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Jason Bulmahn wrote:


I am still doing some research into what we can do within pdfs to resolve this problem.


You can add alternate text to images in a pdf that serves the same function that alternate text does with images on a web page. Anyone looking at the document will see the image, but those using screen readers will hear the alternate text.

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graystone wrote:
UnArcaneElection wrote:

I'm normally vegan, and I normally try to avoid fast food, but if one of these places would serve hamburger made with sacred cow, I could be persuaded to reconsider . . . .

Don't forget to ask them to put on some sacred cow cheese and a sacred cow milkshake on the side. Now is you could find a sacred pig for some sacred bacon... Mmmmmmmm..... Bacon....

All bacon is sacred. ;)

CRB wrote:
Items not primarily of metal are not meaningfully affected by being partially made of mithral.

Either the horsechopper is mostly metal, in which case the weight of the wood should be negligible, or it isn't mostly metal and mithral is useless. There isn't an option for the barbarian to reduce his cost and still gain the benefits of mithral.

VoodistMonk wrote:

You don't want to delay your chosen spellcasting class any more than possible.

Two levels of Paladin, tops. Get charisma to saves, it's all you need from that.

The Magical Knack trait gives your caster levels back that would be lost with the Paladin dip. You still lose one CL going into Dragon Disciple, but oh well.


The Favored Prestige Class and Prestigious Spellcaster feat chain can help with that. Keeping full spellcasting progression is really nice and the extra hit points or skill ranks are also nice.

The PFS Campaign Clarifications page says that it replaces elven magic.

Page 10—Dragon magic is a racial trait for elves. This racial trait replaces elven magic.

Potto wrote:
Gisher wrote:
It might look like the langxian.
That... actually looks rather reasonable! Plus the elves probably dig the leaf aesthetics as well! And the usage as described by the Wiki article definitely matches the stats! Thanks!

You are welcome.

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It might look like the langxian.

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I'm positive that we can be more negative.

Corvo Spiritwind wrote:
Seeking to make a forearm weapon akin to Edward from Fullmetal Alchemist, or Zed from League, but don't want to drop it everytime it's not in use.

You aren't going to drop it if it's strapped to your forearm. But if you want to 'sheathe' it you might try the Hide Weapon Spell for that Wolverine flavor.

A lot of people like to stack Inspired Blade with the Noble Fencer archetype.

ekibus wrote:
...Occultist: really hits all the boxes but 1 handed doesnt really get a major boost

Consider a Haunt Collector Occultist taking the Transmutation and Abjuration Implement Schools at 1st level. (The Physical Enhancement Resonant Ability and the Legacy Weapon Base Focus Power will boost your attack rolls and/or damage. Once you can afford a +1 sword you can use Legacy Weapon to add Bane for a serious boost.)

At 2nd level choose the Champion Spirit for a Haunted Implement. (The Seance Boon is +2 damage except with spells, and the Spirit Bonus will let you boost attack and damage rolls as a swift action without spending Focus.)

At 6th level take the Trappings of the Warrior Panoply. (The Martial Skill Resonant Power will basically lt you be a full-BAB class when using your sword and shield. The Combat Trick Base Focus Power lets you temporarily pick up a Combat Feat.)

If you make your character a Human of Ulfen ethnicity, they can take the Weapon Training trait from Inner Sea Races. It gets you +1 Trait Bonus to damage with a Short Sword, Longsword, Bastard Sword, and Greatsword (along with a Throwing Axe, Handaxe, Battleaxe, Greataxe, Light Hammer, Warhammer, Shortbow, and Longbow).

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James F.D. Graham wrote:

My favourite exotic weapons are the ones that treat the Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat as a means to 'unlock' abilities the weapon has.

Like the bastard sword becoming 1 handed or the hooked axe; which can be used as a battleaxe as a martial weapon but gains the disarm, performance, and trip qualities with EWP.

I'd like to see something like that for 2E. More than just "it's a *insert weapon here* but better", and certainly more than "it's a weapon from a far away place"

I agree. I love the way the Doru was designed to improve with higher level proficiencies.

Howndawg wrote:

Throughout history, spear and shield has been one of the most common fighting styles. However, without an archetype, this has been impossible in Pathfinder, as spears are two-handed weapons. So no Zulus for you. I would like this to change, at least for characters with martial proficiency.

If D&D can change this, so can Pathfinder.

The Doru fixed this problem.

zza ni wrote:
if this spell give the one touched a special touch attack and you use this on an enemy with natural attacks he can keep on using his atacks AND deliver the spell's touch attack to you with one of them. so why wuld you do that to urself?

Spell Storing armor doesn't grant a spell to your attacker.

Perhaps a Puppetmaster Magus?

For a trident with reach, you can buy a Fighter's Fork. You can brace it, throw it as a trident, throw it as a javelin, shorten it until it is a light weapon, wield it as a one-handed weapon, wield it as a two-handed weapon without reach, or lengthen it into a two-handed reach weapon. That's pretty versatile. Especially since any feats or class abilities that apply to tridents will work in any of its forms.

habibo wrote:

So the magus archetype armored battlemage gives you the armor training thing as a fighter does this also mean they get the ability to ignore the movement penalty from armors ored%20Battlemage

for reference

Working Link

And, yes you do get the movement benefits. Consider this FAQ on the Myrmidarch Magus which also gets Armor Training.

FAQ wrote:

Magus, Myrmidarch: Do my weapon training and armor training abilities stack if I multiclass into fighter?

Armor training requires more explanation as to how they stack:
Fighter armor training 1 (gained at 3rd level) also gives a fighter the ability to move at normal speed in medium armor. A myrmidarch gains armor training 1 at 8th level, and also gains this ability to overcome the speed reduction of medium armor.
Fighter armor training 2 (gained at 7th level) also gives a fighter the ability to move at normal speed in heavy armor. A myrmidarch gains armor training 2 at 14th level, and also gains this ability to overcome the speed reduction of heavy armor.
A multiclassed character with armor training 1 from fighter (3rd level) and armor training 1 from myrmidarch (8th level) gains the ability to overcome the speed reduction of heavy armor (as it is the equivalent of armor training 2, which grants that ability).

Etob wrote:
Using a whip would mean dropping Bladebound (which I'm not adamantly against, if anything, it could save me a feat for an Agile weapon), and I like using a crit-fishing Scimitar anyway. Spellstrike Gloves are lower priority for me, especially if I drop Bladebound. Already grabbed Mirror Image, and debating using an Arcana for Mage Armor. Got Long Arm as well.

Why would you have to drop Bladebound? Whips are one-handed slashing weapons.

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He foresaw 2nd edition and ran off to an alternate plane of existence.

Heather 540 wrote:
Gisher wrote:
Heather 540 wrote:
Yes, he uses Slashing Grace. Being human and getting Weapon Finesse as a level one class feature, he'll be able to get it at level one if I want. As mentioned in another thread, I wanted one of them to use a Sword Cane, but it just doesn't work for Dex builds.
Why doesn't it work?
Because even though a Swashbuckler can use Weapon Finesse with it, there is no way to get Dex to Damage with a Sword Cane.

The Agile Special Weapon Ability works. So would three levels in Unchained Rogue.

Heather 540 wrote:
Fencing Grace only works with Rapiers, and Slashing Grace only works with slashing weapons. A Sword Cane is a piercing weapon. A Rogue can't even use Weapon Finesse for it.

Anyone can use Weapon Finesse with a Sword Cane.

UE wrote:


Price 45 gp
Type martial
This slender light blade lies within a wooden container that serves as both its scabbard and hiding place. You can draw the blade as a swift action (or a free action if you have the Quick Draw feat). An observer must succeed at a DC 20 Perception check to realize an undrawn sword cane is a weapon rather than a walking stick; the DC decreases to 10 if the observer is able to handle the weapon. You can use the Weapon Finesse feat to apply your Dexterity modifier instead of your Strength modifier to attack rolls with a sword cane sized for you, even though it isn't a light weapon. You can't wield a sword cane in two hands in order to apply 1-1/2 times your Strength modifier to damage.

Rorryn wrote:
Purple Dragon Knight wrote:

Fighter (CHILD OF ACAVNA AND AMAZNEN) using a Kyoketsu shoge (Melee Reach + Range at the same time) for battlefield control.

Thats a two-handed Weapon, which isn't allowed by the changes to the Archetypes Weapon Proficiency.

You are misreading the archetype. It removes automatic proficiency with martial two-handed weapons, but it doesn't prevent characters from gaining proficiency with martial two-handed weapons. Regardless, the Kyoketsu Shoge is exotic, not martial.

You can have a lot of fun combining the Training Special Ability with other Special Abilities.

Training (Cleave) on a Mighty Cleaving Weapon.

Training (Enforcer) on a Merciful Weapon.

Training (Combat Reflexes) on a Fortuitous Weapon.

Heather 540 wrote:
Yes, he uses Slashing Grace. Being human and getting Weapon Finesse as a level one class feature, he'll be able to get it at level one if I want. As mentioned in another thread, I wanted one of them to use a Sword Cane, but it just doesn't work for Dex builds.

Why doesn't it work?

Charlie Brooks wrote:
I'm willing to bet a large sum of money that folks on this thread are making some incorrect assumptions as to how shields work.

Xenocrat's description matches what I gathered from the podcasts. But I wouldn't be surprised to find out that there were feats or class abilities that can make shields more appealing.

Zarius wrote:
I assumed "PRD" was d20pfsrd.

That is the SRD. It is a third party site.

This is the PRD. It is part of

Zarius wrote:
Technically, is the official source, but I'm on the fence... I've seen PRD update before Paizo on a number of occasions.

The PRD is

Amanda Barry wrote:
Don't some staffs let you do this or am I mistaken? Like, doesn't a staff of courage let a bard cast Prayer and Remove Paralysis since Remove Fear is on the bard list?

You might be thinking of the recharging rules. You only need to be able to cast one of the staff's spells in order to recharge it.

No, Alchemists are not casters. You can take the Spell Knowledge Discovery to qualify, but it sounds like a bad idea since you won't be able to use Imbue Arrow with Extracts, and AA won't advance your Extracts.

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Scott Mcgroarty wrote:
Based on how quinggon monk stacks I would think it's fine.

Qinggong Monks are unique They needed their own FAQ to explain how they stack with other archetypes. You can't use them as an example for any other archetypes.

Kevin Willis wrote:

For bladebound/kensai, is this not the critical part of that FAQ?

In general, if a class feature grants multiple subfeatures, it’s OK to take two archetypes that only change two separate subfeatures. This includes two bard archetypes that alter or replace different bardic performances (even though bardic performance is technically a single class feature) or two fighter archetypes that replace the weapon training gained at different levels (sometimes referred to as “weapon training I, II, III, or IV”) even though those all fall under the class feature weapon training.
Bladebound replaces the 3rd level arcana and Kensai replaces the 9th level arcana. Arcana gained at different levels are just like weapon training gained at different levels.

No one is arguing that replacing two different levels of Magus Arcana make them incompatible. Those are two separate subfeatures, and you are correct that each can be changed by different archetypes.

The question at hand is whether Bladebound's restriction on taking the Familiar Magus Arcana counts as altering the Parent Feature. If it does then no other archetype is allowed to alter any of the subfeatures. That would mean that Kensai, which changes the level 9 Magus Arcana, would be incompatible with Bladebound.

This issue had never occurred to me before, but now that it has been brought up I'm inclined to think that they don't stack. The only way around it that I can see would be to somehow conclude that preventing you from taking the Familiar Magus Arcana isn't actually changing your list of Magus Arcana and therefore isn't changing the parent feature. Hexcrafter doesn't have that way out since adding things to such lists is clearly called out in the FAQ as altering the parent feature.

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Hexcrafter and Bladebound definitely don't stack. Bladebound replaces the Magus Arcana gained at 3rd level which is a subfeature of the Magus Arcana parent feature. Hexcrafter gets the Hex Arcana class feature which adds Accursed Strike to the Magus Arcana list. By the FAQ, that counts as altering the Magus Arcana parent feature and makes the two archetypes incompatible.

Eventually you can take Greater Whip Mastery.

UC wrote:
Benefit: You are so quick with your whip that you never drop it due to a failed disarm or trip combat maneuver attempt. ...

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Bardofcyberspace wrote:

The First weapon I would like to see what can be done with is a Lasso.

Yes it is exotic so it cost a feat. Then I would use Equipment Trick to get other abilities with the rope.

With the [whip] you can use a 10ft section of rope like a whip with no penalty. Not sure if they means that Disarm, and trip can be used or not and if you have the feat chains for whip/ disarm / trip would they would for rope to then?

That would be a fun build using something different.

You might want to pick up a Robe of Infinite Twine for this build.

Trish Megistos wrote:
Gisher wrote:

Your quote seems to be in error. The CRB and UE weapon tables list disarm, nonlethal, reach, and trip under Special for whips. Finesse is not a defined special feature.

I'm going by these two pages:
This one lists under special: disarm, nonlethal, reach, trip
This lists under Weapon Feature(s): finesse, reach.

Oh, d20pfsrd. That explains it.

Trish Megistos wrote:
Chess Pwn wrote:

Whip's aren't a reach weapon though. All we have is "The whip is treated as a melee weapon with 15-foot reach"

This means that the whip is ALWAYS 15ft reach aka +10ft of reach because that's what the whip says it is.


Balor is wrong and whip is 3x and the 15ft in the description was an example of the 3x rule at play for small and medium and not always true.

Weapon Feature(s) wrote:
finesse, reach.
How isn't it a reach weapon?

Your quote seems to be in error. The CRB and UE weapon tables list disarm, nonlethal, reach, and trip under Special for whips. Finesse is not a defined special feature.

Isaac Zephyr wrote:
Addinf more hands would not make the creature innately stronger. The 1.5 for two hands is the ability to put your whole weight behind it. As the opposite is true when two weapon fighting you can only apply half strength on your dominant hand.

Your main hand gets the full Str Mod. The off-hand gets half the Str Mod.

Covert Operator wrote:

Are there any abilities that do add damage to magic missile?

I can think of:

  • metamagic.
  • sorcerer - orc bloodline.
  • the trait that adds 1 force damage to all damaging spells.

I want to use a Quarterstaff of Entwined Serpents

None of those things would apply to a spell from a magic item. You would have to cast Magic Missile yourself to benefit from them.

QuidEst wrote:
Besides, a teamwork drinking feat is excellent for a drunken wizard with a skunk valet familiar. Plus two fortitude, and he'll be exactly as drunk as the skunk.

Nicely done.

I'm not sure that you can use Mage Hand without fingers.

CRB wrote:

Mage Hand

You point your finger at an object and can lift it and move it at will from a distance...

Thomas Keller wrote:

I have the Masterworks Pathfinder Open Reference. Is that the same thing?

Based on the Masterworks Pathfinder Open Reference web page it looks similar, but it is missing a large number of documents that PFRPG has: ACG, ARG, OA, UE, PU, Bestiaries 4 and 5, etc.

I've gotten a huge amount of use out of the PFRPG app. I use the Apple version, but they have Android and Windows versions as well. I don't know what platform an Amazon Fire tablet would use.

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Chyrone wrote:

Flagged another 11.

I put it through the (horrible btw) google translate.
It's advertisement for casinos.

Come on, put something like this in a tourism brochure, you know?

I wonder if they found lots of references here to rolling dice and playing cards, and they thought "this must be a forum for gamblers." ;)

Isaac Zephyr wrote:
All of those natural attacks would still be at appropriate penalty. My TWF character is actually an unarmed, so there are kicks and punches available, however how much she can do is still limited. Choosing any 2, if a character had say a bite and 2 claws, one is the primary attack, and the second is secondary (off hand), so you could pick a combination and still be limited as any other.

That isn't how Natural Attacks work.

GM John Napier wrote:

First of all, get your Core Rulebook and turn to page 463.

The cost of the +1 Spell storing chain shirt is the cost of the chain shirt, plus 300 gold for the Masterwork component, and plus 1,000 gold for the +1. Unfortunately, Spell Storing is a weapon enhancement, and is therefore unavailable for Armor. Final cost: 100 + 300 + 1,000 = 1,400 Gold.

Masterwork armor only adds 150 gp to the cost. Also, Spell Storing armor now exists. Since that Armor Special Ability has a +1 equivalence, +1 Spell Storing armor has a +2 equivalent enhancement bonus. So the cost is 100 gp (chain shirt) + 150 gp (masterwork) + 4000 gp (+2 equivalent enhancement bonus) = 4250 gp.

@Malovec, I'm getting the cost of the equivalent enhancement bonus from the Armor and Shield Pricing by Bonus Table.

GM John Napier wrote:
Again, follow the above process for weapons. Unfortunately, again, Corrosive Burst isn't in the Core Rulebook. However, all other energy burst qualities are at +2, so your Acid Burst should be at +2 also. So, that's 20 (Great Axe) + 300 (Masterwork) + 18,000 ( +1 base enhancement, +2 energy (Acid) burst, total +3) for 18,320 Gold.

Your calculation is correct. Corrosive Burst is, indeed, a +2 equivalent enhancement bonus.

@Malovec, we are getting the cost of the equivalent enhancement bonus from the Weapon Pricing by Bonus Table. Note that the costs on this table are twice that on the Armor Table. Similarly the masterwork cost for the weapon is twice that of the armor. Armor is, magically speaking, cheaper than weapons.

All in wrist wrote:
blahpers wrote:

Example: If you combine a level 4 formula and a level 5 formula, the extract slot you have to use for the combination is a level 7 or higher slot (two higher than the highest level formula).

Edit: Technically, by that text the combination's actual level would be 7 as well, not just the slot it filled. That should affect DCs and the like.

So to be clear on this, if you have access to extract

Levels 1-4. You can only combine extract to a max level of 2 as you need to use the 4th level slot which is 3 levels higher? You couldn’t combine a third level one as you don’t have access to 5th level extracts?

Also combining extracts only uses one extract slot but from two levels higher?

blahpers' example is actually impossible since Alchemists don't have 7th level slots, but it is numerically correct. You use a single slot that is two levels higher than the highest level formulae in the combination. So if you have access up to level 4 extracts (say you were a 10th level Alchemist) then you could...

...combine two 2nd level formulae in a single 4th level extract slot.
...combine one 2nd level formulae with one 1st level formulae in a single 4th level extract slot.
...combine two 1st level formulae in a single 3rd level extract slot.

But you could not combine a 3rd level formulae with any other formulae because that would require at least a 5th level extract slot which you don't have yet. Since you can never have 7th level or higher slots, you will never be able to combine a 5th or 6th level formulae with anything.

KitsuneWarlock wrote:
Gisher wrote:
Which Chakra lets you add Cha mod to saves?

They all have Cha added to your saves for purposes of opening and maintaining your Chakras.

To quote the rules: ""adding his charisma modifier to each save""

I see. The saves for using the Chakras. I somehow thought you were talking about a Chakra granting Cha Mod to your saving throws as a benefit like an Occult version of Divine Grace. Thanks.

Re-read the OP, and I don't see how this is an effective combination. You have to first find a way to use Sneak Attack against an opponent or just hope that you score a critical. If you pull off either of those then you get a chance to intimidate nearby opponents so that they are shaken for at least one round. If you manage to move and then hit any shaken opponent before the condition wears off then you can use Shatter Defenses to leave them vulnerable to your Sneak Attack for subsequent attacks. It seems like a long chain of somewhat iffy steps to get that Sneak Attack vulnerability.

Which Chakra lets you add Cha mod to saves?

A couple of additional options...

The Dazzling Trail portion of Equipment Trick (cloak) increases the duration of the Intimidation's demoralize effect by 1d4 rounds. (Plus a Rogue will probably get some use out of the Distracting Cloak portion.)

You can also use a Dazzling Radiance weapon which will blind and/or dazzle everyone within 15' when you use Dazzling Display.

This FAQ may answer some of your questions.

FAQ wrote:

Multiple Weapons, Extra Attacks, and Two-Weapon Fighting: If I have extra attacks from a high BAB, can I make attacks with different weapons and not incur a two-weapon fighting penalty?

Yes. Basically, you only incur TWF penalties if you are trying to get an extra attack per round.
Let's assume you're a 6th-level fighter (BAB +6/+1) holding a longsword in one hand and a light mace in the other. Your possible full attack combinations without using two-weapon fighting are:
(A) longsword at +6, longsword +1
(B) mace +6, mace +1
(C) longsword +6, mace +1
(D) mace +6, longsword +1
All of these combinations result in you making exactly two attacks, one at +6 and one at +1. You're not getting any extra attacks, therefore you're not using the two-weapon fighting rule, and therefore you're not taking any two-weapon fighting penalties.
If you have Quick Draw, you could even start the round wielding only one weapon, make your main attack with it, draw the second weapon as a free action after your first attack, and use that second weapon to make your iterative attack (an "iterative attack" is an informal term meaning "extra attacks you get from having a high BAB"). As long as you're properly using the BAB values for your iterative attacks, and as long as you're not exceeding the number of attacks per round granted by your BAB, you are not considered to be using two-weapon fighting, and therefore do not take any of the penalties for two-weapon fighting.
The two-weapon fighting option in the Core Rulebook specifically refers to getting an extra attack for using a second weapon in your offhand. In the above four examples, there is no extra attack, therefore you're not using two-weapon fighting.
Using the longsword/mace example, if you use two-weapon fighting you actually have fewer options than if you aren't. Your options are (ignoring the primary/off hand penalties):
(A') primary longsword at +6, primary longsword at +1, off hand mace at +6
(B') primary mace at +6, primary mace at +1, off hand longsword at +6
In other words, once you decide you're using two-weapon fighting to get that extra attack on your turn (which you have to decide before you take any attacks on your turn), that decision locks you in to the format of "my primary weapon gets my main attack and my iterative attack, and my off hand weapon only gets the extra attack, and I apply two-weapon fighting penalties."

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