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Golden-Esque's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber. FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 764 posts (5,188 including aliases). 38 reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 8 Pathfinder Society characters. 4 aliases.

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Mineral Water wrote:
CampinCarl9127 wrote: also gives you 20 hours to get yourself resurrected.

You mean by using all those Raise Dead and Resurrection spells Sorcerers get? :D

Yes, moving on...

Use Magic Device is on the sorcerer's list of class skills. ;-)


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She's a fan of George R.R. Martin?


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Cosmo wrote:
Alexander Augunas wrote:
I've got 99 problems and Cosmo might be responsible for 3/4s of them.
Alexander Augunas wrote:
...Cosmo might be responsible...
Alexander Augunas wrote:

You're too sneaky! Confirming things is difficult. D:

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Blayde MacRonan wrote:
Alexander Augunas wrote:
djones wrote:
Looks like a great opportunity to do for the Shadowdancer what Dirty Tactics Toolbox did for the Arcane Trickster.

Andrew snuck some shadowdancer loving into the Dirty Tactics Toolbox too!

When we played with the arcane trickster in the Dirty Tactics Toolbox, we tried to make the class a little bit easier to qualify for (Accomplished Sneak Attacker), added a little bit of support for one of its underused class features (Extra Impromtu Sneak Attack), and made ranged legerdemain a little bit easier to employ.

What sort of love does the shadowdancer need?

For me, the first thing that would be nice is something that would make the Shadow Jump ability qualify for use with the Dimensional Agility feat tree, or at least clarification that it does. I've seen it argued that as written, Shadow Jump does not qualify, and I've seen it argued the other way. But as far as I know, there has never been an official statement one way or another. This could be an opportunity to clarify it once and for all.

You're unlikely to see clarification in a Player Companion; the Player Companion line exists to expand upon the Core Rules, not alter or replace them. Now, an option that expanded shadow jump to work with Dimensional Agility and friends, that's something that's more in-line with what the Player Companion line exists to do.

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Matrix Dragon wrote:
I may be tempted to make my Kitsune Pyrokineticist into a fire/void type, depending on how well that combination works.


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Eric Hinkle wrote:
1) Why remove the ability to use Charisma in place of Intelligence to qualify for combat feats? Was it deemed too overpowered?

This is totally biased, I'm aware, but I never thought the "Cha for Int" ability make sense. The fantasy of the swashbuckler is someone who is both charming and witting, and telling swashbucklers that dumping Intelligence is encouraged for the class never made sense. In my opinion, it makes more sense to build options into the class that allow the swashbuckler to break the norm (i.e. with a personage focused around combat maneuvers) rather than breaking the norm for the entire class.


2) Though this probably wouldn't have been the best place for it, I still wish we could have gotten an archetype for Aldori Swordlords. The Aldori dueling sword can be used with Weapon Finesse if you've got the Exotic Weapon Prof., it seems like it'd work with most swashbuckler class abilities as well. Really a minor nitpick, I know, but I would have enjoyed seeing it.

And does the Aldori blade count as Heavy or Light Blades for the fighter weapon groups?

The problem with doing anything Aldori as a 3PP is that you can't call the weapon by its true name, the Aldori Dueling Sword. Most of us shorten it to the "dueling sword," but that's a really unsatisfying name to call a weapon because in theory, every sword is a dueling sword. That said, with the reworkings of the swashbuckler class in Legendary Swashbucklers, building an Aldori Swordlord out of the standard Swashbuckler is MUCH easier because you get to decide what weapons you can finesse and when, thanks to the new swashbuckler weapon training class feature.

Really again this is a great, great piece of work. I'd buy any more Legendary Classes Mister Augunas does in the future for Legendary Games.

At the very least, I'm doing the Legendary Gunslinger ;-). Expect more in the line of personages, save with gunslinger slants rather than swashbuckler ones. (Think of the difference between sorcerer bloodlines and bloodrager bloodlines for an apt comparison.) Also, one of the biggest problems that I, personally, think that the gunslinger has (that doesn't involve the base firearms rules, that is) is the fact that the grit regeneration mechanic doesn't "click" for the gunslinger like it does for the swashbuckler. That's something big that I want to fix; I want to give gunslingers a more reliable means of regenerating grit.

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Treemystic wrote:
Huge fan of the first two books, been a while since an update I was wondering if a release date has been solidified yet. (have my wallet at the ready)

Not yet.

We had major problems with one of our artists, who was failing to meet our deadlines. We've since transferred his existing projects to other artists, who are trying to make up the slack. I'm hoping to do another update on Fridau with some examples of the re coloration process that I've mentioned.

(In addition to all-new artwork, many of our existing backers expressed a desire to see some of our classic pieces from the older books in the Grimoire. Re coloring is the process of taking those black and white images and making them color. Our recoloration artists basically color the pictures themselves the way you might color a coloring book, except they're artists so they look fantastic! Dario and Inare hoping that recoloring classic pieces will help maintain the feel that the older pact magic books had that our customers have this far been very positive about.)

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That belt buckle! That pipe! But most of all, THAT BEARD AND MOUSTACHE!

Olenjack is victorious.

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Gordrenn Higgler wrote:

Elemental Overflow creates a thematic visual effect, what would the effect be for the Aether, Void and Wood elements?

Also is the effect based on the primary elemental or would there be combo visual effects? Such as a Hydro/fire kineticist dripping water that bursts into flame on contact with something.

I'm not Mark, but I always roleplay my telekineticist's elemental overflow as random objects within gather power range getting "caught" by his aether. Dust, dirt, and other objects that I can affect with my telekinetic blast suspend in mid-air in a 20-foot radius around him (the area he can affect with gather power) and his eyes glow with aetheric power.

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Endzeitgeist wrote:
Reviewed first on, then submitted to Nerdtrek and GMS magazine and posted here, on OBS and's shop.


Looking forward to the massive review that'll no doubt spawn from Ultimate Charisma. :D

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nighttree wrote:
Ross Byers wrote:
nighttree wrote:

EErrr....wait a minute...the PDF price is $31.99 ???

That's got to be a mistake :(
It's the same 30% off that most Paizo PDFs are.

I thought it said something like $15.99 just a few days ago....

Given It doesn't really seem to even touch on any of the races I'm interested in....I may just pass.
That's way to steep for a PDF.

That is an industry standard price for a PDF.

The Core Rules PDFs are discounted because they're the core rules assumed for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. The Inner Sea World Guide is the core setting material assumed for the Inner Sea campaign setting. Both Inner Sea Gods and Inner Sea Races use the standard pricing adjustment because they're not core setting material and they're not core rules.

At any rate, I started subscribing to the Campaign Setting line to get the PDF free with this product. There might still be some time for you to do the same.

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James Jacobs wrote:
The original intent of the book was to pick up some of the older content in the older books and update it to Pathfinder RPG's current rules... but be it a miscommunication or a change in the outline or whatever, that ended up not being the case. As a result, as far as I know, all of the new rules mechanics in the book are indeed new, and as such, the rules mechanics and options in the older 32 page race books were not reprinted.

Somehow, I'm sure we'll all live with the change. :-)

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Kalindlara wrote:
Malwing wrote:
Question I may have missed; With this book is it safe to ditch my 'blood of' and 'of golarion' racial player companions?
Definitely not. A lot of the material from those books, such as racial feats and other options, were not reprinted here.

With the exception of the racial trait index in the back of the book, I didn't see ANY game mechanics that were reprinted in Inner Sea Races. I wouldn't drop any of my "of Golarion" or "Blood of" books, personally.

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Eric Hinkle wrote:
DM MoggZero wrote:
Sweet! I just got this today and ready to read. I just took the Leadership feat for my character this Tuesday.
Oh, has Mister Augunas changed his rules from the Leadership Handbook where *everyone* gets Leadership like it was a seventh characteristic?

Nope. My book still assumes that Leadership is free, but it works just fine if you require your players to take the feat. It does, however, contain an "Improved Leadership" feat that basically amounts to additional leadership perks, so if you're a cleric with the Nobility domain, there's something replacing your Leadership feat in this system. (I don't remember who requested it, but that was a common request that I got when I first announced that I was doing Ultimate Charisma. There's a lot of little stuff like that in Ultimate Charisma that really makes the product's cover price worthwhile, even if you already have Leadership Handbook and/or Psychological Combat.)

DM MoggZero wrote:
My DM and I want to try something different with the feat this time around. Hopefully the romance rules you mention and maybe ties to my character background will make this new and fun.

Arrgh, have to get this one! I've got to see the new Romance rules and how they work.

Can we get any hints on them?

Basically, it works like Paizo's Relationship Rules, except there are four tracks instead of two. Paizo's Relationship Rules have Friendly/Rival as the two choices; Ultimate Charisma has Familial, Friendship, Peer, and Amnesty. Each type of relationship lists the core emotions associated with that type and includes notes about functional and dysfunctional relationships of each type. Generally speaking, a relationship is functional if both NPCs properly deal with the emotions associated with it. Together, it makes an alignment-like system of categorization, such as Dysfunctional Familial, Functional Peer, or Dysfunctional Amnesty.

Moving on to Romance, basically there's a chance every time you increase your relationship score with someone that you can add Love as a core emotion to the relationship. Love in general can mean whatever you want it to mean; it can be the love between siblings, love between close friends, or love between soul mates. In order to start a romance with a character, you need to have love as a core emotion in your relationship.

Ultimately, I wanted a system that better captured how dynamic emotions are when it comes to relationships, and between the rules teased (as well as the Dynamic Relationship rules, which I didn't even touch on), the four pages on Relationships in the book are OOZING with storyline goodness that makes creating and maintaining a relationship much more interesting for PCs!

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I would say that this falls squarely in the category of "Humans can't take feats with Racial Heritage that modify things they do not possess." A human with Racial Heritage (tiefling) can't take a feat that gives her a prehensile tail because humans don't have a prehensile tail. A human with Racial Heritage (kitsune) can't take fox shape because she doesn't have the change shape ability. This is supported by the flavor text to fox shape, which says, "in addition to your other forms."

What you do in a home game is your own business, but I'm almost positive that this use of Racial Heritage wouldn't fly at PFS. (Although its a pretty great way to get access to the kitsune trickster rogue archetype, if you want to add Int to all of your Charisma-based skill checks.)

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If I were to let the slayer pick it multiple times, I might let them choose it once as a standard talent and once as an advanced talent. I might also consider making slayers have Weapon Focus with the weapon too, but that's a big "maybe."

All said, what you have is certainly workable. If I end up doing an Everyman Archetypes product for slayers, I'll certainly revisit the Dex to damage option for slayers. If I didn't put it in here, however, it means that I probably didn't have space for it and didn't want to deal with the mental acrobatics that making finesse training available to slayers entailed.

Mark's vigilante talent idea was something along the lines of, "If using Dex to hit and Str to damage, add X to the damage that your weapon deals." His idea was essentially the following:
— The damage dealt by Dex-based characters is too low.
— Dex to damage is super strong because it lets you pump up one stat for both offense and defense.
— Give bonuses to people using Dex to hit without giving them Dex to damage too.

As you can probably tell from the Steadfast Personality errata, the game as a whole runs better when you have choices to make when character building, and allowing characters to dump multiple stats effectively takes choice out of the game.

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Milo v3 wrote:
Paizo's really stopped trying to even conceal the fact the "setting-neutral" campaign line is just Golarion with Occult Adventures spending eight pages on golarion fluff.

So you expect them to print information in any of their product lines that isn't setting-applicable? If they're going to talk about the Negative Energy Plane, why shouldn't they talk about it in Golarion terms? What's the purpose in creating a second, campaign setting book that boils down to, "Everything we said in Occult Adventures doesn't apply to Golarion; here's how the plane REALLY works in our setting." That's poor business taste, and frankly its an insult to the people who play in Golarion.

You're not the only person who plays Pathfinder and while the people who play in Golarion aren't the only people playing Pathfinder either, it makes more sense to keep their eggs in a row for people who play in Golarion so there's no confusion. Golarion's as much a Paizo product as Occult Adventures is, and to be frank there's no way that Paizo could ever print enough information to satisfy every possible homebrew GM's world. If you want a planar creation kit, you can find that in the GameMastery Guide. (Literally; its filled with planar traits and stuff. Check it out.)

Ultimately, if you are so thoroughly bothered by the fact that eight pages in Occult Adventures are more applicable to Golarion then your campaign setting as compared to the 248 pages that are setting neutral (even more so considering the Medium is no longer harrow-based), I suggest you step away from the forums for a bit and meditate on all of the things in life that are more rage-worthy than the Esoteric Planes section of Occult Adventures. If you're American, there's a lot of bigger stuff going on in the news right now where your displeasure could be better spent.

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When picking the new spells for the witch patrons, I tried to draw on the spirits that belong to each constellation for inspiration. Hopefully you enjoy the new lists.

New Fiend Patron: 1st–protection from good, 2nd–scorching ray, 3rd–wrathful mantleapg, 4th–aura of doomUM, 5th–dismissal, 6th–planar binding, 7th–blasphemy, 8th–unholy aura, 9th–meteor swarm

New Nobility Patron: 1st–moment of greatness, 2nd–eagle’s splendor, 3rd–contingent actionACG, 4th–glibness, 5th–greater command, 6th–repulsion, 7th–mage’s magnificent mansion, 8th–binding, 9th–overwhelming presence

New Scholar Patron:1st–heightened awarenessACG, 2nd–share language, 3rd–blood biography, 4th–lesser simulacrum, 5th–false vision, 6th–battlemind link, 7th–circle of clarityUM, 8th–protection from spells, 9th–wish

New Seer Patron: 1st–true strike, 2nd–obscure object, 3rd–borrow fortune, 4th–contingent scrollACG, 5th–false vision, 6th–mislead, 7th–phantasmal revengeAPG, 8th–screen, 9th–wish

New Skull Patron: 1st–phantom bloodACG, 2nd–ghoul touch, 3rd–animate dead, 4th–shadow projectionACG, 5th–vampiric shadow shieldACG, 6th–undead anatomy III†, 7th–finger of death, 8th–create greater undead, 9th–energy drain

New Thief Patron: 1st–disguise self, 2nd–knock, 3rd–gaseous form, 4th–jester’s jauntAPG, 5th–seeming, 6th–getawayAPG, 7th–ethereal jaunt, 8th–screen, 9th–time stope

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Tirelessly fighting to bring YOU a better Customer Service experience, Diego is honor-bound to make your experience with Paizo a better one by answering any questions that you ask him! Do it! DOOOOOO IT!

I'll start! Diego: which Cards Against Humanity popsicle was the BEST Cards Against Humanity popsicle at PAX?

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Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
Urath DM wrote:
I don't think Cavaliers work as rank-and-file members. Constable seems to fit the same mold.. more officer than standard member.

I'd expect MOST members of a city watch to be commoners, warriors, or possibly (in a few cases) aristocrats (like a baroness's second daughter who won't inherit, but is interested with keeping the peace in her mother's capital city).

Any archetype for heroic classes is going to represent someone exceptional, be that an officer of the watch, or some other more-than-typical role. A constable in charge of a group of warrior town guards makes sense to me, as does a noble son who trained with the guard but has become a local hero within the city. That said, as a player if I discovered a squad of city guards in Canorate or Vigil were all low-level cavalier constables with military training (for example), I'd totally buy that.

As an aside, I've always thought that the Genius Guide to the Talented Cavalier's approach of, "the cavalier is the fighter with societal clout and authority," was a brilliant direction to take the class in, and I definitely got shades of that with the constable archetype.

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Dragon78 wrote:
Sorry, there is nothing cute about lizardfolk or orcs though kobolds and ratfolk can be.

Not yet, there isn't. But after my GM allows me to adapt Pup Shape for humanoid targets, THEN we'll see who the crazy person is! *cackles maniacally*

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James Jacobs wrote:
Crystal Frasier wrote:
MMCJawa wrote:
I've only skimmed through it so far (waiting for the hardcover to arrive to properly read it), but I did find it amusing that the text for catfolk calls out how variable they can be, and says you can get full on Kajit style catfolk in one family, and their neighbors across the street could be anime esq catgirls with completely different morphology.
Huh... I don't remember writing that
I'm pretty sure that was text we ended up putting in during development because we kinda gave up a little on getting the art to standardize.

If its any consolation, it seems like a nice compromise for all of the people out there who prefer one depiction over another.

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Revan wrote:
I'm a huge fan of the new rogue talent where they can move into cover or concealment and make a Stealth check to get observers to lose track of them. Unless I'm missing somemajor limitations to that, it would be well worth it all on its own, but it also has a rider where success allows you to make an Intimidate check to shake enemies with your disappearing act.

What's REALLY cool is that a note was included to specifically allow them to be selected by the Unchained Rogue. Player Companion rogue talents have this weird design limbo where technically, the Unchained Rogue can't pick them but almost no home GM would say "No" to allowing them. Its nice to see a specific, "YOU CAN DO THIS, GUYS," in print, though! :D

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She's there! She's really, truly there!

More covers with Yoon, plz!!!

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Matrix Dragon wrote:

I find it funny that NONE of the questions that are being asked are about humans or any of the core races. Especially when this book is mostly about the core races.

Paizo! This is your sign that you are missing out on a big money making opportunity by not giving us a non-core races hardcover! ;)

As much as I want to agree with you, remember that vocal posters aren't always indicative of the majority. If you want to see more weird races spotlighted, the best thing that you can do is speak with your wallet by buying the products that come out that DO support them, like Blood of Shadow and Dirty Tactics Toolbox. Make weird races profitable and you'll see more content trying to capture that market, methinks.

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Bows are two-handed, but you only use one hand to pull the string back. Hence the normal one-handed Strength bonus to damage.

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I'm working on a project that works with the occult rules.


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Playing in Carrion Hill.

Saagi (Getting Grappled by a Lovecraftian Horror): "AAAAAH! No! Let go of me! I'm a teenage girl from Minkai, I KNOW HOW THIS ENCOUNTER ENDS!"

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Grey Lensman wrote:
Any love for the classic Sword and dagger look?

Legendary Swashbucklers includes updates for every Paizo archetype to make it compatible with the legendary swashbuckler class, as well as updates for every archetype in my Everyman Options: Swashbuckler product. There's at least one sword and dagger option among all of that.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I really did go crazy in this book. :D

Think of the Legendary Swashbuckler as an unchained version of the class. It is completely redesigned, with new class features and deeds supporting classic ones. In most places, it is a straight-up buff to the swashbuckler while keeping the soul of the class in tact (and enhanced).

Examples. The swashbuckler gets an ability called finesse training, which is like the unchained rogue ability of the same name; you pick a few weapons to deal Dex to damage with. The swashbuckler gets this ability more often than the rogue (as she should; she's supposed to be the master of Dextrous fighting), ending with 5 chosen weapons by 20th level.

The biggest change is the concept of personages, which function like a cavalier's order or a sorcerer's bloodline. The personage represents the source of the swashbuckler's panache; the personality trait or goal that defines where her recklessness and bravado stem from. Legendary Swashbucklers include seven choices, including the aristocrat, the buccaneer, the phantom, and the madcap. Each personage has a base ability at 1st level, three more abilities as the swashbuckler levels up, and one unique deed at 3rd level, 7th level, 11th level, 15th level, and 19th level. In order to balance out all of the new deeds (some familiar, some brand-spanking new), I cut some deeds from the base swashbuckler class, so you generally have the same number of deeds as an ACG swashbuckler, but your deeds are better tailored to your personality and background.

The final change that I want to mention is to swashbuckler finesse. It no longer applies only to light and one-handed piercing melee weapons. Instead, at 1st level you pick one fighter weapon group and you can use Weapon Finesse with every melee weapon in that group. This way you can be a buccaneer swashbuckler who can finesse cutlasses at level 1. Or picks if you're a dwarf. Or the elven curved blade or even the quarterstaff if you don't feel you'll need the precise strike deed very much. All of the swashbuckler deeds in the class have been updated to note when they require a weapon that belongs to a fighter weapon group that you have chosen with swashbuckler weapon training, which is a combined version of the ACG's swashbuckler finesse and swashbuckler weapon training abilities. (Same scale, singular name.) You also can pick more weapons with a scaling system that works like fighters selecting their weapon training.

Hope this entices you enough to check out Legendary Swashbucklers! If it does well, maybe I can convince Jason to let me give a similar treatment to gunslingers down the road.... ;-)

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Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
Silver Surfer wrote:

Here's a question..

The Herald Caller is a cleric archetype and thus all the basic rules of the class apply. How does this work with a cleric of a "philosophy".... a cleric in this sense is capable of utilising SM spells, so as the Herald Caller is a cleric archetype, it seems like this should still apply?

Noting that this is not official errata or a FAQ:

Specific overrules general.

Since the herald caller says "A herald caller can use summon monster spells only to summon summon creatures particularly appropriate to her deity." I'd assume that a Herald caller with no deity can't summon anything with summon monster spells.
Which makes it a terrible choice for clerics with no deity.

Which makes sense because the archetype is called the "herald caller." If you don't worship a deity, who's herald would you be calling? And if you're calling the herald of something other than a deity, chances are you're not a cleric.

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Milo v3 wrote:
MMCJawa wrote:

I think the worry is, say you make a book just focused on Wayang. How many people are interested enough in Wayang to buy an entire book on the subject? Doing two or three races as a focus is more likely to attract buyers than focusing on one minor niche race (which is pretty much what Fetchlings and Wayang are really).
I understand that, though I don't see why it should be a "Blood of " when it's more than one race. The line has been diluted from it's rather cool origins with Blood of the Elements (which is understandable to a degree since all of those races were genie-kin), but now it's going even further with simply "Races with a darkness theme". Hopefully it will be a good Player Companion, there are some great developers around. But to me it will not be a good "Blood of" book.

Fetchliings are outsiders that are native to the Plane of Shadows. Wayang were outsiders that were native to the Plane of Shadows that got stranded on the Material Plane after the Age of Darkness ended and were forced to, "Go native." Every other race is, for now, a speculation on forum-goers' part.

It is difficult to claim that this product is going to go with a "races with a darkness" theme when we don't know what's going to be in it yet. For all we know, the book might focus on those two races, plus humanoids whose ancestry was tainted by the Plane of Shadow. For instance, we could see some heavy Kuthonite love in this book for that very reason.

I think the point is, you're telling everyone that the Titanic is sinking before its even left port. Give the product a chance; maybe Blood of Shadows is the alternate timeline where Balthazar saves the Titanic in order to ensure that Celine Dion stays in Canada and never sings her famous hit song, "My Heart Will Go On."

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Eric Hinkle wrote:
Does the new material allow you to use them together? Like Leadership perks that enhance your ability to Antagonize/Demopralize/Feint an opponent?

Off the top of my head, I don't think there are any perks that specifically makes you better at Psychological Maneuvers. That said, there are TONS of perks that can give you bonuses to Diplomacy, Intimidate, and Bluff under certain circumstances, which translates over into bonuses to psychological maneuvers.

Which, again, makes sense. Your leadership ability shouldn't make you any better at antagonizing creatures that have no conception of what your leadership score actually means. (Aka Handle Animal checks.)

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Interjection Games wrote:
How does this fit in with your last stab at Leadership?

Ultimate Charisma is a compilation and expansion of Pyschological Combat and the Leadership Handbook. It takes all of the material from those two products, cleans them up where necessary, and expands both rules systems with over 20 pages of all-nee material.

I was originally going to do an expansion project called Leadership Expansion 1. That
Whole product got folded into Ultimate Charisma. For example, there are over eight pages of Leasership perks in Ultimate Charisma.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Coming soon to the Paizo Webstore!

Command, Conquer, Control!

Raise armies, expand your reputation, and secure victory over your foes using Ultimate Charisma, by Everyman Gaming, LLC. Designed for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, Ultimate Charisma gives GMs and players all the tools they need to put their charisma to the test as they recruit a legion of followers, exercise their leadership skills, master a variety of psychological maneuvers, and build lasting reputations and relationships to last a lifetime.

Ultimate Charisma includes:

  • Leadership, redesigned and retooled into a massive, multi-faceted subsystem that allows players to exercise their influence within the campaign setting in new and exciting ways.
  • Revised rules systems that allow players to use their leadership skills to attract multiple cohorts and followers and build reputations and relationships while remaining modular.
  • Psychology maneuvers, an easy to use design that streamlines a character’s ability to manipulate opponents in combat using a combination of words and wits.
  • New archetypes and character options.
  • New feats, mythic feats, and combat tricks.
  • Leadership perks, a new character option that allows characters to specialize and customize their leadership abilities to suit their needs.
  • New character traits.
  • And much more!

    With Everyman Gaming, innovation is never more than a page away!

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    Gisher wrote:
    zergtitan wrote:

    Am I the only one with this image in my head?

    "Yar, Hand over all your Japanese Schoolgirls."

    Well now you aren't the only one!

    I need to go scrub my brain.

    Its even worse when you decide to scrub off the deific flavor and instead use it to replicate the Chaotic Evil Kraken worshipers over in the Elder Kraken-ruled nation in Tien Xia....

    1 person marked this as a favorite.
    Eric B. Ives wrote:
    Just to echo some of the praise given above, this is a really interesting book with a lot of potential to make the game better as a whole. I am really excited about Dirty Fighting, as it will decrease the need to dip into Lore Warden or Brawler as often, and will give melee builds with fewer feats, like Cavalier, a chance to do something besides hit.

    I like Dirty Fighting because its actually a pretty strong alternative to both lore warden and brawler, like you said. Lore warden has a choice between it and Improved Unarmed Strike, which the archetype is fairly ambient towards because it gets Combat Expertise for free and promotes having a decent Intelligence as-is. Brawler ignores the Intelligence prerequisite entirely and gets Improved Unarmed Strike for free.

    So yeah, Dirty Fighting is almost like a third route towards being a combat maneuver specialist, and its one that's available to all characters, regardless of class.

    The archetypes, while quite specific, are really flavorful and make me want to jump in and play the characters. As do the new race-specific options.

    Rather than just throwing racial-themed stuff on the pages, I tried to sit down and think about what members of each race would actually gravitate towards, given their racial abilities, quirks, and overall design space in the game. For example, the Among Humans racial trait was a direct result of my discovering that there are less than one handful of traits that grant Disguise as a class skill, and I felt that being able to disguise yourself as a human effectively was an important quality for kitsune to have. Same with the jungle-stalking catfolk options and the ratfolk baubles-and-swarm-fighting options. (Though I do admit that the tiefling class option was merely a result of my desire to be able to create Ursala the Sea Witch in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. ;-P)

    Generally speaking, I LOVE non-human races because I find it fascinating to conteplate what an entire group of people would act like both on an individual and a societal level if they all had a particular way of thinking or quirk. For example, I find gnomish society to be utterly fascinating. An entire civilization completely and utterly devoted to experiencing new things lest they come down with a fatal illness? That would be like humans getting brain cancer if they didn't take sufficient means to broaden their horizons. I imagine that's why gnomes are so affable; they don't have the luxury that humans have of being able to live inside their own, personal bubble (so to speak). It would be a race without comfort zones because to stay within one's comforts could ultimately prove fatal.

    As always, if you (or anyone else reading this) want to see more of anything new that we freelancers tried in this Player Companion, such as prestige class support, multiclassing support, or racial options for non-humans, you need to speak up about it. Almost all of the Paizo staff, including the people who outline, assign, and develop Paizo's products, read the forums. All of the freelancers are forum-goers and/or community members. When people want something and its A) something that's a genuine need for the game and B) people are polite about it, designers, all of the people who make the products you love take notice and take note. ;-)

    For this product alone, Andrew Marlowe is the husband of last year's RPG Superstar and works closely with Owen K.C. Stephens on Rogue Genius Games products, Luis Loza is an active reader and poster on the forums, and Anthony and I are podcast hosts for the Know Direction Network and avid Pathfinder Society players. Anthony in particular is a Venture Lieutenant.

    Now I'm looking forwards to hearing Alex's complete breakdown of it on the Know Direction Podcast.

    I typically don't review products on Guidance anymore. (I have to take my professionalism into consideration now, and abstinence is often the best cure where the Internet is involved.) That said, if you want me to actually come on Know Direction and talk about freelancing in general, you'd have to put in a request to Perram and Ryan about it; that's completely outside of my department. (Though not willingness to do so. I actually spoke a teeny tiny bit about it for literally a minute when they pulled me on Know Direction to talk about the ACG Errata on the show.)

    2 people marked this as a favorite.

    Saw a couple people commenting on the change to the terrain mastery rogue talent. I think its worth mentioning that the change effectively makes the terrain master talent from Ultimate Combat the same as the version found in Pathfinder Unchained, which was likely the intention.

    Yes, it hurts horizon walker rogues, but it does promote internal synergy within the rules system.

    2 people marked this as a favorite.
    Jeffrey Fox wrote:
    I may lose players from the local community over this errata because so many options have been effected with this.

    You'll always have me and my army of fox people, Jeff! <3

    2 people marked this as a favorite.
    Reckless wrote:
    zergtitan wrote:
    Can I get details on the Kitsune Curse?
    You increase the duration of sickened, poisoned, and nauseated by 50% and substitute in magical tails for mystery spells (doesn't play nice with archetypes that also replace mystery spells), gaining a selected list of spells known (minor image, ventriloquism, magic jar, project image)

    I specifically called out archetypes like that because in my mind, the oracle curse is swapping out your mystery's bonus spells. If an archetype also swaps out a mystery bonus spell for a new bonus spell, then the new bonus spell belongs to the archetype, not the mystery, so it wouldn't be a valid swap anyway. Sort of like how the qinggong monk archetype can't allow a qinggong monk to gain an ability back that he traded for another archetype ability. In short, its specifically laying out a ruling that would have otherwise been implied. :D

    1 person marked this as a favorite.
    Eric Hinkle wrote:
    Wonderful news! And pardon my asking this crass question, but what is the projected cost for this wondrous tome?

    $15 for the PDF.

    $22 for the print copy.

    There will also be a print & pdf bundle option available, which will be $30.

    1 person marked this as a favorite.
    Luthorne wrote:
    Also, are any of these new spells antipaladin or mesmerist spells?

    I'm not looking at my copy at the moment, but Occult Adventures wasn't out when we (the freelancers) wrote Dirty Tactics Toolbox. That isn't to say that there aren't any psychic-equivalent spells in the book since Owen (the all-seeing master of crunch that he is) might have very well added compatibility during development.

    Originally, however, this book was slated to come out during the same month as Occult Adventures, so I wouldn't get too hopeful about psychic / occult support.

    I can say with 100% certainty that if I had seen Occult Adventures when I wrote the Trickster Races section, the kitsune oracle curse would have specifically granted the oracle possession (and probably greater possession at 15th level) instead of magic jar, since I personally find the possession spells to better worded and more in-line with what Japanese folklore said that the kitsune could do. At the same time, the flavor of using a kitsune star jewel as a soul reciprocal is pretty awesome too, so talk with your GM about it!

    1 person marked this as a favorite.
    djones wrote:
    This one feat turns a ton of Arcane Trickster builds on it's head.

    I was SO happy to see that Luis took my suggestion and wrote up the arcane trickster-helping feat and the multiclass rogue-helping feat for the sneak attack section of the book. :D

    DrSwordopolis wrote:
    And now I know exactly how I'm going to rebuild my Kitsune Vigilante for PFS, assuming that the contents of this book go PFS legal.

    The nice thing about Luis's style feat is that unlike my oracle curse, its available to non-kitsune.

    1 person marked this as a favorite.

    What Luthorne said. You can expect to see the digital version of Ultimate Charisma on sale before next Thursday, and I'm currently in-process of getting the print copies finalized. (I submitted a proof to Lightning Source for their approval yesterday.) The PDF version will be on sale before the print version is available and there will be a bundle option.

    Ultimate Charisma is HUGE, and has tons of new content. For reference, simply combining the Leadership Handbook and Psychological Combat as-written would have been about 40 pages of content. Ultimate Charisma has closer to 64.

    1 person marked this as a favorite.
    Endzeitgeist wrote:
    Reviewed first on, then submitted to Nerdtrek and GMS magazine and posted on Lou Agresta's RPGaggression and here, OBS and's shop.

    Thanks for the review, Endzeitgeist! I'm glad that you ended up liking Microsized Adventures as much as you did. :D

    4 people marked this as a favorite.
    Jack of Dust wrote:
    Just got my shipping soon email. Hopefully I'll have my pdf soon!

    Shipping should start on Monday, according to Sara Marie. (Praise be to she, who ships the goodness of the golem with the help of her warehouse of minions and raptors.)

    2 people marked this as a favorite.

    The base kineticist is designed around bringing both all-day damage and consistent, caster-like utility. Are they as good as martials? No. Do they have as much utility as casters? Again, no. But in both cases, they shouldn't. Balance-wise, the kineticist is a work of art.

    Now, if you want to be Captain DR, the elemental annihilator archetype is for you. If you want more utility, consider the kinetic chirgureon.

    5 people marked this as a favorite.
    Catharsis wrote:
    like this computer-generated class feature "Soul Ward (Su): An intangible field of siphoned soul ward to create, breaking free from the living spaces that spark is always to hobble about slowly on land, but most are immune to strike incorporeal creatures as a landwalker do battle against the Outer Sphere."
    Well, that explains the Vigilante.

    Remember that post of Mark's that you vivisected? The one where he posted that he invariably reads something sad on the forums that makes him retreat from them for a while? Congratulations on being the end of one of next week's forum perusing!

    1 person marked this as a favorite.
    TOZ wrote:
    If you think GenCon only takes up one week of time, you are sorely mistaken.

    The GenCon schedule reads like the RTS Warcraft Games.

    ConCraft 1 - Humans VS Boxes
    ConCraft 2 - Eye of the Con
    ConCraft 3 - Reign of ConCrud.

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