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Kyuss Spawnling

Goth Guru's page

3,113 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


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Anybody that says that quills don't do automatic damage, a thousand bark spiders on their every character!

10 can be on a floating continent. It's like where the nominee picks a runner up as their running mate.

Here is the corrected Sorcerer Bonus spells for wings.
Sorc. Bonus spells 3rd-Mage hand, 5th-Feather Fall, 7th-Gust of Wind, 9th-Wind Wall, 11th-Fly, 17th-Control Weather, 19th-Wail of the Banshee.
Sorc. Bonus spells. 3rd level-Expeditious retreat 5th-jump. 7th level- blur 9th level-Haste, 11th level-Phase Door, 17th level-Etherealness.

In the fandome,Wizards are called Book Horses. That may spread throughout the gamerdom.

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Your ruins could have a fun trap. If it springs, the doors close and lock. Then a small trickle of brackish water trickles out of one of the walls. Then the doors all swing open again. :)
Those lightning plains sound like paradise for rogue Flesh Golems.

The virtue pin would go off when a wearer was attacked, and another could not activate till the hit point was used, or the minute ends. A trap activating and targeting the pin wearer would activate the pin.

Just make stabilize work at close range.
Minor talismans are minor miscellaneous magic items. Priced and made more like potions, they occupy no slot, and go off when needed. There was a feather fall talisman in Ebberon that went off when you fell more than 10 feet, well worth 100 gp. in a city that floats.

Use it to make a minor talisman. This red plus sign on a white disk pins to any garment. When the one point is used it crumbles to dust.

While Dragons and giants could dominate on the lower continents for 9, I like 10. It's close enough to the core Pathfinder to not paint it's self in a corner.

Getting them there. Carnival of Souls. A little girl leads them there looking for their Mommy and Daddy. They get to a tent with a sign that says, "Music and Dancing". There's creepy music aqnd translucent people dancing. Everyone stops, the little girl runs to two of the dancers. They begin to dance and vanish, everyone dancing, the band, and everything. In the now empty tent there is a shallow grave with the corpses of the parents and the girl in it. They are now trapped in the carnival, but they know of one of the ways out.

47. Nocturnal Stones: Glow with starlight and moonlight if there is no sun currently in the sky above. Will glow constantly if on the lower planes or in a sunless world. Can be used like a lantern only if by someone with low light vision.

Shield of veneers. With 3, 5, or 7 layers, it will absorb an otherwise fatal attack, losing one layer. It can be repaired only by spending a mundane shield of at least equal size, and a make whole spell.
As for the 15 dex, there are topics about giving stat boost by levels and ditching stat boost items, freeing up your headband slot for more useful items.

Mistah J wrote:

I use the very same rule! Except for the sake of simplicity, I apply it to all weapons, ranged and melee alike.

I also add a confirmation roll, just like its critical hit counterpart. A 'fumble' only occurs if the confirmation misses as well.

We like it, it adds some symmetry.

But, you gotta look out when designing fumbles - it doesn't take much searching on this message board to find a LOT of threads talking about the hidden dangers of the various mechanics people use. Fumbles can be a pretty polarizing subject too, so far warning!

But as always, if it works for your group then more power to ya!

No need to search. I had a very bad experience with a 1 on the crit confirmation roll. Better to just say 1 is a no, unless a spell like true strike makes it worth the math.

I still don't like the E6 aspect of it (a character cannot reach 7th level)
Celstia sounds a lot like Celestia with one letter removed.
I'm going to hide this topic too because the things I'm interested in are getting harder to find with all the topics i dislike.

It radiates no magic, so it won't resize. Discuss with your GM if it would function if your owl tried to wear it as a hat.

Da'ath wrote:

I'd actually forgotten to post these two, which I love and the gaming group loves. We consider them must-haves for all d20 games we play. Regenerate and prosthetics, for example, actually have a reason to exist.

Maiming Strike: When you deal damage that would be sufficient to kill your target, you may instead deal half damage to your target and apply the effects of a Debilitating Blow (see Called Shot rules) to a randomly determined location. Roll 1d10: 1 (Head), 2 (Ear), 3 (Eye), 4 (Neck), 5 (Chest), 6 (Heart), 7 (Vitals), 8 (Arm), 9 (Hand), 10 (Leg). In the case of multiple appendages of a particular type, the player may select the left or right (for example, left or right hand). This rule provides a chance for a character to spare an opponent of an otherwise lethal blow, but a character may still die from the reduced damage or the effects of the Debilitating Blow.

Defensive Wound: When you would normally be killed by an attack or a failed saving throw from Massive Damage, you may choose to suffer a Defensive Wound. If you choose this option, you take half damage and suffer the effects of a Debilitating Blow (see Called Shot rules) to a randomly determined location. Roll 1d10: 1 (Head), 2 (Ear), 3 (Eye), 4 (Neck), 5 (Chest), 6 (Heart), 7 (Vitals), 8 (Arm), 9 (Hand), 10 (Leg). In the case of multiple appendages of a particular type, you may...

Heart, vitals, neck will instead cause a coma. The character will be bedridden for a month, or until surgery, or a heal spell repairs the criticle damage. Death magic can similarly not work on important characters. This is how I would use these rules.

Just set a GP value on materials, or or a percent effect. Glowing Soma mushrooms half the cost of candles of invocations and incense of meditation.

45.Mechanical Hand
This thing made of white, lightweight, but strong metal is attached to a sleeve, that fits over a hoof, paw, or stump. It works like a normal hand, but radiates no magic. It recharges from the wearer's nervous energy while they sleep. It is most useful to someone waiting for a regeneration spell.

The ring of invisibility turns off whenever you fight. The ring of silence does not. Charging the player the same amount, I would tell them "You're welcome!"

Wyntr wrote:
Can'tFindthePath wrote:
137ben wrote:
Hawriel wrote:

Here is the thing about electricity. It moves at the speed of light.
Not really. It's somewhere between 1/100th and 1/1000th the speed of light.

I think it's time to start the "Physics of Magical Lightning" thread guys.

"What are YOUR houserules?"

We created a spell one-level higher that has the lightning bolt be made of electrified lava :P

One level? Game balance is dead at your table. I'm ok with that.

The OP I have trouble understanding. Where does the magic come from, among other concerns?
Bjorn, I really like your system.
One suggestion, magic can be added by reciting the final incantations at a permanently enchanted site. Thus gloves of vampiric touch can be given their final stitch in an unhallowed graveyard. Potions of all kinds can be bottled in the runoff area from an alchemist's lab.

81: Spooky Mirror
This full length mirror seems to be framed in tarnished silver.
GM notes. Anyone who looks in it will see themselves dead.
Hook: While it makes a good April fools joke, the cause of death should be the nearest danger. The GM should roll some dice, but it does not have any real effect.

During combat you can't hear the invisible elephant in the room. Unless you are a bat you can't even tell what squares it occupies. Don't make me question whether you can smell anything else while there's a barbarian in the party. :P
Some animal companions can smell invisible creatures. Humans, dwarves, elves, and such can't. A bat familiar can eco-locate invisible creatures.
Don't change invisibility. Change perception. At 5 ranks perception you can roll to spot invisible things without the minuses. At 10 ranks you can try to spot improved invisibility.

The humans would call him Vildsvin. The Dwarves call him Galt.

Kung Fu Joe wrote:
Every time someone says "fantasy demigods are limited to what's physically realistic for ordinary real-life people," a puppy somewhere gets thrown off a tall building.

It's a blink dog puppy. It blinked to just over the pile of garbage and it's fine. It needs a bath, but it's fine. :)

Every animal type has an elder beast deity. Cats of all kinds have Bastet, who pretty much joined the pantheon. Fenris, goddess of wolves and werewolves, was chained up by the gods. The great boar, carved out the fiords and such, but had to be buried in permafrost when he would not stop. You might want to look up Swedish for a boar and use that for a name.

Magic is magic. Science is science. If you put a big van de graf(sp) generator in a room, the lightning will arc to whoever is wearing the most ferrous metal armor. If they have a gun, it will probably explode.
With control weather, the lightning will seek the easiest path to ground. More bad news for iron clad knights.

I don't want to weaken spellcasters and pretend that strengthens skills, because it doesn't. Craft 5 they can empower one shot items such as potions, scrolls, talismans, wands, ect. Craft 10 they can empower permanent magic items.
Maybe you have to go over each profession separately. A janitor could make spell components out of what they sweep up and clean up. Watch Paint your Wagon again. A bartender can get at the coins that fall through the floorboards. They can also craft potions by comparing tastes.

Kirth Gersen wrote:

DISABLE DEVICE ** spoiler omitted **

If they have no berserk condition, do they rage against previous orders? For example, do they tear down the door they were guarding?

Perhaps at 5 skill levels, they can treat a magical trap as a mechanical trap.

Alcibyades wrote:

I had a little too much time on my hands this weekend so I took a crack at this and tried to be systematic about it here.

Many of the abilities granted are fantastical, but they generally pale in comparison to what a spell caster could do at an equivalent level, so I'm not too worried about that. What I am worried about is how some of the abilities would work with the vast number of abilities granted by feats, classes and archetypes, and I would like to close any loopholes that allow abuse. Some of the mechanics may be clunky, obsolete or incompatible with existing rules so suggestions there would be good (I haven't invested much in system mastery).

It's very much a work in progress and doesn't fulfill all the goals I set for it (not all of the skills have an ability that scales, for instance)and I didn't do anything for ride, fly, knowledge or UMD as I feel like they stay relevant and used, though I may be wrong.

Lastly there is very little in here that is original, lots of it is just lifted from Tarkisflux's Tome of Prowess for 3.5.

Have fun.

My leveled mutation Wings, provides speed and ability, as does the spell fly. I'm going to go look at what you've done. Sounds good.

Bluff: 5 ranks you believe your own bluff. Mind reading won't expose it. Bards call this, the method.

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You know what, I find alchemist fire doing 1D6 for only 2 rounds hard to believe.
A pot of boiling water will do 1D6 for that attack only.
Burning oil will do 2D6 for up to 2 rounds. Splash should do 1 or 2 damage(flip a coin).
Alchemist fire is probably an early invention of nape and lasts up to 4 rounds.

Zhayne wrote:
Goth Guru wrote:
The GM should roleplay it too. In your example, if a (deleted)

Why wouldn't the Orc gods send an omen? Or evil gods in general? And if the GM has a problem with a PCs behavior, why isn't he talking to the player instead of using lame Deus Ex Machinae?

This is why I don't use extant, meddlesome gods in my games. I've never seen it done and not be totally lame.

I would like to distance myself from that vile example now.

The GM should roleplay it too. In your example, if a barbarian tries to slay a child, and rolls a 1, the GM should be able to list the deities that are sending an omen. An Orc cub who is genetically evil(at some tables, they are not) would get no such protection.

It may not be obvious here yet, so I'll make it so.
Expensive magic item ingredients obtained by adventuring, crafting, or using a profession, subtract from the cost of making an item, but not other costs such as time.

I already said True Strike trumps the natural 1.
True strike- The glimpse it gives you of the future lets you compensate so a 1 on the D20 is not a fumble or automatic miss.

Damian Magecraft wrote:

The D20 is replaced with 2D10.

A 2 is always a failure regardless of bonuses.
Crits do not need to be confirmed; due to the nature of the bell curve on 2D10.

I won't be using that. Anything that makes true strike a waste of time is hereby banned at my tables.

As a rule, the game is about magic. No low magic, no auto fail, and no exceptions. Shield stops bullets, but then ends on the next initiative.

So you could tie in dungeonering to grow glowing Soma mushrooms. They only grow deep underground on any kind of animal flesh. Then allied spellcasters could make incense of meditation and candles of invocation at negligible GP cost.

Slight of Hand: With 3 ranks you can simulate a 0 level spell non- magically. With 6 ranks you can simulate a 1st level spell such as silent image. Setup time can add modifiers, which count as ranks. If a stage magician can do it, so can a character. This can mess with a foe that depends on anti magic field, enough to leave them shaken.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The Mutant
D8 hits per level
Take one base race, Add a leveled mutation at first, fifth, tenth, fifteenth, and 20th levels.
I'll make a chart showing when they get bonus spells based on their mutations.

I've been copy pasting the house rules I like to a text file. I will print them out and bring them to the next game I get together.

Piedolon wrote:

200. A halfling baker who found Grampa's old recipe and his eidolon is a talking pie.

201. Or more true to the source, an evil Numerian Gearsman who's best friend is a talking pie.

Food fighters! More on the nose...

202. A summoner broodmaster who has a humanoid with a head made of fire breathing fried rice, a bunch of piranha like meatballs, and others. Has a feat that lets him combine them all into a banquet monster.

So elves get favored class wizard or ranger depending on where they grew up.

So aside from outsiders, there is no genetic alignment among sentient beings? A red dragon can be raised to be good, right?

I haven't read it all yet, but it looks good. Albion might have the were creatures in the Forrest still at ancient war with the vamps in the walled cities, to the point where they lost control. The iron age place might have the most ancient meteor strikes giving them meteoric iron. There's trade organizations equivalent to the East India company, more worried about pirates and war messing up their competition with each other.
Your lost world might still have Neanderthals and Troidons. Current theories about Troidons are that they were smart and might have built a civilization except for the mass extinction, which your world did not have everywhere.

Pathfinder has favored classes, but they just get a bonus for a class they pick. If every race, except humans, gets assigned a favored class, do it right. Gnomes would have favored class illusionist. They don't get the favored class bonuses if they become a summoner.

The 'As said in another topic thread'. I'm letting rogues add their Dex. bonus to hit and damage now. If I can ever get a gaming group together again. :(

Sorc. Bonus spells. 1st level-Expeditious retreat and jump. 2nd level-blur 3rd level-Haste, 7th level-Phase Door, 9th level-Etherealness.

15: Fast. 1st level-All speeds are 10 faster. Initiative +1. Poisons, drugs, diseases, and aging act twice as fast. Haste only effects to cancel out slowed.
3rd Level: All movement speeds +20 feet total faster. +1 bonus to hit, to Dodge AC, and to reflex saves.
5th Level: Extra main attack when making a full attack. All movement speeds +30 total faster. Initiative +2 total.
7th Level: Extra move equivalent or standard action when not making a full attack. This can be used to cast an extra spell if neither spell takes longer than a standard action to cast. All movement speeds +40 total faster.
9th Level: When surprised, still takes an action at end of surprise round. All movement speeds +50 feet total faster. +2 bonus to hit, to Dodge AC, and to reflex saves.
11th Level: Can run on water, walls, or on webs. If they stop running, they will sink, fall, or stick. All Movement speeds +60 feet total faster.
13th Level: Extra secondary attack when making any attack, except touch attack spells, that give only one attack . All Movement speeds +70 feet total faster.
14th Level: If moving at all non-magic blur in effect. All Movement speeds +80 feet total faster.
15th Level: +3 bonus to hit, to Dodge AC, and to reflex saves. All Movement speeds +90 feet total faster.
17th Level: Can treat every round as 2 rounds. Treats surprise round as a full round. In combat, has 2 initiatives, the one rolled and one as if they had no bonuses. All movement speeds +100 feet total faster.
19th Level: Can slow time. Then they are fatigued for 5 rounds. Slowed time is like time stop except instantaneous spells seem to move slowly and don’t land till effect ends. Also, they can move anyone or thing they can lift. They experience 1 round of time for 5 actual levels or CR. Fire or acid seem frozen to them so they cannot move an enemy into a wall of fire. Pulling an ally out of a wall of fire works like forcing a door and leaves an ally shaped hole. Prying an item out of someone’s hand is an opposed strength check.

I downloaded a copy of Dawn of Worlds, and I can see using it to build a pathfinder world at my FLGS. During the first age, each player might have a few giants, titans, or a terrask to use as living bulldozers. Conflicts could also shape the land, as your tools fight it out. Why is that mountain range at the end of that valley? Because the terrask was dragged there and then buried under molten rock by the other giant monsters, that's why!

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