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Glutton's page

Goblin Squad Member. RPG Superstar 6 Season Star Voter. 1,601 posts (1,607 including aliases). 5 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 aliases.

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As advertised.


These 3 figures were in good shape, well painted, and exactly as you would expect them to look. They even feel nice and rough. The huge white feels slightly larger than the huge black, but the large white is the real winner in the package, in my opinion. Its dorsal ridge is even a bit translucent.

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Very portable


Due to some player vacationing, I subjected my Serpents Skull group to this. Even though they were higher level (12-13) than the book would recommend, they still had a great time. The dungeon at the end is creepy and mind warping enough to slip in anywhere. Obviously I can't speak for the overall story plot line, but if your group enjoys some Cthulhu in its D&D, you will enjoy this book.

The idol that communes with Dagon is a personal favorite, my players have carried it around for months debating whether to use it or not!

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Tunnels and Trolls


Let me preface this by saying this is 4 star book, solid, better than Ultimate Magic, but not near the greatness of the Advanced Players Guide. HOWEVER I will give it 5 to try and deflate some of the shear ridiculousness of some of the reviews that give one star or two stars. Please, people, if you have not actually read the book, just glanced at its pretty pictures; try to imagine how some of the features, if not for you, are at least written out well for the people whom do enjoy them, do not put up 1 star reviews. Some of us painstakingly went through the beta, added suggestions, knew what was coming, and were quite happy with the result. You belittle authors hard work with ramblings like "NINJAS R SUCK" or "LOL Y ARMER IS DR?". The comments I see lambasting the Samurai and the Ninja without even understanding what a Archtype and an Alternate Class are astound me.

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Well then...

***( )( )

Simply put, if your DM allows this supplement expect the power level of your game and especially your alchemist to rise dramatically. Not terribly well thought out feats lead to all kinds of rules shenanigans that will lead to some pretty quick endings to fights. If your group or DM is fine with this, I can recommend this whole-heartedly as the feats themselves are at least enthusiastic, and visually appealing. Knock yourself out.

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Much more than anticipated


This book is a lie. It does not contain six new classes. It contains over 40. The alternate class features alone change base classes so drastically you will not recognize a NPC with them as their iconic class without the DM tipping you off.

Between the Core rules book and the Advanced Players Guide you will be able to run dozens, if not hundreds, of adventures with no two characters alike.

Simply put this is the greatest supplement ever made for a player. Please enjoy responsibly.

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