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Member of the Whispering Way

Gnobby the Gnome's page

366 posts. Alias of Chainmail.

Full Name

Gnobnac Fullmeasure


Gnome (hp=5/5) AC=6 THAC0=20


Illusionist/Thief 1/1 xp 0/0

About Gnobby the Gnome

Gnobby was the son of a very promiscuos gnome. She realized she couldn't raise all her children, so she sold Gnobby to a traveling carnival. Although he was forced to do mundane chores and abused by everyone in general, one of the sideshow magicians noted he had an aptitude for tricks. Gnobby always seemed to know where the hidden ball or the missing card was.

Gnobby learned that creatures are easily distracted and see what you want them to see, but more importantly, the marks see what they want to see. Gnobby lives for the tricks and the illusions. The final part, or "The Prestige" is all fine, but it all has to be set up just so. Gnobby's favorite spell is Phantasmal Forces--when set up properly, it can work so well--when set up poorly, it fizzles quite sadly.

Unfortunately the carnival had its seedier side, so Gnobby had to learn the art of the pickpocket and the footpad to survive. When people are tricked, fooled, and out of money--sometimes it is time to sneak away.
Gnobby isn't proud of his second profession, but he has found that when people know what magic Gnobby is peddling isn't real, it is harder to make them believe. Gnobby now advertises his thief abilities quite openly hoping to surprise them with his illusions.

Gnobby had a little 'problem' in Verbobonc. Verbobonc had some nice things; so Gnobby had to check out Vebobonc. Some things are clearly not be stolen, some things are clearly to be stolen, and there are those that require the good judgement of the thief. Well, Gnobby didn't use good judgement in Verbobonc, but luckily was allowed to help out the forces of good and do some service to his community after being caught and locked up. Gnobby jumped at the chance to spend some time helping out the good folks in Hommlett rather than waiting for his sentence to be up.


Class: Illusionist/Thief
ST=14; IN=15; DX=16; CO=14; CHA=13; WI=13
AC=6 (Leather + Dex)
Two Weapon fighting: -1 primary/-3 offhand dagger

Gnome abilities:

Gnomes are small folk imbued with the wilding power of illusion
and misdirection. They are inveterate burrowers, often
seeking hilly lands where gems and precious metals may be
found. On average, they are shorter and slimmer of build than
dwarfs, with larger noses and longer beards.
Like dwarfs, who are perhaps related to gnomes from some
time in the distant and mythical past, gnomes are quite resistant
to magic and sensitive to the nuances of construction.
Gnomes can live to an age of 650 years or more.
Summary of Gnomish Racial abilities:
• +1 bonus per 3.5 points of Con to saves against magic and
• +1 to hit kobolds and goblins
• -4 to attack rolls by bugbears, giants, gnolls, ogres, ogre
mages, titans, and trolls.
languages: Common, dwarfish, gnomish, goblin, halfling,
kobold. Gnomes may communicate with any normal burrowing
animal. They may not learn more than two additional languages
to those listed, regardless of intelligence.
Infravision: 60 ft
Within ten ft, a gnome can detect certain facts concerning
engineering, stonework, etc. Although no signifi cant time is
required, the character must deliberately observe his or her
surroundings (i.e., the player must state that the gnome is using
this particular talent in order to gain information).
• Detect the existence of slopes or grades: 80%
• Detect the existence of unsafe wall, ceiling, floor: 70%
• Determine depth underground: 60%
• Determine direction of north underground: 50%


Spells Known
Lvl 1 Phantasmal Forces, Colour Spray, Light, Detect Illusion, Gaze Reflection

Spells Memorized (2 1st/ 1 2nd)
Lvl 1 Phantasmal Forces(x2)


+4 to magic and poison (gnome)
(e.g., rod, staff, wand)=11
Breath Weapons=15
death, paralysis, poison=13
Spells for unlisted categories=12

Thief Abilities:

Climb Walls=67%
Find Traps=35%
Hear Noise=15%
Hide in Shadows=30%
Move Quietly=37%
Open Locks=53%
Pick Pockets=45%
Read Languages=1%


Proficiency Thief/Illusionist
Single handed sword (T)
Sling (T)
Dagger (I)


Leather armor
Thieves picks and tools
3 daggers
20 bullets
Cloak with hood
Spell Book
Waterskin x2
Iron Rations
Hammer and spikes
Collapsible 10' pole

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