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Pahmet Monk

Giamo Casanunda's page

89 posts. Pathfinder Society character for nosig.

Full Name

Giamo Casanunda




Cleric 14th






Mature at 75

Special Abilities

Spell Resistant - "Armored Brick"




Cayden Cailean


the bar


Dwarven, Common



Strength 10
Dexterity 12
Constitution 12
Intelligence 7
Wisdom 28
Charisma 12

About Giamo Casanunda

This Info needs updating badly...

Hat of Disguise makes this ... changeable. Otherwise, Silver gem set Full Plate/Darkwood Tower shield - real fancy!

About Giamo Casanunda
If he is adventureing with you he hands you his two rings and his business card (see card) ---
black hair, dark eyes, Osirion “Tomb Raider”, SR = 16
Dressed in engraved gem set
Full Plate, his tower
shield has the image
of twin hearts, linked
with an arrow.

His holy symbol is a
foaming mug of beer.
He carries Cayden's
Silver Tankard, and will
offer anyone (and any-
thing) a beer!

Giamo Casanunda
World’s Second-Greatest Lover
(I do try harder)
Finest Swordsman Soldier of Fortune
Outrageous Liar Art Critic
Heart Warming Physician Stepladders Repaired


Initiative +1
BAB +8/+3
"Can't we just have a beer and talk this out?"
"Are you currently in a long term relationship?"
AC 33+(additional bonuses) (Touch 11, FF 32+)
Fort +8
Reflex +4
Will +16
Spell Resistance 16

Feats, etc:

Feats, Traits, etc::
Trait1: Tomb Raider
Trait2: Extreamely Fashionable
FeatHD1: Heavy Armor Prof.
FeatHD3: Tower Shield Prof.
FeatHD5: Extra Channel.
FeatHD7: Shield Focus
FeatHD9: Spell Penitration
FeatHD11: Divine Interference
Racial trait: Darkvision
Racial trait: +4 AC Vs. Giants
Alternate racial trait: Magic Resistance (SR 5+lvl)
Racial trait: Stability
Racial trait: Stone Cunning


Miscellaneous stuff I can't remember
(I need to update this list again)
+3 Full Plate
+3 Darkwood Tower Shield
Headbad of Wis (+6)
Cloak of Displacement
Amulet of Natural Armor (+2)
Eyes of the Eagle
Handy Haversack
Potion of CMW
Potion of CLW
Wand of CLW
Wand of Endure Elements
Hat of Disguise
6 Platimum Rings (50gp value each)
6 Silver Rings (10gp value each)

selected skills:

(I need to update this list again)
Bluff: 6
Diplomacy: 8
Heal: 16
Know (History): 2
Know (Religion): 2
Perception: 30 or 32 0r 34 depending
Profession (Matchmaker): 14
Sense Motive: 13

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