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Male human on stilts

Goth Guru's page

6,969 posts (7,003 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 2 wishlists. 3 aliases.


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I love the theme aspect of Starfinder.

Theme Knowledge[1st]
All DCs to use the computer skill are -5 as long as they are hacking in some way. Computers, Engineering, and Stealth are class skills. Intelligence is +1.

I will add more when I have the time.

Some creatures are very alien or crazy AIs. You would roll their behavior randomly and their reasons will be meaningless such as,"The sky is red" or "I don't like mondays".

My homebrew Implant ghouls might be mistaken for implant zombies which explode. You had better have a good Mysticism skill or you will be unpleasantly surprised.

A restroom complete with a toilet. When you close the door the whole room flips upside down.

Eww is right.

Utah raptors are possibly the dominant race. Are they another name for Troodons? In any case, there are probably snake people and troglodytes lurking at the outskirts of their civilization. Goblinoids wearing crude furs and welding hand made spears could raid outlying farm villages.

Another good adventure hook is the Couatl who have been trying to guide civilization have to get adventurers to help salvage a crashed spacecraft before the cave orcs being misguided by the demonic shadow fleet find it first.

A lightning bolt would first impact shields. Once they were down, they would short out systems.

Casting in a spacesuit would require a spell failure chance, a feat, or a specialized spacesuit(Double normal cost because of exotic materials and thin but space worthy gloves built in).

If I recreate Spiny for Pathfinder, I will seriously consider Titan Mauler.

Gnomes get +2 con so a low wall is a good build. He could still charge for 40 feet.

Spiny the gnome was my favorite greyhawk character. He had the best armor available to him, with armor spikes. Bow specialized characters loved firing over his head. I think one PC wizard hasted the whole party and we plowed through the enemy.

There's a ship that rotates so they can see deeper underwater.
There's a sink on one wall, and another on the floor. When it bottoms ups like a duck, the sinks interchange. I believe, when it rotates, one toilet seals in it's water while the other unseals.

I do know! I had the local Shakespeare company cast him as Falstaff!

The next poster gets the reference.

If you happen to know your players come to these boards, start a topic where you ask how to get past the player's optimization.

For bonus points, describe a sunder build that looks like one of the bad guys.

A 2 hour flashback about a guy who died.

Movie plot spoiler:
Sunset Boulevard, not the Han Solo movie coming up.

So an Inevitable that tries to kill so called heros, who also kill innocents, for any reason. Possibly a bird covered in blades instead of feathers. Possibly L sized.

An overseer ghoul is another way to do it, so I'll just clear up the glaring inaccuracies. I could just substitute a spell that turns a zombie into a ghoul.

Muggles are generally unaware of magic. There was some other term for those both aware and incapable of magic.

A Squib is a non magical person born to a family of magic users.

Since the skeleton or zombie can use any weapon it had in life, they do have phantom muscle memory.

I'll look at the quote again and try to adjust the spell.

As is, a zombie will dig a furrow in a straight line till you tell it to stop or turn. It's like a wind up toy, not a robot with a computer on board.

I say cap it at 6. That is 1 more than the normal sword bonus.

The spell animate dead says 2 very different things. If your GM will let you order zombies to do anything, you don't need this spell.

The spell animate dead does not tell you you can use it to make a Flesh Golem. The Bestiary does that.

As is, zombies and skeletons have no skills. You order them to do something, they either attack it or stare stupidly at it. They call them mules because you can chain them to a plow and get them to pull it, but only as long as the necromancer is watching. Where does it say in any rule book that a creature with zero intelligence can try to use any skills? Since 1 in an ability score is -5, wouldn't 0 be -6?

The creature only gets skills from the brain used in this spell. Animate Dead effectively wipes the body's memory. There is no conflict.

One valid point is about wisdom. The other is that animated objects shouldn't be affected by this spell. I will wait for a while to post the new version so you can try to prove your other points. Other people might post how I shouldn't change it.

Sounds good with the modifications. Note that monsters at higher levels last longer because of better AC and hit points. You have to stack up those to hit modifiers to make use of it.

The sword wants their fighter to have that belt of giant strength.

Goth Guru wrote:

Polar Midnight is in ultimate magic.

55: Instruct Dead
School[b/] necromancy [evil]
[b]Level[b/] Cleric 3, Sorcerer/Wizard 4
{b]Casting Time
1 standard action
ComponentsV,S,M (A brain from a creature that knew how to do the thing in life)
Range short
Target One animated dead creature
Duration[b] Instantaneous
[b]Saving Throw/Spell Resistance
No, beneficial
The caster holds the brain in front of the creature's face and pronounces the magic words. The brain vanishes, consumed, but a ghostly brain can be seen through a skeleton's eye sockets. The undead's intelligence is raised to 4 minimum. It can now be commanded to attempt any skill it had in life.

Although it can speak, It will have the same charisma as before, usually 0. This spell is usually used to make skeletons or zombies work the fields, carry loot, or craft mundane objects. To use this on a Flesh Golem, you have to cast this spell during construction.

Numbering is important in case someone wants to roll for spellbook contents.

Polar Midnight is in ultimate magic.

Instruct Dead
School[b/] necromancy [evil]
[b]Level[b/] Cleric 3, Sorcerer/Wizard 4
{b]Casting Time
1 standard action
ComponentsV,S,M (A brain from a creature that knew how to do the thing in life)
Range short
Target One animated dead creature
Duration[b] Instantaneous
[b]Saving Throw/Spell Resistance
No, beneficial
The caster holds the brain in front of the creature's face and pronounces the magic words. The brain vanishes, consumed, but a ghostly brain can be seen through a skeleton's eye sockets. The undead's intelligence is raised to 4 minimum. It can now be commanded to attempt any skill it had in life.

Although it can speak, It will have the same charisma as before, usually 0. This spell is usually used to make skeletons or zombies work the fields, carry loot, or craft mundane objects. To use this on a Flesh Golem, you have to cast this spell during construction.

Just because you deny the gray area, doesn't mean it isn't there. Paladins and rangers start out with no magic spells at all.

Mystic_Snowfang wrote:
Am I the only one who read this as Gorilla Suit?

"Do you see the sniper?"

"No just some gorilla." :)

A general camo suit like the ninja all black suit, +2.
A highly specialized affair like a ghillie suit using the same leaves as the bush you are blending in with, an extra +4. It would not work anywhere else. How many suits are you packing?

Just call him a Martial Artist.
They fight like a monk but are not always lawful.
Think of it as a homebrew archetype.

I have the Alien Archive now. I think adding a category of Anacite will be good. Thoes Who Seek believe that the "First Ones" must be sought out, not meekly waited for. These Steel Knights(as the slang calls them) either configure themselves into probes, join mixed groups of space explorers, or sometimes both. Part of their docturn is that the gap in memory extends a limited distance and both pristine records and ancestors of the first ones are out there waiting.

An Anacite probe looks like a racer with the pilot's seat replaced with a drift drive and an anacite worker's brain. It also has 2 fold away arms with articulated hands. Their sleek appearance is broken up by a cargo hold that looks like an extended belly. If it finds anything significant it will stow it and try to return to it's home base(wherever that is). Some are equipped with an air supply if they expect to find anything living. Many just carry drugs that put most living things into a coma suitable for transport through space.

I was thinking the drift drive could be an implant or external bionics.
Of course, no ancient dragons in Spacefinder just shoots down the entire idea.

I have a third party book somewhere that contains lots of epic monsters.
One of them is a humongus, 4 faced angel with equally earth shattering powers. Possibly summoned by blowing on gabriel's trumpet. That was 3.5.

Seducer's Bane. er-s-bane/

That could work. Probably should leave it as is. Never know when you will run into a succubus or vampire.

Steelfiredragon wrote:

Ishtia's Gas Cloud( I appologize my type spellfu is no good)

wizard9/sorcerer9/ shaman8/druid8/witch8,
this spell summons a semi-solid cloud that shifts through a select choice of colors.( if said spell does damamge)
this spell's simulates the damage and effects by color is done off the following spells:

stinking cloud= green
incindiary cloud= red
polar midnight=white
solid fog- grey

spell lasts 3 rounds per 3 levels + half caster stat score( int for wizard) and each round the color changes( per say it can go from red to white)
spells that dispel cloud spells will disperse this spell unless you are wacky enough to make itpermanent
there is a 25% chance that the targets can be affected by more than 1 color per turn
radius 40 foot diameter
range 15
components: V/s/m a ruby of any quality


1)stinking cloud= green
2)incindiary cloud= red
4)polar midnight=white
5)solid fog- grey
6)2 effects. roll again till 2 different effects are generated. Ignore 6 results as 3 different effects are confusing.

I'm all for it, but some people will want to bump the spell levels up 1. The size change ones.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Some conversion is necessary, even for humans.

Being raised in a Starfinder culture are limited to 6th level spells.
They can pick up any technological item and use it.

Thoes raised in a superstitious, enchanted, culture can learn magic all the way up to 9th level. If they try to use tech above medeval machines and such, they need to use magic device at -4.

This is the difference between a Ratfolk wizard and YSOKI engineer.
I've looked at character themes and they need little conversion.
Even the Spacefarer can be converted to a plane walker easily.

Stamina points are pretty much hit points. Resolve points can be dropped or ported over to benefit fighters and such.

Giant Skunk. /

Better for random encounters or summoned monsters.

Bracers of armor? Do they still go up to +8?

While they do, according to the core rulebook, they talk about a "source of armor". Shouldn't they stack with natural armor?

quindraco wrote:

A homebrew way to let ship weapons resolve against people:

1) The rules for hexes are not compatible with objects taking up volume, because simultaneously you can fit a colossal ship in one, but cannot fit two tiny ships in one. Instead, assume a hex exactly fits 1 Tiny ship: it is about 60 feet from flat edge to opposite flat edge, and about 70 feet from point to opposite point. This immediately lets you translate ship weapon ranges to people ranges: short range weapons are range 300, medium are range 600, and long are range 1200.
2) Ship weapons don't aim for anything small - they settle for hitting the target at all, and praying. In game terms, all ship weapons have Explode(30), and count as item level 20 for the purpose of calculating the save DC. They also all have Penetrating (again, counting as item level 20).
3) Multiply the damage of these weapons by 10 to calculate damage against non-starship targets.
4) Damage types:

The undead cliche is they basically just do what they did when they were alive. They will keep firing till told to stop. If they run out of ammunition or the gun gets disabled, they keep trying to fire.

A ship made of a Kraken shell will have a lot of hardness. A lot like a Dwarf, hollowed out asteroid. When dwarves make spacecraft, they make them out of stone.

quindraco wrote:
Tarik Blackhands wrote:
Can we talk about what exactly the glaring holes are? I mean, what the glaring holes are to me could be different than the the glaring holes to someone else. Pays to have everyone on the same page.

Can we have a real discussion about the Oma, please? A living Oma can be fought using the standard, non-starship rules, but has no rules for being fought using starship combat, and the opposite is true for its refitted corpse. That's awful. At a bare minimum, we should have rules for engaging a live Oma with a starship, because it's clearly large enough to be accurately targeted with starship weapons, and it certainly isn't very fast.

I'd also like to know how refitting an Oma makes it lose at least 9 megagrams of mass. Oma are on the low side of normal for creatures their size, so it implies starships are almost miraculous, and probably float. But that's secondary.

Endbringer Devils are much, much worse, as they can, at will, turn into a starship while on a planet's surface, and let loose with their turret, but we can address them after we've addressed the much, much easier to solve Oma dilemma.

So an Ezekiel's Wheel angel can turn into a mothership sized saucer, right? You need a freaking artifact to summon either one.

I'm getting the Alien Archive soon. Any ancient dragons that can be encountered as drift hazards? The first breath will fry the shields, so you better kill it in the first few rounds.

The spell books in Black Clover are a great idea for FRPGs.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

In high school I won a debate about the death penalty. The criminal justice system makes mistakes. Burnout, especially executioners, is often from the fear that an innocent man or woman was punished.

Hydrogen should be wearing a spacesuit. When he/she opens it, they can hear and smell unlimited distance. Hydrogen is everywhere. A little thin in space.

If touched off, it goes off like a nuclear bomb and reforms as a helium elemental.

The popping out of the ground skeletons or zombies should be placed along the back escape route. If PCs want to try to sneak in the back way, surprise!:)

Snakers wrote:
Black holes are just negative energy portals, it'll be fine.

More like a non magical sphere of annihilation with reach.

I already have a picture in my mind of the south end of a monster tortus just hanging in space.

Survivalist rangers eat bugs to show off. People who burn everything for the taste do exist. Just be consistent. Some bugs and mushrooms are poisonous. A poison detection device is great if you can get one.

The only way to call up something that ignores dead magic is a ritual, which does not require spell casting ability. It does require cooperation, which is the real point I was trying to make.

Will you put pitfall on a boomerang or a sling?

It's not a fallacy as much as a different way of looking at it.

I see the game as an escape from a defective reality. In the game, working together allows PCs to advance and thrive. If a wizard can dominate the game without fighters, it's a table failure. This is why dungeons, underground and open air, always need a dead magic zone. Doors or barriers that reflect magic are good too.

In the game, things make sense, and there is room to tailor it to deal with selfish players. If a PC dominates every encounter, the big bad will hire or summon someone who can disable that one character, and the other characters will have to start actually pulling their own weight.

Animate dead is a third level spell so a ninth level or higher evil cleric can cast it. They can create up to twice their hit dice in one casting. They can keep the bloody skeletons in a closet till they need them. Once they have all the skeletons they can control, they can use the spell slot for something else.

Add a cleric buying onyx gems to the rumor table. They may have claimed they were trying to keep the gems out of the reach of necromancers.

Heather 540 wrote:
Flaming skeleton at level 12? What ability is that?

That's a no then.

Coins filled with explosives that go off when exposed to body heat for a full minute.

They wake up at 4 am when the walls between ages are thinnest. He turns on the crono scope, his trivid camera, and live streams them filming Planet of the Daleks. Then he kills time for a few hours till he can temporally log on to this chat board so he and his allies can speed lurk. He only posts to draw interesting tidbits about the historical events. At 6pm that window closes, and he gets some rest for the next time window at 1am.

The next poster may have evidence of time travelers too.

At level 12 could he have a bloody and or flaming skeleton, giving him time to cast them spells?

Cultists/minions are usually low on hits or will saves.

All I'm asking is you offer Alternatively. Your product will appeal to a larger audience.

4th edition and Nephilliam both took the tack of take it or leave it. Some people want a downtime XP rule that doesn't involve being run over by the GM Fiat. If you get shot at, it might miss or just not crit. Poisoning involves a saving throw. If crafting magic items can lead to certain death, the ninjas will be lurking trying to capture this gas or energy to use for assassinations.

chaoseffect wrote:
Vidmaster7 wrote:
Of course mention them do another edition where they fix those supposed problems and everyone loses their mind.
Because spells are fun and interesting. Would rather see other classes elevated with fun and interesting abilities than chopping down the casters. 4E had its own quirks but did what it set out to do well, i.e. be a pen and paper MMO, but in 5E everything is just so bland and tedious.

There, I've read through some 4E books. It hacked up alignment and the planes trying to make chaos evil and law good. If there was a group, I would play Pathfinder, 5E, or Spacefinder. But 4E, no way.

It's a book your GM is using. Ask your GM if you can read it so you can create a character that can function in that game.

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