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Glutton's page

Goblin Squad Member. RPG Superstar 2013 Star Voter. 1,398 posts (1,401 including aliases). 5 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 alias.


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Reign of winter you get a bonus in book 1 that can easily be turned into a myhtic bonus. If you add 1 myhtic level at the end of every book it would work fine. Lord knows the book 5 BBEG is scary enough. my players found the end of serpent skull pretty easy so i dunno if mythic is warranted.

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One of my players made a magus/monk that at level 10 had 40 some ac and 15+ to all saves. The first time I saw fear in his eye was when they ran into a daemon that had quickened magic missile and regular magic missile. Think he only had around 60 hitpoints and when I plowed into him for 40 points of magic missile he quite rightly panicked.

Give it weapon training and have it shoot people with a bow, now you don't have to worry about it's combat abilities. Heck give it an extra set of arms and have it shoot two bows.

Derro Magister (can be taken by humans with racial heritage Derro)

Requires 20 charisma, gives +4 to heal, SR 10+HD, and the following SLA's CL = HD when you hit 6 HD.

Levitate (2nd arcane)
Deep Slumber (3rd arcane)
Modify Memory (4th arcane I guess? Bard 4 Domain spell 6th)

Pretty crazy feat for an oracle.

How about Undine, or Human with racial heritage undine, watersinger bard? If you go undine you can get the Hydraulic Maneuver feat, which is nice.

Ross Byers wrote:

Of real rodents, Beavers are probably closest to Dire Rats in size, but a beaver and a rat aren't really directly comparable.

I dunno, they do kill people....

Breadth of Experience gives +2 for gnome, elf, and dwarf options if you like.

I made him a warforged with the Sloth domain back in 3.5. Sloth domain removed all the penalties for being prone. Hired guys to carry me everywhere on a litter.

Couldn't you take total defense then run up to a t-rex pre-nerf? Wasn't it fight defensively or take total defense?.

Burning Gaze, so your goat can fly around and laser beam people

MMMmmmm, Arcane duelist bard (they dabble in some healing spells), and use the bladethirst performance to enchant your bow and arrows with a variety of things. You'll have to use a shortbow unless you want to use a race that is proficient with longbow. Straight cleric archers are perfectly viable as well.

Ask if your Dm allows 3.5 stuff, if so there are some ranged pin, disrm, and sunder feats from Complete Warrior. if he doesn't the archer archetype for fighters gets some.

BigDTBone wrote:
(because Slumber needs a buff).
Wait... What?

I went with "that must be sarcasm" when I read it.

Lakesidefantasy wrote:
I have "page 195" tattooed on my face.

You'd make a good phone operator :)

Contrary to what these fine gentlemen have said, get up in his face about it. He may thank you later. My first DM had been playing since the early 80's and he wasn't to sharp with some of the new rules. If you politely phrase things like the grapple sneak with " Oh does this monster have a special attack that allows a sneak attack here? Because normally being grappled isn't enough" he might learn some things off of you, or he just might be forgetting. I find when I am behind the screen you're so caught up in the story sometimes you aren't as sharp on the rules as you would be when you're running a character you're more familiar with and who is more important to you. The DM I passive-aggressively led those years ago has since gotten much better with the Pathfinder rules system, and often asks me if I can remember certain things if he gets flumoxed. Don't let rule 0 cover up mistakes, or he'll just keep on making them. I know I don't want to make mistakes and accidentally kill people with a botched ruling on the other side of the screen, I feel terrible after.

Ask your DM if you can use some of the old Epic Skills from 3.5 for DC's from balance, jump, and tumble. For instance standing up from prone as a free action is DC 35, walking on water is DC 90.

Lets throw in an abstract third thing: You have an AoMF +1, you DO do damage equal to your natural attack and GAIN the +1. But the monster you are fighting has DR/magic, does your special attack overcome it?

how do you edit that RD?

1 level dip into alchemist? Can make 1st level potions at least. If you take master craftsman and craft wondrous, you can make Elixirs at least (I count 19 of them, plus whatever you can convince your DM could be made by alchemy, like salve of slipperiness or what have you.

Something like this came up a couple years ago when I ran Serpent Skull and a player in the group had a rend attack and eldritch claw feat. I had to decide on the fly one encounter if his rend overcame the monsters DR/silver. I just went with sure why not.

According to StormWarrior, it is Ragnarök. (Thanks Google!)

As much as it doesn't make a lick of sense, the answer appears to be no. None of the three you listed usually has an attack form attached to it, just that it is a special attack. Rend is the only one you can make a case for, as the special attack section for it usually includes the weapon. special attacks: Rend (2 claws, 1d6+7). Rest are an untyped damage (heck many of these would overcome DR, as the are not weapon attacks or natural attacks at first blush). I couldn't find any language anywhere to actually say what they are RAW. RAI its pretty obvious they are whatever natural attack the creature possesses, but I'm sure you could gather that, and thats why this thread was made.

Odd, because many of the other attacks have listings (pull, powerful charge) etc.

Then again, does a constrictor snake constrict with its bite? Unlikely.

If you players are heavy into RP, they should really be helping you with it, as they are going to be stringing you along pretty well. usually its harder to GM the game the other way for me (quiet players)

What do you hope to see in PF 2e?

Hope to see it released just in time for Halley's comet.

Grousing about uncreative combats then banning non-core books, to me, sounds counter-intuitive. The most powerful, smash-it-with-sticks solutions are in core. If you really want a fun campaign, try a run where the only core things you allow are classes and skills. No feats, spells or core magic items. Really shakes the game up and truly shows you what Paizo has made rather than what was around from 3.5.

Heck might as well stat up some dog types, smaller more agile dogs, bloodhounds with higher wisdom, greyhounds with higher move, have some fun with it.

tower shield specialist and armor master are pretty common. Phalanx soldier is pretty fun too.

You forgot the +3 from a class skill, but i agree, and the +10 dex seems absurd, considering everyone claims you need to be a strength rogue to be any good.

"My rogue can't do damage"

"Well yeah the only way to rogue is strength!"

"My rogue can't tumble"

"Well yeah the only way to rogue is high dex!"

Basically there needs to be a rogue/monk only feat that gives +10 to all stats =P.

Someone did a conversion a while ago HERE dunno if it will help you out or not.

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Vacuum cleaner.

Try asking in the product thread, theres been some errata thrown around in the by the author

Update sense... tingling?

I also have the Chessex mat. I have found Crayola Washables (the bigger ones) great for that map. Only the red and brown markers can leave a mark if you leave them on there a couple days, the other ones wash off even if left on for a week! Previously we were using the stand-by Staedler ones, big improvement in our mats life-span.

Really, Tetori monks, and their grab ability, are the only "makes sense" grappler, as they can say they use unarmed strikes to grapple with a straight face.

be warned there are non-evil people out there (like neutral clerics of evil gods) that detect as evil, but cannot be smited.

Dan Bong

These short, blunt sticks are held in the hands to enhance unarmed martial techniques.

Benefit: They provide the wielder with the ability to lock an opponent and target pressure points that grant her a +2 bonus on her combat maneuver to grapple.

Would a +3 Dan Bong add +5 to grapple checks? By RAW it seems it does not.

Well I HAVE built a halfling barbarian. He was a raised by wolves mounted fury barbarian with a wolf mount, a spear, and a loin cloth. Used taunt a lot and speared things off my mount, was pretty fun.

Yes both Sandman and detective can find and disarm magical traps. I like detective better, but that may be because I am in love with their hilarious 15th level ability, show yourselves!

Taunt seems like a must.

165 lbs? That's amazing James. How much was the diet over how many months? I know you've been on it for a bit now.

How about Glide instead of featherfall? Then you could rig a series of catapults around the countryside and shoot yourself gently into the bucket of the next one, then cut the rope.

1) See fine 5 feet away, no miss chance. The rest of the text does not apply (its for rain and such -4 to perception and such)

2) sames as above, it doesn't care that the fog is natural or magical, both are fog.

Was one in 3.5, none in pathfinder I know of.

Mal_Luck wrote:
Have you gotten a chance to watch Almost Human yet? What did you think of it? I'm really hoping it receives a second season.

As an add-on, have you seen the Swedish originator "Being Human", which is supposed to be a top-notch intellectual drama, rather than a cop show?

I'm running, here's how its playing out (here be spoilers ahead)

1) 2.5 out of 5: The setting and encounters are nice, especially if you have a veteran group. This is one of the toughest 1st level adventure modules. The hook and story aren't very good, and the path through the woods doesn't make a whole lot of sense. My players left it and went all over the damn place, plus the tracks get covered up by snow.

2) 4 out of 5: Everyone had a good time here, book really made sense, players thought up things that were included in the module, and some that weren't that were easily incorporated. Bard loved the romance angle. Encounters were challenging and varied enough.

3) 2 out of 5: This was a real snoozer for my group. They liked the hut part fairly well, but everything outside was drab and confusing. The way the dungeon is set up leads to a lot of shifting things around and hand waving for it to make sense, the party doesn't get much in the way of clues of whats going on. The warden comes off as an enemy right away, only the most tolerant of parties won't attack her as written. Her lover they will most likely free making her attack them. You've got to really scramble to have this not just turn into a straight kill-fest with no story.

4) 4.5 out of 5: This one I wasn't expecting much from, yet I had a blast and my players had a friggin riot. The whole alien world part and helping the dragons out, as well as finally having a good "here are bad guys, here are good guys" part comes as a breath of fresh air after module 3 was so muddy. Plus you get to slay a dragon, who doesn't love dem sum dragon slaying? I was surprised how well it went over.

5) Incomplete: From the DM's point of view, this is great if its what you're after. To be frank I selected this module after my friends vote came up split between reign of winter and shattered star just so I could run this module. we'll see how they react to the back half of the module coming up. I'm scared Rasputin will wipe the floor with them, so I'm going to let them take 15th before the fight. Rasputin is scary scary scary.

6) Who knows?

Have you gotten a

1) printed copy of Inner Sea Gods yet?
2) pdf copy of Inner Sea Gods yet?
3) grimy, coffee stained, dog-eared beta-notes copy of Inner Sea Gods yet?

4) Is it awesome?

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I am imagining a parts catalogue made of ice cream, and a catalogue where you can order the parts to make ice cream. Thanks. Scoundrel.

Tip, link or spoiler stuff like this, not everyone can chime in on something as buried as an obscure trait.

Ascendant Recollections
Benefit: Your sorcerer level is considered to be 1 level higher when determining the effects of your 1st-level bloodline power.


Familiar Tattoo (Su)

A tattooed sorcerer gains a familiar as an arcane bond, as a wizard equal to her sorcerer level. Her sorcerer levels stack with any wizard or witch levels she possesses when determining the powers of her familiar—this ability does not allow her to have both a familiar and a bonded item.

Unlike most familiars, her familiar can transform itself into a tattoo that she carries in her flesh. Transforming into a tattoo or back to normal familiar form is a move action for her familiar. In tattoo form, the familiar looks like a stylized version of itself, but does not count as a creature separate from the tattooed sorcerer. In tattoo form it continues to grant its special familiar ability, but otherwise has no abilities and can take no actions except to transform from tattoo into creature. A familiar tattoo cannot be erased or dispelled.

This ability replaces her 1st-level bloodline power.

I would say yes, you would gain abilities on the familiar advancement track as if you were one level higher. Not very impressive.

The simplest question that needs to be answered is if you can take weapon focus grapple, what type of weapon is a grapple? I've always assumed it was a natural weapon attack if bonus's to unarmed strike didn't help it.

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Really your only option for a ranged rogue is throwing weapons on the first round of combat against flat footed opponents, then you're stuck in melee mode. You become a switch hitter ranger that can't switch, hit, or range.

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