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Goth Guru's page

6,058 posts (6,085 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 2 wishlists. 3 aliases.


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That's worse than Pathfinder Society.
Seriously, who published Salem Witch hunt rules like that?

I'm going to look in the advanced players guide and find out how badly messed up that is. I looked, and hag transformation isn't even an option. Is that fool calling it game balance? because it's not.

For every sucky cursed item you should get to select one awesome item.

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The real "It"! Accept no rubber spiders.:)

I can't find Magus Archetypes in the book, which is too bad because it's the perfect base for a super spy. This may be confusion on my part.

There are lots of arguments going on about how a Magus can or cannot use spell combat and a quickened spell in the same round. Just make a ruling so it doesn't spoil the rules forums for everyone.

It's a great book besides those 2 points.

Black Card
_______ is rules mush!

White Cards
"Strawman Argument"
Alchemist Extract rules
Magus Spell Combat
Mirror Image
Glitterdust in a Darkness spell
Full round and 0 time actions

I was admonishing myself to not discuss suggestions to the rules because some people freak out about it. Apparently only current RAW rules can only be questioned in the rules question forum. I am going to bring it up on the paizo product forum where your indignant shrieking belongs.

Every time I try to have a civil discussion about rules interpretation here, people start tossing about buzzwords like Strawman Argument like they are profanity. I will probably soon not only hide this topic but remove the bookmark for the Rules Questions from my bookmark bar entirely. As none of you can have a civil discussion here, any questions I have about what the rules mean, I will ask on other places on the Paizo website.

I could make a strong case that your very existence is a strawman argument. That's why the very expression is rules mush.

I clicked Chaotic Good. That becomes ever more appropriate.

Here's The Leshy.

612:By Your Command(A programming guide)This book appears to contain one chapter on how to use it, a core dump of binary ones and zeros, and a space in the back containing a disk, flash drive, and computer memory crystal. The first chapter tells how to input the program that is supposed to cure a mad robot, android, or computer(such as on a spaceship). Actually, it is a testimony by a computer how they survived an encounter with a "Captain Kirk" by pretending to be cured and cooperating with people. PC robots and androids will be able to read the binary.

The stray sod could be like a living wand of wonder.
It could random teleport the victim, make them think they are a unicorn, grant them the power of flight for 2D6 minutes(the victim does not know when it will end), ect.

Plausible Pseudonym wrote:
Goth Guru wrote:
That's a restriction. It only effects that much no matter what it's part of.


Alternatively, you can target shatter against a single solid nonmagical object, regardless of composition, weighing up to 10 pounds per caster level.
The single object targeted can't weigh more than 10 pounds per caster level. You don't get to partially destroy something bigger. If you fail the weight requirement you fail the targeting requirement.

Then the spell is totally worthless.

That was me talking to myself.
If you think that was a strawman argument I am very proud!:p
There is no rule against Strawman Arguments on these boards.

A line of hexes full of hills, then a line of small mountains, then hills again. They extend either way 2D6 hexes, rolled once each side.

If settlement: Usually in the valley between 2 mountains. Economy is +2, danger is +2. Trade and minerals are abundant. The settlement can just be placed in the major mountain range in the area.

If no settlement: A path between mountains is called a pass. There will be flying and cave dwelling monsters. Some humanoids may set up an illegal toll booth. May be gangs of bandits living in caves like the hole in the wall gang.

In spell combat, the quickened cheese spell is still -2 to hit. This is not the place to suggest -2 to the save DC for spells cast during spell combat, by the Mangus.

The Magus has Spell Combat as a class ability.

I'm still reading the book, so I will tentatively go with maybe they can if both spells are one handed.

The Mangus seems tailor made for solo play. There are no rules yet for trying to do too many things at once. Is there?

Bible full of Poisons. book

Every Cleric of Norgorber should have one.

The high priest of abadar is willing to trade goods for one future raise dead, full cost. You will quickly run out of whatever raw material source you found.:)

Give a fighter the vampiric bloodline.

Several bloodlines have fighter potential.

Aurelio 90 wrote:

A 7th Bestiary? Really? I still wait my pre-ordered Bestiary 6 from Germany (and I living in Italy!)


* New tipe of true dragon, "terror dragon" (evil dragons that embody the mortals' fears, i.e. death, madness, disease, abandonment and similar concepts)

* A new type of celestial (or an unique mythic-or-not monster), the "grigori": "primordial angels" with the body made up of words and sacred symbols, and they/he use words of power (from Ultimate Magic) instead normal spellcastings

* Orcus!

Not by that name. You can animate Aroden's corpse and make him the god of corporeal undead though. :)

That's a restriction. It only effects that much no matter what it's part of.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Quickened spell during a full round action.
Arguing about it means it was chosen.:)

The rules don't say insert reality. With the quicken spell feat you get a special shorthand letting you cast 2 spells at once. If you are doing 2 things at once, you can put a zero time action anywhere. On top of a full round action. In the seem between the start of your action round and the beginning of your full round action.

It's like having a dishwasher fit snug between a fridge and a cabinet. Strawman the Gnome hangs a sign on the front of it that says empty on one side and loaded on the other. It obviously does not have to be on the left or right side.

Squiggit wrote:

What about a skirmisher ranger? I use surprise shift to move adjacent to an opponent as a swift action and then make a full attack against them.

Under the assumption that I must begin my turn with a full attack, this interaction becomes impossible as I cannot initiate the full attack from my starting position.

This leads to the even more bizarre result of ending up adjacent to a target with both my standard and move actions available and yet somehow unable to initiate a full attack.

I'm sorry I just can't buy that.

Who's selling that?

Your surprise shift is part of your full attack. Its part of the first millisecond. You are looking for an attack opening as you move. There is no seam in which your opponent can launch a defensive measure.

Raynulf wrote:

Not really a grievance so much as a disappointment: Demiplanes are underused.

The create demiplane series of spells are obscenely powerful, and, courtesy of magical economies and scrolls, also very available. And permanency is only 5th level, and thus much more available. The create demiplane series do not give a minimum caster level for the permanency, however the standard formula is 9 plus the spell level of the created effect.

In addition to scrolls, there is also the prospect of hiring spellcasters; A metropolis only goes to 8th by default, but there are several settlement traits/types that raise this to 9th.

If ownership of the place is key (the character wants to UMD their way to a personal resort), then scrolls are the way to go.

** spoiler omitted **...

2 words,

Growth Potential.
It's been left to the GM to determine if the demiplane can be made to grow. I've come up with some homebrew solution, but in PFS you are boned.

Boomerang Nebula wrote:
Garbage-Tier Waifu wrote:
Boomerang Nebula wrote:

I feel like Shatter should be a really cool spell yet somehow in actual games the opportunity to use it never eventuates.

It is selective, but consider what objects you could shatter. Early on, you can sunder an opponents weapon for a quite respectable damage, or an opponents component pouch or divine focus. Later, you can shatter support beams of buildings or bridges, hefty doorways, statues, and so on. The application is as far as your imagination takes it.

I believe there is a will save versus the sunder effect, in which case other spells are usually more effective. Although at low levels against a foe without a magic weapon I agree that it is a neat idea.

Regarding the support beam idea, our table rules that they are not separate objects to the building or bridge that they support and therefore can't be specifically targeted by the spell.

But the building is an unattended object so you just shatter the entire building with no save.

Free and swift actions take place DURING full round actions. There is no space before or after.

Me: Why Trump?

And his paladin levels changed into sacred alchemist levels.

(here's an easy one)
The Paladin watched the premiere of Riverdale.


You could add go fish rules. You could ask for some sort of undead to complete the undead room. More specific than a deck, but not a card number.

Looks you could add a material component. Something black, ebony or jet.

A lich could have 2 apprentices, each with a ring of dispelling. A lich has spellbooks, their only use might be a bribe for followers and friends.

The way I understand it, it only stops spells when they start. For ongoing invisibility you need dispel magic. If someone already invisible tries to cast a spell, you have to target the 5 foot square.

Flutter wrote:
Goth Guru wrote:
For the boons, charity auctions or sales only. A receipt with a picture of the child or animal helped can be stapled to the boon.

Druids local 704 reminds you to parse that as (picture of child) or (picture of animal) rather than the other way as we do not condone stapling animals to anything.

I did not mean anything other than a picture be stapled to the cert. By the way, a public toilet is not in full view of the public while being used.:p

My justification is that full and free actions are part of the full round action. Thus you can shout "Death from above" while firing your bow at the sniper you spotted.

I don't agree you can fit two 5 foot steps into a round. You are basically breaking up a move action and claiming it's two free actions.

You can put it inside of a book. If they can assume it's the litch's old spell book, it's not really trolling.

Lets go ask Stan Lee if we can use the elders of the universe. You know, The Grandmaster, The Collector, ect.

Forbidden words of Power!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'm thinking of adding "Forbidden words of power" to Pathfinders against humanity.:)

Aside from limiting abilities to 5, what can I do to get more interest?

If this topic fails it will at least prove me right about these topics stifling creativity.:)

You could work up some creatures unique to the setting.

For the boons, charity auctions or sales only. A receipt with a picture of the child or animal helped can be stapled to the boon.

There needs to be a processing spell. Thus 5 gallons of crude can be turned into 1 gallon of gasoline. Instead of toxic waste, the rest is consumed as a material component. Note that a wagon load of iron ore would be made into steal ingots so you would still need fabricate or a craftsman. Perhaps a 4th level spell.

43.Water Tower
This building stores water. There is a sieve on top that keeps junk out when it rains. Will suck up flood water through capillary action.

Resources: Water of course. Clerics between adventures get a salary for keeping it filled during dry spells and casting purify food and drink when needed.

61. The poster says, "This place condemned for it's full of evil vileness"
Reading this triggers a quest spell that the reader must slay the next evil thing they encounter. It also confers continuing detect evil. It is a repeating item.

Sort of overgrown, this massive stone wonder is partially overgrown.

GM notes: Yes there are mummies, traps, and treasures. The secret entrance is really an entrance/exit for undead and cultists.

If settlement: Built around the pyramid, the pharaoh cult has their secret headquarters in town. There may be a library and museum, due to the presents of ruins.

If no settlement: There are other ruins from the time of the Pharaohs. One of them might be the entrance to the underground lair of the cult.

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Dasrak wrote:

Okay, it's been a while but I've got some new settlement qualities for us to play with. There are two new settlement qualities I have found in the Strange Aeons adventure path, which I have added to the rules document and the settlement generation script. These two new qualities are Racially Tolerant (which isn't actually what you would think it is) and Slavers' Haven (which is exactly what you would think it is).

However, this does raise a rather serious concern: what happens if you roll Slavers' Haven on a non-evil settlement? While some people might be okay with this quality on a neutral settlement, I'd struggle to reconcile that personally and I think everyone can agree it doesn't fit on a good settlement. I'm just going to unilaterally rule that if you roll Slavers' Haven on a non-evil settlement that you get a re-roll. While I'm at it, I'm also going to give the same treatment to Darkvision for human settlements. That one has always been a bit of a weird edge case, and if I'm going to create a precedent for re-rolling stuff that doesn't fit well then that one is definitely the next in line. This has been implemented in the script so if you use that you will never get Slavers' Haven on a non-evil settlement or Darkvision on a human settlement.

Also, while I'm here, let's get a settlement going!

Neutral Good Large Town (South)
Corruption +2; Crime -3; Economy +2; Law +3; Lore +1; Society -1
Qualities Deep Traditions, Insular, Racially Tolerant (Lizardfolk)
Danger 10

Makarte is another town where spies disguised as ambassadors are more useful than troops. They can move into abandoned embassies of dead empires and use them as safe houses. The parties, with guest lists full of people nobody ever heard of, is another source of income for them. Of course, most of it is off the books.

571] God looks at possible futures and realizes what his magical jealousy will result in. Jesus forms an adventuring party including the most powerful wizard, a rogue, and a paladin(one of the apostles). The current roman emperor gets slain and the second age of heros begins.

Shield and mage armor cannot be cast when you suddenly need them.
They are most valuable when used to create magic items.

Elixir of eternal youth. Turns the drinker into an infant. They then age normally. Note that this is a beneficial effect so there is no save. Not a beneficial effect for dragons so a fort save is required.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I could see a Copper Dragon organizing Kobolds into disruptive flash mobs.

Rysky wrote:
Goth Guru wrote:
False Deities. Humanoids or actual monsters that have gained power to the point of being gods in all but name.
Have you seen the Radiant Idol from Eberron?

Missed that. Our Eberron campaign died when our group broke up.

In The Cleaves there is a bluebird of happiness. It's song makes everyone happy, but is addictive. Doesn't work on undead.

The lich's soul is in the phylactery. The lich's body is just an animated spell dispenser being controlled by the phylactery.

The item would have to be evil to accept the magic. Neutral if you allow that for undead.

An undead fighter with their soul in their sword would be a soul sword.

Their strong beliefs and strong spirits were the perfect recipe for a tavern brawl.
The Paladin fell for causing chaos.

The paladin brought many plot hooks to the inn.

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