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Male human on stilts

Goth Guru's page

6,743 posts (6,776 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 2 wishlists. 3 aliases.


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Any Given Punday
First Punday
Punday(Hey, a movie about your parents!:))

If someone says, "Keep the change!" and tries to run away, do they get a save? I've seen players ruin game night arguing over less.

You say THIS CAN NOT BE AVOIDED, but that won't fly at any table I ever played at. Some will throw themselves down a mineshaft, penny and all, then roll up a new character.

If it's an artifact, it should have more powers or other importance.

I'll reassert my suggestion of Cimolestes as a familiar option for dinosaur summoners.

In the comic strip Ally Oop, a preteen Flesh Golem became an adult by more mad science. To do a refit on a Golem would probably cost between 10% to 1/2 the original cost. It's probably GM choice.

OK, the picture in the Bestiary has hooves.
It's a siege tower, on wheels.

While it is not specifically mentioned in the core rulebook, it is still made with major creation. If it was from a bag of beans, yes it would be anchored in the ground. The listing doesn't say how it is activated. The OP/GM would have to tell us how it functions.

I made the wrong assumption that everyone understood I was posting about how I would rule it. I saw no other way to post on this topic.

I was going to say, let humanoids take the class, balanced. Sniper tag can be fun.

The Munster That Challenged The World!Giant cheese golems attack a military base.
Munster A Go GoCheese Golem returns from outer space, sort of.

Rulers would have to have the support of spell casters at least.
Nobels might have some spell casting ability.

The OP said something about the minotaur freeing themselves from being pinned under all that. I thought that might require a special item or something. Not sure why you brought Rapunzel into it.

102 NOT! When the guide the party really needs goes through the Slug spawn evolution.

About Harvest Season.

If you use it on Sun Orchids, you have to make and drink the potion immediately.

Scott Wilhelm wrote:
My Life Is In Ruins wrote:
Applying Glyph of Warding to a ring. Yes, it's a portal albeit a tiny one and slipping the ring on enters the portal.
Fire Trap on a Flask of Alchemist Fire.

You could make a self lighting molotov cocktail.

If the minotaur had a shovel of excavation, then they should have it now. Also, I would have weakened the minotaur by 20 hit points, and ten movement rate because he lost several of his toes.

I'm off as soon as I learn what and where Aucturn is.

The next poster will guide the expedition.

The list of feats that ought not to exist probably differs for every user. I've seen PCs use power attack, to get past DR.

If you want to get by the fear of giving too much, just give monsters extra feats every even hit dice. It just can't be another monster only feat like pounce or multi armed combat.

It sounds good. Especially every even level a non class or race specific feat. What constitutes a skill feat? Isn't there a feat that adds skill points?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

As spider venom does not disappear from a goblin's wound, milk from a monster cow will not disappear from someone who drank it.

All summoned creatures are copied from outer planar archetypes. A summoned cow simply winks out of existence when the spell ends.

Bag of hoarding:Always full of empty potion bottles, empty oil flasks, sticks, stones, out of date handbills, rags, Iron ration tins, ect.

Once I understood that the Solaroids WANT nuclear wastes, it was easy.

The next poster likes the idea of a fire bard.

Sorry. Too 2 dimensional for you?
I'm looking for loopholes subconsciously. I have to hide the topic.

You could also tree it. Improved and greater skills are derivative and don't appear on the list. You could use the freed up space to put in 2 racial and 2 class feat placeholders.

It's a living tree. It functions on plane time. If there is no night, it gradually adds space over 24 hours.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Buba Casanunda wrote:
Goth Guru wrote:

...snipping ....

Animate dead can get a slain comrade to walk themselves out of enemy territory. They will only fight or walk, so if you want them to carry anything, put a backpack on them.

animate dead creates Zombies or Skeletons ... the first line in the spell reads -

This spell turns corpses into undead skeletons or zombies (see the Pathfinder RPG Bestiary) that obey your spoken commands. - so I would think if you commanded them to carry something - they would.

After all, it's it the classic Voodoo Zombie that "works in the field" - sort of an Undead Slave.

Another possible problem of using Raise Dead on comrades is the note in the spell that reads (last paragraph):
"A creature who has been turned into an undead creature or killed by a death effect can't be raised by this spell. Constructs, elementals, outsiders, and undead creatures can't be raised. The spell cannot bring back a creature that has died of old age."

So if you "Animate" your friends, it's going to take a Resurrection to bring them back (a 7th level spell, so a 13th level Cleric... and a lot more money)

The next line in animate dead tells you you can only get them to follow or stand and fight. It really looks like an afterthought.

You are correct that it takes more to raise them after you put them down again.

About raise dead. Make whole possibly readies a dead body for raise dead. A corpse is an object, and raise dead requires the body to be intact. If you have raise dead and craft miscellaneous magic, you can make raise dead salve. I think this will bring the dead person right back in one round.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Mirror Image now creates what looks like a pillar of melting crayons. You cannot pick out a single target to cast the spell at.
It's a bad example.

Animate dead can get a slain comrade to walk themselves out of enemy territory. They will only fight or walk, so if you want them to carry anything, put a backpack on them.

Ah, it's homebrew. It's based on myths about the world tree.

One feat, Master Craftsman. If they have the crafting skill, spells, and master craftsman, they can make the magic item. For the level restrictions, you can keep them, or throw them out the window.:)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

42A: If the characters think they are too busy to take the job, Captain Westin will offer them a box of potions. After the job is done he will give them a paper telling which potion does what.
DM Notes: Yes the glowing red potion is a potion of fire breath.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

By planting a sacred oak in there, you add Growth. It adds 5 feet a day to width. depth, and height.

This is homebrew so consider
Continuing Threat
Requirement, at least 5 hide(or stealth).
If a character attacks, then hides, they are considered flanking till they attack something else. Unless the target spots them out of range, they are still flanking.

Yes, this is a class feat for Rogues, and possibly Ninjas.

Set wrote:
SmiloDan wrote:
Critical fumbles suck. They both slow things down and add insult to injury by even further punishing the character for having bad luck. Also, it also only punishes weapon users; spellcasters rarely make attack rolls, so they rarely suffer from critical fumbles.

Yeah, it makes sense in games like GURPS, where casting a spell requires a roll (possibly even two rolls, if it's a targeted spell like stone missile or frost jet), but in D&D/PF, not so much.

Granted, if you're playing under a ruleset that does require rolls to cast spells, such as one that requires a concentration or Spellcraft roll for each spell cast, then fumbles (and critical successes) become as relevant for both melees and magic-users.

Still, it's an extra bit of detail that is going to be more popular with fans of lots of intricate combat, and not so much storytelling-centric gamers, who don't really get into the math / under the hood as much.

Both critical hits and misses, IMO, work better in a system that has a curve, which d20 does not. You've got a 5% chance of rolling a 1, or a 20, or any number in between, and having every 1 turn into a critical fumble creates the joke-situation where, in an army of 600 trained dwarven warriors, thirty of them chop their own heads off every round of combat. :)

If, instead of 1d20, rolls to hit were made with 2d10, there'd at least be a curve, with crit failures only occurring on two 1's, and crit successes only occurring on two 10's, which would negate the need for confirmation rolls, and make both significantly less likely to happen.

But that's a ship that sailed long ago.

If only this were the homebrew section, where you could suggest that. Oh wait, it is.

Lets go farther. 4D6-3 so you crit on 21 and fumble on 1.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Land of the Dead
I would like a separate land of the dead. It’s an overlap of the astral, ethereal, and shadow. Where the Pre-petitioners try to figure out if they will head for the outer planes or fight to the prime and become undead. All the plants and animals that have remains still in the living worlds have dead looking spirits here. With them are shadowy versions of all the people, places, and objects they interacted with, causing haunts in the prime material.
The Line: There is a long line of Pre-Petitioners waiting to get into the Bone Yard to be judged. Some are actually hiding from Reapers. They constantly let others cut in front of them.


Basically, they are enough like they were, that they might not be aware of their death. Other Pre-petitioners or outer planer creatures, might wake them up and help them adjust.
I'm going to develop the prestige classes here. If someone practices being a poltergeist for 5 levels before his buds can wish him back, he'll have those levels.
Prestige class. Must be a spirit to start.
Role. They can lift and move objects in both worlds with their mind. The objects must be familiar to the poltergeist, be in a place, or near a person they know.
Alignment: Any
Hit Dice: d6
Class Skills: Bluff(Cha), Fly(Dex), Intimidate(Cha), Knowledge(Arcana)(Int), Knowledge(Planes)(Int), Spellcraft(Int), and Use Magic Device(Cha)
Skill Ranks per level: 3+Int modifier.
Class Features
Weapon and armor proficiency: Must be something they handled extensively while alive. Even if they never used it during life they could make the item dance.
Spells-SA: Same as a sorcerer with telekinesis as their bloodline.
See page 72, Core Rulebook, Table 3-14 Sorcerer, and 3-15: Sorcerer Spells Known. Most of the spells are effective only in the Land of the Dead.
Spirit vision. All prepetitioners can see everything in the area of a haunt as long as they are with the object in the Land of the Dead. Everything else in the living game world will look ghostly.

Prestige class. Must be a spirit to start.
Role. They can return to life, but only to collect people who should be dead. 10 kills and they get to bring back one person. It can be themselves, or someone else. Like Specter, from DC comics.
Alignment: Not chaotic, but they may change when the offer is made.
Hit Dice: D8
Level 1: Death Touch(constantly on, Dc 10+Cha bonus + level or hit dice), Patron(Outsider with death portfolio), Astral Cloak, Death Scythe(Cold iron weapon that Death touches on a crit)
Level 2: Extra combat feat. Death Scythe becomes +1 to hit and damage.
Level 3: Extra combat feat. Death Scythe becomes +2 to hit and damage.
Level 4: Extra combat feat. Death Scythe becomes +3 to hit and damage.
Level 5: Extra combat feat. Death Scythe becomes +4 to hit and damage.
Level 6: Extra combat feat. Death Scythe becomes +5 to hit and damage.
Patron: Could be a high level angel of death, Inevitable, or Prince of Hell. If the reaper has any spell caster levels, they can teach them any spells from the necromancy school or domain spells from death, law, or the other alignment axis. When they achieve life, they can still turn into their Reaper form when necessary.

Astral Cloak: It allows the wearer to travel to the game world, persist there, and come back. If they hand it to anyone they snap back to the land of the dead, but anyone who wears it can travel to the Land of the Dead, similarly. Snapping back causes one round stunning like Dimension Door. While wearing the Astral Cloak, all attacks are ghost touch.
Death Scythe: In the hands of a fighter it acts as if fighter levels were Reaper levels. It is always a cold iron weapon that death touches on a crit. It’s a 2 handed weapon doing 2D4, X4 on a crit. It can be used to trip.
Soul Gems: Translucent black crystals that when occupied glow with an internal light. When pointed at a spirit, and the first command word is said, the target must will save DC 30, range 50 feet, or be sucked in. The second command word frees the soul. The third command word forces the soul will save DC 30, or admit their name. A contained soul or spirit can communicate telepathically with anyone possessing the gem. Shattering the gem also frees it.
Fate Scroll: Think of anyone, and you can read their name on the scroll. Next to their name is how much longer they have to live, what plane of existence they are on, and what condition they are in. Negative numbers mean they should be dead. If they are possessed it will say who by. If a person is irretrievably destroyed, such as by an orb of oblivion, it will say destroyed.

Combat Feat-Rip the soul.
Someone with the ghost touch quality on any kind of weapon can (on a crit)reach into a spirit, grab or spear the divine inspiration, and pull it out. Once it's removed, it goes back to the gods, and the spirit is destroyed. The shreds can become part of an Illip or something, but only a True Res. or the open grave ritual has a chance of bringing the personality back together.
Prereqs. Ghost touch and it only works on an intangible spirit, on a crit. Gassious form is vulnerable too.
Normal. Ghosts keep coming back till their issues are resolved, normally.

Prestige class. Must be a spirit to start.
Role. They don’t call it Malevolence or magic jar. They call it riding, like the living are beasts of burden. With practice they can add their skills and class abilities to those of their ‘host’. Some learn from Baron Samedi himself. Unlike a simple ghost, they cling to their alignment and personality they had in life. If they ‘stray from the path’ and abuse their powers they will become an actual ghost or similar corporeal undead(such as a Horla). Another consequence of being a rider is if they are raised or resurrected. They become a medium. A medium can see the dead and must aid them with their unfinished business. Their level as a rider actually subtracts from their saves vs possession.

1st level: They can use 1 skill of the host, switching the used skill is a quick action, that can only be done once a round. If both have the same skill, the numbers are added. Riding is like a Magic Jar Spell. Your DC vs the host’s Will save is 10 + highest mental bonus + all levels. The mental bonuses are Wisdom, Intelligence, and Charisma.
2nd level: They can use 2 skills of the host. This continues for all Rider levels.
3rd level: They can combine the bonus of one of their physical abilities with one of the host’s physical abilities. (Deadman of DC comics would always add his +5 to dex to the host’s dexterity.) The physical abilities are Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution.
3rd level: They can use a feat or class feature(as long as it isn’t a supernatural ability) from the host. Thus they could trigger the hosts rage. They cannot trigger a blast from a forceborn, at this level.

Special: When possessed, a medium gives a possessing spirit the benefit of their rider levels. This is involuntary.

Cosmic Warrior
Prestige class. Must be a spirit to start.
Role. There are methods of fighting, without fatigue, hesitation, fear, distraction, or any things besides fighting. The energy exerted is pulled back in and used for more fighting. These are the techniques taught by the battle masters who died of old age, and went right on perfecting their methods.
Hit dice, saves, and combat bonuses are as a fighter level.

1st level: They get a fighter feat, and an energy blast. The blast comes from their hand, does level damage, is close range(25 feet +5 foot for every 2 character levels).
2nd level: Fighter feat.
3rd level: Life energy ball. Tapping the life of an entire planet or demiplane, they create and hurl a ball of force that does 1D6 per level to everything it encounters. If it puts a hole in something it continues at full strength. Long range 400 feet plus 40 feet per caster level. It takes 1D6 rounds to regather the energy to use again.
4th level: Fighter feat.
5th level: Life energy ball now bursts like a fireball when it hits something.

Prestige class. Must be a spirit to start.
Role. Dying is scary, but making someone else scared is fun. Hit dice, saves, and combat bonuses are as a cleric, of fear. Spells are as a cleric. Add the level of one other spell casting class.

Add domain of terror.
Can detect thoughts only to know what a subject fears. Also adds one per level to knowledge checks to determine weaknesses. All knowledges are class skills. Each spell level you reach you can cast one domain spell, or bloodline spell, or school bonus spell. GM interpretation may vary.
0 level Ghost Sounds
1st level Cause Fear
2nd level Scare
3rd level Major Image
4th level Phantasmal killer
5th level Nightmare
6th level Symbol of fear
7th level Insanity
8th level Maze
9th level Wail of the Banshee

All these spells are now on their spell list.

Also called a walk in, intruder, or pilgrim soul. At the point of death they cling to the land of the living and seek a vacant vessel. With see invisible, they have a flickering image, in either plane. They hold on to their levels and alignment. All their Squatter levels count as Rogue levels. They use their class skills to avoid the reapers and exorcists, who are usually after them. If they take over a Golem, they can give riddles to help adventurers bypass it to get to what it is guarding. They usually have a reason for hanging on. They might just be afraid of the afterlife.
0 level Move in.
1st level: +1 rogue levels
3rd Level: If the original occupant returns, they can fight for control as in Magic Jar.
5th Level: Can effectively cast heal when moving in.
7th Level: Can effectively cast animate object when moving in. 1 round a level. 3 times a day.
9th Level : Can effectively cast raise dead when moving in.
11th Level: Can effectively cast Resurrection when moving in.

Move In: They can become the soul of any clone or raised body who’s soul was lost, most constructs, anyone who drew the Void card, a statue someone cast Stone to flesh on, and anybody who was astral projecting and had their silver cord severed.

Magic Jar: Can choose an object they used in their original life to jump into. From there they can attempt to control anyone in possession of the object. Any exorcism will force them back into the object. They can designate a spare object to jump into. All such objects must be on the same plane as the Squatter.

Particularly strong monsters are the equivalent of +2.
How are they going to fight an Ettin with one +1 weapon?

41:Iron Juggernaut:Standard Iron Golem stuck in the mud. The 5 soldiers accompanying it have talked some villagers into helping, by promising to defend the village. It's going in the same direction as the characters. Note that as soon as it's out of the mud it will head straight for the enemy. It's speed is 20 and it cannot run so the characters will soon outrun it. The GM can make it a huge Iron Golem if they like.

My blessed book is my traveling spellbook. If you find a portable hole you can take your library with you. If you find a tattoo artist, you can have them copy spells onto your friends backs. Exact copying will work for spell book pages because they are not magical in of themselves.

Use whatever resources you can get to provide backup.

I am the lord high governor of spelling and I insist you mean Tea.

The next poster thinks atheist vampires are a thing.

It's like Dr. Who, Curse of Fenris. An Atheist can not strongly present a holy symbol. I would not accept bluff checks for that, but it's a GM call.

Back on topic, Vampires who only recoil from things they believe in are so non standard that they should be called shampires or something.

36:Ghoul Town:The people in the town all look pale and laugh strangely. They seem secretive about food and eating habits. When they notice a holy symbol on one of the characters, they tell them," Oh, another group of adventurers went through here yesterday. They had a different patron but the same mission. You should hurry, like them." GM notes: The whole town is made up of ghouls. They are prospering from the war dead and have become lazy. Sense motive and truth magic will verify their story.

33: Landmines: The town is surrounded by landmines and the residents are starting to fight over the few roof gardens and dwindling supplies. A gunpowder landmine is DC 20 to mark with a flag or put a rock on so it won't blow. It may take several hours to clear a path into and out of town. They are sealed against water, but careful study can allow an alchemist or similar experts to learn how to make them.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

63: The drunken Gobo. The sign out front is of a drunken goblin, with of course no words. Other monsters come here to recruit troops and or minions.

We get it. The mythic book should be behind a pane of glass saying,"In case of likely TPK, break glass."
If you allow molotov cocktails, swarms should be no problem.

I was thinking of a town surrounded by minefields, but I'm not sure how to fit it to the topic.

With a potion of rage, all the rest of your party are out of harms way.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
BigNorseWolf wrote:
Bill Dunn wrote:

But don’t forget the 18 javelins for 36 lbs and 6 bows or staves for at least 18 lbs more.

Because anyone with a bow uses javelins and staves for....?

The cleric, who can't fight constructs with a freaking staff of life.

If you are playing a Magus, you probably have both a bow and several staffs.

Considering that this is an adventure game, the characters would have to be part of the secret police.

Rule 1 is fun.:)

Nona Yourbusiness
Its Me
Joe Sentme

Why couldn't an intelligent magic crown be king?
To get zombies or skeletons to tend crops you have to research a new version of animate dead. You are better off making Strawmen to do your grunt work.

Sounds like the Fen who built The Cleaves.
There are traps and cursed items specifically targeting barbarians.
The only surviving Fen are undead and the stray intelligent magic items.

Miami 2017 (Seen the Lights Go out on Broadway) (Live (Remastered))
Billy Joel

Seen the lights go out Broadway
I saw the Empire State laid low
And life went on beyond the Palisades
They all bought Cadillacs
And left there long ago

They held a concert out in Brooklyn
To watch the island bridges blow
They turned our power down
And drove us underground
But we went right on with the show

I've seen the lights go out on Broadway
I saw the ruins at my feet
You know we almost didn't notice it
We'd seen it all the time on Forty second street

They burned the churches down in Harlem
Like in that Spanish civil war
The flames were everywhere
But no one really cared
It always burned up there before

I've seen the lights go out on Broadway
I saw the mighty skyline fall
The boats were waiting at the battery
The union went on strike
They never sailed at all

They sent a carrier out from Norfolk
And picked the Yankees up for free
They said that Queens could stay
And blew the Bronx away
And sank Manhattan out at sea

You know those lights were bright on Broadway
That was so many years ago
Before we all lived here in Florida
Before the Mafia took over Mexico
There are not many who remember
They say a handful still survive
To tell the world about
The way the lights went out
And keep the memory alive

Written by Billy Joel • Copyright © Universal Music Publishing Group

Now selling for 0 Goose Eggs, The Cleaves!.

It's got rooms, monsters, treasures, and plot hooks, all random generated. You can use cards or percentile dice. There's an artifact that grants godhood, exits, hard won wishes, and much, much, more!

The next poster is willing to try it.

Some governments like undead.
It's a way for the sick and dieing to go meet their ancestors.

The Tipsy Ghoul
This tavern is directly underneath another tavern. Undesirables are always coming down the chute from above, some of them still living, but not for long. There are convenient exits for when a party of murder hobos try to raid the place. Some adventurers come here with "sacrifices" to trade for information.

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