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Golden-Esque's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 764 posts (4,581 including aliases). 38 reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 4 Pathfinder Society characters. 4 aliases.

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Barachiel Shina wrote:


Can an Unchained Monk qualify for Drunken Master archetype? I have a player who wants to play Unchained but also wants the Drunken Master archetype. Is it possible?

No. I sat down the other day to figure out it for myself; the only archetypes from the Core Rulebook line that are still compatible with the Unchained Monk are the master of many styles and the sensei. The reason? Both archetypes don't trade any of the monk class features that were either A) bumped back a level or B) transformed into ki powers.

That said, I sat down and took Mark's "Unchain everything!" message to heart. I just finished writing unchained monk versions of all of the Core Rulebook-line monk archetypes. As soon as I can get some art together for it, I'm going to publish it as an Everyman Gaming product. (I'm shooting for early May.)

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Let it goooooooo! Let it gooooooo! Can't chain it back any-more!
Let it goooooooo! Let it gooooooo! Make this joke forevermore!

I don't care if it gets me baaaaaannnnned

I need to make this JOOOOOOOOOOOKE!


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Barachiel Shina wrote:
This should be Fighter only, but instead every class, once again, gets to "play with the Fighter's toys." Fighter's don't really have anything unique and extremely good only for them, and that which puts them more on par with all the other martial classes. The book says classes can take a feat to get into the Stamina system. I say they should never have even stated that, actually, they should have rewritten the Fighter with the Stamina system built into it, just like how the Skill Unlock is built into the Unchained Rogue.

A) The fighter didn't need the rewrite. It only needed that one line because the Stamina Pool is exactly what the fighter needs.

B) It doesn't matter if other characters can train into the Stamina Pool; the fighter is inherently better at it than any other class. Other characters had to spend a feat to get the Stamina Pool, which means they're at 9 feats + bonuses from class or race, tops. The fighter spends nothing for the Stamina Pool, plus they have the full 10 feats from character advancement, 11 feats as bonus feats, with an extra feat if you're human.

If you REALLY want to be sick, you'll grab the lore warden and martial master archetypes; lore warden gives you ANOTHER free feat and martial laster allows you to grab whatever combat feat(s) you want, when you want it with martial flexibility.

The Stamina Pool is only as good as the number of feats that you have, and the fighter ROCKS those feats.

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Do you know what the best part of Pathfinder Unchained is? The part that NO ONE has mentioned yet?

Publishers, freelancers, developers, and designers everywhere, rejoice, for the monk has been unchained from the formatting convention that mandated that the word "ki" be italicized each time it is used.

Thank you, PDT. Thank you SO much....

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Third Mind wrote:
I can understand wanting to limit it. I just found it odd that it was limited when one couldn't even get a feat normally I guess, such as 7th level.

Originally, the occultist got a bonus occult feat at 6th level. The assumption was that you could pick Reserve Spirit with your bonus feat at 6th level before anyone else could. I'll likely go and update the level prerequisite so the occultist qualifies at 5th level instead, mainly so I don't screw over the mascareri prestige class.

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At any rate, I want to thank the Pathfinder Design Team for allowing me to make a character that I never knew I wanted: a kitsune unchained summoner with a vulpinal eidolon who multiclasses into witch with the variant multiclassing rules for a fox familiar.

Three foxes, one character sheet.

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Mark Seifter wrote:
Mr. Augunas's grammar skills have proven superior, and he has correctly deduced the answer you seek.

I need to copy this and hang it up in my classroom.

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The answer about the unchained monk, flurry of blows, and Two-Weapon Fighting is, "no." The text clearly includes this line: "He takes no penalty for using multiple weapons when making a flurry of blows, but he does not gain any additional attacks beyond what's already granted by the flurry for doing so. (He can still gain additional attacks from a high base attack bonus, from this ability, and from haste and similar effects."

The confusing part seems to be that "from haste and similar effects," bit. It sounds like someone thought that meant, "Anything similar to any of the things that I've listed." However, thanks to that lovely comma, its actually saying "and from haste or any effect that is similar to haste." Examples would be the speed special weapon ability. Otherwise, it completely and unquestionably cuts out Two-Weapon Fighting, its later iterations, and Rapid Shot.

Of course, I'm not a designer so I could be wrong, but grammatically I'm right. ;-)

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bookrat wrote:

Based on folks' experience with pact magic, what would you say the power level of the occultist class is compared to Paizo classes? Would it be equivalent to a wizard, cleric, Druid, or some other class? Would you call it one of the top tier classes?

If a character wanted nothing more than power, the best current option would be the wizard. Would the occultist using pact magic be able to honestly compete?

This is a tough question. For one, it is EXTREMELY difficult to compare occultists to, say, standard spellcasters because they don't use the same resources. Occultists are about the long-haul, so an occultist isn't going to need to stop and rest as much as a spellcaster would. (They have use/day abilities, but they're usually the exception, not the rule.)

In terms of power, I would say that the occultist is very comparable to a witch/cleric hybrid class; they have the awesome supernatural powers of the witch combined with a few limited use abilities and the capability to be decent at martial fighting. I the occultist is more versatile than the witch, but less versatile than the cleric and again, not as good at nova-ing. The class itself is really designed to be a sort of supernatural bard as well; a jack-of-all-trades class that can fulfill any role based upon the daily needs. But they don't really have the group-buffing power of the bard and while they're good at knowledges, they don't have the sheer skill versatility of the bard either.

I would place them around the witch's power level; better in some situations, worse in others.

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It is difficult to say what class combinations will win out the most when we don't even know what the variant multiclassing rules are. Mark's paragraph is basically an elevator pitch, not a comprehensive mechanical treatise.

Speculation is fun, but let's not go on a character-building-rampage without anyone having actually seen what the option gives you. I like speculation, but it makes me sad when people's expectations aren't met.

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Mark Seifter wrote:
Yes, in general concealment does negate all kinds of precision damage, unless you have a special ability that particularly says otherwise like the Shadow Strike feat or the Unchained rogue’s sneak attack.

Does this mean that, say, the investigator's studied combat/studied strike and the swashbuckler's precise strike deed can't work against targets with concealment?

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Thanks for the review, Erik!

One feat does seem oddly worded. Two-Weapon Panache allows you to use a light or one-handed piercing melee weapon in your off hand while using the precise strike deed, but at the same time doesn't allow you to deal the extra precision damage granted by the precise strike deed. The Improved Two-Weapon Panache feat remedies this, but the working on the first feat still feels odd. Maybe the intent was that you couldn't spend a panache point to double the normal damage with it?

Basically, with the standard swashbuckler attacking with a weapon in the off-hand "turns off" precise strike deed, as in none of your attacks get the damage bonus. The first feat in the chain is designed to TWF, just without the bonus damage on the off-hand attack. Taking the second feat allows you to deal the extra damage in-full. Its a design choice that respects Paizo's concern regarding TWF and swashbuckler damage without making the fighting style completely worthless. It lets you play the iconic rapier-and-dagger duelist while making that concept rightfully difficult to get.

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pauljathome wrote:
Am I the only one who thinks that this is likely to lead to a LOT of power creep?

The price of one or more feats has always lead to multi classing versatility; you can see it in Shapeshifting Hunter, for example.

Sure, beefing up the ftr is no huge deal. But do druids really need to be able to rage? Do wizards and clerics need more options?

Clerics and druids have 10 feats, the ones from character advancement. Wizards have 14. Add +1 to those numbers if your character is human. I would argue that this benefits clerics, wizards, and druids the LEAST because a feat is a much rarer resource to those classes.


ACG made it very clear that what Paizo considers balanced is very different from what I considered balanced (I think there's a lot of power creep in that book).

At the moment I'm hoping that little of this is made PFS legal. But I expect that the new classes, feats, multiclassing, etc will be legal. And the power level will be ratched up at least a couple more notches.

And your basing your opinion on an elevator pitch on a preview blog. At least wait until the book's in your lap or on your doorstep before slinging design insults at the PDT.

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Eric Hinkle wrote:

Good luck with that. If I may make the suggestion, Racial Compendiums covering the Nagaji and Wayangs might go better before doing the Tengu, as they seem to have gotten some attention already from the other 3rd party folks, while the Nagaji and Wayangs are all but ignored.

And for background info on the Nagaji, you might want to look at Southeast Asian myth and history; the rulers of places like Cambodia and Thailand were supposed to be descended from the serpent-kings, the nagas, and a LOT of their myth is bound up in that. Heh, I'm imagining a Nagaji Angkor Wat among others.

Whatever you do, I'll be looking forward to buying it. And I hope you also keep going with the non-Tian races material like Leadership Handbook and Psychological Combat; I love those PDFs.

That's the plan. I'm way more interested in doing Nagaji and Wayang because there's so little about them.

As an aside, in my home campaign, the nagaji are just called the "ji," because the naga used their mystical powers to go into a deep hibernation during a cataclysmic event and left their nagaji servants to die in the over world. Only they didn't, and they renounced the naga after surviving the cataclysm.

(Note that this won't be the direction that I take them in for an EMG product, only how I've used them in the past.)

I'm studying a lot of Sanskirt (Phillipine Islands and Southeast Asia) for the Wayang, because even though shadow puppets became popular in India, they migrated to those islands and evolved into what they are today there. For nagaji, a lot of Hindu and Taoist mythology; a little more Taoist, honestly, because they originated in Southeastern Asia (where Taoism originally developed) and Hinduism developed them afterwards, although they appear in a lot of myths with the Bhuddha.

That said, I tried/am trying to focus on different cultures/mythologies for each race. Thusly:

— Kitsune (Mostly Japanese, with hints of Chinese, Korean, and Inuit flavor.)
— Samsarans (Strongly Hindu)
— Wayang (Mostly Sanskirt, with hints of Indian flavor)
— Nagaji (Strongly Taoist, with hints of Hindu, Sanskirt, and Egyptian flavor)

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Eric Hinkle wrote:
Alexander Augunas wrote:
Luthorne wrote:
Alrighty, I presume they just needed the non-mythic versions of the feats to take the mythic version?


And the only other thing I recall making me raise an eyebrow where Kyr'shin the kitsune cavalier got sneak attack from, but I decided he must have just taken a level of rogue at some point. =p
That story is actually directly lifted from a campaign that I played in with the Psychological Combat rules. I only call him a cavalier because that's what he self-identifies as. I actually wrote an iconic design article about his build, which you can read here.
I love the comments we get in several of the PDFs you wrote where it says that Kyr'shin the Kitsune became a king over humans. That must have been a heck of a story.

Yeah, its a funny, longish story.

Basically, Kyr'shin was sent to this little jungle village that had fallen off of the map when everyone died to Jungle fever by his adopted, noble father (an elf). After figuring out that the village was now overrun with vegepygmies, Kyr'shin and his party fled and went to seek the help of a small regiment of hobgoblins that was living in the jungle. These hobgoblins are called Legionary Hobgoblins because they're the descendants of hobgoblin POW that were breed and trained from birth to serve as elite soldiers for a neighboring human kingdom, When the people decided that doing so was unethical, they ordered their hobgoblins to march into the jungle to fight an enemy that they couldn't beat (the military equivalent of abandoning your dog in a nearby forest or something). After a major battle with that enemy (jungle elves), the broken remains of the legion settled throughout the area and were slowly dying off due to malnutrition. The hobgoblin shamans, however, issued a prophecy that someone was going to come and unite them and restore their military greatness. Kyr'shin ended up fulfilling that prophecy, and he and his party used the hobgoblins to wipe out the vegepygmy hordes.

Shortly after, the party oracle (who's going to be featured in an upcoming product) used an ancient scrying pool that's basically a carnivorous blob to divine the location of an entire clan of kitsune who were being subjugated by cyclops. Living up north (the equivalent of Northeast Territories in Canada), Kyr'shin had never met another kitsune before, and they resumed a member of that very clan from slavers while searching for the hobgoblins. The party beat the cyclopses, rescued the clan, and brought them back to their new settlement.

A lot of time passed after that; about nine months or so. The party began building up the town, and as they did people from other neighboring nations started settling there. (Likely because as far as we know, we're the only Good-aligned settlement in the region.) Prior to this point, Kyr'shin acted more like a governor/mayor than a king, but when an adult green dragon swooped down and attacked the village, the dragon asked him why he wasn't flying (I had rolled a natural 20 against frightening presence), Kyr'shin replied, "A king must defend his castle," meaning to say that one must protect what's his. Well, a good number of villagers heard him say that and after he and the party tracked the dragon down to its lair and slew it, taking its treasures and donating a sizable amount to the village, they decided that yeah, Kyr'shin SHOULD be king. So they started calling him the king, thus making him king of a very small kingdom.

In our last game, the nation has grown to the point where he has several regiments of hobgoblins has his military (two or three armies), a decently mixed population that mostly consists of jungle elves, hobgoblins, and kitsune, and plans to start building more villages to help the kingdom expand further.

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Thanael wrote:
Alexander Augunas wrote:
I want to do more Racial Compendiums, and I'm trying to hit all of the Tian Xia races so I can eventually compile them into a bigger print product. That's my current Everyman Gaming goal; to make this awesome racial ecology print book on the Tian Xia races. Its going to take me a LONG time to get there, though, considering that it takes me a couple months per race to research AND I have the Grimoire of Lost Souls on my plate at the moment.
It's a great idea to flesh out that niche. What races can we look forward to then ?

I'm still figuring out how I want to handle it.

If I can put together the resources, what I'd REALLY like to do is run a Kickstarter that would include Kitsune, Nagaji, Samsarans, and Wayang, with stretch goals for Tengu and Ratfolk. If I can't get that together, then I'd want to do Nagaji and Wayang next, then take a break to do some more original content before tackling Ratfolk. Tengu aren't high on my list of To-Dos because they're a legacy race (from 3rd Edition, perhaps earlier) and JBE just did a big book of Tengu stuff, which I've heard is pretty good.

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ericthecleric wrote:
Binding check math.

Absolutely not.

Dario and I balanced spirit binding DCs assuming that it is difficult for at-level PCs to earn capstone empowerments. If we wanted you to have them all the time, we would have just given them to you. (And true, there are magic items and feats that make capstone empowerments easier to get; they simply don't automatically ensure that you'll be suffering the spirit's personality influence.)

In short, we EXPECT the occultist to have to suffer the personality influence, and possibly show the spirit's physical sign. Hiding and dealing with those sort of repercussions is what makes pact magic what it is, and that's the whole point of the feel of the class. That's what separates our occultist from Occult Adventure's medium. If you as a binder (whether NPC or PC) are not investing your resources into ways that make pactmaking easier, then that's on you. Those options exist for a reason, and what you're describing in terms of difficulty is intentional.

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
Alexander Augunas wrote:
Set wrote:
Lanitril wrote:
While we're at it, let's just give everybody an extra two skill points. Lol.

I don't really think the folk who already have 4, 6 or 8 skill points really need any more than that. It's just the Cleric, Fighter, Paladin, Sorcerer, etc. with their 2 skill points per level that seem to be falling short.

It was even more off-kilter in 3.X, where a Cleric with the Trickery Domain gained three additional class skills, which he'd never be able to use anyway...

Personally, I think that skill point progressions should mirror Hit Die progressions. 6 (cleric/fighter/etc) is lowest, 12 (rogue) is highest.
Thats too many really. once you pass 8 or 9 skill points you're kinda throwing them into fluff skills after that.

Perfect. You SHOULD be able to take fluff skills.

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Set wrote:
Lanitril wrote:
While we're at it, let's just give everybody an extra two skill points. Lol.

I don't really think the folk who already have 4, 6 or 8 skill points really need any more than that. It's just the Cleric, Fighter, Paladin, Sorcerer, etc. with their 2 skill points per level that seem to be falling short.

It was even more off-kilter in 3.X, where a Cleric with the Trickery Domain gained three additional class skills, which he'd never be able to use anyway...

Personally, I think that skill point progressions should mirror Hit Die progressions. 6 (cleric/fighter/etc) is lowest, 12 (rogue) is highest.

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Vic Wertz wrote:
Alexander Augunas wrote:
1) We heard back at GenCon and in various other interviews that an attempt was made at keeping the Unchained classes compatible with as many of those class's existing classes as possible. What's the status on this; does the Unchained Classes Chapter talk about how these classes interact with archetypes?
It does. (And that's about all we're going to say on that topic for the moment!)

You tease! :-P

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Thanks to our wonderful backers, we generated almost 400% of our stretch goal, and now Dario and I are ready to begin the Backer Playtest for the Grimoire of Lost Souls!

Please use this forum thread to keep all of your questions, observations, and feedback consolidated. Please do not e-mail Alex or Dario with specific questions; if you want a timely answer, this is the best place to place your question.

So, what sort of feedback are we looking for?
1) Class Feedback: How do the classes look, both on paper and at the table. How do the pact magic archetypes compare to the standard occultist? How does the standard occultist compare to other Pathfinder RPG base classes? How do occult archetypes compare to their standard classes?

2) Feats: How do the feats compare to the power level of other feats? Are they fun/interesting/exciting? What feats do you really look forward to getting? What feels feel more like a feat tax?

3) Pactmaking: Are the packmaking rules clear and concise? Do you still have any other questions about the pactmaking process or binding in general after reading this section? If so, what?

4) Spirits: Are the spirits balanced against one another? Are there any unclear spirits or abilities in the document? Do all of the spirits feel fun, unique, and flavorful?

5) Spells: Are the spells clear and concise? Do they feel balanced against spells from the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook? Do you feel as though there are any iconic pact magic spells missing from the section?

As the playtest progresses, we'll continue to add more chapters to the playtest document for you to look at. Enjoy the playtest, and thanks for participating!

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Third Mind wrote:
Alexander Augunas wrote:
I'm not going to be very present in this forum for the next few days because of the work I need to do getting the survey and V1 of the Backer Playtest document together. Currently, v1 is going to consist of Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Chapter 7 (Prestige Classes), Chapter 8 (Pact Magic Realms), and Chapter 9 (Esoteria) will not be in the initial document because they aren't finished yet.
I realize you may not see this for a bit, but would one of those 6 chapters perhaps include magic items appropriate for occultists?

After some brief conversation, Dario and I shuffled the Chapter numbers around from what my previous post implied. This is what they look like now.

Chapter 7 is done, so that might be included in the Backer Playtest Document, V1.

Chapter 1 — Classes
Chapter 2 — Feats
Chapter 3 — Pactmaking
Chapter 4 — Spirits
Chapter 5 — Spells
Chapter 6 — Prestige Classes
Chapter 7 — Magic Items
Chapter 8 — Occult Realms
Chapter 9 — Esoteria

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Combat Expertise is plenty useful if you're playing a character who focuses more on offense than defense.

The problem with Combat Expertise is that it has so many feats that build off of it flavor-wise ("Combat Expertise" is a very broad name) but not mechanically. That isn't a problem with the mechanics, however. It is perfectly balanced for what it does, and it boosts AC quite effectively.

So yeah, don't hate on Combat Expertise mechanically because you don't like how it is connected to other feats in terms of prerequisites.

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Silver Griffin wrote:
We have over 250 likes on the Facebook page & are $ 1,800 dollars over the amount. That means Dario is going to be providing 90 + pages of world building stuff is going to be added. Maybe some of the stuff can get more than 2 pages.

We got to 250 backers, so I'm adding several Lovecraft organizations. (Mostly cults; I'll have the full list up soon-ish.) Dario is adding a two-page spread for every 40 PEOPLE above 250 we get. The way the calculations work, $40 = 1 person, so $1,800 is effectively 45 extra people. Right now, that means one additional spread has been unlocked.

But don't fret, there will be ways during the Backer Playtest to increase the effective member count, and if we get more members during the playtest that number will rise as well.

I'm not going to be very present in this forum for the next few days because of the work I need to do getting the survey and V1 of the Backer Playtest document together. Currently, v1 is going to consist of Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Chapter 7 (Prestige Classes), Chapter 8 (Pact Magic Realms), and Chapter 9 (Esoteria) will not be in the initial document because they aren't finished yet.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

We've broken through $9,000! You guys must REALLY want Dario to write more content for the book. (I'm sure he's thrilled. ;-] )

Less than 24 hours to snag this product at the special Kickstarter price!

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Mark Seifter wrote:

Hey guys,

There was a preview on the docket for earlier this week, but due to the recent tragedy, you'll most likely see that next week instead.

Mike deserved that blog space. It was for the best that he got it.

I'll be looking forward to the preview next week. I'm on Spring Break, so I'll get to be nice and relaxed while reading my first weekly dose of teasers. ;-)

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Luthorne wrote:
By the way, how long after the Kickstarter is over will it be before we get the playtest materials? I'm working on an occultist character for an upcoming game, but not sure if I should delay a bit for the playtest materials, or just make an occultist with current material and then update when I get the playtest materials come out...

I was planning on releasing Chapters 1 through 4 within a week of the Kickstarter ending. That's the classes chapter (Chapter 1), the feats chapter (Chapter 2), the pact basics chapter (Chapter 3), and the spirits chapter (Chapter 4). The new Chapter 7 (the one that was unlocked as a stretch goal) is not ready yet, and there are a couple sections in Chapter 5 and Chapter 8 that aren't finished. Chapter 6 is technically done, but it would feel weird to be if I released Chapter 6 but not Chapter 5.

Everything except what I've noted is done and has been play tested by Amora Game, so I really only need the feedback from the backers at this point, anyway. Those first four chapters are the most "sensitive" in terms that bad stuff'll happen if those aren't balanced well. (Which they are, of course, but the more eyes the merrier. Something might not be worded very well or whatnot. ;-))

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So clearly yesterday's article theme was, "Alexander Augunas," wasn't it Endzeitgeist? Not that I'm complaining in this case. ;-)

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Since APs never assume that APs have happened, I'd imagine that Hell's Rebels might have huge ramifications for YOUR Cheliax, but not for Cheliax as it stands in the setting.

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Duiker wrote:
Hi, I'm the guy before the guy who pushed it over $6000 (I think it went to $5990 or so after mine. Anyway, I just wanted to make sure I pledged right for what I want. I wanted to get the $50 package (print/pdf) plus the Age of Electrotech $17 (print/pdf). So I pledged at the $50 level, and then manually typed in $67 instead of $50 for the amount. There didn't seem to be anywhere to actually select the add-ons, so I just wanted to make sure that I did that right.

Kickstarter actually doesn't have add-on managing infrastructure built into its coding despite how integral to the experience add-ons have become. Dario and I will be sending out a survey after the Kickstarter ends to allow backers to finalize their orders. In the meantime, you did everything correctly.

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LoneKnave wrote:
Which kinda begs the question: why tell people that you don't have an issue with something? What could that possibly achieve?

As others have said, this is why.

I'm not saying that you specifically have said anything negative in this thread, LoneKnave (I've been skimming through it at best and don't really know what has and hasn't been said yet), but it is important to practice positive communication even when you're feeling negative, especially when you're communicating across the internet. I feel that some major gaming industries have fostered a mentality that its acceptable to say rude, derogatory things online because "It's OK if you act toxically because that just tells us that you care," when in reality those comments hurt the people they're directed at psychologically. To some of the folks at Paizo, there's a fairly good chance that they're feeling as demoralized by the people on the boards as you might feel after getting a verbal scolding from your boss at work. Except that veil of ambiguity that makes so many people feel invincible online works both ways; it makes people on the receive end feel as though the entire world feels the same way. Even the most confident person crumbles to that sort of assault sooner or later.

To many people in the community, combating this negativity is important. To be blunt, we don't want to be marginalized and placed in the same consumer base as the people who are making some of the truly horrible remarks at specific Paizo employees and Paizo in general. Personally, I'm with many people in this thread: I'm getting antsy for the Advanced Class Guide errata too. But I (like many others, I'm sure) don't want all this negativity associated with my identity.

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Here's hoping that while Jason is away, the other designers will play ... with the PDT account and publish EXTRA FAQs in his absence!

Seriously, though, this is a good chance. I have a friend who's been wanting to play this archetype forever, but weird words' original wording was holding him back. Looking forward to seeing what gets clarified next.

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Mark Seifter wrote:
Jiggy wrote:
Mark, what do you think about Chris muscling in on your thread when she already has her own?

I beg her forgiveness! Bwahahaha, that's something that's supposed to happen in her thread, so now we're even!

Also, how long do you predict it will be until Linda gets one, and will you be competing for thread length?
Linda has told me that since she was not really a forum personality before being hired, so people don't know who she is, she is quite confident that she will not get one of these threads for a long time.

You know that by saying this, SOMEONE is going to make an Ask Linda thread now, right? You've sort of doomed her to life as an internet persona .... ;-)

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$6,000! We officially have enough for the color artwork! Now all funds that Dario and I get from here on out go towards improving the quality of that artwork.

Also, thanks to a very generation donation from Jonathan Nelson, I'm pleased to report that I'm able to offer a free 1-month subscription to AdventureAWeek to all Grimoire of Lost Souls backers that pledge $15 or more! Backers don't need to do anything special; you get it for FREE when the Kickstarter ends, as long as you've pledged $15 or more.

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I'm surprised that no one's begun swooning over the new bardic masterpiece in this book. Absolutely, unquestionably, incredibly amazing.

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Aaron Motta wrote:

I get that NPCs "following the rules" is important to some, and while there is nothing wrong with that, it seems unlikely that the players would ever note this discrepancy unless the GM shows them [REDACTED]'s stat-block.

In short, this seems like something best ignored. YMMV.

That's a big assumption to make. I'm a huge kitsune fan / kitsune type player, and I noticed the issue after reading the story plot description because I'm familiar with the feat; I never needed to look at the stat block or the Advanced Race Guide. You might have a similar reaction as I did if a scenario depended upon a dwarf villain automatically finding a secret door made of wood, built into a wooden wall, with his stone cunning racial trait. Good storytelling shouldn't be an excuse to go against the rules, or what's the point of having rules in the first place?

That isn't to say that what's done shouldn't remain done. I've already said that my personal solution is to cite [REDACTED]'s wish bonuses as the source of this peculiarity. I only brought it to PFS's attention because it is a rather glaring issue that will (hopefully) be avoided in the future.

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Silver Griffin wrote:
I know you already have the ergon & ravaged bloodlines for sorcerers, but have you considered having an atlan one as a way to introduce their heritage. Maybe even some feats to build on it (funding permitting) like you did with the demon eyes.

If there's room, maybe. Sorcerers actually get a lot in the Grimoire, as the ergon and ravaged bloodlines actually don't grant the ability to bind spirits anymore; there's a new archetype for that.

Speaking of which I agree with Luthorne & I’m not sure you should keep the name demon eye. I know it’s from the original book but it really gives the wrong impression of them. Especially if you are going to doing the race via racial feats. A feats name really should give a good idea of what it does & not mislead you. I really think you should be calling them either occult eye or spirit blighted eye feats & then mention that people with these afflictions are often accused of being demonic. It would help clarify the feat & the sidebar could keep the flavor.

We are going to have to agree to disagree on this, then.

I’m not sure I agree with the idea that people who bought the occult options pdf will feel that it’s being devalued any more than people who bought the pact magic unbound books would now that the pact magic grimoire book is being made.

I actually had people tell me that much. Ultimately, we'll see. If I have space that needs filling, I'll import more. If I don't, I probably won't.

Speaking as a person who has bought it I can honestly say that I would expect to see all the old stuff you have done show up in this compilation (despite the fact that I am kind of paying for it twice). It’s a much stronger selling point for your book to say it has all my old stuff & more instead of most my old stuff so you have to buy more after getting my compilation book. It’s kind of the nature of things when you use kickstarter to bring out a revised product. You can always send coupons out to people who bought the PDF to the book once the kickstarter is done. It would even help promote it.

The Kickstarter doesn't advertise that, "All the old stuff I've ever done with Pact Magic," is in the compilation. It says right on the tin what you're getting: Vol 1 and Vol 2 plus 120+ pages of NEW stuff. To randomly throw in Occult Options 1 would likely upset some people, and I can understand why. It would also be false advertising. If I'm copy/pasting the material from something I did independently of Radiance House, its not exactly, "new material," Regardless, adding Occult Options isn't something that I'm willing to do unless I decide that I absolutely have to..

Speaking of promoting the book, the only reason I know about the kickstarter is because I saw it on facebook. You should use the list of people who bought products from everyman games from drivethough RPG & send a notice to all of them. Paizo as well if they will let you.

We (Dario and I) did that. Not with Paizo, but with DriveThru. I asked informally if Paizo would promote it; I'm asking formally today. I also did an interview with Pathways Magazine that I'm hoping will help out.

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I have an eventual sequel hook that I'm eventually going to act on called the Economist's Handbook, which deals more with the Downtime System and gives Leadership stuff based on building a business. That's not for a-ways down the road, however.

With that in mind, what other Leadership aspects do you folks find lacking in the Leadership Handbook? I can see about putting together something small in the meantime to address some open holes.

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Third Mind wrote:
Would one of the constellation aspects give dark vision? I know I could probably get it through some of the spirits that shapeshift, but I feel like if I ended up not going with shapeshifters, it'd be a handy option. Especially since I tend to play Humans.

I don't think so. Darkvision is typically valued as a 2nd-level spell.

Other question. Is there a spirit who's main thing is telekinesis use? Just curious.

Yes. Hi'Ryia, a 5th-level Starless spirit.

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To hold you over while we're (hopefully) waiting for Color, here's my draft of the Demon Eye feats that have been unlocked for the Grimoire:


Demon Eye

Prenatal exposure to occult influences has warped you into a demon eye, a deformed child of the spirits.

Prerequisites: Must be taken character level 1st.

Benefit: Select one constellation aspect, chosen from those available to an occultist. Once per day as a standard action, you can open a third eye that protrudes from your forehead in order to activate that constellation aspect, using your character level as your occultist level.

When you select this feat, you gain the occult subtype in addition to your other subtypes and you gain one of the following deformities. Once you select a deformity, you cannot change it later.

Cloven Hooves (Ex) Instead of feet, your legs end in a set of cracked, ugly hooves that restrict your movement. Your base speed is reduced by 10 feet if your base speed is 30 feet or more. If your base speed is less than 30 feet, your speed is reduced by 5 feet instead. Your speed is never reduced by encumbrance.

Spiny Skin (Ex): You possess thick, leathery sinew that is covered in unsightly stubs. You take a –4 penalty on Diplomacy and Handle Animal checks and any animal or person’s initial attitude towards you starts one level lower than normal. You gain a +1 natural armor bonus to your Armor Class.

Misshapen Arm (Ex): One of your arms is disproportionate to the other and ends with a twisted, claw-like appendage. Select one of your hands. You are considered to be one size category smaller when wielding weapons in that hand and any shield bonus that you gain from wielding a shield in that hand is reduced by half (minimum 1). In addition, you take a –4 penalty on attack rolls made with two-handed weapons and on Disable Device and Sleight of Hand skill checks. You gain a slam attack with your chosen hand that deals 1d6 points of damage (or 1d4 if you are Small). Your slam attack can deal bludgeoning damage, slashing damage, or both.


Demon Eye Exemplar

You turn weakness into strength, mastering your deformity for additional benefit.
Prerequisites: Demon Eye, character level 10th.

Benefit: Select one deformity that is listed by the Demon Eye feat. You gain the selected deformity. Alternatively, you can select a deformity that you already possess in order to gain an additional benefit, as described below.

Cloven Hooves (Ex): Your speed is never reduced by armor or encumbrance.
Spiny Skin (Ex): You gain acid resistance 5, cold resistance 5, and fire resistance 5.

Misshapen Arm (Ex): The damage dealt by your slam attack increases to 1d8 if you are Medium or 1d6 if you are Small.

Special: You can select this feat multiple times. Its effects don’t stack. Each time you select this feat, choose a different deformity to gain.


Extra Demon Eye

You can open your third eye more often than other demon eyes.

Prerequisite: Demon Eye.

Benefit: You can use your demon eye to gain your chosen constellation aspect one additional time per day.

Special: This feat can be taken once at 1st level, 6th level, 12th level, and 18th level.

As an aside, there's also going to be a prestige class for characters with the Demon Eye feat that's similar to the evangelist (from Inner Sea Gods), except its designed to reduce the feat taxes associated with being a Demon Eye in exchange for delaying your other class features by a few levels.

That is, if the Prestige Class goal unlocks. ;-)

Otherwise, I might just stick it into the Esoteria section or make it into a cheap PDF if I don't have room there. The class is basically done.

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Since most of the arguments seem to revolve around acquiring a free rebuild, I wonder if the REAL issue is that rebuilding is too costly in Pathfinder Society.

I mean, the resources that you need to rebuild your character in Pathfinder Society are also the only resource that can save your character from zero-recovery perma-death. In Ultimate Campaign, you pay a relatively small gold fee and time. In Pathfinder Society, you pay the same gold fee and prestige points, which are infinitely more valuable than time.

Also, I'm super proud that my Venture Captain didn't ge baited by any of the negative comments hurled his way. :-)

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Inlaa wrote:

You can take Slashing Grace with a Bastard Sword because it IS a 1-handed melee weapon and is classified as such on weapon tables.

You cannot take Slashing Grace with a polearm because treating it as a 1-handed weapon and it actually BEING a 1-handed weapon are two totally different things.

Is this annoying? Yes. Is this RAW? Yes. If you want to do this in a home game, nothing is stopping you, but Blackbloodtroll is right: you cannot use this in a RAW game without Martial Versatility and Slashing Grace (Sibat).

Sorry if the bolded sentence seems pretentious or anything, but it really needs emphasis.

Here's a copy of the FAQ that states that you're wrong.

Specifically, this line:

FAQ wrote:
An unusual case of the handedness rule is an ability that allows you to treat a two-handed weapon as a one-handed weapon. For example, the titan mauler's jotungrip (which allows you to wield a two-handed weapon with one hand) allows you to wield a bastard sword in one hand even without the Exotic Weapon Proficiency, and (as the ability states) treats it as a one-handed weapon, therefore it is treated as a one-handed weapon for other effects.

Basically, Weapon Focus doesn't care if the weapon that you pick is one-handed or not, so when Slashing Grace rolls around, it checks to see A) if you have Weapon Focus and B) if Weapon Focus is with a one-handed weapon. If you use my build, you DO have Weapon Focus and if you also have phalanx fighting, polearms ARE one-handed weapons for you while you are wearing a shield, so they satisfy Slashing Grace's prerequisites. Yes, it comes with the side note that you can only use swashbuckler finesse and Slashing Grace with a polearm while you're also using a bucker, but that's usually not going to be a problem for most people.

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The combo's perfectly legal; here's the build that I made using it for Iconic Design.

I also quote the FAQ that specially allows this interaction to work.

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Instead of quoting all of the backers on this thread individually, I'm just going to give one, huge thanks.


We couldn't have gotten this far without you! Literally.

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We –really– want to get to color too, Luthorne!

That diagram idea is interesting. I don't think its something we've specifically nailed down yet, but its a cool idea. Remind me again when the Kickstarter is drawing to a close; I think I have a place for it.

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Arcanic Drake wrote:


Edit: Witnessed 100% Pledge! That's Awesome! (Can't take credit for 100% completion though)

Lewis Crown, a long-time supporter of Dario and my stuff got that honor.


I have so many FASCINATING rewards planned for you backers. The game has only just started, so prepare yourself to partake in the epic adventure that is ... post-funding fund-raising.

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Third Mind wrote:

I definitely plan on trying to pledge soon and hope that it reaches at least 4,000.00 for the forgotten pact lore. That said, for the play test most backers will be getting, what all might be coming with it? Will it be large portions of the class(es) but with stuff trimmed out, sort of like how paizo did their occult adventures play test? Or will it be a bit different?

This is just out of curiosity of course, I still plan to pledge either way when I can.

Dario and I talk about it in the video.


You'll get EVERYTHING our playtesters got, which is everything. We literally just handed [our playtesters] a picture-less copy of the entire book with all of the words carefully organized in it and told them to go to down. And that's what our backers will get on March 28th, if we fund.


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After months of planning, its finally here!

The Pact Magic Unbound: Grimoire of Lost Souls Kickstarter is finally here!

What We're About
Pact Magic Unbound: Grimoire of Lost Souls is a compilation of Pact Magic Unbound, Vol 1 and Vol 2, with 100+ pages of new material, plus entirely new high-end artwork.

Dario and I have gotten many requests for a product like this ever since we released Pact Magic Unbound, Vol 2. We want to deliver on the idea of the Ultimate Pact Magic Product in the biggest way possible.

What We Need
Dario and I are asking for $2,500. In truth, the product is already written and has been going through rigorous playtesting over the past two months. We need your help in order to commission new artwork for the book, however, so we're not stuck recycling the artwork from our existing products, most of which is from Dario's original Secrets of Pact Magic and is thereby ten years old.

What We're Offering
Dario and I are offering a variety of pledge tiers that will allow our backers to get exactly what they want out of this Kickstarter. We also have a number of exciting add-ons that will allow our backers to gain fantastic rewards. We have a number of Stretch Goals planned beyond what is listed, but we're also listening for backer feedback in regards to what our consumer base wants to see added to the Kickstarter. Want me to make Spirit Cards? Ask for them! Want Dario to record an audio drama where he gets people to read legends in accents? We can do that too!

The incentive that I'm most excited for is our Create-A-Character add-on. Essentially, if you pledge enough funds for us to commission a piece of artwork, we'll let you decide what characters are portrayed in that artwork. Your character(s) can be forever immortalize in the forbidden pages of the Grimoire of Lost Souls, either flaunting occult power or becoming horribly maimed by it. For instance, my kitsune cavalier, Kyr'shin, will be making an appearance in the Grimoire of Lost Souls as the unfortunate victim of an alter age spell.

Thanks for your interest! Please keep up with this thread, as I'll be making announcements on it as the Kickstarter moves along.

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I've gotten the go-ahead!

The Pact Magic Unbound: Grimoire of Lost Souls Kickstarter begins at 7am EST!

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Hollister wrote:
Calth wrote:
The designer who made this item wouldn't happen to post here, would they? Would be useful to hear their thoughts.

He posts here all the time, as a matter of fact.

I answered this question with my intent here and here. Remember, this is all just my intent, so this shouldn't be taken as an FAQ / Flame War Fodder or anything. Although the fact that the effortless lace isn't PFS legal certainly takes a lot of the heat from the discussion. ;-)

Basically, I wanted the effortless lace to be able to allow you to treat the weapon as a light weapon while two-weapon fighting, but only if you actually had the Two-Weapon Fighting feat. So effortless lace + two-weapon fighting doesn't work, but effortless lace + Two-Weapon Fighting does. My justification for my wording appears in one of the posts that I commented; the Sword and Pistol feat, from Ultimate Combat, likewise notes a difference between two-weapon fighting and Two-Weapon Fighting.

So in case anyone wanted to know my intent, that's my intent. It isn't a Paizo-official response, though, so don't feel entitled to my ruling at your GM's table. Talk it over with her and work together to run the item in a way that works for you.

I believe that this text block could use a FAQ for clarification.

Although I would be honored if my item was the first item in a Player Companion in recent memory to get an FAQ, I don't foresee that happening in the near future. Since you can't use the effortless lace in Pathfinder Society anyway, you'll have to settle for discussing what you're looking for in your build with your GM like an adult. :-)

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