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Goth Guru's page

5,841 posts (5,868 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 2 wishlists. 2 aliases.


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There was a horror in an issue of dragon magazine(or maybe dungeon).
The Builder was a thing powered by ritual sacrifice that made people build a building. Let's say it's the town hall. Lets say some of the other buildings in the settlement are infested with baby horrors. Builders are spreading in oversized wagons.

Anyone who sees one becomes even more obsessed with building. They also start kidnapping the unemployed to feed to builders. Thoes who fight builders become paranoid around all structures, thinking there's a builder in each one.

You should give them a fancy, hard to pronounce, name. Maybe something like Blighdigar which is the real source of the word.:)

A goblet, that when you drink from it you are cured of any mental conditions, but all memories of the condition will be gone.

She probably saw smite and choose that as her character concept. Does she know oracles don't get true strike?

Rabbits and squirrels have been known to bite defensively. Anybody bitten by a horse or pony will tell you it wasn't because they were hungry.

Were squirrels, being chaotic good defenders of nature will intentionally infect people who are a threat to nature.

A good module or path should have more than one bad guy. In supernatural, if Lucifer was somehow destroyed, the king of hell becomes more powerful. Maybe the character destroying the indestructible is the key to releasing Rovagug? A door that can only be opened by someone absurdly unlikely, is a good door to lock something behind.

Back on topic, Rule one is fun. If the GM cheats, then everyone can cheat. There have been topics where a GM asked for help creating a railroad world where anyone who tried to leave the island or whatever, automatically died or was turned into a monster. I hid those topics as soon as possible. The whole point of an unbeatable game like Resident Evil is to win anyways. If the GM violates internal logic too often, the lose their players and soon gets a bad reputation.

37)There is also a spot check to feel the heat. DC15. If they notice the heat, +4 to will save.

42) 2&ie=UTF-8#q=Samurai+Cat+and+Shiro
So, in Japan or Hell?

Has everyone forgotten that these doors are supposed to lead to locations? Demiplanes of undetermined size.

If they meet an NPC bard and they make bardic knowledge, they know a song or story about the item.

69. Clearly Halflings only take nick naks from each other as a cultural thing. That it makes them better rogues is a happy accident. Kender are a slanderous myth. They never rob graves unless adventuring with a necromancer or something. While technically they are not monsters, some humans treat then as such.

When are they going to do any were herbivores?
They never do any were squirrels, were ponys, were rabbits, ect.
There are were transformation artwork all over the internet of all kinds of were creatures.
They can eat all the crops, try to kill hunters or other carnivores, ect.

It has change shape. Maybe it can have a human looking shape, and it's monster shape trips with it's intestines, enlarges it's arms to throw rocks, and forms wings out of it's skin.

Let's pretend for a moment I don't know what you mean by a bangle.

White cards
Creepy clown mask
Your Dad, the creepy clown
Your GM, wearing creepy clown makeup
Crawly Clowns, in a Bestiary
Official stats for scary, undead, clowns

My idea was to provide a not stacking with items bonus every other level. The player or GM chooses the ability, AC, or Hit/Damage that it applies to. Last time I told anyone about this someone linked me to the unchanged version, which I found woefully regid. Like I said, the OPs version is fine.

If there is no "X" for PCs, there is no "X" for monsters.
Your method seems sound.
Ogres are already built with stat bonuses, so they don't get the level boost.

And now, a salute to the elements!
28) Earth. Dirt falls out of the doorway when you open it. Y ou can tunnel into it to find iron ore and stuff.
29) Water. Water pours into the other room, eventually filling up. If you can breath water, you can swim out to a shipwreck. Batter close the door behind you, because of people who don't!.
30) Fire. Flames leap out of the doorway, so close it.
31) Air. The door opens to midway in a near bottomless pit.
32) Ice. The door opens to ontop of a glacier. Fun with Polar bears, Sabertooth tigers, and Woolly mammoths. May include a tribe of neanderthals.:)

Zorbo the Geek!

Go to LOL.

You saw me coming, but you will not stop me.
I don't give a darn!
(Everyone says it with that emphasis.)

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83.Insidious Bush. This bush is made of many independent stalks clustered together. When the black and blood red flower petals fall, it starts radiating evil. If a well meaning paladin tries to torch it, it seems to burn, but shoots off seeds that travel about 10 feet. They not only set fire to adjacent plants, but quickly take root. If a wildfire starts, the runners spread out into now vacant areas and also start new plants. It usually blooms at the beginning of the dry season, or late summer, whichever comes first.

The list so far

1)Void Walker

Assume away. What Character levels really mean is it can put character levels on top of what it was born(or hatched) with. Thus a Void Walker with cultist levels can be the big bad. This thing can be teaching evil humans to build the magical warp bridge that will bring the fleet. With enough levels, epic characters can have something to fight.

23)Rainbow maze. When you first enter the maze, roll for the room at random. When opening the doors, roll for a random room. There is a monster or enemy lost in the maze, so roll randomly for what room they are encountered in.

1:Red room. A 20 foot wide cube with 4 doors. All 4 walls, ceiling, and floor are red.
2:Orange room. Like red room but orange.
3:Yellow room. Like red room but yellow.
4:Green room. Like red room but green.
5:Blue room. Like red room but blue.
6:Indigo room. Like red room but indigo.
7:Violet room. Like red room but violet.
8:Brown room. Like red room but brown.
9:Golden room. Only one normal door. Golden masks on the wall. Big, vault door on the far wall. There is a monster guarding the vault. The vault is trapped and DC 30 to "pick".The vault contains large bags filled with gold"max weight or volume whichever comes first". Probably some gold bars. A magic item with a color theme such as a helm of brilliance or a prismatic bow.
10:Exit. The door leads out the same door they entered.

Connection to the dungeon: As the payroll is in here and somehow refills over time, any dungeon residents who were recruited will be with them for an equal share.

Connection with the outside world: Anything the party was sent in here for is likely to be here.

Banned Spell

Thread Necromancy
Break the Fourth Wall
GM Bribe
Awaken Old One
Nuclear Winter

Off topic, how about creating a competitor for Facebook. Selling identities for spammers is a bad business model. There's a need for a product. You and all business partners will sell PDFs and other direct products. You respect peoples anonymity, and personal security.

On topic. I think a suggestion thread for avatars to be added to the rotation makes more sense.

Here's how you make something work.
It's got rock catching twice, but it's medium size, so I will extend it's arms, and make it sort of a variant dwarf. It gets 2 saves to catch each rock, taking the best save. Spell like abilities are twice so I will give the Stoneborn, enlarge person self at will. He's 12th level so I'll give him stoneskin 3 times a day. He (or she) also has blindsight, an immunity, and a resistance. The Stoneborn is immune to earth based magic such as pit spells, earthquake, and flesh to stone. They take a -4 in their saves vs air based spells. I'm going to give them resistance 10 vs cold because of their rocky nature.

They don't have the normal dwarvish traits such as stone cunning, but when one is born the dwarvish clans consider them a gift from the gods. They are often front line fighters against giants, especially frost giants.

If you want a flat probability, use a D16 in the text formats.
Type: 1d16 + 3 ⇒ (5) + 3 = 8 This is a dice expression.

Monstrous humanoid.

Size: 1d20 ⇒ 11 Medium

I just noticed I left the plus 3 in there, but I'll soldier on.
Level: 1d20 ⇒ 12

That's 3 4s so 1D6+3
How many abilities: 1d6 + 3 ⇒ (4) + 3 = 7

Special Abilities: 1d50 ⇒ 361d50 ⇒ 231d50 ⇒ 391d50 ⇒ 361d50 ⇒ 351d50 ⇒ 391d50 ⇒ 5.

The Sequel!

Special abilities: 1D6+1 every 4 CR (0 or negative CR means -1). Roll D50 or D100/2
1: Ability damage and drain.(Ex or Su) Celestials can instead cure these.
2: Amphibious (Ex)
3: Bleed (Ex) Assumes some type of natural or equipped weapons.
4: Blindsense (Ex)
5: Blindsight (Ex)
6: Breath Weapon (Su) If not obvious from monster type (An elemental ice creature will breath frost) roll for damage type. 1)Fire, 2)Frost, 3)Acid, 4)Lightning, 5)Sonic, or 6)Type appropriate. Type appropriate can be shrapnel from a metallic construct or a holy word cone from a celestial being.
7: Burn(or whatever)(Ex) Once again, a frost ape’s touch will be chilling.
8: Change shape(Su) Humanoids could be were animals, while animals would be animal weres.
9: Channel Resistance (Ex) If not undead, you have the option of channeling energy instead.
10: Character Classes and levels. If it’s a dumb animal or beast, it is awakened and has normal character Int., Wis., and Cha.
11: Constrict (Ex)
12: Curse (Su)
13: Damage Reduction (Ex or Su)
14: Disease (Ex or Su)
15: Distraction (Ex)
16: Energy Drain (Su) I suggest Celestials instead can cure negative levels by touch. The monster maker can select this for a good creature also.
17: Fast Healing (Ex)
18: Fear (Su or Sp) or Frightful Presence (Ex)
19: Ferocity (Ex)
20: Flight (Ex or Su) Wings of any kind are Ex and can not be dispelled.
21: Gaze (Su)
22: Grab (Ex)
23: Immunity (Ex or Su) Comes with an opposed vulnerability.
24: Incorporeal (Ex) May have possession abilities.
25: Low light vision (Ex) If rolled again, make it Darkvision. Can also be upgraded by taking light sensitivity.
26: Paralysis (Ex or Su)
27: Poison (Ex or Su)
28: Pounce (Ex)
29: Powerful Charge (Ex)
30: Pull (Ex)
31: Push (Ex)
32: Rake (Ex)
33: Regeneration (Ex)
34: Rend (Ex)
35: Resistance (Ex)
36: Rock catching (Ex)
37: Rock throwing (Ex)
38: Scent (Ex)
39: Spell like abilities (Sp)
40: Spell Resistance (Ex)
41: Stench (Ex)
42: Summon (Sp)
43: Swallow Whole (Ex)
44: Telepathy (Su)
45: Trample (Ex)
46: Tremorsense (Ex)
47: Trip (Ex)
48: Web (Ex)
49: Whirlwind (Su)
50: Unique Power. Like Pixies have natural invisibility. Some tiny or smaller creatures can crawl into larger creatures, and Attack vital organs(Coup de Grace), or try to take control(possession). While in control, all their skills and other mental powers can be used in the more powerful body.

Number and post them, so you can refer back to them and others can set them loose in their games. Feel free to link official tables and charts. Third party and other homebrew is good too.

Homebrew Challenge: The Monster Maker

It’s almost Halloween! Let’s go back to the dungeon lab where Egor is waiting for us. Whether conjured, gene spliced, or sewn together from parts, it’s time to make monsters! :D=Evil Laugh
(Use the appendices in the Bestiary, pages 290-316.)

First roll for type. 3D6-2
1 Aberration
2 Animal
3 Construct
4 Dragon
5 Fey
6 Humanoid
7 Magical Beast
8 “Monstrous” Humanoid
9 Ooze
10 Outsider (1-astral, 2-ethereal, 3-shadow, 4-Earth, 5-Water, 6-Air, 7-Fire, 8-Ice, 9-LG, 10-LN, 11-LE, 12-NE, 13-TN, 14-NG, 15-CG, 16-CN, 17-CE, 18-20 Pick another plane of origin.)
11 Plant
12 Undead
13 Vermin
14 Aquatic
15 Augmented (roll twice, max 3 types)
16 Shapechanger Roll twice 3D6-2. (A humanoid/animal shapechanger will be a lycanthrope)

Now size
1: Fine (Swarm, parasite, or symbiote are all options)
2: Diminutive (Swarm, parasite, or symbiote are all options)
3-4: Tiny (Can be a familiar)
5-7: Small
8-11: Medium
12-14: Large
15-16: Huge
17-18: Gargantuan
19: Colossal
20: Monumental (Size of an island or mountain. Kaiju.) Add to table 1-3 Minimum CR is10, Base strength 50 or more, Base dex 4, and Base con 30. A living planet needs antibody like creatures to deal with normal creatures.

Roll a CR 1D20. Add maximum CR and subtract minimum CR. Less than 1 means 0= ½, -1= 1/3, -2= ¼, -3= 1/6, and -4= 1/8.

To be continued.

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Any Razorback mountains yet?
Lots of wild boars in the valleys.:)

20: The sandbox
The hex is full of sand down to the bedrock. To contain this curse, there is a low wall that comes out only 2 feet above the surface and has runes inscribed in it's surface. Plants are cactuses and even tumbleweeds. Animals will be lizards and such.

If settlement: Stone buildings around a well. Economy -4.

No settlement: Just the sort of plants and animals you would expect in a desert. May be a small oasis in the middle.

Was there a castle? How about the mysterious castle?

15.Spiny the Gnome. Wore spiked armor.Living Keoland destroyed him by insisting PCs had to spend an action to use armor spikes. Made no sense.

Probably. I have not seen them.

Some Easter island stone gods. They start moving when people worship them. The more they get worshiped, the more powerful they get. Digger had a wooden idol of Ganesh that offered her advice.

I heard of a 7th level party turned into a 3rd and 4th level party by a dire wrath. The GM is desperately looking for a way to save the adventure path. Stand alone modules such as dungeons are the only answer. That and don't include level drainers that early. Anything else is homebrew.

For example, either throw out permanent level drain or throw out the use limit on restoration. You could give out rings of negative energy protection like candy. Maybe put them on every humanoid slave belonging to Drow.

Ooglers are my homebrew. Each has a separate eye beam power. They hover under their own power.

Lawful neutral eyeball, like constructs exist in the game. They are low level inevitables. Right here. itable-arbiter

My spell checker doesn't flag that. I meant Desert. A one mile hex of Candyland is a completely valid option.

Another possible reason is an overlap with the elemental plane of sugars. Spells and professions that deal with candy or confection baking are at +2 levels.

Any thread that demands the rules all be changed
because the OP is deranged.

Any game world that takes away PC free will
cause no one wants to swallow that bitter pill.

If a GM is asking how to give PCs the shaft
any response puts you in the players backdraft.

Anytime a topic starts to mess with your head,
before you hide it, link this thread!

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"Didn't realize till too late that my arm was the material component."

Ow, ow, oooooooooooooow!

Clowns, yes. Big rubber spiders in the artwork, no!

Yeah I just did it for temperate normal. You would need a whole nother table for dessert, ocean, tundra, tropical, ect. Since they are one mile hexes, a lake, river, or small mountain range is more believable. The baseline is trees, plants, rocks and things. For a dessert, the baseline would be sand. A dessert isn't going to start unless that is indicated on your world map.

Isolated mesas or mountains are part of the reason american indians thought the world was made by gods. Scientists usually blame erosion, plate tectonics, and glaciers. Using a deck of cards is better than just rolling dice because then the same thing won't occur too many times.

Yeah I just did it for temperate normal. You would need a whole nother table for dessert, ocean, tundra, tropical, ect. Since they are one mile hexes, a lake, river, or small mountain range is more believable. The baseline is trees, plants, rocks and things. For a dessert, the baseline would be sand. A dessert isn't going to start unless that is indicated on your world map.

Isolated mesas or mountains are part of the reason american indians thought the world was made by gods. Scientists usually blame erosion, plate tectonics, and glaciers. Using a deck of cards is better than just rolling dice because then the same thing won't occure too many times.

Random Terrain.

Sesame Street award for excellenceEverything about a character or encounter starts with the same letter. Like Dug the Dwarf duelist with dual derringers and a dog.

I'm doing a random terrain table(all are welcome to contribute) that you could use with a sandbox. Aside from the adventure path, all terrain is randomly selected. Random settlements are added, as needed, or roll for each likely hex. 1D20, 20 is a settlement, 1 is a failed settlement.

"One arm! One arm! The redcoats are coming!"

22)The library of Babel. The door opens on the front desk and the card index. It's a hundred by hundred cube with shelves of books. There is a spiral staircase stretching both upstairs and down. Every wall has a door in it leading to a similar room with different books, a librarian, and a card catalog. The door the characters came in through is next to the one leading to another library room. The librarian in the first room is a Lamia who has put all the religious books in fiction. All the librarians are different monsters, some are even undead or golems. Some rooms have doors out of the library, but to different worlds.

Connection to the dungeon: Grey dwarves and such are always coming in to bring books, borrow books, or read books at the reading table. The reading table is a long table with 10 chairs. There is only one in each room. To get a library card you must purchase it with a book. Books are the only currency the librarians value.

The larger game: There are lots of very nice random tables of books. If you are not looking for a specific subject or author, you have to go to the unsorted shelves.

17:Pine barrens The pine trees are close together. Natural creatures or classes with forrest walk can travel unimpeded. All others treat it as broken terrain.

If Settlement: No adjustments because all the trees were cut down.

No settlement: The soil is too poor to farm for long. It can be farmed for wood. Unless a clearing is created, campfires are ill advised.

18:Marsh The whole place is like quicksand interrupted by trees and waterways.

If Settlement: You would have to pave it over, possibly with wall spells. The drainage is bad, possibly flooding when it rains. Any dungeon is underwater. May be a floating town.

No settlement: Probably gators, frog creatures, and or lizardmen. Some orchids grow on willows or cypress.

A settlement built around a crossroads has +4 economy and -4 law and order.

A directional sign pointing down is a sign that your crossroads devil comes here some midnights. They are summoned by burying a box of valuables along with a parchment with a summoning script on it, among other things.

Go to the crossroads. mp;ie=UTF-8#q=crossroads%20demon%20lore

Put one of these in.

Big Lipped Alligator Moment And it goes to ShadeKyubi for the 3 explanations that actually created confusion.

Morgmaungia, the cannibal king.

The caduceus. A staff with 2 snakes that both cures and poisons.

Relics are items empowered by their owner who ascended to a higher (or lower)plane. Thus the armor once worn by a hero might acquire their power.

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