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Goth Guru's page

6,366 posts (6,397 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 2 wishlists. 3 aliases.


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TheAlicornSage wrote:
Kullen wrote:
Yeah, there needs to be a flag for "arguments of One-True-Wayism." That would save a lot of effort.

I'm not claiming One True Way. I'm claiming a different way that most seem incapable of seeing.

No, you're blind!

It's opinions on both sides.

This topic could use some post deletions.

If an oni can infest an umbrella, they could infest a ruined android, or a plastic mannequin.

How about a litch killed a god, and then the divine casters tried to declare a holy war on all arcane casters.

An MMO can be simulated. The characters rebuild a town for resources and fight marauding monsters daily. Once they muster a town guard, they can go out on adventures.

Back on topic, monsters get more than half each hit dice and fort or structure bonus hit points. So should characters. If characters have to roll hit points, so does every monster and NPC. If characters get max, so should all monsters and NPCs. You can apply this to all spell damage too.

Max everything makes things easier on GMs, but it takes out a lot of the surprise and wonder. It depends on the game world. In limbo, probably everything is rolled and nothing is hand waved.

This should all be in the new core rule book. You could just add a supplement, Personalizing Core. Ultimate Personalizing is just too pretentious.

There was an option in 3.5 to let everyone with bloodlines to use them, to some extent. Thus my leveled mutations. Only sorcerers get the bonus spells, but ant fighter can use the combat aspects.

That's my opinion, take it or leave it.

If you have human fighters and all else is evil tainted threats, that's Warhammer core, in my opinion.

4th edition tossed out lawful evil and chaotic good, because they felt chaos was inherently evil, or they wanted to force that on the masses, in my opinion.

My grievance, that a few of you are putting out there your opinions as facts.

Sissyl wrote:

Well, no. If you don't have a group, you don't get to GM at all. Even so, choosing limitations doesn't by itself make you a poor GM.

I like to bring up the Warhammer games in this issue: Is the GM a poor GM because he wants the players to all play space marines in Deathwatch? Because he doesn't want a kender in the space marine group?

No. It's not the options given. It's what you do with them.

Not allowing Kender is a good thing, but it does not justify butchering Pathfinder's class and race options.

Warhammer has nothing to do with this.

Congratulations! You are now the main course in the Bug eating challenge.

I wish it was easier to create a link.

Was restricted. In the last season or so, a villain from the future upgraded it, or something. If you haven't watched the last season, I don't want to spoil it for you.

Yes, or the future tech device the doctor uses in Voyager.

The Gravity Falls Hidebehind was a shadow based creature. Possibly a Bigfoot shadow hybrid of some kind. It could be a fey prankster of some kind too.

I'm going to stat up a stand alone, mini holo projector that can allow a holographic being to travel.

Except for the plastic coins, most of these items are all unique. If a deck is created, only the coins get reshuffled into the deck.

13. Strange metal toy
This looks like a toy version of the base or ship the characters are exploring. A 20 disarm device transforms it into a fighting robot. The transforming of the base or ship will be heard at the same time. "playing" with the toy will allow the pilot to fight giant monsters from the bridge when full power and computer systems are restored.

The way I understand it, the family's aligning with the Whispering Tyrant is the reason records stopped being kept, at least in public places, 200 years ago. Finding out she died 100 years ago may be in records left in the tomb. Otherwise it's a high DC to research that.

The vamp might be the only one who knows where the family treasure vault is hidden, in their haunted villa.

If you don't like a devs opinion, just react to them. Don't take measures that you cannot take against other posters. That's not fair.

I usually only object to posters making unreasonable demands like "Don't suggest any classes that resemble existing Archetypes". 1: Many of them are trash and need replacing. 2: If it is not specified by the OP or official rules, Gary Gygax is dead, stop pretending to be him. 3:Even the best Archetypes cannot fill every need.

I approve of reorganization. CMB and CMD need to be clearly defined IN the character creation rules. Give core page numbers on the character sheet at least.

Several issues can be solved by revamping Prestige classes. The Eldritch Knight should require 11th character level instead of already casting spells. If it allowed magic missile and shield to fighters at that level, it would level the MCD.

You might also add an Arcane Forsworn to have spell resistance and abjuration magic only. 11th level or higher and must have no arcane caster class levels. They won't resist non harmful healing or curing spells.

The advantage to this direction would mean the GM could rebalance the game as they see fit. Also, low magic seems to mean low levels most of the time. High level monsters are broken so it makes sense to allow broken classes at high levels.

Under my homebrew rules, failure of the ritual could result in a brand that will persist till they announce regret before at least 2 witnesses.

Failure could amount to holding the tea brush wrong or something.

If the impurity is being born out of wedlock, they have to apologize for their birth parents. They might need to find out they were adopted.

Pertwee was the first Dr. Who I ever saw, and Tom Baker taught me to never confuse the character with the actor. I won't get alarmed by a new Dr. Who. I'm just glad there is one. Missy is kind of a joke.

What they need is a story Arch. The time war and end of the universe are becoming stale. What they need is a conspiracy to create new universes, with The Doctor as the crucial element. The paradise project is where those last humans were headed for, and the doctor arrives a few thousand years before. Scientists of several races are trying to create extra dimensional spaces. Project A and B collapsed immediately. When the doctor arrives(after being directed there by several adventures running into interested parties) he notices that using pieces of a mini scope and a time scoop, you could insert a large mass causing a universe to form. When he puts the ultimate dalek fleet into early D space, they find themselves millennia from any heavy metals. He could use Terminus to light the big bang for E-Space. He could then shift late Gallifrey to G space.

I have always wanted to see Killer Frost join the legends.
Back when they acknowledged MPD, there were alienists who specialized in merging personalities.

What about Snerk from alternate Earths?

Really daffy would be good future Barry fighting bad future Barry.

Enterprise became a bad comic book. The Flash pretty clearly defined what was and wasn't retconned by time travel.
If the Legion of SuperHeros just appeared and vanished without rhyme or reason, that would be at Enterprise level.

Tacticslion wrote:

SCP Foundation flips between horror and hilarious depending on which page you get to. Some pages will make you want to Nope right out of there while others will leave your eye rolling - or figuratively floor-rolling (with laughter) - due the sheer silly.

They even have their own, "No really, we swear you can't kill it." Tarrasque-thing that continuously causes troubles every time they try to get rid of it and occasionally other times when it escapes (usually due to shenanigans of othe SCPs).

It tends to try to keep things creepy, but enough things are vague enough that, as one commenter pointed out, in at least one case, you could fill something with positivity and goodness and it would take on a completely different tone... and make a looooot of internal logical sense for what they're doing and trying to achieve.

It's a nifty site. Not for everyone.

I want to join. Give them links to the IRL human skin books in actual libraries. Also, if Angie Baby from the song caught an indestructible monster in her radio, she would be a horror super heroine.

Dentist Song from Little Shop of Horrors

When I was young and just a bad little kid
My momma noticed funny things I did
Like shootin' puppies with a B B gun

I'd poison guppies, and when I was done
I'd find a pussy cat and bash its head
That's when my momma said

(What did she say?)
She said "My boy, I think someday
You'll find a way to make your natural tendencies pay"

You'll be a dentist
(Be a dentist)
You have a talent for causing things pain
Son, be a dentist
(Son, be a dentist)
People will pay you to be inhumane

Your temperament's wrong for the priesthood
And teaching would suit you still less
Son, be a dentist you'll be a success

Here he is folks, the leader of the plaque!
Watch him suck up that gas, oh my God
He is a dentist and he'll never ever be any good
Who wants their teeth done by the Marquis De Sade?

Oh, that hurts, wait, I'm not numb

Ehh, shut up, open wide, here I come

I am your dentist
(Goodness Gracious)
And I enjoy the career that I picked
(Love it)
I am your dentist
(Fitting braces)
And I get off on the pain I inflict
(You really love it)

I thrill when I drill a bicuspid
(Ooh, bicuspid)
It's swell, though they tell me I'm maladjusted
And though it may 'cause my patients distress

Somewhere, somewhere in heaven above me
I know that my momma's proud of me
Oh, momma
'Cause I'm a dentist and a success

Say aah
Say aah
Say ahh
Now spit

Menken Alan; Ashman Howard Elliott; Menken Alan Irwin

Published by

Song Discussions is protected by U.S. Patent 9401941. Other patents pending.

Read more: Little Shop Of Horrors - Dentist! Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Fans of MLP love this song now.

I am a chorus of the voices
That gather up the magnets
Set before me

I attract you and repel you
A science of the heart
And blood and meaning

The coldness of most beauties
Is a challenge that our youth
Must quickly conquer

There is no time for guilt
Or second guessing, second guessing
Based on feeling

I am the truth, the beauty
That causes you to cross
Your sacred boundaries

I have no morals
Some think me cheap
And someone who despises
The normalcy of heartbreak
The purity of love

But I worship the young
And just formed angel
Who sits upon the pin of lust
Everything else
Bores me

I want to see your suicide
I want to see you give it up
Your life of reason

I want you on the floor
And in a coffin your soul shaking
I want to have you doubting
Every meaning you've amassed
Like a fortune

Oh throw it away
For worship someone
Who actively despises you
For worship someone
Who actively despises you

I am the root
I am the progress
I'm the aggressor
I am the tablet
These ten stories


Pain and evil have their place
Sitting here beside me
I offer them to you as servants
Of the gold that you must give

Pain and evil have their place
Sitting here beside me
And I'll offer them, I offer them to you
As servants of the gold
That you must give to me

I want to see your suicide
I want to see you give it up, give it up
Your, your life of reason
I want to see you on the floor

And in a coffin, soul shaking
Soul shaking
I want to have you doubting
Every meaning you've amassed
Like a fortune, like a fortune
Throw it away

For worship of someone who actively despises you
Who actively despises you

I am the view
I am the table
I am the view
I am the table
I am all this
I am the root
The progress
The aggressor
I am the table
I am the ten stories
I am the table
I am [x5]

cappadocius wrote:

Outsiders: Oitos Kyton, New Rakshasa, new Asuras, new Manasaputra, the last six Oni to finish out the roster from CR 2-20, Xiuh Couatl, other couatls.

Folklore: Isiququmadevu, Kamakiri (maybe as an Advanced Familiar option?), Bakunawa (it swallows the moon! How's that for high level!?), Huayramama,
The Children of Ana: Poreskoro, Minceskro, Lolmischo, Bitoso, Schilayli, Tçaridyi, Tçulo, Lilyi, and Melalo

Fearsome Critters: Terrashots, Slide-Rock Bolters, Squonks, Whirling Whimpuses, Agropelters

Literature: Uliri (the Martians from War of the Worlds), Aihai/Yorhi (Clark Ashton Smith's Martians), Sorats and Calots (ERB's Martian cats and dogs)

Yes, I do want all the martians I can get. Akiton is just WAITING for a module or AP. I'd be asking for Malacandrans if they were public domain.

Dragons: We haven't had a paired set of dragons since original D&D gave us Metallic vs Chromatic. I know we're only ever gonna get 5 True Dragons at a time, but it'd be nice if B7's set could be paired against the Primal, Outer, Esoteric, or Planar Dragons.

Lastly, I think the last of the closed content D&D Classics without Pathfinder Original or OGL substitutes are the Beholders - I'd love to see that last perceived gap plugged.

Even if they are very different from my Ooglers, floating eyeballs were never a D&D invention. Take away the rocky exterior and replace levitation with a gas bladder and it's a whole different aberration.

It's called,"Rope swinging over the gator!"

The next poster is the sole survivor of the playtest.

49. Chirgaon General's Body Works
This human NPC takes parts from multiple recently dead bodies and stitches together one living creature. At 10th level his chance of creating a berserk monster is down to 5%. Loss of a charisma point is down to 5% too, but is checked for separately. His wife/nurse is made of mostly Gnoll parts, and is down to 5 charisma. His son the death touched sorcerer can refresh any remains with the repair spell.

Resources: Bodies can be dumped out back, no questions asked. Ring the doorbell for someone you want brought back more or less as themselves.

Just your average clone wrote:

374: The Beardinator shows us the list!

The Beardinator appears over where the bean was planted, hands the planter the list, and then vanishes in a cloud of shed beard hair. With the list in hand, planters can take precautions when planting beans.:)

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Orville Redenbacher wrote:
DungeonmasterCal wrote:

My grievance today is about the weather, not gaming. It's been raining a LOT here in Arkansas since this past weekend, with many areas flooding and being evacuated. Fortunately my town isn't one of them, and my grievance is really petty compared to things like that. But I'm going to see Alice Cooper in concert tonight and I dread standing in line to get inside the venue (even though I have advance tickets) because I loathe getting wet.

Petty grievance over.

What are you? A cat?

My grievance is I don't have the start up money to sell souvenir umbrellas outside venues when it rains.

You can add body switching Because UR the GM!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Chub Toad with growth

What? Neither of you know how to hide a topic so you don't have to look at it?

Guy is just repeating his objections to this topic over and over. How is that saying "What other Hybrid classes would you like to see?"

I didn't say anything about any corner till just now. As I said no such thing, maybe that's a strawman argument.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

344. Sign in front of the Churgeon's office. "Please dump bodies out back."

Undead elf fetus stew, a special order for a would be litch.:)

When I don't like a topic, like you are acting like, I make one negative statement and hide the topic. If enough people hide the topic, the devs notice. Otherwise, you are outvoted.

You don't have to buy any more class books in pdfs or dead tree. You can not allow any classes you choose at your table or PBP topic, for any reason. You can also start a topic about not allowing similar classes anymore, that I can hide.:)

Can I put splatty stew in my random settlement building table?

Nitro~Nina wrote:
ChaiGuy wrote:
Nitro~Nina wrote:
ChaiGuy wrote:
Derklord wrote:


The second type of rune can be used if a certain trigger event happens, then if you have an immediate action, your character can activate the rune (which also disappears and conveys it's powers to the character like the first type).

I did like the wizard / fighter hybrid you mentioned earlier and I'm interested in seeing more of that hybrid class.

** spoiler omitted **...

Have you considered having them be able to create Spellscribed Armor as if they had the Craft Magical Arms and Armor feat and Scribe Scroll?
Spellscribed armor sounds


Aaaa sorry for being so late! Been forced to focus on life stuff and occasional roleplay, forgot about General Discussion entirely. There We Go. It's at the bottom of the Armor section.

So a shield of shield would be a single use item. It sounds like you might, or not, be able to reinscribe it at the full price. Can cost be at the minimum, or as the caster chooses, caster level?

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Fromper wrote:
Goth Guru wrote:
I tried to sell stuff on Ebay once. My account got hacked, some tool ran up a huge bill, and I had to cancel my account and block Ebay from my Email and change the password. My sister was able to sell the copy of Vampire Dark Ages, finally.
You're password wasn't 12345, was it?

Never. Not even 54321. I can almost hear lots of people rushing to change their passwords.:)

Magic Square wrote:

I think Ckorik has it right. House rules, misremembered rules, and misinterpretations all combine this way.

I let my players recharge their staves everytime they land on Free Parking.

I once tried to base a dungeon level on the monopoly board. Never finished putting it together. How about a crater from a magic explosion recharges each such item one charge overnight if you make camp there.

LordXeen geges for your sore throat


Who's there?


Owl who?

GM Rednal wrote:

If a class doesn't have an "Extra" feat for one of its major abilities - the way Paladins don't have Extra Smite, for example - it's almost certainly intentional. Such powers tend to be fairly potent, and allowing extra uses could make the class more powerful than intended. It's best to respect that limit.

(Broadly, powers with a low, fixed number of uses tend to not get Extra feats, while those with a high, variable number of uses - such as 3 + Ability Mod per-day - probably will get an Extra feat.)

Probably not allowed for PFS, but for home games the GM can decide.

31: Volcano
It's still smoking. Climb into the top and you can find sulphur, some diamonds, and a small lava pool. You can carve an entire dungeon out of a volcano.

If settlement: There is a cult of volcano worshippers who are unwittingly feeding a red dragon who lives in the volcano. There is probably a big fire elemental lurking in the lava. +2 economy and fire magic.

If no settlement: More unharvested diamonds, sulphur, and fire based monsters. At the base of the volcano is rich soil.

I'm looking through the advanced players guide and I cannot find a feat for additional judgements.

Judgemental would give you one more judgement per day. You can take it any number of times, if you can use judgements, and you can spare the feats.

An interrogator is an Inquisitor who specializes in questioning.. That not only makes charisma their prime spell stat, it makes social skills class skills, and adds a judgement, burning question. Everyone who the question is posed to, must will save or take 1 point of fire damage for every 2 levels of interrogator(round up) if they answer falsely. The interrogator can choose the target's foot, hand, hair, or even set their pants on fire. While each question counts as 1 judgement, the question can be directed at any number of creatures that can hear and understand.

I tried to sell stuff on Ebay once. My account got hacked, some tool ran up a huge bill, and I had to cancel my account and block Ebay from my Email and change the password. My sister was able to sell the copy of Vampire Dark Ages, finally.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I hate getting into a big discussion about my playing style, then finding out all GM Characters are by definition GMNPCs.

"Reports of my death were greatly exaggerated!"

The next poster has fake spoilers that may be even better than the true spoilers.

Transor Z had a jet pack/wings that could be attached to get it to the robot monsters. Even the power rangers had zords that became shields, swords, breastplates, ect.

Starbuck_II wrote:

This is my recipe:

Basically you cast Possess Object spell (class or scroll/wand) on an object.
It becomes an Animated Object that you are "riding".

You could enchant the spell into the mech, or have mech pilot as a bloodline. Perhaps the pilots are all descended from the pilots who used the recently rediscovered mechs. Perhaps a device in some ruins mutated in the pilot trait to anyone who stumbled upon it.

Well the RPGA module was a hot mess. The writers and or the GM we got hated the entire concept and purposely soured me on it. The WoC materials were pretty good. Just steer clear of certain convention run materials for inspiration.

I would like another Chaotic Neutral outsider race that is not a high level Naga. I call them Free spirits or wonderlanders. Someone else is calling them cartoons. Usually they take the form of civilized animals, misshapen humanoids, talking plants, and other nonsensical combinations of opposites.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Maybe Aroden is based on The Lady of Pain?
It's more of "It doesn't matter what you guess, your wrong" phoneyness.

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