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Kyuss Spawnling

Goth Guru's page

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In the experimental white tower, projects like that are tried out.

I've seen this sort of system on the news, where one guard can see into all the cells, but the prisoners cannot see each other. This is for the most dangerous killers. The PCs will be in a place with iron bars instead of inner walls.

In Supernatural, God seemed to just vanish. Exorcism rites and prayers still work so the situation is similar.
1: God fractured. Every angel or devil is a part of god. Castiele(sp) is the angel of free will.
2: God's gone back to a higher plane. On the plane of inspiration, matter, emotions, and even coarse ideas cannot exist, so noone will ever find him, her, or it.
3: The mortal world has been quarantined. The adamant walls cannot be breached. Plane shifting to heaven will get you to the waiting area outside the gates where the angels still trying to help commute to.
4: All the gods died. Divine classes are still able to draw magic from dead gods. In a normal campaign you have to take a feat to draw power from Arowin(sp), but if all gods are dead then the feat is assumed, like literacy.
5: There never were gods. Divine magic is powered by belief and connecting to the 2 energy planes. It's more a philosophy then a form of worship.
6: Gods are monsters. They all went to a higher plane of existence. If a character gets above 20th level they can mutate into a god. Eventually they can rise so high they can create their own world, and cultivate the next generation of gods.

Seems fine except Polymorph any Object is a requirement. If that seems excessively high level I suggest researching a polymorph only objects spell. At 5th level it reshapes an object without changing the material it is made of.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

66: Bag of Loot
This large sack blocks all magic to scry on or locate the contents or the bag itself. It was used by criminals in a heist. It currently contains The Klotman diamond(Large clear diamond), 50 platinum coins, and an antique abmantium butter knife. All these items will be sought by the authorities as soon as taken out of the bag. The next time this bag is rolled, put a severed head or a gun in there.

The Mutant- In Leveled Mutations. D8 dice and they get only the bonus spells that go with the mutations. They get one mutation at first, another each at 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th. The mutations are an expansion of the bloodlines so they come with skills and maybe a feat. If any other class has a mutation(possible from magical fallout and such) they get no spells, skills, feats or such. Another mutation and they need to take a defect. While sorcerers can take any mutation at first level and get everything they still need to take a defect to take another mutation.

What you are doing also sounds like a Geomancer.

Even as a player, if I don't understand it, it won't fly.
As a GM, I would say,"I don't know how a foe would use it, so you can't have it yet."

I've got to stat. up my Wormpeople. Since they have a worm body from the waist down instead of legs, they move slower. They are covered with slime, to protect them from the acid they spit to burrow through rock, so good escape artist and a move speed through rock and dirt. I want them to have bad charisma, but good intelligence and wisdom. They have arms and hands so dex., con, and strength should be normal. If you cut them apart between the segments, the parts become smaller wormpeople. The part without the head becomes a first level character with no memory, and possibly a new personality. It should take weeks for them to fully regenerate. They have to wear thick, hooded cloaks and masks when interacting with human NPCs.

Any input on how I could make them viable would be appreciated.

In the TV show Angel, a beloved character was used to provide the body for a dead evil god. The actress did a wonderful job. Having one of the PCs or one of their loved ones be the "Perfect Vessel" would fit the title of this thread. The big bad would get rewarded with immortality (but they could still die from violence).

RDM42 wrote:
... And this is supposed to be a BAD thing, eh?

Only if it's put before everything else.

Weapon factories would have worker deaths daily. Star athletes might have hobbies where they murder beggars and arrange them as art. The good guys will be framed for such murders and wanted dead or soon to be dead.

Gordo has moved his family into a cave complex in the canyon wall. Other hard to live with monsters are moving into the canyon. It's becoming a very bad neighborhood.

Ritual 24: Gemini Purge. The two parts of a subject are split apart to fight for control.
Success: The two parts fight within the magic ring, defeat means death of that part. This is a radical cure for Werewolves and vampires. participants can cast spells or use bardic songs to help a friend or hurt the affliction. It's been used to cure madness, possession, and even some diseases. Note that a werebeast will be purblooded, a vampire will be noble, and a disease will be the undead form of the patient if they died. The victor can then escape the circle.
Failure: The circle does not hold and the creature escapes, possibly harming anyone in it's way.
Modifiers: Knowledge Religion, Nature, and arcana. +10 for a permanently installed magic circle. Difficulty is 10 plus 2 per hit dice, doubled of course.
Cost: 5000gp + 1000 permanent magic circle or 500 GP if the circle is drawn in powdered electrium. A livestock animal (goat, sheep, calf, pig, or something) is destroyed by the magic, forming the monstrous double.
Special: The ritual can be intentionally botched by opening the circle. With a permanent circle that can be done by spilling blood across it forming a bridge.

There is no zero in Sacred Geometry.
Not sure what it does.

If you are not creating intermediate characters, you all just role play putting on the gear, then leaving the designated safe part of town? Is it the same time of day in the game? It might seem more immediate if you playtest it using video conferencing.

They needed some straight on fighters to keep the watch. Also, what was the chance of wandering monsters, at night? I couldn't have rolled that if I was GMing if I tried.

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I was confused. I thought you were talking about an actual online game. What you really are talking about is a 2 tier game. Players and a GM roleplaying people (optionally themselves, but in the far future) playing a virtual reality game. If I played it, I would have to create a far future me, who's mental stats would have important impact on the virtual game. As a maintenance person(Janitor) I would metagame that soap is poisonous to oozes and jellys, and that cleaning reduces the chance of contacting diseases. As a fan of MLP gen 12 I would notice a unicorn was polymorphed into a cow or something.

No, robots would not be able to get into corners and would need me to refill their cleaning fluids reservoirs. A Roomba cannot vacuum shelves.

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Hutan the Hunter wrote:

Hutan watched from Above as the great human warrior Hun-Tar gathered together an army in the Freeland. He prepared to cross the Hunter Hills into Hukara to free his homeland from the evil Draknites. His hope was to drive them back across the Hutan River to their nation Drakonus.

However, Hun-Tar knew it was hopeless. He had a few thousand warriors carrying spears and bows verus a much larger army of heavily armed Drakonites. Despite that, he was attacking anyway. Hutan felt sorry for him, so he threw down a gift to him. Hun-Tar was amazed when he saw the Spear of Humanity land at his feet.

Take this weapon, my son, and fight in my name! Free your people, for they were made in my name!

The Druid bear person, Jacob Bruin, brought some troops. "This is everyone from the forests who was spoiling for a fight. This awakened Owlbear Gordo, is a barbarian with a huge fallen tree limb. A couple of male unicorns, you can't pronounce their names. A Shambling Mound, a treant I think has bugs, and this pack of dire wolves. I told them only to attack the dragony looking enemy so as long as your people stay out of Gordo's way while he's raging, they should be fine."

Where the magma meets the water creates a lot of steam, which gathers at a cloud at the roof of the cavern, then occasionally falls as rain.

I was trying to define the points in the pool. In an illiterate world, most characters would use the points for spoken language only. Indeed, someone could read hieroglyphics without knowing how to speak or understand ancient Egyptian.

It's GM's choice whether those points could be used for unrelated skills.

71)Primal Ooze. An underground river of magma, and water, meet in this cavern to form a large pond of primal ooze. The ooze is not a monster per se, but a soup of amino acids, proteins, and even DNA. It has 2 valuable qualities. First, if even a strand of hair is put in, it will grow into a clone of the original in just a half hour. Reaching the pond will be difficult because of the second quality. Every 1D6 hours a brand new lifeform crawls(or whatever) out. It could be a baby dinosaur, an ooze or jelly, a humanoid, the spores of violet fungus, a humanoid, or any other life form. The Pond will be surrounded by an Eco-system of subterranean creatures. While aberrations are possible, true outsiders are not. Creatures that need sunlight will make a desperate journey to the surface, or perish and be devoured. As this is a wellspring of both homebrewed and extinct species, many druids and experts seek this place.

Arikiel wrote:

@ WithoutHisFoot That sounds awesome. I like the idea of having varying levels of competence. This sounds like what I'm going for. I really want to play up different cultures and such in this setting.

@ LazarX The reason why is because I'm trying to create a world and setting specific atmosphere. Literacy is a major aspect of culture. It's fine to gloss over it in a generic setting but I'm trying to create a specific world.

@ Weirdo I like the idea of the spoken and written parts of a language being purchased separately. It would be the easiest way of dealing with things and covers a lot of fun options. Like ancient languages where nobody remembers how it's spoken and only the written remains. On the other end there would also be languages that have no written form.

I think maybe I'll give players a pool of points (+ Int modifier) to buy spoken or written forms of languages separately. Then buying up the linguistics skill will give them two additional language slots per point spent.

Standard character creation gives characters 2 languages spoken, written, and read. Thats 4 points. Then you might give double the points of Int. bonus. Wizards get the ability to read and cast their own spells free. Druids get the druidic language free too.

Would that work? I'm trying to figure out the rules crunch.

62)b The underground road goes in a giant circle, around a country. It's a massive, ritual, summoning circle. It was designed for some sinister purpose, and it's about to be completed.

So if they choose illiteracy they get one skill point per language spoken to spend elsewhere. To regain literacy they have to give back that many points, and be taught by a teacher.

Most monsters have a patron deity. While being an atheist gets you being targeted by undead and fiends, worshiping Aroden might get The Wormlord to cut you some slack because he was dead once too.
Note: The Wormlord being back via a ritual is my headcannon and not yet official. His monsters are regularly reeking havoc in the World of Creation topic in the Forum Games subboard.

Trevor the Traveler wrote:
Trevor the Traveler wrote:
Trevor the Traveler wrote:
Alsokar wrote:

Alsokar liked his new body. It was younger than his last one. He agreed to travel with Trevor for the time being, until he decided what to do with himself. Fortunately, he remembered all of his spells and fighting stances. He feared he would have to start over. He showed Trevor where the nearest

"Are you sure about those star signs? I know my people have different names for the constellations here," Alsokar said.

"No, I am not sure about them, but I included them anyway. I can expect differences of opinion. However, I am asking the gods, goddesses, and other powerful people to contribute their names to the calendar."

"Aren't you a god?" Alsokar asked. "How about you name a month after yourself?"

"Me? Oh no, I am not worthy. I am just a minor god at best."

"I think you are worthy, considering all that you have done. As far as traveling goes, your name should go to the Horse month. How about it?"

Alsokar then took Trevor's quill pen and added his name to ..the calendar. It looked like this now:

Month, Season, Sign
No Name...Spring...Toad
No Name...Summer...Serpent
No Name...Fall.....Mouse
No Name...Winter...Ram
No Name...Winter...Bear
No Name...Winter...Wolf

"We should put Nuah in there somewhere; he is a god

"One of the drunks at the bar suddenly straightened up, and walked over. I think the Wormlord and Asmodius would like the last month of fall to be a rat, rather than a cute little mouse. Perhaps Dogon would be a good choice to name the month after. Just be sure to include our holiday at the end of that month. And watch out for the darkfire vodka. It'll rot your brain!"

An abandoned site like this might be all political prisoners.
Basically,"Swear allegiance to Lord Hater or we grind uncle Fred to dust."

That can be someone's one background feat, and they can be a cleric of Arouin(probably spelled wrong).

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Some of the worm people who became druids took the profession pilgrim. They each took a seed from the world tree and sought a great forest to plant it in. If or when the world tree dies it's powers and memories will pass to the next most worthy tree. I'm mentioning this because there is a tree in Freeland, one on the island of Anime(Like Japan, but bigger, the natives have large eyes, and more possibilities for hair color.) and several other large forests. The one in Freeland is a talking bear with little other traits left over from his monstrous ancestors. The natural creatures would rather the war took place somewhere other than Freeland, so they are in.

The Wormlord's Avatar is busy promoting the holiday. The Wormlord has started creating reapers to fetch the souls of the faithful directly, in case there is a problem with the whole death's door thing.

Sense motive is a pass fail. When an NPC is talking, you either see a window which says "Lying" or "Truth", or the window never appears and it's anybody's guess.
Selecting a statement in talking with NPCs, some options will automatically apply bluff or diplomacy.
The turn timer should be adjustable by a majority vote. If everyone is using their laptops, at work, during the graveyard shift, the turn counter should allow up to a half hour.

Mark Hoover wrote:
31. The Fatigue-u-lator worn for centuries by the rage-meisters of Yaunek, these crude stone amulets have a curious rune etched upon them combining elements of Chaos and Enervation. The device, once attuned to the wearer (requires constant use for 10 minutes before working) is capable of absorbing one instance of Fatigue. However the chaotic nature of the device inflicts the Fatigue back randomly upon the wearer for a duration double that which would normally have affected them.

The greater Fatigue-u-lator absorbs 2 instances of fatigue and then puts the wearer to sleep the next time characters have to wait for someone to finish speaking in game.

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Jaelithe wrote:
Freehold DM wrote:
Silent Saturn wrote:
42. The Menagerie at Kul Vonor
Sopoooooo stolen!

It's an imaginative idea, but such a prison could very well backfire someday; after all, if they have the magical means, it could be a prime recruiting ground for enemies of the state ... even the source of an ad hoc army.

A male Medusa who's gaze depetrifies would be handy here.

They could always put the point into reading/carving runes instead.
A chunk of wood or a rock could be carved to work like a scroll. One spell only. If it's pre-money you can put a GP value on man hours spent crafting it.

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Asmodias wrote:
Goth Guru wrote:
The Wormlord is meeting with all the other evil gods to design a holiday in the fall. Any place that doesn't honor the dark gods gets beset with undead the rest of the year. "How about kids disguise themselves as us and our monsters and go from door to door demanding unhealthy sweet treats. We could call it Helloween or something. The kids could yell Threat or Treat, Terror or Treat, or something when they are at the door."
That sounds like an excellent holiday!!! The children could yell Food or Foul. If they don't get food they do something foul. Call it Hadesween and have it the day before Merlyndas. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Really, I'm serious.

We have 2 on board with Hadesween. I don't even know when Merlyndas was supposed to happen. As for the worst season, I call it fall because the temperature is falling, lots of rain falls, anything not picked in time falls and rots, and a lot of creatures fall dead. The meeting is about one holiday so the Murmur's comments about all the months of the year was ignored.

You can roll on skills, professions, crafts, and perform checks. While the Rogue is being a cat burglar, the cleric can be healing and feeding the poor, while the bard performs and passes the hat. If they attract a crowd for the medicine man he can get paid for it in tonic(heals one point and stabilizes). If a party member loses a level you can arrange special jobs that earns them XPs.
More on topic, a carpenter can remove a window to gain access to the bedroom of a miser who is just hoarding diamonds.

The Wormlord is meeting with all the other evil gods to design a holiday in the fall. Any place that doesn't honor the dark gods gets beset with undead the rest of the year. "How about kids disguise themselves as us and our monsters and go from door to door demanding unhealthy sweet treats. We could call it Helloween or something. The kids could yell Threat or Treat, Terror or Treat, or something when they are at the door."

470)Beyond The Wall Two brothers, a kid and his older brother, with a frog and a chatty bluebird are looking for Adilade. They think the witch will help them find their way home. Everything they say about where they came from makes no sense. DC 20 knowledge nature to recognize the frog is actually a Grippli.

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The Wormlord was not about to give up his hard won godhood. Instead he accelerated his latest project. He had been creating polymorphic symbionts, These grubs could change into any flesh and blood organ, but as the hosts parts failed with age they would split and multiply, eventually replacing the brain and turning the being Chaotic Evil. He made a human of these in his lab in The Wormscape, gave Al Weston dominion over all his works(Many of them won't care), and sent it to the world . He would seek out dying mortals and offer them "Immortality" but they would eventually turn into doppelgangers made of polymorphic symbionts with a taste for raw meat.
The Wormscape is a demiplane made of worms. Of course The Wormlord has always been behind this.

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The Big Giant Head nearly shattered, but the metal symbiots within repaired him, more fugly than before. He was banished, yet flung physically back. Wild magic crackled around him, turing patches of water to clear steel, tiny fish became huge sea monsters, and patches of sea weed became shambling mounds. The Big Giant Head started to walk home. "Wait till they get a load of me! I've got reality bending powers like some of those dragons." He's gained an alignment of Chaotic Neutral.
Thunderbird X,"What is your function?"
BGH,"I just wanna have fun!"

45.Great Pyramid As big on the outside as IRL it is a gateway to a massive necropolis in the Land of the Dead. Ex Libis and Pathfinder members are the only people who came back out alive. Once every 100 years the mummies come out in a bizarre parade. It has developed into a yearly Mummies Parade where cults celebrate those who have come before.

465B. Flip the script. The legion is all elves, dryads, and a unicorn that were slaughtered by the town's founders.

The Big Giant Head tucked in his limbs and rolled at the wall near the gate. Made as he was of the head of the original destroyer and grown to a size that part of him could be seen over the wall, he crashed through and is now the problem of the defenders of the maze.

The tavern is a projection to aid mortal clerics to see it in visions. You could have Bacchus as the owner and Pan as the main bartender. The Gods and Godlike things can meet here without being attacked by angry mortals. If it works out it can be given it's own topic. Im thinking of adding a viewing wall where The Wormlord and others can watch the fun.

When that one guy is sucked into the orb of oblivion,"Man that hurts. His followers will have to perform the Open Grave if they want him back."

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Far away through the 10th dimension the Gods meet in the idea of a tavern. The Wormlord mentions to whatever beings are not avoiding him,"Remove an Archdruid from the world? I created the souls of my wormpeople and the ones who became Druids are lost to me forever. You can kill their bodies but they reincarnate immediately. That's just an amusing joke you tell mortals." The Wormlord laughed in a manner best left unimagined.

Meanwhile, back at the world, Some of the wormpeople have found a flying machine left from the battle. They put in a symbiot and fed it till it reached full size and sent it upward. It hovers over the black dessert at the edge of the atmosphere. It is scanning the desert looking for the source. Worm people are covered with mucus to protect them from their own acid and they cannot live in a dessert. Thunderbird Z is toying with the idea of redirecting a small ice comet to fall right into the desert.

You have Paladins and Clerics in name only. There is enough else in this topic to keep me from hiding it.

31. Perfect Stone Circle- Legend tells of a glowing disk shaped ship landing on this stone circle. It was manned by feathered serpents, some of which stayed. Among the natives who magically maintain this monument are some Coatl hiding in human form. Once a year you can sight between the stones the constellation Draco where they came from, and from where Quetzalcoatl will return.

Rot Remains is a Cleric/Druid spell that turns undead into dirt. If you serve the earth mother, your god cannot be locked out. 3rd? 2nd? What kind of save for just damage?

Every human, Orc, or goblin they kill is strangely drained of blood. Cult headquarters has a pool of blood that when filled creates an egg that hatches. Unless the horrible caterpillar thing is killed, it will burrow into the world and start eating it out. Breaking out of the now hollow world, in 60 years, it will be a super sized death's head moth.

As it is impossible for me to change my online name without losing this avatar picture, just refer to me as "The Wormlord" or "Puss The Worm" on this topic. This is a roleplaying topic so your character cannot see the words "Goth Guru". Unless you want to announce Break and then Resume don't type "Goth Guru" because there is another guru here.

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Leafar the Light wrote:
Goth Guru wrote:
Nevara the Night Queen wrote:

In her valley Nevara finished her song with the Destroyer Head, because due to the symbite he could now talk, but he sang badly. She was considering making a calendar after she took over the world. It would have 12 months and she would name the first month after herself. She decided to take a bold action and she summoned her high priest.

Vicar Vorrak, summon the Necromancers! Have them assemble the undead army! We will attack Lighton at dusk tonight! Perhaps the Dark Elves will join us.
The Big Giant Head,"Queen Nevara, Leafar may be on some sort of vacation, but the Paladins of Lighton have built up to a full quarter of the population. Would you like me to smash through the Maze of Light so your troops can get into the city quicker?"
I can assure you, Mr. Guru, that I am not on a "vacation". I remain in the Layrinth of Light, and Lighton will be ready. Patriarch Palas will assemble his Paladins to stop Nevara's invasion. My Couatl will help defend me. The Light will prevail.

The WormLord,"While I backed the ritual that brought the symbiots to animate life, they are out of my control. I'm willing to provide support in undead, cultists, and whatever wormpeople still follow me, to both sides. I'm a chaotic evil god."

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Nevara the Night Queen wrote:

In her valley Nevara finished her song with the Destroyer Head, because due to the symbite he could now talk, but he sang badly. She was considering making a calendar after she took over the world. It would have 12 months and she would name the first month after herself. She decided to take a bold action and she summoned her high priest.

Vicar Vorrak, summon the Necromancers! Have them assemble the undead army! We will attack Lighton at dusk tonight! Perhaps the Dark Elves will join us.

The Big Giant Head,"Queen Nevara, Leafar may be on some sort of vacation, but the Paladins of Lighton have built up to a full quarter of the population. Would you like me to smash through the Maze of Light so your troops can get into the city quicker?"

4) The Dead Will Walk: Nearest remains rise as undead the monster level of the spell level attempted. Total hit dice are the caster level attempted. Thus if there is nothing in the room zombies may come from the next room. Undead created this way have no master.

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