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Githzilla's page

Goblin Squad Member. FullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 308 posts (319 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 6 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.


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Liberty's Edge

Jill Isaacs wrote:

Also, A little off topic, but he has the beginner box, core rule book, beasteary pawns and museum map already. I would like to add to his collection for Christmas. Can you recommend some "bang for the buck" add ons? He seems to want more adventures? Are the cards a good additions? Thank you so much for helping this mom out!

The question of 'what would a 12 year old want?' had me thinking back many, many years ago when I started playing D&D. Some of my favorite reading material were adventure modules, any and all Monster Manuals and Dragon Magazine (too bad there is no more Dragon magazine).

If your son enjoys reading adventures and bestiarys I'll bet he will turn out to be a Game Master for many years to come.

Liberty's Edge

Thanks yet again for the ideas and thoughts. I agree about letting the party be awesome and they certainly have their moments! You have all helped me get a better picture on how it could play out, and that alone will make for an enjoyable session.

Liberty's Edge

Thank you for the suggestions!

Some more details on the party - caster is a well-armored cleric using his domain spell so he is quite effective just standing next to an enemy wizard. Meanwhile they also have a fighter built around tripping with a high AC so the fighter can keep a wizard tripped/locked down in the area. Finally - the party has a strong archer that can easily do quite a bit of damage without relying heavily on magic aspects of any shots.

If they assault any given wing of the Runeforge I think they can easily blast through it in the 2+ hours of anti-magic. I do agree with you on having some minions and allowing for the highly intelligent wizards to understand the danger. I am just not sure what the best options these wizards have to work around it.

I don't want to change too much from the campaign as-written. I'm mostly just curious generally-speaking how to plan for it. Perhaps the best thing I can do is have them take out a wizard easily and then have other wings of the runeforge recognize the danger and press the offense against the party.

Liberty's Edge

I figured I'd come here to get some thoughts and suggestions on how this will play out.

My group will probably be using Anitmagic Field within the Runeforge. I imagine this will trivialize MOST of the encounters so I'm looking for suggestions or opinions as to how it might play out.

If the party is able to corner one of the boss wizards and pin him down in the antimagic field it's pretty much over right? Are there any tips/tricks the wizards could have to combat this?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Liberty's Edge

I have to agree about the stairs...very cool.

Liberty's Edge

Aurumaer wrote:
when I consistently roll 19s and 20s

My guess is this is the problem. However, the question Misroi asks are needed to figure out what else could be happening. Has your group been able to reflect on the difficult encounters and come to any conclusions as to what they might have done better?

Liberty's Edge

Mordre - although I don't have a specific answer to your questions I did think of something that might help you out. Isn't there some guidance for the GM that the house can defend itself? I would use some of those tactics to interfere with a party that destroys sections of the house.

Liberty's Edge

GM Armadillephant wrote:

GM: Oh, too bad! The room eats you.

Hahaha, I'll have to remember that line.

Liberty's Edge

Creative and brilliant!

Liberty's Edge

My guess is Shik is taking some of the original Xanesha abilities and thinking the new Xanesha has them, since it looks like Mage Armor is on the original version (but not the Anniversary edition).

Liberty's Edge

Since the detail on her AC in her stat block has +1 from armor, you can assume mage armor is NOT included yet. My guess is if she casts mage armor it boosts her AC to 28.

Liberty's Edge

Ugh, sounds like you had a really rough time there. A couple of comments that may be spoilers for you, but it sounds like you are already familiar with the encounters so...regarding the Shadows - this is where you learn sometimes it is okay to run away. They do not pursue beyond the doorway.

You mention the final boss of this book being CR7. Correct, but you can apply the lesson learned with the Shadows here as well.

And your thought about future expectations...probably should be something you work together with your GM about. I am currently running this for my group. We just finished Book 2 and it's been fun so far.

Best of luck!

Liberty's Edge

This does not help you, but I just tried downloading and opening the file and it opened properly. I use Foxit Reader.

Liberty's Edge

I have nothing to add to this discussion, but I have to say this is a GOLDMINE for ideas. A must-read for anyone running this AP.

Liberty's Edge

One thing you need to expect when playing with kids...they will come up with interesting ideas all on their own as you play. Just go with the flow and try to create a fun story. You will probably be very pleasantly surprised at what kids can imagine.


Liberty's Edge

WampaX wrote:

Finally, I can run UK2/UK3 Sentinel/Gauntlet with an appropriate mini!


Wow, now I'll have to dig out my copies of Sentinel/Gauntlet...I think those were two of my favorites.

Liberty's Edge

What a great story. I also think it is road trips like this that help fuel the imagination. My guess is you might have left the tour thinking of how you could translate some of what you saw into some Paizo products.

Liberty's Edge ***

Pirate Rob wrote:
That said as a player I make sure all my encumbrance is calculated correctly and as a GM I expect a player to take care of it. Just as I would expect them to track their HP, have their correct saving throw modifiers and remember to level their character every 3 scenarios.

This sums it up nicely.

Liberty's Edge

These are all fantastic. But I will vote for the 3 adventurers, mainly because of a green-faced half-orc and the armor on the paladin (nice shield).

Liberty's Edge

Ugh, I see a baseball game on in the back from this afternoon. And sadly I'm from the Boston area.

Liberty's Edge

gunslingeraz wrote:

Will 12 hours be enough?

Thanks in advance,

I ran this for my friends. I think it took either 3 or 4 sessions that are usually 3 hours of playing each. With that in mind you can probably get through it in one marathon session - but a lot depends on how quickly your group tends to play (if they take their time and enjoy role playing it could easily take up most of your time).

Many variables in this one to consider. Figuring out puzzles, wandering around in the dungeon, perhaps they miss a key clue so have to back track...

Good luck and just have fun with it!

Liberty's Edge ***

Walter Sheppard wrote:
So, curiosity question, does this mean that the fresh level 12's that go into Eyes of the Ten will be level 13 and a 1/3rd by the end of the arc?

Looks like it would be 13 +2/3rds. 4 adventures totaling 5 XP.

Liberty's Edge ***

Alexander_Damocles wrote:
Voice in the Void remains my top favorite scenario to run, ever. The story is great, and it is written well enough that even I can manage to give the players a few chills now and then.

This is the first adventure that came to mind so I'm glad you mentioned it. A great adventure that takes us back to The Blakros Museum.

Liberty's Edge

Freehold DM wrote:
Twas a great episode. Loved it.

I agree. This weekend's episode was great.

Liberty's Edge

JimZub wrote:
plus the goblins are fan favorites and really fun to write.

Hmm, that has me imagining a comic based on the adventure We Be Goblins!

Liberty's Edge

Replying to keep track of this thread. I don't collect comics, but this one I will be watching for.

Liberty's Edge

Urath DM wrote:
I wonder, though, if the Wayfinder semi-annual fan-created magazine might be a suitable platform for such in-depth explanations. Perhaps the developers might have time once or twice in a 6-month span to review a long example (or two) of confusing rule situations.

I like this idea.

Liberty's Edge ***

CptTylorX wrote:

I sadly killed a pc three times this past weekend in this module.

I somehow feel as if some great weight has been taken off my shoulders since I feasted on this poor person.

Om nom Lightning. Om Nom Save or die, om nom, No CMD and Tentacles.

Dice were not with my friend this weekend.

The same character 3 times? I'm curious how that played out at the table. Did party stop to get character raised 2 or 3 times? The expense alone seems like too much to handle 3 times for one character.

Liberty's Edge

Dennis Baker wrote:
This is about as exciting as having your character get struck by lightning in the middle of a field.

I agree. My first experience with Haunts was today in a PFS adventure and it was not fun at all.

Liberty's Edge

If you are the primary fighter in your group I would hesitate to take Lunge. I think of the primary fighter as someone that is up in the face of the opponent and Lunge is counter-intuitive to that.

I view Lunge as something good for a melee character that does not want to be frontline. Also, keep in mind Lunge does not help with any Attack of Opportunity situations. It is only good on your turn.

So - given the two choices I would probably go with Iron Will.

Liberty's Edge ***

Jason S wrote:

Our group kited the mummy outside of the brown mold room. After the mummy we recovered and just ran through the brown mold room taking damage, since we didn't have anything that would kill it.

One thing to realize is the encounter as-written has the brown mold actually attached to the mummy.

Liberty's Edge ***

Ryphus wrote:
Actually I had a question for anyone who has ran this. Needless to say Spoilers if any of you are reading this without planning to run it. In room A8 the mummies give off the 3d6 cold non lethal damage from the brown mold, the mold can only be dispersed by COLD damage? Is the scenario's creator just being tricky, or is that a mistake? How did groups anyone ran handle this?

Re: brown mold. It works as described in the adventure and it is not a trick. What makes it difficult is the combination with mummies since most will want to use fire if they have it on the mummies. Challenging set-up. For details on how Brown Mold works see pg. 416 of the Core Rulebook.

Liberty's Edge

Fantastic read! So much behind-the-scenes information. Thank you for posting this walk down memory lane.

Liberty's Edge

I GMd Legacy of Fire start to finish.

Liberty's Edge ***

I'll be sure to bring this topic up with my friends over the next few weeks.

My current opinion on factions in general: 10 is too many. When it was just 5 factions they felt like they meant something. Now with 10 options it is all watered-down to having very little, if any impact on play at the table.

Dragonmoon has some excellent suggestions. I like the idea of the missions all leaning towards secrecy. Too often it ends up being each player getting help from everyone else at the table just to have a shot at completing a mission.

Liberty's Edge ***

Alex Draconis wrote:

I think everyone who plays Pathfinder should try Society at some point.

I agree with everything you said in your post. When I GM/play at conventions I always come away from the event learning something new about Pathfinder.

Liberty's Edge ***

Not yet, but I plan on offering to run Tomb of the Iron Medusa to a group of retired characters I know. Probably sometime in March depending on availability of players.

Liberty's Edge

For conversion stats on most of the content in LoF a good place to check out is The Archives of Nethys website. Under the Conversion tab are stat conversions for creatures/NPCs for the first 5 books of the AP.

Liberty's Edge

gatherer818 wrote:
um... can anyone point me to a place that specifies that prone creatures don't threaten squares / can't make AoOs?

Hmm, can't really point you to a place that does not exist. I don't see anywhere in the Prone condition that says they don't threaten, thus they do.

Liberty's Edge ***

R-A have you finished this one up? I plan on running this one when my weekly group gets into this level-range with their PFS characters so I figured I'd keep an eye on this thread.

Liberty's Edge

Thank you for doing this! Fun for the holidays.

Liberty's Edge ***

LazarX wrote:
You sure you didn't mean to post this in the Jerk Players Thread? Because that's what it sounds like to me.

Hehe,I have to admit I got a good chuckle out of that.

Liberty's Edge

Thanks for asking this question! Now hopefully I will remember the steps to do this.

Liberty's Edge Goblin Squad Member

This has been an interesting thread to read for the most part. After reading through it I am pretty sure nothing will sway me from my original assessment that PvP in PFO will keep me from playing it.

I can only hope it comes out with a PvE Server option.

Liberty's Edge Goblin Squad Member

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Kevin Mack wrote:
Well thats pretty much killed of any intest me or any of my friends would have had in this game.

I'm joining this club.

Liberty's Edge Goblin Squad Member

Ryan Dancey wrote:
Free To Play means you will not have to pay a fee to log in and experience the world of Pathfinder Online. However, you will not be able to experience all the content the world offers for free, nor will you be able to develop your character beyond a certain limit for free.

I think it is very important to have the 'free to play' option. As an example: I currently play LOTRO and it was the f2p aspect of it that got me to try it. Now I subscribe and consider it money well-spent for the amount of entertainment I get out of it.

It also allows me to promote the game to my friends since anyone can try it for free.

Liberty's Edge Goblin Squad Member

Kryzbyn wrote:

No need to reinvent the wheel.

GCD's, hotbars, ASWD + mouse for movement and camera control, please.
Locked encounters on attack, and instances for important/contested areas.

This is what I think of when talking about on-line games.

Liberty's Edge ***

This is a great change. Thank you!

Liberty's Edge ***

sieylianna wrote:

The rules of reskinning have been released. It has been over a month since mr. moreland announced that the VCs and staff would be looking at the Wild Rager archetype for its suitability for PFS. Has a decision been made on wild rager?

I don't think it belongs in any organized play. I can see the wild rager PC killing the poor 12 year old's pet elephant before turning to the druid herself.

I was wondering what happened to that thread. It just seemed to fizzle out without any definitive answer.

Liberty's Edge ***

Bob Jonquet wrote:
GM style/experience can have a lot to do with the challenge as well. Things like effective use of tactics and environmental factors varies as much as d20 rolls.

In my opinion GM style/experience is the most significant aspect of difficulty.

I recall the discussion of one of the older adventures in the GM section of the forum - some think it was way too easy and others too difficult. The crux of the matter ended up being some GMs running an encounter knowing all the tactics and other GMs not realizing important abilities.

No need to get into specifics for fear of spoilers, but just wanted to point it out as a general point of discussion.

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