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12: Nephilim
One parent or ancestor was an outsider who was not really humanoid. They usually have a partial extra face and physical deformities. All charisma and dex. based skills are -4. It is often paired with enlargement or outsider bloodlines. Their spells known are all temptations.
3rd-Death Knell
5th-Bestow Curse
9th-Insect Plague
11th-Symbol of Fear
13th-Symbol of Weakness
17th-Storm of Vengeance

The mouse cannot sneak very far from it's master. Also, it cannot go into an area where it smells any sort of feline. The smell of peppermint partially blinds them. It adds +4 to the masters stealth. Note that it is not a natural, mundane, mouse, so it can be larger than normal.

I'm thinking,
1st: Original mutation they were born with. Bonus feat. Chr. based bonus spells. Other spells, 1 zero, 1 first level.
2nd: May take another mutation with a defect. Spells, 2 zero, 2 first level.
3rd: 2nd Bonus feat. Spells, 3 zero, 2 1st, 1 2nd.
4th: Spells, 3 zero, 3 first, 2 2nd.
5th: 3rd bonus feat. Spells, 3 zero, 3 first, 2 2nd, 1 3rd. 2nd regular mutation.
6th: Spells, 3 zero, 3 first, 3 2nd, 2 3rd.
7th: Bonus feat. Spells, 3 zero, 3 first, 3 2nd, 2 3rd 1 4th.
8th: Spells, 3 zero, 3 first, 3 2nd, 3 3rd, 2 4th.
9th: Bonus feat. Spells, 3 zero, 3 first, 3 2nd, 3 3rd, 2 4th 1 5th.
10th: Spells, 3 zero, 3 first, 3 2nd, 3 3rd, 3 4th, 2 5th. 3rd regular mutation.
11th: Bonus feat. Spells, 3 zero, 3 first, 3 2nd, 3 3rd, 3 4th, 2 5th, 1 6th. Can take another mutation and defect.
12th: Spells, 3 zero, 3 first, 3 2nd, 3 2nd, 3 3rd, 3 4th, 2 5th, 2 6th.
13th: Bonus feat. Spells, 3 zero, 3 first, 3 2nd, 3 2nd, 3 3rd, 3 4th, 3 5th, 2 6th, 1 7th.
14th: Spells, 3 zero, 3 first, 3 2nd, 3 2nd, 3 3rd, 3 4th, 3 5th, 2 6th, 2 7th.
15th: Bonus feat. Spells, 3 zero, 3 first, 3 2nd, 3 2nd, 3 3rd, 3 4th, 3 5th, 3 6th, 2 7th, 1 8th. 4th regular mutation.
16th: Spells, 3 zero, 3 first, 3 2nd, 3 2nd, 3 3rd, 3 4th, 3 5th, 3 6th, 2 7th, 2 8th.
17th: Bonus feat. Spells, 3 zero, 3 first, 3 2nd, 3 2nd, 3 3rd, 3 4th, 3 5th, 3 6th, 2 7th, 2 8th, 1 9th.
18th: Spells, 3 zero, 3 first, 3 2nd, 3 2nd, 3 3rd, 3 4th, 3 5th, 3 6th, 3 7th, 3 8th, 2 9th.
19th: Bonus feat. Spells, 3 zero, 3 first, 3 2nd, 3 2nd, 3 3rd, 3 4th, 3 5th, 3 6th, 3 7th, 3 8th, 3 9th.
20th: Spells, 3 zero, 3 first, 3 2nd, 3 2nd, 3 3rd, 3 4th, 3 5th, 3 6th, 3 7th, 3 8th, 3 9th 1 epic. 5th regular mutation.

Mutations: can not conflict. They do not stack so they cannot use angelic wings and actual wings at the same time. A defect can prevent the functioning of part of a mutation, but not totally.

Defects: I have a topic for that. If your favorite is missing, please add to the topic. Mutants get the otherwise Oracle only benefits, such as bonus spells and feats such as blind fighting for the blind.

Bonus Feats are from the mutations or homebrewed from this topic.
For example, Alternate spell source.
Requirement: more than 10 in either Int., Wis., or charisma.
Effect. Bonus spells and saves are determined by a different source than normal for that class. It takes up a bonus feat for mutants, but other classes can take it as a normal feat.

Spells: They are charisma based for bonus spells and DC of spells. Universal, transmutation, and one appropriate school. If they do not have enough charisma (or whatever) to cast that level of spells, they do not have those spells. If the spell requires a deity, they can select a false god(such as mutant monsters including the Lamia Hydra or Cthulhu).

Epic: These spells either mimic godlike powers or are normal spells whose level is inflated by feats.

Sorcerers only get the spells on their spell lists. Sorcerers can use the granted spells for their normal or bonus spell slots. As a homebrew, if your GM agrees, any spellcaster can access the mutant spells, within reason. A paladin with mutations will still be restricted by their alignment and other codes of behavior.

I'm sorry that I did not define the mutant class.
Alignment: any
Hit Dice: d8
Class Skills: Craft, perform, profession, and all listed on their mutations.
Spells: They get the listed spells once a day, and any bonus spells from Int. Wis, or charisma. Note that they can only cast spells listed in their mutation so they may be missing some levels. Also, they can know and cast one cantrip or orison per level up to a maximum of 5.
Proficient with simple weapons and light armor.
Feats: Most mutations/bloodlines come with bonus feats.
Defects: Like oracles, they gain mitigating factors like feats and spells known.

I once played a changeling with multiple personality disorder. It was fun. I would put the +2 in charisma as they can manipulate their appearance. It might only apply to skills as it would not apply to spells.

Laser Clown of the 34th Century is hereby promoted to automatic callback to be the next Joker on Gotham.

The casting director took one look at him and said "Callback, practice your crazy laughter for tomorrows screen tests!"

The Celestial bloodline just sprouts wings for short periods of time. The mutation I'm suggesting has just the wings, constantly, even when having them is a problem. They also do not have the other celestial traits.

As they get these powers a little at a time, it should not imbalance the game greatly.

I realize now I did not include the core bloodlines. That might be because those bloodlines never even appear unless the character takes levels as a sorcerer. Why a fighter with a red dragon for a grandfather should not be able to breath fire hurts my immersion in the game.

21: Weaponizer
A mutation that lets a character turn into a weapon. They would start with one form, retrainable, and get additional forms as they rise in level. Maybe 3rd level +1 to self or ammo. 5th, can make self or ammo alchemical silver. 7th +2. 9th cold iron. 11th +3. 13th Adamantium. 15th +4. 17th Increased crit range. 19 +5.

The arcana can be aligned(Law, Chaos, Good, or Evil. Smite on crit.) or Elemental damage(Fire, Cold, Acid, Lightning, or Sonic. Burst on crit.)

Aligned would have to be the same as the character(Excaliber is a lawful weapon). Bonus to hit and damage is doubled against opposed alignment.
Elemental damage is 1D6 normally and the mutant has resistance equal to the bonus.

They can take special abilities as feats. These include bleed, envenoming(possibly with holy water), exploding ammo, ghost touch, ect.

This is a mutation.
Go to Leveled Mutations.

Perhaps the character was mutated while researching the spell at too low a spell level. If it seems too powerful, try adding more defects, such as all gear falling off whenever they transform. Maybe they are vulnerable to anything that effects both people and objects in both forms. ect...

Seems legit.

Now lets talk about unlockable leveled items. It will appear to be just the zero level item if non magically detected, but detect magic will show what it really is. Legend lore will give you the unlock.

For example, killing or controlling a creature or person with a spell unlocks that spell level in your ring of wizardry. It has to be the spell that puts it over the top. For example, a magic missile that brings them to 0 or less hits either fatal or subdual. If the vendor has any idea there are greater powers, I would add at least 10,000 sale value. What say you?

17:We Space Bears
A drift beacon is found between two known starsystems. When you come out of drift, you find a large space station that was a refueling station for sublight traffic. The hybrid human bear creatures that used to be the only ones who could make the trip(because they could hibernate) have settled here. A lot of criminals are hiding out here too. The bears are also waiting for a sleeper ship they sent to the nearest other galaxy. It could return with predatory insect monsters aboard, the descendant cubs of the original spacebears as the crew, or maybe both.

Chest bursters could be prematurely removed by Teleport, Wish, or Miracle. The creature would be injured and would seek another host to complete it's development.

More to the OPs topic, you can either ban weaponless fighters such as specialist monks, or have a side adventure with a haunted temple where the major treasure is magic hand and foot wraps, gloves, or slippers.

So when an elemental dies they leave behind an elemental catalist crystal?

Monks who escue weapons should be allowed to bypass damage resistance at some point. Perhaps a ritual branding could make their hands and feet into magic weapons. Perhaps the ritual of the mark of the adamantine touch would require a tattoo that includes the metal in the pigment.

I'll look forward to it.

Yeah, it's a homebrew thing.
As such, addiction might have a different effect.

41) Use a series of permanent teleportation circles as elevators in your home.

I've seen a few topics locked because posters hated the topic enough to start posting whatever the moderators wouldn't tolerate. You are in no danger. It's certain monster topics that bring the angry mobs out.

Let me throw the OP a life preserver. You can offer this as an option.
You can also take away the second layer of bonus spells. For spells per day, you have the spells per day actually listed, spells granted by an ability stat, (Int., Wis., or Cha.), but no more school, bloodline, or domain spells castable per day. They can use them in an available spell slot, or use blood magic to cast any spell known.

It may be too late for this topic.
I see a few torches and pitchforks out there already.
Just some options to think about for future topics.

Maybe Gideon is modeled after Thinker somehow.

16: Twilight planet
The ship is caught in a space current heading for a humongous door surrounded by clocks, eyes, and other weird visuals. If they fail to break free they pass through the suddenly open door, and find themselves near what looks like Verces. It seems to have suffered an atomic war. The one surviving city has only one resident. A depressed human who's glasses are broken. The countryside contains giant humanoids who are hostile to visitors. There is also an underground civilization. These mutants are all horribly disfigured in the same way. When a normal human is born to these mutants, they are horrified and export them to a colony on the largest moon of Bretheda. Bretheda similarly sends their mutant children to the underground civilization. The irradiated toys and manicans have gained a sort of life, but they freeze when anyone looks right at them.

Up the charisma for a gargoyle, add the one way time travel power, then the here's looking at you disadvantage, and there you are. For more fun, have them send their victims from Starfinder to Pathfinder. There are conversion notes right in the Starfinder Core book.

A drift shadow projector and a drift beacon, is a trap world starter kit. :)

Over in homebrew I have a topic, Land of the Dead.
Thoes who expect to be raised or something are prepetitioners.
They might take levels as a reaper, or other spirit classes.
If they do become an outsider, a squatter might step in when the body is raised.

Drift Shadow Projector, is that a drift engine or does it create an illusion in the drift?

Maybe the Firstborn start out like normal humanoids, but by the time they reach epic levels they are somewhat immortal. Maybe that's what Marvel comic's immortals of the universe are like. They survived the death of the previous universe, and any kids they have have a chance to become immortals.

Maybe the swarm ships were attacking and they shifted the planet into the ethereal causing the ships to shoot each other? The station returned to normal space 24 hours later after the battle was over.

55: Lifelike Dead
School necromancy [evil]
Level Cleric 3, Sorcerer/Wizard 3
Casting Time 1 standard action
ComponentsV,S,M (A brain from a humanoid creature)
Range short
Target One animated dead creature
Duration 1 hour per level
Saving Throw/Spell Resistance No, beneficial
The caster holds the brain in front of the creature's face and pronounces the magic words. The brain vanishes, consumed, but a ghostly brain can be seen through a skeleton's eye sockets. The undead's intelligence is raised to 10 minimum. It can now be given more complex instructions and will act like a living thing. This also suspends the undead’s need to kill. This assumes a zombie or skeleton humanoid. An undead animal requires an animal brain and the creature will have an animal intelligence.
Although it can speak, It will have the same charisma as before, usually 10. This spell is usually used to make skeletons or zombies work the fields, carry loot, or craft mundane objects. If the spell ends or is suspended, the undead will usually attack the nearest creature, unless a controlling person is present. This spell does not interfere with the control exercised by the original animate dead spell caster.
To make permanent costs 10,000 gps and a casting of permanency. To make a bracelet of lifelike undead costs the same 10,000 and sells for 20,000. Note that it can be put on another animated dead creature if that one is destroyed.

This is another case of as GM I would allow it if the character was focused more on that one aspect of the deity. Pathfinder society play would not allow it.

Your GM is the final say on this. Is it unbalancing? I don't think so.

Sailor moon had a very interesting setting with the negaverse being a fresh take on antimatter. Magical girls are by definition a character theme. Negi was pretty much a magical boy.

Everybody has a least favorite Anime. I hated Attack on Titan. The title alone sounds like a mistranslation. They kept teasing about how the titans were created and the stupid key. The often copied scene where the titan peaks over the wall just highlighted how lame the rest of it was. If someone comes to your gaming table and wants to play a were titan, tell them they can just play a human fighter till they get a feel for the rules.

How is a patrol craft a freighter?
Have you turned the cargo bay into a temporary lockup?

A mummy. They had mummies.

The paladin fell because as his final act he turned his blood to poison.

The paladin took this topic to a very dark place.

Leveled items are weak at first level.
Since it's as weak as a first level, there is no problem.
I think one use per day per tool in the set.

The show's great.
You will never understand practical jokes till someone cuts off your leg as a joke.
Actually I only enjoy practical joke videos where the joker gets hit in the face.

This relates. Stay with me.
In the living city campaign, our characters went to SIGIL. We showed up and found our contact murdered. The local paladins arrested us(The witnesses) even though one of us was a paladin. In the subsequent treial we had to select either a slightly good layer who never won a trial, or a devil with a perfect track record. We chose the devil, but we did not sign anything. We won but were disbarred from ever visiting SIGIL again. Ever after I told everyone I never wanted to visit SIGIL again because it was evil, not neutral.

Maybe the timeline where metas are outlawed in legends is a result of shody justice like that driving heros into other earths leaving only criminal metas. Another case of the problem offering to solve itself, then just shafting the public more.

I did not understand that last scene in the latest Flash. Was that the Thinker? What did she say?

Seems wrote:
I generally like the new look, but it would be great if we could resize the font. Some of us are closer to 50 than 15....

I turned 60 recently, so your statement is true.

Basically all topics that change their title at all have to be rebookmarked.

I miss the sidebar. Is there a way to list all posts that recently were made to topics you participated in?

That's great. Are they a mercenary company of Drow?

This has all gotten very confusing. How about you sell to any merchant available for 10% of worth or do the ship level rebuild ritual.

You have your ship, and the wreck you are salvaging. You do the ritual, the ship you own goes up to your level, heals all damage, and gains any desired systems and weapons the wreck had. The wreck disappears even down to the frame.

The ritual is 1-4 hours depending on how drastic the results will be. There's no chance of ritual backfire as long as you only use it to level your own ship.

Warriorking9001 wrote:

True Neutral



The Angler King
Favored weapon: Underwater crossbow or Trident
The deep sea is fraught with interest and danger, and the Angler king is one of the strangest of them overall. Few except the deepest dwelling merfolk what this creature actually is, What is known is that it is said to aid tricksters from its oceanic home, and contain grand knowledge for what madman is able to reach it.

Its symbol is a lamp made of flesh

It is a physical god said to take the form of a large sea dragon (I imagine it being similar to the Sea Emperor)

How to relate that to air I don't know

Surface dwelling treasure hunters also hail to the king. The air domain spells are handy for trapped air pockets, protecting a ship while you dive, or parts of a partially flooded dungeon. You can use chain lightning underwater, and the electric damage resistance will come in really handy. :)

209. It seems to be Golarion in medeval times, but there are some odd differences. The core of the planet is a gate to the antimatter world, that fuels all high magic spells(7th to 9th level spells cannot be cast or prepared outside it's magnetosphere). They call their world Glorion. There are lots of other small differences.

How does one subscribe to the Wiki pages thing?

It's called manifestations. It's a god mode simulacrum. One way of messing with investigators is have them kill the King in Yellow or one type of Nyarlotep multiple times.

Page of spell knowledge? -of-spell-knowledge/

Greatbear wrote:
207. A gas giant with a narrow layer of breathable air created by air elementals. Populations live on floating continents made up of gargantuan earth elementals. Water elementals create spherical seas that drift through the air. Fire elementals live below, destroying anything that falls out of the sky.

At the poles, ice elementals!

11: Hereditary insanity
Page 250 of the game mastery guide. They are not recommended for PCs. While the presence is hereditary, the specific insanity is the result of environment. While it makes mind reading hazardous, it also makes such things as mind link rings worse than useless.
I’ve included some additional madness’ that would only show up in a game or fiction. Once again, PCs be warned, You could lose control of your character.

1- Amnesia (They lose any prejudices their race has too.)

2- Mania/Phobia (If you ignored my advice about PCs, you should include the triggers somewhere in the campaign. No defect should be a free ride.)

3- Multiple Personality disorder (Any mental contact may result in contacting something like a baker wondering why they are in this terrible place. They are worried about who is baking the biscuits.)

4- Paranoia(Here’s someone who never volunteers to test the magic items.

5- Psychosis(They can use evil items, sometimes, but the Lawful Good characters will get tired of watching them constantly.)

6- Schizophrenia(This is the one that is like the spell insanity.)

7- Robot/Construct envy. They think they are the listed artificial life form. They don’t acknowledge subdual damage until they pass out. They try to use their construct powers instead of their real spells or skills. Somebody has to tell them to eat and drink as if they were designed to simulate this. They overestimate their ability to hold their breath.

8-Delusional. There is a 10% a round chance that they will see something that isn’t there. When they make a spot check they may see a huge spider coming down from the ceiling. While trying to sneak through enemy territory, they might start arguing with someone who is not there. If they are a summoner, their Eidolon might take the form of their latest delusion. Such an Eidolon will be combative and disruptive, with 3 extra evolution points in their evolution pool.
A defect can be cured by high level magic, but if they need it for their class or to balance their mutations, they might rebuild with a less problematic defect. An oracle gets access to all the summon monster spells.

206. Junket. A junk planet. That much is obvious from space.
DC 15: There are assembly oozes on the planet. Also piles of items sorted by type. If you dump junk in one spot, you can risk grabbing the needed parts.
DC 20: There is a hidden spaceport. On one of the landing strips is a half disassembled space freighter surrounded by double sized assembly oozes.
DC 25: The larger Oozes are building the ship. There are androids also working on the ship.
DC 30: The larger Oozes have a computer brain inside and a bionic face floating on their front surface.
DC 35: That big pile of ship armor plates has sensors and weapons sticking out of it. There is probably an even bigger King Ooze inside. The first contact light for good or ill should be going off in your head.

Suggested bonus for being on the planet surface is +4.

The more advanced force field holosuite does not require the holosuit. It uses 2 slots and with a holobee like device (Also known as a mobile holo emitter) allows a hologram to leave the suite till the power runs out. MHEs are currently very rare and expensive, some claim it's made artificially so because of the risk of rogue holographic, AIs.

Their great, great, grandfather is a litch. He is always reminding them that all power comes at a cost to the weak. Many who go into his mausoleum, never come out.

Your basic flying saucer is a shuttle with a lab instead of a cargo hold. There are carriers, shaped like giant cigars, possibly equipped with cloaking technology. The big motherships are almost as big as a moon with 100 bays, with a central gun capable of hollowing out a moon to hide in or terraforming a continent at a time.

If you get a hold of one of the Grey's ships, they wanted you to.

Their sensor array has a slider switch that controls how much you feel like you are being watched.

Fix up that stone circle and you can land a saucer on it.

I think you are supposed to make money escorting the freaking merchants . Before you take the job, get them to agree to pay you 20% for the salvage. :)

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