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Gisher's page

4,857 posts (5,018 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 40 aliases.


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blahpers wrote:
Phew, I almost missed our weekly "dead baby" thread.

If it is a goblin baby that is also a fallen paladin then I think we've completed the weekly checklist.

niteowl24 wrote:
A keen flail? Keen can only be placed on slashing or piercing weapons. Flails are bludgeoning weapons, so it won't work.

Also there is no such thing as Weapon Training (mace). Even if there were, I'm not sure how it would help with a flail.

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wraithstrike wrote:

The FAQ's have been like this for years. We will get a few, and then none for a while, then a few more.

They just don't have the manpower to do it. The PRD has also not been updated in a while.

I would really like to see the PRD get updated. If not the new material, at least the errata for the older material would be nice.

Matthew Downie wrote:
You can always search the PDT's posts here...

Sort of. Unfortunately text in quotation blocks doesn't show up on searches of their posts. So following your link we see that on August 8, 2017 there was a post about Mirror Image, but a search for "mirror" turns up no matches. It's something that has been annoying me for a while.

Wildblooded Sorcerer with the Empyreal Bloodline.

A Shaman with the Battle Spirit gets a Spirit Ability (confusingly also called Battle Spirit) which is like a weaker version of Inspire Courage.

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Cavall wrote:
...The best of classes!

No, Occultists don't get Inspire Courage. ;)

Jeraa wrote:
PokeyCA wrote:
One of the only items (besides the aforementioned enhancement bonuses) that I know of that has a caster level requirement is a pearl of power.

Technically, a pearl of power doesn't have a caster level requirement, it just requires the ability to cast spells of a certain spell level.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, creator must be able to cast spells of the spell level to be recalled;
So a pearl for 4th level spells, for example, could be made by a 7th level wizard (CL7), 8th level sorcerer (CL8), a 10th level bard (CL10), or a 12th/13th level adept (CL12 or 13).

Yep. The Pearls even have their own FAQ regarding this.

BadBird wrote:


Shield Brace isn't PFS legal, as far as I know.

It is, but with the following clarifications.

When using the Shield Brace feat, treat the polearm or spear as a one-handed weapon. More specifically, when calculating the damage the weapon deals, it uses your Strength bonus instead of 1.5 times your Strength bonus, and it counts as a one- handed weapon when determining extra damage from the Power Attack feat. You may use Two- Weapon Fighting and other feats as if the polearm were a one handed weapon.

I find the question confusing. It's a little like trying to compare an Arcane Bloodline Sorcerer to a Bard. Other than the fact that they are spontaneous casters that use the same casting stat, they don't have much in common.

If you want a skill monkey who can engage in combat and but also has a bit of casting then Psychic Detective is pretty good. If it's the Psychic magic that's the issue you might consider the Questioner Investigator which is an arcane caster.

Grumbaki wrote:

Kensai Magus. Gives you Int for AC.

One of my favorite classes is bladebound kensai magus. Free magic weapon. Dex and Int for AC. Works out pretty well. Throw on a mithril buckler for more AC and you're good to go.

Using a buckler negates Canny Defense so no more Int to AC. It also prevents the use of Spell Combat.

LoudKid wrote:
Thanks, Gisher. I wasn't aware of that FAQ.

You are welcome. There are a lot of FAQs. It's really hard to keep up with all of them.

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Relevant FAQ.

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After reading that title I'm a little disappointed that there aren't any miniatures of strange women lying in ponds distributing swords.

graystone wrote:


Even if someone sets up some houserules to count them differently, it's STILL not hard to cancel out the bad. First, I refuse to agree that infernal healing is very bad. At best it's mildly naughty.

That settles it, my next character is going to have Chaotic Mildly Naughty as their alignment. This is A-Thing-That-Must-Happen.

blahpers wrote:
Iron Will -> Familiar Bond -> Improved Familiar Bond.

I don't believe that this works.

Bloodline Development wrote:
Bloodline Development: The arcanist selects one sorcerer bloodline upon taking this exploit. The arcanist gains that bloodline's 1st-level bloodline power as though she were a 1st-level sorcerer.

So it follows the rules for Sorcerers.

Arcane Bloodline wrote:
Arcane Bond (Su): At 1st level, you gain an arcane bond, as a wizard equal to your sorcerer level. Your sorcerer levels stack with any wizard levels you possess when determining the powers of your familiar or bonded object. This ability does not allow you to have both a familiar and a bonded item.

So you aren't allowed to use this ability to have both a familiar and a bonded item.

We do have to consider whether the Familiar Bond feat supersedes these rules, but sadly it is based on the same Wizard rules that the Sorcerer ability is.

Familiar Bond wrote:
Benefit: You gain a familiar, as the wizard arcane bond class feature.

So it should be bound by the same restrictions established by the Sorcerer's Arcane Bond.

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hellatze wrote:
Rysky wrote:
Touch AC is much, much lower than normal AC for pretty much everything, Wizards don't need a high BAB.

i was wondering why some of wizard spell need touch ?

even so, thunderbolt never use touch attack, but scorching ray require touch.

Spells like Lightning Bolt and Fireball affect everyone one in the designated area. Spells like Scorching Ray are targeting specific creatures so you need to make Attack Rolls to hit them.

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You mean like a Snakeskin Tunic, Ioun Stone (Deep Red Sphere), Belt of Physical Might (Strength and Dexterity), or Belt of Physical Perfection?

Alternatively you could play an Occultist and use your Transmutation Resonant Power to add Dex bonuses to your Belt of Giant Strength.

master_marshmallow wrote:


EDIT: if you can find a ruling somewhere that says a wizard can take a bonded item and also take feats like Wasp Familiar or Familiar Bond (which it is assumed they cannot unless they trade out the Arcane Bond class feature for something else in an archetype) then it could be allowed.

To my mind, they have the same problem that you cited earlier. Both act as the Arcane Bond and so should have the same restriction against also having a Bonded Object.

Familiar Bond wrote:
You gain a familiar, as the wizard arcane bond class feature.
Wasp Familiar wrote:
You gain a familiar as per the arcane bond class feature, using your character level as your wizard level.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

You'll have to guess my favorite. ;)

A Ring of Counterspells might be an option.

Christopk-K wrote:

Excellent, that's exactly what I was looking for.

Big dohhh for me, I was searching archivesofnethys. Since the feat is dirty FIGHTING not dirty TRICK I couldn't find it.

Thank you :-)

The search function at AoN is pretty interesting. I couldn't remember the exact name either so I searched for 'expertise' which I knew would be in the description.

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♫ Playas, they gonna play
And haters, they gonna hate ♪

I think you are looking for the Dirty Fighting feat.

xXXx biff xXXx wrote:


Universalist Wizard has a the great 1st level ability to be able to magically throw a melee weapon (as a standard action), ~7 times/day, uses Int to modify the attack roll, and even has the weapon "instantly return." But as great as that is, it gets absolutely no better. No way to get more uses (other than upping Int), no faster use, no increasing damage.
I'm considering this as a 1-level dip. I can turn the pages of my spellbook with my foot.

The Sword Binder Wizard gets the Hand of the Apprentice ability with their Bonded Sword. Later they get added abilities to deliver touch spells and ranged touch spells through their Bonded Sword. The 10th level Telekinetic Sword ability even lets you scout using your Sword.

Also the Bonded Wizard can use their Bonded Object to generate scaling versions of Spiritual Weapon, Shield, and Mage Armor. Think "Green Lantern."

Since this thread is back, I'll mention that we now have a FAQ clarifying that Telekinetic Projectile does suffer from the usual ranged attack penalties such as the -4 penalty for firing into melee.

There are now several class options for delivering spells through archery: Arcane Archer, Myrmidarch Magus, Eldritch Archer Magus, and Arrowsong Minstrel Bard.

Crayfish Hora wrote:
Is there some sort of ruling that would say that I get negatives or whatever? Not that my normal DM reads into rulings, but for me, I like to have the knowledge of my kosherness. Because I'm 85% certain that if you dual-wield, like short swords or whatever, and you run up to a guy and make a single attack...that you are not penalized for having a weapon in the other hand on this attack. The penalty kicks in when you attack with both weapons, and not with one weapon at a time.

The penalty kicks in when you try to get an extra attack by using TWF.

FAQ wrote:

Multiple Weapons, Extra Attacks, and Two-Weapon Fighting: If I have extra attacks from a high BAB, can I make attacks with different weapons and not incur a two-weapon fighting penalty?

Yes. Basically, you only incur TWF penalties if you are trying to get an extra attack per round.
Let's assume you're a 6th-level fighter (BAB +6/+1) holding a longsword in one hand and a light mace in the other. Your possible full attack combinations without using two-weapon fighting are:
(A) longsword at +6, longsword +1
(B) mace +6, mace +1
(C) longsword +6, mace +1
(D) mace +6, longsword +1
All of these combinations result in you making exactly two attacks, one at +6 and one at +1. You're not getting any extra attacks, therefore you're not using the two-weapon fighting rule, and therefore you're not taking any two-weapon fighting penalties.
If you have Quick Draw, you could even start the round wielding only one weapon, make your main attack with it, draw the second weapon as a free action after your first attack, and use that second weapon to make your iterative attack (an "iterative attack" is an informal term meaning "extra attacks you get from having a high BAB"). As long as you're properly using the BAB values for your iterative attacks, and as long as you're not exceeding the number of attacks per round granted by your BAB, you are not considered to be using two-weapon fighting, and therefore do not take any of the penalties for two-weapon fighting.
The two-weapon fighting option in the Core Rulebook specifically refers to getting an extra attack for using a second weapon in your offhand. In the above four examples, there is no extra attack, therefore you're not using two-weapon fighting.
Using the longsword/mace example, if you use two-weapon fighting you actually have fewer options than if you aren't. Your options are (ignoring the primary/off hand penalties):
(A') primary longsword at +6, primary longsword at +1, off hand mace at +6
(B') primary mace at +6, primary mace at +1, off hand longsword at +6
In other words, once you decide you're using two-weapon fighting to get that extra attack on your turn (which you have to decide before you take any attacks on your turn), that decision locks you in to the format of "my primary weapon gets my main attack and my iterative attack, and my off hand weapon only gets the extra attack, and I apply two-weapon fighting penalties."

David knott 242 wrote:
Eric Hinkle wrote:
KingOfNinjas wrote:
doc the grey wrote:
What are the changes for the sea hag born changeling?
** spoiler omitted **
'Awaken their hag heritage'? What is that, and how does a Changeling go about doing it?

You take the Awakened Hag Heritage feat, which brings you closer (but not all the way) to becoming more hag-like. I should probably avoid details of this feat's "Special" entry.

Oh, my! I am so excited about this boo! I've got a Changeling Cabalist Vigilante build I've been thinking about, and this sounds very thematically appropriate.

Samy wrote:
That's what I meant by coincidence, yes. Just using the same suffix without an intentional connection. But they could've also been thinking of swanmays, which is why I wondered.

Ok, I see what you meant. It wouldn't surprise me if that was the sequence of inspiration.

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Samy wrote:
Is the suffix supposed to evoke thoughts of swanmays or is that just coincidence?

I suspect the authors chose 'May' for its archaic meaning of 'Maiden.' I'm sure that Swanmay was chosen for that reason. Swanmay = Swan Maiden.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Is there any new background about the Call or how the process of converting to a Hag works? (I'm not interested in spoilers; I'm just wondering if such information is in there.)

Melkiador wrote:
I think they're too afraid of creating a 3.0 spiked chain, but attacking at close range with the kama and long range with the chain is what the real life weapon is supposed to be about. In a lot of real-life kusarigama, the chain even attaches at the top of the kama so you can easily swing the chain from the kama, while still having the kama at the ready. All of that with only one hand. But having a one handed weapon that can attack at 5 and 10, is too powerful for the weapons in pathfinder.

Well, the whip and scorpion whip can achieve this but they kept the power level in line by charging a bunch of feats to do so. They could make some new feats for the kusarigama that would let you wield it in the way that you described.

Java Man wrote:

Ultimate campaign, retraining section, archetype, toward the end:

"Note that you don't have to use the retraining rules to take an archetype if your class level is low enough that the archetype doesn't modify any of your current class abilities. For example, if you're a 1st-level fighter who wants the archer archetype, that archetype doesn't replace any class abilities until fighter level 2, so you don't need to use the retraining rules at all—once you reach 2nd level, you can just decide to take the archer archetype."

Thank you! You have taught me something new. :)

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Arcaian wrote:
kaisc006 wrote:
Athaleon wrote:
He's talking about using a Glaive with the Bladed Brush feat. Unfortunately that feat is not PFS legal.
Drats. I thought I could finally make an effective take on the Red Viper lol.
Just use an Elven Branched Spear (and play a half-elf for Ancestral Arms) and it is legal, however! :)

Side Note: When you have proficiency with all martial weapons, Weapon Familiarity is a better trade for Adaptability than Ancestral Arms since it gets you proficiency with the Elven Branched Spear, Elven Curve Blade, Elven Thornblade, and Elven Leafblade.

If you haven't looked at the Eldritch Scoundrel Rogue archetype, you might want to take a glance. When you build it on the Unchained Rogue, it's a really nice alternative to Arcane Trickster.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I like the Elven Thornblade and Elven Leafblade, but I don't see their Fighter Weapon Groups listed anywhere. I think Light Blades is the most likely one for both since they are basically an improved rapier and an improved shortsword. Is it possible to get some official clarification on this?

Azten wrote:
To take it another way, what if they don't want to become something else? Why should the Raven lose its pretty, sleek feathers to become a some gangly rat-looking thing with a Venus flytrap growing out of its back? Talk about depressing.

I don't think the standard familiars become the improved familiars. My understanding is that the improved familiar is a new creature, and the old familiar is released back into the wild.

Dark Midian wrote:
Alternatively, there are the elven leafblade and thornblade.

Oh, wow! Thanks, I hadn't seen those before!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

How about the standard familiars that get replaced with Improved Familiars? It's horrible that they get downsized to ordinary animals after tasting the joys of higher intelligence and improved evasion. Stop the outsourcing!

6 people marked this as a favorite.

Because Swashlaces are easier to use?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

It's wishful thinking.

FAQ wrote:

Do ability modifiers from the same ability stack? For instance, can you add the same ability bonus on the same roll twice using two different effects that each add that same ability modifier?

No. An ability bonus, such as "Strength bonus", is considered to be the same source for the purpose of bonuses from the same source not stacking. However, you can still add, for instance “a deflection bonus equal to your Charisma modifier” and your Charisma modifier. For this purpose, however, the paladin's untyped "bonus equal to her Charisma bonus (if any) on all saving throws" from divine grace is considered to be the same as "Charisma bonus (if any)", and the same would be true for any other untyped "bonus equal to her [ability score] bonus" constructions.

If you are trying to make the rules more realistic then arguably the lighter weight should mean less damage for bludgeoning and slashing weapons if not piercing ones.

Dr Styx wrote:


I can see a tiny box filled with fine weapons that when you take one out it uses Resizing to fit you...

Throw in your fine Fitting sheild and armor and you're set. :)

That's funny, manticore spikes was the first thing I checked, too. :)

Of course you can have special abilities that give you Natural Attacks. The Draconic Sorcerer's claws come to mind.

CRB wrote:
Claws (Su): Starting at 1st level, you can grow claws as a free action. These claws are treated as natural weapons, allowing you to make two claw attacks as a full attack action using your full base attack bonus.

I just noticed that it says they are "treated as" natural weapons rather than saying that they "are" natural weapons. I wonder if that has any significance beyond acknowledging that they are temporary rather than permanent physical features.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
FAQ wrote:

Half-Elf or Half-Orc: Can a character of either of these races select human racial archetypes (such as from Advanced Race Guide?

Yes. Half-elves and half-orcs may select racial favored class options, archetypes, traits, and so on, as if they were a full member of both races (a half-elf can select elf and human rules elements, a half-orc can select human and orc rules elements).

Edit 9/26/13: This is a reversal of an earlier ruling. This resolves a discrepancy between this FAQ and two Advanced Player's Guide FAQs.

So you qualify for any rules elements for either of the races from which you are descended.

Jeraa wrote:
Gisher wrote:

It also seems that Natural Attacks are all melee attacks.

CRB wrote:
Natural Attacks: Attacks made with natural weapons, such as claws and bites, are melee attacks that can be made against any creature within your reach (usually 5 feet). These attacks are made using your full attack bonus and deal an amount of damage that depends on their type (plus your Strength modifier, as normal). You do not receive additional natural attacks for a high base attack bonus. Instead, you receive additional attack rolls for multiple limb and body parts capable of making the attack (as noted by the race or ability that grants the attacks). If you possess only one natural attack (such as a bite—two claw attacks do not qualify), you add 1–1/2 times your Strength bonus on damage rolls made with that attack.

The Bestiary entry doesn't say that, and also does say:

Format: bite +5 (1d6+1), 2 claws +5 (1d4+2), 4 tentacles +0 (1d4+1); Location: Melee and Ranged.
Any while all the different types listed on the table are melee, the "Other" entry could theoretically include a ranged type.

Interesting. I hunted around for a ranged natural attack, but couldn't find an example of one that currently exists. But thanks for the clarification.

Lou Diamond wrote:
There is a magic item enchantment that lets magic weapons resize to fit user. So in theory a huge great bow could be resized to fit a medium user and still have the draw weight to do extra damage the user just would have to have to be strong enough to use the bow. IMO it would be similar to a composite bow. With introducing tech into Pathnfinder I would not see a problem introducing modern compound bows maybe have them do 1d12x3.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

It also seems that Natural Attacks are all melee attacks.

CRB wrote:
Natural Attacks: Attacks made with natural weapons, such as claws and bites, are melee attacks that can be made against any creature within your reach (usually 5 feet). These attacks are made using your full attack bonus and deal an amount of damage that depends on their type (plus your Strength modifier, as normal). You do not receive additional natural attacks for a high base attack bonus. Instead, you receive additional attack rolls for multiple limb and body parts capable of making the attack (as noted by the race or ability that grants the attacks). If you possess only one natural attack (such as a bite—two claw attacks do not qualify), you add 1–1/2 times your Strength bonus on damage rolls made with that attack.

Eric Hinkle wrote:


I suppose I'm wondering if it'll be a feat something like the 'Mother's Heritage' one Changelings got in the ARG, possibly giving different abilities depending on what kind of a hag they come from.

Did you mean Mother's Gift? I love that feat.

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