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Kyuss Spawnling

Goth Guru's page

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Goth Guru is ironic. Would you go to a guru to learn how to be depressed? Of course not. I joined the Paizo message boards while DMing Age of Worms. This was before the 4th edition split. I grabbed the avatar and haven't found one that fits better.

123. Max 3rd level for goblin fighters.

You could go with shield bash or a buckler.

A buckler might not prevent 2 weapon fighting.

Shield bash would give you crushing damage to complement your slashing sword. A spiked shield would give you piercing.

Is the GM going with the max racial levels for monster races? That kind of goes against the core rules. If I buy the race builder book(online version) I will probably house rule that out. Warrior levels for encounters, sure upper limits. Actual adventuring goblin characters, no upper limits.

Phantom Hitchhikers

Phantom Hitchhikers are beings that don't know they are dead, and with the strength of that belief they form an illusionary (sp) body that's 75% real. They hitch rides to their destination with cars, trucks, caravans, or whatever.

"See the hitcher with the sad eyes?
Be ready for a bad surprise.
Give a ride or leave them be.
The murderous ambushers you soon will see!"

If near their remains, they act out their death.
If avenged or given a funeral, they transform into a petitioner.

Whenever they touch or are touched by anything, roll percentiles. 1-25 the person or thing passes through them and they immediately forget it happened. They might claim the bullet missed or something. They always have ghost touch weapons, because they keep dropping other weapons. If they wear armor it will be ghost touch.

In your example, the body was thrown in the mass grave without being identified. Also, you can make it 50-50. 1-50 on percentiles they pass through the thing unless it has ghost touch.

This is my personal homebrew and does not appear in any official source to my knowledge.

Prestige class. Must be a spirit to start.
Role. They don’t call it Malevolence or magic jar. They call it riding, like the living are beasts of burden. With practice they can add their skills and class abilities to those of their ‘host’. Some learn from Baron Samedi himself. Unlike a simple ghost, they cling to their alignment and personality they had in life. If they ‘stray from the path’ and abuse their powers they will become an actual ghost or similar corporeal undead(such as a Horla). Another consequence of being a rider is if they are raised or resurrected. They become a medium. A medium can see the dead and must aid them with their unfinished business. Their level as a rider actually subtracts from their saves vs possession.

1st level: They can combine 1 skill with the host, switching the combined skill is a quick action, that can only be done once a round. Riding is like a Magic Jar Spell. Your DC vs the host’s Will save is 10 + highest mental bonus + all levels. The mental bonuses are Wisdom, Intelligence, and Charisma.
2nd level: They can combine the bonus of one of their physical abilities with one of the host’s physical abilities. (Deadman of DC comics would always add his +5 to dex to the host’s dexterity.) The physical abilities are Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution.
3rd level: They can use a feat or class feature(as long as it isn’t a supernatural ability) from the host. Thus they could trigger the hosts rage. They cannot trigger a blast from a forceborn.

Special: When possessed, a medium gives a possessing spirit the benefit of their rider levels. This is involuntary.

1. 101 ways to add more items to a thread that fulfilled it's premise.
(1-create a new topic with the word more in the topic. 2-Add + behind the number in the title. Ect.)

Staff of Meeting. Summons in a table, chairs, and every member of your party or business. 1 charge plus 1 for every person summoned in.

Monster summoning 3 will recharge 1 while refuge will recharge 2.

A blackened iron pendant with an ivory hand inset.
This facilitates hiding it in his shirt.

Qaianna wrote:
Just a Guess wrote:
LazarX wrote:
Voin_AFOL wrote:

I know in the weapons section it says "The price includes miscellaneous gear that goes with the weapon, such as a scabbard or quiver."

I was wondering if that applied to mounts as well. Like if I buy livestock from a farm, would it come with at least a harness, or would I have to pay the extra 2 gp for it?

When you buy a horse in the modern era, everything else from horeshoes to saddles, to the bridle costs extra.

It wasn't any different back then, and that's why all of these items are listed under "gear".

When you buy a sword in modern era you don't always get a scabbard, belt or whatnot. You just get the sword. Yet the rules state you always getting a scabbard or a quiver to go along your weapon.

In this case, I see a difference.

With a sword, you need to have a scabbard. Unless you wear chainmail pants all the time (and chainmail's obviously inferior to a breastplate), and even then your valuable sword is being exposed to the elements. The horrible, evil, corrosive elements. It's not as major an issue for other items but swords and other mainly-bladed weapons are a little tempermental that way. Who cares how sharp your warhammer is?

Horses, on the other hand, generally don't need a saddle to contain them. On their own, all a horse cares about saddles and saddlebags for are fashion accessories and carrying their own things around. And I can only think of one fictional example where that's even an issue. (And they still walk around mostly without them anyway, for some reason.) As you could be hitching the horse to something, riding it, or just trying to make more horses with it, there's no real 'set gear' for a horse to come with aside from the rudimentary rope to drag it around with.

MLP characters are not normally bought and sold. If hired they might have their own equipment.

Casual Viking wrote:
Kelsey Arwen MacAilbert wrote:
The first thing to handle is ability scores
The first thing to handle is decide how many 1. level warriors with guns it takes to kill an average 10th level character. That's something you want to decide, not something that should emerge randomly from shuffling around some ability scores.

A more important question, can your mutants choose Weaponizer, and be the gun?

Go to Leveled Mutations.

This is a good underdark resource.

City of the Drow.

ErisAcolyte-Chaos jester wrote:

What amount of points are we able to spend on it.

Just because i'm not certain about how strong you want the characters to be.

They are NPCs so you can min max and have one use a staff of life as a walking cane as much as you like.

"You can bash with a shield instead of using it for defense."
I doesn't say and. A feat that allows you to use a shield as a weapon and protection at the same time would solve your problem.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

356: Because a member of the tea party is running for president, I wish Lucky was running now.

MattW wrote:
93. Jolly Johnny Meadbriar S 12, D 10, C 11, I 13, W 12, Ch 14, 4th level Expert, HP 18, Trader/Merchant. Jolly Johnny has a merchant shop where he 'can sell water to a drowning man'. Out back he has a stables, which he uses for horse trading, and rents to travellers when the inns are full. He is red nosed due to long years of drink, which he happily gives folk a taste if it will help a sale. He is married and his 3 daughters, the oldest is married off to a soldier and has moved away. He is keen to keep the local boys from the younger two daughters, unless he 'approves' of them.

Renumbered so to fix double numbers.

You can go to this topic to select buildings in the farm village. The rest is all farmland, barns, and farmhouses.
Random Village..


BlingerBunny wrote:
Cyrad wrote:
That sounds cool, but what are you asking here?
I'm asking for suggestions, maybe use a prefabricated dungeon and bend it to my will?

The keypad for The Cleaves has 100 buttons. You put it next to a door and push a button. The selected room appears on the other side of the door.

If you press power on the remote it will turn off the microwave room. Then you can turn it back on behind you.

Special Discoveries..

Sounds like The Cleaves before it spun out of control. Some rooms are huge or even a cluster of doors on a planet surface. You could jump off the bridge into the stream, swim to the sewer, and exit right back to the bridge.

The creator of the space dungeon would know how to bypass or avoid all the traps. Possibly the owner would have both the remote and the keypad.

93: It's been so long since I gamed that I'm considering trying Play by Post again. Any longer and I may even try Hasbro's thing with parts chopped out of it. I don't want to go there.

"You suck, and I should know!"

92. 101 words to use instead of words that are not allowed.
1=Fudge, 2=Schist, 3=Nocturnal(Thanks CB). ect.

120.Goblin Meat. The game where your goblin tries to eat the other goblins. Eat enough other goblins and you grow into a hobgoblin.

37: "Vampires Suck!"

Someone else suggested batch crafting. You can only make one type of potion or scroll at a time, but you could make 3 doses of cure mod as a batch. While you could not work on 2 swords at a time, you might be able to craft more than 1 magic candle at a time.

I acknowledge that many misc. magic items are really re-skinned potions. You don't have to.

More on topic, in advanced I had my magic user hunt through the woods to find the hollow piece of thorn bush he needed. He melted some silver pieces, using the thorns he snapped off as fuel, and filled the hollow stick with molten silver. He fastened a bloodstone to the end the magic would come out of, and then enchanted the wand of magic missiles he made. All ingredients he gathered or claimed as treasure were subtracted from the gp. cost to create it. All ingredients were related to damage and energy. He wrote this recipe in one of his spell books.

Next time I GM I will have such recipes each occupy a place in a characters mental inventory. This also limits the number of different items the character makes in a week of downtime.

Archmic wrote:
Goth Guru wrote:

So to interfere with blindsight you would need

1-both sound and smell blocking, such as a solid wall or a prismatic sphere. Maybe a spell tailored to that such as odious clamor.

2-If it's a magical power, such as some monsters have, then only things specifically listed as blocking it will block it. Anti magic field might not effect it but a dead magic zone would. Thus only oracles (magical mutants, if you allow them) and monsters will have this.

3-If someone is otherwise blind and learned to depend on smell and sound to the point of simulating blindsight only sound and smell blocking will effect it. Even a dead magic zone will not effect it.

4-If someone is hiding behind something, the being with blindsight will be aware of them, but cannot target them with anything but an area effect. A self centered burst will be stopped by whatever they are hiding behind.

1- a solid wall I agree with, the prismatic sphere; which can be walked through; wouldn't. It's swirling colors which someone with blindsight couldn't even see to begin with or register that it existed. Force wall would stop it though.

2-I agree with this.
3-If you wanted to specify that it depended solely on sound and smell then yes, but there are other things that it can use. Echolocation specifically works on certain frequencies and technically you would have to make a noise either loud enough or in the same range as the the sound being used for the echolocation to disrupt it.
4-In principle yes. The same restrictions as a sighted spellcaster apply in this case. A ranged touch attack can't be attempted if your line of effect is disrupted. Such as a large tree or someone laying prone behind a low wall.

I meant that if a character was not on the list of people allowed to walk through the sphere, they could not detect anything inside. One layer is abjuration, another is poison gas, and maybe one of them is sonic damage. Does blind sight outrank a 9th level spell? That's a GM call.

If someone was born with useless vestigial eyeballs or they were damaged and never healed, their learned blindsight(if the GM allows that) at a high level would not be echolocation. If they have a bat animal companion/familiar then they do have access to echolocation.

Have I covered all the bases yet?

As soon as the N word and Drow are used in the same post, 83 will be locked and every post will be deleted, as it should be.

342: Because of the rare PCs that catch the whole party in area of effect spells, no NPC will act as a guide or a torch bearer. Many only turn to adventurers to find missing persons if no one else will go look for them.

LordGolem wrote:
That would be a frustrating situation for me. I like a control focused wizard instead of a sorcerer.

You would hang back, and charm the monsters that try to sneak up behind. Then send your new minions into the death zone. Note that your 'buddies' will have already blown their most powerful area of effect spells on the door guards. Remember, utility spells like comprehend languages belong on scrolls, not in memory.

For role play, the GM may agree that word is getting around about that party and their so called tactics. NPCs will be drawing them maps and refusing to lead them anywhere.

So to interfere with blindsight you would need

1-both sound and smell blocking, such as a solid wall or a prismatic sphere. Maybe a spell tailored to that such as odious clamor.

2-If it's a magical power, such as some monsters have, then only things specifically listed as blocking it will block it. Anti magic field might not effect it but a dead magic zone would. Thus only oracles (magical mutants, if you allow them) and monsters will have this.

3-If someone is otherwise blind and learned to depend on smell and sound to the point of simulating blindsight only sound and smell blocking will effect it. Even a dead magic zone will not effect it.

4-If someone is hiding behind something, the being with blindsight will be aware of them, but cannot target them with anything but an area effect. A self centered burst will be stopped by whatever they are hiding behind.

Summoner is good. So is an alchemist already min maxed for combat. You basically need a broken character. Imagine if you were playing solo in an all combat game.

If you were going to run a game with almost no combat, I hope you like Scooby Doo or Agatha Christie. Actually, I do. Keep in mind that you could play the friend in law enforcement all amateur detectives seem to have. Even the great Sherlock Holmes had one.

rainzax wrote:

How about this. New creature ability.

Octopus of Death
As a full-round action, a creature with multiple natural attacks and the Grab ability may maintain as many grapples with smaller creatures as it likes while also making a full attack. For each grapple CMB check it chooses to make, it must dedicate one natural attack, and cannot use that natural attack during it's full attack routine. Each grapple check takes a cumulative -5 penalty to it's CMB check. The full-attack sequence takes a flat (non-cumulative) -5 penalty. Attacks and grapple CMB checks may be made in any order on the creature's turn. This is an extraordinary ability.

Should honestly be called "Multi-Grab" but I like my name better. CR +25%?

Can I steal this for multi armed mutants? Should I give them grab at 5th level and Octopus of Death at 10th level?

Go to Leveled Mutations.

So the Miraluka can't see Obie Wan like Luke can?

RAI, a silence spell or a stink bomb will provide cover from blindsight.

That's assuming it uses smell and sound. I saw a movie about the Blind Swordsman(subtitled of course) and he walked slowly with his sword cane, but he could find his foes by their heartbeats. He also could find the bars and eateries by smell.

In essence, unless the character has a seeing eye animal companion, all terrain is difficult.

I had to make a change to forceborn.

1st level Force beam. Does 1d4+1 for every 2 levels. One force beam per attack. Range 25 feet +5 feet per (level + dex bonus). Ranged touch bypasses physical armor but not mage armor or deflection bonuses. It also does not bypass natural armor such as barkskin or fur. The shield spell counts as +4 armor against it. This can damage objects such as locks, drilling through hardness, then actual hit points. Effective against incorporeal creatures.

If you don't want to wait for the player to buy the book for you, you could use my Force Born mutation.

Go to Leveled Mutations.

I am so going to add a braille spellbook to The Cleaves. I will include the tap and die to raise the bumps on the surface.

It has to be learned as a language from someone who knows it.
It takes half a language slot so you could use the other half for sign language, or goblin, because they have no written language. :)

I was going to say ghouls smell like dead bodies, but someone beat me to it. In any case, no magic missile for blind characters.

79. 101 reasons you would let someone bring a gun to the table.

So when I design the mutation where the creature can touch things and turn them into bombs, that's arcane because of Alchemists. Right?

When talking smack,"Between my taking the blood and his wolf, nothing will be wasted."

thegreenteagamer wrote:

We booted a guy from my old group for a lot of things. He was crippled, and group pity put up with a lot, including the smell of the colostomy bag (not his fault, so NOT boot-worthy), but...

A) He kept taking his shirt off mid game. I'm NOT of the "dudes hanging out together shirtless" crowd. Keep your frickin' clothes on.

B) He not so jokingly stated that being crippled justified him being a total @$$hat to everyone else regularly, and proceeded to be so.

C) He flat-out cheated building his character.

D) He made a lesbian female character who tried to have sex with every female NPC or PC encountered. Yeah. That guy.

E) The straw that broke the group's back. He claimed that he was deadly allergic to nuts, to the point where we all made painful effort to keep the Recess cups the host brought completely out of the same room as him, for worry he'd get particulate on him. When his dad came to pick him up, we casually mentioned we didn't know he was allergic, or nobody would've brought anything close...his dad's reply? "He's not allergic to nuts. He doesn't like them".

This player is pretty notorious in my city. Four players in my new group have heard of him, and I believe everyone in PFS venture officer positions knows him, and winces when he RSVPs for an event.

People who fake allergies offend me.

So many smokers keep acting like I'm faking it.
People who have food allergies like me will eat any other food including broccoli or brussel sprouts.

I have a cleric of Abadar I can advance to 8th.
I was GMing Runelords when my gaming group broke up.
I will get him out of storage tomorrow.
Other than him, what is the point buy and standard WBL for gear.

Randarak wrote:
78. 101 ways to avoid getting sucked into controversial threads.

I need that. I was on the second page of one, when I jumped to the end and found out it was locked.

I'm reading The Isle of the Lost by Melissa De La Cruz. In game terms, cast true res on all the dead criminals, put all the worst ones in a dead magic zone, and give them all your trash, junk, and garbage. Now offer their kids a chance to rejoin society by betraying their parents.

I took some liberties with the tone and plot to make this not a spoiler. Read the book and let your mind paint your preferred picture.

If someone jokes about bringing a gun to the table, joke about booting them from the table. Make a preemptive intimidate check.

Ragoz wrote:

You don't have to make the situation forced and feel cheesy. Try designing your enemies intelligently.

Monster Advancement wrote:
Classes that are marked “key” generally add 1 to a creature's CR for each level added. Classes marked with a “—” increase a creature's CR by 1 for every 2 class levels added until the number of levels added are equal to (or exceed) the creature's original CR, at which point they are treated as “key” levels (adding 1 to the creature's CR for each level added).
Monster Advancement wrote:
Creatures with class levels receive +4, +4, +2, +2, +0, and –2 adjustments to their ability scores, assigned in a manner that enhances their class abilities.

Feel free to also add templates you think would create an interesting enemy. These changes can make your vanilla encounter into something memorable and tough if you choose.

** spoiler omitted **

The golden rule. Monsters use the gold to buy magic weapons and potions.

If there are guns in your campaign, there are also kegs of dynamite hidden inside undead(such as mummies). Worshipers of evil gods of battle will turn their fallen worshipers into Hecuvas or something.

MuertoXSky wrote:

546.- Physics and Magic by Sir Frederick Schaum

Sir Frederick compares the properties by which magic power can modify physical theories. The book gives a +2 in Knowledge (Arcana,Engineering) when trying to answer the question "What the hell has just happened" (does not work on spellcasters).

The book has a small dedicatory to Mr. Io and Archmage Sunder.

It does work with triggered traps, allowing you to reset them freeing trapped individuals. Thus +2 to disarm traps that went off.

67. 101+ topics that should not have been limited to 101 entries.

Cap. Darling wrote:
Goth Guru wrote:
.... I'll reread the Black Tentacles spell to see if using the spell on oneself doesn't add to grapples.

The current version of the spell doesn't do that. I was thinking of a different version or spell.

I'm thinking of adding "Extra Limbs" to my Leveled Mutants topic.

It just makes sense that they are grappled when all their "arms" are involved in the grapple. Some species of ape can use their legs in the grapple, so no 5 foot step while doing that.

There is a high level spell that allows 2 characters to merge getting double the normal functioning arms. The crystal gems can do this in Steven Universe.

I'll reread the grapple rules, but I can't see how extra arms should not add a bonus to grappling. I'll reread the Black Tentacles spell to see if using the spell on oneself doesn't add to grapples.

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