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British Diver

Goln "Goon" Leapstep's page

60 posts. Pathfinder Society character for Arronfel.

Liberty's Edge

2 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

I'm sure this question has been asked before, but after some fairly thorough searching, I was unable to find it:
Does the Focused Shot feat work with firearms in official Pathfinder Society rules?
The feat itself says "Bows and Crossbows", but this was in the Advanced Players Guide, before Ultimate Combat introduced guns into the Pathfinder world.
Also, the balance issue seems to favor bows and crossbows over guns as far as being overpowered, as both of those weapons have more chance of multiple shots fired in one round than a gun, therefor gaining more benefit from the + to damage than a gunslinger.

I keep hearing "GM Discretion" when I ask folks, but I'd like to know if there is an official errata or comment from Paizo about this particular case.

My Alchemist/Gunslinger would really appreciate knowing ^_^

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