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Golden-Esque's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber. FullStarFullStarFullStar Venture-Agent. 767 posts (6,128 including aliases). 39 reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 17 Pathfinder Society characters. 4 aliases.

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brad2411 wrote:

What are the themes for those classes?

The Ashavic Dancer uses the True Spark's teachings to perform magical dances that lull the dead back into their graves. She also gets a stronger version of the versatile performance (Dance) ability.

The Brewcaster distills her spells and extracts into imbibable concoctions. She can further alter the recipe of her spells with powerful homebrewing.

The Dawnflower Anchorite focuses on Sarenrae's dominion over the sun, gaining the ability to produce a powerful aura when she is exposed to the sun.

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Also, I don't remember who wrote the Shelyn PrC (I wrote the ones for Ashava, Cayden Cailean, and Sarenrae), but that is seriously one of my all-time favorite prestige classes. That plus the feat makes for a VERY cool character concept--I need to see if I can't find the time to try that Prestige Class in PFS or something at some point.

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John Kretzer wrote:
FedoraFerret wrote:
Can we just talk about how with Prestigious Caster there's legitimately no reason not to go from casting focused Wizard or Cleric into Evangelist now?
You're character is a atheist or just not that particularly religious.

Also, you're down a feat and one level for the purpose of determining all of your class features. That may matter to some classes, like witches.

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Eric Hinkle wrote:
Alexander Augunas wrote:
Eric Hinkle wrote:
A very minor point but I think the (Aldori) dueling sword isn't listed among the weapon groups, though it's properly statted up. I think it would fit in with the heavy blades group?
It should be in the heavy blades group, yes.

Thank you.

And my but if your fighter picks the Heavy Blades weapon group as their main one at first level, they get a LOT of "free" EWPs. Bastard sword, Estoc, (Aldori) dueling sword, katana, and I think there's several others as well.

The lists are fairly well balanced in terms of the number of free EWPs you get for your first-level pick—heavy blades is simply notable because it has a lot of weapons that players like to take. (Aka the 18–20 blades.)


I generally think that the weapon proficiency system we use in Pathfinder is an archaic, unfun system that front loads proficiencies far too much and generally makes further specializing with more weapons a chore. Making an unchained weapon proficiency system is something on my peripheral, but I haven't gotten to it yet.

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Eric Hinkle wrote:
A very minor point but I think the (Aldori) dueling sword isn't listed among the weapon groups, though it's properly statted up. I think it would fit in with the heavy blades group?

It should be in the heavy blades group, yes.

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This is just my opinion (and I'm biased seeing as I write for Paizo), but there is absolutely no reason not treat the Campaign Clarifications as officially as you would PDT errata.

With Campaign Clarifications, you are still getting changes and clarifications from the teams who created the content, often directly from the mouths of the developers who penned the content in question. If a Campaign Clarification comes out about something John developed in Planes of Power, you can bet they asked him for his take, for instance.

The line between PFS-sanctioned and general use is pretty moot, in my opinion, because at the end of the day its still a clarification coming from Paizo, and if you're not playing in PFS, you're not beholden to ANY clarifications or erratas that Paizo puts out—be they PDT from the Core Rulebook line or CC from the designers and developers.


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Nefreet wrote:


That FAQ killed a lot of spell potential.

SLAs, and invisible casters, used to get away with not being noticed as well.

I suppose the FAQ could have been released to appease the constant drumming of "casters are OP".

But I try not to get into those sorts of tirades.

In my opinion, the FAQ was addressed A) because spellcasters need limitations, B) because all Paizo art already suggested that this was the case, and C) so GMs and/or players couldn't try to use spellcasting "flavor" to invalidate the Conceal Spell feat and similar abilities from Ultimate Intrigue.

But yeah, "I have a chance of failing at this," is generally more fun than, "I can't possibly fail at this," both for the spellcaster and for the person who's day he's ruining.

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miscdebris wrote:
I just got an update to EMU Fighter. Is there anywhere we can find a list of changes? I like the ones that I've found, but I might be missing some.

Updates to EMU: Fighters:

Added a new mechanic to the unchained fighter—fighter training options. Fighters can effectively “trade” their advanced armor training options, advanced weapon training options, or bonus feats in order to gain these special abilities, which mostly focus around providing noncombatant abilities and support to the unchained fighter.

— Adaptable Training AAT was reclassified as a FTO.
— Inspiring Confidence AWT was reclassified as a FTO.
— Item Mastery AWT was reclassified as a FTO.
— Mount AWT was reclassified as a FTO.
— Resolve AWT was reclassified as a FTO.

— Removed the Fighter’s Style AWT.
— Removed the Master Armorer AAT. (Folded into Master Craftsman FTO.)
— Removed the Master Weaponsmith AWT. (Folded into Master Craftsman FTO.)
— Removed Versatile Bravery AWT.

— Crossbowman was reworked to bring it closer in power to the bold ace gunslinger. The deadshot class feature was redesigned reclassified as an AWT that the crossbowman gains earlier.
— Polearm Master’s pole arm training ability was reclassified as an AWT that the pole arm master gains earlier. The Polearm master’s version scales.

Weapon Groups
— Added to missing weapon descriptions (boarding pike and flambard).
— Fixed discrepancies with the combat scabbard and sharpened combat scabbard.

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Eric Hinkle wrote:
End's review is great, not least for reminding me that I have two of these Iconics (Kyr'shin and his kitsune girlfriend), and I really need to buckle down and write reviews of them.

Sorry for the sporadic "Let me tell you about my character!" I'll spoil it for people who don't care. :-P

Irrelevant Character Background Banter:

Kyr'shin and Shira actually aren't romantically involved with one another. Shira herself is asexual (but not aromantic), and as a result she's rather put off by Kyr'shin's more bolsterous personality as far as romance goes. They have a platonic relationship, which was intentional from both a product decision and a gameplay decision.

Game wise, Kyr'shin got his start as my PC and Shira as Kyr'shin's cohort, and the notion of roleplaying a relationship between two characters that I was in control of felt weird. I would much rather they both get with NPCs run by the GM so I could be sure that the relationships had some bumps in them.

Productwise, I don't think there are enough fantasy platonic relationships between men and women where neither person (but especially the male) never shows any romantic or sexual interest in their counterpart. "Guy likes girl, but she shuts him down and they become friends," is really overdone, in my opinion.

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Endzeitgeist wrote:
Reviewed first on, then submitted to Nerdtrek and GMS magazine and posted here, on OBS, etc.

Thanks for the review, End!

While it's true that Drake is an unapologetic homage character, I didn't want to steal his character development from his source material--after all, I'd love it if people gave Supernatural a shot after reading the build!

Also, I see a --lot-- of the weird stuff that happens to the brothers as being more like Corruptions; you get these great powers at a terrible cost. For instance, being branded with the Mark of Cain came with the drawback of making Dean bloodcrazy, while being emotionally connected to the Darkness gave him strange, romantic urges for a world-ending abomination. But this might very well come down to personal preferences and values regarding character progression vs. story progression.

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Generic Villain wrote:
Also x2: Sure were a lot of high-level mesmerists in this one. I'm not complaining, mind. I get the feeling that class has some serious traction. It's by far my favorite occult class, for whatever that's worth.

I was actually just talking about this the other day with Code Switch's blogger, James—the mesmerist is basically the bad guy base class. Like, you don't have to be evil to play a mesmerist, but everything from the ability names to the class's flavor to the types of mechanics that the mesmerist uses (enchantments and illusions) just screams "bad guy."

As a result, it is VERY easy to envision a villainous organization with a mesmerist somewhere high up in the power chain, because the type of people who would be mesmerists are the type of people who would cause situations that heroes would want to thwart.

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Honestly, if ratfolk boons ever become a thing, they'd probably be better than kitsune at mouser builds by a lot now. (Which is appropriate, considering the obvious pun.)

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James Jacobs wrote:
Threeshades wrote:

With adventurers dungeon delving all over Golarion and being common enough to not be surprised, when meeting another group of adventurers, and even the Pathfinder Society internationally organizing such activities, how long do you think it will take until there are no abandoned dungeons, ancient ruins and tombs left to loot?

Or does the world's ecology, of monsters accumulating treasure, necromancers moving into abandoned crypts, ruins becoming ancient and civilizations going out of business replenish the supply of viable dungeons fast enough to not have to worry about them ever running out?

Adventures aren't that common actually. Don't confuse the fact that there are many many many thousands of gamers playing campaigns and adventures set in Golarion for a direct corollary to an equal number of adventurers being in Golarion. Adventurers aren't so much not surprised to meet other adventurers not because they're common, but because they generally congregate in the same regions.

The day the dungeons run out is the day we stop publishing content for Golarion, more or less, so I personally would rather not see that happen for many decades.

And hey! If you ever ran out of dungeons on Golarion, then you've got a whole solar system of worlds that need dungeons! Am I right? ;-)

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Plausible Pseudonym wrote:
Mad props to whoever put the Bioshock Infinite skyhook into the Merry Outlaw section. Best equipment Easter egg since Dumbledore's lighter in Blood of Shadows.

Apparently I'm the equipment Easter Egg master—I pitched both of those items....

(I've actually never played Bioshock, but I'm glad that it managed to evoke something you're clearly passionate about!)

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Matrix Dragon wrote:

It is cool that it is official that Kitsune are digitigrade now. I've always felt that is the way they should be.

However, now *all* of my kitsune miniatures are officially incorrect, nuuuuu!

Just use humans and say that your miniature is in human form. ;-)


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StygianRose wrote:

Secondly, thank you so much for printing this archetype. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And if you are the one who wrote Feline Wildsoul, thank you! Or if you know them, please, thank them for me. Both of these will be getting glowing points in my review.

Third,thank you again for taking the time out of your day to respond to me!

I did write the feline wildsoul—my contributions to the book were the catfolk, kitsune, nagaji, and vanara sections. Glad to hear you like it! Its always nice to hear that there's an audience for supporting archetypes that have sub-options in them. (Like wildblooded sorcerer or wildsoul vigilante.)

Third,thank you again for taking the time out of your day to respond to me!

No problem! I am a glutton for community interaction. ;-)

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StygianRose wrote:

Hi! I was hoping that the Developer behind First Mother's Fang can clarify if it is Nagaji-Only (but for some reason, does not state this or have any mechanic locking it to Nagaji) or if other races can take it?

Mh understanding is yes, I can take it as Human because unlike the Kitsune one that says 'Kitsune Only', this has no such caveat and does not name itself a racial archetype?

This will heavily affect my review for this product.

Please understand and respect, I am looking for the Developer and only the Developer to clarify this.

Thanks in advance for your time!

I'm not the developer for Blood of the Beast (that's Mark Moreland; sorry if I'm stealing your thunder MM!), and while I know you asked for him specifically, I was the freelance author for the nagaji section so perhaps I can answer your question while you wait for an official answer from Mark.

My unofficial answer would be that you are correct. The archetype doesn't have any racial limitations called out, so a human can take it—usually we ("we" being Paizo freelancers) call out racial-specific archetypes either by noting it in the archetype's flavor text or in the introduction to the section, as I did with the nine-tailed heir.

I can't say how Blood of the Beast content will play out for PFS, and if your GM wanted to keep it nagaji-specific that's up to her, but there's nothing in the archetype's text that limits it to nagaji and I didn't design it with a racial restriction in mind. Again, if you want the developer's respond specifically, I would wait for Mark Moreland to reply. (But you'll likely be waiting a few days, as he might be taking the weekend off or be nose-to-the-grindstone on some upcoming project.)

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1) You don't lose the template.

2) The template isn't applied to the fox, its applied to you. So you use the standard statistics for a fox. (Being Tiny and all.) This does mean that by default, the rules state that a Child kitsune and an Adult kitsune using Fox Shape would end up the same size as a fox.

We can read this in a few different ways.
2a) The fox you change into roughly has your specific appearance and liveliness (remember, you still have your ability score modifiers for being young), but kitsune in general don't have as much control over the form they take as a fox.

2b) Because foxes age so much more rapidly than kitsune do (it takes a fox roughly a year to grow from infancy to biological adulthood, compared to 14–15 years for a kitsune), the form itself is agnostic of the kitsune's age.

2c) A Child kitsune's fox form *is* smaller and younger-looking than an Adult kitsune's fox form, but the size different isn't substantial enough to actually have the fox be a different size category.

Ultimately, you should pick the one that works best for your character and your GM's world, but as written Fox Shape would override the size change from the young creature template unless your GM specifically allowed your Fox Shape to transform you into a fox who also had the young creature template.

PS. Glad to see so many people are enjoying Blood of the Beast!

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swoosh wrote:
Well, I'd argue that skinwalkers are kind of self cheapening for how simultaneously minimalistic and weird their 'hybrid' forms tend to look (the crocodile skinwalker in blood of the moon is essentially a human with sharp teeth and an ugly rash), but that's another topic I guess.

I actually really like skinwalkers—I think they're cool and they serve sort of the "other side of the coin" to the kitsune. Kitsune are not-humans that pretend to be human while skinwalkers are essentially humans with a secret.

Personally, I've always seen skinwalkers as homages to old-style werewolf movies like "Wolfman" or "The Howling." 'Human with patches of fur and a rash' is sort of the best Hollywood could do with shapechanging for a long time, and while modern werewolf design is usually much more anthropomorphisized (see lycanthropes in Bestiaries 1 and 2), having an option in-game that serves as "the classics" is a smart move, in my opinion.

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Mark Moreland wrote:

I remember specifically sending a reference for what digitigrade legs looked like along with the art brief for the book for just this very reason. In the end, not every artist is going to follow every detail of every art order, and for complex and expensive content like covers, we sometimes have to accept things that are slightly off model because of the cost and time implications of demanding revisions.

That text is in the book because, like Alex indicated, it made sense to include for a number of reasons, and so that we had a definitive canon source stating what type of legs they have. That isn't to say that we won't have off-model kitsune art in future products, but it does mean that when it shows up, players who feel strongly about the issue know that it's an error or artistic license rather than a change in the race's official flavor.

This is why you're the best, Mark. <3

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SCKnightHero1 wrote:
Okay, I'm confused now. According to the book, Kitsune have digitigrade legs, but looking at the cover, the kitsune sorceress doesn't have digitigrade legs. So my question is which description of the kitsune is correct: the art on the cover or the description that is in the book?

So when I pitched that section to Mark, I had a short explanation as to why I specifically noted digitigrade. It looked something like this:

Alex Augunas wrote:
In my opinion, nonhuman shapeshifters that change into humans need to have distinctly non-human elements in their true forms to make shapeshifting meaningful. Minor alterations (like what the skinwalkers have) sort of cheapens the shapeshifter aspect. This works for skinwalkers because they’re implied to be part human; they go from human-like to monstrous. But if we apply skinwalker logic to all shapeshifters, then we cheapen the skinwalker. As such, I feel that stark differences between human form and kitsune form is crucial to the race.

Ultimately, its up to each player / GM to work together to decide for their campaign setting / version of Golarion what each race ultimately looks and acts like—we provide guidelines.

For extra fun, here's a piece of my "BoB research.dox" on this very topic!

I warned everyone I did a LOT of research on my races....:

Digitigrade Arts
— Advanced Race Guide
— Blood of the Beast (Interior Art)
— Dirty Tactics Toolbox
— Ships of the Inner Sea

Plantigrade Arts
— Bestiary 4 (I like to explain this one as, "The magic sparkles mean that she's mid-transformation," but she's clearly plantigrade.)
— Pathfinder #52
— Blood of the Beast (Cover Art)

— Dragon Empires Gazetteer (The leg structure looks digitigrade, but the structure of the character's leg wraps brings the character's overall locomotive structure into question.)
— PFS #6-15 (The character's illustration is a mugshot, so we'll never know.)

— Dragon Empires Gazetteer (The leg looks digitigrade, but the foot wraps add a healthy level of uncertainty.)

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Matrix Dragon wrote:
You know, I'm surprised that kitsune didn't get a kineticist favored class bonus. I guess Pathfinder kitsune really aren't going to get any of the old 'fox fire' themes aside from Dancing Lights.

Space was tight. Kineticist was on my list, but I scrapped it for the "all classes" FCB option because I felt it was more important to the race's fantasy.

But hey, all of you consumers at home have a pretty big impact on what gets published. Prove that the thing you love is economically viable for sequels and it'll happen.

He says on the day that the first ever non-Bestiary direct sequel product is announced, which is the sequel to one of the best-selling Paizo products of all time.

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David knott 242 wrote:
So it appears that Human Guise is indeed a feat and not an alternate racial trait. Its requirements are such that only a Kitsune could qualify for it at 1st level -- Skinwalkers apparently would not because there is no mention anywhere that they can actually pass for human in their non-bestial form.

That line was mostly a flavor thing. If you read Blood of the Moon, the book says that skinwalkers look human. Expect table variance on whether skinwalkers can take the feat, but note that they are specifically called out in the feat's benefit.

However, it does appear that the Wild Shape ability of the Druid also qualifies a character for this feat, provided that they either look human in their natural form or can assume a human looking form with Wild Shape. For most races, this only becomes possible at Druid level 13, when the "A Thousand Faces" ability can be used to take on a human appearance.

It does not. Being a druid doesn't grant you the shapechanger subtype, and wild shape is not the same as change shape. (Note how every other feat in the section calls out specifically that druids can ignore those prerequisites—human guise does not.)

So what does this mean for anyone wanting to join the "count as human" club? The fluff for Changelings suggests that a Druid of this race could qualify as soon as she gains the Wild Shape ability, since they basically look like human women with eyes of mismatched colors (a feature that is actually quite possible for full blooded humans). Are there any other races that don't have the ability to count as human that look human enough for this feat? Alternatively, is there any way for a character to have a Wild Shape ability that lets the character appear human before 13th level?

Changelings don't meet the "shapechanger subtype" or "change shape" prerequisites.

As was pointed out, the other big one is reptoid. (Though I originally wrote it the way I did for GMs who wanted to give nice things to their doppleganger and succubus NPCs.)

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Eric Hinkle wrote:

I just posted my placeholder review until Endzeitgeist or someone like him gets around to writing the real one. ;) More seriously, I LOVE what this product did for the Fighter. I never knew I needed this until I read it, but all my old love for the fighter has returned. I really enjoy how several of the feats and new class abilities give it a very pulp action feel, like classic Robert E. Howard heroic fantasy. Heroic, but not superhuman.

I am so eagerly looking for to any sequel or expansion on this.

Thanks, and thank you for the review!

I have some changes in the pipeline that I'm working on, and the note about the missing weapons was extremely helpful—that was by far the hardest section in the book to put together on account of the crazy number of weapons that are in it.

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Eric Hinkle wrote:
I have my copy, and I think it's an amazing piece of work, typos and all.

That's great--I'd just like to know where the typos are so i can fix them.

Also in the next update--I've heard people's requests for options that the fighter can take that improve his ability to act out of combat, so I'm going to try and address some of those concerns as well.

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To start with the Crossbowman Fighter Archetype its existence wasn’t well-met when it first came out and after the outburst of the Gunslinger class the rise of the Bolt Ace has sent to a Archetype Grave.

This is a tricky spot.

I don't necessarily think that its a good idea to design archetypes against each other. The crossbowman has two major perks against the bolt ace.

1) Crossbows are a relatively feat-intensive weapon type, and the crossbowman fighter gets more feats.

2) Stamina replenishes much faster than grit. Its worth noting that many of the class features that you point out as being "better than crossbowman abilities" are tied to grit, which means they're not sustainable for long adventuring days without a little bit of luck. (Crossbow crits / kills to regenerate grit.)

Personally, I don't think that giving the crossbowman Dex to damage with his crossbow is the answer here—that's only going to make the crossbowman overtake the bolt ace. I'll poke around a bit and see what I can come up with.

In the past Bravery was the weakest ability in the game and just about every Archetype got rid of it for something (ANYTHING) better than a dopey +1 to resist Fear. Now though, the lose of Bravery is a Major Lose (and in some cases a deal breaker), losing it means losing a eventual +5 to Will Saves (and +10 vs. Intimidation Checks). If you’ve seen the forum you know that Will Saves are “serious business” for martial characters.

Generally speaking, old archetypes usually gave you something better than bravery as a trade. There are archetypes that give you bonuses against things like movement-impairing abilities, initiative bonuses, free feats, and more. In my opinion, that's the trade you back—you gain an ability that's a little bit better baseline, but you lose the option to take a really strong option that builds upon that lower baseline. It makes those archetypes less of a, "Well DUH," choice.


A note to add about the Unchained Fighters Archetypes is that while Weapon Training seems to have gotten good treatment, Armor Training seems to have gotten the shaft. In the early days Armor Training (like Bravery) was considered pretty low in priority and many Archetypes gave it up for more useful abilities, which means that unlike Weapon Training you cant get Advanced Armor Training for …actually a lot of the archetypes cant get them…

But perhaps that’s just how it is (C'est la vie).

AAT is designed to be less powerful than most AWTs. The loss of AATs isn't as huge in most cases (which is why the abilities you gain for them often aren't as earth-shatteringly powerful either).

I think most Fighter Archetypes need to be reanalyzed and possibly remodeled to compare them to the modern game, I mean we have 4 Dueling Archetypes (Buckler Duelist, Free-hand, Learned Duelist, and Swordlord) a Firearm Archetype that doesn’t give any proficiencies with firearms (Trench Fighter) …and surprisingly no Archetype that really focuses on Throwing weapons.

Perhaps. All of the dueling archetypes you mentioned do different things, but you are right that some fighting styles simply aren't supported by the current game's slew of fighter archetypes.

I'm currently working on getting a sequel product together for December. The plan is to take those Campaign Setting Line and Player Companion fighter archetypes and make them work with the unchained fighter, while also getting some neat new archetypes for other weapon styles in at the ground level. More on that later, though.

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Nate Z wrote:

I have a question...

One of my Crazy Character Concepts(tm) I'm currently theroycrafting (don't know when/if I'll get to play it) is a warrior who dual-weilds large greatswords. Would this product have anything that could help make that not totally terrible? :P

Not in this book, but I'm working on giant weapon stuff for the expansion product that I'm hoping to put out next month.

Dual Wielding massive weapons is tough mechanically, but its also a key part of certain fighter fantasies. I'm doing what I can to make it work.

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Nate Z wrote:
Got my pdfs last night! Races are one of my favorite aspects of the game, and I *love* options for non-core races, so yes, I am digging the heck out of this book so far! There's a bit in the vanara section that is SO perfect for one of my Crazy Character Concepts(tm) that I am again wondering if Paizo has bugs in my room!

Of course Paizo doesn't have bugs in your room.

*Quickly hits the self-destruct protocols.*

In all seriousness, though, I find that when you take mythological races and tap into their mythological roots, you end up hitting a LOT of shared ideas that people have about them, and end up making something pretty cool.

I also can't help but be amused at how many different ways there are for kitsune to get that "Magical Tail" feat. ;)

Yup! It *is* one of the higher aspects of the kitsune fantasy, after all! ;-)

There's one method in particular that I hope people like—the one that characters of any class can tap into for additional tails.

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In case you haven't seen, Everyman Unchained: Fighters is now available here at!

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Endzeitgeist wrote:


Everyman Unchained-series by Everyman Gaming for Unchained support (also has an unchained ninja)

Thanks for the shoutout, End! :D

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Magus Black wrote:
Not too bad, Attack Focus is a very nice benefit for those poor fools using bludgeoning weapons (used with Battle Trance, and the Disruption Special Quality can reap some serious undead with ease), and effortless Dual Wielding is pretty nice bonus to all those two-weapon builds (though the sawtooth saber is pretty much useless now).

I would disagree on the sawtooth sabre being useless—if you choose to specialize in that weapon, you can effectively have your "I dual wield two longswords," build up and active at 1st level (EWP and TWF as your 1st level feats). Every other weapon needs to wait until 5th level, and is forced to spend an advanced weapon training option on it.

I would say that the sawtooth sabre lost a monopoly if you're an Unchained Fighter. (And honestly, with the history behind the weapon in the Golarion setting I think that's fine. I've always viewed Red Mantis Assassins as rangers, slayers, warpriests, and rogues, personally. Effortless Dual Wielding doesn't benefit those characters without a significant dip into the fighter class.)

You even high-jacked some of the Swashbucklers toys to boot, which grabs a few nice things for Throwers too.

Specifically, the "precise strike mechanic." The baseline damage portion of that ability is less about, "Let's give the swashbuckler something unique," and more about, "Let's make freehand fighting numerically viable." Arguably, all freehand style characters need a damage bonus like that to function.

The one big issue I have with it is Archetypes, while most have improved a fair bit some (like the Crossbowman) are still entirely useless,

Can you be more specific? What about the crossbowman is useless, and what other archetypes do you think are in the same boat?


in addition to that the Weapon Master Archetype is totally broken.

Not because the abilities themselves are broken, but their costs are by FAR too small, in particular Deadly Critical. This ability is pretty powerful due to its effect of increasing the critical multiplier, but when it used to be usable only about 4 times a fay Max it's now only costs 1 Stamina Point to spam at-will.

Simply put, the best weapons in game are the high Crit-Threat weapons (kukri, scimitar, falchion, etc) and this ability effectively makes them even stronger (16-20/x3 or 17-20/x4 for the Falcata) which pushes other weapons back even further.

I agree with reliable strike—I'm going to move that back to a uses per day mechanic before the print version is released. that ability with stamina just doesn't work well, especially not at a cost of 1 point.

For Deadly Critical, I'm trying something weird—weapon statistic override. Here's my current draft:

Deadly Critical (Ex): At 11th level, whenever a weapon master confirms a critical hit with his chosen weapon, he can spend 4 stamina points as an immediate action to change his weapon’s base critical threat range to 18–20 and its critical multiplier to x3. Further modifications to his weapon’s critical threat range or critical multiplier stack (such as the Improved Critical feat) stack with this effect.

People reading this thread—please let me know what you think so I can adjust accordingly. While I am very satisfied with the quality of the published product, a few tweaks here and there before printing couldn't hurt. ;-)

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Eric Hinkle wrote:
Between this and Legendary Games' Legendary Rogues, two of my once-favorite classes have returned to their best beloved status in my heart. Thank you, Mister Augunas.

Glad to have helped!

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David knott 242 wrote:
Alexander Augunas wrote:
Luthorne wrote:
Shouldn't it be from the Advanced Player's Guide to Occult Adventures, since I believe neither Ultimate Intrigue nor Horror Adventures had any fighter archetypes?
You are correct, but I checked those books to make sure. Aka I am caught up to the most recent Core Rulebook releases. ;-)

I think you missed the two Fighter archetypes in the Advanced Class Guide. When I noticed that the Martial Master was missing, I thought "No big deal -- it is kind of baked into the standard Unchained Fighter class in this PDF, if you choose the right advanced weapon talents." But the Mutation Warrior has abilities that are definitely not covered at present.

I ultimately ended up setting aside martial master and mutagenic warrior for a future project because it became abundantly clear that those two needed a major redesign in how they were going to need to work in order to be better balanced with the unchained fighter.

So yeah, those archetypes didn't make it in. Gone, but not forgotten.


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Rysky wrote:
Wildstag wrote:

Rysky, not only do they qualify for Gruesome Shapechanger, but they also qualify for the other new shape changing feat.

Also, why would it look odd for them? Do you mean from shifting from small to medium? Because medium to small would be reasonable.

The size changing wouldn't look odd. But adding Gruesome Shapechanger would, where the flesh sloughs off of you.

So I could it as the Vanara shrinking inside itself and leaving a flabby fleshsuit behind that it would then have to crawl out of, which just gives me a rather silly mental image.

My mental image is more like your eyes "disappear" as you shrink into your Medium-sized body before bursting out of your own chest.

That being said, Gruesome Shapechange *is* a monster feat, so there's no telling if you'll be able to take it or not.

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Don't wait, Lord Mhoram!

Everyman Unchained: Fighters is now available at DriveThru RPG (and will soon be available at Paizo)!

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Mark Seifter wrote:

Unexpected FAQ sneak attack!

FAQ wrote:

Sword Saint Samurai: The sword saint samurai’s brutal slash ability replaces an ability that doesn’t exist. What should it alter and replace?

The sword saint samurai’s brutal slash should replace the second sentence of weapon expertise with “At 3rd level, the samurai selects either the katana or the wakizashi.” This alters weapon expertise. Brutal slash also replaces mounted archer.
That's right; we have altered the terms of the FAQrrangement; now we can have PComp and CS FAQs even if they aren't literally #1 in clicks like before (thus using our usual algorithm for choosing FAQs instead of the much stricter one), as long as PFS has already done the legwork for their Campaign Clarification document. Woohoo!

This is some of the best news I've had all day!

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JonathonWilder wrote:
Is it too late to nap a hardcover, preferably in color, of the Dynastic Races Compendium?

All copies are going to be in color--I didn't sense a demand for black and white when I ran the Kickstarter.

The DRC will be available for wholesale when it's done, however. Backers will get the option to order it first, however. I am currently about 1/3 through the wayang content, and after that just the character options and appendix will be left to finish. My target date is now January 2017, though it's subject to change based on my artist's schedule.

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Zaister wrote:
Alexander, is this perhaps because of the now-deleted discussion on the Blood of the Beast product thread? If so, do you think the product will return unedited?

Yes and no.

The Pathfinder Compatibility license states that Pathfinder compatible 3PP can't have any content that is inappropriate for minors, and our warning on the original product description (which basically stated as much) was found to be in conflict of that policy. Even though the book made it through once despite that warning, I took some introspective time and decided that it would probably be best to rephrase the content that made me suggest that statement on the original description in the first place.

So, yes and no. It's partially a reaction to that discussion, but any changes that are wrought are ultimately of my own volition and initiative. My current thoughts are that it will not return without edits, but the Geniuses reviewing what I've proposed as well. It's one of the nice things about being part of a larger group--you don't have to make decisions alone.

That being said, folks, this is the only time I am going to mention said discussion--I would rather move past it, and I would appreciate the kindness if you respect my wishes. Thank you. :-)

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Matrix Dragon wrote:
KitsuneWarlock wrote:

The Best part of the kitsune?

** spoiler omitted **

Yup. Fighters can now get all nine tails at level 6. And Oracles at level 7.

Those kitsune racial traits and favored class bonuses are REALLY good. They're not overpowered, but they add exactly the kinds of flavor that the race needed. They can get tails more easily, be skilled and intelligent tricksters, and have a starting fox form.

A little sad that none of the racial traits replace the bite attack, but I will admit that may have been a hard one to explain away.

You can tell that a lot of thought went into the kitsune section, as if they had a certain really kitsune obsessed person write a lot of it ;)

You know, it's less about obsession and more about being knowledgeable. By the time this project rolled around, I had written three products about the kitsune, and in order to do that I did a LOT of research on fox mythology. Japanese, Korean, Chinese, heck, I even watched a few episodes of TV shows that featured kitsune, like Supernatural and Teen Wolf.(Also, there's this really campy Korean movie / show that I found whose plot is basically: boy falls in love with girl, girl is actually a centuries old fox spirit that eats human hearts. Hijinks ensue.)

Because of my 3PP history with the race, conversation and wishlisting tends to happen on or near my products, and when writing this I did a pretty thorough comb through of the forums and what people were saying about the race. This is all the same tactics that I used with advanced weapon training in Weapon Master's, and I did it for all of the races I worked on in this book (admittedly, there was a lot less to go off of for most of the other ones I did, like nagaji and vanaras).

But yeah, that was basically my strategy in trying to turn over the highest quality turnover that I could to Mark Moreland for Blood of the Beast.

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Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
I think there was a glitch with the OGL statement. Once that's tweaked, it'll get re-uploaded probably ASAP.

This is the gist of it—a small error with Pathfinder Compatibility.

We're actively working on a fix, and the product will be updated ASAP! (In the meantime, my nose has to go back to the grinder to keep the wayang section of the DRC on track....)

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Mark Moreland wrote:
doc the grey wrote:
I would also argue that since pathfinder races in general and catfolk in specific don't have many mechanical options exclusively tied to their race and with catfolk in particular lacking a lot of narrative as compared to many of the other races we are kind of only left with the art to discuss. So far it has kind of been the most distinct thing exclusive to catfolk.
There are a number of us in the office who would love to expand on the role of catfolk within the Pathfinder setting, but we just haven't had the opportunity to do so in the right place yet. While I had hoped this book would be present such a chance, we wanted to make sure to give every race included as many new rules options as possible. That meant that we couldn't focus as much on flavor as we might have in something like a campaign setting book or adventure path volume. Rest assured, however, that we will further explore catfolk ecologies, history, and society when the time is right. Until then, let us know how you want them to look, I guess.

I'm a big fan of the Inner Sea Races compromise, myself. ^_^

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Thanks End! :D

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Dude, I forgot about Rave Master! That was such a neat anime.

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Skeld wrote:

That's an acceptable trade-off IMO.



We'll meet in Seattle to take the test of the Star Needle!

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Skeld wrote:
Alexander Augunas wrote:
Skeld wrote:
Dragon78 wrote:
Has anyone gotten their PDFs for this one?

Except Kitsune. Kitsune make me want to eyeroll so hard that it'll register on Richter scales three states away.

Regardless, I'll answer questions if you guys have any. :)


In the interest of improving my writing, what didn't you like about the section?

Nothing against your writing. I loathe Kitsune (and Catfolk). It's a deep personal hatred. If I had access to a wish spell, I'd wish them out of existance.

But hey, some people like that stuff so I'll answer questions.


I'll have to make sure that I ascend to godhood first so I can make sure to prevent such a reckless use of a wish spell. Don't worry—I'll refund your wish by instead making sure that your product shipments always arrive in the first batch. ;-)

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Skeld wrote:
Dragon78 wrote:
Has anyone gotten their PDFs for this one?

Except Kitsune. Kitsune make me want to eyeroll so hard that it'll register on Richter scales three states away.

Regardless, I'll answer questions if you guys have any. :)


In the interest of improving my writing, what didn't you like about the section?

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RogueMortal wrote:
Does it though? Why does 'not magical' have to mean 'hopelessly mundane'? Fighters can absolutely have Ex abilities without being magical at all, there's no reason to limit them to T4.

To be quite honest, I don't particularly care for the Tier system. Its a biased metric that favors ability to "solve problems" over everything else that characters do in our game. Because of how it functions, you basically can't be Tier 1 without being a prepared spellcaster, when prepared spellcasters have plenty of downsides and weaknesses that balance them against fighters, rogues, et all from a design perspective.

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David knott 242 wrote:

I really am looking forward to this one.

However -- The math and general wording for Second Wind in this blog seem to be a bit off. Starting with 1d8 at 3rd level and adding 1d8 per 2 levels, you reach 4d8 at 9th level, not 11th. And having information about the maximum dice at 11th level and maximum added points at 20th level makes a slightly confusing read.

After a bit of math and a bit of messing around, this is likely what second wind will look like now:


Second Wind (Ex): At 3rd level, a fighter can tap into his stamina in order to temporarily regain vitality. By spending 4 stamina points from his stamina pool as a swift action, the fighter gains a number of temporary hit points equal to 1d10 + 1 point per fighter level (maximum +10), up to a maximum number of temporary hit points equal to the current amount of hit point damage that he has taken. This effect lasts 1 minute. Temporary hit points gained from multiple uses of this ability don’t stack, and if the number of temporary hit points that the fighter has from this ability ever exceeds the amount of lethal damage that he has taken, excess temporary hit points are lost. For instance, a fighter that has taken 20 points of damage can gain up to 20 temporary hit points from this ability. If he is later healed for 15 points of damage, the maximum number of temporary hit points that he can gain is reduced to 5, and any temporary hit points in excess of this amount are lost.

At 11th level, the fighter can use this ability as an immediate action. In addition, he can spend 6 stamina points to gain a number of temporary hit points equal to 2d10 + 1 point per fighter level (maximum +20). At 19th level, he can use this ability as a free action once per round, even if it isn’t his turn.

Couple of notes for the changes:

— The intention was always to make the ability work comparably to false life, so the decision was made to make the temporary hit point gains scale like false life (and for the 11th level improvement, greater false life).

— The ability has been streamlined so it improves every 8 levels, instead of having the "die increases" as you go.

— The number of stamina points needed has gone up to reflect the cost of the Deathless Master feat's combat trick. (Which is spend 2 stamina points to get 2 temporary hit points when you're below 0 hp.) This makes Deathless Master into a low-cost low-efficiency sort of temporary hit points, and second wind into a high-cost high-efficiency source of temporary hit points. (And technically, they stack.)

I'm interested in seeing what people think of the change.

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