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Golden-Esque's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber. FullStarFullStar Venture-Agent. 767 posts (6,000 including aliases). 39 reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 17 Pathfinder Society characters. 4 aliases.

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Threeshades wrote:
Voidspawn sounds suspiciously like something that I've been coming up with for my own setting. Has anyone from rogue genious been in my head?

I have encouraged Isabelle and N to make copious use of the Dream spell when working on this project.

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Announced for November 2016!

Everyman Gaming LLC returns to their acclaimed Everyman Unchained series with an all-new unchained base class! Created by popular demand, the fighter finally gets his turn at the unchaining table with Everyman Unchained: Fighters!

Written by the mind behind some of the most innovative martial content, Everyman Unchained: Fighters takes many of the advances made to the fighter class in recent years and combines them together into a proper, 20-level base class complete with new class features and new options to choose from.

For more information about this upcoming release, follow this link to the Everyman Gaming website!

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One thing that really makes me happy is hearing how much people have enjoyed the kaiju corruption. I thought it was an awesome idea, but I wasn't sure it was going to catch on with Pathfinder's stance that every kaiju is a unique creature and whatnot.

Rysky wrote:
Alexander Augunas wrote:
Eric Hinkle wrote:

Just so everyone knows, I was joking about a Kitsune corruption.

A Nogitsune/Oni one would be great, though!

EDIT: While we're on the subject, how about a Wendigo corruption?

Isabelle pulling Rysky's leg aside, Wendigo was a strong contender for the Corruption Codex, but we set it aside because of Horror Realms looming on the horizon. Although we have no knowledge regarding Horror Realms's content, as people who work frequently with Paizo both Isabelle and I felt that a Wendigo corruption was a logical choice for Horror Realms—especially since In Search of Sanity had the Wendigo Great Old One in its back matter.

According to its thread, Horror Realms has two to three corruptions. If Wendigo isn't one of them, we'll certainly consider taking a stab at it if Corruption Codex generations enough buzz to warrant a sequel. (We're hoping it does, and odds look good right now.)


*hugs fluffy fox, beautiful mermaid, and adorable wampi*

Where's N in this equation?

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Eric Hinkle wrote:

Just so everyone knows, I was joking about a Kitsune corruption.

A Nogitsune/Oni one would be great, though!

EDIT: While we're on the subject, how about a Wendigo corruption?

Isabelle pulling Rysky's leg aside, Wendigo was a strong contender for the Corruption Codex, but we set it aside because of Horror Realms looming on the horizon. Although we have no knowledge regarding Horror Realms's content, as people who work frequently with Paizo both Isabelle and I felt that a Wendigo corruption was a logical choice for Horror Realms—especially since In Search of Sanity had the Wendigo Great Old One in its back matter.

According to its thread, Horror Realms has two to three corruptions. If Wendigo isn't one of them, we'll certainly consider taking a stab at it if Corruption Codex generations enough buzz to warrant a sequel. (We're hoping it does, and odds look good right now.)

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N. Jolly wrote:
There's quite a few corruptions I'm itching to write as well,


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Isabelle Lee wrote:

I should note that some of the corruptions I have in mind will be less horrifying than the one I wrote here. (Admittedly, that might be a high bar.) None of them will really be "good", though... unless you count the Blazing Righteousness corruption. And you shouldn't. ^_^

Corruptions, as noted above, should be something you don't want... unless you're the specific kind of weirdo that would, like a Zura worshiper wanting to be a vampire.

I promise to subtly whisper into Isabelle's ears so that everything she writes for any potential sequels that we do is at least 110% more horrifying.

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After playing Warcraft: Legion, my desire to do an "arcane corruption" for blood elf / nightborne style withering has grown immensely. (With "blood elf" being stage 2 and "nightborne" being stage 3.)

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Thank you both to Erik and Rallister (ARMR) for posting your reviews!

And to echo N Jolly, the more reviews and comments, the merrier. Being #2 this past week is awesome and it's better then I ever could have hoped, but the more exposure and ratings this book gets, the easier it will be for Owen and I to justify a sequel.

This really has me excited, because I was worried that corruption content wasn't going to be popular. No one really knew what to expect because we're at the front lines of making new content for this mechanic. I am happy to see that there is an interest, because I am really interested in doing more with the mechanic.

Much, much more....

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1of1 wrote:
maybe they'll have a way for me to skip that silly hybrid thing that they made kitsunes, and just be a shapeshifting fox without needing a +3 BAB.

Department of expectation management: nope.

Pathfinder elves are not the same as Norse elves.
Pathfinder gnomes are not the same as German gnomes.
Pathfinder dwarves are not the same as Norse dwarves.
Pathfinder kitsune do not need to be the same as Japanese kitsune.

That being said, if you give Pathfinder kitsune a chance to be their own thing instead of expecting them to be a copy/paste from Japanese mythology, you might enjoy their section in this book. There's a lot of neat stuff in the kitsune section.

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Kim Hall wrote:
Being able to build things out of magic bricks that can do just about anything could be fun... Everything else is pretty coveted from my childhood.

Referencing the nanobots from Big Hero 6, or Legos in general?

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Actually, since Paizo is in Seattle, they're closed for Indegenous Peoples' Day.

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Kalindlara wrote:

Too true, Mr. Augunas. I was merely addressing the original question about paladins, in the way that first came to mind.

It's been a long few days. ^_^

I know you know, but I also know that not all of the non-designers know what we know.

It just happened that yours was the first post I saw that mentioned paladins with starknives. ;-)

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Kalindlara wrote:

Varisian Tattoo (the trait, not the feat) is your friend. ^_^

As for paladins... this content was written for Golarion, and using it in other settings may open unintended combinations. I recommend that GMs consider whether this is appropriate for the setting they're using.

It would actually pretty bad for a paladin to use Desna's Shooting Star, because of the new-ish ability score FAQ.


Do ability modifiers from the same ability stack? For instance, can you add the same ability bonus on the same roll twice using two different effects that each add that same ability modifier?

No. An ability bonus, such as "Strength bonus", is considered to be the same source for the purpose of bonuses from the same source not stacking. However, you can still add, for instance “a deflection bonus equal to your Charisma modifier” and your Charisma modifier. For this purpose, however, the paladin's untyped "bonus equal to her Charisma bonus (if any) on all saving throws" from divine grace is considered to be the same as "Charisma bonus (if any)", and the same would be true for any other untyped "bonus equal to her [ability score] bonus" constructions.

While smite evil adds a DEFLECTION bonus to AC equal to the paladin's Charisma bonus, allowing it to stack with things like the lore mystery's sidestep secret, smite evil's Charisma bonus to attack rolls is actually untyped, so the bonuses from Desna's Shooting Star and Smite Evil wouldn't stack.

Whether this matters to you is up for debate, but it would likely reduce your attack bonus when you use smite evil.

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captain yesterday wrote:
I actually wouldn't mind with Mythic Adventures unexpected power level to have an occasional creature or entity get up to CR 35. :-)

While it would be cool (because Mythic Adventures really ends up being +1 CR per tier instead of +1/2) , I don't think that the Paizo monster designers would invalidate the high-CR monster progression tables from Bestiary 4 and 5 and Mythic Adventures by increasing the table yet again.

Also, it would feel weird if Cthulhu wasn't the highest echelons of what you could fight in Pathfinder.

Personally, I'm a big fan of, "Throw more dangerous crap at the PCs then they can handle," as a solution to Mythic. For instance, why would you EVER let poor Cthulhu adventure alone when he could be accompanied by a half-dozen of his lovely star-spawn? >:)

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Matrix Dragon wrote:
I've been wanting a way to let players 'control' a corruption by using feats or something similar. Nice!

We actually want to provide a whole host of options that GMs can give to their players to allow them to control their corruptions.

If we do well enough to warrant a sequel product, one of the ideas on the plate is called "Corruption Templates," which basically list small packages of modifications to a corruption for the GM to use at her leisure. Other ideas include new spells, new magic items, and TONS of new corruptions.

So far things are looking good for this product—but we won't know for sure until the end of the month!

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StSword wrote:

Okay, this has definitely caught my interest.

Obviously some people have bought this and liked it.

I don't need a Thilo G style review (although those are always appreciated, mind you), but since I'm already half way there, I figured someone here can probably sell me on it.

Well, the product introduces four new corruptions, some of which have a unique progression mechanic that doesn't amount to, "Save three times or lose your character."

For instance, the kaiju corruption has a mechanic that causes the corruption to trigger based upon how much hit point damage you deal or take while in a berserker rage, while the devolution corruption has a sanity mechanic that slowly whittles away whenever you perform an act that inspires primal emotions, such as eating delicious foods or involving yourself physically with another person.

Each corruption tries to evoke a more modern sense of horror, as opposed to the classics presented in Horror Adventures. For example, Isabelle Lee designed the voidspawn corruption to mirror the Eldrazi from Magic: The Gathering. She even wrote a new monster that you can summon for the product—the voidspawn drone—that gives a little bit of information about what the voidspawn are and what their motives for reality might be.

The book also includes new feats, which generally fall into a "Corrupt" or "Salvation" category. Corrupt feats make all of the bonuses of your corruption better or allow you to use your manifestations in new ways, but each Corrupt feat that you possess increases the save DC that you need to make to prevent your corruption from progressing. Salvation feats do the opposite—they generally give you abilities that make it easier for you to resist your corruption, and every salvation feat you have lowers the DC you need to make to stop the corruption from progression. I had a hand in developing these the corrupt / salvation mechanic, but the feats themselves the work of N. Jolly.

Also by N. Jolly are a slew of new magic items that provide ways for you to embrace or remove your corruption (the latter being the focus). You have evil options (like a rapier that steals the life essence of those it slays to help reverse your corruption), as well as some less vile methods (such as a diamond that expels your corruption out of your body by transforming it into a separate creature, costing you negative levels in the process).

Overall, we did a lot of really cool stuff in the Corruption Codex, and we're hoping it'll be popular enough to warrant sequels. For instance, I have some notes on a mechanic called corruption templates, which basically modify key aspects of how corruptions work in a manner similar to the disease templates from Horror Adventures. N. Jolly has notes for a wicked Venom-style Symbionte Corruption, and Isabelle Lee has been DYING to do a series of fiendish corruptions. Plus we invited Horror Master Clinton Boomer to join our ranks for the next one, should it come to pass....


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Meh, it's been a year or so.

Kitsune 16 - (Swashbuckler 8, Alchemist 7, Bloodrager 11, Unchained Rogue 2, Sorcerer 4, Telekineticist 5, Stalker Vigilante 3, Cleric of Sarenrae 7, Psychic Detective Investigator 8, Vexing Dodger Unchained Rogue 4, Oracle 2, Mesmerist 2, Warpriest of Daikitsu 2, Exemplar Brawler 3, Hunter 2.)

Dwarf - 1 (Unchained Monk)

Human - 1 (Cleric / Living Grimoire Inquisitpr 2)

Note that all of my Level 2s except the oracle haven't been played yet-If I feel like changing them up I could. ( I likely won't because I have personalities and backstories for everyone but the first Rogue and the Mesmerist, but I could.)

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I've never used the term gamer girl, personally. It seems extraneous.

That being said, the word "gamer" itself is very weird. Its a 90s term that primarily correlates to people who play video games, and since 90s video gaming was basically marketed as a boys club activity there's also the assumption that only males can be "gamers." Ergo, anything that isn't a "video game" usually gets a context adjective and anyone that isn't male usually gets a gender adjective.

Personally, I try to never use gender adjectives in conjunction with "gamer," and I try to use context adjective with "gamer" to specify whatever games I'm talking about. (Unless I'm talking about *all* games in general.)

— Video Gamer
— Tabletop Gamer
— PC Gamer
— Board Gamer
— Card Gamer
— But never "gamer boy" or gamer girl or gamer man or gamer woman." Basically, when you say "Gamer Girl" you're describing the activity rather than the person performing the activity. In my opinion, its better to say, "male video gamer," or "female card gamer," because at least then you are using two separate adjectives to describe the individual instead of one adjective to describe the individual + some sort of freaky adjective-modifying-adjective.


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Feral wrote:
I'm 110% in favor of supporting local game stores but I hate owning physical product. I think own 3 actual Pathfinder books (and they never leave the closet). The rest of my Paizo goods were all purchased as PDFs.

Remember, you can buy ANYTHING in the store and have it count. Try Call of Cthulhu and make your friends less likely to kick the bucket in the process.

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Mathematically, is worth it for my telekineticist to take an aether wysp familiar with the elemental whisper talents?

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Thomas Seitz wrote:

Good to know Isabelle!

*also glad you're not stuck in a hole*

I tried. Turns out she has a bigger, badder predator who's hunting her for her time than me. :O

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In terms of the number of deities and demigods they hit, the Apocrypha subdomains are actually REALLY impressive. There's gods from all over the setting there.

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Rednal wrote:
Uh... just to be sure, you're planning to sell this on, right? I may need to tweak my review a little if it will only be up on drivethrurpg...


While I'm not 100% sure of what happened, apparently Dario accidentally set the PDF to release on DriveThru RPG, and after it apparently generated a rather large sum of money we decided that it was too late to pull it from DriveThru.

I'm not sure when it'll appear on Paizo and the Open Gaming Store, but the plan is to make it available there. We're also in the process of ordering the proof copy of the printed version. My next update on the Kickstarter will include a picture of Dario holding the print book, guarantee.

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Matrix Dragon wrote:
Ser Humpty Dumpty, Paladin wrote:
Matrix Dragon wrote:
Would my alignment shift towards evil if I decided to make a game out of saying things that might trigger Alex's desire to talk about the contents of this book? ;)
If you make him break his NDA, then he won't get to write for Paizo anymore, so yes, you'd shift immediately and fully to Chaotic Evil. ;)
Oh, the goal wouldn't be to get him to break his NDA. It would be just to drive him crazy ;)

I have been sitting on this four MONTHS now. You. Shall. Not. Break. Me.

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Thomas Seitz wrote:
I just welcome the chance to see what Alex Augunas does with this book.

While I did more than *just* kitsune, I'm far from the only person who worked on Blood of the Beast. If I remember right, two races I worked on are pretty obvious. One race is one that people seem to want me to do. And the last is one people won't expect to have been me.

But yeah, I'm excited. I've been messaging Owen silly messages once or twice a week about loosing my cool over how close we are now! Just a few more weeks....

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Isabelle Lee wrote:
xevious573 wrote:
Why no charisma to Atk and Dmg for Fighting Fan(s) for Geishas or even Whips for Calistria worshippers??? ;_; *runs off crying*
Hmm. takes notes

Prepares to snag Isabelle for the EMG Word Mines.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Its also worth considering the starknife isn't really a good swashbuckler weapon—the lack of an 18-20 crit range (or even a 19-20) on a weapon makes it a VERY difficult sell to a swashbuckler.

The craziest thing I could do would be to go flying blade 5 / psychic searcher of lore 2 / fighter (weapon master) X. That would let you grab Weapon Finesse as a class feature (which you could use to qualify for Piranha Strike), Cha to AC and Ref saves, Cha to Attack and Damage, and Cha-based inspiration. Maybe Cha-based Knowledges too.

Weapon-wise, this isn't really something Dex-based characters can't already do. They can get Dex to damage with a few more feats, but naturally get Dex to AC and Reflex saves, and modify way more skills with Dex than even Cha can get using revelations. The Cha-based character looks crazy on paper, but one needs to remember that out of everything I've mentioned, the only thing Dexterity-based characters can't get baseline is Dex to Atk and Dmg, and that's only three feats. (Two if you're using Dervish Dance.)

I'm really hoping Desna's fighting style isn't knee-jerked out of campaigns and stuff as a result. It is new, fun, and flavorful, but it doesn't really do much that Dex to damage can't already do, sans possessing a different (less combat-focused) skill list.

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Alex Mack wrote:
technarken wrote:
If only the additional feats needed to make a Charisma focused Starknifer viable didn't require either some Str/Dex investment or an ability to ignore prerequisites...

If you build a thrower all you need is DEX 13. Those 3 points in point buy investment should be affordable for most and unless you dip Oracle will also aid your AC and REF save. The DEX requirements of TWF are far more restrictive however. But two weapon fighting isn't great for throwers anyhow as it requires you to enhance more than one weapon and multiple to hit penalties really hurt.

You also need a modicum of STR in order to wear Armor but Power Attack is rarely a good feat for builds using one handed weapons.

You could also take Piranha Strike, but that requires a now-defunct Weapon Finesse.

I think the point that is being made is that the Cha to Atk and Dmg isn't as bonkers as people are making it out to be. Flying Bade with a dip in oracle is good, but it isn't going to unseat Dex to Damage or Strength to Damage. It is a fun, flavorful way to use Desna's favored weapon in a radiacally different way that happens to be a viable mechanical option. And in the long run, we should be able to add new options to the game without knee-jerking about their supposed brokenness.

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Alex Mack wrote:

So who else thinks the Desnan Divine Fighting technique is horribly OP?

I mean for one it's by far the easiest way to get one stat to both attack and damage rolls with a thrown weapon. STR and Dex based characters have to jump through hoops to accomplish this. Good looking ones just get it for free... I mean seriously we will likely see Charisma 20 fighters soon because of this feat.

Then Let's see what all you can do with Charisma now in one build with a bit of multiclassing (or even without):

- Irrepressible for Charisma to most Will saves
- Or if you prefer to spend feats: Steadfast Personality
- Charisma to Initiative via Noble Scion
- Charisma to Knowledge Skills as an Oracle of Lore
- A charisma based Inspiration pool for Psychic searcher Oracles
- Dodge Bonus to Charisma from Osyluth's guile
- Charisma to AC and Reflex saves from a number of Oracle mysteries
- A Ki-Pool for Ninjas
- A panache Pool for Swashbucklers

The only saving grace of the feat is the CG requirement which rules out Divine Grace.

So let's see what all of that takes you:

Three Feats (9th Level, with DFT being taken at 3rd unless human): Divine Fighting Technique, Dodge, Steadfast Personality, Noble Scion, Osyluth's Guile

2 Levels of Psychic Searcher Oracle of Lore.

2 levels of Ninja

1 level of swashbuckler

4 levels of whatever you want.

8 ranks in Bluff

Ignoring the four variable levels for all of that, pretty much ALL of your feats are spoken for (unless you grab combat trick / weapon training with your ninja trick). And what do you —really— get from all of that? You are basically stuck with light armor because of your swashbuckler restrictions, you get Charisma to attack and damage with your star knife, but you don't have any abilities that can further augment its damage or your ability to throw it at people. You have a base attack bonus +3 at 5th level (which is on-par for a 5th-level medium BAB character), a Fort of +0, a Ref of +6, a Will of +3, and a small smattering of skill ranks, plus a small smattering of spells.

And this isn't including the fact that Osyluth's Guile only triggers when you use fighting defensively or total defense (so a –3 penalty with that starknife or no attack at all) and that all of your Charisma to AC is shut down when you're flat-footed—maybe you want to take 2 more levels of ninja to help with that of your four, but then of course that means you have fewer feats to do anything with.

Yeah, this build is very Single Ability-Dependent, but what exactly does it do well? It doesn't cast very well, it doesn't do a lot of damage. Its basically defensive, but opportune parry and riposte isn't going to save an effectively medium BAB character. This is one of those build ideas that seems really OP in your head, but on paper its really ... meh? Mostly because being a paladin / antipaladin is what makes Charisma so powerful. (Divine grace with Charisma to AC and attack rolls via smite is what makes a Charisma build nasty.)

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doc roc wrote:
djones wrote:

Pact wizard pact wizard sounds like a pretty packed pact (wizard).

So let me get this straight....

9th level caster... CHECK
Most powerful 9th level caster.....CHECK
Can now access Oracle curse and Wiches Patron....CHECK CHECK
Has extra spontaneous casting ability.... CHECK
Has extra OP abilities..... CHECK
Can stack with another OP archetype for extra hilarity... CHECK

Riiiiiiiiiighttttt........ balanced.... hmmm

I don't think I designed this archetype, but I wanted to chime in and say that a wizard getting a witch patron isn't a big deal, and it usually does little for the character.


Well, witch patrons ADD spells to your spell list, so a properly designed witch patron never includes unique spells from the witch spell list. (Its what makes designing new ones so difficult from a freelancer's perspective.) With only a couple exceptions, they typically add sorcerer/wizard spells to the witch spell list. And guess which spells YOU already have, good sir? (Note: a few add some errant cleric spells and bard spells, but those usually focus on healing or martial buffing. Things the wizard is plenty good at already.)

As for the oracle curse, when those add spells, they're from the sorcerer/wizard spell list. Otherwise they tend to give very small benefits in the form of new senses or restriction removal. Not really something you need as a wizard.

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Isabelle Lee wrote:
Alexander Augunas wrote:

Ah! I got developed by THE James Jacobs?!


I had a similar reaction with Haunted Heroes Handbook. (Also with Paths of the Righteous, but I knew it going in.)

Mr. Jacobs is a delight to work for. ^_^

Wait, James developed Haunted Heroes?!


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James Jacobs wrote:
Zaister wrote:
It seems the Divine Fighting Technique feat in this book is slightly different from the one from Weapon Master's Handbook. I wonder if this intentional, and which version should actually be used?
It's intentional. They are similar things, but not identical things. Use the version attached to the book from which you took the technique.

Ah! I got developed by THE James Jacobs?!


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DM Beckett wrote:
Alexander Augunas wrote:
Don't know. I like the new version better though-you shouldn't be able to use the options without actually following the deity. I was surprised that you could.

Why? It makes perfect sense that an individual could study a technique without accepting all of the themes attached to it. How would this be any different from say a Taldan person from Taldor studying a Tien fighting style or even an Osirini one?

It's not an option that adds flavor or fun, but one that instead strips it.

Because I like that they specifically give nice things for worshiping a god to characters that normally derive no benefit from true worship.

Plus the difference between, "I studied in a faraway land to master these fighting techniques," and "I drew upon my religious closeness with my god to emulate my worship and conviction through martial techniques," are quite different.

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Fabius Maximus wrote:
Alexander Augunas wrote:
CBDunkerson wrote:
Alexander Augunas wrote:
Its time for everyone's favorite game—"Guess what Alex Augunas wrote in Divine Anthology!"
Some (e.g. Desnan) or all of the divine fighting styles.

1 of 2 sections guessed!

I did some (but not all) of the Divine Fighting Techniques. I didn't do Sarenrae (there wasn't space in my turnover for Sarenrae despite my pleaing, so I'm tickled pink that the developer found a way to include the Dawnflower).


If you don't mind me asking: why was the Divine Fighting Technique feat changed?

Don't know. I like the new version better though-you shouldn't be able to use the options without actually following the deity. I was surprised that you could.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Its time for everyone's favorite game—"Guess what Alex Augunas wrote in Divine Anthology!"

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Three weeeeeeeeeeks!

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Eric Hinkle wrote:
Given my fondness for ebon-furred kitsune Amazons, I'll definitely be getting this one.

That ... is a strangely specific fondness.

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James Jacobs wrote:
Thomas Seitz wrote:

By the Dawnflower!!?! Kyra can summon fire lions now?!! Sweet! :D

Also like the fact we'll have a spell that's totally says "Ragtheial(sp) SMITE!" :)

She's always been able to do that. Those are celestial lions conjured up via summon monster. (I ordered that as art to give her a slightly more nature feel, since the theme of the Sarenrae prestige class in this book is one that's more associated with Sarenrae's role as a sun deity and how that bolsters and impacts the natural world. Sort of a druidy flavored prestige class, basically.)


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Shifts anxiously in chair


8 people marked this as a favorite.

Proposed solution to the, "What about people who already have the boon?" problem that a bunch of people in the thread are having—add the following to the new Expanded Narrative boon:

Seasoned Chronicler: You may attach this boon to an Expanded Narrative boon earned at a convention prior to 8/4/2016 in order to empower your previous Expanded Narrative boon for 1 year. You cannot attach this boon to an Expanded Narrative boon that does not have at least 1 scenario dated before 9/8/2016 already recorded on it. You treat your total number of GM stars as being 1 higher for the purpose of determining the total number of replays that you can gain from the attached Expanded Narrative boon. If you were a 5-Star GM on or before 8/16/2016, you may use the boon to recharge a sixth GM star after you have used all five of the boon's GM star recharges.

Since every Expanded Narrative boon prior to today was from a convention, they're all dated on the top of the page with the exact convention used to run them. Something like this would essentially do to Expanded Narrative what the new suli boon's "elemental dillette" line does for people who were stockpiling geniekin races when that boon was released—keep the old reward relevant while making it available to everyone.

Hopefully this idea helps!

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Samy wrote:
I wouldn't mind a 64-page Campaign Setting book full of player options.

We usually get at least one a year—Inner Sea Combat, Inner Sea Intrigue, and Inner Sea Magic all immediately come to mind. Inner Sea Faiths has deific obediences for all of its deities. Most nation gazetteer also have some player-oriented content too.

From my own educated observations, "Player Companion" means "Player-Oriented Options with Golarion setting flavor" while "Campaign Setting" means "Golarion setting flavor that sometimes includes player options."

If you go by my definition, the old Blood of Angels and Blood of Fiends and Halflings of Golarion PComps are more like Campaign Setting products than Player Companion products, because they focus on Golarion Setting flavor first and include player options second. To be honest I don't know precisely what lines determine which product goes where, but I'm going on my second year as a subscriber to both lines and have written extensively for one of them, hence why call my observations "educated."

In an effort to twist this line of conversation back around to Blood of the Beasts, my gut says that if you want more setting-oriented material on these races, then the Campaign Setting line is the place where that wish will come true. Blood of the Beasts simply needs to prove that further emphasis on these races is warranted in the Campaign Setting line, and that's where the Pathfinder consumer base comes in. You want more? Well, talk is cheap—pay up for Blood of the Beast! ;-)

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Updated up to this point. The playtest is almost done!

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Orich wrote:

I'm working on some pactmaker NPCs for my game and was re-reading the Vestigial Bonds section when I had a question:

With Vestigial Bonds, is there a limit to only one bond, no matter the number of spirits, or one bond per spirit?

As is currently written in the Vestigial Bond section, there is no limit.

One per binder.

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Luthorne wrote:
Would this also extend to things like allowing a ghoran or wyrwood binder benefit from morale and/or mind-affecting effects, or a construct or undead binder being able to heal themselves with positive energy, so long as these effects stem from a granted ability that grants a spell effect? I'm leaning towards no, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to check.

Channel Energy — No. Channel energy is not a spell effect, so it is not covered by this clause.

Cure Light Wounds — No. The clause does not alter how positive and negative energy affect the binder. For example, if there was a spell that said it coudn't target undead and that it healed its target with positive energy, an undead binder could use the clause to circumvent the "no undead" clause, but would essentially deal damage to herself because the clause does not alter how energy affects the binder.

Morale Bonuses — No, for the same reasons as above. The clause alters how the spell works, but not how morale bonuses work on the target.

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Third Mind wrote:

So, I actually had a question involving Circe's Runes now that it's been brought up, and maybe this was answered already and I simply missed it.

Under the Boon it says those linked can "bypass" a rune of Circe without setting it off. But under the Rune of Circe ability, it simply allows you to cast them as spell-like abilities and says nothing of turning them into actual runes of any kind.

No idea. Expect it deleted.

Also, another side question since I don't have bestiary 1, how many skeletons are in a troupe of skeleton? I can't seem to find it online.

13. (Both sent to Dario.)

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White Unggoy wrote:
Hmm, so just noticed this. What is the Psychological Defense feat meant to do exactly? Psy DC is 10 + HD + WIS mod, and this feat allows you to substitute BAB for HD? No one gets a BAB that exceeds their hit dice, so what is it suppose to do? Sub BAB for WIS or something?

Hm. I *think* that might be an incorrect holdover from Leadership Handbook, where you used your base attack bonus to calculate your PDC instead of your Hit Dice. (The feat is what let you use HD.)

So for the time being, the feat does nothing, I guess. I'll see if I can find time to fix it at some point—things are busy right now with the Dynastic Race Compendium. If I had to fix it now, I would probably say that it would allow you to add +4 to your Psychology DC. I would need to do some research, though—+4 might be too high.

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I am updated up to this point! Dario will DROWN in fixes when he returns from vacation! (Keep'em coming!)

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Orich wrote:

I tried looking through the old feedback thread, and couldn't find the answer to this question.

Can you use Seance of Circe to evict a spirit that you bound using Seance of Circe? (It acts as if you had used Expel Spirit and spirits bound using Seance of Circe cannot be ended using Expel Spirit.)

Nope. That's specifically why the sentence is there—to prevent endless spirit cycling.

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pi4t wrote:
Does the performance involve singing and/or orating? The skill requirements would imply that, but it doesn't explicitly say so, and obviously whether you have to make a noise or not is kind of important for an invisibility effect.

Its creepy singing / orating, but it doesn't interfere with the invisibility. Think of it as "ominous background music."

Finally, the power seems kind of weak: you have to spend your full round action every round to use it, right? Or have I misunderstood the rules for masterpieces?

They're like bardic performances—maintained as a free action once its started unless noted otherwise.

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