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Goth Guru's page

6,137 posts (6,164 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 2 wishlists. 3 aliases.


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98b. If it's an evil creature pressuring you to make a wish now, it's suspect. Otherwise, don't wait till the wish is offered to make a decision.

Passive Aggressive posts only.

Trap campaigns. In defense of campaign areas that can only be left by true death.

Use belladonna on your arrows. It's especially lethal to lycanthropes, so she might still be vulnerable. Maybe instead of con loss it might force her back into human form.

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Vidmaster7 wrote:
I started out giving out single use healing items when i did something similar like id call them lemba leaves or what have you and it would be a one shot cure light wounds item.

Naturally occurring Good Berries would be a good idea too. Maybe your herbalists could preserve their power in preserves.

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The corpse could rise as a vampire unicorn. Possibly with a wooden leg.

Anybody who ate of it could rise as a ghoul if they die before atoning.

Kung Fu Red Panda.

Normally SOP and gestalt scare and confuse me, but I have seen topics like this. So far, most people have tried to throw you some sort of life preserver, and only one seems angry. When someone attacks me for trying to help, I will hide the topic.

Let's face it, the bad guys having access to things the good guys do not, is already non core, and you don't want to swim after a ship that sailed.

Greylurker wrote:

Nice little gem I found once called "A Cat in Paris" The way the different characters moved was such a great expression of their personalities. Really great film if you can find it.

Also "The Triplets of Bellville", just brilliant

Do you mean Gay Purrree?

Maybe they changed the title.

I haven't read the whole topic yet, but Over The Garden Wall was a tour de force for the blue bird.

Could be one of the humanoid natives of Dormanu's dread dimension.
Dr. Strange used to have a girlfriend from there.

Maybe the Nameless One contaminated some lady. In any case, anything might be hiring The Hand.

A brass statuette of a humanoid with needles in various points of the body. Even if you don't know acupuncture, piercing a living creature with a needle causes stabilize, three times a day max.

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I'll look it up. Thanks. I have that in PDF.

It's topic drift. It was over when I pointed out snowflake was a tool of the alt right.

Are you giving the characters faith based magic resistance?

It seems like you are trying to reenact the bible and such.

A Cleric who practises ancestor worship.
You could have a traveling altar with relics from various dead ancestors. The toe you swiped from your brothers corpse could also serve as the part to resurrect if you find a scroll or other source of magic. Your grandfather's tooth could provide the undead domain because he was a necromancer who failed to achieve lichhood.

Going this route will let you have contradictory domains and spells due to varying ancestors.

If anybody finds themselves with a 2 player game, a Magus and a bard are possibly the best option.

What about Behemoth? A super sized hippo with tusks that can eat anything.

First, the tea, infusions, poultices can be applied to others as long as the base spell could.

The animal spirit mutagens can only be self applied without the proper discovery. They would take on animal qualities at the cost of equal human qualities. You can't use tools while having bear claws. Constitution is key because it lasts as long as rage would. A snout full of teeth makes it hard to talk, but you already committed to combat. Maybe at low levels they take a were rat like form, later a were wolf like form, then were tiger or were bear. There would be no actual lycanthropy, no damage resistance/silver, and the effect of basic rage. Because of the transformation, they should not lose any hit points when they come out of it, except excess hits above their normal hit point total.

An unassuming doorway that is a gate to limbo. The nearby town has been plagued by human shaped creatures eating or sucking the juices out of the crops. The invaders are were bunnies and vegetable vampires trackable to the dungeon. When they go through the doorway they might find the mad tea party or other Wonderland encounters. As they cannot get home the same way, they will return through a mirror, a rabbit hole, or simply wake up in their beds.

Vegetable vampires also seem out.

Even just demons don't always get along. When they compete to see who can make the most chaos and horror, it's hard to tell.

Inlaa wrote:
SmiloDan wrote:

An alchemist/druid could also feel like a witchdoctor or something, using amulets and elixirs and maybe even voodoo dolls or something.

I can see them also gaining a mutagenic wildshape ability, but then it might need to be a 1/2 BAB class if it is still a 9 level caster.

I could see a witch doctor being an archetype for it, but I feel like the base version of the class would be a straightforward extract-based nature caster with 9 spell levels and the ability to do cool things with potions like the alchemist does. They'd probably get some alchemist discoveries and some divine/nature themed discoveries as well.

Also, I imagine a witch doctor archetype would apply the mutagenic wildshape to their animal companion instead of themselves. Can you imagine this guy channeling the power of nature into their animal companion and turning it into a hulking monstrosity of war? (Alternatively, maybe they have a Familiar with the mauler archetype that also gets affected by that mutagenic wildshape stuff and has more HP than normal familiars.)

I'm thinking the herbalist. Making tea like infusions, poultices, and all-natural mutagens. I generally create overlap and throw out whatever does not belong. Animal companions and bombs would be let go. Full beast shape would be a discovery. Even if you allow them to make a lotion of reincarnate, that might be the only 6th level infusion they get to choose from. Note that the mixing time might be earlier, and the can apply it as a move action.

Paizo won't put any were squirrels or were rabbits in any bestiaries because they are stereotyped as harmless. Even if they go on a murder spree every full moon, sorry, tough turnips.:(

So the elf might want to do more research and item making while the human might want to rush to the next encounter.

Would giving Drow a greater bonus to hide in the shadows be offensive? What about equally dark skinned humans?

Still a Drow bard might waste that bonus by wearing flashy clothes.

92. Don't whine if dire consequences result from your actions.
A: Cannibals rise as ghouls.
B: Blood Drinkers rise as vampires.
C: Atheists reincarnate as Lamias.
D: The most useless character gets possessed or contracts Lycanthropy.

The alchemist gunslinger might be able to fire gasses, like fog cloud, stinking cloud, and cloudkill.

They would have a special shotgun that they can only load with vials of extracts and bombs. Fast reload and both barrels would be feats for that class. At first level they would have one shot the first round, another the next round, then they could reload or make use of the mutagen they took while firing the second shot.

I might make a sorcerer/monk who puts magic on his punches. Based on the anime. The only question is which class for first level.

Rune Soldier Louie.

Might be a good concept for a Magus.

How about the hoard round up people for sacrifices, but the ritual does not give the villain the kind of immortality they wanted. As long as somebody dies, the loop continues.

A spell that just makes characters make will saves, but does nothing if they fail, is a possibility. Illusion school and trickster domain.

Doing nothing useful to the rest of the party does not make your deity look good. There are stronger words for someone who misplays a class like that.

Rysky wrote:
TheAlicornSage wrote:

"You do not need bigotry to differentiate between races,"

I never said you did. Bigotry is not the only way to bring occasional attention to a character's race.

But it's what you're pushing.

If he want's to back off from that position, let him.

Having a Drow PC demand everyone be frisked, including the trusted NPCs, is great roleplaying. It's up to the GM to build up the storyline so the NPCs don't act like a mass of stats. Remember that elves mistrust Drow most of all. They may think that a Drow turned good will have a skin color change.

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There's this other book with the same title. It contains explosive runes on every page.

All purpose elf counter.

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That would be like a sword in a stone that releases water that starts to fill the room. Just having the doors seal when the sword is pulled out should be upsetting. If the only way out is to put the sword back will really mess with the players.

There is always the choice of being a good sport or not.
If the dice turn on you and favor chutes, do you swear like a sailor?

You can continue to contribute to this file. It's always fun to add a unique item to a standard, boring, treasure.

I introduced in The Cleaves the glowing Soma Mushrooms. They grow on wood and cannot stand sunlight. If made into tea they cause a rapture state. They halve the cost of making incense of meditation and candles of invocation. The cost of making these are due to these mushrooms because they are a necessary component. Tables of unique treasures are a great way to introduce fun into hordes. There is the flipped holy dagger that is like a dagger of venom, but it injects holy water.

Every time treasure is found, throw in a few table results.

When I posted in the Bestiary6 Wishlist topic the last time it was because people kept whining that it was "locked in" and there was no point. THERE IS NO POINT WHINING THAT IT'S TOO EARLY!

The alt right is now using "snowflake" excessively.
The proper retort is "Whatever Fascist!"

Taking Special Snowflake as your own is acceptable. A white furred Kitsune Magus can go by the name Snowflake.

76. Do not play with only 2 normal characters. It takes at least a Magus and a bard. 2 NPCs will serve if necessary.

Next time, Magus and some combo of cleric and rogue. A Bard/Rogue is a good build I have used many times.

Charm is great in that you can pick up brutes and cannon fodder. Most monsters come pre stated. Summoned creatures are usually only good in combat or to trigger the most simple traps.

An actual summoner with a brute 'friend' could work for half a party.

When I GM I usually create a detailed NPC party member that fills in the gap. Having a character in the party helps invest me in the players side of the story.

A Magus Rogue would make a James Bond type. You would have to switch out some spells to give them knock and more stealth spells.

Growth gives increased damage range to weapons, so, booyah!

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Soos is a Barbarian, possibly with destructive rage. Look at how he 'fixed' that cuckoo clock.

You can base the game world on Star vs The Forces of Evil Because You Are The GM!

She is the voice of Queen Chrysalis, who is an unrepentant monster. She cannot make up for it till the new season.

The Paladin is based on Bernie Sanders.

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I worked it all out, unlike Enterprise which might have thrown in a dragon and said it was because of time travel.:)

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captain yesterday wrote:

Bummer! Herolabs doesn't have the Game Mastery Guide.

I guess I'm going to have to do a city stat block the ole fashioned way, myself.

And here I was going to reverse engineer every city stat block they ever created and ask them why they hate math so much. Also ask them where oranges came from, since there's no Florida.

Time travelers.

If you ate an orange in one time zone, then used an outhouse in the early bronze age, then an orange tree grew out of the the abandoned site, well that's why they started using androids.

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Elemental school earth.

I'll move the 5 to Custom Avatar Sharing.

Baleful reincarnation. Every time there is one more defect. It's destroyed my ego IRL. In game every time they die they reincarnate with one more defect than before.

Another possibility is there is a terrible prophecy involving exactly what the PC said.

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