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Troll Elder Matron

Goin' For A Troll's page

59 posts. Alias of Orthos.


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Freehold DM wrote:
And never, ever let a troll get to you.

Man, not cool.


Mocks people who still think top of page is anything special.

Mockery and insult directed toward necro-poster's obviously insufficient mental capacity.

Freehold DM wrote:

checks out antipaladin package

Hm. Looks like I can smite Texans AND Whedonites and still move in the same round. Interesting.


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Berates poster for failure to use the conveniently provided Edit button. Walks them through the use of said function in a manner reminiscent of educating a particularly slow young child.

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Calls shenanigans

Not hungry today huh?

Successful Troll is Successful wrote:
Goin' For A Troll wrote:
There's times we're supposed to?
Successful Troll is very dedicated to Successful Troll's art.

I can respect that.

TOZ wrote:
Orthos wrote:
Sissyl wrote:
Indeed, my comment was a reference to the exchange between Davor and TOZ.
Yeah I'll call that one an early-morning derp on my part. Sorry!
Oh, don't worry. Sissyl just doesn't know when to take me seriously and when not to.

There's times we're supposed to?

Eggs it on

Collects rage in bottles

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Shade of Grey wrote:
Splode wrote:
Aranna wrote:
Do internet arguments ALWAYS have to demonize the other side?!


And anyone who disagrees with me is a doo-doo head. Shades of grey are for suckers! :)


*bottles tears*

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Troll-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo wrote:
Bjørn Røyrvik wrote:
Having walked alone through the dark woods in rural Norway in autumn nights I can see how an overactive imagination can make you believe in trolls and whatnot. Any strange sound or half-glimpsed movement is suddenly filled with menace, fear and uncertainty make you start imagining things....

I remember that night....I almost had you then.....hahahaha

Maybe next time?

No fair! You said I could have the next one!

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Gorbacz wrote:
Ssalarn wrote:

I expect Occult Mysteries to be amazing though, because so many of the people at Paizo love the concept. They've been planning and ruminating on something they love and are excited about, and love is where the real magic comes from.

Fear not, your damning praise will be quickly silenced by all the "ha ha Failzo hates point-based psionics so they're giving us another vancian system where casters rule and martials drool' people ;-)

LSfgpowda8ylkv;glkashdf;alsdfjalsgdahdflk!!!!! GWARGH!!!!

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Steve Geddes wrote:
Who's going to tell them?

Somebody's gotta tell them.

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*bwraaaaaaaap* 'Scuse me.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Every time someone mentions FATAL I eat a kitten. Think of the kittens man!

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captain yesterday wrote:
Werebat wrote:
Bruunwald wrote:

There's really no point to this, unless it is a roundabout means of flexing your inner Wizards fanboy. Or unless you are getting kickbacks for starting threads that act as thinly veiled commercials for the other team.

You summarize well the responses of many people in this thread by people who seem to consider themselves to be in the dugout of the "home team".

Accusing me of being a "fanboy", and of getting "kickbacks"? That's nothing more than angry vitriol, but it is the sort of vitriol one would expect from a person who sees another as a member of the "opposing team" invading the "dugout".

Actually, thanks. You've helped me to understand the reason for all of the vitriol. I had been confused because I made essentially the same initial post over at ENworld and that conversation has been completely devoid of the kind of snide rage hate I'm seeing here.

It didn't make a lot of sense before but now I get it. This is the "dugout", and I'm considering changing colors to the "other team".

I guess I was confused because I didn't really expect that kind of mentality from fellow gamers. Go figure.

I'll leave you to your cheers and pom-poms. Have fun at Homecoming!

Wait! when did we start talking about Baseball? okay then i'm game:) Go Mariners! yeah! we did it baby! we're number one! who hoo! Yankees suck!

there was that good? its just you have me so confused, what with a bait thread in the wrong forum and all

We're Great! And You Suck!

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And that means something. Something untenable.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Goalposts away!

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Oceanshieldwolf wrote:
Realism be damned. Umm, dragons? No WAY they could fly without major ribcage, shoulder joint and spinal strengthening/lightening, and some musculature improvement. ;)

That's cause dragons are magical! Realism doesn't affect them. Brawlers are a martial class, they have to pay attention to realism.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The class is balanced by its strict entry requirements. Not just anybody can be a gninja, after all. It probably wouldn't hurt to put some multiclassing restrictions on it though, like Monk and Paladin had back in 3.5.

Oh boy, THIS again.

Sissyl wrote:
Belazoar wrote:
Sissyl wrote:
Trolly forum troll is trolly.
No, the OP. Masterful baiting to start another alignment debate, I am afraid.

Well to be fair, it's right there in his name.

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Sissyl wrote:
I honestly don't understand this hostility toward the idea.

One must not break the status quo.


Politics! Religion! Sports! Booze! Money! Power! Raeg! Haet! Fruy! Splelign!

D'aww, thanks!

Ever since that one guy went over they've wanted to play it safe.

First time I've gotten this alias out of the box in a while. Was fun!

And then of course there's troll the ancient yuletide carol

Piggybacks victory.

Oh boy! It's time to ruin a thread!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Today I learned I don't qualify as a gamer because I don't go to cons, apparently.

8 Red Wizards wrote:
First I want everyone on the boards to admit the monk does get a Full BAB when the monk makes a Full attack action with a Flurry.

And after that, I want everyone in the world to bow down and address me as king of the universe.

You could have just pointed it out without trying to offend anyone.

Well what's the fun in that?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

But the shinies, they do grab me so.

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Tigit wrote:
Orthos wrote:

Snark aside, you're quite incorrect.

Golarion started out partially based on James Jacobs's homebrew world which has been worked on for over 30 years - placing it sometime in the early 80s, not 90s - combined with the additional input and creations from the rest of Paizo, which itself was not founded until 2002, far too late to have been together to create Golarion for a campaign "created back in the early nineties".

So unless you're saying you played a game under James Jacobs in the early nineties that was set in his homebrew (which wasn't Golarion yet, at least not the Golarion we have today) where all that stuff happened - and even if it did, which seems excessively unlikely, that doesn't mean it's still canon for the published, composite world of Golarion as it is now - I'd have to say you're doing a rather poor job of pulling our legs, sir.

Isn't this the second time in a week someone's showed up claiming to have insider knowledge on Paizo/Pathfinder/Golarion? And had their dates off and their information skeptical?

Whatever you say dude. I know my information is accurate because it comes from my memory. I did not play under James Jacob's but I played under another DM who's world bears an incredible resembly to Golarion. I played back in the early nineties and was one of the three heroes mentioned before. It was played in D & D second edition. The afore mentioned DM detailed out his world and put it on open source, which I aided him in some areas along with others.

Whatever you say dude.

mplindustries wrote:
Vod Canockers wrote:
Stome wrote:
Vod Canockers wrote:

It's broken.

Sadly there are still some people that have very little understanding of the game that spout this nonsense. Any full caster is by far more powerful then magus.
Sadly there are still some people that have very little understanding of the game that they can't see the reality of the situation.

It kind of seems like you're the only one who sees this reality--I think that, by definition, makes it insanity. ;)

Ok, seriously, though, can you expand upon what you think is so broken? Why are they broken?

Meleers can't have nice things.

Oh boy, here we go again....

memorax wrote:
shallowsoul wrote:

Remember folks!

If your paladin isn't doing 497.82576035 DPR at 6th level then you are playing it wrong. If this is the case then you need to respect the class and never ever play it again.

Uh what? What does this even have to do with the topic at hand? Not sure what you are even trying to post.

I have an idea...

*cries a single tear*

Nicely done!


TriOmegaZero wrote:
shallowsoul wrote:
Kitsune Knight wrote:
And I would be more than happy to leave such a game. I really don't feel like dealing with an antagonistic and uncompromising DM in what is supposed to be a fun game.
Since when does "your" fun take precedence over mine and the rest of the people at the table?
I don't see what your question has to do with his reply. He has already said he would excuse himself from the game so the DM could have his fun while he found another game that would allow him to have fun. He has made no judgement about anyones fun taking precedence.

Because righteous indignation, dammit!

Kitsune Knight wrote:
Why is it such a bad thing when everyone wins?

Because you're not winning on MY terms!

OH BOY! *joins pile*

Oh boy! A challenge!

Mocking echo using thematically- and situationally-appropriate alias.

trhvmn wrote:
baalbamoth wrote:
Trhvmn- thats hilarious, you read my postings, then make the exact same point I had made, one dimentional characters who's players put little or no importance (skills feats stats etc) into backstory make one trick pony joke characters.... just like Grod.

Ok, now I'm sure that I'm being trolled.

Either that, or you're the denser than lead.

Methinks the two might not be mutually exclusive, hyup hyup.

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