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Kyuss Spawnling

Goth Guru's page

3,340 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


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How To Fly
This large tome is 3 inches thick, 9 inches wide, and a foot tall. It contains the spells levitate and fly. It also tells how to change the spells so they affect unattended objects, 100 lbs per level, and apply permanency, 100 GP per lb. By casting the spells you can take control of the permanently cast spell on an object if the original caster is no longer present. All this and more is in this tome. This tome is also permanently levitated to act weightless. If you let it go it floats.
I also posted this in the random book topic.

459. How To Fly
This large tome is 3 inches thick, 9 inches wide, and a foot tall. It contains the spells levitate and fly. It also tells how to change the spells so they affect unattended objects, 100 lbs per level, and apply permanency, 100 GP per lb. By casting the spells you can take control of the permanently cast spell on an object if the original caster is no longer present. All this and more is in this tome. This tome is also permanently levitated to act weightless. If you let it go it floats.

SpectralTimer wrote:

...The problem I forsee with Gate is that infamous story about the guy who, with the help of a Time Stop and a couple scrolls, obliterated all psionics by opening a perma-Gate into the heart of the Negative Material Plane right in the middle of the Plane of Force.

And, theoretically, could have done the same to just about ''any'' plane.


Read the gate spell. It said creatures could pass through the gates, not environment. The GM can claim "My interpretation is that only creatures that can fit through can use the gate." Future versions of Pathfinder should make this RAW.

Like an Oracle's curse, except a being who takes neither Oracle or Mutant as a class will get only the curse, any skills, and any feats. Other classes can take more than one mutation only by taking defects.
Sorcerers cannot normally take Defects/Curses. They can be cursed, but it can be removed. It's not a part of the character.

1: The gods have consigned you to always be an outcast from traditional allies, if a Mutant or Oracle your illusory dichotomy lets you befuddle and confuse enemies.
Concept by Westphalian_Musketeer. Final alterations by Oly .
At 1st level, to people and objects the Oracle shows the worst alignment possible to anyone who reads it and any magic item that depends on it. Additionally, Diplomacy cannot improve an attitude above indifferent; and even when telling the truth, if what the Oracle says sounds even slightly hard to believe, the Oracle must succeed at a Bluff check at +2 against Sense Motive or be thought to be lying. Use Magic Item becomes a class skill; but regardless of her actual alignment, the Oracle must use the skill to emulate the needed alignment to use an item, as any alignment-based item will not work for her otherwise. Bluff is a class skill as well, since the Oracle becomes so dependent on it to be believed, and additionally provide an incentive to put points into Diplomacy despite it being much weaker for those with the curse. That might be a negative consequence if you don't, like perhaps if you fail a Bluff check, even to make someone realize you're telling the truth, you have to make a Diplomacy check of a DC equal to the target's level + the target's Charisma modifier or (insert very negative consequence here).
The negative consequence might be attitude dropping 3 levels (meaning to Hostile if it wasn't Helpful) or a large penalty (like -10) to any Charisma-based checks with the same target as long as the target recognizes you, maybe also a +1 morale bonus to damage rolls against you if it becomes a fight.
Those are large consequences, but intended to be, as the check is designed to be easy to make if you're about the same level and put some ranks into Diplomacy. It's just meant to encourage players to put those ranks in, rather than saying "Diplomacy is useless to my character, so I'll just ignore it."
At 5th level, the Oracle adds Charm Person to his list of spells (magically getting somewhat around the Diplomacy problem), and gains +2 to alignment-based Use Magic Item checks, also gaining a +4 to the above Bluff check if what he says is actually true. (A mutant gets the spell as a bonus spell once a day)
At 10th level, the save DC vs. the Oracle's Charm Person increases by 2, and Diplomacy checks that succeed by 5 above the DC can increase an Indifferent person's attitude by one level to Friendly (note than normally success by 5 over the DC would bring it two levels up to Helpful). Her bonus to alignment-based Use Magic Item checks becomes +4, and on other Use Magic Item checks she gains a +2. (A mutant gets the spell as a bonus spell once a day)
At 15th level, the Oracle adds Charm Monster to his spell list and may, for up to 60 minutes per day, give off no alignment aura to people sensing for it. These need not be consecutive but must be spent in 10 minute increments. Magic items are unaffected by this masking. He also gains a +6 to all Bluff checks to convince people he is telling the truth, whether he is or not. (A mutant gets the spell as a bonus spell once a day)

I am about to create a topic Defects. A mutant who takes neither Oracle or Mutant as a class will get only the curse, any skills, and any feats. Definitely going to include this.

Sorcerers cannot normally take Defects/Curses. They can be cursed, but it can be removed. It's not a part of the character.

Opuk0 wrote:

1-Any class with 2+int skill points per level is now 4+int

2-Arcane casters must now choose three schools or elements which become their primary, secondary, and tertiary. They cannot cast spells from any other schools let alone learn them. They can cast spells from their primary school up to 9th level, secondary up to 6th level, and tertiary up to 3rd level. Wizards can choose an additional primary school or raise up the casting limit of their secondary or tertiary school by 3 levels. Arcane casters with only 6th level casting are limited to 6th level, 4th level, and 2nd level by school.

3-Divine casters cannot cast any spells that are no in line with their deity or general theme. So if you worship a fire god or have a fire mystery etc, you cannot cast water spells, etc

4-Clerics cannot spontaneously cast cure/inflict spells, they can only spontaneously cast domain spells. Channel energy can damage and heal at the same time, and clerics do not need selective channeling to exclude who they harm/heal

5-Druids must choose two out of their three main abilities, spellcasting/animal companion/wild shape

6-Revised crafting, all progress is now made in gold pieces instead of silver, you can raise the craft DC to whatever you want rather than just +10 for rushed, at 5 ranks in one craft you gain a 25% bonus to the amount of work done per check, at 10 ranks it goes up to 50%, and finally at 15 it becomes 75%

7-Any feats that only have stats as their requirements (i.e Dodge, Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Finesse, Combat Expertise) are automatically gained when that stat requirement is reached rather than necessitating taking them as a feat

8-Feats such as weapon focus that target a single weapon now encompass a fighter weapon group. In addition, the effect of greater weapon focus is automatically gained when you reach 8 fighter levels. Same goes for weapon specialization and 12 fighter levels

9-Added Two-Weapon Mastery feat which works like the improved and greater version but scales by BAB instead

10-Combat maneuvers only provoke when failed, not attempted

11-All Improved/Greater X maneuvers become one scaling feat each and do not provoke at all even when failed.

12-Unarmed Strikes are considered martial weapons, so any classes proficient with martial weapons can perform unarmed strikes without provoking. Monks no longer gain the Improved Unarmed Strike feat but are still proficient with unarmed strikes and follow the same rules as before in regards to treating their unarmed strikes like manufactured weapons/natural attacks/scaling. The feat instead increases damage dice for unarmed strikes by one step, at character level 10 you are treated as one size category larger for the purposes of unarmed strike damage.

13-Paladins are no longer restricted to LG only, they simply have to match their deities alignment perfectly. See Antipaladin if worshiper of an evil god. Paladins of a neutral god can choose between Paladin and Antipaladin abilities for each class feature, but once it's chosen it cannot be changed. For example, a Neutral Paladin could have Touch of Corruption and Smite Good, or Lay on Hands and Aura of Cowardice. They cannot have opposite abilities from each class, such as having Aura of Courage and Aura of Cowardice, they must choose either or.

10 through 12 are pretty cool. 2 and 3 are deal-breakers. 13 would be ok if you added holy warrior as an additional class.

Calling? Where's that?

I saw an add for a video game where you come back fine, but the monster that killed you levels up.
My new ideas for Land of the Dead, while dead your spirit(Prepetitioner) gains levels in a spooky prestige class such as Poltergeist or Reaper. Change the time limit on raise dead to the longer dead, the more the gp cost of casting. Now make the week of the church waiting for the high priest to come to town equate to a month in the Land of the Dead.
You can also take the Supernatural approach, and a friend looks out for you, comes back with you, and they are a monster. What was the name of the vampire who came back from purgatory with Dean?
One season of Buffy was fun, because they dragged her back from Heaven.

Can characters tell the difference between holy word and power word hurt?
Maybe all the good guys saved?

While wearing the Astral Cloak, all attacks are ghost touch.

Combat Feat-Rip the soul.
Someone with the ghost touch quality on any kind of weapon can (on a crit)reach into a spirit, grab or spear the divine inspiration, and pull it out. Once it's removed, it goes back to the gods, and the spirit is destroyed. The shreds can become part of an Illip or something, but only a True Res. or the open grave ritual has a chance of bringing the personality back together.
Prereqs. Ghost touch and it only works on an intangible spirit, on a crit. Gassious form is vulnerable too.
Normal. Ghosts keep coming back till their issues are resolved, normally.

Well then, commoner 1 can be the default.
Mortimer and Ritner are loosely based on Mortici and Rigby, before they gained levels as Blaster Monks of some kind. If they ever find someone willing to train them in a class, that's what class they become. For now they are zero level big kids.

Some NPCs don't warrant a stat block. Because bum, beggar, and laborer are no more a class than average goblin is a class. Their stats are too low to qualify as an average NPC.

This being the homebrew forum, could you define bogeyman?

4-Looking Glass Tea House. Where it's always tea time.
Resources-In addition to tea and pastries, this is a good place to roll on the rumor table. The owner, Alice, has growth and reduction potions to sell. The upper crust comes here and can provide adventuring jobs.

Bumped for renewed town interest

HyperMissingno wrote:
I like the idea of this but a clever oracle can work around this with spell proof. Even if the person doesn't have spellcraft a good/evil oracle can summon a celestial/fiendish eagle to prove themselves.

Good point. Make them summon only neutral creatures, or use the arcane tables and summon randomly.

2-Clocktower May be powered by a water clock or a gnomish mechanism.
Resources-The clockmaker can also design or repair crossbows, catapults, ect. Due to everyone being on time build times are reduced by 10% as are crafting times and even mining within city/town limits.
3-Dungeon entrance. As a card (Like the Cleaves) it can be placed under another card, as there is a secret entrance in the cellar.
Resources-A quick and direct way to start the adventure. The building above will have more money and items but may know what happened to some of the missing persons.

It should apply especially when the oracle makes a prediction, the Cassandra effect. If persons of no alignment exist in the campaign, they should detect as that. In other words, they may detect as a shape changed animal.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

This is a random table for the buildings in your settlement.
There should be a number, Description, and what characters can expect to get, including adventure leads.
For example,
0-Village/Town/City Hall. The settlement is built around this. The mayor, elders, or whatever have offices near the all important main hall.
Resources: Licenses, official job titles, and other such things can be obtained. Also, any threat to the settlement will prompt an official to round up the adventurers to send them after it.

Artist Colony-Along one or 2 streets there is every kind of craftsman and artist studio. +2 to economy. +5 to find a crafting hireling.

I can imagine one of those as the sole judge of a beauty contest. This would give the characters a chance to engage in subtle politics, or trying to stop assassins sent by human hating Yokai. Their attempts to kill the traitor have resulted in the deaths and injuries of innocent bystanders. The contestants should be designed as mostly vain jerks so the the characters will be ok with the winner becoming the charmed bride of the Yokai.

He's playing fantasy bronze age. The big iron meteor that heralded the change has not been unearthed. Maybe the Hit-ite tribe of dwarves will find it during the campaign.

With bronze, attachments between armor pieces, such as hinges and latches, would break and bend constantly. The long spear was prevalent.

Heavily armored meant carrying a tower shield. While bronze was softer than tempered iron, that meant it had half the AC bonus for the non magical part of AC(Minimum +1). The most they had made was piece plate(helmet, chest plate, shin guards, ect).

The Tsunami wave is a full round attack, released over the course of a second.

Tsunami Wave: Feat for blasters such as the forceborn.
Attack becomes a 45 degree cone that can be dex saved against for half. If they save, they get knocked back 5 feet. If they fail the save they get knocked down. Adds 2 spell levels for spells, but won't work for Magic Missile.

Gulian wrote:

Essentially, this is very easy to solve.

A lawful good paladin serving a chaotic evil deity means that his:

A) Law is to sow chaos, basically.

B) Goodness is that he values his deity's principles and beliefs far above his own.

So you are a lawful good paladin that cuts down innocents and wishes for the world to end because of love and respect for your deity and the unshakable belief in the righteousness of her code.

As completely wrong as it is hilarious.

That could be an anti paladins code of honor. :)

One of the basic concepts of wonderland is the animals are more evolved than the humans. The animals wear clothes, speak english, and stand upright.

Spiritual Freedom. The permanency has to be dispelled to reestablish control.
All summoning spells. The summoned creature will keep following orders till they end, then go freejack.

Orange Bag of Tricks:
1 Big black cat(Panther)
2 Dire vampire bat
3 Large Blue Mastiff
4 M sized spider

The Mastiff is based on a scary Terry Blue Terrier my Dad owned.

You could have it send a Spiritual Weapon-Hammer at the foe.

I think the Gryphons would have an easier time compensating for the recoil of a crossbow.
Spinning around so you can release a hammer at double range should be left to the land based Dwarven Olympians.

Cape of the Action Hero: Takes up the cloak slot. It gives a +1 competence bonus to initiative. Many GMs are replacing items of abilities with additional points per level, look into it.


An Olympic throwing hammer is a two handed throwing weapon, so one handed throwing rules shouldn't really apply. Are giants hurling boulders similarly restricted?

I think the two should be merged. Individually, they seem too weak to make a fun character. The Bill Bixby show The Magician would not have been cancelled if he had a tiger and could make ancient magic items work.

boring7 wrote:

Throwing hammers are kind of crap, so you'll need to homebrew a specialty throwing hammer or switch to something else, crossbows are fairly logical, and with the new Bolt Ace Class and the old Repeating Crossbow can work pretty well. Oh yeah, almost forgot: Flying, ranged-attacking dwarves would probably Natural-select for higher dexterity, so alternate racial traits are probably apropos.

Go to hammer_throw_world_record_progression.

What would be the damage on an Olympic hammer?

It would so work as an alchemical discovery. The original potion of longevity required elf's blood, but it never came up if Drow blood would work.

DarkMidget wrote:
That sounds like a good idea. Kinda makes me wanna make a class like a Spelldagger or something that can make magical daggers at will, or something. And can use them as normal daggers, or throw them and blablabla. Though that might be broken, as it'd free up lots of money for other things... I dunno though. I could picture a class focused on one style of fighting like that. Almost like a mix of Rogue/Warlock from 3.5.

First, they would be disarmed in a dead magic area.

Second, some topics are about cave age campaigns. There's no economy anyway. You have to make things or barter for them. WBL is an abstraction.

The idea that loss of memories causes a loss of levels is the first idea I want to throw out the window. It stops you from the hangover adventure where the characters wake up with skills, levels, and animal companions they don't remember gaining. XPs and levels are about energy. The mental inventory with incantations, rituals, and places studied closely can be lost with memories. You could have an NPC who is very old and wise but can't remember anyone's right name.
Most important, in the game you can destroy trolls, unlike reality. In Equestria, life is so good everypony wants to be an alicorn and live forever.

19th Forceborn
0 level-Deflection +1(It doesn’t stack with deflection bonuses from other sources.)
1st level Force beam. Does 1d4+1 for every 2 levels. One force beam per attack. Range 25 feet +5 feet per (level + dex bonus). Ranged touch bypasses physical armor but not the deflection bonus on that armor. It also does not bypass natural armor such as barkskin or fur. The shield spell counts as +4 armor against it. This can damage objects such as locks, drilling through hardness, then actual hit points. Effective against incorporeal creatures.
4th level Deflection +2.
7th level Deflection +3.
10th level Deflection +4.
13th level Deflection +5.
16th level Deflection +7
19th level Deflection +8.
Class Skills: Perception and Stealth
Sorc. Bonus spells 1st-Shield, 3rd-Floating Disk, 5th-Protection from Arrows, 7th-Resilient Sphere, 9th-Wall of Force, 11th-Forceful Hand, 13th-Forcecage, 15th-Grasping Hand, 17th-Clenched Fist, 19th-Crushing Hand.
Bonus Feat: Point Blank Shot
Bloodline Arcana: Evocation spells are cast as 2 levels higher. For a mutant, their bonus spells last longer.

18: Telepathic
9th. Can retrieve, alter, or block memories. One save per event/memory.

Bumped in the name of Bastet!

Ritually bumped

Give him animal training. He can train critters level=CR. This is a non magic equivalent of familiars or animal companions. He can seem to summon a tiger that cannot be dispelled away.

How about an isolated snake people city who view humans as the horrors?

I understand that not all fans of FRPG are fans of Anime. Last Saturday I saw some cursed/Devil fruits on One Piece. My point was that some GMs have all bloodlines come from magic fruit. Some have the game world cut off from the planes. If you want to play a Force Born character, you have to talk to the GM and ask how it works in their game world. They can say No, or say your character can't swim. Maybe the rest of your character's family died of radiation poisoning.

When it runs into a shield spell, do both spells end?

As a mutation, you had an ancestor who either used a lot of force spells or was the target of a lot of force spells. They could come from a long line of War Wizards who provided Magic Missile support on the battlefield. They could just have eaten a big, silvery, berry not realizing it was a devil fruit.

LazarX wrote:
Goth Guru wrote:
Listen, magic missile won't damage inanimate objects such as locks or bow strings.

And the last time this was a game breaker in a class choice was.......?

The sorcerer in this class still has the option of supplementing his spell choices with spells that get past this minor problem.

That's fine for a spell. I just feel that a bloodline or mutation is a fundamental difference in the character. If a force born puts on a scratchy sweater, their power will burn it off.

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