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Kyuss Spawnling

Goth Guru's page

3,200 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


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82. The Royal Scribe's paperclip
This beautifully engraved wire has the power to make whole one object(usually a book, scroll, or other recording media) every 12 hours.
It's fully intelligent, because it's over 100 years old. It speaks common, Japanese, and several other languages.
Hook: It wants to get home to the royal library, and may refuse to be used as a lockpick. It knows all about oriental history and culture and may even come from an anime world of the GM's choosing.

Ritual 22: The Summoning. A creature from beyond is enticed to make a deal. It can be outerplaner, inner planer, or even an abberation from somewhere you only barely comprehend.
Success: The magic circle holds it till a deal can be struck. They will persist till their end is completed. DC 35.
Failure: The thing comes, gets loose, and can rampage as appropriate. They will stay till otherwise banished.
Modifiers: Knowledge The planes, arcana, Religion, and craft. The craft is for painting, carving, and or inlaying the magic circle. +10 for a permanently installed magic circle.
Cost: 5000gp + 1000 permanent magic circle
Special: A celestial might slay everyone they meet that radiates evil if they get loose. Collateral damage probably gets to the upper planes anyway.

I did a search on Iroquois cities, and I only found some cities with Iroquois names. I'm aware of native American cities built into cliffs and the Mayan cities. Maybe in your world, these persisted and the concepts spread.
The living desk clock is very amusing.
The idea of used scrolls coming after characters is interesting.

The crate would have one tree/bush harvest for one year. The rest would be packing material. I think excelsior is shredded wood. Bushes are found in ruins because important people would transplant them into their hidden garden.

Shicil wrote:
228. (Evolutionist) An aging professor creates a childlike humanoid in blue armor to aid his research, giving the boy the ability to mimic the weapons of enemies he defeats...


It supports the existence of an entire gang of fish like, aquatic, ruffians. Obviously they all ate from the same bush/tree.
Also, everyone kept taking one glance at Lupie and saying "Gumgum fruit?"

If living greyhawk had not self destructed, I was going to write an adventure path where ex keolanders awakened the Tarrasque and fed all the giants to it. In other words, the PCs are all Tarrasque cultists.

The way I play it, djinn can only grant wishes 3 times a day, and not to themselves. A sphinx can answer any question, but only as a riddle, and they can't solve their own riddles. A sphinx summoning spell will get you 1 answer/riddle per 5 levels, and the monster can hang around till they are answered. In my ritual topic, yeah, you can summon broken things at low levels, but one noob mistake and the only thing broken is you!

Leveled mutations. It won't break the game if the character becomes more powerful as they gain experience. Being a magical mutagen, the gumgum fruit seeds would all grow up to grant different mutations. When the characters show up, and one of them has wings, the royal family will accept the crate and thank them for testing it. Wings vastly limit your armor options.

You lost me at making half elf and orcs sterile. It's like Hasbro throwing all the elemental planes and the Abyss in a blender and calling it a plane. Next your going to ditch chaotic good and fall down the same slippery slope. Consider your topic ignored.

Crysmal might grant detect treasure, gems only, for 10 percent of the gems, for life.

Grit for other classes merits it's own topic.
That's why I made mutations. Having weird energies get in your DNA will effect even NPCs. There's a show, called the listener, where a telepath is a paramedic, and the crime unit needs him as a consultant.
Artificers might have bonuses to use items they can create.

Before I hide this topic, I should tell you why. Damaging classes to help other classes is something I have a vendetta against. Also, I don't understand most of your rules. Armor that absorbs damage should be an additional trait, and the armor should heal that over time. Since negative armor AC was gotten rid of, I have been happy with the AC system and don't want to poke the sleeping owlbear.

It's cold iron, so I would consider making it bane to fiends. Maybe all bonuses to damage and hit are doubled against fiends when using that sword.

Goth Guru wrote:

Spiritual Freedom

School: Universal - Savage Mage bonus spell
Level: 4
Casting time: Attack action
Components: V + S
Range: medium (100ft. + 10ft./level)
Targets 1 target
Duration: Instant
Save: Will
The target summoned creature, golem, or object with a bound elemental becomes free willed for 10 minutes per level. It will even work on a vampire spawn, and they will get a new save for self control when the spell ends.

I changed the name because of the reversal spell of the same name.

Sssatthasaar the Half Orc. It's good for graffiti and whispering behind a lizard man's back. It's possibly impossible, like go F*** yourself, and only offensive in the ethnic context.
A lizardman that tries to negotiate with Orcs would find this insult painted on his hut with wild boar blood. another month!
How about Goblins
1: Illiterate Pathfinder standard.
2: Sky pirates working for Hobgoblin captains with Bugbear boarding parties.
3: Only creatures crazy enough to make gunpowder.
Add more options before the OP starts voting.

Maud Pie, a My Little Pony character would say,"What's wrong with the taste of rocks?"
She eats rocks.

I don't know if there were monstrous paperclips or calligraphy brushes that keep trying to escape their drawer and run around their owner's feet. You could use the Japanese word for clutter and invent a new one. :)

The magic rifle barrel was just to prove a point. You can put bonuses on a musket barrel. You could add acid, fire, frost, lightning, or sonic damage.
In the Eicher room, my vertical is your horizontal. The spell says you can create a vertical wall. It does not say you can't create a horizontal wall.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Divination, or create a new school. I can see Mirror Image as being additive, as there are apparently more of you. Simulacrum, clone, and Disintegrate on the minus side.

GM DarkLightHitomi wrote:

Odd, a rifled barrel should add to range or reduce range penalties, not add a to-hit bonus.

Who came up with that?

That's why I said accuracy. You add the accuracy to to hit, but you multiply the range by it. I got that from H2, guns that changed history.

If you want to sacrifice believability for game balance, that's your issue, not mine.

A rifle barrel adds 1 to 5 accuracy to a gun, non magical, depending on it's length. If the barrel is made of meteoric iron it can also be enchanted +1 to +5, hit and damage, and these things stack.

New modifier: A black star sapphire, worth 1000gp, powdered and drawn between the heads in a star pattern, adds +5.

Black Sapphires, would give +5 to the chance of the ritual's success.
You could form a pentagram with those lines.

In keeping with Pathfinder style, make them barbarians, as opposed to monster levels. You want them to attack the nearest target, as if they own a cursed great sword of rage.
Are you referring to my leveled mutations, or do I have competition?

What about orcs? Are they the standard evil footsoldiers, or have they found a place in the factories, where their resistance to poisonous fumes make them useful.

I thought you were going to refer to Soul Eater. I was going to suggest bonus spells Magic Weapon, Greater magic weapon, ect.

Ritual 21: Power Circle. At least 5 freshly severed heads are arranged on a carved in stone magic circle to turn negative energy into negative electric current.
Success: The heads rise and face inward. A powerful electric current hits copper rods thrust into the circle. A city, spaceship, or other power grid can be run off this. Increased load can cause brown outs. The remedy is adding a head or another circle. DC 30.
Failure: The heads turn into undead with 20 foot 6th level shocking grasp power. They attack everyone.
Modifiers: Knowledge nature and arcana. A priest of a death god adds +10.
Cost: 1000gp

christos gurd wrote:
ahem. For those looking for an excellent resource in necrotech necropunk may be exactly what you are looking for.

It's good I tied the head circles in to rituals, not spells. The necro engineers would tightly control the ritual for creating these generators.

Please tell the people who made this product that they are free to use this for their expansions, as long as they don't sue anyone for using it in other campaigns.

You know who else knew all about Astrology? MY MOM! Kosh house cusps wasn't very accurate. She was even talking about satellites throwing off the calculations.

We could vote on the starting skyland, and the starting adventure.

As a mystic, I view science and magic as 2 ways of viewing things. Compare Astrology and Astronomy. One tries to predict destiny by the visible lights in the sky, while the other is more concerned with what those objects are. In game Astrology could help you tell when and where aberrations might be able to break through.

Magic items made with rituals rather than feats and spells will have runes and lines connecting them. Gems carved with runes connected with inlaid precious metals is one way to prepare the item before the ritual.
I see rituals as what came before the split of science and magic.

For 1/10 the cost of an iron golem you can make a Babbage difference engine that is self powered. It requires the same spells to make. It will tell you how to aim that catapult. It will advise you how to bank shot that arrow around the corner.

It probably teaches the ritual for making the hag potion to bitter women. In most mythology, the spells and rituals come from such monsters.

Prestige class. Must be a spirit to start.
Role. They can lift and move objects in both worlds with their mind. The objects must be familiar to the poltergeist, be in a place, or near a person they know.
Alignment: Any
Hit Dice: d6
Class Skills: Bluff(Cha), Fly(Dex), Intimidate(Cha), Knowledge(Arcana)(Int), Knowledge(Planes)(Int), Spellcraft(Int), and Use Magic Device(Cha)
Skill Ranks per level: 3+Int modifier.
Class Features
Weapon and armor proficiency: Must be something they handled extensively while alive. Even if they never used it during life they could make the item dance.
Spells-SA: Same as a sorcerer with telekinesis as their bloodline.
See page 72, Core Rulebook, Table 3-14 Sorcerer, and 3-15: Sorcerer Spells Known. Most of the spells are effective only in the Land of the Dead.
Spirit vision. All prepetitioners can see everything in the area of a haunt as long as they are with the object in the Land of the Dead. Everything else in the living game world will look ghostly.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I've made an honest effort to find the hold out weapon feat. If you can find what rulebook it comes from, please tell me.
Hold Out Weapon
You can hide a weapon on your person draw it if needed.
Prerequisites The weapon must be small, relative to your body type, and you must have proficiency.
Benefit You gain +2 to hide or draw the weapon whatever skill you use. If your enemy is confident they have caught you unarmed, your foe is caught flatfooted.
Normal Some places such as gambling houses or court of laws insist that everyone else be unarmed, and will have unskilled persons pat everyone who enters down. When a criminal teleports in or a vampire bears their fangs, a smart character will have a weapon.
Special A unicorn can hide a short sword under a saddle blanket with this feat.

Adam B. 135 wrote:

Rewrote Gang Fighter's prerequisites to stop being dumb. And gave it a little buff. The other feat is part of a feat chain including my old feat to give a Ki pool.

Gang Up (Combat)
: Combat Expertise or 1 teamwork feat or 1d6 Sneak Attack Damage
Benefit: You are considered to be flanking an opponent if at least two of your allies are threatening that opponent, regardless of your actual positioning. If actually flanking, you gain a +1 bonus to your melee attack and damage rolls.

Ki Channel
: Wisdom 15, Unlocked Potential, Stunning Fist, Improved Unarmed Strike
Benefit: When using Stunning Fist, Quivering Palm, or any feat that requires the foe struck to make a save through an unarmed strike, this character may expend a 1 ki point once per round to raise the DC by 2. In Addition to this, a monk may channel their Wholeness of Body class feature at a range of touch, and it now heals an additional +2 damage. Wholeness of Body can now be used as a swift action when targeting the Monk.

Special: This feat can be taken at 10th level as a monk bonus feat.

So Ki Channel lets the monk heal others using wholeness of body. Cool.

In another thread, I suggested power being generated by a circle of severed heads. Maybe a city wired for electricity is hiding a horrible secret. The circle of heads converts negative energy into negative current, i.e. electricity. If the power needs increase, a ritual must be conducted to add a head to the circle, or even another circle.

I'm watching Attack on Titan on Toonami, and I like what you are doing better. The lifting canisters might be available in the skylands of the game world created by votes topic, which I participate in. Since elemental air energy in the water got voted out, you can use that. The really big air giants that pop then you slash the back of their necks, don't make sense unless they are a bad side effect of air water research.
I need to address monsters that don't need to eat but do it out of spite.

Walkers and giants will eat any meat, including each other. In rpgs zombies are powered by negative energy. That's why they are vunerable to holy water and hallowed ground. The Biblical giants had to eat constantly and had to be flooded out. Vampires deprived of blood turn on each other. You want to hold gamers, you have to have the monsters be powered by something. Part of the game is finding clues to their juice and using it against them.

The titans are a plague, should be eating everything, and creating a dessert around the city.

+2 to hit and damage becomes +0 to hit and damage. If you use the omnitool to pick a lock or craft an item it's +2 to succeed.

Start with an adamantine hand hammer, add transformative, then switch all pluses to tool use. Transformative is what, plus 2, plus 3?
A hammer is a tool. I think there may be a lot of items that weren't made for adventurers, but could be very useful to a smart one.

There must be a good reason the prisoners don't dig out. Really hard rock near the surface perhaps. Really big bad bugs who's territory ended several escape tunnels maybe. There could also be areas of crumbly stone that caves in easily. You go too far down and the Drow will take you as a slave.

Intelligence doesn't give a creature a soul. Only creatures with an alignment have a soul.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

You might consider a beachcomber start. The characters wash ashore from various shipwrecks. They are immediately hired (for food and lodging) to clear the beach. I used a deck of cards with fun stuff like campaign specific items(a dog slicer), trade items(a box containing a bolt of silk), and a figurehead carved by a famous murderer. I'll have to bump the topic.

I'll read it, but 2 points till then.
1. You can use underline for spaces. That allows character sheets to be printed out, then filled in with pencil.
2. Don't inherit trash. For example, armor spikes don't cost an attack action. Don't have separate rules for magic and modern. People want to memorize one system. D20 modern was a disaster.

Cannonman. These golems have the hits and other stats of cannons. Their feet grip into decks to brace for firing. They generally obey the acting captain, as they enjoy firing. Cost to create is 50% more than an iron golem of equal size.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Living Skyland is a cool concept. I can see the residents(Druids, dryads, unicorns, and such) trading Soarwood for kysilite ore. The party druid might be looking for "abandoned" skylands to feed to the homeland. A skyland occupied by only hostile monsters might find themselves classified as "abandoned".
When the voting is over, the adventure hooks have already begun. :)

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