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Ghostwidow's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 20 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character.


Yeah, I was originally talking about the traps you come across in PFS, and since you are not always going to have a rogue at the table, I decided to pick up disable device. I like the idea of an inquisitor rogue type, but just wasn't sure how the DC's worked on traps and if having the skill as a class skill without rogue bonuses would be enough. Thanks everyone for the info.

Would the disable device ability be worth it on a non-rogue or bard archeologist character? Having a 14 dex, would your DC's ever be high enough to be effecient at it? I am considering taking the Goldfinger trait so its a class skill on an Inquisitor (in case there is no Rogue at the table during PFS events), but I dont know if the skill will be high enough to be efficient wihout rogue bonuses to it at later levels.

OK, here is a question on the keen-scent feat. If a mage were to cast mirror image,, would you be able to "sniff out" the actual mage and negate the possibility of hitting a false image?

Why, what does worshiping Torag give?

So, with keen scent, door sight from the exploration sub-domain of travel, darkvision and cunning initiative, it will significantly lower the possibility of me getting ambushed. That sounds good to me.

Sweet, that seals it then, Keen Scent it is. Now I just need to figure out if I want to stay with Desna, or Go with Ashava. The extra 10 base movement is really nice and the 8th level dimensional hop is hard to pass up. On the other hand blindfight is nice, but very situational.

Huh, didnt know about Ashava. I guess my question would be, if there is a possible ambush within 30ft, and I am able to pick them up with the scent ability, am I still caught flat footed, or is that dependant on initiative? I know combat reflexes have a good benefit in this situation, but would scent negate the flat footed state if I know about the surprise attack ahead of time?

Melee and skill support focused. I am going to retrain him as I am not 2nd level yet. I am making my Inquisitor more like a rogue really with trap skills (Goldfinger trait) and I was thinking explorer sub-domain for seeing the other side of doorways. Eventually I will probably be the party scout as well once I put some points into stealth.

Scent would fit his theme better I suppose, but combat reflexes, being what it is, is universal and doesnt rquire different GM's ruling on being able to make an AOO if caught flat footed. This is why I am unsure between the two.

What God (or Demon Lord rather) are you thinking for the Darkness domain? Groeteus (think thats how its spelled) is the only one I can think of thats not of evil alignment. I dont really have a problem with an evil diety, but not sure how that plays out in PFS.

Are you thinking of the Darkness domain so I get Keen Scent and Blindfight?

Yeah, Desna for the extra mobility and the dimensional hop at level 8. What God are you thinking of to take?

I have already been caught flat footed because of an enemy ambush and missed an AOO, so I know combat reflexes is good in that situation. With scent I could essentially sniff out ambushes within 30ft (dont know if it negates being flat footed though) and track better. I was also thinking of when a tough fight arrises, opening up with a pheremone arrow from my longbow and popping a judgement, then rushing in the next round for the +2 to hit/damage with the judment going for bonuses as well.

No, falchion for my main weapon.

Desna is the God. So I guess there is an argument for both feats then, combat reflexes being less dependant on the GM's creativeness correct? I have only plated 2 PFS scenarios, but how often do you find yourself tracking in those games?

My stats are:

Str- 17
Dex - 14
Con - 14
Wis - 14
Int - 10
Cha - 8

Melee focused.

I dont know, the two scenarios I have played so far (Before the Dawn, Part II: Rescue at Azlant Ridge, and The Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment ) had a lot of roleplay to it. Does that change as you get higher up in level for PFS?

What feat would benefit a Half-Orc Inquisitor in Pathfinder Society gameplay more...Combat Reflexes or Keen Scent? Can't decide between these two for my first level feat. The ability to sniff our ambushes at +8 perception is really cool, but the ability to get AOO's while flat footed is really nice as well. Any recommendations?

I am about to start a Pathfinder Society game. This is my first time playing Pathfinder. I rolled a 1st level Half-Orc Inquisitor and I am taking the Cosmopolitan feat. My question would be what additional 2 languages would benefit me the most in PFS? I have read that ancient osirian is used quite a bit. Any suggestions?

I could also use the conversion Inquisition for my Wis modifier to my skills instead of commiting to an archtype and losing monster lore.

For the human, I could drop cha and put those points into int for my lores I guess. So all in all would the Tiefling be a better choice? I am stuck between being a bit better at start, or having all the goodies and the extra higher stat. Since level 12 is the retirement arc for PFS, I also dont want to wait forever to come into my own.

blackbloodtroll wrote:

Alter Self is also a mild buff. Good race choice.

What books are allowed?

It's for Pathfinder Society gameplay, so pretty much all the books with the erratas and addendums to make it legal for gameplay.

I am new to Pathfinder, but am an old second edition D&D player. I am looking to build an inquisitor for PFS and am stuck between two races for what I am looking to do. I am going to be a switch hitter of sorts, opening up with the bow and using it for certain situations, but mostly focused on melee. I am also goign to use him to be an infiltraitor of sorts. He is going to worship Zursvaater for the trickery domain and use of the greatsword.

Anyways the two races and builds I am stuck between are




Tielfing (Oni-Spawn)


I dont plan on taking manyshot as I am not going to be a primary archer. The human will let me come into my own a little quicker with a bonus feat, and the extra spell is nice, but the higher extra stat and all the goodies that come from Tiefling are hard to pass up (alter self as a bonus in place of darkness for infiltraition flavor is icing onthe cake).

Any suggestions or advise on this...should I go a totally different way with the Inquisitor?

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