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Golden-Esque's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber. 764 posts (3,141 including aliases). 29 reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 3 aliases.

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Personally, I prefer Vital Strike + Feint over Two-Weapon Fighting for rogues. Two-Weapon has better potential damage, but Vital Strike has better average damage because the rogue does not get any bonuses to its attack rolls from class features on top of being a Medium attack bonus class. If you go Vital Strike + Feint, you need Combat Expertise and Improved Feint, plus Vital Strike at 6th level. Grab Combat Expertise at 1st level, Weapon Finesse as your first rogue talent, and then by 3rd level you'll be set when you select Improved Feint. Greater Feint is an unnecessary feat, so all you'll rally be itching to take is Devastating Strike at some point and Improved Vital Strike when your base attack bonus reaches +11.

As others have said, you can combine Scout with the ninja class. At 4th level, this effectively allows you to sneak attack when you can't feint by charging. At 8th level, the archetype allows you to sneak attack whenever you have to move, charge, or when you can stand still and feint. You basically don't need allies to sneak attack anymore, which is a huge draw over Two-Weapon Fighting. This also means that the invisibility rogue talents are much less mandatory then they would otherwise be and since you won't be making full attacks all that often, you don't have to burn your ki every turn getting a free attack in. It's a different style of play that allows you to focus more of your resources to the more enjoyable aspects of the ninja mythos, like super-speed climbing or poison use.

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Well folks, this product has Dwarven Magic Ale as a new school of alchemy. It includes a drunken barbarian archetype.

I want for nothing ever again.

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James Sutter wrote:
I think the thing that scares me the most (in terms of irrational fears) is the idea of the old-school "gray" aliens peering in my windows at night.

I saw an alien abduction fakeumentary (one of those what-ifs that stations like Discovery like to do) when I was eight years old in the 90s; absolutely terrified me of aliens. I thought nothing would ever scare me the way that alien abductions did ... until I started watching Marble Hornets.

You know that stereotypically Lovecraftian phenomena in which a narrator writes about cosmic horrors while being slowly devoured by that which he cannot understand? That was me with Slender Man. I was obsessed with finishing the series by day, praying for a happy ending but there is none. There were nights where I was literally unable to sleep without the lights on for fear that he was watching me. Just standing there, staring down at me while I was unaware with his faceless gaze. My own overactive imagination only served to fuel the horror that I was spiraling down into with no hope of return.

I got better, but man, that experience deadened me to the horror genre in general. Now I'm a scarred, soulless adult like everyone else! Yay!

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Notes on Rogue Archetypes:
— Scout stacks with Kitsune Trickster. The archetype's ability to let you sneak attack whenever you A) charge or B) move more than 10 feat is excellent.
— You lose Uncanny Dodge and Improved Uncanny Dodge in the above trade, however. Skulls and Shackles might have a fair number of rogues (considering it's all about pirates), so the sneak attack protection could be missed at 8th level.

Notes on Kitsune Feats:
— Realistic Likeness is powerful. Crazy-powerful. The ability to alter self into any human you've met before can be ridiculously good. Especially with how that adventure starts.
— Vulpine Pounce is good, especially if you take the aforementioned Scout archetype. Getting a full attack on your pounce is nice.

Notes on Feats in General:
— Personally, I don't think Two-Weapon Fighting is worth the investment on a rogue. The extra attacks look nice in paper, but statistically (and in practice) you're reducing your already low chance to hit. Two-handed weapons are all-around stronger for rogue characters in my experience.
— To that end, I recommend the tried and true Feint + Vital Strike combo. Simply put, you grab Improved Feint to feint during combat as a move action and then Vital Strike the bajeebus out of your target, doubling your weapon damage nice. At the level in which you get Vital Strike, you're only going to have two attacks anyway and that attack for +1 is probably going to miss. You lose out on damage from modifiers, but in the end I think it's worth it.
— If you decide to go Scout, the Spring Attack feats aren't a horrible investment, although they tend to be costly. Note that you cannot use Vital Strike during a Spring Attack, however. I'd pick one or the other and you certainly don't NEED Spring Attack to make good use of the Scout archetype.
— I think you're really going to be hurting for damage if you leave your Strength score at 10. That's no modifiers and no Power Attack, the later of which makes a huge difference. Personally, I always buy at least a 14 Strength for my Kitsune, which is modified down to a 12 for them. That allows me to put my 4th Level ability point into Strength so I can grab Power Attack by 5th level. (Or 4th level when I'm playing a fighter).

Notes on Rogue Talents:
— Offensive Defensive is the most powerful Rogue Talent there is. It starts off being as strong as the Dodge feat and scales to the point where it is literally 10 times better. It gives you a +1 dodge bonus per sneak attack die you possess against foes that you've sneak attacked. For a lightly armored character, this is amazing.
— While grabbing a ki pool is certainly helpful for a kitsune rogue, the one bestowed by the Rogue Talent is pretty underhwelming. Unless you REALLY feel the need to go invisible, I wouldn't touch it.
— You've mentioned that you'd thought about taking a parrot familiar. There's a rogue talent for that, but it's a 10th level talent and requires you to take major and minor magic as rogue talents. Picking up vanish as a major magic talent might not be too bad, but minor magic is pretty terrible as far as rogue talents go. The alternative is to take Skill Focus (any Knowledge) and then Eldritch Heritage: Arcane Bloodline, which would give you a familiar as a wizard of your level –2 as opposed to the rogue talent's –4. If you do decide to grab the familiar, look into taking the Valet Familiar and the Feint Partner teamwork feat. That way, your familiar could feint and you'd get the bonus. It's a lot of effort, but it could be neat to take that one feat instead of Combat Expertise and Improved Feint, though you'd likely want Evolved Familiar: Reach so your familiar wouldn't need to enter a creature's space in order to feint. Again, not a hugely attractive option for your build, but it's still an option.

Notes on Playing Kitsune:
— I've played two kitsune thus far, one to level 9 in a homebrew campaign and the other to level 5 in Wrath of the Righteous (both are ongoing).
Here are my thoughts on what I call the "True Form Reveal."
Here are some more thoughts on the topic.

Notes on Playing Rogues:
— I write a blog called Everyman Gaming. I've written two articles assessing the damage output and utility of the rogue class. If you're interested, you can find the links below.
Oh, Rogues Part I
Oh, Rogues Part II

Happy gaming!

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And Cosmo! You're a horrible person for hacking Paizo's security system so site fishers can post their gibberish onto the forums.

Or are they actually your cultists en masse?

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I blame Cosmo for my conflicting desires to stay up and write and to avoid zombification tomorrow from staying up too late.

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Based on what James has said in his recent interview, I suspect that the kasatha (four-armed race from Advanced Race Guide) will be touched upon somewhat here.

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My fingers are crossed for ninja, samurai, and antipaladin material. I was pleased with the ninja tricks in Champions of Balance and I'm hopeful for more!

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I wonder if this is going to be the same Occult Mystery of Rasputin Must Die! fame?

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Do you want to build a snowman?

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James Jacobs wrote:
Justin Franklin wrote:
Can we get a Distant Worlds AP for Mikaze's sake? :)

I already gave Mikaze "Wrath of the Righteous."

Don't you think it's someone else's turn?

*rubs hands greedily in anticipation for the all-kitsune Adventure Path*

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Orthos wrote:
Alexander Augunas wrote:
F. Wesley Schneider wrote:
Batman Arkham Origins and Pokemon Y are near next on the list, but either Stick or Truth or Bravely Default may jump them.
Ooh! Ooh! Can I has friend code when you play Pokemon Y? I need more peeps for my Friend Safari!

Seconded!! (Also will share mine with you Alex if you want it =D Mine's a nice Steel group). Note you don't have to be playing the game - or even own it - to share the friend code, though one of the three Pokemon your Safari has won't be available until you beat the Champion at least once. Or so it was explained to me. Might be wrong >_>

Also I've been playing the Bravely Default demo, highly recommended. I'll be nabbing the full version when my birthday comes around.

Nice! I think mine's a Normal group. People like adding me because there's tons of Audinos to kill for EVs. Or something like that.

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F. Wesley Schneider wrote:
Batman Arkham Origins and Pokemon Y are near next on the list, but either Stick or Truth or Bravely Default may jump them.

Ooh! Ooh! Can I has friend code when you play Pokemon Y? I need more peeps for my Friend Safari!

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James Jacobs wrote:
Rysky wrote:
Speaking of ghostwriter Lovecraft S. T. Joshi put out a two part collection of his ghostwritings, The Crawling Chaos and Others and The Medusa's Coil and Others. They're on Amazon.


I just got my copies of these two books today, and looking through them... turns out there are some revisions I didn't know existed! AKA: I now own some Lovecraft stories I have NEVER READ!

AKA: Rysky is my new favorite person, and this thread has forever justified its presence in the internets to me.

Quick Rysky! Apply for SKR's old position! YOU'VE GOT AN IN! :-P

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Huzzah! A new week means new content on Everyman Gaming!

Start your week off with a brief discussion of the 15-minute adventuring day!

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I actually have the opposite problem as you, OP. I play kitsune in part because everyone else I game with exclusively plays humans, elves, half-elves, gnomes, aasimar, tieflings, or the occasional drow.

That, and I think that change shape is one of the most fun racial traits in the game. Believe it or not, but a lot of people play those weird races because they're fun to play.

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Gonna add some additional examples to Ascalaphus's, because his post is really, really good.

Ascalaphus wrote:

First off: do gods monopolize their responsibilities/portfolios?

If there's a Sun God, is he responsible for making the sun shine? In that case it'd be weird to have a separate sun gods. Especially in settings where the gods actively made the world, it'd be weird to have multiple gods credited for making the same world-spanning thing. (But see Order of the Stick's backstory for an example of how it can be done well.)

As a variant, maybe the Sun exists without any god claiming responsibility, but there are still gods associated with the sun, granting Sun domain powers, because they live in a palace in the sky. In that case you can have multiple Sun gods without difficulty.

To give more credence, maybe Ra's power makes the sun shine and Apollo's job is to cart it across the sky?

The Order of the Stick example is where the gods have monopolized their portfolios, but their portfolios are super specific. (Which is why it is done well.) For example, Nurgel is the God of Death, but Hel is the Goddess of Death with specific regards to dwarves, so if a dwarf dies its not under Nurgel's portfolio, but Hel's.


One god, many faces?

It could be that Helios the Sun God is known as Tonatiuh, Belenus and Ra by different cultures in your game world. They don't have to have identical Domain sets, but sprinkling in some intrigueing similarities (holy symbols, overlap in Domains, favored weapons, ceremonies) will help clue players in.

Not all gods need to be aspects of one another though. You can certainly have two different "culture hero" deities who taught the secrets of agriculture to their chosen people.

This option works best if you have smaller, unsophisticated cultures that rarely interact; basically how our real-world societies began. It doesn't work as well in a world like Golarion, where people and knowledge are very migratory.


Unfinished lists of gods

Gods can be abstract things that came from elsewhere, or they can be mortals who ascended. You could have people revering their Ancestors, with each clan having different Domains depending on family history. In that case you don't need a complete list of all ancestor-domain sets beforehand, but you probably should figure them out for the most famous and powerful clans.

The Golarion Shoanti revere animal totems that each have different domains associated. In that case it's fair to have dozens of gods, for each animal known. But some (lion, eagle) will probably be considered more important. If a player wants to have a different animal as totem though, you can agree on domains that make sense ("let's give Fox the Trickery domain, and..."), or someone could start out with a domain and figure...

This is likely the route that Vuldra will take as well. Such gods probably don't have much personality or influence either: you're going to have small-scale stories and legends, but "mask" gods aren't going to be saving the world from destruction. Their legends will be centered around their interactions with themselves and mortals and those who worship such gods do so in order to gain the positive qualities they seek from such an entity, such as worshiping the fox god for guile or the lion god for bravery.

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James Jacobs's brain is the best source of Pathfinder Lore.

If you want something more readily available, though, you'll want to check out the Inner Sea World Guide.

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How do I handle Power Gaming?

I remind my players that anything they throw at me, I can do it at least 20 times worse. The rules are guidelines! BALORS FOR EVERYONE!

And by everyone, and mean for all of the PCs villains. The only balor that the PCs get is the one that's teleporting into their camp in the middle of the night while they're sleeping. In my experience the power gamers NEVER expect an ambush. Its uncanny.

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I like the idea of a witch going up to a pregnant woman in her first/second trimester (before its apparent) and saying,

"You're with child, aren't you dear?"

Baba Yaga has child scent and it seems like something that Dear Grandmother would say, at least in my head it feels right.

For eggs and stuff, I'd say that the egg would have to be fertilized first.

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The 80s called. They want you to play the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game!

For the last installment for the week (and last installment for this thread, as it may be) check out one of my strange-yet-hilariously-awesome character builds for PCs and GMs alike in: Prince Adam of Grayskull!

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I blame Cosmo for the utter confusion I am experiencing from reading the things he's being blamed for on this page.

Bananas? And what the heck is Mr. Strickland?

... on second thought, I don't WANT to know.

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Gancanagh wrote:
Lol just what I thought, guns in fantasy settings are imbalanced, no creature can stand against it...

I threw a Colour Out of Space at a Gunslinger once. The results were HILARIOUS! That poor character did absolutely nothing useful the entire combat!

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My co-author and publisher, Dario Nardi of Radiance House decided to clean out his bookshelf. He sent me the goodies, which included a full print set of Kingmaker, Council of Thieves, Serpent's Skull, Carrion Crown, and parts of Jade Regent.

This is pretty fantastic considering some of these products aren't available in print anymore.

Cosmo could not let this stand, so he shrank my bookshelf. Roughly 400 pages of Pathfinder Adventure Paths are currently sprawled across my bed as a result. I need to go to bed in two minutes in order to get enough sleep for the day ahead, and instead of putting these priceless artifacts away, I'm on blaming Cosmo for the fact they don't have homes on my bookshelf.

Thanks, Cosmo. Thanks.

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Terokai wrote:
Thats a fair point but its bad design to tax something just because it would make something else useless.

That ... is actually the epitome of good game design.

You can argue that Weapon Finesse isn't a strong enough feat (it isn't) but arguing that it poor design in spite of the fact that it could potentially make Strength-based builds underpowered / useless doesn't make much sense to me.

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The wonderful thing about foxes is that they are found on every continent in the world (sans Antarctica) and virtually every culture in the world has the same type of myths about them: intelligent tricksters. Foxes are like dragons in this regard; they are something of a universal myth between cultures that have never had contact with one another.

In my opinion, one of the most interesting bits about the kitsune isn't what was written about them, but what wasn't written about them. Specifically, it is never mentioned what a kitsune's human form looks like in the Dragon Empire Primer. This is made even more interesting when you figure that kitsune are found in a wide variety of human lands: in a sense, they're the halflings of Tian Xia because they dwell among humans. Between the fact that they can seemingly blend in anywhere and the fact that some kitsune can readily choose what their human form looks like (Realistic Likeness), maybe that human form isn't set in stone: maybe it can be altered by genetics through human-kitsune pairings.

You could half silver-coated Ulfen kitsune living at the Crown of the World, tan-coated Osirion kitsune dwelling in the dessert nations of the Inner Sea, or a family of red-coated Varisian kitsune gypsies wandering about the countryside (which seems VERY appropriate for the kitsune race, in my opinion).

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Oceanshieldwolf wrote:
Interesting. ;)

Yup. I'm old-school that way.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Funny coincidence, I actually covered this build in my first Iconic Design article today. Check it out; you might like what you see.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Oh, you mean like this?

(New blog post, last one for the week, is up. ;-] )

In today's post. I provide PCs and GMs alike with an Iconic Design; a method by which you too can raise armies of the undead while sacking the Eastern Kingdoms!

Hope everyone enjoys my Prince Arthas Menethil build. :-)

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Thymus Vulgaris wrote:
I blame Cosmo for John Kretzer reviving the thread after 4 days of no one blaming Cosmo.

Even Cosmo needs a vacation.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Greensting Slayer is a cool archetype; it is a hybrid Magus/Rogue that can spend arcane points for a reduced sneak attack effect at the cost of the magus's ability to add an enhancement bonus to his weapon. It also gains evasion and improved evasion abilities instead of medium and heavy armor proficiency.

Averaka Arbiter is the Battle Herald's best friend. It trades Inspire Competence for a bardic performance that is essentially solo tactics and Versatile Performance for bonus teamwork feats. It also trades Dirge of Doom for a neat ability that can actually make a hostile creature stop attacking you.

Overall, I think this product is worth it for these archetypes alone, personally.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Half-Elf Alternate Racial Traits:

Child of the Sea (Aquatic Elf): Trades low-light vision and keen sense for a +4 racial bonus on Swim and Profession (sailor) checks (as well as any Wisdom checks made to pilot a seafaring vessel). Also cannot get lost at sea.

Thinblood resilience (Drow): Trades elven immunities for a +2 bonus on Fortitude saves against poison and disease as well as the poison use ability.

Jungle affinity (Ekujae Elves): Trades multitalented for a +4 racial bonus on Stealth checks while within jungle terrain and the woodland stride ability while within jungle terrain.

Mordant envoy (Mordant Spire Elves): Trades adaptability for a +1 bonus to caster level with transmutation spells and the following spell-like abilities 1/day if the half-elf has a Charisma of 11 or higher: comprehend language, detect secret doors, erase, read magic.

Languages: (Mordant Spire Elves): Trades standard half-elf languages starting languages for Azlanti and Elven.

Cold-honed: (Snowcaster Elves): Trades elven immunities for woodland stride in cold terrain (snow and ice only) and a +4 racial bonus to avoid nonlethal damage from cold environments.

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doc the grey wrote:
come on inevitable based bloodline! We got one that fits for everyone else now give me a bloodline that gives me a cold clicking metallic heart! And if not them then the Axiomites, we need at least 1 to round out the LN section of the bloodlines.

I feel that axiomite is more likely than inevitable.

I don't want to think about how inevitables would ... oh. OH GOD. ITS IN MY BRAIN! THAT THOUGHT IS IN MY BRAIN!


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Duiker wrote:
Our local game shop runs around four tables, twice a week. I saw a single kitsune character a year ago, and none since. The race is mostly a laughing stock, as in the sort of player that plays it is the sort that would have played a kender fifteen years ago. In other words, my own anecdotal evidence is that there would be less than no interest.

So you've seen one kitsune player in the past year and you feel confident enough to stereotype all kitsune players and all kitsune characters as "the disruptive type of player who would want to play a Kender?"

I agree that your evidence is anecdotal. For that reason, you shouldn't use generalities like, "The race is mostly a laughing stock."

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John Kretzer wrote:
I Blame Cosmo for not being in a real Role-Playing game in what seems like months.

I blame Cosmo for not being in a real Roleplaying Game in what has ACTUALLY been months.

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captain yesterday wrote:
to me it always seemed like they were doing more harm then good, teaching kids to get others to fight their battles and what not.

To play devil's advocate, Pokemon also teaches kids the value of teamwork to overcome challenges. My 10 year-old trainer character isn't going to be able to push twenty-ton boulders on his own, but by befriending a burly Pokemon and training it to push things he can bypass obstacles that would normally be impassable on his own. In this way, games like Pokemon and Digimon teach the value of people managing and leadership skills.

In the real world, leadership and cooperation skills are infinitely more valuable than "fighting your own battles" and acting alone. Few careers have their employees working alone in a bubble of isolation.

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Jesper at Blood Brethren Games wrote:
Looks very interesting! Good luck - hope you can keep up the momentum. 3 posts a week is a lot, I find.

Time will tell, but I think I'll manage. I spent a few weeks writing the articles that will premiere this month before I announced (or hinted at) anything and I spent all of this week brainstorming more ideas. I'm trying not to stay TOO far ahead of the blog because I want people to suggest article ideas and feel like their suggestions are making a reasonable impact, but I also wanted a reasonable buffer in case real life gives me a beating one week or something. :-)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Pfft, I got hit by that storm too, John, but Cosmo smacked me harder. My school district is closed today, so I don't get paid. I figure I'll do some writing to pass the time, so Cosmo decides to knock out the power for the whole block.

Thanks, Cosmo.

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Tels wrote:

I blame Cosmo for my 18 month old nephew digging into his diaper and smearing poop on the walls.

Seriously Cosmo, that is disgusting!

You have the strangest family stories.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

You mean like Liz Courts herself? She is a writer, a cartographer, and a designer.

Most of the moderators have intimate experience with Pathfinder.

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Cosmo's Girlfriend wrote:
Well, I was about to plug Cosmo's website, 'Pile of [redacted] dot com', but I like this game better!!

Post more [Redacted] and get more Mad Libs! It is a very easy cycle to propagate.

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Tels wrote:
I blame Cosmo for the Seattle baby boom that is going to happen in 9 months.

Of course its Cosmo's fault: he rigged the game to be a massive landslide so he could A) secretly make millions that he's investing in world-conquering technologies and B) get tons of people in his hometown to create oodles of soon-to-be minions for his army.

Those Storm Troppers gotta come from somewhere, right? Let's hope Mia likes kids ....

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J-Bone wrote:
Man id love a Blood of the Fox book. in my gaming circles there is a lot of interest in that race.

Tell everyone in your gaming circle to pop onto this thread and voice your interest.

The llama is listening ....

1 person marked this as a favorite.

As someone who plays a high Diplomacy / Bluff / Intimidate character, I'm going to have to side with the camp of people who cry foul at crippling a character's build, especially when you flat-out said that the type of game you were going to run rewarded those type of skills.

My suggestion? Plan your games around the expectations that your players are going to succeed, not that they could succeed.

Also, never forgot that socials and evne charm person are not the same thing as dominate person. No matter how convincing you are, people have boundaries that they aren't willing to cross. People are different though. I wouldn't be likely to pour all of my life's saving into your pocket because you rolled high on a Diplomacy check, but with the right words against the right person, someone else might.

Think about the situation and think about whether the PC's desired outcome would make for a good story or not. If it does, roll with it. If it doesn't, make the NPC friendly but unwilling. Simple as that.

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Erik Mona wrote:
I'd be interested in hearing if anyone else thinks that's a good idea. I have rather a lot of Large monsters I'd prefer to do sooner, personally.

Honestly, no. That's an extremely niche product that would only see play under extraordinarily specific circumstances.

What I do think is a good idea, however, is some kind of special token or marker that allows you to slide a Medium base into a Large base to represent a size increase. Something like the old Torch Markers or Flight Markers, for example.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Football is not my game. I will shamelessly use this code.

Finally, Football has DONE something for me!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Shipping now to a Paizo Warehouse near Liz Courts!

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I've always found it interesting that players consider the kitsune, vanara, and catfolk, "furry" but not gnolls and rakshasa. Because most of the time I notice that it's people who dislike something who label it; you never see people who are into that sort of thing exclaiming, "OMG FURRY RACE GUYS YIFF YIFF YIFF!"

It saddens me that people who are subjected to that sort of typecasting (like ALL RPG players are) would be so quick to typecast others.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Thanks for the kind words and the five stars, ericthecleric!

You'd be right in saying that it is only going to get HARDER to choose your favorite spirits in Vol 3. I have a lot of cool stuff planned for Vol 3; in addition to having more spirits than ANY product before it, it will also include an alternative spirit binding system, what amounts to a "universal" constellation, and I am hoping to get mythic rules into the book.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Misroi wrote:

You know, it occurs to me, this is only half of the story. Sure, we know that in 14 instances, Valeros is having something bad happen to him. But, is he truly the whipping boy? Or is it just that he's pictured more often, so he has a larger numerator?

So, yeah, I think the real work is to take a look at all artwork involving the iconics, and then compare that to the number of instances that said iconic is getting screwed over to find out which one is the Once and Future Whipping Boy/Girl.

Translation: I want to kill Alex Augunas so he never writes another Pact Magic book ever again. :-P

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