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Kyuss Spawnling

Goth Guru's page

4,486 posts (4,498 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 alias.


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Aelryinth wrote:

Asmodeus is worshipped because he emphasizes stratification, discrimination, order and a shred of honor.

Stratification means there's clearly me, us, and them. There's people higher then you, and lower then you. Asmodeus clearly appeals to those people higher on the scale, who can then enforce their wills on those lower on the scale by Holy Writ, which means the 10% are entitled with all the power, and its completely justified. Why would they give that up? Asmodeus is a god of pure elitism, racism, sexism.
Those who don't have power don't even have the RIGHT to complain about it. Those not a part of the system are to be considered as little more then animals, do what you like to them.

Order means this is the way it is, if you don't like it, tough crap. Which is wonderful if you do like the way it is, with you on top.

He caters to the smart and the subtle instead of the strong. Laws, contracts, the ability to manipulate others...not just bash them over the head and take what you want. VERY appealing to the powerful and wealthy. If you aren't smart enough to stop me, it's your own fault, right? I'm just smarter then you are.

And of course, wrapping this all up in shreds of DO obey the law, you WILL keep your word, and you simply don't just kill and savage! How ignorant! No, no, we will do this LEGALLY...


Like Fry said in Futurama, "I hope to be rich some day so I can abuse the poor smucks I used to be" or something like that. Someone at the bottom could learn to be an assassin, and start to kill their way to the top. Anyone too stupid to hire them and have them kill the obstacles to their success, is too stupid to live.

Philo Pharynx wrote:
Goth Guru wrote:

I once rolled 2 1's in a row and wasted 2 true strike spells. I threw out the die. I'm going to start using 2D10 for attacks. The game is about magical fantasy, not attention whore chunks of plastic.

Yeah, very next attack. Don't use your off hand or second best weapon. Good time to use that once a day power.

2d10 also makes creatures with AC above 11+your hit bonus harder to hit. It's a more serious change than it seems at first.

n00bxqb wrote:
Goth Guru wrote:

I once rolled 2 1's in a row and wasted 2 true strike spells. I threw out the die. I'm going to start using 2D10 for attacks. The game is about magical fantasy, not attention whore chunks of plastic.

Yeah, very next attack. Don't use your off hand or second best weapon. Good time to use that once a day power.

I truly despise auto fail/auto succeed.

A level 20 fighter shouldn't have a 5% chance of missing a level 1 commoner.

The miss is not necessarily the character's fault. Sometimes it's external factors or just dumb luck. Th commoner steps wrong and ducks at the wrong moment.

With true strike it's 22 plus all functioning hit bonuses. Also, two double 1s in a row will have everyone disbelieving enough to crash the matrix.

I see the no at the beginning, but the rest seems like a yes.

118.) I'll prepared people, like that one time, I have that note somewhere, I think someone forgot how many arrows they had, wait, they forgot their entire character sheet.

Blakmane wrote:
"Devil's Advocate" wrote:

The issue is though, that it's unclear if "restricted" means by outside circumstances or by action economy limitations.

So, in your example, if you took a Standard Action to Ready a Charge, (giving you only a Standard Action action later on), you technically are limited to a Standard Action, and should be able to charge.

This is not true. From the FAQ:

"Ready: Can you ready an action to charge?

No. The rules for a charge state that you can take a charge action as a standard action if you are "restricted to taking only a standard action on your turn". Although the ready action text states that you can take a standard action, it does not meet the requirements of the text in the charge action. (See Core Rulebook pages 198 and 203)"

I keep reading this, and it seems like a yes.

thegreenteagamer wrote:

35. There is a such thing as luck.

36. Dice can be lucky.

37. Dice lose their luck if you let another player use them.

38. Organizing your dice so the highest number is facing up will somehow make it more likely to roll that number when you toss them.

....what? He didn't say it had to be IN CHARACTER superstitions!

Indeed, he started with 2 real life ones.

39. Step on a crack, you break your mothers back. Now that my Mom's dead, I don't worry about cracks. If you live in a mining town, stepping on cracks may lead to falling damage.

116. Magic rings only males can wear.

Banana Sling of Holding: Someone posted a weaponized banana. I guess you could use it as underwear.

I think a prepaired action might allow it. If before you go through every door your tank draws his weapon and gets ready to charge, that's before the combat round or surprise round. If you don't make that spot check, you can't charge in that surprise round.

I had a sorc. who always had out a licorice root and dagger so he could cast haste if anyone said, "ambush" or suddenly had an arrow in them.

I once rolled 2 1's in a row and wasted 2 true strike spells. I threw out the die. I'm going to start using 2D10 for attacks. The game is about magical fantasy, not attention whore chunks of plastic.

Yeah, very next attack. Don't use your off hand or second best weapon. Good time to use that once a day power.

I like it. One thing.
Gift of the Spriggan. Alternate racial trait. The Krat has some spriggan blood so while he(or she) concentrates on thinking like a dragon he(or she) can access one more rite of the dragon than he(or she) has taken. Unfortunately, when forced to think otherwise, such as feeling guilty for terrifying his(or her) friends, he shrinks back down to small size. His(or her) friends often mistake him(or her) for a child no mater how grown up they become, much like a halfling.

187) AR Curse. Everyone who enters an area Will saves DC30 or sings,"You can buy anything you want, at Alice's restaurant!"

1 person marked this as a favorite.


Rod of Flailing: It has it's command word on it's side in Draconic. It seems to all tests to be a standard rod of flailing, till the command word is said. Then anyone touching it must succeed in a DC 30 will save or fall down, flailing their arms and legs. They can attempt a new save every round.

I've looked through the Bestiary, and bonus hit points seem to be given to undead and constructs because of intangibles. You want to give zombies more bonus hit points per dice, just do that. If you pin it to just one stat, you will gimp whatever creature doesn't have that as their main stat.

Actually, since it's not on the official potion generation lists, I could make a strong case for it only being made at the second caster level. Venders can justify the extra cost by telling you it's easier to use for jumping down.

An oil might be better. When you open it while falling, it splatters all over you.

114. 2 players who want a different class to be "the best pony" at the same gaming table.
115. My little pony creeping into everything.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'm not mad. It just seems the single biggest problem is some, not even most, want their favorite class to be "Best Pony".

I think each class should dominate in one area, but always be useful.

If that's not your cup of tea, there is solo gaming. Tweak the Magus so it's even more a fighter/caster and have a friend run you through some prepared modules.

What are rogues in combat?

Also, that's not really fair. I've designed rituals and mutations that augment Fighters, and Monks too, especially at higher levels.

Take your +5 armor, +5 shield, and glave of glory and suggest a rule for using all 3 at once.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Continuing threat: a feat or class feature. After the rogue attacks, they hide. As long as they stay hidden, they are considered flanking. The foe cannot see them, and they might attack again. If the rogue attacks anyone, the previous continuing threat ends.

If a feat, it is free only to rogues and certain archetypes.

This makes them useful, but not dominant in combat.

Assisting: The fighter or Archetype hands the other person tools, kills annoying vermin, provides an extra pair of eyes, ect. This gives +4 to any non combat activity, such as finding or disarming traps. The fighter gives up their roll, if any, and the other character does it for both. For example, if the mountebank is trying to bluff their way into enemy territory, the fighter plays the terrified prisoner.

As a feat, this is free to fighters, fighter archetypes, and some paladins(does the deity value humility in their followers?)

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:

186. "That's no moon. That's...Roll 1d8:"

1: "...a wine cellar!"
2: " egg!"
3: "...a wheel of cheese!"
4: "...just your thumb over the lens!"
5: " old storage unit!"
6: "...a family entertainment center!"
7: "...the biggest g~!@!*n billiard I've ever seen!"
8: "...a dwarf planet, technically!"

9: "...a space station!"

10: " wife!

roll 1D10, for now. :)

184. A lost little girl. She is actually a very young shoggoth that found a child's corpse, assimilated it, and promptly forgot she ever died. In times of stress she can turn killer blob. Bonus points if a PC starts playing her, not realizing what she is.

47. The Lawyers from the Grey Outlands show up wanting to destroy the entire dungeon because the Osquip(which you don't even want) are not your intellectual property(whatever that is). How do you even roleplay it when this madness comes through the forth wall?

42. That smell is the monster corpses you animated to clean the place.

43. You've got Osquip!

33. That science and magic can't coexist is a superstition. While petroleum based plastics have anti magical properties, celluplastics augment nature magic and can be magicked by druids.

34. Golems, robots, and androids should never be brought to a haunted house. Actually, they can be haunted, but once free willed they will want to "live it up" or avenge their death. I always thought Jennie from My Teenage Robot Life went to a haunted house and started acting like a person.

I'm having trouble finding a legend of an english lord who fell in love with a mysterious woman. She asked him to stop hunting foxes. When he killed a fox, and somehow realized it was her, he eventually died of a broken heart.

I was able to find this.
Fox Mythology.

Here's where the line is.
Modern humans with proper training can learn any class humans from another reality can. Magic has been purged from our culture, and is possibly being hoarded by secret organizations like in Harry Potter. The amazing Randi and his ilk may be abjurationists and not even know it. People have documented powers that then fail when such skeptics are around.

While winged elves can fly without a plane, modern humans cannot without a wingsuit or something. Some fictional series have psychic powers come from a mutated pineal gland or microscopic things in the cells. You are either born with that or you are not.

Genesis Riddle Rovagug is the opposite of whatever super god created Golarion. If someone can discover an accurate version of the genesis story, they can find out how to destroy Rovagug. Not easy as the gospel of most gods credit themselves with this.

Arakhor wrote:
I like what you've done with the crafting feats, though I'd suggest the name "Craft Consumable" for SS/BP and throw in the ability to make elixirs and feather tokens as well at 5th-level.

Also CT for Craft Tile. A tile functions sort of like a potion but you break it over what you want affected, for healing. For summoning, you toss it where you want the thing, it breaks, and is replaced by what the creator specified. Light and silence can radiate from the largest remaining piece.

Goth Guru wrote:

79. Corpse. It may be 1-one of the madrigals, 2-The missing demigod from the room, 3-a little girl, 4-Random dead person, 5-Some random humanoid monster, 6-Something weird like a land squid, stirge, golem, or something.

Cause of death. 1-Preditor(all the meat is eaten and the bones are gnawed), 2-poisoned(relatively preserved due to vermin could not eat), 3-Energy drain(dry, almost mummified), or 4-violent injuries(normal decay, broken bones, possibly vermins).

If killed by a trap or beast may have items, such as a potion or mundane item.

More cause of death

5-head missing
6-Head here, body missing
7-Right and left hands and arms missing
8-Right and left hands and arms are all that's here.
9-Cut through the waist. Top half is here.
10-Cut through the waist. Bottom half is here.
11-Cut through the waist. Both halves are here.
12-Cut in half from shoulder to hip and both halves are here.
13-Partially burned up. Humanoid figure made of charcoal and ash.
14-Full of arrows and bolts. 1D12 of each.

Cut in half may have ruined magic armor or garments.

Keep adding cause of deaths, please.

The barbarian rage details look good.
I was going to suggest that rage from an item or race should be in addition and by the separate rules, but you pretty much took care of that. If the GM lets you play an awakened owlbear, you would get one more rage per day per point of con. bonus. Same rules, you keep attacking till you are exhausted or knocked out.

I just remembered. FF meanes flat footed.

If you go full bard, lean heavily into UMD.
As long as you take the enemy casters down before they can use up their wands, you won't suffer from too little fire power.

A full caster might come in at 5th level, when they are not so squishy.

Don't Drink and Dive.. ing+while+skydiving&FORM=VDRE#view=detail&mid=2D2476820203DEF4CC902 D2476820203DEF4CC90

ShieldLawrence wrote:
I wasn't aware you could drink potions mid-fall.

Alright, put on this chainmail! Now swing this greatsword for ten minutes!

I think he's dead. :(

When you achive 5 degrees of seperation from the topic, will you start discussing Kevin Bacon?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

101. Mists leading to Ravenloft.

Crushed chalk sticks probably looks like powdered chalk with foot prints in it.

80. Bottle of wine turned to vinegar.

Polearms are good. When the enemy tries to shoot over a low wall, you are within melee range.

You could use pipes of the sewers and the bard could help control the swarm.

Irontruth wrote:
Rynjin wrote:

Are you even reading his posts?

I've seen little evidence of this "Strawmanning" and more every time he quotes you you say "I wasn't talking to you! Why reply to me?" or some other whine.

By all means state and defend your ACTUAL POSITIONS and explain them instead of going "Nope, that's not what I said" every time someone says something to disagree with you.

OF COURSE that's not what you said. He's DISAGREEING. His responses are NOT SUPPOSED TO be in agreement with yours when he disagrees.

Statements are statements. When someone makes a statement furthering the discussion, that doesn't mean they're saying you said that.

Watching you be so damn thick about this over the course of the last few days, willfully or not I can't be sure, has been frustrating.

Either ignore it, rebut it, or move the f%++ on already.

I'm willing to discuss my actual positions. But when responses are responses to things that aren't my position, am I allowed to say that they aren't my position? Or do I have to defend them?

If something isn't my position, what should I do? Accept it as my position, or point out that I didn't say it, and it's not my position?

When someone attributes a position to you, but you don't hold that position, what verb would you use for that?

Can DontUBelieveIt be a verb?

Go to DontUBelieveIt.. ;FORM=VIRE3#view=detail&mid=7B35FD103130C1FE57CA7B35FD103130C1FE57CA

97. The nuke grenade. (pulls the pin, drops it, and teleports out.)

95. Acronyms like APL which are not simply explained in the books where they are introduced. (Gives characters apples per level.)

He spread the curse through unprotected sex.

The paladin expressed his disgust at the other party members, by taking time off from adventuring, and doing charity work.

Oh, look, were on the house rules subboard!

House rule 1, up to 6 eidolons per trainer.

2, A referee running a match casts a spell that enforces the rules, including eidolons only fighting eidolons, non lethal, ect.
(Pikachu blasts team rocket into the sky after each criminal attempt.)

3, If a trainer dies or even rejects an eidolon, they became wild. A wild eidolon can live like an animal, find a new trainer, or even get a job. (There were Pikachus working at a power plant. More than 10.)

4, An eidolon can have any personality. There can be some back and forth between them and the trainer, represented by empathy. It might represent some sort of repressed part of their personality, which can result in partial loss of control during a match. This also can explain loss of communication.

5, Empathy is a metamagic feat, where summoned or charmed creatures understand the caster non verbally. If the eidolon is killed(however temporarily) the controller may be stunned one round. Save DC 10, plus creature's charisma bonus, plus creature level.

In the feat I am using creature as it applies if a dragon charms a human. It is a general use feat I plan to use when I next GM.

Pathfinder usually keeps it simple. Insanity is permanent confusion. Bestow Curse simply causes minuses to everything for the duration.

Without medication, I would react to things I neither saw, heard, or felt. It was afterward I tried to guess what it felt like having some kind of spirits crawling in and out of my skin. I learned to not trust my gut because everything I just know is a symptom. I still pray, but if God ever talks to me, I'll be afraid to believe it.

I was part of a study, brain scans, blood tests, the works. My whole family has a tendency of chemical imbalance. It was bullying and forced sports that caused my specific problems. I really don't want to go off my meds.

In game, you can roll play a character as needing to buy potions of cure insanity, to control the problem for a day. They would be looking for a wish to permanently cure them. IRL I would sign up for gene therapy that turn me into someone without this burden.

You could have a character stalked by a phantasm that is causing the symptoms. Only the victim can see or even feel the monster. They won't know this is the case till someone uses invisibility purge, but in 3.5, phantasms were tough.

180. The characters come upon a scene of slaughter. There is also a goat that screams.

If this was in homebrew, I would suggest when a schizophrenic becomes confused, there is a 50% chance that they attack or run from, an empty space. Normally, I don't like realism, but this might make it more believable.

If you want it be "Pokemony" use various "roles" meaning "reasons" for them to work for a human.
1. Nature is brutal. Your family was eaten by predators. A kindly human rescued you and gave you to a novice to train. These games they play are non lethal, and the human seems to really care.
2. Fame. Everyone cheers for the winner, and you like the winners circle.
3. Legacy. Your family has been playing these games for generations. You want to make them proud.
4. Apex predator. Stealing live stock or food did not have enough challenge or honor.

You can think of more, but mechanics.

A mini monster can be any small creature with Elemental Blaster, illusionist, or other leveled powers. As they level they get bigger, more powerful, and more skillful. Elemental vermin. A mouse with electrical power or a bug with entangle then later web and poison powers can be types of mini monsters.

Communication. The trainers all have handle animal as a class skill. A glass or metal craftsman who has a baby dragon partner will have handle animal as a class skill. Everyone does. A mini monster as a class skill can use perception to get another roll to succeed at picking up on the handler's intent.

497. Everyone who wasn't part of the caravan seems to be gone. It seems to be a rapture like event. You start to encounter others who were left behind. Some of them you thought were dead. The party just barely remembers taking the job to guard the caravan. They are all having nightmares about bandits attacking. The party cleric or oracle meets a strange lady, who seems somehow familiar. DC30 knowledge religion to recognise a sword acheron. As soon as someone figures it out, she tells them she can teach them to be lawful reapers and can show them the path to vengeance and back to the living world.

64.)People who want to ban parts of the game because it may offend people they have not even met.

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