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Gold Katana's page

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I suggest the cure for your beefs would be to DM your own campaign. Be prepared to handle everything on the fly, have no set story arc, do not pregenerate encounters, keep your players happy and engaged no matter which direction they zag at any time.

Or, you can realize it is a game that is scripted, not too unlike a tv show or movie. If you want complete freedom of choice, try life.

The hezrous in the prison area gave my PC's a serious whomping - between their stench and unholy blight every round (thank goodness no one was, well, good!).

Sorry, really boring question. But is there any chance of 147 appearing for download this week? Finally getting to the Gaping Maw and the handouts are always very useful.


Gold Katana

Hmm, ok, I'll try it again. Thanks.

Thanks. The AVI is what I originally tried but it stays in eternal Connecting mode. Maybe the file is no longer posted there. Thanks anyway. :)

Thanks! That is very helpful. :)

Hi all,

I run The Wreck tonight via a phone game. I can't put this in perspective with the mag right in front of me, much less describe how it looks over the phone. I have checked the archived gaborg's sites for pics and diagrams, etc. but get no returns. Perhaps they are no longer posted out on the web. Does anyone have a sketch, diagram, model, or anything that I can take a look at? Also, being able to direct my PC's to the same view would be immensely helpful.


I guess it's up to you to decide how the fire/volcano god will react. That will determine how the villagers react.

Personally, I would go the route of fire, flame, and brimstone mentioned above.

...oh, yeah...the jade ravens. I remember them.

The opening bit is city based; then a long stretch of ocean/jungle; followed by deep dungeon delving; then big, nasty city; finally off on planar adventures (including jail break, dungeon, city, lust palaces, and mass combat).

Bought it for the STAP. One player running the underwater halfling (don't remember the name). Some interesting about the ship style itself. But, mostly, the crunchy bits have not come into play (our campaign is just heading into the Abyss - so that tells you how far we've gotten).

My players failed to stop the tide at Farshore and one of the very few survivors was Avner. That's when they knew beyond all doubt this was a horror campaign.


For Malcanthet's pleasure palace, I hope to have background music consisting of Everybody Wants Some (VanHalen) [although I'm looking for a way to slow it down to dirge speed], Beautiful People and Sweet Dreams (Marilyn Manson), selections from Bloody Kisses (Type O Negative), some Thrill Kill Kult, and More Human Than Human (White Zombie).

The boat trip took my group at least three (maybe four) sessions. Long enough that the players truly appreciated how far they had traveled. Don't get mired down having to role play everything, gloss over some stuff to get the adventure moving at a decent speed. I try to pace my games with equal parts info gathering, role playing, slam-bang action.

Good luck! Get across the island took us three sessions, as well.

Exactly! That's why they examined them and cast spells to figure out if they were dangerous. I didn't catch that they were according to the adventure (did I really miss something? or wasn't it there?). Now, I have to change their status or ignore it and keep them innocuous.

Are Khala's pets somehow immune to his gaze attacks? The description states they effect "any creature within 30 feet..."

I don't have the issue here but I recall the pearls in the black bile of the world were "unfinished" and there was no mention of them being able to release a savage tide.

Now, in City of Broken Idols, area 49 goes into detail on how the pearls are created and notes a shadow pearl "is capable of creating a savage tide with a radius of 120 feet..." prior to being sent down to Golismorga.

Did I miss something in Lightless Depths? My PC's are carrying around the pearls they rescued from the black bile and I have told them they are inert. Hmm, could the DM be WRONG?!

My PC's, being the bright-eyed, ultraresourceful, campaign-wreckers they are, quickly spotted the Wall of Stone blocking the bottom of the shaft to Golismorga in The Lightless Depths. Naturally, they chose to flee Golismorga via this route, rather than return to Farshore.

To stop them popping up in the middle of the City of Broken Idols, I moved the egress to jungles by Pelorian's camp. That way, the first half of CBI is not bypassed, just the boring "journey to the plateau" bit.

If my players knew, they'd would actually be grateful that a large chunk of the adventure hadn't been wasted. Just thought I'd mention this in case other DM's run into the same situation.

Foolish mortals!

Old demonlords don't die - they just reappear in the next campaign. My players were taking on (and on rare occasions "beating") the big bad boys from the Abyss and Hell way back in AD&D v.1. No one bats an eye when these wonderful hellions make guest appearances. Certainly, no one has ever declared "Wait, Orcus is dead, we already killed him!"

I don't see how it affects them, at all - except for making L's case even sorrier.

IMC - the PC's failed in the assault when they let the pearl go off. I estimated approx 30 survived the savage onslaught. Lavinia was one of those and is busy trying to rebuilt the city from scrap.

It all works out in the end, no matter who is in charge of what.

I have not supplied any magic items other than those provided in the AP. The PC's are just about to head to Scuttlecove. They've made due with what they've found/won. It has been a pleasant change of pace from the normal magic-mart approach in other adventures. They will love meeting (and truly appreciate) Cad.

Hmm, didn't notice that omission. IMC, her favored enemy will be determined by whichever PC attacks her first.

My players won't know (and won't care) about his level. All they'll want is for him to deliver their items as ordered. I didn't notice his levels - it said he had all the creation feats and I left it at that.

From SRD: Chaotic, Evil, Good, and Lawful Spells: A cleric can’t cast spells of an alignment opposed to his own or his deity’s (if he has one). Spells associated with particular alignments are indicated by the chaos, evil, good, and law descriptors in their spell descriptions.

Hallow has a Good descriptor - thus, evil casters cannot make use of it.

Blasphemy gives a penalty to STR. Subsequent Blasphemies do not stack, only the best (or worst, depending on your POV) is applied. It is likely that such high-level PC's will be hindered but not dropped by the 2D6 penalty (probably not even the sorceror).

I believed the eight vrocks were the same in boths locations. But that is not outright stated. Regardless, that's how I'll dm it, unless the party is having things too easy.

What about Dividend's Ire on the area map? Is that from my savings account or stock portfolio? :)

Very cool! Thanks for sharing. Now my players will have a complex (caravel envy).

I just found another post where the above was asked and the couple of responses seemed to indicate Irg is oblivious of the abo. But how can that be when he's been there before and the huge beast was plainly in sight?

Just want to be sure. Does Irgzid know about the aboleth or not? Yes, he spoke to his "ancestor" but hasn't he seen the aboleth before? There is no mention of the abo being veiled during his previous visits, in fact the koprus are "prepared to leap into the water to punish their prisoner.

So, does Irgzid think there's an abo AND his great-great-grandfather in the chamber, or just granpa?

Despite exagerations in the initial post, I too feel this was the weakest part of the AP, so far. I ended up spending about 30 seconds on an ad hoc description of the trip and crash, rather than a couple minutes rolling dice.

But hardly a big yank, overall.

#5 and future downloads, please. Thank you VERY much.

Sorry if this is a bit off topic but the mention of "strange" messages brought to mind Lavinia's note left behind for the party. It's amazing she didn't bleed to death in writing it with her own blood. Everything spelled out neatly. When my group finds the note, it will be much briefer; something along the lines of "V! 2 gape maw"

I was surprised it was not one of the pics or 3D views, as well. One of you talented artists out there do a simple drawing and post it or let us know. Us stick figure-challenged types will great appreciate it!

"Also Savage Creatures don't tend to fight members of the same species, so Savage Elves will fight but Savage Humans won't."

Where does this come from? I must have missed a serious caveat a few issues ago. I seem to recall savage humans attack EVERYTHING in Bullywug Gambit.


Aargh! I know I read an outline for the entire path at one point. Now, I can't find it. Help me out, mateys! In one of the Dungeons? Dragons? Online supplement?

Swapping Big C for Demo-G? R'lyeh for Gaping Maw?

It should be possible. If using Cthulhu D20, replace some of the standard monsters along the way for those of queerer flesh. Also, having the destination R'lyeh on (or just behind the veil of reality of) the Greyhawk world, rather than in the Abyss, would more closely match the cloying immediacy of terror found the the Cthulhu stories.

Have Uncle Maravanchi enter the fray at the last moment.
Have surviving town's people swarm in for a round or two. Have Lavinia take on her bro.
Actually have Vanthus hesitate on the brink, as the sight of his sister brings to the front the final vestiges of his humanity.
Or have Vanthus start monologuing.

Grand Rapids, MI on 3/13/07. Customer Services had told me there was a delay in the shipping.

Yep, you're right. Thanks! That's what I get for asking a question without the mag in front of me.

Regarding the stats for the Nimbus Bow; the description says it's a +# blah burst weapon (trying to avoid spoilers) "that does an extra 1d6 each hit". Is this extra damage IN ADDITION to the standard 1d6 built in to all burst weapons? Or is this a reference to the standard "extra" damage all energy weapons deal?

We have used Battlemats with minis. Just purchased the FlipMat through Paizo. Haven't used it yet but plan on it replacing the battlemat. It's much easier to carry and we can use any type of marker on it.

What's to stop them? The DM. And the fact the adventure is written to follow the coastline.

Leading by the nose? No more than a director of a movie getting his characters, scenes, and action together to make a story. No actor gets to declare "I know the movie takes place in NY, but I think my character wants to live in Boston". Follow the freakin' script!

Very cool! Thanks for sharing. :)

Why do player driven threads seeking info on items, NPC's, or their own actions keep popping up with the ridiculous addition of NO SPOILERS? What else is being solicited, other than spoilers? You need to look to your game (i.e. the other PC's and DM) for guidance and stop trying to glean extra info/advice/feedback (whatever you want to call it) on these boards.

I just play her like she's a character in "Deadwood". The vulgarity is nothing to her, it's part of her natural cadence.

Yep, it is slim. The party has to make due with what they find instead of relying on Monty Haul for their goodies. A good idea to take Craft items, etc, as there are plenty of opportunities for downtime. Also, a good DM will tweak what is found a little bit, so it matches some of the PC's.

We are loving it. Because of the lack of magic items, the "trove" found at the bat god's cave was a major deal - not just "oh, some more items *yawn*".

My players wanted the druid to shape-change into a bird and fly to Farshore for help. I didn't even bother with the whole dissuading thing. I simply said that wasn't the adventure that was mapped out. I also sneered at the suggestion that the heroes needed rescuing.

They fell into line and got on with the AP immediately. Railroad, schmailroad - sometimes it's just easiest to let them know where they're supposed to go.

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