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353 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


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It is a Feat to help your 1st level character survive that hit from a one-armed goblin with no depth perception.

Toughness has saved one of my 1st level characters more than once. A solid (if not exciting) Feat for any class.


It is in the Combat Section of the Core under "Cover"

When making a melee attack against a target that isn't adjacent to you (such as with a reach weapon), use the rules for determining cover from ranged attacks.

Never was a big fan of many of the archer Feats. Sure, Rapid Shot puts another arrow in the air but at -2 to hit. This is quite relevant for me as I tend to roll REALLY crappy.

What's the other Feat that is basically power attack for bows? It also penalizes your attack roll for more damage.

I prefer switch hitter without any feats that will limit my 3/4 BAB Inquisitor to hit. Give me Toughness and Improved Initiative followed by Extra/Extended Bane and I am happy.

Hitting your target is important to doing damage. As my old DM used to say "You gotta get a date before you can go to the prom." I think that was a metaphor.......

Deadmanwalking wrote:
Fruian Thistlefoot wrote:
Judgement is for 1 enemy and is limited number of times per day.
Uh...Judgment is not for only one enemy. It applies for an entire fight regardless of number of enemies. It does have limited uses though, this is true.

This is right and why Judgments are so potent....along with being able to switch which one you want to have up.

sowhereaminow wrote:

From my own inquisitor front line character:

See Invisible. Generally useful spell. Long duration for most dungeons means you can put it up early.
Spiritual Weapon. Great range and works against incorporeal creatures. Also attacks on its own unless you need to switch tagets.

I'd skip Flames. You have better buff spells of short duration to cast on the first round of combat. Like Divine Favor or Bless.

3rd Level: Heroism is your best bud. Cast pre combat as it has a decent duration. Keen Edge might be good as well if you want to increase changes of crits. Decent duration as well.

Wait, is that right? It continues to attack a target on its own thereby leaving you to do other business? No concentration needed unless you make it switch targets?

This is a good spell.

Hello to all. My half-orc Inquisitor of Erastil just hit 6th. I need a good choice for my next second level spell. Also perhaps some direction for my 3rd level picks as well.

He is a melee-oriented character with Plant(Growth) domain and greataxe or falchion as weapon.
Current Spells:
1st: CLW, Divine Favor, Litany of Sloth, Exp Retreat
2nd: Prot from evil communal, Invisibility, Blistering Invective

Current Feats: Deepsight, Toughness, Extra Bane (with Teamwork Feats of Shake it off and OutFlank)

The other party members are a ranger, ninja, cleric of Iomedae, fighter, and sometime a psion gets involved.

Silence would be golden against enemy casters, but Flames of the Faithful combined with a keen falchion could be deadly....even with that crappy duration. Perhaps just a cure moderate wounds (but we have a great cleric and several wands of CLW).

Advice? Thanks.

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One of my many, many, many backup characters is a fire-based CG gnome heavily based on General Melchett from the Blackadder series.

I need as many fun things you can think of for this crazy guy to do. For example, I took an idea from another thread whereby I would cast "Fly" then hold a chicken above my head by its two legs. Then I would swoop about Sandpoint screaming "Chicken Parasailing! Free Lessons for all!!!" Or something to that effect.

This is how I would introduce myself to the group.

What else should he do for (relatively) harmless fun as time goes by?


Thread resurrection.

A 7th level sorcerer (straight sorcerer) can is only a 3rd level caster in that he can cast 3rd level spells, correct? His HD is 7 so Magical Knack would work on this class?

Or has my DM been wrong for all these years?

Many thanks. I was not aware you can choose opposing schools. Just seemed to me that each school would have its natural opposite.

I guess I didn't read the class description enough. Perhaps I have AD&D.

For the love of all that's sacred can somebody post a link to a chart/graph/infomercial/charcoal sketch of the opposing schools for wizards.

What will oppose what? You think I can find information anywhere? I cannot.

BTW, any advice for making a 25 point buy elven wizard? All four main books and Advanced Race. Blaster preferred, but Transmutation also interesting. Feats, traits, etc up to level 11.


My DM is currently running Rise of the Runelords and it is great. He purchased all the modules in the bound hardcover and I assume it was far cheaper than buying all individually.

I was wondering, for when we finish in two years or so, if Paizo had any other collections in hardcover or was planning to in the near future?

Any recommendations if so?


Adventure 1 may be tough to get past the first few minutes as, when the prophet transforms into demi-god, he would likely smush the group into paste. It would be hard to make it believable that he would let the five leave alive.....especially after the Paladin swears destruction or death.

Sigh. I took the campaign trait where you start out knowing Thassalonian. Of course, Inquisitors don't get Linguistics as a class skill, but I sorta feel like I wasted the trait.

Still, Runelords has been awesome! Currently partway through the second module.....

Second the Inquisitor route. Bane is like strapping a +2 Greatsword to any weapon for the added damage. Add Judgement to that and BAM!

Balgin wrote:

It depends on the character really. Most of my characters don't although the occassional one will. I fondly remember a dwarven warrior who called his axe "diplomacy" and would sometime sheft his axe and say "don't make me get diplomatic on you" and then wonder why the intended victims did not realise it was a very tangible threat indeed.

When questioned about this he would say "what? Some words don't translate well into your topsider tongue. Diplomatic is the closest thing to what I was trying to say isn't it?"

I love it. Next weapon, with your permission, I shall name "Diplomacy"

I was curious if anyone had the habit of giving their weapons names? Perhaps not your non-magical javelin or favorite cold iron dirk, but the first time you get a powerful weapon that could really change your character's life.

I'll go first: My half-orc Inquisitor's first magical GreatAxe was called Axe of Contrition (it was almost Axe of Kindness, but the Contrition seemed to fit better with an Inquisitor).

Anyone else?

Imbicatus wrote:
Don't do it. At level 5 you get bane which will be more useful than the sneak attack and mutagen combined. You will also be forever behind a BAB and in spellcasting.

Agreed. My Inquisitor just hit 5th last session and in his first fight with Bane he cleaned up. With Extra Bane he had more than enough for the battle; he killed 3/4 of the baddies thanks to consistently making his paralysis saves.

Great class. Don't dilute it.

Thanks for the quick replies. 3,000 gp sounds like a fair deal.

I currently have a +1 Breastplate but I wish to upgrade to a Defiant Breastplate (vs. giants).

Can I have it "added" onto my +1 Breastplate and what will this cost? 3,000 gp extra as I am already starting at the 1,000 gp cost for a +1 magical armor? Or 4,000 gp as this cost is set?

Perhaps I'll just get a Defiant armor right off the bat on a new set (so 1,000 gp cost) and a ring of protection +1 (2,000 gp) if that is cheaper.


Your ninja tonight is John Peter McAllister (The Master Ninja) from The Master.

Your Paladin shall be Sir George and your Soceress his mother Sybil from The Magic Sword.

Hi. I am not near my Core at the moment so I have a question about sling bullets.

If they are magic (say +1) can they be reused after fired (assuming you can find them)? I would guess arrows would "break" and not be reusable, but bullets seem pretty tough.

Or does the act of firing them use up the enhancement and they become non-magical?


Grippli's are the ultimate net monkey (er...frogs) and you only take a -2 penatly using a Medium net.

So your 2 foot tall Small Grippli can thereby net a 12 foot tall Large giant. I love the total slap in the groin to the laws of physics.

Of course, if you are a sentient frog in a world of sorcerers, then physics are more of a suggestion than a law.

Sigh. Thanks. Marvel and DC.

Just a yes or no question that is probably pretty simple, but I can't find any threads on it.

Can an Inquisitor, who have Keen Edge on their spell lists, cast that spell from an Arcane Scroll?


Xaratherus wrote:
Channel Energy tends to be one of the biggest reasons I've found to track a monster's hit points below 0, especially at lower levels before the Cleric might have picked up Selective Channel.

SO MUCH THIS! Nothing is better than a "dead" bugbear rising back up and attacking the party all over again.

Selective Channel....don't leave home without it.

Seems simple enough but I can't seem to find a thread on it. So my Inquisitor takes the Good Domain. At level 8 he gets:

Holy Lance (Su): At 8th level, you can give a weapon you touch the holy special weapon quality for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 your cleric level. A holy weapon is imbued with holy power. This power makes the weapon good-aligned and thus bypasses the corresponding damage reduction. It deals an extra 2d6 points of damage against all creatures of evil alignmentYou can use this ability once per day at 8th level, and an additional time per day for every four levels beyond 8th.

Does this stack with Bane?

Bane: A bane weapon excels against certain foes. Against a designated foe, the weapon's enhancement bonus is +2 better than its actual bonus. It also deals an extra 2d6 points of damage against the foe. To randomly determine a weapon's designated foe, roll on the following table.

I will assume yes as one is enhancement and the other holy. So a ranged Inquisitor (with a 14 Strength Bow) could, at 8th level and Rapid Shot, be shooting three arrows per round with 1d8+4d6+4 per arrow?That's 3d8+12d6+12 per round for 4 rounds.

Seems like a good dea1.

Matthew Downie wrote:
It was ruled in a previous thread that weapons with two appropriate bane qualities (eg Evil Outsider bane + Chaotic Outsider bane versus demon) don't stack.

If not an Inquisitor, just carry a golf bag full of Bane specific weapons....and a caddy.

"Ah....Dryads! Caddy, I think I'll use the Fey Flail."

"Light or Heavy, sir?"

"Heavy...and make sure it's Cold Iron. I fired the last guy over an incident with an Incubus."

I think we should create a new feat as named above "Quick-Sheath".

Sometime I don't want to free-action drop my +3 flaming composite long bow to the floor in the middle of a melee with stone giants.

*snap*.....time to buy a new bow.

Yep, they need only see and here YOU to be demoralized and thereby affected by the spell.

And a great spell it is. I would say it is even better than a fireball. You can cast it without worrying about hurting your allies and you shake any number of enemies....and multiple heat/fire effects.

Probably one of the main reasons I pumped my half-orc's Intimidate so much.

Follow-up question (1 year later!). If I am Enlarged, does the bramble armor effect creature with reach? Say I was enlarged and fighting a Giant and he hits me, will he take damage because he would not when I was a medium creature.

Probably not......:( is Giant Killer. Looks like my new character for Rise of the Runelords is a Dwarven Inquisitor with the Good Domain who really hates giants.

On a related note, does Bane stack with Holy?


I am almost certain I saw a trait or class option or something that allowed you to change the Gnome Hatred of goblin/lizardfolk for Giants. But, I can't find it now.

Am I crazy?


Nice. I thought so, but just wanted to be sure.

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

Two questions concerning the Inquisitor's use of Bane:

Bane (Su): At 5th level, an inquisitor can imbue one of her weapons with the bane weapon special ability as a swift action. She must select one creature type when she uses this ability (and a subtype if the creature type selected is humanoid or outsider). Once selected, the type can be changed as a swift action. This ability only functions while the inquisitor wields the weapon. If dropped or taken, the weapon resumes granting this ability if it is returned to the inquisitor before the duration expires. This ability lasts for a number of rounds per day equal to the inquisitor's level. These rounds do not need to be consecutive.

1. Say I have Bane on a ranged weapon. The foe soons moves into melee and I wish to end the Bane on my ranged weapon and put it on my Melee weapon. What sort of action must I go through to do this?

2. Say the battle is now over. What sort of action is it to stop Bane?


Makes sense. Otherwise that would be a game-breaking trait/spell combo.


The trait reads:

Fate's Favored: The fates watch over you. Whenever you are under the effect of a luck bonus of any kind, that bonus increases by 1.

The spell reads:

Calling upon the divine power of your patron, you imbue yourself with strength and skill in combat. You gain a +1 luck bonus on attack rolls, weapon damage rolls, Strength checks, and Strength-based skill checks for every three caster levels you have (maximum +6). You also gain 1 temporary hit point per caster level. Whenever you make a full-attack action, you can make an additional attack at your full base attack bonus, plus any appropriate modifiers. This additional attack is not cumulative with similar effects, such as haste or weapons with the speed special ability

So, you get an extra +1 to hit, +1 damage, etc beyond the original luck bonus given from the spell. Easy enough.

However, does Fate's favored give you any other benefits in this spell? More temporary hit points or even another extra attack? It can't be that good.......

Good advice. I have never multiclassed before and I was not aware of the Domain limit.

Thank god....I was tempted into madness.

I was wondering if it was worthwhile (or too cheesy) to take be a Cleric of Desna with Travel/Liberation and then go for a one level dip as Inquisitor to get the Luck Domain power Touch of Luck? AND a Aasimar to boot.

Is this just too much at once? Will any DM look at this and then stare blankly at me?

Should I just stick to straight cleric (or Fighter 1/Cleric X)? Our party is made up a fighter, ninja, ranger, psion, and another cleric of Iomedae.

Coming up to Inquisitor 5th level (Erastil). Then I have the choice to swap out a known spell for another.

Currently I have:

CLW, Expeditious Retreat, Divine Favor, and Command.

All have been very useful in our campaign....except Command. Does anyone think it would be a wise choice to nix it and put in Deadeye's Lore? Especially considering it fits perfectly with ol' Deadeye himself.

Become an expert tracker for most of the day! Or should I stick with command even when the Will saves of most foes will increase?

Past experiences anyone?

GoldEdition42 wrote:

444. Know when to fold'em.......

This small work is comprised simply of 9 thin sheets of fine vellum each a different and beautiful color. The 10th (and thicker) sheet contains simple instructions of how to fold each sheet into a variety of creatures; somehow, all the text fits legibly in the confined space.
It radiates strong magic.

Written by the Master Summoner Rogny Keners each page is numbered 1 to 9 in order. A person can take a full-round action to fold any sheet into an animal registered in the Summon Monster list. Page number 1 is only for 1st level, page number 2 is for only second level, and so forth. The folder must succed on a Reflex save of increasing DC for increased monster power.

1st: DC 14
2nd: DC 16
3rd: DC 18

and so on until the 9th level is DC 30. All creatures summoned are complete with Augmented Summoning and remain for 20 minutes or until destroyed. Failure on the folding (a failed Reflex save) means the monster is still summoned but instead of being under your control it attacks YOU with reckless abandon.

Whether the folding is successful or not, the page used is lost.

444. Know when to fold'em.......

This small work is comprised simply of 9 thin sheets of fine vellum each a different and beautiful color. The 10th (and thicker) sheet contains simple instructions of how to fold each sheet into a variety of creatures; somehow, all the text fits legibly in the confined space.
It radiates strong magic.

Written by the Master Summoner Rogny Keners each page is numbered 1 to 9 in order. A person can take a full-round action to fold any sheet into an animal registered in the Summon Monster list. Page number 1 is only for 1st level, page number 2 is for only second level, and so forth. The folder must succed on a Reflex save of increasing DC for increased monster power.

1st: DC 14
2nd: DC 16
3rd: DC 18

and so on until the 9th level is DC 30. All creatures summoned are complete with Augmented Summoning and remain for 20 minutes or until destroyed.

Whether the folding is successful or not, the page used is lost.

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443. I Hate Everyone But I Hate You the Most

This rather heavy tome seems to be composed of various other books whose pages have been violently erased, mended, and then bound together to create a ugly Frankenstein of a book. It radiates moderate magic and smells of old garbage, worms, and depressing anger.

It was written recently by the famous Ranger Oscar Crouch who was famous due to the fact that every creature/monster/person in the world was his species enemy. The contents are written in small, tight handwriting and each word pressed very deeply into the thick pages.

Any Ranger who reads the entire 200 pages receives the ability to changes his speciens enemy(ies) at the start of each day to whatever he chooses. He must also make a DC 14 Fortitude whenever he uses this abiltity or lose 2 points of Charisma for 24 hours.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Since she is a CG deity do the rules allow a LG Paladin? Or is that too far from her alignment?


3 people marked this as a favorite.

Can it be done? They have the fast movement, all the right modifiers (+2 Dex and Wisdom), the small advantage, Stealth bonus like crazy, and....NETS! Imagine a 18 inch high Kermit the Frog dressed like an extra from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon charging you and tossing a net at your face! The mind boggles.

Sure they would do little damage, but at 1st level nothing could hit them. Monk of the Sacred Mountain.

Str: 12 (14-2)
Dex: 18 (16+2)
Con: 14
Int: 10
Wis: 16 (14+2)
Chr: 10

At 1st level he takes Weapon Finesse and Scropion Style. His AC would be 18 and his awesomeness to great to measure accurately. Orges would laugh and die laughing. Gnolls would laugh as they seem to be part hyena and I think they laugh for no reason. Still, they would die laughing.

All he needs to complete his crew is a bear animal companion, a talking-pig barbarian consort, some sort of bastardized Tengu with a chicken fetish, and piano playing bard-dog with a drinking problem.

As you can tell, I am up very late and sleep-deprivation is a real issue. Also, Gripplis.

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Back in the mid-90's we were big on Enigma and Delerium as casual background music for travelling, down-time, mystical times. A few tracks would be good for action, but most of it was pretty mellow and trance.

I seldom crank the music unless its is an epic, big-boss fight.

I will post some links on Friday as we can't access YouTube at my work....

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Broken Zenith wrote:
GoldEdition42 wrote:
I have a list of 30 or so but I won't jam up the thread like that.
I would not at all mind seeing them.

I'm at work, so off the top of my head.

Dune (so good as it was the first soundtrack we ever used)
All 5 discs of Battlestar Galactica
All 3 seasons of Game of Thrones
The 3 Lord of the Rings
Lawrence of Arabia
The 13th Warrior
Kingdom of Heaven
The Last Temptation of Christ
Any Two Steps from Hell

And....don't laugh....Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Don't hold Kevin Costner against this great score.

I have a list of 30 or so but I won't jam up the thread like that. However, my top 2 are soundtracks:

The Last Temptation of Christ
Kingdom of Heaven

Also, a second vote for Two Steps from Hell. For battle music they CANNOT be topped.

Wait....really? Man, I did not know this.

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