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Kyuss Spawnling

Goth Guru's page

3,234 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


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How about gear tech body mods. Bug people always look sort of robotlike so I can see them going in that direction.
"Soooooo, how did he get that iron golem head?"
"His wife bit his head off."(said matter of factually)

This reminds me why when I put a continual flame as treasure, I set it inside a piece of glass or mended together quartz.

153. An ancient planet has passed through the realms of dreams and fantasies. A lady from there calls herself "The Placement Manager", and is secretly placing orphans with childless couples. The children seem unearthly clever. Those with a ring of X-Ray vision claim these children have 2 hearts. The planet might have to go home at a moments notice. It depends on someone named "The Doctor".

Can't you just have the area of overlap be the ambient light? If they are deep underground, and they didn't bother to bring mundane torches, that's pretty dark.

Two metal rods hinged together, and a flat metal plate with a gear and a stack of 2 sharp metal disks. (An old can opener which is almost impossible to use.)

I have to fix the numbering. Add 1 to midget and each entry after.
18: Telepathic
0 level they mirror the emotions of whatever they face.
1st. Empathy. DC10 + Intelligence bonus + 1 every odd level vs target will save. They can tell the target's intent, friendly, neutral, or hostile. Charmed and in love reads the same. Sentient undead always read as sad.
3rd. Detect Thoughts, continuously. If they might be stunned by godlike intellect, they can will save. Success means they turn off their power temporarily or turn it away to another area. If they fail the save or their power is somehow disrupted, it will turn on next round.
5th. Can read deeper thoughts. By focusing on one mind, they can pick out one memory each round. Such memories are name, weaknesses, who they work for, ect. They can also implant thoughts. Basically, they have to use charisma based skills such as bluff or diplomacy. This is not language dependent as it bypasses the speech centers.
7th. Mind link. They can converse telepathically to an ally as long as they are not separated by thick metal. Range 10 feet per level. One ally per 3 levels(so 2 at seventh level).

Using the item presented, how about it heals the wearer's level in points. It replenishes during sleep or meditation, only once in a day(24 hours normally). To make it easy to add to an amulet, make it a magic chain, attachable to any medallion or amulet. I'm a big fan of augment items.

Also, consider eliminating the ability items entirely. Lots of good topics on that. I've got a nice ritual that burns such items putting their power into the characters bodies permanently. You could just offer characters a + to a stat, +1 deflection, or hit/damage every other level. The cloak of charisma is a worse cliche than the wand of CLW.

Ross Byers wrote:
Rabbiteconomist wrote:
Aelryinth wrote:
Rabbiteconomist wrote:
138) A Mimic planet (as in a planet sized mimic)

I knew Ego The Living Planet would turn up somewhere!

So who is going to dig out their old Spelljammer books and list out those worlds? :) And then we can go down the list of Star Trek episodes...


Lol. I haven't heard of Ego before. Is that what Neth the living demiplane was based on?
Ego is from Marvel comics. Mogo is from DC comics. A living location/planet/structure is not really a new idea, so I wouldn't claim Neth was based on anything in particular.

Blake's 7 had an episode about a living planet, and it's parasites.

Wander over Yonder met a living planet that got clingy recently.

Dragons, half dragons, and dragon bloodlined should be able to take the Monkey Hunter Prestige class.

One end of a wormhole=OEOAW
122) OEOAW Leads to opposite side of galaxy.
123) OEOAW Leads to white hole that prevents forming of undead within 10 light years.
124) OEOAW Leads to Parallel world. That homebrewed world you have been dying to run!

The town clock would add an output bonus. +3 crops when watered and harvested on time. +3 building results when workers all arrive at the same time.

When I made "Mage Earth" for original and advanced, all the stories were true. One PC managed to put a helm of alignment changing on Prince John. I think your restrictions should apply to that one adventure path. The Three/Four Musketeers would each have some levels in Gunslinger(Which would be called Musketeer).
Lurking in the shadows would be the Illuminati, who were plotting to create a new world order with religious freedom and elected governments. If you were not a member, you probably thought they were possessed by devils.

When I GM, Driders that are not evil have sleep venom.
Permanent grafts tend to have genetic creep, meaning spells such as raise dead and such speeds the process. Your Texhutu creatures might be the end result of isolated communities that used grafting to survive in hostile environments.

102. A dead planet, about the size of earth(or whatever the homeworld is called), and dotted with ruins. The archeologists have set up bases to study the ruins. Strange people have shown up, asking about terraforming the whole planet. It turns out, the previous residents invented time travel, and their regaining their homeland will destroy the ruins.

Silus wrote:

Well the Abomination grafts are pretty much the ones that don't really fall into other categories. Fish tails, gills, spider legs, etc.

As for support, you pretty much hit the nail on the head. Buffing, debuffing, healing, skill bonuses, etc.

Spiderlegs, that would make a good mutation.

If you need to control the rumble balls, make them a variant mutagen. Chopper rarely, if ever, gives someone else a rumble ball.

83. A water world, around the small metal core are layers of coral. The intelligent life, are humanoid polyps that take root upon reaching middle aged. They build gravity guns that pull what they need from the void. There are floating cities that house other life forms, rescued from dying spaceships, used to build the islands. If an island gets big enough, it will become a water moon, then a water planet of it's own.

You can always make the governors call. A character becomes sickened, but instead of dying, they mutate. It might take 3D6 days to become obvious, so you can pass them notes for a while.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

50) This cube shaped planet has 6 climate zones. The edges are apparently mountain ranges occupied by Dwarves, Drow, and similar subterranean races that profit from the toll roads they control.

In my leveled mutations topic, the undead trait guarantees that they rise. They become a monster of a similar level, so they could have ghouls, ghasts, and a vampire working with them. The few that died directly of radiation will be contaminated, but Cr500cricket's rules look ok.

13: Undead. Class Skill Knowledge Religion and bloodline powers. Death causes you to rise as corporal undead of similar level immediately. (This is a suggestion for mutations. The GM can skip it or apply it to bloodlines too if going for a horror movie feel.)
Sorc. Gets bonus spells, bonus feats, and of course the bloodline arcana.
A sorc. vampire lieutenant radiating moderate radiation would rock.

Some changes.

12: Aberrant 1st level Acidic Ray (sp): Starting at first level, they can fire an acidic ray as a standard action, targeting any foe within 30 feet as a ranged touch attack. The ray deals 1D6 points of acid damage +1 for every 2 levels/hit dice/CR the creature possesses. It can use this 3 +Charisma modifier times per day.
3rd level Long Limbs(Ex): Reach increases by 5 feet whenever they are making a melee touch attack. (unarmed strike and possibly gauntlet is a melee touch attack). This ability does not increase your threatened area, but if you
Sorcerer and Mutant class gets Knowledge Dungeoneering, the Bloodline Powers.
Sorc. Gets Bonus Spells, Bonus feats, and the bloodline Arcana.

I'm working on the natural weaponry mutation. If a fruit gives them spikes and natural weaponry, their teeth will become spiky for their bite attack. While the spikes are deployed, they could hurt themselves too.

First spell level for druid, second spell level for all others, non-damaging. Damaging with or without thorns is second for Druids and third for others. Magical or monstrous is 5th spell level for all eligible classes. Unlike summoning, it's a free willed plant. Whomping Willows will attack the nearest target.

If you allow mutations, can you have the goblinoids led by mutants?
I'm going to continue to keep expanding Leveled Mutations, and I'm thinking of letting characters take an extra mutation if they take a defect.

Ok, and make it first level for druid, second level for all others.

I can't open it even with word. There is unreadable content. Word asked if I trust the soarce, and I don't know you at all.

Maybe 3.5 made them have songbooks, which are re-skinned spellbooks. I'll have to check my core rulebook for pathfinder.

The heart and soul of FRPG is treating the fictional characters as epic and giving the characters powers and drawbacks appropriate to their level. Luffi(Dubbed version of his name) probably has damage resistance that goes up by level. Reach is like the aberration bloodline. He has the hand to hand powers like a monk(Including flurry of blows). Pirate captain is his profession.

The devil fruit from the first tree causes an animal to grow thumbs, normal human intelligence, alignment, ability to talk, and ability to stand upright. It is often called thumb fruit and was eaten by both of the parents of the doctor of the straw hat pirates.

I think the spell is balanced because it's only for 1 ordinary tree at a time. It takes up a spell slot or space in a spell book(which bards use). When you run out of first level spells, you can't grow more trees till the next day. Don't get me started on how you're going to collect 50 tree seeds of the same kind to make a wand.

Issac Daneil wrote:
Bard? Why?

It's a cool naturalist thing to be able to make things grow by singing to them.

I had a changeling character with multiple personality disorder. Basically he should of gotten a bluff check when someone probed his mind.

I say first level Druid, Ranger, Bard.
Description The caster plants a normal tree seed(No thorns or devil fruit at this spell level). They must continue casting and or performing for the full 10 minutes. The tree can be dispelled for the next 24 hours, then it's a normal tree.

Well I'm a fan of the cube series so, thumbs up on this.
5: Fire Ant Room
One end of this room has double doors that lock after the characters go through. The rest of the room has walls of fire that funnel the characters to the only exit door. They have to move single file to get out. The magical field causes all damage and baleful effects to happen to the attacker. Thus if you shove someone into a wall of fire, you get burned. The last in line gets a 4 dose bottle of cure light wounds potion.
Those lawful good people never give up trying to reform prisoners, do they?

82. The Royal Scribe's paperclip
This beautifully engraved wire has the power to make whole one object(usually a book, scroll, or other recording media) every 12 hours.
It's fully intelligent, because it's over 100 years old. It speaks common, Japanese, and several other languages.
Hook: It wants to get home to the royal library, and may refuse to be used as a lockpick. It knows all about oriental history and culture and may even come from an anime world of the GM's choosing.

Ritual 22: The Summoning. A creature from beyond is enticed to make a deal. It can be outerplaner, inner planer, or even an abberation from somewhere you only barely comprehend.
Success: The magic circle holds it till a deal can be struck. They will persist till their end is completed. DC 35.
Failure: The thing comes, gets loose, and can rampage as appropriate. They will stay till otherwise banished.
Modifiers: Knowledge The planes, arcana, Religion, and craft. The craft is for painting, carving, and or inlaying the magic circle. +10 for a permanently installed magic circle.
Cost: 5000gp + 1000 permanent magic circle
Special: A celestial might slay everyone they meet that radiates evil if they get loose. Collateral damage probably gets to the upper planes anyway.

I did a search on Iroquois cities, and I only found some cities with Iroquois names. I'm aware of native American cities built into cliffs and the Mayan cities. Maybe in your world, these persisted and the concepts spread.
The living desk clock is very amusing.
The idea of used scrolls coming after characters is interesting.

The crate would have one tree/bush harvest for one year. The rest would be packing material. I think excelsior is shredded wood. Bushes are found in ruins because important people would transplant them into their hidden garden.

Shicil wrote:
228. (Evolutionist) An aging professor creates a childlike humanoid in blue armor to aid his research, giving the boy the ability to mimic the weapons of enemies he defeats...


It supports the existence of an entire gang of fish like, aquatic, ruffians. Obviously they all ate from the same bush/tree.
Also, everyone kept taking one glance at Lupie and saying "Gumgum fruit?"

If living greyhawk had not self destructed, I was going to write an adventure path where ex keolanders awakened the Tarrasque and fed all the giants to it. In other words, the PCs are all Tarrasque cultists.

The way I play it, djinn can only grant wishes 3 times a day, and not to themselves. A sphinx can answer any question, but only as a riddle, and they can't solve their own riddles. A sphinx summoning spell will get you 1 answer/riddle per 5 levels, and the monster can hang around till they are answered. In my ritual topic, yeah, you can summon broken things at low levels, but one noob mistake and the only thing broken is you!

Leveled mutations. It won't break the game if the character becomes more powerful as they gain experience. Being a magical mutagen, the gumgum fruit seeds would all grow up to grant different mutations. When the characters show up, and one of them has wings, the royal family will accept the crate and thank them for testing it. Wings vastly limit your armor options.

You lost me at making half elf and orcs sterile. It's like Hasbro throwing all the elemental planes and the Abyss in a blender and calling it a plane. Next your going to ditch chaotic good and fall down the same slippery slope. Consider your topic ignored.

Crysmal might grant detect treasure, gems only, for 10 percent of the gems, for life.

Grit for other classes merits it's own topic.
That's why I made mutations. Having weird energies get in your DNA will effect even NPCs. There's a show, called the listener, where a telepath is a paramedic, and the crime unit needs him as a consultant.
Artificers might have bonuses to use items they can create.

Before I hide this topic, I should tell you why. Damaging classes to help other classes is something I have a vendetta against. Also, I don't understand most of your rules. Armor that absorbs damage should be an additional trait, and the armor should heal that over time. Since negative armor AC was gotten rid of, I have been happy with the AC system and don't want to poke the sleeping owlbear.

It's cold iron, so I would consider making it bane to fiends. Maybe all bonuses to damage and hit are doubled against fiends when using that sword.

Goth Guru wrote:

Spiritual Freedom

School: Universal - Savage Mage bonus spell
Level: 4
Casting time: Attack action
Components: V + S
Range: medium (100ft. + 10ft./level)
Targets 1 target
Duration: Instant
Save: Will
The target summoned creature, golem, or object with a bound elemental becomes free willed for 10 minutes per level. It will even work on a vampire spawn, and they will get a new save for self control when the spell ends.

I changed the name because of the reversal spell of the same name.

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