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Goth Guru's page

5,498 posts (5,523 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 2 wishlists. 2 aliases.


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Blunt arrows are for delivering spells. Since they deliver spells without doing damage there would be no point to silvering one.

Some of you are saying Pathfinder doesn't have blunt arrows yet. Maybe when there is a divine archer class.

22.) The Hunter:Any special enemy, the card drawer now gets tripple experience and treasure from defeating. This applies even if they just included it in their backstory.

A greatsword that grants true strike 3 times a day but only to a fighter with no other class levels. It is otherwise just a cold iron sword.

You do realize that is a conservative response as well.

Leaving the european union is possibly the result of people voting along party lines when bad people have taken over their party. That's what is taking place in the states. The old and paranoid are often better equipped to see the signs.

The diresite. A wormlike slug thing that attaches to the brainstem. It gives any animal or vermin the beast template. It increases the creature one size category. In addition it raises Strength and Dex. by 2 each at the cost of Int. and Wisdom. Int. and Wis cannot go below 1. They go into a rage at the slightest provocation.

The infected creature has Diresite buds in their saliva and can pass on the condition. The buds must survive a fort save of 18(suggested save) to grow into an attached Diresite. 3D6 hours to transform. It takes a heal spell or greater to kill the Diresite and gradually return the creature to normal. 3D6 hours to recover.

If they don't let characters make their own potions, they are not going to allow backpacks with an attitude.

Nooooo! Poor Apple Bloom! :(

The Paladin swore off red meat.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Now I have a picture in my mind of a vampire drinking some demonic deity's blood, and a baby god demon bursting out of it's belly. :)

Aubrey the Malformed wrote:
Yeah, no offence, I'm a bit f!$~ing fed up with slogans.

I quoted you here.

49. "Yeah, no offence, I'm a bit f*@@ing fed up with slogans."Aubrey the Malformed.

317B.) IE no small mediums at large. :)

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Greylurker wrote:

could be trapped incorporeal at first. Interacts with PCs by possessing weaker monsters and slightly shapechanging the bodies to resemble it's normal form.

Maybe it can only possess corpses until it reaches full power. Corpses burn out over time due to being unable to hold it's power.

or Maybe try something similar to the Khymer from the Obsidian Apocalypse setting.
A living pool of demonic blood that posseses corpses while trying to regain it's physical form.

You can crosspost these 3 things on the bestiary wish list. It's over in Paizo products.

I'm thinking of including one in The Cleaves.
Would mending or make whole work on it?

If it's been superceded by the Pathfinder field guide, is the wayfinder in that? ociety-Field-Guide

Trying to live out song lyrics is frivolous. "I bless the rains down in Africa."

The Paladin tried to convince England to stay in the European Union.

Wales has been oppressed by England for 100s of years. They and Scotland can revolt together against England.

Milo v3 wrote:
Goth Guru wrote:
Where can I find the Brute Alchemist?
There isn't one.

So, homebrew. Cool. Good Name.

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"There can be only one" Mythic feat. They gain a mythic level only by slaying a creature with that feat. Only being killed that way can they be stopped from regenerating. They can choose mythic qualities from their vanquished foe.

If a non mythic slays one, they can accept a mythic level and that feat, or they didn't really kill them.

Where can I find the Brute Alchemist?

Gas prices were rising and an oil company stopped paying a dividend on my Moms preferred stock. They sited expenses getting more oil. She had no trouble selling the stock.

Is this why people only buy stocks to sell later, and not for regular dividends?

What is a VC? Is it the original partner?

If it turns into a fight over each creditor's place in line, use the Solomon method. Determine the overall value and divide that by the number of creditors. They almost always agree to solving it another way.

So a cracked Dusty Rose Prism is better than a flawless one. Good to know.

So bless affects up to 100 allies in an area when cast by a first level cleric? (Goes to a bar and picks up an ugly mob) Now I just need a firemage and a Paladin to find a building with some evil in it. :)

I'm saying sarcastically that bless is broke, yo!

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Ever been to Philadelphia? Yeah the cheesesteaks are great, but there is also a restaurant with bento boxes. The museums are incredible. There are still some big book stores, one of which is part of a university. Septa transitpasses are good for the trains too on the weekend. Maybe when they bring Philcon back into Philadelphia. If enough people promise to visit when they bring back Philcon, maybe they will.

Write or E-mail here.

You might want to land outside Philly, rent a car, fill it full of soda pop, and drive into town. There's a soda tax that even applies to bottled tea with no sugar in it. They are one instigator away from a reenactment of the Boston tea party.:)

No, really, I was kidding. Don't blame me if it happens.

314.)If players can use magic cards, so can the GM. The limit of one artifact per character still applies. Chub Toads are CR1, but having the GM play the goblin with a lit powder keg on their back as a wandering monster might make you reconsider.

So the vigalanteed alchemist would be like the Hulk. The mutagen effect would keep recurring when he gets angry or frustrated? Banner could make bombs and extracts. The Hulk could smash.

Scrying wouldn't work because you are looking for the Hulk while Banner's joined the Peace Corp. You are not scrying for Banner.

I would consider all fighter prerequisite feats do not count against the total feats allowed. They are of course prerequisite feats because other feats were taken.

I have no problem setting the fighters class skills at fighter level, then +int bonus if positive + all other bonuses for race or whatever.

This will be for games I'm GMing. Other things such as weapons blessed by Gorum will grant fighters 3 true strikes a day, with that weapon. Fighter like classes will gain only one true strike a day, but they can have more than one blessed weapon.

Shields can have the shield spell as a quality. Magic missile will cancel out that quality for the day. Thus a buckler when used will have the magical shield hovering over it's surface. It will stop the first magic missile that day.

Note in my game you cannot hold a shield with your arm or whatever and not be wielding it.

You can use these ideas or not.

Valkyn Highwind wrote:
Make a file of what? If you mean the material in this thread most of it can be found here. What ratlings do you speak of? As far as I know there are no rodent-like races in Warcraft except for the possibility of the kobolds which have faces that look a little rat-ish.

Sorry. Got WOW mixed up with Warhammer.

File looks interesting. So they don't interact with the astral or ethereal? The magic just directly taps the elemental and afterlife planes? That explains how Orcs and Humans can become allies. I'll read the file some more.

Consider Haste. The potion or boots of speed both affect just the one person.

A bead of bless would affect the nearest non evil persons, but a potion of bless? Just the drinker.

Some autistic women may be mistaken for shy, while people who like butchering animals might become actual butchers.

Ever eat a gyro? Yum.

Sometimes there is no cure. Try things till you find multiple ways to manage the condition. Kidding about worse behavior, including fantastic stuff like old one worship, is a way to cope. :)

May make a file of this. It would be fun sending a warcraft party through The Cleaves. I suppose someone has given a thought to converting Ratlings to the version in Advanced Race Guide.

Put me in the "Not sure what to believe" category.
Not sure if I can get back in to close my account.
If I try a new Email address I would only be creating a new account.

As it is now, I'm hoping some people will create a new competitive company. Maybe I'll join some game only site such as steam. I already am on twitter for the social aspect.

There's also this.

You dream about____
Raccoons break in and eat/ruin all the ______

Sheep jumping over a fence
Pond full of ducks
Musical Battle at Sea
Castle in the clouds
Blarney, the singing, irish, T-rex
A red balloon, floating through a major city
The floor is lava
The world made of squirming worms
The Mad Tea party
Opposite Day
Your PC, as a goblin
Being a monster exploring a dungeon full of monster hunters
You are a gun
All your gear starts talking to you
Your clothing turns into spiders
You see a rotting zombie, then realize that's a mirror
Gingerbread men
Gingerbread women

3: Cake dream. Cakes as far as the eye can see. May wake up chewing on a pillow.

4:Raccoon Dream. Raccoons break into your dream and start eating all the cake.

Being listened to helps.
Towards the end, I visited my Mom at the nursing home often.
I had to tell her a lot of times that she couldn't go home because we had to sell the place.
A friend told me B12 helps mental functions, and it seems to.

Traps do not exist in a vacuum.

You could have clickplates. When you step on one it sounds like a trap triggering. It's up to you weather any of them radiate magic.

Maybe the goblins religiously go out and reset any traps. That might be how they eat and gather treasure. Aside from undead and golems, nothing can wait in their room for a victim to come to them for years.

Indagare wrote:

60. Dyer Unicorns

These look almost like regular unicorns, but have rainbow-colored manes, tails, and 'feathers' around their hooves. They also tend to sparkle. They like nothing better than to make things more colorful. Many an adventurer has awoken in the morning to find their gear suddenly bright and clean-looking. The effects usually fade after a few days, but there have been cases where the newly colorful gear is permanent. They always have a +6 bonus to appraise any form of painted art.

61. Glow moss
Found in underground places of all varieties, this moss has the relative luminescence of a torch in small clumps, but can be brighter in larger clumps. It primarily attracts insects, which it captures and eats but also serves to provide illumination for any race that doesn't have low light or dark vision. It doesn't fare well above ground, but will cling to torches and doesn't need much maintenance other than keeping it in dark places with a goodly supply of insects.

62. Vampire Plants
A well-known phenomena: any fruit or vegetable left in a field or orchard unharvested for ten days past when it is ripe will turn "vampiric". They are easy to distinguish from regular fruits and vegetables by the blood-like markings around the rind and shriveled appearance. Lacking teeth, they can only attack by hurling themselves at an opponent in hopes of bludgeoning it to death. Most, once they actually hit a target, squish on impact and are effectively dead (larger and harder fruits and vegetables can do much more damage and at least one unfortunate farmer is known to have been killed by a pack of vampiric watermelons). They will remain mobile until the next full moon (at least a month after the time of their 'turning'), after which time they decompose completely. Their remains make very effective fertilizer and act as if the enrichment version of the plant growthspell had been cast on the area (just to be safe, most farmers burn the remains and mix the ashes with the soil, but they...

but they decompose normally otherwise). If the plants actually kill anyone, the area near the body(s) additionally act as if the overgrowth version had also been cast. While they can be eaten they are completely flavorless and dry and have no nutritional value.

Since only is known to happen to cultivated fruits and vegetables (wild varieties have been reported but never confirmed), it is thought that vampiric vegetables are the curse of some agricultural deity who both despised waste and wanted to be sure farmers did their duties in a timely manner.

tresson wrote:

59.The Bald Beaver:

The bald beaver is type of rodent that is about 3' long, including the tail, and ranges from 20 to 40 lbs. It's body's coloration ranges from light brown to black. The fur on it's head on the other hand is always white which gave it it's name.

It's most interesting parts are wings with a 3 foot wing spread. A large flat tail, that can make a surprisingly loud noise when slapped against water. A set of long claws on it's front feet to allow it to catch fish and carrying logs. And finally two large front teeth in it's mouth that it uses to cut down trees.

It's habitat is the mouth of rivers that proceeds to dam partially so that it can build it's lodge and create a primitive fish weir. While an omnivore the only meat it will hunt for is fish.

It's origins lies with a wizard trying to end a feud between to nations. Important note, if you come across a family carrying a log back to their dam do not startle them. Their natural instinct is to drop the log on the on what ever is threatening them.

The numbering police were here!

I get the same allergic reactions from E-cigarette steam that I get from cigarette smoke so I am just going to hide this topic without reading it.

It's from Magic the Gathering.
The rules on an individual card supersedes the general rules.
Thus if a spell or power says a target can choose to fail the save, then and only then, can they throw the save.

Instead of regeneration they have damage resistance. Non silver damage can harmlessly pass through them.

You want cinematic werewolves. They can regenerate limbs under the full moon. Their change destroys clothes and causes gear to be involuntarily dropped.

If your druid puts on claw enhancers or leather barding in animal form, these too are magically stored while they are in human form. Your greater werewolves, on the other hand, lose the equipment. It falls off.

58. Fancy Fox:This fox is known by it's large pointed ears, perfectly pointed snout, large eyes, red and violet patterned fur, long legs, and utter visual perfection. It eats all kinds of vermin, birds, and fish. Any creature that sees one must will save DC18 or be held by wonder. If a second save is failed they become charmed for 2D6 days. They glow in the dark so they can hunt at night. As a familiar they +2 a wizard's charisma, but many aristocrats and artists keep them like pets. They also like fruit, but feeding them wine leads to a population explosion among their kind. Because of their power they can quickly displace all other predators. Mindless creatures such as oozes are their nemesis, but wealthy patrons will often hire adventurers to "destroy the disgusting oozes and save my beautiful foxes."

Also known as fantasy foxes or fantastic foxes, they are otherwise ordinary foxes. They otherwise have the stats of small dogs. Bards dispute what wizard or deity created them.

A potion of charm person might cancel out crushing despair.

Also, card rules. Unless a spell or effect says the target can auto fail the save, they cannot. My homebrew item the Rod of Betrayal states that a target can auto fail the "get turned into a Dryder" effect. This can be to protect the Drow wielder from future tests by their deity, or it can be a Rogue's sad attempt to be useful in combat.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Go to abundant ammunition.

So all bunt cake eaten the round before disappears? Again?

Goliath Mask can be an ingredient in an oil of frightening visage.
Goblins might farm this critter for that reason.

The name on the document should be the biggest combat monster in the party. Also, when, if, they get home, it will be ten minutes after they left.

If the person who is listed is highly resistant to fire(maybe a young, red, dragon, with a hat of disguise) all the better. The document was specially cursed to follow that one person.

Beware the Creeping MATH!
Then there's Flinger of death
Power wash Death

Outlandish Ring
To all test this seems to be a ring of spell resistance.
DM: When put on it shrinks to irremovable and creates a dead magic zone 10feet out from the wearer.

Obviously a spell won’t remove it. A magic hating character might cut off the finger to get it. It blocks further Shapeshifting and opening magic storage devices.

As a trap from the cleaves, it might be a bit much for most.

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Fergie wrote:
Ckorik wrote:

This. Tired of this topic - tired of seeing people try to justify the very worst of humanity in some manner like they suddenly found some clever logic bomb that turns a topic on it's head.

From my reading of the thread, absolutely no one has tried to justify the worst aspects of slavery (especially American slavery).

Thanks to moderators deleting such posts. Thank you Moderators!

Some crazy fisherman who loved castanets.
Ohhhh, Cast A Nets! I just got that one! :)

Joker is Wild

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