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Goth Guru's page

5,300 posts (5,325 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 2 wishlists. 2 aliases.


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Listen girl to what I say
about the man from Gallifrey
He can show you the planets
he can show you the stars
he can love you more because
he's got two hearts

Doctor Who, Doctor Who,
Doctor Who, whatcha gonna do
Doctor Who, Doctor Who,
Doctor Who, whatcha gonna do

From the nearest world to
the farthest, he'll take you
there in his TARDIS
who will you find, are you
a risk-taker, will it be David
Tennant or Colin Baker

Doctor Who, Doctor Who,
Doctor Who, whatcha gonna do
Doctor Who, Doctor Who,
Doctor Who, whatcha gonna do

As you travel through the void
your adventures will be great
but as you experience the freedom
of time, there's no escaping your
ultimate fate

For though you fly from the
galaxies at supersonic speeds
you lie and wait to hear the word
to hear the word, to hear the word

Doctor Who, Doctor Who,
Doctor Who, Doctor Who, who, who
Doctor Who, Doctor Who,
Doctor Who, Doctor Who, who, who
Doctor Who, Doctor Who,
Doctor Who, Doctor Who, who, who
Doctor Who, Doctor Who,
Doctor Who, Doctor Who, who, who
Doctor Who

Parry Gripp - Doctor Who Lyrics

That's why I suggested creating a whole new spider.

Lord Foul II wrote:

can you bind multiple souls into a single item?

For now. The Pathfinder Society will probably set limits if they create their own version. My suggestion would be based on caster level. 1 soul-first to 5th level, 2-6th to 10th level, 3-11th to 15th level, 4-16th to 20th level, ect. In Full Metal Alchemist, they cheated by binding one soul into a helm, and the other into the suit of armor.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

3: Symbol of Soul Binding
School Necromancy
Level Sorcerer/Wizard 6
Components V,S,M (mercury and phosphorus plus gem dusts including jet and black diamond worth 10,000)
Saving Throw Will negates

This spell allows you to bind a soul or spirit into a symbol. If part of a golem or item it makes it an intelligent item or living golem. An elemental spirit gives it morphic qualities and other powers. An earth elemental spirit will give it extra hardness(+5, +1 hit dice). Fire gives it 1-6 fire damage on a hit and 2D6 flaming burst on a crit. A water elemental gives it normal operation underwater. An air elemental allows it to fly and form a whirlwind around it’s self.

An outsider or part of an outsider can be bound into a person creating a tattoo. The outsider can try for control as if possession. It’s body manifests as a translucent second skin when it’s powers are being manifested. If bound as a child it can become a split personality.

I'm going to be starting a topic for homebrew spells shortly. Watch for it.

This is already in here. S

The Book of Mourning
This is like a traveling spellbook in construction. It has the spells Mending, Make Whole, Repair 1,2,and 3, Greater Speak With Dead, and the sixth level spell Symbol of Soul Binding. The rest is a diary how the wizard Allestran Boyton created a body for his dead son Allan and bound his soul into it. It descends into his lament how his country began manufacturing soldiers they called War Forged and further perverted his dream by trying to create a bomb that would slay an entire country. His son who then called himself AstralBoy went to try to stop that evil project, but apparently the bomb went off before it was finished. Allestran fills several more pages bemoaning how he rigged his lab to plane shift if threatened, and now he must spend his twilight years wondering what became of his precious son.

Hook: This book will teach the reader how to put the symbol, and a spirit, into a golem as it's being built. Note that a golem with an elemental spirit in it will have morphic qualities and will have a much higher DC. Also, golems with a Soul Symbol will not go mad, but will develop free will when they break control. Greater Speak with Dead allows you to summon the spirit of a dead person. You can ask it questions, or trap it in a symbol. AstralBoy still exists and is still trying to find his father.

Using magic tattoo inks you can put the spirit into a person. Like Naroto, the demon inside will forever fight for control. I did not see the end of the series. Did Saskie ever get the full snake demon and use it to avenge his parents? Probably not that simple.

I'll probably work up a soul binding ritual based on this spell.

6.Computer Room
There are banks of crystals, 3 keyboards in front of big display screens, Behind 3 metal doors with bullet proof glass windows is a large, spherical, green, brain. If non functioning, it can be fixed by replacing the burned out crystals. If it goes nuts it has to be hacked or reprogrammed somehow. Int. 30, Wis. 30, Cha. 30. No Dex(Can't move), No Con. (it's a construct, immune to poisons, diseases, ect.), and no strength(if it takes over a drone or something, it uses it's strength)

95. Tommy Genric N Str 16,Dex 16,Con 4,Int 13,Wis 8,Cha 10 Commoner1 D6 HP 2 He's a hunter gatherer. When he isn't going after mermin with his pet cat Fred, he's gathering spell and potion components to sell, helping out a farm worker, or helping build buildings. Perception 2, handle animal 2. He generally avoids monsters and ruins, but will lead adventurers to them for a gold piece each in advance.

Scarab Sages **** Flutter
For what they can wear in society see Here. 1

Wild Life, Part Two wrote:

Animal Item Slots
Although it's easy to imagine an animal benefiting from magic equipment beyond a simple saddle and a suit of barding, fitting a mount's physiology to the list of item slots available to characters is not an easy task. Try the following variant list of item slots for quadruped animals (and other monsters when appropriate).
* One skull cap or helm
* One pair of lenses or goggles
* One collar
* One saddle blanket or vest
* One saddle or jacket
* One belt or strap worn in front of or over the haunches
* One pectoral or harness worn over the chest or shoulders
* One pair foreleg bracers
* One pair of foreleg shoes or mitts -- hoofed creatures wear shoes and creatures with paws wear mitts
* Two rings -- creatures with toes wear rings on the toes and creatures with hooves wear "rings" just above fore hooves
* One pair of hind leg shoes or mitts -- hoofed creatures wear shoes and creatures with paws wear mitts

If you just want to be really conservative you could always pay twice the normal cost for an item to make it "slotless". I'd propose that most animals can clearly wear at least collars though.

I, on the other hand, would rule it like an earring, tail ring, or toe ring. It's an exotic body slot item that can only be placed on that one body slot. You are only allowed one toe ring per foot. One earring per ear. One tail ring per tail. If it wraps around the tail in a spiral it is still a tail ring for all rules.

As a GM I would rule that you fall down and puke all over your own face going to sickened, but that's just me.

I should have said I would allow such actions as long as your condition worsened. It's like how you can take a point of damage drinking a potion.

That page is gone. I think they wisely got rid of that because it conflicts with other Pathfinder rules.

Not allowing the summoner to wear rings because his eidolon is wearing metal claw enhancers is another paradox the game does not need.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

86. Famous Bard/Wizard died without a will

"What, again?" the manager said as the supposed adamantene drill broke. A hysterical laugh rang out. The manager looked around desperately as a transparent something darted through a wall.

DM Briefing: The famous performer Scion had all his performances recorded on magic crystals. He kept them all in an indestructible vault that only he new the combination to. One of his ex-wives has hired the adventurers to find and talk to his spirit about the combination. The spirit formally known as Scion will give them one number of the combination as they obtain his revenge against each person who betrayed him in life.


Non magical armor would be stuck in only one mundane clothing form. It would give the armor bonus of actual armor, but probably not as much of the drawbacks.

4th wallers will have it attract trolls offended by the wording.

johnnythexxxiv wrote:
Goth Guru wrote:

A lot of these are less useless than funny.

Here's something truly useless as a pallet cleanser.
Potion of uselessness
Actually it's just normal water in a normal glass vial with a glamour on the vial.

That's a funny way to spell Potion of Thirst Quenching.

I can see how that would quench your thirst if this is you. amp;x=1501484635

Already too late to edit.
Manly-man teapot obviously meant mage, but something went wrong.

Addressing earlier posts, there are already prisoner and jailer dungeon rings. Maybe it was modified to alert the Jailer when the prisoner casts spells. They could replace status with detect magic. This would only be for repeat offenders or suchlike.

Dotting so it's easier to find.
I haven't read it all but someone should have mentioned crafts during the winter. This is often referred to as making hay while the sun shines. Lots of the things they need will be made in town. Most taxes will be collected as barter. Crops, crafts, and gathered things. Read Foxfire(probably ninjad) to see how some Forrest plants are very valuable. Some people are miners, hunters, gatherers, ect. When panning for gold or gems isn't panning out, many are also farm laborers. A lot of these jack of all trades are 1st level peasants.

Similar topic-Village of the Damned..

Manly-man teapot wrote:
Manly-man teapot wrote:

I really, truly loathe laws backed with nonsensical fervor by giant penis-extension NPCs.

The Dragonlance campaign setting was fairly neat; you could be super low level and not have to bother, but once you want to play in the leagues, you have to join the organization; and the same organization that empowers you also polices you, magic issues are decided by magic people, and so on. If a medium-level mage wreaks havoc in a kingdom, doing things that the king obviously can't let him get away with, he can A) kill him and deal with the political fallout with his Order, B) ask the order to handle & punish him. And both options are politically valid.

Also, importantly, the consequence of PC mages fireballing cattle or selling summoned horses is not an immediate visit by the giant penis at the head of the order, but a stern warning from other marges who have to live there.

Marge squirrel was not super effective.

I want to add that only blood curse/enchantments will last through clone or true resurrection. In other words, if it's in their DNA and can be passed on to their children.

A lot of these are less useless than funny.

Here's something truly useless as a pallet cleanser.
Potion of uselessness
Actually it's just normal water in a normal glass vial with a glamour on the vial.

6:Items obtained from other advanced races

Select from here.

How about this...
1:Simple Blaster
This weapon does 2D6 if it hits and only holds 6 shots of energy. While it counts as a touch attack, against unattended objects it makes a small hole. Note that since it has to burn through hardness, you may have to shoot a lock twice to destroy the lock. It is an exotic weapon unless you are a gunslinger or trained on this weapon. The range is ok, like a normal longbow.

As for the value, I'm going to wait for suggestions and just take an amount in the middle. I only suggested values in case the blue giants come back selling this stuff.

I've looked at the technology stuff one of you mentioned. The nanomachine dispensers seem to be missing some things.

5:Purple Nanite Hypogun
This highly unstable experiment changes the immune system allowing implants to be added without any rejection. It is in effect for a half hour, that being the window for implanting. It disrupts magic like a normal dispel magic(it moves from one magical effect to another till it successfully dispels one). If the person is suffering any energy poisoning(radiation included) they instead get a mutation.

Just one charge heals 1D20 hit points.

Again, the GPV is highly subjective.

Atarlost wrote:
Goth Guru wrote:
It might be simpler to have the bearer call out Red Light! or Green Light. In the cone shaped area the red light casts hold person while the green light hastes everyone in the area. The cone is 60 feet long and DC20.
That wouldn't be useless.

Are you going to make the cone only 30 feet long and DC12? Note also that the effects end instantly if any targets leave the area of effect. Thus you can charge, but not benefit in the actual attack. If you do manage to hold person on a humanoid, you risk being held if you try to melee them.

It comes from an Ironweave Giant Spider. Some enterprising merchant is feeding homeless people to them to get the silk :)

It might be simpler to have the bearer call out Red Light! or Green Light. In the cone shaped area the red light casts hold person while the green light hastes everyone in the area. The cone is 60 feet long and DC20.

Destroying an alter to a good deity: Evil. Destroying an alter to an evil deity: Good. Destroying equal numbers of both: Neutral.

That being said, any reincarnate spell will turn this guy into a Lamia. Hey, she gets her voice back, so that's sort of a win. She can still progress as a monk, can't she? She's better equipped to sway other silenced Monks to maltheism.

Or the player can bring out another character and let the GM play the monster. Even better, someone can hand the character over to their girlfriend. A lion monster with Kung fu skills and magical powers is a pretty cool intro to gaming.

An alchemist monster like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.
The human side becomes more and more pacifist while the monster becomes more violent. The unfortunate discovery of fracturing mutation causes them to have an inherent repeating mutation that stacks with another mutagen, which will the same type. All the bombs and extracts the alchemist prepared will be abused by the violent personality.

The Sewer
This long tunnel has walkways along the side. Along the middle of the floor is a deep(30 feet) stream of dirty water. Upstream is the well room. Downstream is the cesspit.
GM notes: If you search the floor of the foul stream for 1D6 rounds you will find...
1-A bone, 2-T**d(it's not a candy bar), 3-a copper piece, 4-a silver piece, 5-a Canadian quarter, 6-a dead rat, 7-A pistol(used in a murder and requiring a Make Whole spell to ever function again), 8-The mostly rotted corpse of a human fetus, 9-Alligator skull(from a full grown alligator), 10-The Nixon commemorative gold coin, 11-A Susan B. Anthony dollar coin, and 12-The 20 sided die that rolled me 1 for 2 consecutive true strikes at a convention!
Dimensions: 500 feet long, 40 feet wide, 25 foot high ceiling. The walkways are 10 feet wide so the stream is 20 feet wide.
PS: Leaky steam pipes, exposed electric cables, water mains, sewage mains, Ninja Turtles(preferably adapted from the role playing game), and other modern features are personal touches and will vary from game to game.

Go to Random Rooms.

Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)
Kenny Rogers & The First Edition

I woke up this mornin' with the sundown shinin' in
I found my mind in a brown paper bag within
I tripped on a cloud and fell-a eight miles high
I tore my mind on a jagged sky
I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in

I pushed my soul in a deep dark hole and then I followed it in
I watched myself crawlin' out as I was a-crawlin' in
I got up so tight I couldn't unwind
I saw so much I broke my mind
I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in

Someone painted "April Fool" in big black letters on a "Dead End" sign
I had my foot on the gas as I left the road and blew out my mind
Eight miles outta Memphis and I got no spare
Eight miles straight up downtown somewhere
I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in

I said I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in
Yeah yeah oh-yeah

Kenny Rogers did this! Mind blown!

Sneakers of walking it off: If you can walk at least a 5 foot step, all your lethal damage is transformed into subdual."Go take a nap in the nurses office."

Great. Now you have too many rulings.

I'm going with an object or body can have permanent magic suspended by certain kinds of damage, or negated by total destruction. By chopping something in half you suspend most magic until the halves are reattached to each other.

For example, if you bring all of Vlad's bones back together and dump lots of blood on them, Drac. is back!

Footage of an Eagle attacking a drone..

Take any class that is weak in skills, fighters for instance.
Now give them a 1 per level in class skills. This is unaffected by their intelligence score.

As for the Monk, make them hit with unarmed attacks like they are using masterwork weapons. At 3rd level they are +1 to hit and damage with unarmed attacks. At 6th level +2. At 9th level +3. At 12th level +4. At 15th level +5.

Goth Guru wrote:

Ooooh! How about a staff of life that recharges one charge by vaporizing 200 lbs of remains? Of course a True Res. will take all 10 charges. A few of those in the campaign area and everyone with dearly departed will come knocking at your door. Talk to your GM and see if the Staff of Life and Death is right for your game. :)

Disclaimer: The Staff of Life and Death costs much more to make. It will not restore the lost level. May cause constitution loss in 1st level characters. It may offend some religions to destroy remains like that. Side effects may include Monty Haul or Christmas Tree syndrome. Use responsibly unless everyone has signed off on an irresponsible campaign.

This was on the first page of this topic. I guess that's why you missed it.

The Staff of Life and Death basically would be rewarding the characters for destroying that trash. 200 lbs of remains vaporized would restore one charge to the staff. A true resurrection would use all 10 charges.

If the GM wanted to mess with anyone, they would have the skulls talk only to the guy creeped out by them.

Star Spawn are in bestiary 4 according to your monster codex.

Intrigue, Mythos, and other appropriate monsters. Some just monstrous, and others more character level based. Some Mythos creatures, such as the Shagoth, are already in bestiaries.

What level is the spell? At first level, no one has that high of a perform check.

Nerfing everything just lowers the fun factor. So does too much sarcasm!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

If they suspect an enemy will have access to raise dead, yes, destroying the corpse is an issue. Also if there is animate dead and create undead in the mix. A corpse can be a ticking time bomb.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

A magic helm that when you put it on you become a winged unicorn. You now have hoofs and can't remove it. Alternately you could remove it only after you make a new friend.

I've been thinking of a high school in Golorion. Maybe the Hero's High will be having a lot of sports events against the Monster's High. The agenda is that some doom is approaching that only characters with mythic levels can deal with. All the schools will be built over massive dungeons. Some monsters just transferred to the Hero's High School causing social drama. One student is a Spawn of Rovagug and doesn't know it.

Albatoonoe wrote:
I'm currently putting together a Pathfinder game that takes place in the 1920's involving government agents that investigate and control magic and monsters, complete with guest appearances by Grigori Rasputin and Aleister Crowley. Tommy guns, magic, and government conspiracies. What more could you want from a game? The great thing is that I have a pretty good chance of actually running this campaign.

HP Lovecraft was there. The new stuff for Pathfinder on Mythos will come in handy.

With tiles, all the material components used and spell decisions are made when the tile is made. The tiles for beheaded will do only that. You will probably try to get enough information about magic tiles to try to use them against me, that being an abuse of the Socratic method.
As long as they end up being more expensive to make and are available to both heros and villains I don't see the problem.

I take it my idea for a staff that is fueled by destroying remains is better received. It hasn't been attacked by the Socratic method.

graystone wrote:

Syrus Terrigan: As this is an advice thread on playing pathfinder, why does it seem odd that people question you when you step outside the ruleset? It's one thing if the DM has a plot/plan in play and the players happen to walk into it by collecting skulls. It's quite another for the rules of the universe to change themselves in an effort to mess with the players for something they did. Rules are what makes pathfinder different than other games and throwing them out gets you awful close to magic tea party time... :P

Goth Guru: "Evil gods grant this kind of thing on a whim." Sounds like just the thing a good god would smite to spite the evil gods fun... ;)

Via the paladin who just entered the picture. This fulfills the getting rid of part of the original posters request.

graystone wrote:

1: ok...
2: If he's really bad and that powerful, why not teleport them into a volcano, lost island or the middle of the ocean? This makes him sound slightly precocious.
3: Is he going to draw funny symbols on their faces too?...
4: Why? "Activating a scroll is a standard action (or the spell's casting time, whichever is longer)", so no quick cast. Oils, elixirs and such are one target at a time per item. I have no idea what a tile does...

The only quick undead raising item is the Cauldron of the Dead. It's a pain though as you have to lug around a 35 lbs. cauldron plus enough "water and rare herbs" to fill it up as many times as you have bodies. And all that for the low,low cost of 30,000 gp... it almost seems like they didn't want raising undead to be quick and easy for some reason...

2: He can try to teleport them into a volcano, but unless he lives in one he will probably miss by miles.

3:Why not, he, or one of his minions are evil. :)
4: Tiles activate by being broken over the target. I take it you are one of those Homebrew Haters.

Go to lycanthrope.

That's depressing. I think Were squirrels and were rabbits would be -2 Wis and +2 Charisma.

It might be easier to leave the beast monk alone with his wis. based powers.

I used like meaning it not exactly the same. Try +1 per 5 levels and you can only do it once per combat.

If that's too severe, you can use the feat once per combat per 10 levels. That's once per level 1-10th level. twice per combat 11th to 20th level. 3 times per combat epic.

All that matters is the Pathfinder's official's ruling. I'm just tossing out ideas.

If you want to try to tie how often the character can use potion glutton in a situation to the lethality of the module or campaign, have fun in mathland.

If somebody tries to use Potion Glutton too often, bring back the potion miscibility table. :)

His god of fidelity was upset he had an ex.

The Paladin tried to force a troll to explain why he thought the Paladin's God was Gay.

On the Potion glutton thing, characters are already limited to extracts of a level that they can create. If that isn't limiting enough, limit it like rage. You can only double dose a total number of rounds equal to your con bonus +1 per 3 levels(of anything). After that you are "full" till the next day.

As for the armor thing, like sources don't stack seems pretty simple. The Cape of Dork Boy gives a +1 dorkiness bonus to armor that will not stack with any other dorkiness bonus.

williamoak wrote:

Oh, ever since I saw this video, I want to run a game set in the setting displayed in it (it's a music video for Carpenter brut: turbo killer)

Let's break down the elements

Polluted future where a few mutants can breath without gas masks.

Space stations, all of which have been converted to spaceships, most of them abandoned earth.

Only cars left are cool race cars.

The most genetically pure humans are tracked by glowing holy symbols on their foreheads, while dangerous mutants have an upside down symbol on their foreheads. These symbols link them into the central computer.

The computers provide constant music keyed to whats going on.

I'll assume the girl controls the computer as well as being central to its memory and capabilities.

I think only magic ponies can take cuddle as a combat maneuver. :)

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