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Bag of Devouring

Gorbacz's page

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 11,080 posts (11,197 including aliases). 74 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 10 aliases.

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It has Cthulhu.


My usual points in reviews of Pathfinder bestiaries hold true.

There's a theme, and it's horror. But the theme doesn't dominate the variety.

There's variety, of pop-culture and cultural sources. But variety doesn't dominate the theme.

There are mythic monsters, but they don't overwhelm the "normal" ones.

There are "normal" monsters, but you'll still remember the mythic ones.

Also, Cthulhu.

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Deity: NONE

****( )

All right, the old character creation question: which god does the PC worship? Usually, the answer is BOOZE AND SEX, sorry, Cayden Cailean. But sometimes, the answer is ...

... one of the many choices presented in this book. Atheism, theism, pantheism, totemism, philosophy, false gods, schismatic sects ... the list is long, and everything gets a little loving.

The diversity is this book strength, but also a weakness - it's very likely that you'll use just a small part of it. While other Companion books are broadly useful to anybody invested in one particular topic, this one is somewhat all over the place due to its' nature.

All in all, a great thing to have on your bookshelf if you're aware of it's highly situational usefulness.

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It kicks off with an earthquake...


Disclaimer: I'll likely never run WotR due to its' premise being utterly incompatible with my gaming group (good guys, blergh). So, my emotional investment in this AP is close to zero (unlike, say, Reign of Winter). That being said...

You remember Burnt Offerings? How it opened with a bang of a goblin raid on a sleepy coast town? Well, this is similar, except those aren't goblins, those a demon hordes led by a big bad Balor, and instead of getting walked over by a bunch of level 1 adventurers, the Balor <SPOILER> the <SPOILER> and then <SPOILER> in the <SPOILER>. Yeah, that's what he does.

Apparently, this AP is mythic not only in the "uses mythic splatbook" sense, but also it literally turns up everything to eleven.

And how.

There's some dungeon crawling, cool NPCs, really really quick connection to the AP metaplot (Paizo's getting better at this with every year, anybody remember RotRL's "do random stuff for 2/3 of the campaign until you get any major idea of what's going on?"), and if every next authors turns things up ... Sir Pett's gonna have a wild ride in episode 6.

Additionally, Amber Scott is an adorable writer, and apparently writes adventures just as evocative and snappy like here Chronicles of the Righteous were.

Now, somebody send me 4 players who resonate with ideas of "altruism", "selflessness" and "purity". Please?

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Does the job, wish it was more

****( )

As a free product that sets up the players for an AP it does a very competent job. It tells you what the AP is going to be about (hint: demons! Didn't see that one coming, didn't ya?), where it's going to take place and what themes are going to be important there. Some information on starting town and campaign traits for those who use them (I usually don't, I have my own mysterious ways of tying PCs to an AP. Muhahahaha.).

I'd wish there was a bit more on what class choices are going to fly well with the AP and how to handle corner cases (eg. players want to play a band of jaded "pay up front or we're not saving the world today" mercenaries or one player really really really REALLY wants to play that Cleric of Urgathoa with weird sexual fetih). But hey, it's a free lunch, so you can't really complain much.

Unless, of course, you're an anonymous person on the Internet, that is!

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Great Lost City Sandbox


I ran this adventure for my Skulls'n'Shackles group. It required some wrangling to fit it to a 5th-level group, but in the end everyone, me included, had an absolute blast.

Wolfgang Baur sure knows how to build a mysterious lost city that keeps players interested in discovering "what exactly happened here?". The encounters run along coherent themes and are memorable, there's plenty of opportunity for both GM and the players to improvise, what's not to love?

Also, shoggoth.

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