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GoldEdition42's page

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As an artistically challenged DM I would prefer to draw large maps our before the session and slowly reveal them as the group explores. I've read other threads on how to some do it, but sliding cards out of the way is tricky; sometimes it reveals more than needed, even for a second.
Is there some trick I not aware of? Thanks!

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And yet another one can gibber if it wants. Pretty deadly for CR 5.

Hi, newbie DM question. The mouther has under special attacks:

Special Attacks: blood drain, engulf (6d4 damage plus 2 Con damage, AC 13, hp 4), gibbering, ground manipulation, spittle (+6 ranged touch)

If all six mouths are engaged doing the 6d4 damage to an engulfed creature, can the mouther still use its spittle attack? I would say no, but others have argued that the creature can forgo one bite on the engulfed prey (thus only 5d4 and con damage) and use a freed mouth to spittle attack. It is a fairly amorphous blob after all.


Does weapon finesse apply to 2h monk weapons? Is there written proof one way or the other? Thanks!

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HeHateMe wrote:
One thing to remember is the ACG classes are hybrids, so there is quite a bit of variation. The Arcanist is powerful because Sorcerer and Wizard are both powerful classes. Bloodrager is a mixed bag of benefits and drawbacks, while Swashbucklers and Brawlers are weak cause the classes they're based on are weak. But I agree that the CRB classes are much worse in terms of balance, you have the Cleric, Wizard, Sorcerer and Paladin, all horrendously OP, and then you have Fighters, Monks and Rogues, just weak as hell.

I just played my first Swashbuckler (flying blade) last week in the last module of ROTR. He was so overpowered I volunteered to quit playing him. Disrupting Counter with Combat Reflexes will kill any foe in melee...ask the bloody pile of dead Rune Giants.

Great, great, great ability. Overpowered perhaps.

We are on the last book of RotR and have had three TPKs....the last was five days ago. Keep at it as it gets epic soon. May I suggest an Inquisitor or Warpriest? They are decent on the front as fast healing or swift action self-buffs will save your butts

Nice, thanks.

In Wild Shape do you lose thr benefits of all rings, headgear, cloaks, amulets, etc. I know there is a wild armour property to keep it working, but what of other worn items. This is in Huge Elemental mode.


For a party of five, would it be fast or medium? Thanks!

I say Warpriest. Swift action buffs/full attacks are Amazing. My dwarf has reached level 16 and I kinda feel he is unkillable at CR fights that are not beyond my teammates.
My DM hates him.

Inquisitor, bloodrager, wizard, cleric, and maybe a bard for fun and traps.

I am planning for the group I am currently running to continue using their characters after The Emerald Spire. I am told it goes to about Level 12?

Does anyone have any suggestions for a module suitable for 5 experienced players? Wizard, cleric, barbarian, rogue, oracle.

Any non-mythic stuff with the WorldWound would be my preference.


Berti Blackfoot wrote:

I can't believe this thread is still appearing near the top, because every time I see it I start singing in my head

"oooh, what a feeling,
when we're grappling on the ceiling"

and it won't stop!


So the ability reads:

Battle Companion (major): At 10th level, you can summon a battle companion. This ability functions as summon monster IV with a duration of 1 minute, but for only a good outsider or an animal with the celestial creature simple template.

This ability can summon only one creature, regardless of the list used. For every 2 levels beyond 10th, the level of the summon monster spell increases by 1 (to a maximum of summon monster IX at 20th level).

I took it to read that even if a warpriest summons monsters of a lower level they cannont summon, say, 1d3 of the monsters. This seems obvious.

However, one could also interpret it as reading that you can only have a single monster on the battlefield at a time. Otherwise a warpriest, with nothing better to do, could spam the battlefield with numerous creatures (one per round, every round).

So, is it the first or both answers? Thanks!

I was considering running Wrath, but it seems to emphasis that mythic tiers are essential.

I am not really interested in mythic and was wondering if it was possible to run the campaign without it....and, if so, what chances the PCs would have to survive.


Castilonium wrote:
Both. The Draugr has "or."

Thanks so much!

Is that in the Core? Somewhere in additional rules?

We had quite a debate at our last session. We were fighting a lich with DR10/bludgeoning and magic. I thought it meant a weapon had to have BOTH qualities to overcome the DR.

Others were certain that a weapon need only have ONE of the two categories to overcome the DR.

I tried to find an example of a monster with the word "or" in between two damage types, but I could not.

Who is right? The word "and implies both criteria are required. Could someone show me the word "or" in some beast's description? It would be greatly appreciated.

"You killed the younglings!!"

"I don't like sand. It's coarse, rough....actually, it's not all that bad."

"I'm a glass cannon of emotion!!!!!!"

"Usually one must go to a Shrine of Lamashtu to meet a woman of your stature."

"We're on a mission from a god."

"That's what I like about elves; I keep getting older, they stay the same age."

"This sword goes to eleven"

"Smite Evil: 60% of the time it works every time."

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Jack Burton would approve of this thread:

"Honey, I never ride faster than I can see. Besides that, it's all in the reflex save."

"Give me your best shot. I can take it."

"Sit tight, hold the fort, keep the home fires burning. And if we're not back by the president."

"Everybody relax, I'm here."

"What the hell does that mean? [Insert phrase here]. I don't even know what the hell that means?"

"Have I paid my dues? [Look the bad guy right in the eye]. Yes sir, the cheque is in the mail."

Say your enemy has a sword. Work it into the phrase:

"Be careful! A sword is not a toy....unless its a toy sword."

"I'm going to turn you inside out like a sock!!!!"

"Crime doesn't merely rents your soul!"

"It still counts as evil even if you feel really bad about doing it."

"I find it unethical to keep your dog/squire/grandparents in your bag of holding, even if it is a Type III."

"So....I use the cleric like a salt shaker to get the healing out?"

Considering it costs 60gp for a single adamantine arrow. With adamantine blanch you can have ten adamantine arrows for 100gp.

The rule seems ok.

Very interesting, as I am also playing a 13th level Dwarven Warpriest with scimitar and heavy shield. We have a human psion, a human Paladin, a half-elf rogue, and an elven wizard.

AC of 35 (before sacred armor) and with Steel Soul/Glory of Old he is tough as hell. I also avoided Power Attack so I consistently hit for decent damage. He very slowly kills everything in the's like the hallway fight from Oldboy.

I can't recall most of his feats but he did take Fey Foundling at 1st, Toughness, Deepsight, Dodge, Weapon Focus/Greater Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization and Greater Weapon Specialization, Improved Critical, Quicken Blessing.....not all in that order.

A fun class and it amazes the table when you are able to Fervor a Heal on yourself and then do a full attack.

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Currently I am finishing up Runelords and am wondering if Paizo was going to bind any more Adventure Paths into a slick hardcover format? If so, what would be the next one?


If not a half-orc, you can get a Headband of Fortune's Favor.

Dragonbane Diviation Sticks are a nice save booster as well.

There is a Dire collar which will Enlarge Person (Animal) on him for 1,000 gp.

Also one that costs alot more, the Dire Collar Greater. Animal Growth is what it does but it costs 14,000 gp.

I played an Inquisitor up to 11th and a Warpriest now to 14th.

I cannot conceive of a cleric build that would be able to defeat an equal level Inquisitor in combat. I'm sure it can be done? Maybe someday someone will make up a comparison of each build: same race, same god perhaps.

As for the Warpriest they are adequate at lower levels, but once you hit 10th with Quicken Blessing they are crazy dangerous. Suddenly in one round you can have two Dire Tigers (with celestial template) charging from flank at the lich across the room. Oh, and are you down to single digit hit points and with ability damage to boot? Perhaps a swift action Heal and then a full attack will do the job in the same round. At the appropriate level for the spells, of course.

A sword/board dwarven Warpriest tank with a high crit weapon will slowly destroy everything in the room. It's like the hallway fight from Oldboy...

Hollow's Last Hope was nice and PG as well as being a lot of fun for first level PCs.

Thread resurrection.

Tonight I bring in my Dwarven Warpriest of Ragathiel after our TPK of a month ago. Level 14 with Good and Destruction blessing. Sword and Board.

He looks fun and very hard to hit/kill.....with a will save of 24 (vs. spells and spellike) he should also be hard to dominate.

Good hunting everyone, whatever class you choose.

It's worse if you have a TPK and people bring in a new class. With no history working the data (or studying up on the powers) there is a TON of referring to sourcebooks/websites....the battles can take the whole night.

Bless Equipment, Improved Bless Equipment, Greater Bless Equipment.

Is it worth 3 feats to get the benefits? Seems a bit of a heavy tax, even for a pure support/buffing cleric.

Has anyone gone down this path before and, if so, what results did you see?


Str: 14
Dex: 15+2=17
Con: 14+2=16
Int: 10
Wis: 13
Chr: 14

Ranged Paladin would be best. Not sure what to do with the Sneaky trait, but other wise not too bad.

Be a good backstory in there......

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534. Let's Get Kraken!

This large novella, constructed mostly of darkwood, is buoyant enough to be used as a flotation device if need arises. It is written in Aquan script carved very elegantly into the smooth grains and the numerous illustrations are composed of whale bone firmly embedded.

The author of this work was the once highly respected half-orc Hunter named Numo Gomes. At some point in his career Numo was kicked in the head by his elk animal companion and was unconscious for six hours. When he awoke, he first dismissed his tempermental ungulate and then went to work on this book. He was determined to be the first person in history to aquire a Kraken as an animal companion.

The book details in agonizing detail his plan to reverse the spell Awaken and render a Kraken dumb enough to become a proper companion. The book ends with Numo entering a the ocean at the eastern edge of the Eye of Abendego screaming madly. The back plate is a masterfull drawing of a tearful elk that looks extremely guilty.

Inquisitor (with wands of healing) and a BloodRager.

It would be like Lethal Weapon 1-3! Your Inquisitor can complain he is getting too old for this sheet, and the BloodRager can be a loose cannon that doesn't play by anybody's rules.

I know it varies from class to class, but as a general feeling what level do you find to be the most interesting to play?

I've always liked 4-6. You can take a few hits from low level goons, alot of classes get serious powers by then, and you have enough cash and magic items to feel really dangerous.

One rule, if we won a magic item, was that we needed to make up a quick backstory about how it came into our hands. It was a nice way to help flesh out your character.

Even when you acquired better items to replace the original they often went over the fireplace or passed on to a young protege, rather than just sold.

One of my old DM's used to give each of us a 10% chance of starting a campaign with a minor magic item. One time 2 out of 5 of us started with a magic item....lucky rolls.

Just wondering if anyone else did something similar, or do you stick with starting wealth only?

Thanks for the prompt reply.

Sorta hoped it was a slotless item, but I can afford the 150% markup to cram it onto a Headband of Mental Superiority.....especially worth it since my halfling has the Fate's Favored trait.

Quick question. I seem to recall reading about a magic item that increase the number of rounds you can benefit from a luck bonus (such as Bit of Luck) in the Luck domain. Not a long extension, maybe a round?

Anyone know its name (if it even exists)?


Charon's Little Helper wrote:
GoldEdition42 wrote:
Charon's Little Helper wrote:
Cap. Darling wrote:
Petty Alchemy wrote:
Level 1 is basically rocket tag for martials, because the weapon's damage die is likely to match (or overmatch) the HD, likewise for the Str bonus vs. Con bonus.
not if you figth level appropiate Challenges.

It depends what challenges.

A level 1 orc warrior with a greataxe is CR 1/3. And at low levels - Ferocity makes orcs hard to kill.

Heck - this level 2 orc barbarian - - is only CR 1. I wouldn't want to tangle with him in a dark alley at level 1. (+9 to hit, 1d12+10 damage x3 - plus a bite)

Wow. Thanks for pointing this guy out....he will be in the very first fight when I start DMing again. With a first level sorcerer buddy using color spray I expect a TPK.

I take it that when you start DMing again - you don't want to do so for long...

Ha! It will be against five characters using 25 point buy-in.....but these guys have no luck with dice.

So......50-50 chance?

Charon's Little Helper wrote:
Cap. Darling wrote:
Petty Alchemy wrote:
Level 1 is basically rocket tag for martials, because the weapon's damage die is likely to match (or overmatch) the HD, likewise for the Str bonus vs. Con bonus.
not if you figth level appropiate Challenges.

It depends what challenges.

A level 1 orc warrior with a greataxe is CR 1/3. And at low levels - Ferocity makes orcs hard to kill.

Heck - this level 2 orc barbarian - - is only CR 1. I wouldn't want to tangle with him in a dark alley at level 1. (+9 to hit, 1d12+10 damage x3 - plus a bite)

Wow. Thanks for pointing this guy out....he will be in the very first fight when I start DMing again. With a first level sorcerer buddy using color spray I expect a TPK.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

We played from Level 1 to Level 11 before a TPK in the middle of Rise of the Runelords. We debated starting a different campaign but made 4 new PCs to take up the torch.

That lasted until two weeks ago until another TPK with our now Level 13 party. We will take one more kick at the can with four more new characters who somehow come to Sandpoint when they should be destroying small nations.

Both times the group was killed with Confusion and/or Dominate spells. And my guy had a +18 Will save....didn't matter.

As someone said before, the high levels are fun but you have to have a committed DM to handle all the details.

I seem to recall teleport was WAY more dangerous back in the day. While a mishap now is merely 1d10 damage, it used to be a % chance to die.

A spell this game altering should carry some element of risk.

Yeah, I could see that getting out of hand if you could have an unlimited number. If you had a few months to prep for a major battle, your main guys could have dozens of rerolls built in.

Sounds right. Thanks.

It reads:

Luck Blessing

Lucky Presence (minor): At 1st level, you can touch an ally and grant it a lucky presence. The target of this luck can call upon it to roll any one ability check, attack roll, saving throw, or skill check twice and take the better result. The decision to use this ability must be made before the roll is made. Once used, the effect ends.

So, say my group is on downtime for a few days. At the start of day one I tap each of them and grant them a lucky presence of unlimited duration. Easy enough.

However, nowhere does it read that a creature can have only ONE lucky presence active at a time. Can I tap each several times over the course of a couple days to fuel them up with many Lucky Presences before we hit the road again.

If so, it seems very powerful....and it's first level.


So, say I have a cleric of Desna with Liberation and Luck Domains. A dip of inquisitor is taken. According to the rules, another domain cannot used, only the original two. Is that correct?

I would also think that an inquisition could not be taken to get around that rule.


Confusion spells are your friend. In a party that size at least a couple are bound to fail. Heck, any set of mind affecting spells can be devastating.

Big fan of cloudkill as well. Best way to lower HP than can't be healed immediately.

ROTR. Dive right in.

Wizard, Fighter (or Ranger with smart Favored enemy choices), Cleric, Ninja.

We are about 2/3 of the way through and it is a brutally fun adventure path.

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