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Red Raven

Gorgo Blues's page

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Part Riddick part Indiana, very cool!

****( )

This work of fiction has been a pleasant change from the usual heavy novels I read, fast paced and full of action. I'm loving this subscription and Brackets works are so far the pick of the bunch!

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Great for tracking information.

****( )

This is an awesome resource for tracking game information. You can store all your players and PC's stats here as well as record your games in a diary type fashion. The only down side is it could be a little bigger, but besides that; it is so well designed! Well worth the cost.

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Great resource.

****( )

This has been one of the best investments our group has ever made, we use it every game, not only can you draw maps and locations on it but it also protects your table top from little spills and those heavy dwarven brushed steel dice from dinging the place up. The only thing I would suggest is "Clean the combat mat at the end of your session, it can be a real pain to get the markers off the following game". I would so buy this mat again if I had to rule up again.

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The Best


I have used this map for ages and will continue to do so. It has been the single greatest resource our game has ever invested in. So easy to use, easy to print and easly adaptable to any setting. We are currently using it in the Eberron setting in the guise of Flamekeep, our game is rocking and we owe that partly to this awesome map. 0one game maps are by far the best value for money resources you can get for any game.

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