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Kyuss Spawnling

Goth Guru's page

4,201 posts (4,210 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 alias.


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I should rename defects handicaps. I see that now.

Double lame. Call it a defect so it cannot be cured and non oracles can get the subtle benefits.

Because they cannot use their legs they get a skill bonus for engineering, possibly. Moving the chair with their arms gives them a strength bonus when using their arms.

Orannis wrote:
Goth Guru wrote:

You could repackage neraf charge, possibly as blink charge.

Appearing on each side blinking would be self flanking. May need a less confusing name.

Oooooooooh! Teleram! The teleporter tries to teleport into an enemy's space doing the full damage to both participants. Both can save vs stunning DC16

While I appreciate the response, I can't find either of the things you suggested on the SRD.

Sorry. I don't know the correct spelling for the charge(the target doesn't see you getting closer and doesn't get an attack of opportunity.)

I just came up with self flanking and didn't like the name. There is no name for blinking back and forth on either side of a target.

43.Metal Sign,"Emergency Exit". There is a local map with a red line showing where the exit is.(If this is in The Cleaves, place the exit room, put the silver key, the defenestration trap, and the dog who fetched the ugly stick in there if they are not already placed.)

WhiteMagus2000 wrote:

We use two gentlemen's rules to curb problems in our game, starting 15 years ago in 3.0, and just extend it to each new group I play with.

1) 1 pet and 1 summon spell per person at a time. A friggin swarm of summons is annoying to both GMs and other players.

2) Don't use dirty tricks that you don't want used on you. Its kind of a catch all to prevent players from doing srcy and fry stuff more than once per campaign. Its worked well for many years. Most players dont want to provoke the GM into facing endless clones that teleport into your home/campsite and blow you up.

1) Does a charmed monster count as a pet or a summoned? Don't leave animated dead with a loophole. How about each character is allowed 2 of anything, aside from mirror images.

2) You have to be stingier with memorized locations. Also, the character's patrons will sometimes meet with them while their furniture is being rearranged. Moving the furniture every day raises the chance of teleport mishap by maybe 25%. The GM sets the percentage, but the PCs should catch on and start rearranging the furniture in their base of operations. Also, a room can be specially cursed so scrying shows everything backwards, east to west or north to south.

You could repackage neraf charge, possibly as blink charge.
Appearing on each side blinking would be self flanking. May need a less confusing name.

Oooooooooh! Teleram! The teleporter tries to teleport into an enemy's space doing the full damage to both participants. Both can save vs stunning DC16

Well 3.5s Epic level is like E6 in it suddenly throws out the leveled structure for a different skill dependent pattern. If you look at my ritual experiment, where success is completely based on skills, mostly but not exclusively knowledges, you see that it is added to the Vancian system.

Go to Rituals.

You might as well play E1, which is GURPS. Right from the start, everything is based off of skills. There are no levels. I find it limiting. Being an American where competition is built into the government and economy, I would rather the characters make choices or use a mix of the two systems. Skill based has higher benefits and costs of failure.

Rituals also cost mental inventory, which not everyone has embraced. How do you deal with a sorcerer who claims their character has memorized everyplace in Glorion when they gain teleport? With mental inventory, it's limited by intelligence and level.

I don't like E6, but that can be in the data base.

Also, a few versions of the "get rid of the big 6" rules should be included. When someone finds that cloak of the manta ray, they shouldn't have to choose between that and a +5 rag of charisma.

The cloak of the manta ray should work for both salt and fresh water. A bottle of air should provide air in a bag of holding or portable hole as long as it's unstoppered. Maybe there should be a better one called a breathing bottle because it puts out good air, then sucks in the bad air. The ring of invisibility is lame because every time you attack you have to reactivate it. How much more would it cost to make the ring reactivate at the end your turn?

Don't know what E6 is.

Pathfinder is all written for Glorion. In Glorion, all undead are death machines. Zombies can't carry things or build houses. They can only attack things or follow along waiting for a chance to attack things. Part of the temptation of necromancy is the slave labor, so I would allow create undead to imprint a single simple command into the thing that they will follow till control lapses or another command is given.

You could arrange your list by what class they think needs help and how GMs could give them an advantage. Every class should be included.

A first level spellcaster can be killed by a single arrow before they have a chance to cast any defensive spells. I designed a spell storing amulet that activates the defensive spell when they are attacked. To limit the cost, it only stores 3 levels of defensive spells, cast by the user, and it uses the neck slot.

I like to create a character who is useful in combat, but has a good, interesting, backstory.

At conventions, me and some friends tried to create some dwarves to adventure together. Backpack Meoff was a cleric designed to heal and buff the other characters. When he adventured with other characters, he had to swap out sanctuary for magic stone or something. A concept doesn't always work with every group. He had no disguise skill so I refused to play one module that involved going into an enemy nation. I refuse to play the character that gets the whole group caught.

I GM'd Age of Worms and everyone knew I only let stupid characters die. Everyone, including npcs pulled their weight.

Anyone with planer travel. Doctor Who could show up, fix his Tardis, then go home.

Star of Star vs the Forces of Evil and some of her friends could show up looking for a ring of invisibility or something.

The characters from Sliders, or parallels of them, show up. It will be 24 hours before they can slide again.

94: There is a group where one player sometimes has to bow out, another had a character turned to stone, so they left the statue behind and had them roll up a new one. They are going to let me join as the pick up player. It's 5th edition, but I bought a player's handbook and they fixed the great wheel. 52.99 is steep, but maybe I can interest them in some Pathfinder someday.

TheOtherDrew wrote:
440. Because it's Tuesday.

Tuesday is the new friday.

Chariots of the gods. The characters find or build a space craft like a spell jammer. The first planet they find has humanoids, or even humans, stuck in a hunter gatherer lifestyle. The characters have to teach them to build walls and develop a society so they can defeat and kill off the predators that have been preying off them.

10 is the cut off for a normal campaign.
With an extra lethal campaign, a 10 Con. won't cut it.
With a spy campaign, 10 Cha. might not cut it.

360: Because someone left the door open, raccoons got in, and destroyed the couch.

4: Feather fall: Two out stretched wings. When the wearer falls over 5 feet a feather fall (3rd caster level) activates. 50GP
Notes: These are common in floating cities and islands. Conmen will sell powerless ones for a reduced t, but they can be magiced.

7: Wasting appearance You look like you have a wasting disease. You take a -4 to charisma checks except intimidate. +4 competence bonus against disease.
5th level immune to the sickened condition (but not nauseated).
10th level Immune to disease.
15th level Immune to the nauseated condition.

Have 2 sets of adventurers.
First the doorbusters charge in.
The group trying to complete the quest follows virtually unopposed. They drag the losers back to town for a Resurrection and a restoration.

The Stars Go Out-As the last humans are being wiped out, the sky disappears and a weird mirrored surface starts to come downward. Contact Other Plane was used and it turns out people are the whole point of the universe. A team of monsters is assembled to find another world to escape to. PCs are monsters that can increase in level(vampires, werewolves, Goblins, ect) who journey to Glorion and other game worlds to kidnap people and place monsters.

Inspiration comes from Gilgamesh, After Humans, Resident Evil, ect.

Put up a link like this...
Special Discoveries..
But you have to help complete the Cleaves in return. Also, you have to help all the other amateur developers who will now come out of the woodwork.
Same wish as Seth.

The elephant in the room is, you should take curing spells because no one else in that party can. The compromise would be true strike and cure light wounds for first level spells. One hurts and the other heals.

SmiloDan wrote:
What about ill omen?

It's a witch spell so it will require a UMD.

As an extract, it would have to affect the area the Alchemist is at the center of when they drink it. It will run it's course as long as the Alchemist stays in the area.

This new book must change the rules somehow. Potions do not do that.

So they are both game characters?

What if someone plays the human one who GMs a Zelda game where he rps the other one?

If Link and Ganon fight each other in a shared dream where they become Kirby and King DVD you would have invented Inception the computer game.

Yes, because you can cast a spell, then use the wand in the same round.
You could start the bard song and use the wand in the same round.
If combat lasts long enough for the effect of the bard song to lapse, I am impressed with your GM.

LazarX wrote:

The riding rules cover creatures that don't have their own sentience, that are taking physical commands from a rider who's been trained to override thier instincts.

What player character falls under that classfication?

If humanoids can ride Dragons or Wyverns, and not be in charge, why can't a halfling healer ride a PC pony unicorn modeled after an MLP character?

cynderhawk wrote:
Can this be cast on an item you are carrying to make it move with you? Would this use be allowed in pfs?

This is in a new book I do not have access to, but I do have the advanced players guide. While Extracts are stated to work like potions, it does not say categorically that they cannot be used as oils. If I was GMing, I would let you put the cure light wounds extract on your hand and touch allies or undead.

If extracts were intended to be used on objects, magic weapon would be on the lists. I might allow you to oil it on an object that will only function as long as it stays on your person. An infused extract version would function even if they set it down. I've had little experience with the Pathfinder Society so you should crosspost it there. They might leave gray areas up to GMs, or they might not.

31)Let's have an Adventure! To enter you need a key amulet. You usually have to defeat a goblin or kobold to take it. It's an amulet of inescapable location(keyed to a crystal ball in another universe where the events are broadcast on their TV networks) that when pressed to a keyhole next to the door causes it to open for 10 rounds.

Each amulet has a different power. 1=+1 AC stacks with anything, 2=Spell storing 3 levels, 3=+1 to hit and damage with primary weapon(can be natural), 4=Can cause hypnosis if swung back and forth, 5=Hold monster 3 times a day, 6=Wearer can lay on hands like a paladin of same level, 7=first level magic missile once a day per person(you can pass it around), ect...

In the dungeon there is a beautiful Spinx who spins a wheel for each character(The wheel has both monsters and treasures on it). Elsewhere the ghost of Monty Haul lets each party member choose door number one, door number two, door number three, the curtain, or what's in the box. Warning, in this version of Celebrity Name Game, the bowl actually explodes!

It could be like Quantum Leap, where a supposedly mental effect actually sends the entire person somewhere.

The ending of Sliders was good.

TV plot spoiler:
The crying man, who never asked to join them, is the only one who truly got home.

Androids have synthetic organs and tissues. That supports sorcerer spells, bloodlines, and most Oracle curses. That's a yes vote from me for the OP.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

An Arabian nights campaign. There is an artifact genie lamp, and an artifact Effretti bottle. There might be similar things for earth and water, but that's for further expansion. The Genie and Effretti are deities. Every time someone makes their 3 wishes the game world expands and the Dijins grow in power. Other countries, continents, and even celestial objects were wished for.

I would like someone to try this in The Cleaves. :)
Notice that an elf can really rack up points with secret doors.
Summoned, charmed, or animated creatures, count for their special friend.
NPCs with an agenda will often pick a special friend when they hear about the door game.

I need a ruling. Is the lid of a chest a door?

Orange Dragon wrote:
Goth Guru wrote:

I was referring to when he was possessed by first a moon, then a sun god. That was an actual episode.

So you don't like Doctor Who? How about Blake's Seven? Zen was totally a synthetic oracle.

For oracle curses, Clouded vision, deaf, or lame can all be the result of manufacturing mishaps. Haunted can be a side effect of their brain's abnormalities.

Tell me again how androids are made.

Zen? Really. I would have gone with ORAC

It's been a long time. I may have mixed the 2 up.

34.Vending machine table. Things bought will persist. Addition.
7) Live animals. The 3 gold or change goes in the slot, a button is pushed, then a creature drops into the cage built into the lower part of the machine. 1-Bat, 2-Cat, 3-Hawk, 4-Lizard, 5-Monkey, 6-Owl, 7-rat, 8-raven, 9-viper, 10-toad, 11-weasel, or 12-Turtle.
Hook: This can be used to replace a lost familiar ending the drawbacks. The turtle is special for 2 reasons. 1-It’s a snapping turtle with a plus 2 bite and the ability to attach like a weasel. 2-I’s got DA 1/magic because it’s a baby Tarrasque that will slowly grow up at about the speed of a dragon. For added fun you could have the pictures on the buttons worn off so all choices are random. A Kitsune will probably select a rat and eat it. If the GM wants, they can substitute a tarantula(Giant spider brought down 2 size categories) for any one animal.
8) Can be a claw machine full of stuffed toys, a gumball machine, one with jawbreakers, one with plastic figures in clear plastic bubbles, one of those sticker dispensers, ect…

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Krensky wrote:
A vending machine that dispenses live rats.

I am so adding one of these to The Cleaves.

Don't buy the turtle. It's a snapping turtle that will slowly grow into a Tarrasque!

SoulDragon298 wrote:
I had an idea for a campaign where the players would create their own kaiju and fight other kaiju. Problem is, not sure what CR limit to set kaiju creation at and don't know if it would last long.

Only epic level characters can create or pilot Colossi. These golems can "eat" the substance they are made of to grow to maximum size and heal battle damage. You can combine these concepts and have the good guys piloting Colossi like Talos while the bad guys awaken or create Kaiju.


54. Kaiju's Mark
Engraved on a Tarasque Tooth is a ninth level Spell that allows the Caster to permanently increase the size of any Animal or Unintelligent Monster to a monstrous size.
Effect: This causes the Size to increase by a multiple of x8, Hit Dice to increase by x512 and Damage x64. It will only affect one creature. It comes with a terrible cost. Any Spellcaster using this spell will permanently lose 18 Class Levels.
Hook: Use of this Spell will draw a lot of attention to the Caster. Every Wizard in the Land will instantly know of it's Use.

Somebody brought this out of The Cleaves, and the horror began.
Special Discoveries..

Excellent choice..
Too bad your Glorion character will have no bars.

If I ever get my tax rebate I may buy one. Speaking of which, I wish the post office would deliver my friggin mail!

I was referring to when he was possessed by first a moon, then a sun god. That was an actual episode.

So you don't like Doctor Who? How about Blake's Seven? Zen was totally a synthetic oracle.

For oracle curses, Clouded vision, deaf, or lame can all be the result of manufacturing mishaps. Haunted can be a side effect of their brain's abnormalities.

Tell me again how androids are made.

Thanks. Is the new mystic class also forthcoming?

Data's positronic brain allowed him to be possessed on occasion. It would probably be a good medium for Vancian spell ingrams.

Also, many fictional computers could predict the future with mathematical models. It's like how if you see a pile of gold sitting in the middle of the room, you know there's a trap or ambush waiting for you.

An android or golem could be made to look and act attractive, and have the 'energy' to be charismatic. The whole point of the Terminators was that they could pass as people.

Behold, from the city of lights! Red rouge.

Now enlighten me as to what bunnies have in common with rodents besides their front teeth.

It depends on the lethality of the campaign.
Many campaigns start out magical story time but go all Resident Evil near the end.

My searches have only turned up coins and Alexander The Great.

Snakeskin bag of holding. Since snakes can swallow creatures wider than themselves, these bags have super stretchy openings. With the type IV you can hide your wings in one under your secret identity clothes, if you are a vigilante.

You can limit the size of items that can be put in a bag of holding by what can fit through the opening. Then you can set the stretch at 25% for a type I to 100% for a type IV, Because You're the GM!

AwesomenessDog wrote:
alexd1976 wrote:

use whatever limitations are printed.

They don't list size of opening, but they do list dimensions and limitations on the portable hole as well as the handy haversack.

Obviously, the magical Bag of Holding can do the only thing it was made to do:

contain a certain weight of items.

If the GM wants to houserule that there is a limit to volume on the items, it is his choice to alter the published rules and make up his own system that goes against what is published.

As GM, it is his right.

He also has the right to change how HP and AC works.

There is a limit to the volume, it was mostly intended to be a limitation on carrying water over long journeys; I agree that there is no official ruling but based on the dimensions of the minor bag of holding (2ft by 2ft by 4ft high), its safe to say these things openings are large enough to fit most objects (as it could probably be stretched to a maximum opening length of 3.5 feet by making the opening really thin) even assuming the larger, heavier versions aren't bigger than the minor version. This does however bring up the concern of "How wieldy is it for an adventurer to be carrying around a bag almost its full size?".

As for the GM changing the published rules, it is entirely in his right to do so, but there is an unspoken rule about preemptively informing your players about potentially large changes to a rule (or the addition of a previously non-existent rule/mechanic). As a GM, I could make it so all weapons explode in fire dealing 10d6 of damage in a 20ft sphere on every natural 1, but no one would like me if I didn't tell them.

I would love to build a halfling dart thrower in that game, but that's a derail. Let's take these amusing ideas over to "Because You're the GM" in forum games where they belong.

On the other hand, doesn't masterwork fabric stretch? Doesn't magical fabric stretch more? st.html

Print and test..

The mists seem to be just air jets with some fluff. They could be clear as thin air or any color of the rainbow. I would combine it with the feral mutagen and build a raptor character.


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