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The Mad Priest (Ghost)

God Emperor's page

1,405 posts. Alias of Nethru.


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"It was under my orders she not reveal who we are as I'm sure you know we need to remain a secret to the majority of the Imperium to perform our duties."

He pause a moment and looks between the three of you and then continues.

"You three have recently come into contact with an item which concerns the inquisition and there appear to many more like them in the hive. We have been investigating the trade of such items. There are many dangers to mankind and this one I believe is a grave situation that requires the intervention of our Ordos. This is why I have summoned you here. You three are being conscripted into my cell here since you have already had first hand contact with such an item."

"Battle with some of the lesser beings of this universe."

She leads you through the hive after about 30 minutes you come to a non descriptive building and enter. Inside you see a few other beings in the room.

Leaning against a wall a tall man with a long dark jacket and brim hat stands with his arms crossed. He has the look of someone who has seen many battles with 2 pistols holstered at his side. Sitting at a desk across from you if a stocky built man also wearing a long dark jacket. His hair is cropped short with many scars across his face. Dangling from his neck is a chain with something surprising attached to it. The sigil of the Inquisition.

He speaks with a deep voice. "Please be seated we have much to discuss."

She slowly pulls the hood back from her head. She is a young, very attractive yet pale woman with long straight black hair. She wears no makeup and sports a small scar on her neck which looks like might have been a knife cut of some sort.

She shows no emotion on her face as she looks between the three of you.

"So shall we?"

"You have really caused a ruckus in the Hive for only being here a day. My master is a very powerful man and it would be in your best interest to meet with him."

The figure stands still when you draw your pistol on her and she slowly raises her hands. You can't make out her features due to the dark hooded cloak but her voice is silky soft.

"My master would like to have a discussion with you Sergeant Aubrey Knight, Private Chopper and Cringeworth Filthington."

The three of you make your way through the hive and cut down a corner into a darker alley. The figure you noticed following you turns the corner where you made your way.

Aubrey you see a skinny person, probably female dressed all in black watching you three and appears to be following. The face and whole body is covered in a long flowing cloak.

As you both make your way through the hive chit chatting make an awareness check please.

The Magos nods and one of his flying servo skulls moves over opening a port jack with some cords to plug in your thrones.

"If there is nothing else be gone then I have work to do."

Giving you guys 4xp!

The coghead does a shrug like motion and puts the grenade like object back where he grabbed it and moves back to where he was when you first entered working on some things.

"Do you want the chain axe in 2 weeks time yes or no?"

The Coghead insect like eyes twitch between the 3 before him.

"2 weeks to construct such a weapon for your big friend."

He turns back to CW.

"Bullets would be to small to fit such a complex construction." He lifts the object in his mechandrite and it's about 2 times the size of a normal grenade. "Oh it will work would you like me to demonstrate on your big friend here?"

"600 thrones. You should know haggling with a Magos won't get you know where."

The magos stands still for a few moments and appears to be thinking then replies in his mechanical voice "600 thrones for a chain axe."

He turns his gaze to CW swinging his mechendrite to stop him from touching any of this things. "Ground breaking?" he makes a sound that you could only assume is a laugh. "Why yes this thermal psychic neurological detonator over here can make anyone mind into jelly!" he says with some excitement.

The cogheads body twitches and spazms as Aubrey talks to him as if uncomfortable dealing with those of the flesh. His glowing eyes move toward the Ogryn and back to Aubrey.

"Abhuman Gigantacus. Do not see many of them down here."

He moves closer to chopper with a mechendrite moving into closer that has a needle attached to it.

Chopper twitches and slaps it away and the coghead backs up.


He moves around a bit and then turns back to Aubrey.

"Chain weapons yes, I can make them. Not cheap down here."

Aubrey the "Negotiator" PAY ME!

CW takes the 2 ex military goons through the hab and about 20 minutes later you come to a scrap metal type building that looks like it's barely able to stay standing. Inside you see a few server skulls floating around tinkering with gadgets and a man (if you could call it that now) in dark robes with 2 mechendrites attached to his back and a face that looks more insect like than human look up at you when you enter. There are lots of different type of gadgets and odd things scattered about. Possibly some that isn't approved by the Imperium.

"What do you want!" you hear the scratch robotic vox sound come from the cogheads head as his mechendrites continue to work on something.

CW you know a coghead or two who could probably produce a chain weapon for this knight in shining armor.

There isn't that much activity hanging out not far from the painted thongs hangout.

sorry guys been swamped with work and family stuff.

She seemed to enthralled in the box examining it she ignores your request but CW seems like a good source as he's from this area to use for getting a layout of the underhive.

The two of you leave the hang out without any trouble Chopper following behind like a good soldier. The atmosphere in there leaves a bad taste in your mouth, dealing with artifacts that somehow have a connection with dark entities never bodes well. Is your conscious clear though? Handing such an object to a group of misfits without really knowing what it's true purpose is?

Where do you wish to go/do?

"Did your friend know who they were?"

She holds up the object in her hand and examines it.

"Very interesting they were using this to try to do something as you describe. How do you think it works?"

She puts it down on a little table in front of her and rubs the side of it trying to see if she can feel something out of place.

Where oh where can CW be!

She listens intently as Aubrey describes what happened.

"Who were the men that were trying to call forth whatever it was you saw? Are you sure it was something from the warp? I heard that's mostly just fiction and rumors about creatures out there and why would this group try to do something so foolish."

The boss lady eyes Aubrey curiously.

"Not sure I understand what you mean but we can have a chat privately if you think it's that important."

She gets up and walks over to a door and walks into another room motioning for Aubrey to follow.

"Leave your muscle here. As for that scum bag over there he can come in if he's not to busy poking around and annoying my boys."

The boss lady chuckles as Aubrey describes the events.

"If the Babyfaces didn't have it who did?"

She eyes CW as he makes his way around her room.

"My intel told me they had it and they did show up so something strange is going on. Sketch gonna pay good when I find him."

She pauses for a moment "What did you mean by they were using it?"

The gangers eye CW as he prances about but don't say anything to him.

The lady boss chuckles. "I'll deal with sketch when I find him. How did you get the trinket in one piece if you blew up the Babyfaces? Did they have it on them? Why you in such a rush to leave please have a seat lets chat a while perhaps we could use your service more in the future and even this other fool Cringeworth."

She hands you the slate with the throne information and takes the box.

"So tell me, did you have any trouble retrieving this item? You were rather fast with the process."

The leader holds up a dataslate showing the rest of the promised thrones listed on it.

"The box?"

The tension in the air is so high that you can almost feel the electricity flowing as all eyes are on you three as you exchange words.

The guards shrug.

"Whatever. Go inside"

The 3 of you enter and you see the leader lady sitting in the same seat where you left her. There is a young girl rubbing her huge muscular shoulders and she eyes you when you enter.

"Back so soon?" she yells from across the room. "Where you able to get it?"

Aubrey & Cringeworth

Hive Desoleum - Under Hive Prettyskins Hideout

The two guards eye Cringeworth. "Why is this dirtbag with you?"

It seems everywhere you go everyone seems to know CW and no one thinks highly of him.

sorry guys was super busy with work and studying for my GIAC which I passed today! W00t!

Neither of you see Sketch on your way back to the headquarters and are greeted by 2 bodyguards. They eye you cautiously.

"Back that fast?"

It's been about 4 hours between traveling there/back and the incidents.

Chopper moves over to the bodies and looks at the weapons and gear but everything is in very bad shape and not salvageable.

"No good boss" he yells back and runs back to both of you.

You both make your way through the hive before any trouble makes it's way to you.

Where would you like to head or do?

The 2nd round strike true hitting the tank of the flammer and it explodes flinging promethium everywhere in a 5m radius (which all those dudes were in). The one wearing the tank instantly incinerates!

explosion damage: 5d6 ⇒ (4, 2, 4, 2, 6) = 18
fire damage: 4d6 ⇒ (4, 5, 2, 5) = 16

babyface1 agility: 2d6 + 2 ⇒ (2, 3) + 2 = 7
babyface2 agility: 2d6 + 2 ⇒ (3, 5) + 2 = 10
babyface3 agility: 2d6 + 2 ⇒ (5, 3) + 2 = 10

The other 3 unable to shake the flames off drop the ground un-moving. Chopper holds his axe in front of his face to stop the blinding light from hindering his vision and he grunts nodding at the handy work.

You can hear noises in the distance, probably locals trying to get a hold of Arbites or local PDF with such a loud explosion in the middle of the street.

The las round shoots hard into one of the thugs sending him sprawling to the ground but does not look like the shot killed him. Tough m$#*~! f*@%*%s.

CW your up. you see Aubrey take cover into the building and shoot one of the babyfaces.

Round 1
Aubrey = 13
Cringeworth = 12
Babyface1 = 11
Chopper = 7
Babyface2 = 7
Babyface4 = 7
Babyface3 = 1

Let the fun begin!

babyface1: 3d6 + 1 ⇒ (6, 6, 4) + 1 = 17
babyface2: 3d6 + 1 ⇒ (5, 1, 6) + 1 = 13
babyface3: 3d6 + 1 ⇒ (1, 4, 1) + 1 = 7
babyface4: 3d6 + 1 ⇒ (3, 6, 3) + 1 = 13

CW please roll init to. 4d6 for you.

Aubrey & Cringeworth

Hive Desoleum - Under Hive Building Upper Levels

As the three of you make your way out of the building there are 4 heavily armored large individuals with face masks waiting for you. They are wearing what looks like carapace armor and at least one bolt gun and a flammer is in hand. Hard to tell what the other guns are in the darkness.

CW you recognize these finely dressed gentlemen definitely as members of the Babyface gang.

"I thank you for retrieving the trinket for us from those bastards but we shall be taking it now."

Oh yeah it's 4d6+1 not 4d10+1! I'll let it slide this time.

The men are definitely not Babyface nobles they look more like one of the Death Masks or a spawn off of them sick bastards. They are known to skin their enemies and some even eat their enemies. Very bad mojo.

Cringeworth Filthington III

Hive Desoleum - Under Hive Building Upper Levels

You hear the big Ogryn walking up the stairs.

"Boss wants you. Dead mens downstairs" he says in his low grumbling voice.

Cringeworth Filthington III

Hive Desoleum - Under Hive Building Upper Levels

You make your way to the top level and it's more of the same except the top floor looks like their resting grounds. There are a few mattresses and dirty cloths lying around.

Aubrey Knight

Hive Desoleum - Under Hive Building Basement

A quick look around the 3 heretics all had 1 autopistol and crude knives. The body in the center of the circle was gutted from groin to throat from which the hand appeared and next to it is a small box that is now closed but you swore was open before. It sort of looks like the item the other gang was looking for.

Aubrey Knight

Hive Desoleum - Under Hive Building Basement

The last 2 heretics drop from the Las fire and choppers insane swings. Just as they die the hand that was ripping through the body drops back into where it came from and the red glow slowly vanishes.

You both go before the heretics.

Aubrey Knight

Hive Desoleum - Under Hive Building

You catch the heretics off guard and blast away with Chopper swinging wild!

The las shot strikes hard into one of the heretics (+4 damage for exception hit on surprise). The enemy does not go down but is wounded.

Choppers axe swings wild hitting really hard into the heretic and slices him clean in two and drops to the ground obviously dead.

Please roll Agility for Init now.

heretic1: 1d6 + 2 ⇒ (5) + 2 = 7 (Wounded)
heretic2: 2d6 + 2 ⇒ (1, 1) + 2 = 4


CW you hear Las shots and screaming coming from the basement after the rumble!

Aubrey Knight

Hive Desoleum - Under Hive Building

Sorry I actually meant a courage roll but you still made it and Chopper didn't.

The sight of what is happening before you does not seem to shake your resolve but Chopper looks a bit dumbfounded by what he's seeing and appears a bit shaken. (-1D for this round and next to all actions.)

Cringeworth Filthington III

Hive Desoleum - Under Hive Building

As your looking around you feel the building shudder and it felt like it was originating from downstairs.

Aubrey Knight

Hive Desoleum - Under Hive Building

You and Chopper move down as silently as you possibly can and see something very odd.

In the center of the room a dull red light appears to flow from something which you can make out on the ground. Besides it is a dead person with lots of blood. There are 3 beings surrounding the objects inside of a circle which appears to be made of blood. They are all wearing leather and have face masks on so you can't make out their appearances or gender. They all have pistols strapped to their side but not in their hands.

You suddenly see a clawed hand jut up from the dead body in the center of the room and the building shakes.

Please make a Wits check TN of 5 for you and Chopper. Your use to dealing with Xenos not Daemons and this may freak you out a bit. Low TN since it's only the hand you see.

Aubrey Knight

Hive Desoleum - Under Hive Building

Make Stealth checks please.

Cringeworth Filthington III

Hive Desoleum - Under Hive Building


Yes you know general knowledge of the major hive gangs.

Heading up the stairs the 2nd floor is quite as well. The dust appears to be disturbed as it seems other were here not to long ago but there is no one here. There are 2 more landings going up.

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