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Golden-Esque's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 764 posts (3,665 including aliases). 38 reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 3 aliases.

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Zaister wrote:
Alexander Augunas wrote:
And yes. We made a Rocket Raccoon race for our technology book. Because we love you almost as much as we knew we'd love Guardians of the Galaxy.
Argh! I'm going to have to graciously overlook that race. :)

Aw, don't say that! The nashi have been in my home game for about two years now. D:

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Check out Age of Electrotech now, here at!

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If the Kitsune Compendium has been a labor of love for me because of its flavor, Age of Electrotech has been a labor of love for me because of its mechanics. I slaved and stretched my brain into non-euclidean shapes creating the technician class, especially its weird, new "casting" system.

Essentially, the technician is a non-magical class that combines alchemist extracts and incarnum together using a power points system (called battery points) to regulate usage. You get an allotment of battery points and need to choose whether you use that energy to empower your jet back for a few uses, build a wand-like device that fires a blast of combustive fire at foes, or build some other fantastic invention.

I talk a LOT about what, exactly, you'll find in this book mechanics-wide here, in our product announcement thread.

I'm often asked how this book compares to the Technology Guide. Simply put, it doesn't. They're compatible with each other because they're very different eras of technology. The Technology Guide assumes that its wears are rare, exotic, and futuristic. That they're from beyond the stars, crashed onto this world by interplanetary travelers. Age of Electrotech assumes that your technology level is squarely placed in the mid-to-late Industrial Revolution and it is set against a Roaring 20s backdrop. You won't find cameras in Age of Electrotech, like you would in the Technology Guide: you'll instead see stats for daguerreotypes.

And yes. We made a Rocket Raccoon race for our technology book. Because we love you almost as much as we knew we'd love Guardians of the Galaxy.

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Age of Electrotech: Introduction wrote:

Life is an endless precession. Men are born,

men grow older, and men die. Nations built from nothing decay into decadence and collapse. Even gods themselves bow down before the forces of time and fade into the annals of history and myth. There is only one force that is truly immortal, an idea born with intelligence that will never truly vanish. Philosophers have many names for this enduring idea: inspiration, innovation, or the muses. Innovations takes many forms, as
new ideas, spells, philosophies, and technologies. Innovation can be set back, innovation can be buried beneath the ageless sands, but it can never truly die.

Radiance House is happy to announce Age of Electrotech, a new 98-page supplement for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game! Far more than a simple book with new classes, archetypes, and equipment, Age of Electrotech is about innovation, both in game mechanics and in the campaign setting. The Age of Electrotech is a golden age of new possibilities and new ideas. Set amidst a background of roaring engines and crackling batteries, the Age of Electrotech details a pulp fiction fantasy set between the Industrial Revolution and the Roaring 20s. New technology utilizing the mundane forces of nature has slowly begun to emerge in the world, and its heralds, the electrotechnicians, claimed that it would bury the esoteric arts of magic into the annals of history while ushering in a glorious, new age where anyone could obtain fantastic powers simply by sliding on a cheetah gadget or waving a scorching ray tinker.

Sadly, reality got in the way. Although most homes possess cookers and many people drive electric carriages around their city homes, these devices are simply too expensive to produce in order to truly replace the arcane arts. One could train a dozen wizards and teach them all to cast acid arrow with the amount of gold it would cost to equip one soldier with a state-of-the-art nucleonic rifle. Electrotechnology has been mostly confined to the great urban areas of the world, moaning again city walls, beginning for release into the wild world.

Now, it is up to you to unleash the wonders of electrotech into the world! Featuring:
— A new base class, the technician. This innovative new class combines aspects from 3.5's psionics and incarnum as well as a dash of Pathfinder's alchemist in order to create the first true artificer class. Whether you spend your precious battery points brandishing a powerful wand-like tinkers or slap a set of cheetah gadgets onto your feet to run twice as fast as any mortal, the technician uses her supreme intellect and cunning craftsmanship to overcome obstacles.

— The technician includes a special subsystem called trades. There are roughly nine trades for technicians to specialize in and master, and each trade grants the technician a unique set of abilities to choose from. Become a craftsman technician and put your building tools to the test or act as a soldier technician, specializing in tinkers of war. From motorist to symbionts to traps, there's a trade for just about everyone!

— Choose from a slew of new archetypes, such as the self-enhancing cyborg, the tricky holomaster, the spirit-dealing esotechician (requires Pact Magic Unbound, Vol 1), or the mutable transmoglomaniac.

— New feats, vehicles, equipment, and items to truly immerse yourself in the Age of Electrotech! This also includes a category of artifact-like machines called Wonders of Madness. You'll need a small army of technicians in order to meet those crafting DCs of 100 or more!

— Two all-new races. Grab your gun and your nearest treant buddy as you play as an inquisitive nashi. These raccoon-like humans are natural aces with electrotechnology and pride themselves on their intellectual pursuits. Or if you're not above a bit of genetic flagellation, give the humans-gone-mutants known as the mutamorphs a go! Using the most illegal of black market symbionts, these former humans have augmented themselves with bestial traits using illegal experimentation on strands of lycanthropy. Whether you're a shark mutamorph, a crocodile mutamorph, or even a wolf mutamorph, hushed whispers and baleful stares are sure to follow your way everywhere you turn!

— Downtime rules including a technician background generator, new rooms and buildings, new kingdom building structures, and even an expanded skill system for use with electrotechnology await you!

All this, and so much more will help you begin your journey into the wondrous world of the Age of Electrotech! Available here at!

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Zaister wrote:
Oooh, that looks mighty interesting. Any chance of a print edition?

100% chance. We're working on it.

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Darksol the Painbringer wrote:
Honestly, defending people when they are most certainly capable of defending themselves calls into question whether the intent of those "defending" isn't really just playing a game of teacher's pet.

"You disagree with my practices, so therefore you must be a suck up" is your best retort?

My "motivation" for defending Paizo is quite simple: I liked when James Jacobs felt like he could be forthright with answering rules questions, but that was ruined. I liked when Jason freely posted on the boards and chatted about game design. Now I can only ever hear his discussions alongside dozens of others at convention seminars.

You can say that the line between being bluntly honest and rude is fine if you'd like, but both responses have the same effect: pivotal community members disengage from the community. If you want to continue to drive people away, by all means do so.

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zapbib wrote:
It would have been a perfectly correct thing to say. But the swashbuckler preview mention dex to damage. Where do we stop giving them excuse and just admit that something went wrong in the whole make a new book process? If it was only that, but there's a huge list of errors and balancing problem that just hint that there was poor editing and poor vision on this project.

I can't speak for the design team, but I can tell you this. Good designers hear and react upon criticism, such as this:

"It doesn't same appropriate that the swashbuckler can use her Dexterity modifier on damage rolls with weapons that she can't normally finesse, but she can't use her Dexterity modifier on damage rolls with weapons that she can normally finesse."

But when even the best designers receive insults like this:

"Where do we stop giving them excuses and just admit something went wrong in the whole 'make a book process'?"

Or this:

"There's a huge list of errors and balancing problems that just hint that there was poor editing and poor vision on this project."

Then two things occur. First, the designers don't feel the need to respond to your criticism because they rightfully assume that they're wasting their breath on such irrationally negative people and that their time is better spent working on new projects. Second, the designers become less willing to share their ideas and thoughts and previews with the public, because they determine that giving the public anything to mentally digest will set their expectations off in ways they can't predict, and therefore will generate a backlash of broken promises and expectations from the people that they wanted to excite with the product that they've been slaving over for anywhere from three to six months.

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Insain Dragoon wrote:
Then we have Modern benders like Mako who have less flowing styles and more "boxing" styles focused on quantity, swiftness, and mobility. I don't know if you already have some inspiration from this aspect, but talents or style feats to represent the difference might be cool

Depends on the style. All mystics are designed so that you can use your element while making unarmed strikes. That's more Mako's style. Zuko's style focuses on learning lots of powerful techniques and implementing them.

Another contrast, Bolin's fighting style is generally much quicker than other earth benders because of him being a probender. There are talents that work like this, such as the AoE pellet blast attacks. (Which was inspired by the scene in Season 1 where Bolin bends pebbles at pursuers like a tommy gun.)

The return of combustion bending was very welcome.

I don't think I build that into the Fire Path, but I could be wrong. I always pictured it as more of an archetype than an inherent part of the fire path.


Then some logical extensions of existing bending techniques were also welcome such as Lava Bending and ** spoiler omitted **

I'm guessing techniques like that are more where you got inspired?

Yes. Those two specifically, but also a water technique that allows the water path mystic to gain a climb speed (you know EXACTLY who I am talking about). Although now I'm also pretty sure that when I do an Avatar archetype (assuming Daron didn't do one in the final product), the Avatar will be able to mix and match between talents and techniques. Korra metalbending is what settled me on that one. I'm also thinking about a metal-focused archetype that allows a character to access the all-important metal technique sooner.

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anlashok wrote:

Are we really arguing that advanced talents and quarry are better than 6th level casting and domains?

Seems pretty obvious who wins this contest really.

I'm actually playing a kitsune sanctified slayer in a party with an elf slayer in Wrath of the Righteous, and you're right. It is pretty obvious who wins this contest.

I win every out-of-combat challenge. I bluff our way through social encounters, I figure out most of the esoteric lore (especially in regards to which monsters we're fighting), and I come up with most of our party's long-term plans. I sneak into everything with my invisibility spells, I help our oracle heal the party (and sometimes save his life), and I rely messages back and forth from our group to our army. I can do this because I have plenty of class features that buff my skill bonuses, a selection of great spells that is mostly designed around social combat, infiltration, and limited self-buff spells, and an awesome domain that enhances my maneuverability.

But our slayer kills everything. Everything. It just dies. Last combat, our party slayer decimated this poor barbarian warlord for 200 damage in a single round. He got off a few excellent crits and most of his bow attacks hit. It was glorious to behold. He can do this because he's got three feats over me, ignores prerequisites on those three feats, and has a base attack bonus that two or three points higher than mine, so he hits more. The only damage-dealing option I have over him is my bane, and with only 10 rounds per day (Level 7 + Extended Bane), I don't always use bane. Especially since using my studied target requires the same action as bane.

In short, we're both pretty invaluable in our own way.

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Tels wrote:
Alexander Augunas wrote:
Tels wrote:
I also blame Cosmo for the season finale of Legend of Korra.


The season finale of Legend of Korra's third season was the absolute best of any season of Avatar to date! Cosmo is NOT to be "blamed" for it. That would be like praising Sara Marie for Dire AIDs.

I agree, it's an awesome ending and leaves me wanting more...

BUT IT LEAVES ME WANTING MORE WITH NOTHING TO FILL THE VOID!!! It's like a non-cliffhanger, cliffhanger. Similar to the ending of Halo 4; even if I didn't like Halo 4 (which I did), I have no choice but to play Halo 5 so I can know what happens.

I'm going to have to wait a year or longer, and then a week to week wait just to find out what happened. I've got an itch I can't scratch and it's all Cosmo's fault!

I accept this reasoning. I will spare your life. For now.

On the plus side, maybe the void left in your soul by Legend of Korra will help you free yourself from worldly attachments and gain mastery over flight and levitation.

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Tels wrote:
I also blame Cosmo for the season finale of Legend of Korra.


The season finale of Legend of Korra's third season was the absolute best of any season of Avatar to date! Cosmo is NOT to be "blamed" for it. That would be like praising Sara Marie for Dire AIDs.

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If you were actually an eidolon, which evolutions would you take?

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I bought the Technology Guide and Occult Mysteries. I let my brother read the Technology Guide first. Now he's lovesick with James Jacobs' (and Russ Taylor's) sick, twisted, futuristic brains. He's spent the past hour reading exerpts from a book to me. A book that I OWN and haven't been able to read because ... he's busy quoting it.

Thanks, Cosmo.

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Hrm, these look good.

Can I still refer to the removal of a post(s) by a moderator as "Chris's Orbital Bombardment Laser?"

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James, with a half dozen new iconics in the not-so-distant future, any chance you could put a bug in someone's ear for an iconic with a non-hunky/toned body type? I'm a touch overweight myself and it's always bothered me that whenever I brought up the issue of overweight people as adventurers, the answer I almost always get is, "Well, overweight people don't adventure because you need to do a lot of physical activity to be an adventure. An overweight adventurer would either die because he's out of shape or loose the weight fast from the activity." Its a bit of a pet peeve of mine.

Along the same lines, an Iconic who is unquestionably in the Youth age category would be nice too. Pathfinder could use its own Araya Stark and with the Kid's Track seemingly getting bigger every year, a child iconic would be appreciated.

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Someone, Chris is staring at this thread intently, trying to decide whether or not she should nuke it with her orbital bombardment lasers because A) it has veered so heavily off-course and B) because half the posts are insulting the inconceivable concept of sexy men (as opposed to rugged, bad-ass men) in roleplaying games.

Anyway, back on topic, I wouldn't mind seeing an overweight or barrel-chested iconic either. I wouldn't want his / her RP fluff to constantly be, "Oh, fatty's out of breath again!" or anything, but it would be nice to get some acknowledgement that adventuring isn't just for thin people and just because you're adventuring doesn't mean that you magically "burn off all the fat" or anything. I've always hated that excuse. And traditionally speaking, in Pathfinder fat people are generally portrayed as people that I'm not supposed to like, such as corrupt villains (like the leader of the Shadow Lodge) or annoyances to the party (like Horgus in Wrath of the Righteous). It would be a breath of fresh air to get an iconic with an atypical body shape.

I also liked the idea of a Middle Aged female iconic. It would be great if she was the iconic Medium, but I could also understand getting a male medium to play with people's expectations, since all of the best-known mediums in real-life and in fiction are stereotypically female.

Finally, since the kid's track has been growing nicely and psychic powers don't necessarily need physical strength, I'd like to see a young iconic. Not necessarily a child, but someone very clearly in the Youth age category. Paizo's been getting better about including children in their adventures and modules, but the inclusion of a true Youth iconic would help cement that inclusion for younger audiences. Plus it would give them a literal poster child for the kids track.

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Cthulhudrew wrote:

Brandon linked to Knowdirection's podcast of the announcement above, but just listening to it, this is what was said:

- Spiritualists, Mediums, Telepaths
- Chakras, Ectoplasm
- Somewhere in the book will be a magic item akin to a tinfoil hat

Hopefully more when/if the podcast of the design session goes up! :D

It'll be up. Ryan and Perram working on it. Apparently their new equipment makes better quality recordings, but those recordings have a higher file size which makes them take longer to upload.

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It is worded poorly, but when I read it I assumed that the bonus it was talking about was from studied target, not every bonus you get.

It doesn't say that it doubles all bonuses to damage and it prefaces the sentence with the studied target bit, after all.

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I felt pretty mobile on my swashbuckler.

Granted, it was because I ran past a trog, provoked an attack of opportunity from it purposefully, spent a panache point to parry it, killed it with a riptose, and then continued on to attack my actual target.

It was fun, actually.

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Now that the kitsune are legal in Pathfinder Society and my plans for World Domination got one step closer all of you newbie kitsune players might be sitting out there wondering, "Just how do I make this character more than a human in a fur suit? What sort of motivations do these fox folk have?" Those of you in home games might even be wishing that there was a way that you (yes, you!) could more effectively build a Nine-Tailed kitsune or add kitsune subraces to your campaign world.

Well, look no further! Everyman Gaming, LLC's got you covered with the all-new Kitsune Compendium. 29 gorgeous pages of information about Pathfinder's very own race of natural shapechangers. Here's a taste of some of the goodies you'll find waiting for you in the Kitsune Compendium:

  • Detailed descriptions of important aspects of kitsune life and culture including their ecology, psychology, architecture, languages, nations, and more!
  • 16 all-new alternate racial traits.
  • New Favored Class Options for 24 base/core/hybrid classes. (That's all classes up to the Advanced Class Guide that aren't covered in the Advanced Race Guide!)
  • A dozen new archetypes, both for kitsune and characters who associate with them.
  • A smattering of witch hexes, rogue talents, and bardic masterpieces.
  • New feats that epitomize kitsune combat psychology.
  • A new subsystem for shapechangers of all kinds called remedial shapechanging that allows shapechangers to use their polymorphic powers to heal minor injuries.
  • And much, much more!

Click the link to check out the Kitsune Compendium's product page!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Well, its not a Paizo book but it might be the closest we get to a full 30-ish pages devoted on the topic of the kitsune player race.


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Alex Smith 908 wrote:
Samy wrote:
Matthias wrote:
That said, I am super excited about 1st party psionics!
If Paizo is 1st party and Dreamscarred is 3rd party, then who's the 2nd party?
I believe 2nd party means the primary party owns a significant stake in the production of a semi-independent company. Thus Dragon magazine during 3.5 could have been seen as 2nd party 3.5 D&D. Hal Laboratories would be 2nd party to Nintendo, etc. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

You are correct.

But Dudemeister's grammar joke was funnier than your accurate knowledge of business terms.

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Ssalarn wrote:
Secret Wizard wrote:

Fated Champion > Vanilla Skald.

Daring Champion Cavalier > Swashbuckler.
I'd dare say the two Fighter Archetypes are also a must.
Oh yeah, Mutation Warrior is a big upgrade on the core Fighter. I was a big fan of the fact that the two archetypes stack with each other, so I can mutate my body and my fighting style.

Martial Master also stacks with Lore Warden, which makes for an amazing combo.

That said, loosing Weapon Training is actually a big deal for the fighter. Each loss is, on average, a 5% less chance to hit with your favored weapon types, plus less damage. For anyone worried about the slayer outdamaging the fighter, taking Martial Master does NOT help. (Especially because it drops the fighter's kickass capstone.)

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I think it is interesting that the two posters above me (Zola and Skeld) basically identify both sides of the "Uses per Day" discussion.

On one hand, having limited availability in a given timeframe allows for resource management, which is a part of any game. All games have resources to be managed, because that's whether the fun lies. When you're playing Minecraft, durability and material availability are your resources. When you're playing Fallout 3, your resources are your encumbrance and ammunition. Pathfinder is a game predominately about conflict and combat, so most of the resource management that you see involves that type of play. For example, there are more combat-driven spells in the game than otherwise.

On the other hand, this type of restriction is often applied in places where it may not make mechanical sense. For instance, why can I only challenge 1 creature to duel per day as a cavalier? The flavor (I am focusing my attention on one specific target) doesn't quite match the mechanic (I can only do this a limited number of times each day).

Now, as for whether or not this is a problem with Paizo's game design. I'm going to argue that no, its not. What may be a problem, however, is the lack of flavor that accompanies most of the Core Line classes. But you don't need to look much farther than the ACG Kneejerk thread to see why the Core Rulebook line works very hard to try to keep flavor statements and mechanics statements separated. I'm referring to Pummeling Style, where the big question at the moment is whether or not that style works with all weapons or just unarmed strikes. The problem is the mixing of a flavor statement and a mechanics statement. There isn't really a good product to talk about the in-world justification for some of the mechanics, though.

As a final point, a good game designer knows that once an initial idea is settled upon the mechanics should come before the flavor. Flavor is malleable (especially when that flavor comes from the Core Rulebook line). Mechanics are not.

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Crisischild wrote:
100% of swashbucklers are going to be humans or half-elves with a bastard sword or a katana.

The wonderful thing about generalizations is that the moment one person speaks up and contradicts a generalization, its wrong!

I'm a kitsune flying blade swashbuckler in PFS. My character is a tappenyaki (Hibachi) chef that uses his knives to kill his food and then prepare it for the party.

So far, I've have the pleasure of cooking:
— Snake Rolls (Giant Desert Snake + Desert Oasis Lotuses)
— Thunder Lizard Roll (Shocker Lizard with Spicy Giant Spider on top)
— Hibachi Canine (Wild Dog served with a side of race and diced vegetables)

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I blame Cosmo for the Ice Water Bucket challenge.

You sick, sick [John Snow].

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John Kretzer wrote:

So my friend went to Gencon like he always does...I asked him to pick me a signed copy of the Advanced Class Guide. I always ask him to do this with Pazio's Gencon release.

So I finally get in touch with him and he says he could not get it as it sold out too quick.

So I am blaming Cosmo for my friend's failure in getting me a signed copy of the Advance Class Guide.

Luckily you can always buy a copy online and send it with your friend to GenCon next year to get it signed. Unless Jason, Logan, Stephen, and Mark's hands are all mysteriously chopped off at the same time. Which would probably be Cosmo's fault.

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My favorite combo involves several archetype combinations: Lore Warden (Fighter) and Martial Master (Fighter).

Lore Warden is best known for giving Combat Expertise and a scaling bonus on combat maneuver checks to the player for free. It does not replace Weapon Training or Weapon Mastery, which Martial Master does.

In effect, you can spend all of your fighter bonuses feats on whatever you want and use your "free feats" from Martial Flexibility in order to pick up whatever Combat Maneuver feats you happen to want. This works for nearly all of the combat maneuvers, with the exception of Bull Rush and Grapple. Grapple is a bit harder, since you'll have to take a feat that no one really wants to take (Improved Unarmed Strike) to use it initially but Improved Bull Rush requires Power Attack, which you were probably going to take anyway.

That way, there's no complaining that Improved / Greater Trip aren't always useful. Now you have them whenever you want them. Never more often.

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So basically, if I'm reading this right, a semi-automatic weapon can make one extra attack during a full-round action as if you were using Rapid Shot, and if you actually have Rapid Shot it can instead make two extra attacks, abet at a –6 penalty on all attack rolls made during the round.

Sound about right to anyone?

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Guys, guys. Don't bother quoting anything it says. You'll just get your post purged from having been tainted by its negativity. I'd be surprised if its posts lasted until morning against Chris's orbital bombardment Internet canon.

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Arachnofiend wrote:
If Sacred Geometry isn't a valid argument, is the fact that a Nature Oracle can now get literally everything except HP from charisma? Oracles have divine grace in-class now, and that came in the same book as Slashing Grace and was approved by the same people. The Gnomes are celebrating while the Halflings weep.

Pfft, of course the nature mystery oracle can get Charisma to hp. You just need to kill her and raise her from the dead as a lich. Undead get Charisma to hp as a racial trait.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I was going to save this for an upcoming Iconic Design, but I think it might help clarify why Dex-to-Damage is on slashing weapons only.

Zorro, arguably the most iconic "swashbuckler-type" characters in modern fantasy, has a feat chain that probably looks like this:
— Swashbuckler's Finesse (class feature), Weapon Focus: Rapier (1st Level), Weapon Versatility (Rapier) (Human)
— Slashing Grace (3rd Level)

When I think of Zorro doing crazy bouts of finesse with his rapier, he's always doing it with quick slashes, not thrusts. A thrust (which is what a piercing weapon represents) would require some strength behind it in order to, you know, pierce someone. Same with bludgeoning weapons; those require some muscle in order to hurt someone.

But a slashing weapon? Yeah, I could see you doing more damage to someone with a slashing weapon by being quicker and more agile. While it might not be the most optimized feat chain in the world, I think it makes a lot of sense and Weapon Versatility (Undead Slayer's Handbook) provides a fairly solid workaround for most weapons.

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Tels wrote:

Alexander Augunas wrote:
The bonus provided by Enfilading Fire is not a flanking bonus, and is therefore incompatible with outflank or the menacing property.
You're right, it's not, specifically, a flanking bonus, but read the feat.

It's cheesy because you are ignoring the flanking rules: the flanking bonus only applies on melee attacks. It is part of the core rules in the Core Rulebook, and as noted Enfiladating Fire does not modify the types of attacks that flanking bonuses apply to. Even when you attack an adjacent creature with a ranged weapon, you are not making a melee attack. For that reason, Outflank and menacing of nothing for a ranged weapon hunter.

If your situation, you would have a +6 flanking bonus with the spiked gauntlet, but not the bow. You can't flank with a bow, even with Enfiladating Fire.

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Hrothdane wrote:

A square is a glorified archetype of a rectangle.

Actually, the square is a hybrid class of the rectangle class and the rhombus class.


A rectangle is any quadrilateral that has four sides, all of which have right angles.
A rhombus is any quadrilateral that has four sides, all of which are equal in length.
A square is any quadrilateral that has four sides, all of which have right angles and are equal in length.

Nerf squares.

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This is just my opinion, but I think that the strength of this class is going to depend on the new teamwork feats available in the Advanced Class Guide. Just like the strength of the fighter depends on combat feats.

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Question: What's stopping me from keeping my animal companion dead and reaping four succulent benefits? How does that ability work?

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I think I'm just going to sit in my chair and wait.






I see you, little parcel. I know you're out there.


Eh he he heh.

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Mythic JMD031 wrote:
I blame Cosmo for Legolas being all Legolasy in the Hobbit movies.

I thank Cosmo for Orlando Bloom (Legolas's actor) punching Justin Beiber in the face.

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I wonder if ray of funshine is going to be a new spell in the Advanced Class Guide Adventure Path.

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I love this thread.

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Duelist gets an interesting boost from the Advanced Class Guide's swashbuckler class. The two class's precise strike damage stack, although taking the PrC does reduce the amount of extra damage that you receive from spending grit to double your swashbuckler bonus damage. On the other hand, you gain the duelist's ability independently of panache.

Furthermore, the swashbuckler has an easier time meeting the duelist's prerequisites since it gets Weapon Finesse for free. As a human, you could meet the duelist's feat prerequisites as a 1st-level human if you wanted to. Furthermore, you add your Intelligence modifier to your AC passively and you can spend panache to add your Charisma modifier to your AC against an attack.

Duelist is still a great Prestige Class. Between Slashing Grace and the supposed Dex-to-damage feat that they say is coming in this book, the Duelist is standing to get a LOT better, too.

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I blame Cosmo for my GM not communicating to us that he intended our goblin paladin's journey to collect his followers to be a full side adventure.

We needed to be fast, since Dreszen could have been attacked at any moment. Rather than move all of our mythic party's forces away from our newly conquered holding, I suggested that only two of us leave to collect the goblins. It was just going to be a few days of walking, right?

Wrong. The GM had planned a whole encounter for us. An encounter balanced around there being a full Mythic party in attendance. We won, of course, but the followers we had travelled to collect nearly died in the process and the entire engagement took about three hours of us tactically decimating our enemies.

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MMCJawa wrote:
Unless WOTC changes their business model from 4E/3E, they are probably pretty going to outpace Paizo on rules and character options.

There are plenty of hints that Wizards is still going to focus on Crunch as their game's selling point. For example, what's the #1 reason that Paizo can afford to make their Core Rulebook products available for free online? Their flagship product isn't part of the Core line. When you get down to it, Paizo products two to three Core line products per year. They make their bank on the Golarion setting in the form of APs, Player Companions, and Campaign Setting products. You'll note that Paizo has a much more aggressive release schedule with those products.

On the other hand, we still haven't heard anything from Wizards of the Coast in regards to 5E's OGL (if one will exist at all) and they seem more than willing to commission 3PP to product their APs rather than develop them in house themselves. (I think Kobold Press wrote their first one, right?)

While I'm certainly not qualified to judge either company's business plan for certain, both company's release schedules and OGL policies seem to indicate what each company is focusing on as its primary revenue generator.

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That's funny; I have notes on publishing something similar.

At least no one will be able to say that familiars aren't well-supported!

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Tels wrote:
Wasted wrote:
How do you overcome the penalties for dealing non-lethal damage with a lethal weapon, though? Assuming you're playing Kenshin and not the Battousai, that is.

There are a couple ways, the most obvious being the Merciful weapon property that he can use. Another is the Blade of Mercy trait, and would kind of fit in with his theme of trying to redeem himself for the evils he did during the war (Blade of Mercy being a Saranrae trait if I recall).

I know there are a host of other ways, but I can't recall them at the moment. Anyway, I'm pretty sure I'll go with the Blade of Mercy Trait for him.


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Ryuko wrote:
Really? The character seems quite lawful to me. His duty is to the church and he finds it hard to abandon orders even when its against his gods teachings. That's hella lawful. Dunno if I'd put him at lawful good, nuetral good or lawful nuetral though.

If he was Good, he would have heeded Kyra's advice and spared the paladin in the face of undeniable proof of his reform regardless of whether he was Lawful Good or Neutral Good. If he took the paladin's life anyway, that would be Lawful Neutral.

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Oooh! That was SO good!

I wonder what he chose; I'm optimistic and hoping he chose to spare the paladin.

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John Kretzer wrote:
Alexander Augunas wrote:
Only two posts? I guess taking all the world's blame in exchange for getting kitsune as a PFS race was TOTALLY worth it.
I Blame Cosmo for Kitsune becoming a PFS race.

I blame Cosmo for not having invented a device that allows me to punch John through the Internet without any reciprocations or repercussions.

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