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Kyuss Spawnling

Goth Guru's page

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This came up in my Rituals topic.
Gathering and shopping raw materials can soak up the extra days so a normal batch can take 10 in one day. You cannot take 10 for masterwork.

Fire arrows, that are capped with rags and pitch, would cost double in time and money.

Using your broken arrows to build new ones would probably save you some time and money. I would go with half for simplicity. You would require twice as many broken arrows to make the amount of whole arrows you want.

Ducks are always losing feathers, and they go full molt about once a year, so you need not harm any ducks. Needing to eat is a more valid excuse for hunting a duck. Your animal companion wolf will probably hunt ducks without any encouragement.

52. To Battor with it!: The GM has declared that WBL is only for generating high level PCs. Most nobels will look like walking jewelry stores, even at first level.

Basicly a feat tax rebate. Any feat that changes the ability that applies to a type of save or is a prerequisite, can be justified by backstory.
I have 2 questions. Max of 3 or 5?
How do I phrase this to include the to hit bonus for ranged, the AC bonus, normally dex, that could be wisdom, ect.

Artemis Moonstar wrote:

I want to run an all Numistian one-shot, using real world representations of copper, silver, and gold coins.

(For those that can't follow the link, they're chocolate coins.)

Here's the deal. You get a set amount of each at the start of the game. The entire caravan got raided, and the party wakes up in an old-school dungeon. They only have a certain number of coins on their person, represented by the chocolates (I haven't exactly figured out the coinage-to-chocolate ratio yet). For your Numistian to activate Money is Life, you have to eat a chocolate (or give it to the DM, hehe). If you eat a chocolate because you're hungry, your Numistian loses that much wealth as he succumbs to the munchies and nibbles on his wealth.

Alternatively, also known as my original idea I came up with a year or two ago, take the numistian aspect out of it and just run a Halloween one shot. Adjust game wealth accordingly, but have the copper, silver, gold, and platinum represented by their chocolates. You eat a chocolate, your character loses that much wealth.

In either case, the party doesn't receive any more in or out of game "wealth" until the dungeon is complete and they find the treasure chest. Or in this case, I put the wooden box full of chocolate coins on the table (and probably some "pearls" and other "gems" of foil-wrapped chocolates in the box too) and let the group sort it out.

I got into the habit of using candy as monster figures at a convention.

Boomerang Nebula wrote:
Of course executioners are evil, that is a strange point to raise in support of your argument.
Wait - what? So - someone who is designated by the gov. to throw the switch on a serial killer is evil? So - Tom Hanks' character in The Green Mile was evil? Same with everyone who ever sat on a jury and sentenced someone to death? Same with every DA & ADA who have gone for the death penalty? Gotcha... no. Just... no.

Not unless you're a total pacifist. Not gonna argue the real world version of that here - but it makes no freakin' sense in Pathfinder. You'd have to have major issues with the very idea of adventurers.

(Of note - before it becomes the focus - I'm actually against the death penalty. In theory I'm for it - but the justice system is imperfect - and I've read of too many cases - while rare - of the wrong guy getting convicted.)

The 5 degrees of Kevin Bacon do not apply to guilt.
Executioners who work for the justice system operate in good faith that the people they kill are guilty. When they find out differently, they go to a special grief counselor, or priest, to deal with their own ethics. Some quit their job and try to find something else. They were not threatened with death, like the guys who worked at the death camps. In medieval times, people were executed for lots of reasons besides being a danger to other people.

40.Adventurer's Rule(Main Character) Radiation will make peasants drop like flies, but adventurers get slightly ill while their mutation grows in. Likewise a fall from the moon will put them in a coma for half a day.

Purgatoria could be in my Land of the Dead. Prepetitioners would be the "fresh meat". Your city is sort of the gateway to the outer planes. Reapers would bring in their bounties to process them into petitioners and get their credits.

Bumped because someone recommended it.

Next time I GM, a successful heal check of 15 or better will upgrade someone from dying to comatose.

The feat surgery adds 4 to healing from the skill or spell. If heal check is 15 or better they get a new save, +4, against any condition, such as poisoned, blind, deaf, or something. The bonus becomes +8 in a hospital or clinic, meaning ideal conditions. This also allows attaching prosthetic magic items or repairing Flesh Golems.

With Ninja in the Rye's Natural healing, the game should be much more reasonable.

Are their no atonement spells in that world? As long as they realize what they did was out of wrath, the event should not even count.

If they had followed the ape, they could have found more treasure or enemies.

Go to Cost of Mercy.

Orthos wrote:

HP: Roll 1d4, add the difference (2 for d6 classes, 4 for d8, 6 for d10, 8 for barbarians).

Spontaneous full casters such as Sorcerer and Oracle progress their spells at the same rate as prepared casters, rather than being delayed a level behind. So basically they treat their spells known and spells per day as if they're a level higher than they actually are. We also don't use the stupid "metamagic makes your spells take a full round to cast" rule.

Skills: Everyone gets 2 more than listed.

Gear: We have a homebrew "Heroic Distinctions" system that grants a scaling Deflection AC, Natural AC, and Saves boost and bonuses the characters can choose starting at level 5, from things like +2 to a stat, a bonus to magical damage, bonuses with weapons or armor, boosts to a skill, and so forth. These are considered magical effects (go away in an antimagic field, etc.) and don't stack with equipment, so it reduces the reliance on the Big Six a little.

No XP. Level up as the adventure says, or when the DM says if we're running homebrew.

Stats: Everyone rolls arrays at creation, the DM collects them all up, discards any s/he doesn't like, and lets the players pick between the rest.

There's more but these are the basic ones.

I had to redefine it as an enhancement bonus to the person as some haters started harping on how deflection is not how magic armor or bracers work. Otherwise, same thing every even level. No minimum bonus for weapons or armor.

Extra skills, feat, item proficiency, or equipment is only from backstory or other rules such as mutations.

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Sarcasm Dragon wrote:
Real Roleplayers know how to make Elephant Stomp overpowered!

With grease? (all fall down)

Locked doors and traps require skills and class abilities. Don't let them buy admantium weapons. They have to visit a dungeon or ruins.

A big bad who is specially cursed to only die from one weapon, and he threw it into a flooded mine, would force them to learn and or buy water breathing magic, then go after it.

They may have to cross some non evil creatures territory to reach the next combat. See how they use diplomacy.

Character option X.
When is government option X going to be on the history channel?

It grinds my gears that so few people seem to remember The X Files.

I would just add permanency to his list of learned spells and give him the feat, without gp cost, that lets him cast the spell, 3 levels higher, without any monetary cost.

When he can cast 8th level spells, he can cast this at will, as many times a day as he has 8th level spell slots, for his character's life and beyond(as a petitioner, then an outsider).

If he doesn't like that, you could give him his understanding of the wish, and epic level spellcasters will seek him out and make him their permanency casting slave. They fully intend to do this so it is by no means unintended.

If this is an evil party(Sounds like it) the weaker members should look into Lycantrophy or becoming a vampire. Also, the GM might look into starting a good guy group and having the two parties clash.

Quorlox wrote:

To enable staves to recharge, I am thinking one could add a dedicated pearl of power to the staff. As long as the pearl was at least as high level as the highest level the spell could cast, the staff would recharge one spell per day. Because the pearl is dedicated to the staff, it would cost half the list price of a standard pearl.

Multiple pearls could be added to a staff if one wanted it to recharge faster.

Sound reasonable?

Thank you for reinventing the augment stone of recharging. Limit one augment item per magic item. Hopefully augment items will be in the new edition of Pathfinder.

hector212121 wrote:
Or you could just make a deal with a non-evil god of Death.

I have that covered with Reapers

Prestige class. Must be a spirit to start.
Role. They can return to life, but only to collect people who should be dead. 10 kills and they get to bring back one person. It can be themselves, or someone else. Like Specter, from DC comics.
Alignment: Not chaotic, but they may change when the offer is made.
Hit Dice: D8
Level 1: Death Touch(constantly on, Dc 10+Cha bonus + level or hit dice), Patron(Outsider with death portfolio), Astral Cloak, Death Scythe(Cold iron weapon that Death touches on a crit)
Level 2: Extra combat feat. Death Scythe becomes +1 to hit and damage.
Level 3: Extra combat feat. Death Scythe becomes +2 to hit and damage.
Level 4: Extra combat feat. Death Scythe becomes +3 to hit and damage.
Level 5: Extra combat feat. Death Scythe becomes +4 to hit and damage.
Level 6: Extra combat feat. Death Scythe becomes +5 to hit and damage.
Patron: Could be a high level angel of death, Inevitable, or Prince of Hell. If the reaper has any spell caster levels, they can teach them any spells from the necromancy school or domain spells from death, law, or the other alignment axis.
Astral Cloak: It allows the wearer to travel to the game world, persist there, and come back. If they hand it to anyone they snap back to the land of the dead, but anyone who wears it can travel to the Land of the Dead, similarly. Snapping back causes one round stunning like Dimension Door.
When they achieve life, they can still turn into their Reaper form when necessary.

While wearing the Astral Cloak, all attacks are ghost touch.
Combat Feat-Rip the soul.
Someone with the ghost touch quality on any kind of weapon can (on a crit)reach into a spirit, grab or spear the divine inspiration, and pull it out. Once it's removed, it goes back to the gods, and the spirit is destroyed. The shreds can become part of an Illip or something, but only a True Res. or the open grave ritual has a chance of bringing the personality back together.
Prereqs. Ghost touch and it only works on an intangible spirit, on a crit. Gassious form is vulnerable too.
Normal. Ghosts keep coming back till their issues are resolved, normally.

hector212121 wrote:

Edit:Especially since what you have only covers Good characters and not Neutral ones.

Lets just say the Reliquary can be anything that is worth at least that, and has contact with some remains. Thus it could be an orphanage or hospital with the founders bones in a wall behind a plaque. It could also be an ornate holy symbol buried with the person.

A normal litch is powered by negative energy. It constantly struggles with the need to kill, like zombies and skeletons. In normal Glorion, zombies cannot be set to building houses or searching areas.

This topic is a much better option.

When someone posts that I'm not in character, in a way that's out of character. It happened in World of Creation(now in forum games) and countless times in twitter. I'm going to start posting,"My character walks away confused." When it happens at the gaming table, my character just turns to someone making sense. It's funny when an anime character starts talking about experience points, but they are not disrupting the story. Stopping the story to have an in character argument about who is meta gaming is just annoying to everyone involved.

I'm tempted to say everything has to be banned, because I'm not a fan of PC abuse games.

That being said, stone ceiling. Not a spell, but a concept. The rich and powerful will hoard all persons and objects that generate resources. If all spells have to be rolled for like with wizards, then adventurers simply can't learn create water or food. Spells for exploring such as mount will come automatically to them. The mount spell might just be called summon camel. Their sponsors will give them only the bare minimum of supplies, and a quest spell each to bring back stuff.

What's on the aristocrat wishlist? Food and water of course. Farming techniques, crops, and livestock. A ritual that creates a water trapping dome over an oasis. Spice(like in Dune) if it exists. Any other oasis is of interest. Many leaders have dreams of opening a trade route out of the wasteland. If the adventurers find an oasis overrun with undead, they come directly home, then lead high level characters they never knew of to the place to cleanse and occupy.

78. Stone door. Wooden door turned to stone. It has a better hardness and more hit points. It connects one room to another. May be locked or trapped, DM's choice.

Sphen86 wrote:

10. The Sanctuary

This room is 60 feet across and a perfect circle, down to the last inch. 1/3 of the walls are jet black onyx, 1/3 are red marble, and the last third is brilliant white quartz. Dotting the walls are small shrines to various gods and goddesses, evil/chaotic along the black portion, good/lawful in the white, and neutral in red. Looking up, the PC's see more balconies, each dotted with more shrines. These balconies streatch up into the distance, eventually becoming lost in the un-lighted reaches. A body lies in front of each shrine, all dead and in various stages of decay. Some are barely decompossing and still maintain their priestly robes, others are skeletons. All lie in state and none seem to have died violently. One shrine, however, remains empty. The shrine of the wanderer has no corpse, as the priest has, of course, wandered. Any effort to speak with the corpse reveals that they can find no rest until his body is returned, alive or dead, and that he left many centuries ago. His body cannot be destroyed as it would simply reform until such time as it is brought back to it's right full place before his shrine.

Hook: If the body is found and returned, the whole room lights up and the walls begin to shift. The shrines on the lowest level begin to rise into the air and now form the lowest level of balconies. On the ground floor are new shrines, unattended by priests as of yet. If the original bottom row were shrines to older gods, than these new ones are to the current gods. If the bottom row was to the current gods, these new ones are to unknown gods. Unbeknownst to the PC's, the next request they make while in this room in this room will be instantly granted as per the miracle spell, but with out the components.

This is behind a very old wooden door banded with metal. Weather it's locked or trapped is GM whim.

Tree Friends and Foes: Play an animal in the forest. Squirrels are tree friends because they plant nuts and seeds, sort of by accident. Rats are tree foes because they gnaw through the roots. Foxes are tree friends because they eat the rats, among other animals and fruits. Deer eat bark in the winter, making them tree foes.

Ring of chaotic regeneration: Wearer fast healing 1-6 points every 1D6 rounds.

Place a whole bunch of potion of colorblindnesses, then when they threw them away, have them meet the big bads, who use hypnotic pattern to control people. Hypnotic pattern will not work on the color blind.

A powerful pixie princess who does nice things for people and then claims it's a prank. She's fond of making traps with healing potions on the needle and such. She is madder than a hatter.

Your summoned creatures (including you Eidolon) will take most of the combat. Some monsters are of course jerks and will attack whichever target looks weakest. I recommend bracers of armor and possibly a hat of disguise. If a monster wonders why an armored knight is at the back of the party, they still have to beat your disguise check to guess what's up.

Is there a feat for adding the two handed weapon bonus to, to hit?

I had a problem with a player who when I asked her how many arrows she had left, she admitted she forgot to bring her character sheet. I told her she could not play if she did not bring her sheet. She never came to a game again. It's better for some people to play online games where all this stuff is taken care of by the program.

In summation, if they want to learn the rules, great. If not, maybe you can still be friends, without the game. It sounds like hiking would be better for him anyways.

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I was thinking small city states. Each Greek city had it's own theme.
One Athens, one Sparta, ect.

Everything I can think of runs afoul of all your restrictions. That's what's wrong with RPG superstar.

The dagger of venom with holy water in it instead of poison, doesn't qualify.

The amulet of defensive spells makes shield and mage armor actually useful, but it doesn't qualify.

You didn't wave the maximum powers per item restrictions, so at best you can only combine 3 items. This is the house rules homebrew section so you could, and you should have.

Since you are going to respond with a "How dare you" post as if you did not have any free will, I'm going to hide this topic from myself. Don't send me any direct messages.

I forgot to start with Quarks are chaotic particles that were too unstable to prove they existed, as I interpret them. Also, other planes of existence have very different fundamental laws of nature. If you bring a toaster with you, it will attack you without any source of electric power.

Class Skill: Survival
Bonus feat: Improved unarmed strike.
Sorc. Bonus spells: 1st-Magic Fang 3rd-Bulls Strength, 5th-Magic Fang Greater, 7th-Freedom of Movement, 9th-Commune With Nature, 11th-Beast Shape III, 13th-Heroism Greater, 15th-Giant Form I, 17th-Moment of Prescience, 19th-Foresight

18: Natural Weaponry
Natural weaponry will come with -2 to dex, with arm and hands. Having a snout full of sharp teeth will result in -2 charisma only with social interaction. -2 DC for command and suggestion because they can be hard to understand.
1st level: Each claw on a hand or foot do 1-4 damage if they hit. Their fangs do 1-2. One claw is their main attack, while all others are off hand. They can use a weapon in their main hand, and use the off claw for secondary attacks. A tail with spines or a natural club can attack something behind them.
5th level: Can use their claws for climbing and traction against slippery surfaces. + half level for climbing and add to reflex saves. Claws do 1D6 each and bite does 1D4.
10th level: Full attack. Can use both feet as secondary attacks as long as they are not moving. Not even a 5 foot step. If they have a spiked or clubbing tail they can add that attack. Claws do 1D8 each and bite does 1D6

15th level: Pounce. Can charge and make all natural attacks. Opponent can remain standing only if it’s larger or already on all fours. Can make an attack of opportunity or opposed grapple only against opponent on opponents initiative. On their next initiative can either make all natural attacks or try to pin. Only weapons usable in a pounce are weapons that augment natural attacks. Claws do 1D10 each and bite does 1D8.
20th level:Run by slash. Can slash the target with their main attack in the middle of their charge. The target would have to move to counterattack, giving allies attack of opportunities. Claws do 2D6 each and bite does 1D10.

My Leveled Mutations (I would have liked more other player input) are built around 20th level max, but you can speed it up. At 5th, 10th, and 15th level you can -1 from the level attainable. Go to Leveled Mutations. As racial traits, they may more stable. Pixie midges might just be tiny, like Tinkerbelle.

Spriggans spring up, so they could seem to be normal sized Gnomes till they relax and become their true size. Exploring a dungeon, they might not have room to expand. If they were knocked unconscious, everyone could be pinned against the walls. You can see how drawbacks can reduce point costs. So can defects. Natural weaponry can come with -2 to dex, with arm and hands. Having a snout full of sharp teeth might result in -2 charisma only with social interaction. -2 DC for command and suggestion because they can be hard to understand.

The Abyss has only one kind of particle, Evil Quarks. They are constantly changing roles, from photons to electrons, to neutrons, but never protons.

I would love to run a so called reality campaign where a new tachyon microscope reveals that some matter is not of reality. The Angels and Devils rush to control this new tech so they can eliminate the competition.

You are not the first.

Year of the Yokai..

Bumped for renewed interest.

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137ben wrote:

Okay here's one that's been bothering me lately. None of the individual statements in this meme Grind my Gears, it's just when they are all given together by the same person.

In one thread, the following exchange occurs:
Person A: I don't think <game element> was written very well.
Person B: Who do you think you are, critisizing Paizo?!? Paizo is a huge sucess and makes MONEY off of Pathfinder! Unless you've made your own game and sold it and ran Paizo out of business you can't criticize them!

Which is certainly a valid, if unpopular, belief. Until the next thread, when we get the exchange

The companies that sell cigarettes make a lot of money. So do crack dealers. Not only is that not a valid belief, IT'S A TRAP!

Diamond dust: Most diamonds come from volcanic vents. This guys diamond mines are manned by skeletons and zombies. In his effort to get every grain of diamond fast is going to trigger volcanoes. So you have body snatching, earthquakes, and runoffs alarming the druids.

Blood: His own blood isn't enough. He's going to start having his minions kidnap unimportant people at first to sacrifice. Blood rituals are more effective when people are sacrificed.

Become a god first: Maybe this guy is a secret patron of the characters. Building them up to send them into The Cleaves to get the rest of the font. The font can be assembled outside of The Cleaves. It will work once and then the parts will disappear back into the Cleaves as it's reshuffled.

String Theory: In the 5th dimension, planes are actual planes, and timelines look like strings. If strings touch, the universes they contain can be destroyed. This guy doesn't know what he's doing, so his new expanding demiplane might destroy lots of worlds. He's warded himself against hyper-spatial beings, so they turn to the adventurers.

If you stat the Troodons, you can easily adjust them to be Silurians or Sleestax. They could be the ancestors of Lizardmen. Maybe a character is built as a throwback.

About Troodons..

My Self wrote:
Goth Guru wrote:
My understanding is, if it's undead, and the attack lands, points of healing act as points of damage. Heal on the other hand, does points first. If it can't do points, then it cures conditions. Thus a son of Kyuss or Worm Infested Corpse cannot be blinded. That's my GM call. If a GM lets you choose the effect Heal has, then maybe you can blind undead.
I'm pretty sure Heal just does damage to undead, no status condition attach. And it does both healing and condition removal to living people.


My understanding is, if it's undead, and the attack lands, points of healing act as points of damage. Heal on the other hand, does points first. If it can't do points, then it cures conditions. Thus a son of Kyuss or Worm Infested Corpse cannot be blinded. That's my GM call. If a GM lets you choose the effect Heal has, then maybe you can blind undead.

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Kobold Cleaver wrote:
James Langley wrote:
Aniuś the Talewise wrote:
stupid campaign idea: a party of level 1 commoners.

Been thinking of trying that one myself. Having folks "earn" their calling as they gained levels. Start as NPC classes but gain PC class levels around 4th level or so.

Assuming that they survived, of course ;)

I've often wanted to run a game where a bunch of nobodies find a collection of powerful artifacts and it's up to them to deliver the artifacts to the actual heroes. Their only assets are their basic NPC class abilities and the artifacts themselves.

So there is a game concept for that girlfriend who wants to play an ordinary baker. It would be fun if you had 5 pony OCs trying to bring lost parts of friendship to Ponyville. The symbol of unconditional optimism would be meant for Derpy.

It's like crossing a bridge. You stay to the middle mostly. You go too far right or left and you fall off the bridge.

I heard a player who had a girlfriend who wanted to create a baker character. Not a Rogue that had the profession baker. More like an expert baker. She insisted on bringing her character on some adventures, then got mad that her character died. Even the thread died out. There's no way to fix that.

I was at a convention and some battlemage killed the whole town fighting some goblins. The GM put him on trial and was going to have his character executed. He burned all his certs and the character instead lost some levels, and all his time units for the year. Killing every encounter and saying, "They should have been built for combat." won't fly either.

How do I handle role vs roll playing? I remind people that rule 1 is fun. Stupid character concepts like the stupid baker or killbot 2000 is not fun for anyone.

My take on afterlife prestige classes is in the following link.

Goth’s Freakshow..

Cosmic Warrior
Prestige class. Must be a spirit to start.
Role. There are methods of fighting, without fatigue, hesitation, fear, distraction, or any things besides fighting. The energy exerted is pulled back in and used for more fighting. These are the techniques taught by the battle masters who died of old age, and went right on perfecting their methods.
Hit dice, saves, and combat bonuses are as a fighter level.

1st level: They get a fighter feat, and an energy blast. The blast comes from their hand, does level damage, is close range(25 feet +5 foot for every 2 character levels).
2nd level: Fighter feat.
3rd level: Life energy ball. Tapping the life of an entire planet or demiplane, they create and hurl a ball of force that does 1D6 per level to everything it encounters. If it puts a hole in something it continues at full strength. Long range 400 feet plus 40 feet per caster level. It takes 1D6 rounds to regather the energy to use again.
4th level: Fighter feat.
5th level: Life energy ball now bursts like a fireball when it hits something.

Go to Penguin Games.

They made the tabletop game. Someone has made an online game based on it.

The cartoons had triage rules. Healing can stop dying to the point of keeping someone in a coma till science or even mad science can start them recovering. Also, they had Land of the Dead rules, where training in the afterlife can replace the missing class levels with even more levels of a prestige class. Ask your GM if he or she would like including some other aspects of the DBG universe.

I loved Sliders.
Every parallel could have a separate complication.
1: The entire party is wanted because of what their doppelgangers did.
2: Instead of the disease that simulates zombies, most of the world is taken over by ghouls.
3: It looks like the modern world, but there is a popular RPG where characters invade the enemy's home world.
4: There was a great episode where they got trapped in a pyramid on a world where the Egyptians conquered all. Stat the big monster because some parties will kill it.
5: They arrive at a dig with one of the characters doppelgangers is the million year old corpse.(Actually did this in the show.)

Most of Pathfinders problems are inherited.
Fortunately, instead of using the brain damaging armor spike rules, they backed off of armor spikes entirely. finder-magic-system/description

Spheres of Power..

I searched it, and from the look of it, you could build an alchemist with a physical transformation sphere, or a blaster. I will know more when I can invest 10 dollars for a PDF and a few extras. It's a lot like a game I tried to create, CAPAG. A magic user would get a magic power that grew more powerful as they went up levels. At so many levels(I forget if it was 3rd or fifth) they could select another power and combine them in interesting ways. With fire and growth they could make the fire elemental bigger.

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