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Goth Guru's page

6,592 posts (6,625 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 2 wishlists. 3 aliases.


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97: Murphy's syndrome. Anybody near you searches for traps, they go off. An unstable cave caves in around you. All wandering monsters rolls are positive. Don't roll. Monsters in cages are released. Golems go berserk.

New monsters, 1 in each category, with made up names that sound right, but have no basis in legend or history.

Copyright them so Hasbro can't use them. Let Arkham House use them in new stories because they were always cool.

A dream dragon let loose in real New England would make a great horror story.

My swears are hot peppers!

95. Your 4 wisdom teeth grow back made of diamond. This is permanent till someone pulls them out. It's gonna hurt!

I'll try calculating strength again. I may have used +8 once instead of each category.

I tried to enlarge an NPC to gargantuan, and he can do a lot of damage, but he can't hit anything.

I have a runny nose a lot of the time and I did not know it was called that.

So they are distracted and unappealing sexually?

Believing that reality is a lie is the only thing that keeps me going at all.

It saves me the trouble of fact checking everything I'm told. Most of it's lies.

The land is bumpy. There are large rocks under the topsoil.

If settlement: Most, if not all the streets, are bumpy allowing fast vehicles to "catch some air".

If no settlement: Aside from the paths being "broken" slowing most movement, it's pretty normal.

Here's a few. ess&aqs=chrome.2.0j69i57j0l2.15380j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

I love miniatures!
Without a battlemat and miniatures, I might not want to play.

The next poster has also had a bad experience with playing "blind".

As long as the new show explains how the pure blooded klingons got usurped by the partially genetically modified hybrids, it fits the timeline.

It looks a lot better than enterprise so far.

Maybe she built a device like Missy had that would allow her to step from virtual to reality.

D stroy the demiplane? OK, everything in it whose name starts with the letter D is destroyed.:)

There is a barbeque called the Green Egg. Cook your ham on it and cook Green Egg with Ham.

An immortality contract with Asmodeus. If you turn into a devil, you don't age and killing you just makes you reform in hell.

73. You are under a quest to write down the formula for the potion. Treat it as the minimum level to cast quest. If you can gather all the ingredients and an alchemical lab, it wont cost you anything but time to make.

Oh great sideways wizard, we have procured the control for the pony's Orbital Friendship Cannon. We tested it, and while it makes most creatures make out, it makes evil monsters just wither and die.

Minions, summon the aberrations from the dark tapestry!

I'll bet they keep trying to touch imitation goats.
Very frustrating when it comes to illusions.:)

Hail Eris!

Granted, Trump's new secret police are coming to adjust your perception of what sane, reasonable, truly representative government means.

I wish everyone on these boards would stop being such grammer nazis.

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
You can hide whole pot roasts in candelabras, Because You're the DM!

Die chair,


You can fill the gameworld with video game tropes, Cause UR the Freakin GM!

9: If they want to take automatic failure on 1 and automatic success on 20, let them. It's a risk.

10: Definitely

To answer the title question, some reasons are good, but not good enough.

Even in pathfinder society play, if a module gives a character a magic power, then it's official.

The GM or developer allows a fighter to get a magic power, then they get a magic power.

Where does Pathfinder define what is or isn't magic? Probably nowhere. Birds fly without magic. Magnet trains levitate without magic. Having wings, gills, claws, or fangs is not magic. It's conceivable that creatures could move through time and space like a Thall without magic.
(Dr Who, Hero's Gate)

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Dalindra wrote:

Pigs. And diamonds.

** spoiler omitted **

So, it's not The Great Muppet Caper?

Let me spoil the whole argument for you.
Fighters cannot cast Vancian spells.

They can perform rituals, to get magic powers, that are not even spells.

They can perform incantations and magic gestures that are spells, but non vancian. If successful, they draw magic power outside them to the target.

They can learn to do things that look like magic from hyper evolved beings. The more powerful outsiders, aberrations, and yes, aliens, think "magic" is a absurd concept.

Weather or not how it works is explained in your game is up to the GM.
How it works is all box text and it doesn't have to be correct.
Do you know exactly how your computer works? You already know how to make it work, and that's all you need.

Stone is composed of about 8 different elements.
A petrified being would still have the DNA pattern, to be translated, and then cloned.

Go to Composition of Rocks.

I'm toying with a "pet" class that learn "tricks" from creatures they do not understand. They can step sideways in some 4th or 5th dimension and take a shortcut, like dogs or cats can learn to open doors. If it's not a class, but a background, they could learn these tricks, then pass them on to others. What pets learn as tricks can be learned as fighter feats.

Some people objected to the Neraph Charge because it was magical. It was not. It was a hyperdimensional trick that made it impossible to set a weapon against the charge.

If a module focuses on reading dead languages, PC casters will have to burn combat and healing oriented spell slots on comprehend languages. If the client(adventure hook) gives the party a traveling spell book as a signing bonus, instead of healing potions, and it contains only utility spells, then that also shortens the spell day.

Keep in mind that the whole purpose of such rules is to challenge players minds more than dice. If the Cleric takes the healing domain instead of some impractical domain, you are doing your job.

They moved to an island across some water, so the monster could not cross water.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

"Transfarmers, tractors in disguise!"

Captain America, Wonder Woman, and Batman all have superior acrobatics. They can move through terrain that's coming apart at full speed.

So give them acrobatics as a class skill. Probably escape artist for bending bars and lifting gates. Perhaps perception. Why don't they have perception as a class skill?

They should also have a bonus to break down doors, like in 1st and 2nd edition.

I've read stone to flesh, and if used on normal stone, it creates lifeless flesh. That's because there is no soul waiting for it. If some ghost or other spirit is hanging around waiting for an opening back to life, it's going to "step in". I'm going to call them Squatter Spirits.

Fossilization is the replacement of bones and possibly flesh by stone particles. Petrification magic turns the flesh into stone. It's still the same flesh, turned into stone. If you could duplicate the energy of the spell, you could turn a piece of a petrified creature back into cloneable flesh. In theory, you could scan the brain of a petrified being and make a brain tape.

Dragon78 wrote:

Evil creatures so cute that you must make a will save just so you can harm them;)

Monster that uses coins as weapons and armor, would love a creature that actually has a GP Rain/Coin Toss type power.

Construct creature that is a slot machine and when uses it's slot ability various magical effects based on what it gets.

Were wolf pup.

Meowth with payday attack p;q=monster+slot+machine&oq=slot+machine+monster&gs_l=psy-ab.1.0.0i 8i30k1.40377.48778.0.56116. sy-ab..15.10.1220...0j0i13k1j0i67k1.bRo7U7PVsk8
Note the Yugioh cards

A horned death carrot is not the way to fix the fighter/magic user imbalance AND YOU KNOW IT!

Giving fighters pet killer bunnies just turns them into rangers.

I was thinking:

"Put one in your dungeon and the gunslingers will beat a path to your door!"

The next poster has more funny slogans!

1: A skyland. A floating mass of rock with soil, plants, and such on it.

102:NOT Sure death, no save, anything in a list. This is why nobody wants to use potion miscibility tables. A lot of the lists in homebrew run over 100 so you can toss the sure death stuff and still be able to roll D100.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

65. You suffer from Glitter Psoriasis for the rest of the day. All your hair itches and you leave a trail of glitter everywhere you go. Most creatures get a fort save vs DC20, but ponies, unicorns, and pegasi get no save!

master_marshmallow wrote:
Milo v3 wrote:
master_marshmallow wrote:

Fighters get magical abilities... This happened, you guys are having an argument in the past.

Warrior Spirit (Su) adds magic to the fighter's weapon.

There's an Advanced Armor Training that gives you full ranks in Craft (armor) and the feats Master Craftsman and Craft Magic Arms & Armor.

You can get Item Mastery feats through Advanced Weapon Training and use your weapon bypassing item requirements.

We know you can be a fighter with magical abilities, you've said it like thirteen times in this thread alone.

Fighters are good.
Not good enough for some people. But that doesn't even matter because that's not what the thread actually was meant to discuss.

It was meant to discuss whether or not fighters should have access to magical abilities... which they do... now with their class features.

"I don't have the book" or "I don't use the book" or "My DM doesn't want me to use the book" doesn't invalidate the option or prevent it from existing. I coined Marshmallow Fallacy on this very premise.

So, either we aren't talking about the point of the thread or the goal post has moved again.

How about, "The local card game store can't seem to order the book"?

What store in Philly carries the book?

A bad guy reforms with the help of an innocent child.

Movie spoiler:
Wreck it Ralph
Despicable Me
Bad Santa
Return of the Jedi
It's a bad description because there are at least 100 movies it describes.

You can give fighters flight and energy ball powers like in Dragon Ball B cause UR the GM!

5: Goodberries(useful):
These bushes produce the magic berries in the fall. The first year it's a small bush and only produces 1-4 berries. It grows bigger every year producing 2D4 the next year, ect. Each berry provides a day's nutrition and heals one point of damage when eaten. The pit can pass through most creatures unharmed, and bushes have been seen growing from abandoned cesspits. The berries can be dried, juiced, or made into jam.

KoolKobold wrote:
Dasrak wrote:
KoolKobold wrote:
Ganterton's Hold, situated on the southern borders of Etag Ogred and Old Ganterton
While everything else here is fine, Old Ganterton is located in the southern lands, not the east.
Apologies, wanted this settlement to be connected with Old Ganterton. Could just edit it to say that the leader is working on getting a portal up to get the demons to Etag Ogred.

There is some kind of way stone or obelisk that needs to be reset by a ritual if you move it.

Irontruth wrote:
Man I can't stand when people break up responses like that. So annoying to read.

Sorry, I was trying to reply to too high a stack of quotes.


John Lynch 106 wrote:

Wizards are nowhere near as beholden to magic items as fighters. I don't like that and would rather see the two classes equalised with fighters gaining non-magical abilities that can be as game defining as a wizards.

Don't make me whack you with these metamagic rods, cause I have a lot of them!:p

Rope. Definitely rope.

You forgot bloody skeletons and plague zombies. May I suggest saving them for higher level parties?

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Scott Wilhelm wrote:
Louise Bishop wrote:
Volkard Abendroth wrote:
The most powerful kobold would be Pun-Pun.
Get outta here Pun-Pun! This is Pathfinder and No GM in their right mind will allow this to happen.
A GM who allows blending of Pathfinder and 3.5 opens Pandora's Box.

I don't think there are Kobolds in Pandora's Box, but go ahead and look for yourself. :)

avr wrote:

The spells you may want might include Illusory Maze, Dimensional Anchor, Impossible Angles, anything involving extradimensional spaces or teleporting and the pit spells. Folding space seems like mathematical magic to me. That sounds like the sorc/wiz spell list. Int-based that could mean a wizard (probably conjuration/teleportation) or a wildblooded (sage) sorcerer, or perhaps a spell specialist arcanist.

For feats look at some metamagic - reach spell, extend spell, fleeting spell or tenacious spell could all be appropriate. Maybe toppling spell or point blank/precise shot if they like lining up shots like a snooker player.

Adding Bull strength, vampiric touch, and any other spells that add or subtract any ability points or hit points.

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