "Highway to Hell", or the lawful good plane by signing "Stairway to Heaven".

A dread wraith can ruin the whole adventure path. By the time they destroy it, none of them qualify for the adventure path anymore.

If they are going into an incomplete part of the dungeon, use the monstrous core cast of Rusty and Co.

When they see a cute rust monster, a chattering Mimic, and a Gelatinous Cube swinging a Katana, they will run the other way!

35:Pot of Greed:Everyone must punch the player or character who drew the most cards. This card remains on the table till everyone stops drawing cards.

36:The Tower:A randomly determined room or building appears. Within is a random monster, protecting a random treasure with a random trap on it. Add a random plot hook and any other random thing you can lay your hands on.

327:If the Tarrasque steps on your not moving character by accident, then you dead character is still ok. They could become some kind of undead that doesn't know it's dead.

327B: Their exceptional faith may get them into Heaven, which is very ok.

Someone on another board entirely said they don't like the Cleaves. You know you can just pull any card you don't like. I personally don't like the room that microwaves characters with little or no warning. The human swarm, I still don't understand. When they finally explain why they don't like it, I'll address that. They may just be tired of my constantly linking to it.

You could just select the 52 cards you like most of each deck for ease of shuffling. What cards would you use, put aside, or outright replace.

KenderKin wrote:
Ray of enablement

Lets a drunken master drink twice as fast!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The game show dungeon I was posting about with someone had a room based on each major game show. To get in, you had to get a pendant from a goblin. Each pendant gives a minor power. The pendants are also amulets of inescapable location keyed to crystal balls with video cameras trained on them in another dimension. In your game, these crystal balls are being used by audience members.

Now imagine making them play FNAF tag. The animatronic bear is it. The fist team member who gets out untouched wins for their team. The players have flashlights, that Freddy homes in on. Yes, one of the pendants grants darkvision. There are some tripping hazards that don't show up using darkvision. :)

Thomas Seitz wrote:

*wonders if Beyonder Dragons aren't getting love*

Hulk Dragons?

Trickster/Loki Dragons?

Dragons that use mutagens, shudder!

Most players go for the Were Bear because it's non evil. They have to realize that they can't use chaotic or evil spells, feats, or items. If they know something is chaotic or evil, they have to destroy it. This is mostly irresistible when the moon is full. Any other time they can work on obtaining LG weapons, filling a portable hole with holy water, ect. They are not a paladin, so they can kill baby Orcs or whatever. They won't need an atonement spell because they simply can't break alignment.

That's how I understand it. Does this in any way conflict with raw? ce-set-of-2/?gclid=Cj0KEQjw2ay8BRC7sYequMydsq0BEiQAbEX9UNg9f_J13sQ1gVaTwHwD Fpa8rhW58FaspSdemn4Fm2saAhul8P8HAQ

Wooden MajongDice.

There you go.

I looked at the OP again. Unless you can find someone making full sets for another game, I'm afraid the one company has a monopoly.

My search has found lots of stuff on making wooden D20s.

Clone of Cold(brings back a favorite character, such as Captain Cold)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

36. Hatter's Hats
This confused person is always mixing up his words. He often calls Top Hats, Hop Tats. He may have come down with mercury poisoning before he gained the periapt of proof against poison he wears. He claims to be named Tervis Jetch, but he may be mixing up letters again.

Resources: He has several styles of hats, some masterwork ones suitable for enchanting. He can make any kind of hat to order.

Renumbered. If the fisher statue is drawn, it is put back and the remaining deck is reshuffled.

Cuvico wrote:

A lot of the game is about descriptions and fell, I sugest to add a yellow road and a lot of riddles.and something like that movie with david bowie

Labyrinth? Yeah, in fairy Tales, the fey are very magical. Maybe Rumpelstiltskin was the fey lord of the gnomes. When defeated, he goes back to the first world with a bang!

You might consider each family line is under a blood curse/enchantment. Each generation, the most selfish, deceitful child of the Pinocchio family turns into a free willed wood golem. When they perform a selfless act, they get to be "real" and the curse/enchantment passes to the next generation.

Don't forget Lamias. Blasphemy is their thing. They put the BLAST in Blasphemy! :p

176: A village springs up. The bean planter is the mayor. There are 3D6 buildings, in addition to the village hall/mayors house. I'll add the link, for the topic, for random buildings when I can.

Random Village..

As nobels, merchants, nt to help run it while you are off adventuring. Choose wisely.

Summon summons.
Summon Distraction(you could get the monster, or 3 goblins named Curley, Larry, and Moe with fireworks)

Foul words are spelled out with shaped chicken nuggets, you are forced to eat your words. The only dipping sauce is nyarlotep sauce made from 5 different hot peppers.

Remember to file the new form request in triplicate, before you create any new forms.

Random Village, if you want to randomly generate the buildings, or add buildings to the list.

As with such lists, item 0 is always present.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
JosMartigan wrote:
12. Psionic Humanoid Alien: Typical human shaped with an enlarged cranium. Typically found wearing long robes. +2 to Intelligence, -2 to Charisma as they are intellectual but distant and scientific in their dealings with other species. Posses psionic abilities that can cause others sleep, create paralysis, and even cause excruciating pain.

Some have levels of illusionist, but cast the spells psionically. They often meddle with lesser beings, keeping them like pets and teaching them their ancient traditions and customs. Some try to settle ancient disputes by hiring lesser creatures with more advanced technology, ancient history, or treasure they no longer have use for. Barbarians hate them for building infamous dungeons based on reading, writing, and arithmetic.:)

10. Engine room

Whether its 1:fission, 2:fusion, 3:Antimatter, or 4:some weird crystal cosmic power radio, this place produces the power that the whole place runs on. There are walls of switches, dials, and other controls. When the reactor goes out of control, someone may have to go through the big metal door marked "DANGER RADIATION" to fix things. NPCs will usually die from radiation poisoning, while PCs will usually get a mutation and a defect. Artificial creatures like androids or robots can have their programming erased unless they have heavy metal shielding around their circuits.

11. BNFA. Big Nosed Furry Alien. George can telekinetically control machines and telepathically talk to computers. It's a variety eater that prefers to eat live vermin. Wears a communicator around it's neck and can make sarcastic remarks in common. Otherwise use the stats for a halfling rogue 5th level.


Dasrak wrote:
Goth Guru wrote:
The Wormlord wrote:

Let me try this.

[dice=alignment]1d3; 1d3 NG(May be fun to corrupt this place)
[dice=size]1d20 Small town
[dice=Government]1d12 Autocracy
[dice=Qualities]1d24 All have darkvision,
[dice=Qualities]1d24 Strategic Location
[dice=Qualities]1d24 Adventuring Site (I'm just going to put a big, freaking Dungeon under it)
[dice=Region]1d5 Central, explains Strategic location.
[dice=Dominant Race]1d24 Humans with Darkvision, might be a bloodline. :)

Cross Road Ville

If you are going to take someone else's rolls, you should at least finish the writeup and not leave it half-done. Otherwise, you can just click here to get your own.

Also remember that notable NPC's need a race, class, and alignment.

Choon wrote:

Heh, the north is filling out all of a sudden. There it was the south that looked to be fleshing out first, but so far not much has developed beyond New Ganterton and the Empire of Grandia being a major powerbroker of the region.

We've definitely got a lot of activity on the border between the Central and Western areas now. We've established that Saveanth Li is very close to the central lands, in particular the Hobgoblin Kingdom of Massereen, the Dwarven Kingdom of Kiroth, and the Human Kingdom of Rastria. This puts the Sanasid Mountains, the Desolate Wastes, and the Sandsea all fairly close to each other. Definitely a lot of stuff going on there. A little bit more and we might be able to throw together a (very rough) map of this part of the region.

The wormlord is one of my alieses. I forgot to change the post as thing. This is World of Creation all over again. I am so bad at this. Sorry. Too many identities confuse me. That's why I like to use Goth Guru all over the internet.

The Wormlord wrote:

Let me try this.

[dice=alignment]1d3; 1d3 NG(May be fun to corrupt this place)
[dice=size]1d20 Small town
[dice=Government]1d12 Autocracy
[dice=Qualities]1d24 All have darkvision,
[dice=Qualities]1d24 Strategic Location
[dice=Qualities]1d24 Adventuring Site (I'm just going to put a big, freaking Dungeon under it)
[dice=Region]1d5 Central, explains Strategic location.
[dice=Dominant Race]1d24 Humans with Darkvision, might be a bloodline. :)

Cross Road Ville

NG Small Town
Corruption +0; Crime -1; Economy +2; Law +0; Lore +0; Society +0

Qualities All born here have darkvision.

Danger Worm riddled zombies may come up out of the dungeon.

Government Autocracy

Population 2000 people (1000 human, 100 each half-elf, elf, half orc, dwarf, gnome, gnome, Halfling, 300 other)

Notable NPCs Lord Mayor Joseph Goodman the 3rd. 5th level aristocrat.
Fire guard. Typical member is a 2nd level warrior with abundant torches and flasks of oil. Usually 4 watching the dungeon entrance.

Slash, Hobgoblin ambassador. 2nd level expert, 3rd level spy. He is collecting info on the other kingdoms. +4 gather information if you trade rumors with him. He sent some other adventurers into The Death Pit(name of dungeon) with a mirror of entrapment. If anyone can bring it back to him, he will reward them with gps and items double the mirrors worth.(It’s about half full of worm riddled zombies, basically to weaponized them). (Most of the Pathfinder chapter houses want it even more for multiple reasons)

Marketplace +60%
Base Value 1,600 gp; Purchase Limit 8,000 gp; Spellcasting Undefined
Minor Items 3d4 items ; Medium Items 1d6 items ; Major Items nope

I have a friend who really wants to visit Japan. If he makes a mess of foreign policy, will they send him there? :)

I think a lot more is going on here.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Football shaped dogs are now legal for Calvinball, but they cannot be spiked(literally, they can levitate themselves when falling).

It's claiming others suggestions are no good just because you say so that makes you an Internet Troll.

An oval shaped dog with psychic powers is ok if it's part of a setting or module. If you called that weird dog The Golorion Dog, and it caught on, people with no idea what Pathfinder is will start calling it that. People will start to think it appeared in that substandard viking movie.

Nightterror wrote:


I want Old Saybrook Blockhead, Martian bigfoot, Felixstove Fire Demon, The nameless thing of blabla Square, The Springman of Prague, Domston Blobs, Giant Shrimp in the laundry room, Grunch road monster, Blackbird of chernobyl, Ghostly Scarecrow, Garson Invaders and Telepathic Football in pathfinder, their names are marvelous, and I want more sport and bizarre creatures in Pathfinder.


Someone even posted it under the football creature that he/she wants to stat these bizarre non-sense making creatures in pathfinder.

Who was it?

It is sad to see one of my favorite projects turn into some weird-named-alien-from-after-1900 thing.

[sarcasm]How about the Internet Troll. An otherwise normal troll that challenges everything anybody does. They think they are important and helpful. Monsters and people alike have to chase them away with fire.

Half Troll. Even worse is the half human Half Troll. They often have very useful skills or a profession, so you cannot just chase them away.[/sarcasm]

Dragon78 wrote:
Two lovers who died and there spirits become one incorporeal undead entity that do nothing but dance an eternal dance. Anyone who comes into contact with them also dance and will continue to do so until they die or the creature leaves the area. Sort of like ghostly ballroom dancers.

Carnival of souls is one of the places I got ideas for my Phantom Hitchhiker and Reaper class. Nice to see someone else watches these movies.

When 2 posters denounce each others opinions as not fact, I usually counter "It is my opinion that both of you are giving opinions.".

Now if the devs or mods(developers or moderators) like that, they can add it to a pinned topic.

Sometimes I say during a flame war,"I find flame wars so boring" or "If you are trying to get me to hide this topic, it's working". Sometimes I suggest a compromise, then bemoan how both sides usually turn on me.

Some things, such as Mirror Image, just don't make sense to me, but I acknowledge that I would have to deal with the RAW if I ever play PFS.

Recently, some posters have said things are illegal because they are not core. Playing core is a game table choice. I find it much more diplomatic to say,"I don't have that book yet." Core means only using the Core rulebook and maybe the first Bestiary.

I bookmarked it. Thanks.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

69. Metal rice: The husk around the grain consists of mostly metal leeched from the soil and water. Once this property was discovered in the runoff from an iron mine, they were immediately planted in tailings from gold mines. When the immediate soil and water run out of metals, the grains become defenseless against vermin and growing them elsewhere becomes advisable. Particularly dangerous mines, some people just redirect waterways through them and plant metal rice.

Go to linnorm.

captain yesterday wrote:
Nightterror wrote:
Dragon78 wrote:
No it is not sci-fi, it is Hobgoblin based.
is that true or just a joke because you know how I feel about Hobgoblins.
How do you feel about Hobgoblins. :-)

With a vorpal sword!

Miles and Miles of Texas
Asleep at the Wheel

I was born in Lousiana down on the ol bouyo
Rasied on shrimps and catfish mame's good gumbo
I got the ramblin' fever said goodbye to ma and pa
Crossed that ol red river and this is what I saw

I saw miles and miles of Texas all the stars up in the sky
I saw miles and miles of Texas gonna live here till I die

I rode up in to Austin the craddle of the west
Just ask any cowboy he'll tell you it's the best
I met a texas bueaty I got friendly with her pa
I looked in to her big blue eyes this is what I saw

I saw miles and miles of Texas all the stars up in the sky
I saw miles and miles of Texas gonna live here till I die

I started tamin' bronko's I made every rodeo
Until I met a tuff one you know his name was devil joe
I grabb'd hold of his bridle just to ride this ol' outlaw
He threw me from the saddle and this is what I saw

I saw miles and miles of Texas all the stars up in the sky
I saw miles and miles of Texas gonna live here till I die

Miles of Texas
Uaaah now

All night long

Gonna live here till I die

Aaaaaaaah, Texas

Dasrak wrote:

Lots of great feedback!

RDM42 wrote:
Well, could have it mainly by category. Human, other core race, unusual race, etcetera, and 'just pick one of these'

I like this approach. It still has the tricky part of having to decide on a table, but I agree it seems most reasonable.

How does the following table sound:
Roll 1d20
1-10 = Human
11-16 = Other Core or Featured Race of your choice
17-19 = Your choice of any Paizo-published race without racial hit dice
20 = Your choice of any Paizo-published race

Goth Guru wrote:
20 exotic monster races(including Lamia athiest state, fugitive town including Driders, goblins who read, ect)

One thing I will note is that this isn't Golarion, so we're not necessarily bound to Golarion lore.

That's good for the central gaming area. As the adventurers strike out into the wilderness they are more likely to run into crazy stuff like goblin villages, or underground dwarven cities, ect.

In Dwarven Door Ultimate you open everything, including walls, floors, ceilings, ect...

RDM42 wrote:

Well, could have it mainly by category. Human, other core race, unusual race, etcetera, and 'just pick one of these'

On the other hand 'just pick' is liable to end up dominated by the outrè and strange.

Have it predominate race.

1-9 normal core races,
10 exotic character race table(inclusing winged elves, cat people, ect.)
11-19 typical monster races, and
20 exotic monster races(including Lamia athiest state, fugitive town including Driders, goblins who read, ect)

Dasrak wrote:

Lots of things to talk about here

My thoughts: don't define any geography at this point! Keep things as vague as possible and let the randomly-generated settlements slowly fill in the blanks of the world. I feel that a concrete geography should take shape as we stitch together different contributions. I feel that the most important rule we should embrace here is that this world doesn't have a unifying theme or structure, it is stitched together from many disparate ideas and concepts.

I'd also like to see the world broken up into regions. As I posted in the previous thread, the world could have six regions: North, South, East, West, Central, and Peripheral. No description of these regions would be given, and when generating your settlement you'd roll 1d6 to determine which region it was in. The region would take shape as more people added settlements and described what features were present.

Settlement Governments and Qualities
I'd like to reiterate my earlier request for research aid in locating newly published Settlement Governments, Qualities, and Disadvantages. These do not appear to be collected anywhere, and exist in a smattering of appendix entries and campaign setting books. I've already found many in the Iron Gods AP and in Distant Shores, but AP's and campaign setting books is where my collection is sparsest so my ability to research this is fairly limited. I'd like to have at least 30 qualities before putting together a random table to roll on. Any help in this research would be appreciated.

Settlement Generation - Size
I just want to float the following table for generating settlement size:
Roll 1d10
1 = Village
2-3 = Small Town
4-5 = Large Town
6-7 = Small City
8-9 = Large City
10 = Metropolis

This keeps Thorps and Hamlets (which wouldn't even be listed on a map anyways) out of the random generation process, and weights small villages...

This has been successfully several times. My favorite is still World of Creation. If you repost this as the beginning of a topic, it can be a good "How to guide". Here, the OP is just going to keep reporting you till the topic is strangled by it's own limits.

I once took the map of England, set the game in a medieval version of that where all the legends were true. I used some of the city names as towns. I placed modules on the map. I called it Mage Earth.

Summon nature's alley(cat)

The owlbear, raised by humans, became a PC, destroying game balance.

The paladin built birdhouses for pegasi.

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