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Golden-Esque's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 764 posts (3,991 including aliases). 38 reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 3 aliases.

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Throne wrote:
Protoman wrote:
Whoa that effortless lace sounds incredible. I hope it'll be PFS legal as that would open up a bunch of finesse-build options.
It does.... a lot. By itself, Slashing Grace doesn't let you apply dex to hit with weapons that don't already get it. Combined with this (at a really decent price, to boot?) Don't need to dip Swashbuckler anymore to get full use from finesse, sure, but it also opens up a lot of options for twf... depending on the exact wording, of course.

Without giving away any spoilers on the book, I will say that one of the reasons I worded the Effortless Lace as I did was to make dual-scimitar builds something that could actually be accomplished without a massive –4 penalty on attack rolls. We'll see soon enough how the fine gentlemen with the Pathfinder Society choose to handle the Effortless Lace, I'm sure, but I designed it the way I did to expand upon the number of finesse builds that people could play effectively. In that way, its sort of like a blinkback belt or belt of hurling, but for finesse weapons.

Again, not a Paizo-official response. If you quote my post and try to use it as +1 flaming finesse weapon bane ammo, I can't promise that an angry rune giant won't show at your doorstep in the wee hours of the morning, looking for vengeance.

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I'm actually writing a 3PP product on this topic for January 2015 called Microsized Adventures. ;-)

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A fairly major update to the Kitsune Compendiun us now live!

In addition to the shiny, new cover, there are fixes to the ronin archetype and Spell Bluff feat as well as some wordage changes in the "5 Things Everyone Knows About Kitsune." Some of the interior formatting has also changed, but most notable is the image and background changes. Everything has been merged and optimized to (hopefully) improve loading speeds. I notice the difference on my Mac, but I don't have any PC references to go by.

Regardless, thanks for supporting this product and making it Everyman Gaming's #1 best seller. A lot of love went into this product, and it makes me overjoyed that so many people have picked it up.

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John Lynch 106 wrote:
How is Pact Magic and the Occultist different to the upcoming Occult Adventures from Paizo? They appear to conceptually be sharing the same space (even going so far as to have the same name). Mechanically will they be extremely different?

The Pact Magic occultist is nothing like the Occult Adventures occultist, save for having the same name. The Pact Magic occultist binds spirits to her soul in order to gain supernatural abilities. The Occult Adventures occultist invokes an array of esoteric, otherworldly items in order to gain magical powers. (Specifically, psychic spells). Our occultist has absolutely nothing to do with implements or spell schools. About the only design space they share is that both characters draw magic circles. But where Occult Adventures occultists draw circles to protect themselves (and others) from outsiders, Pact Magic occultists draw magic circles to summon otherworldly entities into this world.

In terms of mechanics, the Pact Magic Occultist is more similar to the Occult Adventures Medium, as both characters invoke spirits for mystic powers. However, there are key differences between them. First, the PMO is all about individuals. Each spirit is a unique entity with its own supernatural powers were the OAM has 54 spirits that are designed to be generic, "this can be anyone" spirits. Second, the PMO has scaling spirit levels where the OAM's spirits are all available at 1st level. Finally, the PMO isn't a spellcaster (and is balanced around that) while the OAM is a 4-level psychic spellcaster.

For one final point, the concept of binding spirits to one's self for power is one class in Occult Adventures. Maybe a few archetypes here or there, too. The Pact Magic book will be about 300 pages long (longer with stretch goals) and not only has class mechanics to go with it, but magic items, spells, special abilities, a background generator, and more. The scope of the Medium at launch will pale in comparison to the Occultist simply because we have so many more years of development and so many more pages devoted to making the idea awesome.

Also, as you've noted before, "Will they be different?" isn't the right question. "Are they different" is the question you should ask, because Pact Magic Unbound is about two years older than Occult Adventures. (Three by the time its released in July.) And I think our fans will agree that Occult Adventures is many things, but it isn't pact magic.

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White Unggoy wrote:

So I've been a big fan of stuff from Everyman Gaming that I've purchased, and this sounds appealing, but as someone who owns SGG/RGG's Dragon Rider and Dracomancer classes, as well as RP's In the Company of Dragons, I'd like either the man himself or someone who picks it up to sell me on what this has to offer; I see a lot of parallels between those products and this.

I'll still probably buy this, but make me feel better about my purchase. :-)

Yes, there are parallels between this product and the products you mentioned. Particularly In the Company of Dragons and Genius Guide to the Dragon Rider. I picked up both of those products not only to check to make sure that I wasn't inadvertently stepping on Stephen or Steve's toes, but also to make sure that I covered all my bases in terms of which options I offered to GMs and players.

This is the side bar that is on the Table of Contents page of the Dragon Companion Handbook. I hope it answers your questions.

Dragon Companion Handbook wrote:

Using This Product
The idea of using dragons as PC options is not a revolutionary one. Many source books published over the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game’s history that give PCs ways to interact with dragons; some of these options predate the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game itself. With all of the excellent supplements that are available, one might ask one’s self, “Why should I consider this one?”

Kept simply, the Dragon Companion Handbook is designed to give players access to dragons. Not otherworldly creatures that look similar to dragons. Not dragons with plenty of leashes and restrictions attached. Dragons. In some cases, this design goal has left the options in the Dragon Companion Handbook unable to fulfill some of the niches carved out by other Pathfinder compatible products; that’s perfectly alright. The Dragon Companion Handbook wasn’t designed to make the products of other companies obsolete. It was designed to fulfill a niche of its own: providing dragons to players with minimal strings attached. Below are several popular products that are compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game as well as a brief synopsis of their respective niches. It is our hope that you choose the best Pathfinder RPG compatible supplement to fulfill whatever job you are looking to fill in your campaign setting and beyond.

Genius Guide to the Dragonrider, Rogue Genius Games: This product is designed to give players the ability to play as dragon riders from the very beginning of their careers as adventurers. It gives players a dragon steed from 1st level and mechanics to balance the power of the dragon for a 1st level character. Unlike the Genius Guide to the Dragonrider, Dragon Companion Handbook focuses more on the dragon as opposed to its rider, and while options exist for any character capable of taking an animal companion or special mount to gain a dragon companion, the earliest one can do so using the Dragon Companion Handbook is 4th level. Players looking to be dragonriders primarily are advised to use Rogue Genius Games’ product while those looking to add dragons to existing classes will be better served by the Dragon Companion Handbook.

In the Company of Dragons, Rite Publishing: This product is designed to create a new player race and accompanying base classes and archetypes to allow players to play dragon characters. While very similar to the premise of the Dragon Companion Handbook, In the Company of Dragons introduces a new subrace of dragons specifically designed to act as a player race while the Dragon Companion Handbook draws its inspiration from the true dragon septs that have already been introduced to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. As a result, the races found in the Dragon Companion Handbook are roughly 10 race points stronger than the race that is presented in Rite Publishing’s In the Company of Dragons, and are therefore less suited to acting as player races. As a matter of fact, the Dragon Companion Handbook assumes that you are using the Leadership Handbook (also by Everyman Gaming, LLC) to recruit these dragons as cohorts rather than play them as PCs. The racial options provided by Rite Publishing are better served as PCs while those described in the Dragon Companion Handbook make better cohorts.

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Barachiel Shina wrote:

Woah Effortless Lace does what!? Wow

I got a buddy with a Barbarian/Fighter that dual wields two Mercurial Greatswords that'll be happy at that.

The Effortless Lace can only be applied to one-handed piercing and slashing weapons.

You could, however, wrap the lace around a katana and use it with Weapon Finesse without needing Slashing Grace. Or you could wrap the lace around a rapier to use said rapier with Piranha Attack.

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MMCJawa wrote:
I believe the point behind changing the Barbarian is to simplify the math it uses, not nerf/power up the class.

I *think* that Jason mentioned that a few of the "so specific its weak" rage powers are getting simplified as well. For example, he mentioned that raging swimmer will change to simply grant a swim speed while raging instead of its current, relatively complicated form.

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Mark Seifter wrote:
Alexander Augunas wrote:
If you could choose what sort of "guy" you develop into at Paizo, such as Jason being the "Razmir Guy" or Wes being the "Devil Guy," what would you pick?
I think the designers, other than Jason who was there since the time before time, don't get to be a "guy". Hypothetically, I could mug Sutter for fey or something.

That's not true! Stephen is ... um ... the ... pig-kicking guy?

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Thanks for breaking World of Warcraft on its newest expansion's release date, Cosmo.

Said no one ever.

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Lou Diamond wrote:

Mark I don't like the randomness of how the Magus gains his black blade.

I have an idea on how to change this. I would push back to 4th the level when the the magus gets his first stat bump and the Magus would choose
his weapon and what it is made out of. The Magus would perform a magic ritual binding himself to his weapon sacrificing his first stat bump to give his weapon sentience. The Black Weapon would continue to gain intelligence as per the black blade chart. I would also change the ego
rules to mirror the standard intelligent magic item rule. I also would allow weapons enchantments to be placed on the weapon. So in all respects the black blade would be a custom intelligent magic weapon instead of a hybrid magic weapon/ class feature. Can I get your comments on this?

Design-wise trading something not tied to a class for something tied to a class isn't a great idea. A magus arcana is MUCH more powerful than a +1 bonus to an ability score and it becomes impossible to justify why only magus have this option available to them.

My brother plays a bladebound magus in one of the games we play in. We started at Level 2. My GM assumed that my brother's sword (a bastard sword) was always a black blade; it just simply chose to not provide my brother with its magical benefits until he was strong enough to prove to him that he was worth the black blade's effort (3rd level). Intelligent magic weapons are fun like that.

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Hey Logan, hope you had a good time on vacation as you won't be reading this until you return.

So, here's the scoop: I haven't played the mesmerist myself; working on getting a few more XP on my PFS swashbuckler at the moment. That said, my last PFS scenario was played with a mesmerist at the table, so I thought I'd list some of my observations in the hopes that its helpful to you to know how this class is perceived by someone else at the table. If this isn't helpful, hey! Free carte blanche to skip me. Here it goes.

We played at Level 2; apparently there was a Con in the area that I missed last week and this guy leveled up his mesmerist fast. We played Shadow's Last Stand part 1. Overall, it was a pretty scary scenario for the mesmerist because there wasn't a lot that he could use his mind-affecting powers on.

1) The mesmerist tricks weren't tested much/ I don't remember all of the tricks that our mesmerist player took, but the only one that actually saw any use was the one that made a cloud of obscuring mist appear around one of our party members. What ended up happening rather frequently is that our player would pick a party member to implant a trick on, but the triggering condition would never happen to that player. He had obscuring mist implanted for a combat or two before he got to trigger it because enemies would constantly attack from behind when the trick was on the lead fighter. What seemed frustrating to me was that the mesmerist couldn't switch out a trick and place it on someone else without losing his previous use. Another player at the table described it as playing "Whack-a-Mole" with his class features.

2) The mesmerist's spells were very offensive. I don't know if this is a hallmark of the class or not, but the mesmerist couldn't compare with, say, the bard in terms of utility with his spellcasting. All of his spells were offensive ones like charm person; things that you cast on other players. This might be a build bungle with our player, but it seems like a bit of a problem with a class that is constantly compared to the bard. Maybe adding few more enchantment buffs would help this class out a bit? That said, this is a bad scenario for a Level 2 mesmerist; we fought a lot of stuff like constructs and undead that are immune to mind-affecting spells and he wasn't high enough level for the ability that allows the mesmerist to pierces immunity to mind-affecting effects.

3) Hypnotic Stare was really cool. I might have been the only person who thought so, but I thought the flavor behind the hypnotic stare class feature was great. At our level, it was only a small penalty to Will saves, but the idea that the character's presence alone causes those penalties was really cool.

4) The mesmerist was pretty terrible without his tricks and spells. Typically, Medium base attack classes have something that make them at least passable in combat, such as an inquisitor's judgment, a bard's morale bonus on attack rolls, or whatever class feature you're designing for the rogue so she can hit higher AC foes more readily. What was weird about the mesmerist is that he didn't have anything like that. He was a Medium base attack bonus class with nothing to actually make him decent at using that Medium base attack bonus. The only other class that I can think of that has a Medium base attack bonus that it can't really use is the summoner, but the summoner as an eidolon to make up for it.

Without having seen what many others in this thread have said, here are some thoughts I had after seeing this class in action.

— This class doesn't have a signature class feature. Bards have performances. Rogues have sneak attack. Inquisitors have judgment. Personally, I think that hypnotic stare should be the focus of this class, as the crazy swirly eyes are the most iconic part of being a hypnotist. I would also update the stare so it had a limited number of targets at once (I would use 3 + Cha, similar to the bellflower tiller's bellflower crop class feature) and have the stare grant a benefit to selected allies and penalty to enemies.

— Tricks are far too limited. They have limited range, limited uses, and limited conditions in which they are useful. No other class in the game that possesses a talent mechanic uses those talents as the class's centerpiece, and I think the mesmerist is showing us why that is. Rage powers supplement rage, Ninja tricks / rogue talents supplement skills, sneak attack, ki pool, or grant bonus feats, wild talents supplement the elemental blast, and so on.

After making hypnotic stare the centerpiece, I would change mesmerist tricks so they are activated as an immediate action when a trigger occurs. If the mesmerist is aware and isn't flat-footed, he can use a trick to affect one of the targets of his hypnotic stare at a range of up to 60 feet. For example, if the party fighter is one of the mesmerist's hypnotic stare targets, if the mesmerist sees a group of enemies attack said fighter, he can use the mirror image mesmerist trick on him as an immediate action at a range of up to 60 feet.

In this manner, the mesmerist keeps its "Whack-a-Mole" gameplay, but it isn't as punishing as it currently is.

3) Bolster the HD Mechanic. I never got to see this in action, but the idea of a class that can use color spray, sleep, and similar spells more effectively is cool. This should play a larger role in the mesmerist class, but that's just my opinion. Maybe something like canny defense, but with Charisma and affecting the HD maximum of his mind-affecting spells?

Hope this feedback helps!

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There's a considerable part of me that's wishing for rules for the ghost rider cavalier to gain a possessed motorcycle mount instead of a steed. (Compatible with the Technology Guide, of course!)

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Are you asking for feats to take normally, or for feats to swap into with martial flexibility?

Typically, you're going to want to use your core feats to build your basic fighting style and your martial flexibility for more situational affairs. For example, if you want to focus on thrown weapons, your best bet (as lemeres mentions) is to specialize in using wooden stakes. Quick Draw is going to be very important to your build, as it'll allow you to draw your stake(s) quick enough to make a full attack with them. Likewise, you'll probably want to invest in a blinkback belt, which will teleport any stake that you throw back into your belt for further use. This, of course, depends on how much you want to focus on thrown weapons.

Picking up Combat Expertise is a worthwhile investment. Not because Combat Expertise itself is good, but it allows you to use martial versatility to pick up just about any Improved combat maneuver feat that you want without needing to invest any additional feats into that combat maneuver. For example, you can take Combat Expertise and whenever you decide that you want to trip, you can use martial flexibility to gain Improved Trip temporarily. Next time, you could take Improved Disarm instead, or Improved Dirty Tricks.

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Tels wrote:
Squeakmaan wrote:
While the new cover is undoubtedly awesome, is it giving anybody else Pinocchio flashbacks? "I got no strings, to hold me back"
There are... no strings on me.

This must confirm what we've all been thinking: Wayne Reynolds and Joss Whedon are one and the same.

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Tels wrote:
Alexander Augunas wrote:
Liz Courts wrote:
I think you mean "punny," because that golem is anything but puny.

What do you mean? I never called anything puny!

*Uses Mesmerizing Stare (Su)*

Requires Eye Contact and one does not just 'find' Gninjas.

How do you know that I don't have eye contact? >:D

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Liz Courts wrote:
I think you mean "punny," because that golem is anything but puny.

What do you mean? I never called anything puny!

*Uses Mesmerizing Stare (Su)*

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Romaq wrote:
I would be happy to get this PDF, but a review from someone who is comfortable with the leadership material "by the CRB" and able to compare it to this document would really make my day. :)

I can totally compare this to the CRB for you.

Imagine the Leadership feat. Take the feat's Leadership score and make it a baseline statistic, like your Reflex save or AC. Every PC has this statistic, and NPCs have it too if you (the GM) want them to have it.

Now using this statistic, every PC gains the ability to attract cohorts and followers and posseses a Sphere of Influence. All of these things are based on your Leadership score. Additionally, your mass combat capability (as a commander) is also based on your Leadership score.

Finally, in order to set leaders apart and allow them to customize their skills, leaders get special benefits called perks. Perks are earned at 2nd level and every 2 levels thereafter. Most don't give many (if any) combat benefit. They make you better at downtime, at kingdom building, at managing contacts, and at fighting with an army. If you don't like cohorts and followers, there are even perks that let you buy out of leadership called Loner perks. My favorite loner perk is called One-Man Army, which gives you an ACR boost when acting as a commander of a Fine army (an army consisting only of yourself).

I hope this helps you determine if this is the right product for you. :-)

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Ever wished there was a way to grab a cohort without spending a precious feat slot on it? Maybe you'd like a handy list of things your followers could do that doesn't involve getting eaten by a dragon in droves. Maybe you'd like a way to track your reputation with multiple factions for a true sense of political intrigue, or maybe you're looking for some neat ways to progress your character's Leadership skills that didn't make you choose between a +1 bonus on kingdom rolls or Power Attack. Or maybe, just maybe, you'd like a means to connect all of the dispart campaign systems that exist for Pathfinder together under one statistic.

If any of this sounds like you, make sure to pick up Everyman Gaming, LLC's 4th Pathfinder Product, the Leadership Handbook, which is now available at!

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Jadeite wrote:
With Paizo creating an Occultist for Occult Adventures, should the Pact Magic Occultist be renamed?

I'm not planning on renaming it. There are a finite number of words for "magic" in the English language and I don't want to set a precedent where I rename the core class of this system every time Paizo comes out with a new class. Unless I break standard naming conventions and either A) make up a word or B) use a two-word name for the class, it will happen sooner or later.

The beauty of it is that in denotation, an "occultist" is simply someone who practices occultism. Occultism is "the practice of magic, astrology, or any system claiming use or knowledge of secret or supernatural powers or agencies." So by that definition, every spellcasting class ever published is an "occultist."

That said, I'll likely include a note somewhere that you can call the class a "ravaged occultist" if you want to or something. I'm not even sure how I'll be incorporating Occult Adventures into the world of Pact Magic yet.

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Fascinating. A Medium BAB character with 4 levels of spellcasting. That doesn't have a spell list!

Triune Vessel seems complicated to me.

There are some strong similarities to Pact Magic Unbound in the Medium class, which is sort of ironic because Occult Adventure's Occultist is nothing like our Occultist. xD

Making the spirits based off of the Harrow cards is INGENIOUS. Bravo on that bit of flavor, Mark!

The Beating:

"For a Medium medium." Ha. Grammar is fun. For the bear spirit's Awesome Blow, you'll need to note that you ignore the feat's prerequisites, as the Awesome Blow feat requires that you be Large or larger. On the other hand, you could rewrite the ability to instead grant the brawler's awesome blow class feature, which is probably the better option. Especially considering that The Beating gives a medium a monk's unarmed damage class feature.

For The Beating's dogpile class feature, you might want to note whether or not that ability stacks with the menacing special weapon property, which effectively does the same thing. (Though dogpile is stronger.)

The Beating's dissolution class feature is looking a little strong. Other, similar abilities either require a saving throw or a special condition to occur, such as a ninja's pressure points trick requiring a successful sneak attack.

Why do Dexterity spirits have two spells per spell level each, but Strength spirits only have one?

Demon Lantern:

Is there any limit to the number of times per day that I can cast fool's lantern?

If wisp walker is a spell-like ability that is an illusion [glamer] effect, do my enemies get a Will save to disbelieve it?

Is there a limit to the number of times per day that I can use The Desert's salvation supreme ability? Removing negative levels at will seems really powerful, especially compared to the abilities of the Strength spirits.

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The cloud and cyclone infusions specifically call out "blizzards" and "sandstorms" as a possible manifestation of the blast, but the infusion is air-only. Why can't water, earth, or even fire take this infusion? (After all incendiary cloud IS a fire spell.)

What is the action required to use the engulfing winds wild talent?

Heh. Jagged Flesh is Spike, from X-Men Evolution.

There are a couple of wild talents that state that they function like other wild talents, but they don't ever mention that those referenced abilities are wild talents. For example, self telekinesis functions like flame jet, but never mentions that flame jet is a wild talent.

Huh. Kinetic Healer is interesting. You heal a channel energy's worth of lethal damage, but either you or your target take a point of burn damage. (Which translates to 1 point of nonlethal damage per Hit Die.) Interesting.

So my final thought: huh. Well, this is very clearly the Jean Gray / Avatar / Jedi class. I really like it for that. The abilities themselves are interesting: this is a cool take on a spell-less caster class. That said, the wild talents section is a bit overwhelming, mostly because the formatting is all very similar. I like that they're not all mixed together, but I'm wondering how easy this class will be to play at a table.

All that said, the fact that this is a Constitution-based caster class is REALLY cool, especially considering that you're going to burn your own hit points away to use its abilities. Very nicely done, Mark!

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Garrett Johnson 284 wrote:
(1) Is there any other sites where you will be posting updates for Pact Magic Unleashed? (Facebook, Radiance House website?)

I post spoilers about things I'm working on all the time on our Pact Magic Facebook Group. They actually knew about this project a about a month before I made this thread. The latest thing I posted there was the tidbit that I rewrote the aging spells (namely alter age and siphon age) to fit better with Golarion, which included the addition of four pact magic themed alchemical power components. They are:

— Atlan Voidstone (Implied to be what Damian Darkstar's ship is made out of.)
— Crystallized Pain (Getting a heavy expansion in this book in general.)
— Desert Spice (Also a wondrous item.)
— Solar Orchid (For Paizo fans everywhere. Augments aging spells to make them last longer.)

(2) Will you also be utilizing any of the content from Villains of Pact Magic? Maybe updating the spirits and classes?

As always, the classes from Secrets of Pact Magic and Villains of Pact Magic serve to inspire my archetype design whenever possible. Spirit-wise, this book has a ridiculous number of spirits. There's one spirit for every constellation at every level, plus one entirely new "constellation" called starless spirits. In short, there's something like 126 spirits in the book baseline and that number includes updates to every spirit ever written in Secrets of Pact Magic and Villains of Pact Magic. Except for anima spirits and epic spirits.

Let me know because my DM allowed me to use your Occultist class of our upcoming low-magic, future/space campaign that we will be podcasting.

Nice! The occultist is getting a pretty big update in the next book, so if your GM permits, you might have some updating to do when this book rolls around. As I've mentioned, I'm intending this book to be to Pact Magic Unbound as 3.5 Edition D&D was to 3.0 Edition; compatible, but overall cleaner and better streamlined.

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James Jacobs wrote:
Alexander Augunas wrote:
Page 1,000 of your thread has come and gone. Any regrets?
Just that some folks tend to use my answers for evil.

If there's one thing that will always hold true, its that people will always try to use genius for evil.

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PDT wrote:
No. An ability bonus, such as "Strength bonus", is considered to be the same source for the purpose of bonuses from the same source not stacking. However, you can still add, for instance “a deflection bonus equal to your Charisma modifier” and your Charisma modifier. For this purpose, however, the paladin's untyped "bonus equal to her Charisma bonus (if any) on all saving throws" from divine grace is considered to be the same as "Charisma bonus (if any)", and the same would be true for any other untyped "bonus equal to her [ability score] bonus" constructions.

So if I'm reading this right, "Charisma bonus (if any)" is considered a Charisma bonus on saving throws, and would therefore not stack with other Charisma bonuses on saving throws as per the "same source don't stack" rule. But if you had a Charisma bonus and, say, an insight bonus equal to your Charisma, those would stack because the insight bonus is measuring itself against your Charisma, and isn't actually a Charisma bonus. (In effect, the same difference because a natural armor bonus and an enhancement bonus to your natural armor).

How does this work with baseline ability score bonuses? For example, all characters add their Dexterity bonus on Reflex saves. If there was a theoretical ability that "added your Dexterity bonus (if any) on Reflex saves," would the two of them stack? The reason I ask is specifically for the interaction between Divine Grace and the lore mystery's sidestep secret, which I've quoted below:

"Sidestep Secret (Su): Your innate understanding of the universe has granted you preternatural reflexes and the uncanny ability to step out of danger at the very last second. Add your Charisma modifier (instead of your Dexterity modifier) to your Armor Class and all Reflex saving throws. Your armor’s maximum Dexterity bonus applies to your Charisma instead of your Dexterity."

In effect, is that baseline "all characters add their Dexterity bonus on Reflex saves" considered an ability bonus for the purpose of this FAQ?

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Dread Knight wrote:

So Skeld thanks for answering these questions and as a reply of what you mentioned about the sidebar about prestige classes and hybrid classes.

Does this finally settle the Dragon Disciple Bloodrager confusion?

It basically says, "Up to your GM.

Also, it focuses on the Paths of Prestige prestige classes.

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Axial wrote:
What are the prereqs for Fencing Grace?

Exactly what Jason Bulhman said they were last month. Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (Rapier), Dex 13. Its basically the same as Slashing Grace, but you need to select Weapon Focus with the Rapier.

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Matrix Dragon wrote:
Mark has used the FAQs to distract us from the questions that we asked him previously ;) [dice=Sense Motive]1d20 + 3

Considering that the Sense Motive DC to notice something's off is DC 20, you are now morally obligated as a Pathfinder player to ask no further questions of Mark's ethnics or morality until the next time he slips up.

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Tels wrote:
Mark Seifter wrote:
Matrix Dragon wrote:
Mark Seifter wrote:
Let the FAQoning...begin!

YAAAYY!!! Thanks for starting the FAQs up again :)

Very glad to see that slayer FAQ come out so early. I was hesitant to play it in PFS without that clarification at least.

Zadim has been waking me up every night with a kukri to my throat, and I think now I'll be able to rest easier. I am hoping we can give you guys something like a new FAQ every week for the rest of 2014. I think the prospect is likely, but not certain. I kind of liked the idea of FAQ Fridays, and these got design team approval last Friday, but turns out we need a lot more work to get a FAQ page for a totally new book than to add FAQs to an old one (that said, now we do have a FAQ page for ACG, so...) :)
You ever stop to think that maybe Zadim isn't trying to hurt you, he just secretly wants to be a barber and he's using his kukri to keep you clean shaven?

Sweeny Todd was a barber.

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Giorgo wrote:
2- Has Paizo or any 3pp indicated interest in follow up/additional related material?

How do you feel about, "similar, but different?"

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snickersimba wrote:
Today I spent searching, pretty much everywere for pathfinder books, not a single store had them. I live in rhode island, its not too big of a place so I figured I could easily find some, right? Dead wrong, I didn't find a single one, I searched pretty much all of the local gaming stores, I found nothing but a copy of blood for blood. I ended up finding out game on! is now stocking pathfinder books, but only the core rulebook. This is just plain dumb, why are these books so hard to find? Why aren't they more widely sold? Why is paizo being so stingy with distributing these? Im sure they like making a profit, but why limit the supply so much? Its near impossible for me to get these books unless off the internet! I just feel that I can't enjoy pathfinder as much, forget reccomending it to people.

Paizo isn't stingy about distributing anything. Stores, not publishers, choose what they carry. It sounds like the stores in your area are choosing not to keep a stock of Pathfinder products available.

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I think it'll be fine to throw out a little bit of additional information about what you'll see in the changes from previous products to the more modern ones. Here's a bit of a teaser.

"Boost the Occultist:" One of the complaints that I have for the occultist class as someone who spends a considerable amount of time making character builds (see my Guidance blog) is that the occultist, as written in Pact Magic Unbound, Vol 1, is constantly outshined by other classes in pact magic for the first few levels of her career, until 6th level when she gets bind additional spirit, as a matter of fact. In order to help the occultist deserving of the title "master of pact magic," I made a few big changes to the class and how pact magic in general works.

1) More Spirits, Sooner: While the occultist is still limited to a maximum of four spirits, she gains the ability to bind multiple spirits sooner. Bind additional spirit is now a 4th level class feature for the occultist and is earned every four levels thereafter, to a maximum of four spirits at 16th level.

2) Better Constellation Aspects: It was clear when I made Occult Options 1 that the constellation aspect class feature was pretty terrible as written. As such, I went back and redesigned all of the constellation aspects so they were roughly as powerful as 1st-level granted abilities. Here's an example:

Hero Constellation Aspects

  • Diehard: While the occultist is bound to the hero spirit, she gains the benefits of Diehard.
  • Heroic Aid: While the occultist is bound to the hero spirit, increase the bonuses she provides with the aid another action by +1.
  • Timely Assistance: While the occultist is bound to the hero spirit, she can cast timely inspiration as a spell-like ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + her Charisma modifier.
  • Vigilance: While the occultist is bound to the hero spirit, she gains 1 temporary hit point at the start of her turn if she does not possess any temporary hit points.

    As you can see, these are constellation aspects that you would actually want to have without being ridiculously powerful.

    3) Binder Secrets as a Core Class Feature: Binder secrets return in Pact Magic Unleashed, but instead of being pseudo-feats like arcane discoveries, they function more like witch hexes or revelations. You get a binder secret at 1st level, 2nd level, and every three occultist levels thereafter. The list of binder secrets was heavily expanded upon as well; they include two subtypes of binder secrets (ritual and alteration) for a total of five pages, six including art.

    4) Reduced binding for other classes. And now for some of the downsides. Several of the archetypes were just too good given the binding progressions they got. So in Pact Magic Unleashed, all of the pact magic archetypes (except those for the occultist) improve their maximum spirit level at a slower pace than the occultist; they improve their maximum spirit by 1 at 4th level and every three levels thereafter, to a maximum of 6th level spirits at 16th level. This means that 7th, 8th, and 9th level spirits are currently reserved for occultists. This is a change that is totally up for iteration during the various incarnations of our playtest, but I think that it is a positive change that helps the occultist shine.

    And while we're talking about maximum spirit level changes, the other big one is that maximum spirit level is now tied to class level rather than binder level. This means that if you choose to multiclass around a lot, your binder level will stack between classes and improve the potency of your spirits, but your maximum spirit level won't go up and you'll be stuck binding lower-level spirits.

    You're welcome to discuss this information here and I will definitely consider all comments made, but please do it civically and recognize that good design isn't always a Democracy. Have a nice day! ;D

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    Endzeitgeist wrote:

    Just to chime in - I'd love to see one page legend per spirit. It's what made Radiance House Pact Magic special in the 3.X days of old. I know it's why my players took such a liking to it.

    Just my 2 cents, of course!

    You've consistently been one of the most vocal advocates for the inclusion of fiction in our products, this is true.

    And while its true that we weigh Endzeitgeist's opinion a little more heavily than others because of his role as a respected reviewer of 3PP material in the Pathfinder community, he's hardly the only person that I've heard from who's spoken in favor of the inclusion of fiction in our products. The short stories in Age of Electrotech, for example, have also been popular.

    Ericthecleric wrote:
    Thanks Alex.

    No problem. I made this thread to get feedback and answer questions.

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    ericthecleric wrote:
    I'd be quite happy *not* to see any mythic material in the hardback, maybe as a high stretch goal for a separate book.

    I've had quite a few people ask for the opposite. I don't think I'm going to be able to please everyone, but we'll see. Maybe Mythic Pact Magic *should* be its own book. I'll brain storm on it more while I work on the stretch goals. I would hate to feel forced to include Mythic support in this book because of a promise I had made, only to discover that the topic would be better covered by a full book.

    I'd also be happy to leave out the colour aspects as well. $ 75 dollars is a lot, especially when shipping outside the US will be added on top of that. $50 with black and white illustrations would be good for me, especially as I already have volumes 1 & 2. (Perhaps a reduction is possible for those who have both volumes, perhaps by emailing you a picture of us holding those books?)

    I'll take to Dario about doing a Black and White version for those who want it. Color could certainly be a premium. We're still talking about how we want to handle shipping; I've watched poor planning in regards to shipping destroy other Kickstarters, so it is an issue that I am tackling carefully.

    Incidentally, now with an upgraded occultist class, I would *love* to see an archetype that lets it use medium abilities (per Purple Duck Games Legendary Classes: Covenant Magic and Legendary Classes: More Covenant Magic), especially as there is an archetype for mediums that lets them use pact magic in LC: MCM.

    See my previous comments on 3PP topics. I am not opposed to doing it, but if I do, it'll be as an Everyman Gaming Occult Options PDF, not as part of the core Pact Magic compilation product. This book needs to be about Radiance House excelling as a publisher without needing to rely on the works of other 3PP.

    "How about releasing an anthology of the stories as a PDF for all backers with a print copy as an add-on?"
    I like that idea... I wouldn't want the hardback filled with lots of fiction!

    An anthology is on the table as an option, but pulling all of the fiction from the book is not. Without a doubt, the fiction has been the most praised portion of the Pact Magic Unbound series by critics. (Example: Read Endzeigeist's reviews of the volumes.) Critics aside, we (Radiance House) actually have a very small minority of customers who buy our books for their fiction. Yes, they're a minority, but not one that we're willing to ostracize for an extra page of binder secrets or a prestige class or two. Plus some of the people that we're talking to about guest-writing with us are REALLY cool people that I'd be proud to list in the credits of Pact Magic Unleashed.

    "This is totally NOT the last book on Pact Magic I want to do. I still want to do the Weird Bestiary, I still want to do Animism, and I still want to write up King Solomon's 72 Demons as spirits. As a result, I'm not convinced that Ultimate is the most appropriate title for the book."
    I like the idea of these, too! :) Just try not to take *all* my money, OK! ;)

    But your money ... it is so sweet. So succulent .....

    Question. Regarding what you said about looking at the spirits, does that mean that there's been a general upgrade of the abilities for some or many spirits? The hp damage done by many abilities isn't much on reading, for example, and some spirits just seem to lack oomph to me. Of course, some are meant to be of situational use, like the one that lets you travel to other planes.

    Yes. There have been upgrades for a LOT of spirits. For example, all of the spirits with area attacks for Major Granted Abilities had the damage upgraded. (Area attacks are no longer restricted to d4s, for example.) I actually took Psyren's "Guide to the Occultist" and took a hard look at his opinions (as well as other opinions I've found on other forums and threads) and considered them considerably. Toned some things down that were too good while boosting spirits that were too low. Are all of the spirits perfectly equal? Heck no, and I wouldn't want them to be. But hopefully there is a good reason to consider sealing a pact with every spirit in Pact Magic Unleashed, even if you need a specialized build to utilize the spirit effectively.

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    James Jacobs wrote:
    claudekennilol wrote:

    Can I wield a glaive and simultaneously threaten with armor spikes?

    All armor spike questions should be forwarded specifically to Jason Bulmahn.

    Thank you for making me chuckle today. : )

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    Lord Mhoram wrote:

    I'll be there.

    I love the idea of Hardcover, even if I go completely digital - so much easier to move the library around that way.

    The only other thing I would have asked for is in V2 - the Background, traits and Favored class.

    Everything from every previous volume is in there. Nothing was cut.

    I actually just finished putting in the Background Generator and character traits the other day. I *think* there's even a new trait or two baseline.

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    Gambit wrote:
    Are there plans to take volume 1, 2, and the eventual 3 that is mentioned and turn them into one giant hardback compilation book, perhaps with a Kickstarter? (I think Ultimate Psionics spoiled me :P)

    I announced this in our Pact Magic Facebook group a few months ago, so I guess there's no harm in saying it here on Paizo.

    We are NOT doing a Volume 3.

    Here's all of the information that you need.

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    Sorry for the click-bait title, folks, but title is 100% accurate.

    The Full Story:

    Around February of this year, after I had finished designing Age of Electrotech for Radiance House, I sat down to begin work on Pact Magic Unbound, Vol 3. Ever since I started Pact Magic Unbound, I had wanted one thing: to have one spirit, per constellation, per spirit level. That means 13 1st-level spirits, 13 2nd-level spirits, and so on. Completionism is VERY important to me.

    Now, as I sat down to work on Volume 3, my brain-meat was working overtime and I came up with some great ideas. Like a new "constellation" that really wasn't a constellation at all, or the reintroduction of spirit alignment. Other bits were qualify of life improvements, such as saving space on spirits by breaking the Tome of Magic mold and allowing them to grant spell-like abilities to binders. But of course, as innovation kept on rolling I looked back at my old work (especially Volume 1) and signed. Pact Magic Unbound, Vol 1 was my first professional product. I've come a LONG way as a designer since then. I've gotten a LOT better. And honestly, I was sort of embarrassed of Volume 1 as though I was a teenager who had to sit and watch his mother show pictures of him as a toddler sitting naked in the bathtub to his girlfriend. Its not a good feeling.

    That's when I decided to cancel Pact Magic Unbound, Vol 3.

    In short, I cancelled it so I could design a better product instead.

    The working name is "Pact Magic Unleashed," although that's not set in stone. Basically, I went back through all of my Vol 1 & 2 notes and fine-tuned everything. Abilities were streamlined. Alignment was added. Abilities were simplified. Balance between Pact Magic archetypes was improved. And the occultist was cleaned up so it truly is the master of pact magic.

    I've been working on this clean-up project since about March now, and I'm happy to say that I've just about finished my initial draft of the product. This behemoth currently clocks in at 300 pages. It is everything from Volume 1, everything from Volume 2, and about 120 pages more, what *could* have been Volume 3. Includes are ten new archetypes for the Advanced Class Guide classes, about a dozen new binder secrets, the starless "constellation," alignments for all spirits, the inclusion of options for paladins and the game's alternate classes, and more. If we started on post production today, we could probably have this product out by December, January at the latest. But I want better for all of you.

    First, Dario and I are looking to do some in-house playtesting. About the same level of quality control that we did for Age of Electrotech (which was fairly extensive thanks to my paranoia). Second, the art. While I love our Volume 1 and 2 art, most of it is almost a decade old at this point. I want new stuff. Sadly, art is VERY expensive, and with the amount of space I've budgeted into the book Dario would probably have to sell his apartment to pay for it all. So we're going to do a Kickstarter for this book, as literally dozens of people have begged me to do. Finally, Dario and I are planning on doing this as a hardcover, color-print book.

    I don't have specifics so far, but here's what I can share:
    1) Before we do the Kickstarter, we're going to be teaming up with a playtesting company that I know and respect to playtest the product with us. I'm hoping to get two, solid months of playtesting done through this company.

    2) After the playtesting is done, I would like to run our Kickstarter. If I had my way, we would do this early 2015, but not only do I need to be comfortable, but the timing needs to work for Dario as well. I'm currently gobbling up all Kickstarter-related information that I can in order to prepare for this, because of the next part.

    3) Our Kickstarter will not determine if the book gets made. Even if we fail to fund, we'll still make the book. We have the means to. Rather, the Kickstarter will determine if we can afford to have new artwork (and new legends; see below) made for our product. Whatever our minimum goal is, that'll be the amount of money that we need to commission artwork to fill all of the blank spaces that are currently in the product.

    4) You'll get a good deal on the book if you "buy it" through the Kickstarter.

    5) Pact Magic is supposed to be something that, once you discover, you get swept away in. I'd like to emphasize this by making our higher-value stretch goals VERY customer-interactive. A popular reward is going to be a limited "design a character for a piece of artwork" tier. So, for example, if you're someone who's played an occultist, you could increase your pledge value to the point where we'll take a character description from you and we'll put your binder in the book being awesome. Don't play an occultist? That's fine, give us a description and we'll place you at the receiving end of some occult-based pain. For example, those of you who follow me on Guidance and Everyman Gaming know that I love to sneak my kitsune cavalier into as many products as I can. If our project funds, then there will be a picture of my treasured PC reeling from the after effects of an alter age spell.

    Just to throw out some random numbers that are in no way official, let's say that the the highest-level pledge that gets you a hard cover copy of the book, plus a PDF copy is $75. Then the next pledge level above that might be $100 - $125 to supply a description and have your character appear in a piece of artwork in the book. A pledge level above that would allow you to pick a description that I provide you and work with the artist and myself to design that character from start to finish. A pledge level above that might allow you to choose a spirit to have its full-page level written and included in the book. The highest-level pledge that I have planned so far will allow you to design what our iconic occultist looks like.

    6) One of the unlockables that Dario and I want to provide is what we're calling "celebrity legends." I'm in the process of contacting some well-known people in the Pathfinder community to take part in this stretch goal. I won't name names of the people that I've talked to (there honestly hasn't been very many), but I've gotten a few people who've implied interest that I'm REALLY excited to work with.

    7) More content. This is what you've been waiting to hear about, isn't it? Currently the book sits at about 300 pages, give or take a page or five. Dario and I are willing to bring this total up to a maximum of 500 pages, meaning that there will be about 200 pages of stretch goals available, including new levels, new races, updates to class Secrets of Pact Magic systems, prestige classes, and the thing that EVERYONE has been asking me for ... Mythic Pact Magic.

    I will have a LOT more to say about this in the next few months, but in the meantime, I have several things to ask of you, fans of Pact Magic Unbound.

    1 — Tell people that we're coming. The more people who are looking for our Kickstarter when it happens the better.

    2 — Talk about it here. Tell me what you want to see and what you don't want to see? What did other RPG Kickstarters do that you like and what did they do that you didn't like? What would make or break our Kickstarter for you?

    3 — Figure out who your favorite Pathfinder RPG authors are and ask them to check out this page. I would like a diverse roster of writers to call upon for stretch goals. Better chance that I get someone you've heard of and/or like.

    4 — I've been hunting down useful tips for running a successful Kickstarters. I read about it almost every day. If you find some good information, leave it here. I will probably check it out in a day or two. I've never ran a Kickstarter before and it would DESTROY me if something as cool as Pact Magic didn't get funded. I need my picture of 8-year old Kyr'shin tripping over his adult arms and armor, darn it! ;-P

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    Sense Motive does include a clause that you can always attempt a DC 20 Sense Motive check to gain a hunch that something is wrong with a current situation. So theoretically, no matter how good of a bluffer you might be, a good Sense Motive check might still set a character ill at ease.

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    They don't interface at all. One ability is the panache class feature, the other allows you to activate deeds by spending panache from your arcane pool. If you were to multiclass swashbuckler / magus, the two pools would stay separate and use the class level of either class to determine their effectiveness.

    That said, sources of precision damage stack, so having precise strike from both classes would stack the damage. You would just need to pay 1 point from each resource pool in order to double the damage bonus.

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    I could admit that I misspelled my own last name on Age of Electrotech's interior cover page, but we all know that it simply MUST have been Cosmo's fault!

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    Here's a picture of me holding my own personal copy of Age of Electrotech! If I have it, then Paizo should have it in the next few days, as Dario is on the same coast as Paizo is. The wait is almost over!

    And speaking of the wait, I have great news for everyone! If you purchase the book from this initial wave, you get a special surprise! A misprinted collector's edition! What's the misprint, you may ask? Well, in the interior cover one of the author's surnames is misspelled. I'll give you a hint — its NOT the author with a five-letter last name! For extra giggles while you enjoy your shiny new collector's edition, take solace in the fact that the author who's name is misspelled did the initial text layout for the product. In short, I misspelled my own last name on the title page and now you all get to laugh at me while enjoying what will henceforth be a collector's edition of the book. ;-)

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    That figure looks lovely, especially the creepy eye on the Iconic Oracle's open palm.

    And I have a long-standing theory that when it comes to Alahazra, the more powerful she becomes the larger her hat gets. Have you ever seen her Mythic character design? It takes up half of the blooming page in Mythic Origins!

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    Is this for PFS or a home game?

    If its for a home game, I wrote a 3PP product called the Kitsune Compendium that might be able to help you out.

    In it, there's a racial trait that makes taking the Magical Tail feat a little bit easier, plus three dedicated archetypes designed to help you gain your nine tails more efficiently. They are the jiuweihu (shaman), the nine-tailed mystic for kitsune oracles and sorcerers, and the kyuubi visionary for monks.

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    Also, as to all of the errors in this product, allow me to produce an explanation. Not an excuse, but an explanation.

    Basically, I developed this product back in June (before Psychological Combat) and set it aside for a few months (until late August, to be precise). Around that same time, a new Radiance House project started moving forward. A very big project. One that involves my compiling and categorizing and reviewing every bit of rules mechanics we've ever done for the Pact Magic Unbound series. As you can imagine, its been a dizzying trying to finish this project and develop this new project. That didn't happen with, say, Kitsune Compendium or Psychological Combat because I wasn't doing anything kitsune or psychology-related when I was writing them.

    So that's my mistake, but I thought some readers might find the hectic life of a freelancer interesting.

    Some of you know what the big project is. The exciting one that involves kicks and starting and 2015. Hehehehehehehehe.

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    My answer is "No." You're already taking a rather serious stat penalty for being young, why do you need to be restricted to NPC classes?

    That's even before mentioning that ALL of the characters mentioned in the Young Characters chapter's heading most certainly have levels in PC levels. Harry Potter is an arcanist, not an adept. Arya Stark is a rogue, not an expert. Aang is a Qinggong Monk, not a warrior/adept multiclass thing.

    Why does a FANTASY game have to adhere to what children can do in the real world? It most certainly doesn't adhere to what adults can do in the real world.

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    It seemed a bit off to me that I've had my own publishing venue for almost four months and to date, I haven't done ANYTHING Pact Magic related. So, what the heck? Here's roughly two dozen new binder secrets for you!

    This product requires Pact Magic Unbound, Vol 1 & 2. In addition to adding new general secrets, it also adds new alteration secrets as well as a new category of binder secret: aspect secrets! Now if you're an occultist who doesn't like his constellation's aspect, you can trade it away for a new ability with a nifty aspect secret!

    Here's the link.

    Now that I've opened Pandora's box on doing additional supplemental support for Pact Magic stuff, I'm all ears about what else fans of Pact Magic Unbound want to see next. I can't do anything involving PMU Product Identity (for example, the atlan race), but if you ask, I'll try to deliver!

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    There are a bunch of reasons that I like Paizo. I like how they've embraced the OGL and made it extremely accessible to new talent. I wouldn't have become a writer if they had made it extraordinary restrictive, and over the past two years being a writer has become a core part of my personal identity. I love the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and I love how the company communicates with its fans. (My favorite thread so far is the 'You may be a Paizo veteran if ...." threat even though I'm too green to remember ANY of those things.)

    But the real reason I like Paizo is a bit more personal. For the past few years, I want to say past two years or so, I have had a secret. There is someone in the Paizo Warehouse who notices me. I don't know how this person does it, but virtually every time I order something from Paizo (which is quite frequently, as I'm now a Player Companion subscriber and a Core Rulebook subscriber), this person leaves me a small note on my order invoice. Its never anything big: it is usually a large smiley face across my address with a short one or two word greeting off to the side somewhere. Something small like "Hi!" or "Hai there!" Its the equivalent of a Facebook poke on my invoice and I absolutely love getting them.

    It isn't a huge effort on Paizo's part (they're not taking development time from Occult Adventures to write silly messages to me) and its clearly not a corporate policy; My parents have ordered stuff from Paizo before (usually for my birthday or because they want a copy of one of my print products or whatever) and they haven't gotten the little messages. This is just one person in the warehouse who recognizes me from the messageboards or has handled a product with my name on it or something that is doing something nice. And that's why I love Paizo. From the top of the totem pole with Lisa and Vic all the way down to the very bottom with its interns, I truly believe that Paizo is made up of some of the nicest people that you'll ever find. People who are willing to give up their own time to come on the forums and answer questions or goof around with fans. People who are willing to take an extra second out of their day's work to write a silly little message on some random bloke's invoice form that they might never meet.

    To this mystery person, if I was able to send you back little invoice "Hi's," I totally would. Thank you very much for taking the time to validate my existence as a customer and a person.

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    Steve Geddes wrote:

    Fwiw, I wouldn't plan on having a PF character done in less than half an hour (if I rushed) and more likely an hour. There's just too many options to consider.

    Personally, it depends on what I'm looking to build and what level I was planning on starting at. If I'm going out of my way to build a character with options that I'm already somewhat familiar with, I could have a 1st-level build mentally figured out in 10 minutes, with maybe another 20 or 30 to actually write it down on paper.

    If I'm working with options I'm not familiar with or specifically trying to build something new or weird, then it would easily take me two or three hours to get stuff together.

    But then again, I like building characters and because of the Guidance blog, I regularly build the outline for one new 20-level build a week. The more you work with the rules, the faster you get.

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    Like this.

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    Wiggz wrote:
    We've only had one Kitsune player (Runelords campaign) and we ran her as if she didn't know what she was, orphaned or abandoned from birth and had learned to hide her heritage lest she fall victim to abuse in the slums where she grew up (Realistic Likeness was her first feat). She never met another of her kind in the entire campaign.

    My first kitsune was like that too. He was adopted by elves and was raised like a weird cross between an adopted son, a trophy (look at this rare and exotic kid I have!), and a conversation starter for social gatherings and the like.

    He left home at Level 3 and adventured until Level 6 before meeting his first "fellow" kitsune. My GM wrote them into his world as a mostly enslaved race, so my character decided to set out and build a kingdom where his people could be free. He's had to deal with pirates, raiders, and slavers, all without incurring the wrath of the organizations those people belong to. I've learned that it is VERY hard to be both a hero and a protector simultaneously as a result of this campaign.

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